Bringing the Unconscious Into the Conscious

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This channel is filled with some really powerful energies of transition.  Many times as we are seeking to create change in our lives or perhaps manifest something, it seems like it’s right there, but not happening.  Our unconscious energies can really have a powerful effect upon our lives.  This part of you may be stuck in fear, resistance, judgment or more.  These energies then keep you being in the alignment to receive what you seek.

During this channel, the Goddess worked with us to tap into the unconscious or she also called it the non-verbal aspects of ourselves.  It felt different from the usual energies when going inside, but once you connect with it, it can lead you to very powerful energy.  The unconscious is not only about what may be resistance, it’s also the deeper alignment with your divinity. Therefore, when you are open to within you and consciously bring it forth; it will enhance all of who you are and all information.

From there, the Goddess tapped into the energies of the Full Moon and the Spring / Fall Equinox.  She used this energy to amplify anything that you may be working with and it strengthened the access to the unconscious. It also created a sense of greater balance within our lives. She actually gave us specific step by step instructions on how to create this transition!


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I reach out my arms to each one of you. I invite you to come within this space in which I am and I invite you to allow me to move out, to move forward so that I may be within and around you in your own space.

There is so much happening upon your world at this time or even within your world at this time. The energy and the vibration continues to rise at a very steady manner. It is as if with every new individual that opens up their consciousness inviting in the light, the love, the energy, it just adds more and more and more to the collective consciousness.

As the collective consciousness itself continues to expand with these energies in turn more and more people are being drawn, more and more people are feeling an inner calling, sometimes an inner message, an inner awareness that is asking them to think about their life; to consider what they may want to have.

I invite you here at the beginning of our journey this evening to stop and take a moment to just consider your own life. Consider what messages may be flowing into you in one way. Consider the non-verbal energies and light that are working with you.

People upon the earth are going to be working with energy in a new manner. They will be using way more of their expanded senses than they ever have before. As a result become very conscious of the fact that it’s not simply the things that you see with your physical eyes, it’s not just what you hear with your physical ears.

Become aware of the subtle nuances that include that nonverbal energy that is communicating with your nonphysical energies so that as you receive messages in any given situation you are receiving the messages of the whole. There we go.

As I said that I could feel each one of you beginning to expand your consciousness. You do this right now as a part of this energy but you are doing it in a very unconscious way in your everyday life.

So when I say to you, take in your life, listen, feel, sense with all your avenues of perception; breathe in once more; breathe in allowing that breath of energy and light to move all the way through you. Send it down into the earth so that you could once more feel of the energies of Gaia. Feel the energies of the earth letting those come back up through that beam of light, through that space and then let your consciousness expand further out. As you do so it is as if it’s streams out from the top of your head, allowing you to align with your higher self.

As you feel these energies of your higher self, look around. Look around at what’s here. Know that this is a place that you come to on a very consistent basis. From there you release your consciousness even further; you reach out towards the soul plane. As you allow your energies to expand into the soul plane your I AM Presence is immediately available to you.

What is that? Is that you in this lifetime? Is that you as a bigger sense of who you are? Is it the sum total of all of who you are? It is all of this and more.

People have different conceptions of what there I AM Presence is to them. There is no right or wrong. There is only that complete sense of more and more and more. So always be open to understanding that there is even more than you are able to perceive with your human awareness.

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you. I reach out my arms. I enfold you within my arms allowing my energies to merge with yours even further so that it shifts you into the space of the All That Is.

Within this space allow yourself to find that which most fully supports you, because even within the All That Is there are various dimensions, various nuances, there are subtleties that can create a completely different experience for you.

This is an opportunity for each one of you to have a sense of peeling away the layers that may create a veil or may create a perception of distance between you and your own divinity.

During the last time that we were together within this space, Metatron spoke at length about the transition that took place as each one of you, as your soul essence, came into the earth for the first time. He was speaking about reuniting aspects within you. He was speaking about reconnecting that which had been separated back into that which is the whole.

Out here in the universe it has traditionally been much easier to find that reconnection or to allow your energies to expand. The transitions that continue to take place upon the earth are allowing you in your everyday life to experience more and more of what you feel out here in this space.

I hear you. I hear you and I understand. People keep saying, “My life is unchanged. I wanted certain things before the transition. I still want those same things”. People are saying, “I thought there would be greater communication between people and therefore less warfare, less violence, and yet there seems to be more violence than there ever has been before”.

Your reality is just that, your reality. There are a lot more instances of violence that is being spoken about either within groups of people, within the news, within the blogs or various social media. Sometimes, it escalates as one releases to the next, to the next, to the next.

You therefore say, “There’s even more violence than ever before.” and indeed the perception is that there is more violence than ever before. So too, the opportunity for more people to hear about the generosity of spirit, the generosity of soul is available and that is also going through these networks; making available to people the opportunity to talk about that which causes their heart to expand or that which causes them to feel full and a sense of joy.

So my message about this, is that there is still a great deal upon the earth that upon the surface looks exactly as it is or exactly as it has been for the last number of years. There is that thread of consciousness, there is that thread of people living their life experiences to have the experience of certain situations and that is still happening upon your earth.

So the question is how can you change your perception or change your reality so that the vast majority of what you experience in your life comes from this space of the higher, lighter vibrations and dimensions, because indeed that is what each one of you is truly seeking to have within your life.

The energy is there upon the earth. The vibration has shifted. There is even more potential and opportunity for each one of you, should you choose to bring that into your reality. So let’s look at your conscious thoughts.

When you think about your life, is there any form of judgment? Perhaps about your experiences, perhaps about your choices that you’ve made; is there judgment in any form? “I’m not good enough. They are not good enough.” anything like that. If there’s any judgment within your life have a sense of gathering all those energies, gathering them, bringing them up from wherever they may be. ~Whew~ Let that go.

Judgment will keep you in a narrow perspective as you are looking at your life. How much of you are experiencing lack within your life? When you notice lack in one place, it leads to perception of lack in another place and over here, and over here and over here.

I know that I have mentioned in other channels about the fact that the abundance, the things that you seek to manifest are all around you at all times. The perception sometimes is of them moving past you and not coming within your reality; sometimes because you are looking at that lack, sometimes because you are caught up in the pain or the sorrow. When you have something that you seek to change within your life change must come from a new perspective. The person in lack cannot see the abundance that is there.

The person in judgment cannot see or sense the unconditional love. The person in fear is unable to embrace the boundless joy or opportunity. As I speak of these things many of you are feeling the weight of one versus the weight of the other as if to look at it and here’s a balance and you as the center are trying to weave the balance of everything.

One thing that I would like to share with you is to first of all come back around full circle to the fact that you are human having this life experience that you are within. That being said intrinsic within all humanity is the biology, the mental, the spiritual, the emotional, all of those energies that make up who you are and that have been a part of society and humanity for thousands and millions of years. That is ingrained within you. It’s there on a cellular level, it’s there as a part of your beliefs, it’s there moving through your emotions.

Sometimes when you find yourself in a pattern, say for example; the fear, the criticism, the lack, what’s important for you to begin to ask yourself each time is, “Is this my lack, is this my energy or is it something outside of me that’s having an effect upon me?” The answer may surprise you at times.

Now, when you vibration is wide open, when you are solidly within whatever the energy is that you are aligned with, these emotions or energies that you may sometimes feel pulling you down, would not be able to align unless there was something inside of you that was a vibration of balance that let that in. So again you go back and you are thinking, “What is it? What’s my problem?” This is such a human way of looking at life and it’s done. The more that the crystalline energy infuses within your earth, the more that you continue to raise your vibration. The more that you work from a cellular level out through everything the less you would be affected by these outside circumstances. The less you will find yourself pulled down into old patterns that no longer work for you.

The crystalline energy is quite different than what you as your human self has been experiencing. So here in this now moment as you allow yourself to center, as you allow yourself to focus within, I invite you to open up and take in a perception of what’s around you without using your original senses that you use with, but instead invite the light body energies to open up.

What is that energy or the essence or that message that goes even deeper within you that you are first of all able to perceive and then as you are reaching out to understand what it is, reach in a nonverbal manner. So in other words, you receive a message, you receive without processing or analyzing it.

As I watch each of you doing this, is it’s as if you’re energies expand further and further and what happens is, that which has always been there is now streaming within your consciousness and this is how you open up to receive that greater balance or that greater alignment with what you seek to have.

During this time upon your earth there is a full moon that is circulating. So too you are coming up on the fall or the spring equinox. You may use this as an opportunity to amplify this nonverbal or this unconscious energies so that you may bring it forward into consciousness.

The way I invite you to do this it’s as if I am opening up the space in which you are so that you have that sense of aligning with your galaxy. You may see the stars and the planets. You may see your earth. But what is most important for you to receive at this moment is the understanding that the universal light, the universal vibration, that crystalline energy, is flowing through here. Your galaxy is a part of the universe, is a part of the omniverse, is a part of even more.

Let’s take that the other direction so that you may find the earth and as you find the earth almost as if you are looking up at the moon understand how the moon can reflect everything else within your universe or within your galaxy first and then the universe. So here you are. You are opening up to that nonverbal or for some that unconscious energy that’s been within you and we are bringing it forward into consciousness. Allow that glorious energy of the full moon to amplify you in this now moment.

As it does so, you may also invite it to clear out anything that you no longer wish to have within and around you. You may clear out all of your energy fields and just feel the pulsation and the vibration of the full moon as it moves through you, amplifying all that you are.

As you go within your consciousness and then ask to bring up even more so, any of those unconscious energies or vibration that may be having an effect upon you. Bring it up now and then, if it’s something you no longer wish to have ~whew~ let it go, almost as if the rays of the moon illuminate all that is here so as to clear it out.

The universal light is here. Look from the moon almost as if it’s at the opposite side to the sun. And as you consider the sun that circulates around your physical earth open up to the balance and those energies as it comes forward into this moment and the sun as if it too illuminates in a different way. Let it have an effect upon you.

I heard some of you saying, “Let it burn off.” as a means of clearing out what you no longer wish to have around you.

The sun and the moon are integral part of life upon the earth. They create a sense of balance; they create a sense of expansion. They create dual ways that allow you more fully access to the universe and also that allow that crystalline vibration and crystalline light to move into and around the earth plane.

The equinox is coming up. So as you consider the equinox within your life, how are you in balance? How much of the feminine energies of the moon are working within you? How much of the masculine energies of the sun are working within you? Choose a sense of balance for all that is happening within your life.

The world is moving through an immense transformation. It was a process that began long, long ago. One could say, from the very beginning there was a moment of consciousness upon the earth all was building into this now moment.

You have chosen to be upon the earth at this time so that you could experience this for yourself. Many of you chose to be upon the earth at this time so that you could be there to create that balance, to perhaps anchor the flow of energy that would then move out and have an effect upon everything else.

Here within the All That Is, as you have this perception of the universe in front of you and the earth besides you, you are also a part of your divinity. What is it that you want to have or that you want to know for yourself? As you ask that question you use all of your senses. Perhaps you get a feeling, see an image, hear something but then get quiet for a moment. What is that feeling or that sense or that perception that is even deeper within your consciousness? May you call it your nonverbal, may you collect your unconscious, whatever name you wish to give it, ask it to move forward at this time.

Indeed, indeed, I see each one of you stepping into this place of greater consciousness, of greater expansion of just a greater perception for your life. The veil is gone. You have the ability to flow from here into your daily life and back as much or as little as you so choose in your life. When you seek to know an answer there is already a part of you that comes up here within this space and then it communicates with you through your higher self and you take it down into your everyday life. Much of that is what happens in your unconscious form. So make it conscious. Reach out and bring to the forefront so that you have as much in your life as you seek to have. You are not alone.

The energy is coming in in many different forms. You may be noticing crystals that you had not noticed. You may be noticing people, situations, experiences. Some may be very intense, others may remind you of the joy. It’s almost like these tiny little waves of energy flow through your life remembering or reminding you, life is about love, life is about joy. Allow that intention; allow that focus to be all that you see as you look around you.

This is you embracing even more of your divinity. This is you bringing to the forefront that which is unconscious into that which is conscious. This is you learning how to focus inside of yourself so that you can bring up that which you may not have any words to describe. It’s simply an inner knowing and that gives you the foundation to live the life you seek to have.

You may feel compassion for those around you. You may choose to take steps in certain situations that assist other people. Allow everything that you do to come from that heart felt place of awareness, to come from that heart felt place of choosing, because as you choose your life you may choose to live from the heart, to live from that inner perception, allowing it to expand and expand and expand and expand.

Breathe in knowing that you first and foremost are the physical manifestation of this thread of your divinity. That is the number one foundation for everything in your life. From there you open up manifesting; bringing in more and more of that universal light or that universal energy and it’s there, it’s flowing within and around you, number two. Number three; make a choice to bring that which is unconscious into the forefront so that you become aware of all that’s flowing in and around you. And if what is a part of your unconscious is something that is discordant with what you choose to have, clear it out.

If you don’t know what it is that’s bothering you, clear out the unconscious and clear out the perception that you send out to the world. It may be yours it may not. So then number four, as you are manifesting within your life begin to be comfortable with going inside opening to that perception that goes beyond words, thoughts and intuition. It just is and it is the foundation for who you are. Build the strength that is that within you. That foundation, that essence, that energy that comes in the nonverbal form or that intrinsic essence is you and it creates the most solid essence and alignment from divinity through unconscious and into conscious.

You are the human. You are physical, emotional, mental, spiritual light body. You are your I am. You are the human walking within your life, living your life, connected to all the other humans. Seek the balance that you move through life as if in a movement of consciousness and awareness and then you will see the opportunities around you. And then, if you perceive anything based in fear or judgment you can send it compassion, love, awareness, but recognize it’s no longer serving you and let it go or recognize that is not your own. So you send love, compassion, awareness to whatever the situation may be or whomever it may be.

Know that you are immense, that you have an amazing ability in how you live your life. Go within, remember your alignment and seek to have the balance.

As Metatron gave you the gift of healing that sense of separation within yourself, this is one of the ways in which you manifest the whole entirety within you.

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole, we say that as a means of each one of you aligning within yourself and then to the group. So too, it is about aligning within yourself as human and then yourself as your divinity. Allow for that new reality.

As we are here within this balanced energy, feeling the full moon, feeling the equinox feeling the crystalline light, what would you like to put forward as your intention right now? What would you like to integrate so that you may be that more complete and balanced individual in your everyday life?

This is your chance. You have the opportunity and a chance to do this every single day, moment after moment after moment but we are here now with all of this energy, focus and intention to really amplify what you seek. So be clear within yourself and then go within and allow yourself to see, sense feel, whatever that may be so that it fully supports you.

Have a sense of gathering back together as a group and allowing that hologram of the earth to come up within you. You may have a sense of staying in a wider perception as you receive all of the various energies of the universe coming into this now moment. And as it does so you infuse that balanced energy into the hologram. You infuse it into anything that has to do with this expanded alignment that’s within and around the earth. And as it does so, that releases it, it moves down into your earth. There are parts of it that goes to wherever it may need to be in all the supporting mechanisms around your earth. But the core essence moves into the center of your earth linking with the crystals and the gases and the energies and then it begins to flow up. It expands coming up through the earth itself. You, your own self, we invite you to just let it come up within you. Anchor within you, your own energy or essence. Feel that flow.

So too, that balanced energy is moving up through every aspect of the earth. It comes up through the waters, the grass. It comes up into the animals and every human so that it triggers within everyone that sense of balance, that sense of awareness. Feel what that may be for you and then you release letting go that focus, that attention, that awareness and allow your consciousness to return once more to the All That Is; although that was quite anchoring to you the way you did that, but if there is any residual of your consciousness left out within the universe allow it to stream back down within you at this time.

Your connection to your higher self, to your I Am Presence is still wide open and you allow as much of that to flow within and around you as is possible that supports you and then again, take a moment and allow all of that energy to move from the unconscious, from the nonverbal into the forefront. Whatever that may be allow it to flow with ease.

As you move through the days and weeks to come, I invite you to open to the balance that is coming more fully into the earth. I invite you to open to the nonverbal, the unconscious, whatever that may be within and around you allowing that to come forward into your consciousness. As you do so, may it create a greater stability within your everyday life; may it create the life that you are seeking to have. May you receive all that is around you into your physical reality.

Beloved family know that I am always with you and within you.





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