Celebrate Life & the Balance of the Solstice

This channel occurred on the eve of the winter/ summer solstice. The energies were very strong and in fact even as I proofed it, they remained strong. The Goddess used the solstice as an illustration of how we may have one foot in the old energy and one in the new. She worked with us to find the blending of both through the lightbody energies. Once we had created a balance, she then had us transmit the lightbody energies in the birth of Christ first of all, but then into all the various religions or dogma that people may follow. I could feel how it was shifting the energies around this and will eventually flow into the people who follow the religions. I think this more profound than I realized at the time of the channel ~ Shelly

Nama sika, venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, my beloved family. Welcome to our celebration! This is a celebration of light, it's a celebration of love, of journey, of moving from one place to another, of arriving and then also of continuing your journey. Life is a celebration!

At this time of the year, there are many holidays throughout the world and I send my love to you, as you celebrate whatever is close to your heart. May you remember that the celebration is about the recognition of and the honoring of, sometimes it's a belief, sometimes it's a custom, but all of the time it's about you. And how this custom may affect you in your daily life.

Open your heart. Feel the flow and know that you are a part of a group of people creating some amazing transformations upon the earth. You are hooked in to these energies. You are open and in the flow and if ever you think that perhaps you are not, you can take a deep breath within yourself, breathe out that feeling of disconnect, that feeling [Deep breath] of being outside of the flow and consciously invite yourself to align with the flow of all that you seek to have within your life.

We are going to step into the universal energies. We begin by releasing the physical body. You can have a sense of taking one last anchoring breath that you breathe all the way down; grounding you to where ever you are. From there you let go your physical body and allow your consciousness to merge with your higher self. As you link with your higher self, feel your consciousness expand. Feel how this space is filled with light, with energy and with impulses as you allow that essence to flow through your consciousness.

I invite you to then let go of the energies of the earth plane. You shift your focus, it is as if you are moving through the interlocking grid and you find yourself within the crystalline grid. As you move into this space, you let go the energies of the earth. You let go the magnetic pull of the earth and you feel your own energies as they flow within and around you here within the crystalline grid. This vibration is filled with information for you. It is also a place to have a sense of balancing. You may balance your own energies, you may feel the flow as energy comes in to your consciousness, moves through and goes on out. It feels vibrant and alive.

From here, allow yourself to shift into the space of the soul plane. Within the soul plane you may have a sense of your I AM presence. For many you need only arrive and immediately you link with your divinity. For others it gives you a feeling of calling forth your divinity or your I AM presence and you have a sense of walking towards or merging with your complete divinity. Have a sense of reaching out to embrace. And as you allow your consciousness to fully merge, feel how it expands, feel the flow as it moves through you.

Now, I the Goddess come into this space. As I do so, I reach out and blend my energies with each one of you. As I merge with you, you find yourself shifting into the All That Is. Feel yourself expand, feel who you truly are within this space. I invite you to look around, see who is here within your consciousness. This is the time of the winter and summer solstices. This is a time of reviewing the year for many people. Allow yourself to link with the energies of the solstice by putting forth that intention [Deep breath] and as you find your energies linking with this, there may be parts of it that feel very grounding to you, and there may be parts that feel somewhat different or unknown.

The energies of this solstice represent so much of what's been taking place this year. It has been a year of phenomenal change. The last several years upon the earth have been, I was going to say stair steps, but it's more so, increases by leaps and bounds in regards to the expansion of humanity upon the earth. It seems to me that I keep saying over and over; "This is more so, this is more so, this is more so" and indeed it is.

When you began this year upon the earth in numerology, it was a master number of eleven. That set up the opportunity for some immense transitions or transformations to take place. As I look at the past year, I can see that what actually occurred far exceeded what was anticipated. For many of you, this may seem a double-edged sword. You are thrilled with the expansion, but yet, it may have created immense change for you within your life; change that was often accompanied by pain, sorrow, discomfort or difficulty.

This time of the winter solstice, whether you read this at a later date or you're experiencing the actual day of the solstice; this is a time that I invite you to have a sense of stepping forth as if one foot is in one side, we'll call that the old energy and the other foot is on the other side of the solstice and the balance of the solstice and we'll call that the new energy. Allow yourself to feel the flow of this energy as it moves through you.

We are going to take this opportunity to look at this past year, first and foremost. As I invite you to bring up this past year, most everyone will immediately find their thoughts going to one or two particular directions. Others may have a sense of seeing a stream of experiences that have occurred during this past year. How so ever you choose to perceive let it come up within you and you look at it objectively. My sense is that with many of you as you look at it and consider it as an evaluation of the year, there is a sense that you transitioned way more than you realized was possible.

As you consider where you were at this time last year and where you are now, there may be dramatic differences or in some cases very subtle, but everyone has changed. Take a moment and as if you are bringing it up within your awareness acknowledge everything that comes to your consciousness, but also that you may not focus upon at this time, let all of that come within you. And then as if you take a deep breath in and breathe out have a sense of sending this energy into the sky or the stars around you, and it becomes a sparkling light that sparkles all around. Breathe in feeling this energy, breathe in and let yourself feel renewed, let yourself feel what it is to have shifted and moved through this past year. Accept that it is complete.

As you shift your focus and your awareness onto the other side of the solstice, that part that has a foot in the new energy, immediately you feel washing over you, the energies of the lightbody. As you are well aware these energies, or this energy, came in as an individualized consciousness, beginning in August. When you consider, what is a very short period of time upon the earth, it is amazing the transformation that has taken place as a result of these energies. If you feel resistance, consciously let that come up for you, and then release it. Some more stars sparkling around you. You continue to feel who you are, who you are emerging into as you move into this next phase of your life.

As you have a sense of looking towards the future, let all of the energy just flow through you. As it does so, allow yourself to believe in this change. So many times the change is there, it's around you, but you don't see it or sense it. You may be asking for something to occur within your life, and you may sense that the universe does not hear you, because nothing is happening or what's happening is not what you are asking for, but be aware that all that you ask for is around you and within you.

We are going to begin speaking more about the energy and the dimensions as they move through you as a physical human. You ask for greater ease in manifesting, this is the next step to assist in creating a way for that to happen. For now, I invite you to simply let your focus be upon where you are in this moment in which you seek to put forth as your intention for the next year. Feel the flow moving through you.

There will be many opportunities when there will be the large influxes of energy, just as there was this year. But a big difference with the upcoming year is that it's going to be more about integrating than it is about receiving and bringing in the energies. I put forth for each one of you that your year will have greater ease and greater balance in whatever way you shift and move within your life. Have a sense of stepping aside from that balance of the solstice and feel your energies as you come back within this group here.

As I mentioned at the beginning, this is a celebration. So I invite you to look around and see who is here with you. Of course, the energies of Jesus because that is so much of the focus right now, is here and present and all that occurred as he came into earth. This time, I would like you to have a sense of looking at that experience and what took place, but now see it as the lightbody energy moves through the experiences. You may have a sense of seeing a shift in dimension. You may have a sense of seeing the release that's taking place. There will always be those people who follow this and any other religion or dogma, telling them how to live their life and they follow it; often times word by word.

As the lightbody energy transmits or moves through all the levels of this, what it is going to do is create a new potential and a new shift that people will begin to open up to; most likely on an unconscious manner. It will go to those people who follow their religion as a very strict dogma, limiting themselves by what their perception is. And as it happens with the religion of Christianity, so too, have a sense, if you perhaps follow Judaism or Islam or Krishna or Buddha, whatever it is that you like to follow that gives you that sense of awareness or that sense of comfort, whatsoever it may be; look at it from this perspective of the All That Is and see how the lightbody energy moves through, transitioning and shifting the energies within and around that religion.

It is as if there are so many people that are involved that have been looking for something and didn't know what it was and we have a sense now of this providing a vibration or an energy that will fill up a potential within them. I the Goddess, appreciate seeing every individual that opens up to the greater divinity within themselves. As they do that, their lives become enhanced due to that integration of their divinity. This is what you are doing in a very conscious manner. If the vibration of the crystalline energies and the lightbody energies are able to transmit through the beliefs of the general population just consider what an effect that is going to have upon the general public.

You, my beloved family of light, provide anchors for this energy. You need not do anything except allow it into your own life. You connecting within you becomes a beacon of light. And oh, how glorious you are!

The lightbody energies are here and stand beside me. They transmit to each one of you, and I can hear many of you asking questions about, 'okay what will we do tonight'? 'What is our next step'? And it truly, your next step for all of this is about sitting back and relaxing. So often, those of you who are here at the fore front of this energy, those of you who seek to have such a deep transformation within your life have a tendency to push yourself. You have a tendency to have high expectations of yourself and while I don't judge either of those, I can see how sometimes you would benefit from taking a little vacation. So perhaps we will call this your holiday vacation.

The lightbody are moving through each one of you, they reach out and they merge and they are there simply as a presence to be with you. I'm going to take this as an opportunity to somewhat bring full circle what's been going on. As they first came in there was sense of a need to activate something within you that would allow you to open to this alignment. Indeed, it was needed at that point, but now there are enough people who are working with this energy on a conscious level that there no longer needs to be a particular activation.

The energy is always there, it is always available. It uses intention to bring that energy within themselves and allow it to flow and work for them. It is an essence, that activates it within them. So you began with that, you then began to recognize how you would need to consciously bring it down within your body. You would allow it to merge with all the energy bodies that make up you as the human. You began to use the lightbody energy as a means of finding clarity in your life. So look at your life. Do you have the clarity that you've been seeking?

If you calmly invite the lightbody energies in, and then ask for clarity on a particular situation; be open and see how the energies may shift. They may shift in such a way that you become even more open and aware. One of the biggest differences about the lightbody energy is that it comes in without an agenda so to speak. It comes in without the experiences of this or other lifetimes. What I mean by that is that you in your mental body have belief systems that go beyond this lifetime. It represents a multitude of different lifetimes. Your emotions are affected by experiences of this lifetime and sometimes more than this lifetime.

So as you consider a new energy body that is now present and around you, as the lightbody energy, it comes in from a space of neutrality. It has no agenda, it has no attachment to other experiences, emotions or beliefs. It is simply here with the crystalline vibration to enhance, clear out, allow; to do, whatever it is that you asked of it. You may use this energy to clear out your physical body. You may use it to clear emotions and beliefs. But not only that, as you move on from where you were and move into a new direction, let that direction be filled with lightbody energy as a means of receiving. It brings in a higher potential for you in your life. As you receive within your lightbody energy, it shifts you into a space of greater allowing and transformation. Take that step right now.

I have to smile because I see some of you taking these giant steps as if you leap into this brilliant energy and you allow it to become you. Feel as you look all around this sparkling essence of you. Breathe in this energy, breathe in crystalline transformation. And especially as I have moved through these phases that represent the last few months, take a moment to consider where you were at the beginning of that time and where you are right now.

The last time we got together, we discussed shape shifting. This can mean many different things. If you have a physical illness within your body, if you have a belief pulling you around and around, if you have emotions that keep you from moving forward; integrate the lightbody energy to shift whatever it may be, so that you can consciously shift who you are. You can shift from one place to another. There is the ultimate potential of shifting into the shape of something else. To shift in a means that transports you from one place to another. We are setting the foundation, potential is limitless. Ah yes, the foundation has been set. It's been set because it's been done before, indeed we agree. But we are speaking of the foundation of new energy crystalline transformation and this is something that has never been upon the earth, until these last several years, at least to this degree. And it's only going to continue to increase.

So my beloved family, recognize how much you are doing and how much is happening. Recognize that you can take a vacation. You don't have to do it full scale, all the time. Take a break, take a step back. It does not mean the energies are going to quit working with you, they are there, they are going to continue to work. But taking a vacation allows you the opportunity to relax, to enjoy all you've done so far. Let yourself take a vacation away from the intensity of all that you're feeling. Breathe in, feel all that, that is to you.

Let us celebrate! Let the dancing begin! Let the music pour forth. Some of you making the music, some singing and dancing, others sitting quietly and just feeling and absorbing all of that is taking place within this space. We see how some of you have decorated it so beautifully. There are lights that twinkle and sparkle, there are trees, there are candles, there are sacred spaces. Celebrate in whatever manner you so choose.

Know, that I the Goddess, representing God, Goddess, All That Is, that I celebrate right alongside of you! I love you. I support you. I see who you truly are. [Deep breath] whew feel, feel yourself rejoice.

As I observe so much taking place, it gives me an opportunity to truly honor and recognize the diversity of people who come together in this group. I so enjoy the fact that it doesn't matter what you do in your life, who your friends and neighbors have been. I admire that when you come into this place, you are all equal. You are here as your divinity yet you are here as your human experience. Let that which makes you human expand so as to accommodate more of this place within and around you. By that I mean, your ego, your personality, the mix or the blend of your mental, spiritual, emotional, physical and light bodies. Let all that makes you the human you are come up here and celebrate with your divinity. As if you reach down and you invite that part of you to come and play, to participate, to celebrate your accomplishments [Deep breath] and to accept and comfort yourself if there is anything that is less than within your perception.

You are complete and whole within this space. So as you have your ego here with you or your humanity, let it find its balance with all the rest that are here. Let it be comfortable with the divinity and let it expand to truly see and acknowledge who you are. It is good! Life is good!

Of course, the celebration is going to go on for a very long time. Some of you may choose to stay here right now and I invite you to do so. Have something to eat and drink if you so choose. Continue to dance and play. Stay here now or come back as often as you would like, no matter when that is, the celebration will be going on. Reach out and talk to the Angels, the Teachers if you so choose, that you would like to. They are here to be with you and to participate with you at this time.

I do invite some of you to come with me; that we may create that space in which the hologram comes up. As we link in this area you have a sense of the flow of energy. As this hologram of the earth comes up, as always, we now see the two aspects; that which is the new earth and that which is your current earth. As they merge with these energies, you transmit. I'm trying to think of what to say, there is so much that occurred even though you were relaxing tonight! You may transmit into the hologram, whatever comes to your awareness. There is less of a need to actually work with the hologram than there used to be.

Gaia's energy has shifted and blended much more so with every one of you, so that she's less a separate entity and more of the blend of the whole. Still at this time, she does come forth; she does reach out her hand to each one of you. I see her even breaking into dance as she embraces you. Let this energy flow. Allow yourself to be a part of the hologram, to be a part of your divinity and to recognize that you as the human is balanced and aligned with all.

We see that hologram as it shifts away from each of you. As it connects with the crystalline grid you have a sense of the energies splitting and moving in different directions. We follow the energies of the hologram, as it moves into the magnetic grid, there is a sense of flow of the energy as it moves around the earth. There's also a sense of the remainder of this hologram as it moves down into the center of the earth or the core essence of the earth. It links with the crystals that are here within the earth, but it also links with everything else that makes up the physical earth upon which you live. And that flow moves out. It moves out to the various levels and dimensions, it comes up through the surface of the earth, through the grass, the water, the trees, the flowers, the rocks, the animals, and it comes in to you.

Take this moment and let yourself feel how your energies can align within this space. You can align with that expanded self and you can align with this higher vibration and awareness. But for the moment you let your consciousness come back into here, into the space of the All That Is. Have a sense of kind of shaking off that connection that you had. As you do so, release these energies so that you may once more step into the soul plane.

As you align within the soul plane feel your divinity. Your divinity is always huge. It's your perception of it that seems to get bigger and it is because you have expanded your conscious awareness. So link with your consciousness. Link with your divinity and feel the flow that moves through, infusing more and more of your divinity into your conscious awareness. From there you step forth. You have a sense of releasing the soul plane, coming back down through the crystalline grid.

As you merge with the magnetic grid, feel your higher self, feel this essence of who you are. I then invite you to allow your consciousness to come back and fully integrate within your physical body. As you do so, you may have a sense of expanding the energy around your body. As your divinity is coming down and creating this link consciously reach out to your ego,your personality, whatever it is that makes up who you are. Do so in a manner that allows for that part of you to be very comfortable in expanding into a bigger sense of who you are.

As you create this greater balance within you, it will assist in all that you seek to manifest. It will help you to feel more comfortable. It will allow your personality to be expressed from a place of greater divinity. Yes, this is you! Accept that this is a reality for you.

As you move through the next few weeks upon the earth, celebrate life, celebrate tradition, celebrate creating new realities for yourself.

I invite you to come back within the room if you choose. You may press *7 upon your phone and I'm here to accept any questions that you may have.

Question: Thank you so much! Thank you for the wonderful journey. You are empowering us so much!

Answer: You are very welcome for that beloved and having made that statement I would like to say something in acknowledgment of that. That is always my intention. We touched on religion a little bit tonight where people would look to the religion to give them the guideline or the choices in their lives. But I am so supportive in each one of you finding that within yourself. Thank you for acknowledging that you feel that. That is my ultimate goal with all of this, that you can step into it and feel guidance and self awareness completely.

It's total sovereignty at that point. (Absolutely) Thank you, thank you we're taking little steps but we're getting there and you are giving us huge guidelines in huge ways. And I have a big question. (Okey dokey) My dream always was, even as a small child thinking about things that are now possible, has been about tele porting. You have given us information before more as clues, but now this is more blatant about how the lightbody use of this energy can be used to teleport as well. Can you be more specific about it?

Hold on, we are downloading a clump into Shelly and she needs a second. With teleporting, it is something that is going to take place in different phases and through different dimensions of reality. Teleporting is something that has been consciously thought of for awhile now so there's a foundation that is still being created. To give you the gist of it, your vibration merges with the lightbody until it turns into a vapor. You then move into one of those dimensions or realities that is being created until you flow as a stream of consciousness until you get to where you are. Then as you chose to bring in physical or solid type energy, as you begin to incorporate the reality of where you are going. 

Just to give you and example, you are in your house but wish to be in the woods that are 5 hours away. So you let yourself merge and vaporize into a pure conscious energy. Then you let yourself flow until you feel the woods around you. You smell the earth, you smell the earth, you feel the earth beneath your feet, you feel the bark of the trees. The more you can make it a reality, the more it will be a reality. That is the basic essence of how it will happen. When it comes to doing this in your physical form the density of your 3D world or your 4D world is still too heavy for people to do it where they actually take their body along. So the first step is sending your consciousness in such a way. Some people may call this astral viewing, some astral projection, some remote viewing.

Oh, remote viewing would be there too huh? Okay.

Absolutely, that is the first phase. The more your consciousness is able to move into a new space and merge with that space enough to pick up or discern energy or even transmit and impulse or intention; that is the beginning. As it look at it, it's almost like with the snap of a finger and you are suddenly you are physically there and you think, 'oh my gosh, it's happened, it's done'. It can be something that is easy and happens in a moment and it can be something that takes months or years to accomplish. At this point, it's closer than it's ever been before. But it feels like there is still more that needs to be done until it can happen with great regularity and ease.

Thank you and also what is happening lately is that the veil must be pearsing. I'm not the only one feeling this but you think you have done something or imagine you have done something, for example called someone. All of a sudden it's hard to realize whether you actually did it or if you just thought you did it or need to do it. This happened to a friend of mine who is very evolved and a healer. There are some that are older and I think the memory is bad, but this is too much of a coincidence.

This is living in multiple dimensions. That's what I was saying in the journey, we are going to be speaking more about dimensions in the year to come. When you are living your conscious in multiple dimensions there are things you do in one dimension that may not fully flow over into the other. So it comes across as forgotten phone calls or as communication that was never made. But yet the message was received like the soul communication that we speak of. These are also another way of transmitting and receiving consciousness.

Okay, okay. Because now we are going from the old earth to the crystalline earth and we are stepping one foot in 3D and the other one in 5D consciously, correct? (yes) That's how I've been feeling. It's a little disconcerting then funny after awhile.

I invite you to look at it as fun and playful.

Yes, yes absolutely. It is a lot of fun, it's just wonderful! Thank you so much, I'm sure you have lots of other callers. Thank you so much! Bless you.

Question: Goddess? Thank you so much for this meditation. It was wonderful and very much needed for me. My question is, my husband passed away a few days ago and I know he is in a wonderful place, but could you please confirm this for my daughter.

Answer: Give us a second beloved so Shelly can move past the emotion. [pause] as we are linking with the energies of your husband and the energies of this situation it still feels like there is a great deal of emotion that is still in the process of being released. It feels as if it's more so from your daughters than him. As we look at him, we see him in a place of bliss. We want to first and foremost compliment you, he's showing us how you walked with him hand in hand through this transition. [pause again for the overflow of emotion] We salute you for that! We compliment you on a job well done. He is saying to us that he was fully conscious of what you were doing with him at the time. He shows us the image of him putting his hands together and bowing to you to say thank you. He shows us he's reaching out his hands towards other family members who are gathered around him who have gone on before him. He feels as if he's completely crossed over to the other side. He feels as if he's embraced his family. He feels as if he's exactly where he wants to be right now. He really did this in a very comfortable way. It was like his body was worn out, he was worn out but at the same token, there was a part of him.... it's difficult to explain. We see see so many people who when they transition are just exhausted from the journey of life. We don't see that in him. It could be he hasn't gone into that place as yet, but we think it's all the work you did to release release so much before he transitioned. He now is showing us as he's standing in the place with all of his family members. He's standing there tall, smiling a radiant smile. He is doing very, very well. He feels compassion for his daughters. He sends a message to them "be not concerned for me, I am completely fine and this is exactly where I need to be right now. I am no longer tired." He just has this huge out pouring of love the them and to you of course; and to anyone who thinks of him and mourns his passing. But he is fully transitioned, he is doing very well, he is surrounded by his loved ones.

Thank you very much!

You are welcome.

Question: Dear Goddess thank you so much for this journey tonight and thank you Shelly for being here with us and helping to make these journeys possible and more of a reality each day. (Thank you for that comment to myself and Shelly.) I had a very big download a week ago from Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. I'm wondering if you can comment on that download and how it will affect me in the coming year? 

Answer: It feels to us as if there was a great deal of preparation you were doing getting ready for this download. There is a sense of seeing you sitting in front of books and reading books and studying which tells us you have been preparing for this for awhile. It feels like it was something you were asking for and it's bringing in an aspect of greater balance within you. The update they brought to you was about compassion. About feeling compassion for yourself. The more you could feel compassion for you and your life choices that you have made, the more you have to share with other individuals. That is to us what a lot of this download was about about. You may perceive it in a different manner. In going forth into the next year, as you allow these energies to integrate within you there will be a greater ease in your life. You will find that is just the opening message and they will be with you for the next 6 - 9 months in the coming year. You can call on them at any time and they will have messages for you or flow their energy to you. That will give you the assistance you are seeking.

Thank you, thank you very much.

You are welcome. We see this next year as being one of integrating greater balance within your life. Through that greater balance, we see that several things will be coming to conclusion and there will be greater ease.

Thank you. You mentioned making music as one of the celebrations and I was just in the studio the other day and I' back in on Tuesday. I hope this music will enlighten those that are ascending. I thank you for that message. It really helped me to understand that I am on my path this day and this night. I thank you.

You are welcome and your music is going to do very well.

Thank you!

Question: Hi Goddess. I have been in transition the last few months and I'm looking at moving out from this place I am living. I am almost feeling I need to move my geographical location but I don't yet have an income. I'm wondering what the best way is to feel out going in a totally new direction. I am wondering what direction holds the best potential for me to support myself and my son.

Answer: Can you tell us where you are located please so we can double check this?

Currently I'm living in Virginia outside Washington DC.

We have a sense that there have been a number of different potentials for you. It feels like you have been seeking and going to these potentials but things have not been the right vibration or energy to worked out for you. It feels as if this year has had so much happen within your life. You are one of those people we look at and it feels like you have lived 2 years in the past 6 or 8 months. Does that resonate with you? 

Yes it very much does.

As you are looking at finding a place to live, finding a place to be with your son, it feels as if the next step is about making a new beginning. we do have a sense of you moving. We have a sense there are some relatives.... we just keep seeing the word relatives in front of us. It feels like it's not terribly far like cross country, but it does feel like there are a couple of opportunities, one towards the north east and one towards the coast around South or North Carolina. We would say to you that this is an opportunity when you can make a complete change in your life if you so choose. If there is a place you've always been drawn to, if there's a place you've always wanted to see, not necessarily thinking of it as a place you will be for the next 50 years, but as a place you will live for 6 months to a year just to try it out. When you start to think about 'where have I always wanted to be' and if what comes to you is northern Virginia then you stay and look around there. But it feels as if you have exhausted everything around there. It feels like there is a sense you want to find a community where everyone knows each other. We just have the essence of the water, like a beach front town or an ocean front town. That is why we have the sense of the Northeast or down towards the Carolinas. The other thing is, once you have an area located and you start to look through the classified ads or Craig's list or sending out information to friends and people you know we have a sense of things falling into place. 

One of the things this past year has been about for you is moving into a place of relying on yourself and taking care of yourself and your son instead of looking for someone else to take care of you has been very much about what this last transition is. There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone else taking care of you and we actually see that you will come into a relationship with someone. But the difference in energy is that there's a difference when someone takes care of themselves and/or their children from that space of strength and balance within them. Then they can open up from that space of balance within them they can then open up to allow someone into their life. When we look at you from the beginning of this path for this year it was more so like you were looking for someone to fill in what you didn't want to do or couldn't do. That is why we see this as different. We see this as you coming from a place of greater strength within yourself. Does that make sense to you beloved? 

Yes it does.

So that is our biggest message we have for you. It is that you have grown considerable, that you are more self reliant than you have ever been before. This is going to just continue to get stronger within you. As you begin to think 'if I could choose' we have a sense you could even throw a dart at a map on the wall and just see where it goes. Then go ahead and do that, see what happens! We do have a sense you actually will decide to move and that it can be as early as mid January. It feels like it's definitely before the spring time so within the next one to two months.

Okay, thank you.

You are welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess, I would like to say thank you to you and to Shelly for bringing this information through for us. (You're welcome!) I have not spoken to you for several months, it was shortly after I packed my small children off to my mom's when my wife ran off. I just felt like asking you this time, I could not choose which question to ask, if you could tell me if you have a personal message for me. It does not have to be along any particular line, just what comes to you. It's kind of an open question. 

Answer: what we want to do first of all is invite you to take a breath in, breathing into your heart center and allow it to open. Feel us as we come in and link with you more fully. There we go. Just as with the the individual we just got done spoken to..... speaking to... we have a sense with you this has been a year of amazing transformation. That you have evolved in ways you never thought you would, especially in terms of being a parent, in terms of doing everything yourself. You certainly rely on other people to help you, but there is within you a greater strength than what we perceived at the beginning of the year. We do have a sense that much of your journey has been about releasing bitterness, releasing anger and frustration and we see this as being almost completely done. It feels as if there is some residual of that and the more you can feel yourself and acknowledge yourself for all the strength and all that you have done so very well this year. Then we have a sense you will be able to release the lingering frustration with greater ease. We have a sense of the next couple months still being turbulent. We still feel turbulence around you as if you are still making a decision about a career path. It doesn't have to be one or another, it feels as if you can do a little bit of everything. That does of course make it a little bit more complicated for you. What we would suggest is that believing in your strength, believing in your ability to all that needs to be done for your family and your career will create a greater ease. From that space you will find that job opportunities and potentials will flow around you with greater ease. In your case it feels as if things will balance out; they are much better now than what they were and they are going to get even better by late winter. It feels like there are things you're completing and when that is done, there will be more opportunities. Does that resonate with you?

It does, thank you very much!

Good, you are very welcome. Of course we will be with you throughout the next year, but I say to you have a good year!!

Thank you, you too!

Question: Hi, I just wanted to thank you! I feel as if this meditation was set up just for me all the way through the celebration. It was as if you heard my voice and just made it for me!

Answer: We love hearing things like that! It's so glorious to have 100,000 people or so and everyone feels 'oh that was made just for me'! (I wonder how that is possible!) I know, it's lovely! It's a wonderful representation of how the energy just flows in such a manner. We're glad we can find that alignment with you.

Yeah, it's wonderful! I am busy creating or have created in my heart this life that is empowered and autonomous without the need for a partner. Now because we did the heart work, all my desires are coming back again. In order to sustain this kind of satisfaction I decided I need to make a lot more money. I'm finally ready to do that and I put out my feelers for that. And the weird thing is that for so long I have done these things where people say oh that's not getting her anywhere. But I always felt that was the right thing. Now I'm coming to a place where my medical background and my alternative background are now going to be supported in a job that bridges both of them. The fascination is there. My mother's tribal land is in the state of Washington and this job is in that state. I'm thinking whether or not that happens, this is a nice coincidence for the last 15 or 20 years to come together like this. It's so nice to hear words because this is a long road for me in the next few months.

Okay, that is exactly what we were thinking and feeling as you were talking about this. When it comes to a question and answer within what you were saying it strikes us as being more of a statement of intention and a statement of potential. We absolutely see this potential around you. We absolutely see it as a means of blending different cultures together. We see that there are going to be more and more situations where people in traditional medicine; be it doctors offices, hospitals, clinics, whatever it may be, are going to be open and flexible about using natural healing, energy and herbs. These are the different things that are represented with what you do. That is going to become more and more common. It feels to us as if you are going back to your roots. You mentioned your mother's tribal land but this is also your own roots. It feels as if this is you going back to that which nurtured you and supported you for a very long time. It feels as if it's linking back to past life existences when you lived in that land. Just on so many different levels it gives us a feeling that you have come full circle. That is our take on all that you are doing. It feels as if things are not yet 100% lined up, perhaps not decided. It feels as if there is something still left open there. It's going to come full circle and it will be fine. We still see that there is the opportunity that this job is not the one you will end up with. But we still see you going back to Washington and we have a sense that if not this it will be something else equal or better for you. We have a sense of you also creating a private practice there and through that private practice and the work you get it will more than create abundance for you.

Thank you and thank you for the multiple levels of that answer to me!

You are welcome.

Alright Vilma, we can do one more.

Question: Thank you Goddess for taking my question. Wow, first of all I got laid off this past Friday. I've been feeling very numb and all kinds of different emotions. But I've also been feeling that this will help me to create whatever breakthrough or change that I'm helping create for not only myself but everybody. In the party-- I kind of blanked out part of the channel-- but in the party I was kind of off to the side and letting everyone else party. But I finally let a piece me go out to start dancing and suddenly all the ascended masters and angels and everybody came over to me and I was one of the tallest in the room because I was the master! (Exactly!) It kind of shocked me at first and I would like some words on how to bring this part of me, this master part, down into this reality on this physical earth.

Answer: We think one of the key elements that you are speaking about was stated in your statement to us. Due to what happened to you, you were feeling shell shocked over the weekend and did not feel in a mood to celebrate. Once you allowed yourself that freedom of accepting or allowing in 'okay even though I'm in my worst possible place at the moment, I'm still going to allow myself to dance for the moment'. As soon as you opened up...... sorry, let us backtrack we downloaded a bit. When people are in that place of feeling trauma and that's what it is when you loose job or loose a loved one or loose a relationship or whatever it is, it's like a trauma. It creates a natural barrier or like a shell around you. What you did by reaching out and saying 'okay, I'm going to dance, I'm going to let a little part of me go out and dance' it opened up that barrier. It opened up that barrier enough to say I'm willing to let a little part of me go out there and experience this and that's all it takes for the angels and masters the energies to come flooding into you. That's exactly what happened. You began with just a little bit and then you allowed all of it to come in and that's when you felt yourself as huge and yourself as an ascended master. This is a beautiful representation of how to work with these energies. It can be this case for everybody and sorry we're using you as an example right now; it can be this case for everybody, it can be this case for you every day of your life!

During this time of transition we see that it is a time of you expanding your human self. Feeling the compassion for your human self when you feel the emotions of the moment; the frustration, the fear, the anger, all the emotions that come up with this. Just go ahead and feel that, then breathe in the lightbody energy and let it encompass you. Let it move through you. Let yourself bring that energy or emotion up into your heart center as if you are holding it in your hands in front of you, then breathe the lightbody energy through whatever it is you are feeling. You will feel your energies shift, we can feel it as we speak of this. You will feel your perception shift. We have a sense just as with that other individual that you may decide to move. It's feels like you've been doing similar work and while you like the work, it feels like you are considering new opportunities and going in a new direction. But it's hard to do that when it feels like you are starting over. Is that correct?

Yes, it's true.

It feels to us as if you do have an opportunity where you will get something that feels like temporary work. It may be temporarily located in a different place, like it's geographically different. It feels like you may take a job that is 2 or 3 months or something like that. As a result of that, number one it will give you the income again, but number two it will also give you an opportunity to be in a different physical location for a new perspective of things. We don't have a sense of you permanently moving, at least not yet. But we do have a sense of a temporary thing and it's just part of this next step for you. We do have a sense of you doing something similar but it is different. Over riding, by the time you look at spring and summer time, I'm not saying you're going to be totally without work interim, we know you will have work, it's temporary work. But it feels when we look at the long term affect, there is a change in you, a change in job or a change in location; it feels like a great deal of change. Now we know humans, when we say that tend to get nervous saying 'oh oh, I'm not too comfortable with that, I need my certain things'. And that is true, it's okay. To us it feels like this next step as you breathe in the lightbody and allow it transport you through with your divinity then the opportunities and situations will be quite a few. It feels like you will say I don't see quite a few, I don't see any right now; but they are there. They are floating around in your energy, they are just on a different wave length from where you are right now. So use the lightbody energy and your divinity to clear out wherever you are in that moment. Then have the intention of opening up and understanding -chung, something was just downloaded into you - chung, there is was again. That is how you will receive your insights. You are very, very insightful. You are very open. You receive intuition and so much information all the time. So believe in those insights, believe in your abilities, believe in your potentials; they are there! We see you as that giant ascended master! Let your personality accept that that is who you are.

Okay, thank you very much!

You are welcome.


[Deep breath] All right everybody, thank you again for coming and celebrating with us; for celebrating the solstice, for celebrating this past year, for celebrating life! I say to you in this year to come it is going to be another different year.

I anticipate that changes will continue and I anticipate that there will be a greater ease for the majority of people. So let yourself breathe that in, let yourself celebrate life and let yourself honor and celebrate who you are; the person living this life and having these experiences but also that person who is divine.

I am ever with you.



Shelly Dressel 6th January 2010 5:22 pm

You're welcome Elyon!! I always find that to be amazing. How the questions may seem directed towards one, yet many others resonate. The other thing I heard after this particular channel was that people thought it was created JUST for them. It's interesting how that is! Whatever works is what I think..... :)

Take care and thanks for commenting~

Much love,


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