Changing Your Perspective

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We as humans always have the freedom of free will. This is something that is really a gift and we can use it as a way of gaining a new perspective whenever we are seeking to make a change in life. The Goddess spoke at the beginning about the ways in which the energy of the earth is changing. She spoke of how the collective consciousness is now fully in the 5th dimension. As a result, everyone has the chance to make changes within their lives with greater ease.

I always love it when the Goddess give us specific details in how to create changes. She spoke of how all have our conscious thoughts of what’s happening in our lives. It was an opportunity for us to consider; are we focusing on what’s missing or what we do have. It’s very easy to get into the pattern of recognizing what’s NOT there as we seek change because we know what we don’t have. 

As we become aware of where our conscious thoughts are focusing, there can still be an unconscious component that is keeping us away from what we’re seeking. In order to help everyone understand this, she started by taking a belief or a thought. ‘I am in the flow of abundance’. As you consider that, what emotions come up for you? Does it feel happy and excited or as if there’s a knot in y our stomach? If you have thoughts that are not in alignment with your emotions, it creates a rift that then goes into your ‘unconscious’ self. 

Therefore as you are making changes in your perspective, you have created changes that are in balance within you. What is a belief that when you speak it, you feel a resonance of joy, peace, love and contentment? You then take it to the next level and see how it works in your physical reality, still in alignment? Then this is what’s most prevalent in your energy bodies. 

In order to create changes in your life, you have to create a change in alignment with all your energy bodies. It’s important to realize what your conscious and unconscious energies are putting out to the world so you may have greater clarity within you and then your life.

Nama sika; Venia Benya  I AM the One, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family! I welcome you to our time together. I welcome you to this time in this now moment as everybody gathers together to share time and energy. To share the love the consciousness, the awareness of all that is taking place within your world.

The distance between the “All That Is” and the “Earth Plane” is becoming less and less separated. The flow of energies through the dimensions, through the universe, through all the various forms of consciousness both upon the earth and out well within the universe and the Omniverse. Consciousness is something that is discernable on many, many different levels and what you tap into is that of which you are conscious within your everyday life, that with which you align with when you seek to specifically align within a particular time and space. 

There are all the energies that are happening back within your energy bodies that may or may not have to do with you personally, but it’s there. There is an interwoven pattern of light that is always having an effect, upon you, upon the people around you, upon the earth itself. 

I’ve heard for so very long from people telling me that they feel as if life is a struggle. They hear me say it should not be a struggle and when I say that I hear from them that it is it seems to just amplify that they are in greater discord than what they even realized. 

Now I wish to say first of all no matter what is happening in your life, no matter where you are upon your journey you can always reach out and feel not only the flow of your divinity, not only the flow of I the Goddess and all the multitude of Angels and Masters and teachers that are out here; but you can also reach out on your earth’s plane for a vibration or an energy which is in alignment with what you seek to have. 

So be not concerned if it feels as if you are stuck in any one place, because you can reach out to that energy that is in alignment with what you seek to have, or where you seek to be, and you can reach out and draw it to you.

Stuck energy is such a common experience that people have. Sometimes it is because you keep seeking change from a space of lack and then it seems even harder so then you dig a deeper rut in your space of lack, and then you try something different but you are digging a hole even deeper, and then you try something different, and everything you are trying becomes this hole that you have dug for yourself that keeps you in this rut. 

Change needs to come beginning first and foremost with your thoughts, with your beliefs, with your emotions that support that, and then you physically making a change just sometimes stepping turning to the side looking at a different direction, sometimes walking a different path than you have been walking. Sometimes it is pushing you out of your comfort zone to make a change. 

This is a little more than usual that I speak of this at the beginning here, but I like to sometimes to pass on a message at the beginning before we expand into the ethers, because this is when everybody is fully conscious and present with us in this now moment and that as we get out into the higher lighter vibrations sometimes people are out on their own journey, sometimes people are out having a different experience, whatever they need in that moment, so you will hear things differently. But this I felt I wished to convey at the very beginning.  So thank you for listening to me in this moment.

Take in another deep breath and this time I invite you to breathe deeply sending the energy all the way down into the earth. As you send it down into the earth let yourself feel Gaia, feel the Elementals, let yourself feel that wonderful grounding energy and then it comes back up within that beam of light and you anchor it within you.

Once you have done that allow yourself to then breathe deeply and release as if you send your consciousness up from you, from within your physical body. You allow it to expand into the space of your higher self. Take a moment to look around at this space.  Allow yourself to feel the energies of what it is to be here part way into the earth, part way into the universe. 

From there allow your consciousness to continue on. You shift moving into the space of the Soul Plane. As you arrive within the Soul Plane look around for your divinity.  Everybody living upon the earth has their own Soul energy. You have that which is your unique divinity that is there within you the human and the foundation for that is up here within the Soul Plane. 

Reach out to that experience. Reach out to connect with who you are. Some of you feel as if this energy is just that, pure energy.  Others of you feel or see, or sense the silhouette of a person. How so ever you perceive that which is your divinity allow yourself to connect as if heart to heart, consciousness to consciousness; feel as if you merge fully with who you are as your divinity.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out and embrace who you are. I embrace you as the individual that you are in this lifetime. I embrace you as the soul essence that has created you.  As our energies merge you may find yourself shifting in to the space of the All That Is. 

Each time that we arrive within this space there is a different perception. You probably have found that to be true yourself when you come here with your own creation, with your own experience. Tonight there is a sense of love all around. 

We know we mentioned that Valentine’s Day is coming up. Perhaps that is what prompted this but we see little hearts just kind of floating around as if it is decorated for a party.

Love is something that can be experienced in a multitude of different ways. Love is something you give. Love is something that you receive. Love is something that embody. Love is accepting. Love is allowing. Love is……. and you may fill that in how so ever you choose. 

The vibration of the earth is very solidly within the 5th dimension now and that too is a dimension that is working through your heart center. So consider your lifetime. Consider for a moment what is the first thing that comes to you when you think about your life? Hmm, hmm I heard you. 

Now what is the first thing that comes to mind when you consider how you want your life to be experienced? Indeed for many, many of you there is the exact same thing or very slight distance between them, but in others I feel there is a yawning distance between what you perceive you have and what you perceive you want and seek. 

Let’s take a moment and talk about perspective. As you consider your life you are looking at it from the perspective of where you are right now as you are living your life. As you are living your life so often it is from a place where moment by moment, minute by minute, sometimes you are in a place of discerning various things that come to you. 

You may discern in this now moment everything is great I am happy everything is in alignment. You may feel the next day or you wake you and a new day has dawned and you look around and think where am I, what am I doing, I thought I was past this. 

So what was different from when you went to bed feeling good and balanced and everything was okay to waking up and thinking I thought I was past this, ‘why am I still here, what is going on in my life’? You are the same individual.  

Chances are from the time you went to bed and woke up not much changed in your environment. So your perspective changed in that period of time. This may happen say you’re at work or you’re having a family meeting, or you’re driving. It can happen at any point throughout your day that your perspective of a situation may change at any moment or it can change during the day. You arrive at work happy and excited you leave it frustrated and angry. Perspective! 

You always have the opportunity to change your perspective through your free will. Does that mean it’s going to change the experience that you are having. Yes in many cases it will. Does that mean that if something has been bugging you if you change your perspective it will no longer bug you?  Yes that is a potential. 

The energy that emanates from within you is created by your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, your physical being and the conscious and unconscious energies that are around you. Sometimes people may be emanating a particular vibration and they’re completely unaware that that is the energy that they are sending out to the world. And it is most likely founded in unconscious thoughts, beliefs and emotions. 

If you find yourself attempting to make changes in your life, or attempting to change your perspective of things, but you keep getting pulled back into that moment, or you keep getting pulled back into the struggle, or pulled back into the resistance consider what is going on in your unconscious thoughts and beliefs.

Let’s take a moment to see if we can help you to become more aware of that. Begin by being very clear about what you are conscious of when you choose how to look at a situation or you choose the thoughts when you think about a particular situation. 

I am trying to decide if I should bring up some specific instances. I think I’ll instead I will invite each of you to think about your own life and as you think about your life what is the first thing that goes through your mind? That is your initial perception of your life.  Most everybody has many different levels that come into their experience so begin by considering friends and family. 

What is your perception of your friends and, or your family? As you consider whatever thoughts or feelings came to mind take a moment and ask yourself are my thoughts about the person or relationships the same as the emotions I feel regarding that individual?  Say for example there is somebody, perhaps a family member as they are sometimes harder to distance from that you know you have either a rough relationship, a turbulent relationship and so you might say ‘I really love that family member’, but perhaps in your solar plexus or perhaps in your emotions you feel resistance to saying I really love that family member. 

This is creating a discord. You say one thing and you feel another and so that unconscious part of you is trying to figure out which energy you are putting out to the world. What you are speaking, or what you are feeling, or do you try to again in an unconscious way to figure out how to come to a happy medium. 

Say it is not a relative. You have relationships at work, relationships that take up a huge proportion of your time. It is a very rare individual who lives on the earth and has not one single relationship. People may want more relationships within their lives.  They may be seeking deeper relationships within their lives. But everyone you come into contact with you have one form of a relationship or another. 

So again when you think of relationships or you consider them, and if you so choose go one by one by one, what are the words you speak out, or what are the thoughts that you think about and then what is the background feeling. If you are have a thought and a feeling and they are aligned with one another that empowers that moment and strengthen the energy that emanates.

Let’s move on to considering abundance within your life. I hear of this from many, many, many people. ‘I seek to have greater flow of abundance in my life’ and yet that same individual feels a knot in their stomach and they are thinking ‘how can I pay my bills, how can I afford to do what I want to do, how is this going to happen’. 

So this person is speaking the words ‘I am seeking to have greater abundance’, but all of the energy behind those works is speaking of lack. Therefore the energy they are sending out is that energy again of discord. 

Which is the more powerful? I seek abundance in my life or the list of debt, or the list of fear that they are feeling, and in this case that sense of lack is the stronger of the two and so lack is the vibration that goes out from this individual. 

As we speak of this in a way of analyzing it may cause you to think I need to do this with every single thing within my life so I can know what is going on in my unconscious. You do not. It is not necessary. But I would say to you when it comes to creating change within your life; stop and take the time to be very conscious of the words that you’re putting out to the world and the energy and emotions that are behind it, because many, many times they are not in balance with each other. 

So the next question comes is ‘are you being open and honest with yourself’? I am laughing because I heard some of you say ‘is that a trick question’. When you consider all that we have been talking about and the way that you are sending your energy out to the world, and the things you have been saying and doing being honest with yourself is the key to everything that is happening around you. 

Now as we speak of perspective let’s speak of this for a moment. Going back to that flow of abundance when you were honest with yourself are you in the flow of abundance and then say for example we heard people say no, so they said no I’m, being honest with myself, no I’m not in the flow because there is not enough money to do what I need to do. 

That is one perspective. Be honest with yourself if you are in the flow of abundance and you look to this direction and you realize that I have an abundance of friendship. I have an abundance of trees in my life. I have an abundance of flowers. I have an abundance and I could go on and on and on. 

So the perspective here is that certainly we were talking about monetary abundance in the beginning and you felt a feeling of no and lack and then we shift our perspective and think about the many, many ways you have abundance in your life and your energy begins to feel different. 

Therefore as you are considering creating a change in your life be very clear about your perspective and if ever you are in a space of lack feeling say perhaps I feel a lack of friendship right now. Okay look at it from this perspective over here. I am aware that I would like to have more relationships in my life.  I would like to make new friends most likely that are in alignment with who I am.

As you look around you may consider a few things. What qualities do you like in a friend? Someone that I can have a discussion with, someone that likes to go places, someone who likes movies, going out for dinner, someone who likes to travel. So you may consider all of these things you would like to do with the friend in your life and go inside in yourself and say do I like to go to movies, do I like to go and do these things so you can find inside of yourself that place inside where you enjoy already what you want to do with this friend. 

When you consider it in this manner you do so from the perspective of what you like to do that feels good and then you let that be your focus. You will be surprised at how you may get a phone call from someone, an email, you may get something from somebody that you thought was an acquaintance inviting you to go someplace and go. You might find when you focus on the abundance that comes to you from many other forms and you quit being concerned about monetary abundance you find that your money starts to flow. 

We have spoken about this many, many times and you have read about it over the internet and your books. So this is not anything new per say, but what is new is that you are now becoming very aware of these things as you live within the 5th dimension.

We have spoken often about moving away from struggle. Within the 5th dimension when you allow yourself to find that place of balance that place of conscious awareness that place of recognizing and knowing who you are then things will manifest much more quickly and easily. 

What does this mean to be in the 5th dimension? What does it mean when we speak of where the collective consciousness is?What does it mean when we speak of the universal light and the crystalline energy that is coming into the earth? For so many people when we speak of the population of the earth for billions of people it goes over their head it is not anything that has ever come into their thoughts or their consciousness and yet they are living their lives going through the motions of their days. Many people prospering profusely, many people are manifesting with ease and they are just doing it. 

The reason for that is that so many people have just that intrinsic energy that allows them to be in the vibration of what they seek to have. They manifest what they want. That feels good, (they may think) I kind of like that and they do it again and again and again building on that foundation of what worked for them. There are others that struggle their whole entire life constantly saying, but I want something different, but I am tired of being here where I am. Why does it happen to me? Over and over and over you may hear those words or something similar to that.

Again this is not spoken as a judgment of good right or between. I am just putting forth that every single person has the ability to move through their entire life from that place of working from the unconscious and just living and reacting to things that are around them in their everyday life. 

Then there are the people such as all of you that like reading about this stuff who like expressing who they are, who like learning about energy and working with energy and having a greater understanding, and yet some of you still struggle and some of you prosper with ease. 

I can hear some of you in the background saying why bother? You bother because it makes you feel good. You bother because you are living from your heart center. You are following your intuition. There are millions of people who are asking questions.  There are millions of people who are there ready to teach, ready to expand, ready to offer ways to all of these people that would like to learn new things. They are there ready and waiting.

So you can live your life from a place of consciousness or a place of unconsciousness. You can be successful in your life. If you choose to seek a life in which you are consciously creating then do so with the foundation that you are based in your divinity, that you are love personified as the individual that you are. That you are creating based on the thoughts that you have, the emotions that support that thought, the physical reality that supports the emotions that support the thought so you are creating a state of balance within your life.

And that then creates greater clarity in your unconscious. When you choose the thoughts the emotions, the physical reality all of these different aspects that create you in your everyday reality then you can bring up the unconscious. Sometimes it might be that you go through and clear it out. Let’s do that.

Here you are begin by the thoughts that you have. ‘I am choosing a life in which I manifest with ease all that I seek to have’. It’s a thought, it’s a belief you are creating a reality. The emotions that go along with that; does it feel good? Does it make you feel joyful and happy? Does it give you a sense of peace and wellbeing? Whatever the emotion is it is as if you started with a thought you, filled in around that thought with that emotion and then you look at your physical reality. 

Are you supported in your physical reality by the belief, those emotions and then the physical? For some if may be that your physical reality does not support your thoughts and emotions. So find a way to create a balance within all of that. 

You need not always control it with your thoughts and all of that. Instead breathe in within yourself come to that space of stillness and then break it down perhaps a smaller more defined belief and thought, and then fill it in with the emotions around it and then find the physical around it that supports it and this time it all feels as if it is balanced. 

You breathe it in; breathe it in through your lungs, into your heart center, moving through every cell within your body, moving through your emotions and your thoughts. And this time have a sense of consciously sending it through any unconscious part of who you are, being any unconscious thoughts, beliefs or cellular memories. Whew~~ Clear it out. 

Come back to that thought that really resonated with you. ‘I am or perhaps I choose…….’ you may finish the sentence and then surround it with the emotions that feel good and then bring it in to your physical reality. Maybe create a change around your home, your reality so your have the physical support for what you seek and what you’re manifesting, and then again you clear out anything in the past. 

Perhaps those unconscious energies are associated with your perception of failure, your perception of things that didn’t work your perception that I’m not good enough. Let all that go.  Whew~~

You come back to that state of balance, you come back to that state of being, and then you get the emotions around it, and then you get the physical to support that and you have a new perspective. This is a perspective that is in alignment with you. This perspective creates a greater balance and as you look out at the world from this greater perspective the world will look different.

Indeed the universe is changing. The earth is changing. The influx of higher lighter vibrations are moving into your earth creating changes.  Some of these changes cause people to think differently or to make new and different decisions within their life. Some of these changes have to do with your reality, your perspective. You can change your perspective anytime that you wish. 

So if your perspective is focused upon the lack change it to focus upon the abundance. If your perspective is focused upon the pain, sorrow, anguish within your life, focus upon the joy and for some it may be that anguish is like this, joy is like this, but the more you focus upon it it will grow and grow and grow and you will get to the point where joy is like this and anguish is like this. 

Beloved, beloved family I feel such joy as I look at you as I connect to you and in just this short period of time for so many people I could feel layers and layers of energy being released and letting go. It is as if I can feel you coming up and out coming in to your state of being, your space of being. Feel that energy. Experience what that is and then allow how so ever that may balance within and around you. 

I invite you to come together as a group and coming up within that group is that hologram of the earth. As you infuse your perspective into the earth let it be that perspective of having a choice, or a belief, the emotional or the physical support. 

Send it into the hologram and you may have that perspective of how all these energies just swirl together creating its own balance within the hologram and those energies then move down it is as if they shift down. 

The hologram moves through the crystalline grid, it goes into the earth itself anchoring within the core essence of your physical earth, and from there it expands outwards it comes up through the earth. Have a sense of feeling your own energies coming up within and around you in your physical reality.  

Anchor that which is you. Anchor all that which is like the perspective that you would like to live your life through. And then it also comes up supporting you, supporting the grass the trees the waters the oceans the animals it supports every aspect of the earth itself. Take a deep breath in and know that is your reality. 

You let go those energies and you allow your consciousness to come back here within the All That Is and as you do so I always see people that are so anxious to get back into your bodies to get back into things. 

So allow your consciousness to move first of all into the energies of the Soul Plane where your I AM presence resides and then from there it shifts back to follow your consciousness as it moves down through your higher self, and as it does so allow yourself to come back within your physical body.  

As you feel your energies coming back within your body take a moment to clear out the unconscious within and around you, clear out anything that is no longer working for you and feel your consciousness moving down through your physical body, your emotional, your light body so that your entire energy field becomes clear and balanced. 

While you are here back upon the earth plane take a moment and consider what you seek to have or a belief, feel the emotions around it. Feel the physical reality whether in your physical body or the environment and let that wave through you with gentle ease. Yes that how you do it.

Alright beloved family as we bring this evening to a close I invite you to put forth the intention that throughout your days you are open to creating a perspective where your thoughts, the emotions and then your physical reality are in balance with one another. Then as you do so invite the flow of opportunity and be open to see how all of that will move, shift and change as you move through your life.

I am ever with you and within you.




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