Celebrate the Season, Celebrate Life!

You will find that this journey was filled with many levels of energy. As we began in the All That Is, the Goddess created an outdoor amphitheater. I had a sense of rows of people, plus others lounging around. Once created, she began to show everyone the history of consciousness on the earth.

It began with seeing the caveman era and how their growing consciousness sent waves of awareness out into the universe. From that, people became aware and decided to send people to assist in the change. They came as ET’s in pods, matrix, cones; they had several words for them.

She spoke of Lemuria, then Atlantis and with that Egypt. Especially for this time frame, she spoke at length about the energies of control and manipulation. She then took everyone to Australia & New Zealand with the Aborigines and Maori. It was so interesting to see the contrast from people who were using control and manipulation to those where were one with the land or experienced life as the land.

She then spoke of the Christ Consciousness and how that created another shift. We were all able to see how the light came into the earth and how many people were a part of that creation. It was very evident to see the shift that had taken place.

From there we also looked at various places around the world where the ET’s would come in and land. She spoke of living in the universe and flowing that experience back and forth. It is evident these places are still being used.

In all of this experience, the Goddess kept asking everyone ‘where were you in this process’. The intention was that people could connect with these previous experiences and bring that conscious awareness into now. It was a way of people realizing they are way more than who they think they are. It also allowed each person to access greater love within.

It’s powerful and filled with loving energy. As each person integrated these greater parts of themselves, there was a celebration; both for who they are and this season of the year.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I reach out to each one of you inviting you to come here within this space to join with one another in the celebration of our time together.

There is a great deal of celebrating that is taking place upon the earth at this time. Allow that energy of celebration to come back here within this room; let it come back within each one of you and let yourself feel the excitement, feel the joy of this moment.

We are here together; we are choosing to come together at this time to celebrate life, to celebrate one another, but most of all to celebrate yourself. Celebrate who you are in this lifetime, celebrate your consciousness opening up and awakening; celebrate the choice to join in and be a part of the light, the love and the experience of this moment.

There is so much happening upon the earth right now, that sometimes I don’t really know where to begin or what to allow our focus to be upon. So as we are here at the beginning of this channel at this time, I invite each of you to bring forth whatever is in your heart, whatever is on your mind, whatever may be taking place within your life and send it into all of this group consciousness that is coming together. I hear you, I pay attention to you and I acknowledge you.

With that I invite you to take down one more deep breath. Allow you focus to move within you anchoring and allowing the energy to flow up and down within you. As you release that also have a sense of releasing your consciousness.

Allow your consciousness to shift into the space of the All That Is. As you shift within this space let yourself feel all that is here. How interesting, it just occurred to me that I took everybody straight into the space to be All That Is. For those of you who would like to stay here, I invite you to do so. It is always possible to shift directly into this space but there are many times that individuals prefer to go step by step as it allows more of their consciousness to come with them.

So for those who would like to experience step-by-step allow you focus to be within the magnetic grid. As you are here within this grid work, let yourself feel the energies. You may feel your higher self, you may feel, see, sense the impulses of light as they move through this space. Have a sense of sending out the intention or the awareness that clears out anything here that doesn’t belong, anything that’s old energy; anything that is no longer helping. You send forth that energy and it moves through with ease.

You let go the pull of the earth and allow yourself to align with the energies of the crystalline grid. As you are here within this space allow yourself to feel what this is. Feel these energies as they move through. Feel your own as they align with the crystals of this space.

We invite you to then take another deep breath in and consciously allow yourself to shift into the soul plane. As you arrive here within the soul plane, I invite you to look around for your divinity. This is your I AM presence. You may have a sense of seeing it walk towards you. You may have a sense of feeling as if you are coming up from within, this presence. As you experience this allow yourself to merge more fully with your divinity. You can feel it; you can know it and it is you.

I the Goddess walk amongst all of you who are here. I reach out and embrace you within my arms, within my heart. As our energies merge feel yourself shift, into the space of the All That Is. As you arrive within the All That Is look around and see if there is a part of you that was already here waiting for you. If so, reach out and bring it all back together. Feel yourself as the energy that is you and your divinity.

There is so much that I would like to do tonight. So in many ways I am going to be working with you each individually to create changes and adjustments in your energy bodies. I invite you to be open to receive.

As I speak of the energies of the earth, I invite you to be aware of how you either were affected by these energies or you were a part of what created the energy. We have spoken at great length over this past year, well quite frankly for three years, about the shift the earth has gone through to move into the fourth dimension.

The shift actually took place about three years ago, and in the time since then, the collective consciousness of humanity has been shifting to expand into the higher consciousness of the earth. As the earth is more firmly seeded within the fourth dimension, it allows for the higher dimensions such as the 5th, 6th, 7th, and even higher than that to become available to those who walk upon the earth.

As you experience these energies, I invite you to become aware of who you truly are. I am creating an auditorium. I invite all of you to come down. This is open air, it’s a beautiful night. Allow yourself to become very comfortable. I wish to share with you some highlights from the journey of earth.

The earth was created many billions of years ago and it went through quite some time in which it was uninhabited and then there were some people, those you refer to as the cave men, who were creating life and creating a higher way of thinking. And this intelligence that was generated from these people sent a wave or sent an energy out into the universe and we heard the messages, we felt that wave. It was very, very weak; it was very subtle but it was like a beacon.

There were many energies who came together. These energies would look throughout the galaxies, throughout the omniverse, at the various planets and stars to see what might be experiences for the soul essence; what might be places to inhabit, what might be something that is the betterment of all.

So it was decided to integrate the earth with people of the universe. Of course it was all voluntary. We sent word out throughout the universe and people began to come expressing a desire to see what this would be like and Lemuria was created. Many, many people arrived upon the earth in what was called pods; some would call these a matrix, others would call them capsules. Many of you who are here tonight were a part of this group that came to the earth.

As Lemuria began to flourish and prosper, time was not the same as what you calculate today. People live what was the equivalent of hundreds of years. There was no sense other than the seasons of time. As this intelligence began to integrate with the earth’s energies, it created another shift in the vibration of the earth. It allowed the earth to expand even more.

So as you’re looking at all these images, as you’re looking at all these experiences of Lemuria look for yourself. See, sense, feel if you were there and if you were; what was it like? What did you do? You may have had multiple different lifetimes so you may have done many, many different things during that experience. But Lemuria was a time of integrating light into the earth and as a response to that it raised the vibration.

Allow your energies to shift now; feel, see, sense Atlantis as it came to be upon the earth. You are all very well aware that we are jumping ahead quite some many years. People always focus on the Atlantean period about Atlantis itself, that place in the Atlantic Ocean that was linked with North Central and South America; and so often people think that that was the only civilization or that was the primary civilization.

But if you look at that time at Egypt and other parts of the Middle East, if you look at South America throughout these mountain ranges, if you look out where the Aborigines were and the Maori you can see how worldwide there was so much taking place. Look for where you were. Let yourself feel the resonance to know that you were a part of this time.

There is a great discussion about what happened with the collapse of Atlantis. In essence, society had changed from the time of Lemuria which was a very warm, loving, co-creative support of one another into a time of great intelligence advancement in science. And it also was a time of leaning towards control, manipulation and things that became ego-based.

This occurred in Egypt, this occurred all around the earth because it was the collective consciousness of that timeframe. Some of you were very pivotal during that time because it was actually an immense transformation that took place upon the earth. See where you were, where the predominance of your energies lie.

Then as Atlantis itself sank, it created a vortex and from that vortex it created a shift, where many people blended consciousness, knowledge, information in a different manner. Be aware of what that was.

We may hopscotch around the world a little bit but we are feeling drawn to go to Egypt. Allow yourself to have a sense of standing to the side as the pyramids are created, as the sphinx, as these many monuments were created. Look from the perspective of dimensions.

There are those that were working in a very menial manner, actually rolling the stones just as they show in those old movies. But so too look at how there was an aspect or an energy of the whole situation that was created through transporting the stones. Look at the universe from the perspective of the earth. Some spoke of how the ET’s could command and move the stones with lasers, indeed. Others spoke of how there was a distinct separation in people during that timeframe, indeed. There are those who through their choice of experience upon the earth were living through the drama and the trauma; there were others that didn’t need.

Let’s shift for a moment into Australia. As you look at the Aborigines and the Maori in New Zealand, these tribes-- and there were others in the other islands of the South Pacific-- these tribes as they are called, were having quite a different experience upon the earth.

For the most part they followed the migrations of the universe. They lived off the land. They created homes that they would come back to over time. But they were living, experiencing that they were the earth itself. Feel if there is an energy within this that resonates with you. Remember that time upon the earth.

We shift the energies again and we come back to this time, once more in the Middle East, when Jeshua brought in another new vibration and another light. Was he the first to do this? No. Was he the last? No. But he did come with huge amounts of energies behind him, working with him.

The energies of Abraham are very ancient and you can feel them within this space. Abraham created such a solid foundation, so he too was a part of Jeshua’s choice to live. As we tap into for a moment, that time, that birth, take this moment and look. As you’re looking at this big screen let yourself feel where you were. Look at how the universe itself created an alignment and an opening through which his energies descended.

But it was not just Jeshua. Mary, the Wiseman, Joseph and all the many, many supporters were there anchoring those energies as this vortex was created.

The sinking of Atlantis created an opening and it took many, many years for the earth to be in a place of readiness that allowed this magnitude to come in. Afterwards, for many people it was as if there was no change but for those who were sensitive or open or feeling the energies they could feel the change. They knew that something had happened.

So you can see as we take in this history of your earth, how throughout the millions of years and the time of conscious awareness the transitions have been very, very subtle and slight and they have been very profound.

One could say that what’s happening upon the earth right now could not have been affected without first having that consciousness of Lemuria, the transition of Atlantis, the energies of Jeshua. And then now within the last 2000 years, if you look at it, it’s a relatively short time in comparison to these other years.

So look forward, we’ll give fifty or a hundred years and see where the earth is going and the transitions that are coming. Life is going to continue upon the earth. There are those who continue to think that there is a potential for a nuclear explosion that would either annihilate the earth itself or very large portion of it. As you look at these energies, what’s your perception?

As you look at where you are right now in your life, we invite you to take a minute and here within the space of your divinity follow that thread of consciousness that moves through time or follow that thread, say perhaps, to a lifetime in Lemuria, another with Jeshua, another which other indigenous people, another with Egypt, Atlantis wherever it may be.

Recognize how you as the soul essence that you are have had countless life experiences upon the earth and you have access to all of those experiences.

There are so many different beliefs upon the earth. Religion plays a great part in many of these beliefs. Religion was not around during Lemuria nor even Atlantis. There were those that were considered Shaman that was considered a spiritual link. But for, well shall I say during the time of Lemuria, one’s divinity was just there, it was accepted, it was a reality.

And that began to diminish throughout Atlantis and then in the preparation of a transformation taking place, part of the reason was that people forgot their divinity. They forgot what it meant. They forgot that they were more than just this lifetime and that was much of the foundation that led to this birth of Christ.

You have many, many religious beliefs upon the earth at this time. Each religion was created because a group of people were seeking answers. They were looking for guidelines on how to live. They were looking for something bigger than themselves that would assist them and it was created for them, that who would be the representative for that religion.

All come from source energies. Now, you may look at the way that things have been interpreted on your earth at this time. Not all of those interpretations are in alignment with source energy. But we in this space as we’re looking at everyone, as we’re looking at all these many experiences, we believe and trust humanity and that everything is happening for whatever the reason may be.

You are standing in a very unique place. You have the ability to very consciously create your life. You have the resources available to you.

Look at the screen in front of you. Each one of you will see your own self as it now. [The screen] has become something very private and only for you. As you look, see who you are, see what’s happening in this lifetime and then see how this lifetime is in alignment with your divinity. Look at all the knowledge that is available to you. Look at the multitude of different life experiences that you have had and then have a sense of sitting back and allowing everything to integrate within and around you.

You have lived many, many lifetimes. You have the experiences of your lifetime; you have the experiences of these other lifetimes. After taking in the immensity of what’s been going on, when you look at your life and when you look or consider what’s happening, can you recognize how limiting some of your beliefs can be? Can you recognize how you sell yourself short in these experiences?

Can you recognize how when you think you have the potential or the opportunity to do something that deals beyond your control or beyond your experience then the truth is yes, you can. I tell you, every one of you, you can accomplish anything that you set out to do. Look at all the support that is here for you; look at what you can use as your resources. We didn’t even tap into the experiences as the ET’s come in and out of the earth. Let’s take a step back and look at that.

See before you Machu Pichu, see before you the Himalayas, Mount Shasta, Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls; these are but to name a few, of course Ayers Rock; there’s the other name for it but it was getting stuck on Shelly’s tongue, and again these are but a few. As you look at these various monuments that are of the earth allow yourself to understand the ways in which they were formed.

The question is, were they formed as a beacon to the universe or did they become that formation once they were a beacon? It is like the chicken and the egg. So it truly matters not, but as you look at any one or all of these places take in how it looks to you, take in the dimensions that vibrate in an open alignment within and around these.

As you look from this basic detachment, perhaps looking down at that screen again or looking at the space in front of you, look from the perspective of the universe towards the earth and it is as if there are beams of light that emanate from the earth. These beams of light represent those immense vortices and if you follow each of them all the way down you will see, sense or know the crystals inside the earth that are in alignment with each of these places.

There are some truly immense crystals within your earth. Sometimes people can walk in and amongst them as they go within the earth. Other times it’s a sense of feeling their energies and what their energies may mean to you. Allow yourself to once more see these alignments and now as you’re looking at the universe, as you’re looking at the earth, have sense of opening up your consciousness to become aware of the ways in which the dimensions shift. It is as if a doorway opens and then it closes and then it may open and then it closes.

When people speak of traveling out into the universe you may do so through your consciousness at any given time. There will be more and more who will choose to traverse the universe in physical form. It is done now through your scientific gadgetry; there are some with humans and that was but the foundation, but the very beginning of what things will end up being.

People will think that it is essential to create aircrafts that allow them to take their physical bodies up into this space. Truth be known, many times out in the universe, you don’t need a physical body. Therefore, it just becomes an encumbrance.

So begin to work with the shift in consciousness and the openness and the awareness of your consciousness. Opportunities come to you in many, many, different forms. For every decision that you make there are multiple ways that you can execute that decision. For every desire that you seek to manifest within your life it can come to you in multiple ways. I hear you, I hear you saying, “Well, if that’s the case, why don’t I have it?” It’s because you don’t see it around you.

Be aware of the essence of what you seek and let go receiving it in one particular way; experience life through the many different opportunities that are here for you. As you look back through the history of the earth, you were a part of creating that. As you consider who you are in this life right now, recognize that there is more available to you than what you thought.

If you feel stuck let yourself stand in this energy of the universe and let it breeze through you so that it may allow you to feel good, to feel the awareness and to open up even further to these potentials.

At this time of celebration upon the earth, I invite you to take in what is happening in your life. What is there that is most prominent for you to celebrate? And if anyone is feeling a sense of lack right now as if to say ‘I have nothing to celebrate’, then open up. Allow yourself to feel this love of the universe, this love of all who are here and celebrate love, celebrate that you are alive, celebrate that you have potentials and opportunities around you. And as I’m looking at that, as I’m looking at everything happening, I create a specific flow that allows each one of you step into the midst of it and let it help to clear out anything that no longer serves you.

Let yourself set forth with excitement into your day so that when you wake up, you wake up feeling excited; so that when you feel worried or concerned you can let that go and step into excitement.

When you seek to manifest in your life, manifest from this place of joy, look at your life as it’s there before you, look at it from here in this space of your divinity and then look at it from the perspective of your earthbound existence. There are differences, open to receive with the acknowledgment that there is so much more. Let yourself feel that, take it in and embrace, love who you are, celebrate that you are alive and celebrate the earth and the humanity and collective consciousness for all that has taken place up till now and in the future.

One could say that everything has led to what’s happening right now. In all these many points of interest throughout your history it was always a sense or feeling that the time was right for change; it’s here, it’s already happening, allow it to be your reality.

I invite all of you to come back together as a group. As we do so, look at yourself and look at each other. Be aware of all the many energies and light that come together whenever we come together as a group. It is not just you, it is more because this group becomes a beacon of light and it attracts others that like to come and be within this space; so embrace all that are here and embrace yourself.

As you look within the center of this group you see coming up within the hologram of the earth. As that hologram comes up from within you may have a sense of seeing it as it rotates and as it shifts. You can feel it as it comes within and you can actually see some of these things that we were talking about as they are incorporated within this hologram. They are there; it is all a part of the whole, so reach out and transmit into this hologram your perception and your expanded consciousness.

Reach out your attention or your awareness for what you seek to have within your life and let that flow within this hologram. As this hologram itself becomes infused with this energy it begins to shift and transform.

You release that hologram and it moves shifting downwards; it shifts allowing an aspect of the energy to move through the crystalline grid and out into the new earth. The remainder of it continues to move downward. As it goes through the magnetic grid, there are energies that become infused with the magnetics. The remainder of this energy continues moving downward, it links within the center of the earth and then it emanates up from there.

Allow your physical body to feel the energy as it comes up through and into this space. It integrates with the grass, the rocks, the water. It moves into every person and it becomes a part of the collective consciousness, a part of what is creating a change in the collective consciousness. And then we shift our focus back out to the All That Is where you remained.

Let yourself feel this essence, let yourself feel the excitement of transformation that is taking place. You are a part of it; you are accepting all of what this is to you. Allow it to expand into a way that will more fully support you.

And with that you feel your energies shift in once more, it is as if there is an eagerness for your consciousness to return back into your human form. You move to the soul plane, and you can feel this even deeper alignment with your divinity that you take with you, it flows with you back through the crystalline grid. It flows back through the magnetic grid until you feel this alignment as it comes back down within and around you in your human self.

You may have to expand the energy fields around you; expand them as far as you would like. As you do so, let yourself really feel that flow of your divinity, feel that flow of your consciousness and allow everything to integrate within you, breathing it all the way down within you into your cellular structure so that in your everyday reality you can feel that alignment with the universe so that you may know, whatever it is that’s in your best interest at any given time. Feel this expansion that takes place.

As you move forward over the next several weeks, continue to integrate these vibrations as you celebrate whatever holidays you may choose, celebrate with that alignment and that knowledge that you do so through the joy of the experience. Feel the love, feel the awareness and know that no matter what your choices; you are all aligned with one another and there is love that flows through everything.

Alright beloved family so with that we thank you for this opportunity of being able to celebrate with you! And as you walk through the days of this upcoming year, we invite you to consciously integrate those many, many, many times and experiences that you have had so that you can know in your everyday reality that you’re already there; you’ve already arrived.

It’s already conscious and that will give you the ability to live your life with greater ease and with greater flow and when you’re in the space of that, just as we spoke with that last question, it takes you outside of the vibration of competition. It takes you outside of that space of having to prove yourself and if for some reason you feel as if you do; then let yourself shift out of those energies and let them go.

And so beloved family, as you are in this season of celebration, celebrate life, celebrate love, know that you are love and know that you are the integrated energies of your divinity.

I am ever with you and within you.




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