Create Through Enhanced Energies

This channel really tapped into all the energies that are taking place during the month of June. We’ve had both a Solar and Lunar eclipse. We are about to have the solstice; summer for where I live, winter for those of you in the southern hemisphere. When I was first creating the title it was ‘Creating through the Energies of the Eclipses and the Summer or Winter Solstice’ but decided that was just too long! But these are the energies that have really enhanced this channel.

As the Goddess took us upon this journey, she tapped into the energies while we were still on the earth plane. Then when we were in the All That Is, she first created an experience where we could see how the energies have shifted over the last 10 years. During this experience, we could each feel where we were 10 years ago vs. now; then the collective consciousness. It really opened up the perspective for people to see their lives in this manner.

She then had everyone consider what they wished to create. As she spoke of creating what we want, she encouraged everyone to use all their senses. The more you use your senses, the easier it is to manifest.

From there we looked towards the next 10 years, experiencing the energies. In this way, you could also get a sense of where you’d be in during that time. This is a great way to be able to manifest and create change. There are so many potentials, you can always shift into something else.

The Goddess specifically brought in the energies of each solstice to enhance each creation. She also brought in the energies of the solstice and it was like each person stood in that flow and received all it had to give.

Lastly as the hologram was brought into the All That Is, Lady Gaia came forth and spoke. She spoke of the earth, of the changes and of her appreciation of all the work each person is doing. She had such great loved and offered a place of alignment to help everyone.

As you can see, this channel is truly filled with expanded energy, love, creation and potential.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, my beloved family! I reach out to each one of you sending forth my love, my awareness and flowing into you the essence of who I am. As I do this, you may have a sense of feeling yourself even more deeply or you may feel me as a warmth or as a love or as the essence of who I AM.

As I gather all of you together to share this time with me, I can feel how there is so much energy that it’s simply pulsating from within and around each of you. There is a lot that is happening upon your earth and within your lives but there is also a lot that is happening out here in the universe.

We’ve been speaking constantly about the changes taking place. This month has been another particularly intense month. You have had a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse, the solstice is coming up and with all of these focused amounts of energy it creates a space where people have an opportunity to step into even greater creation within their lives.

It may also affect others as bringing things to a head. Perhaps there is something you’ve been pushing back or stepping around while now is your time to work with that, to shift it. So here within your space while you’re all still fully grounded on the earth, I invite you to breathe in one more time really feeling the energies of who you are and let that flow from you until it fills up all that is here within and around you.

I invite you to take one more deep breath in. As you do, breathe down within yourself, let yourself anchor these energies feeling the earth and then have a sense of letting go of your physical body as if you are consciously shifting outward, shift in such a way that you feel your consciousness expand.

You may find yourself aligning with the magnetic grid. For some this may feel as if it’s with your higher self, for others it may be just a space or a dimension or a shift in consciousness.

If you discern these energies you may see pathways that move out from you and they surround the earth. You can send forth an intention and that intention will go out from you, aligning with everything else. So too you can create a space to receive if you are seeking answers.

I invite you to shift once more allowing yourself to shift into the space of the crystalline grid. This is a place where you leave behind the magnetic pull of the Earth and you find yourself aligning within these crystalline energies. You may have a sense of feeling your consciousness flow up and down this pathway as if it is a road. Again, you may use this as a way to support who you are and where you are right now in your life.

When you are ready to do so, I invite you to shift once more. This time allow your energies to shift into the space of the soul plane. As you arrive here within the soul plane open up and feel your energies.

This is where your divinity communicates with you. This is where the majority of it resides. Therefore reach out with the intention of linking to your I AM presence. As you look toward your divinity, open and allow the feeling of what this is to you. As you feel yourself merging more completely allow yourself to receive the flow of love, the flow of energy and the purest essence of who you are in your entirety.

I the Goddess come here within this space, as I move through I reach out to each one of you. I reach out and embrace who you are, not only as this person in your life but you in all the many lifetimes that you have had that makes up your I AM presence.

As we embrace, you can feel yourself shifting into the All That Is. Here within the All That Is allow yourself to feel as if you are flying free.

This is a place that you have created. It is a place filled with potentials. It is a place filled with a very high vibration and complete love and acceptance. Let yourself expand, let yourself feel who you are, as you are here within this space.

As I mentioned to you while we were on the earth, there is a lot that is taking place during this calendar month in which you live. I invite you to have a sense of looking at a timeline. As you know, especially when you are in this space of the All That Is, time is nonlinear. Time can flow within and without and it can create a shift that takes place in a moment.

But you as humans are used to living on the earth, in which time is linear, one year leading to the next into the next.

I therefore invite you to have a sense of standing here in the place where you are right now and as if you are looking backwards over the last, I would actually like you to go back 10 years; I invite you to look at what this is.

You may have a sense of asking yourself where were you 10 years ago, what was happening in your spiritual development and then also look at the earth itself. With the year 2000, a shift in energy took place. And then there were a number of different experiences, the bombings of 9-11, 2001 being one of them, in which vortices of energy were created that affected the entire world.

Let your consciousness come down through this again. You see, there were many dramatic natural disasters, as you call them that took place. But also there was a dramatic shift taking place in the consciousness of the earth. It was thinning. It was becoming more transparent.

It was creating an awakening that would touch people on a cosmic level, and then also people on an individual level. So if you bring your consciousness closer into this now period, in particular in 2008, the world or your earth ascended into the fourth dimension.

That created such a dramatic shift in consciousness that people are still feeling the effects. So, look at where you were in 2000, 2001, 2008 and take in whatever perception may be there for you.

Come forward into where you are now. There is such a dramatic difference from three years ago to now, is there not? You may look at those eight years from 2000 to 2008 and then from 2008 to now; huge shift!

So, allow your focus to now look forward. Okay, let’s step back a second. So first of all take stock of where you are. Take stock of what’s happening in your life. Are you where you wanted to be? Have you accomplished what you wished to accomplish? Do you perhaps have it, but not all of what you were seeking?

This is a particularly powerful time and even if you come back and revisit this channel at a later date, you will always tap into these very powerful energies of this moment.

As you are looking at your life, take a moment to honor and acknowledge what you have done that brings you to where you are right now. Take a moment to consider what you would like to have within your life.

It always makes me smile when I say something like that because a number of you will unfold your scroll and it is as if you have a scroll that is listed with many, many, many things that you are seeking to have and I say to you, by all means go for it. Dream big, think big, anticipate on a big scale. For right in this moment, see what comes first and foremost to your attention.

As you are here in this expanded awareness, ask if there is anything that you would like to release [Deep breath] and breathe in deeply for a moment and then breathe out and let it go. I work with moving through your energies and assisting to shift and let go. I invite you to once more bring up any frustration that you may be having, any sense that it will not happen or will never happen; let whatever it may be come up in this moment [Deep breath] and then breathe out, letting it go.

There was a massive wave of energy that was released with that second one; and as you release that, as you let it go, you now open yourself to that opportunity of stepping into even more of what you seek to have. So breathe in deeply and allow. Allow without specifics, allow without constraints, allow simply for the sake of allowing and you breathe in.

Now have a sense of shifting in the opposite direction that you were looking before and let have a sense of looking forward over the next several years. We will take a 10 year period of time so that it is more of an equal balance.

As you are well aware, next year with the winter solstice, there is a great deal of intense focus and awareness that will be taking place. So immediately the consciousness stops within that space.

From this space of being objective ask yourself; where would you be? What will be happening in your life? If you have a sense of something, that’s fantastic. If not, let go and know that it will come to you in another space and time.

I invite you to then let your energies continue to unfold, let them stream out and let’s look at 2016, five years from now. The energies continue to become dramatically lighter and infused with greater and greater amounts of potential, of energy and of awareness.

Breathe in what that may be [Deep breath] and breathe out. What do you have a sense of you doing five years from now? Where do you see yourself living? What people are around you? What type of work will you be doing? Breathe in receiving this awareness and breathe out allowing for this to come in.

I invite you to shift once more all the way down to 10 years from now. For many people they think; oh too far, don’t want to think about it and that’s completely fine. But if you are interested or if you are curious you do have the opportunity to put forth an intention.

You may also have a sense of looking at all of these and perhaps your perception is something you really don’t care to pursue. It is very easy to change your potentials at this point. You can change your potential between now and an hour from now. You can change your potential at any point in your life by shifting your perception and shifting your awareness. Breathe in and breathe out.

Let yourself come back into this now moment, and we can let that sense of the timeline just flow away from you. Breathe into this place and this moment in which you are and I invite you to bring up whatever is dearest to your heart that you would like to create.

As you are here in this place of creation let yourself release any form of limitation. Bring in as many details as you would like, fill it with color, fill it with sound, fill it with touch; use as many of your senses as is possible.

It is a glorious sight to see, because all around me I have a sense of so much just popping up. For some it’s been such a long time since you allowed yourself free rein of considering what it is you want in your life. Now is your time to open up and let that in.

This is your time to peel away the veils, peel away resistance, peel way anything at all that is holding you back. Let your emotions flow, let your emotions assist you in expanding all that is taking place right here.

Now, here within the All That Is, as you stand in the midst of your creation, I’m going to have a sense of opening up this space and allow the energies of the solar eclipse to wash over you even though it has passed by, the energies are still here and available for you. So let them wash over and some of these may burn off resistance, some of these energies may create a greater clarity for you.

I then bring your awareness to the lunar eclipse. Let that energy of the moon come into you now. Let that soothing cool energy, love and nurture you. Let it nurture your creation in such a way that it supports you in all that you seek to have and [Deep breath] breathe in deeply, so that you have the sun and the moon and the blending of the earth.

As all of that comes into you, the energies that are there, that were accentuated let them come into you now assisting you. This will help to create a balance; it will also help to create a new perspective. So, look at your creation once more as if you are looking with clear eyes or new eyes or perhaps a new perspective. Take a deep breath in and look again. Everything that you have been creating has been enhanced.

I invite you to reach for even more than what you were looking at before. I invite you to open up and receive even greater potential. [Deep breath] Breathe deeply and let that wash over you.

Every day that you walk upon the earth is a day of opportunity and potential. Reach towards what makes you happy and joyful and there you will find your creations coming about with greater ease.

For some of you as I said that phrase just now, I had a sense of the focus shifting to the lack, as if to say, you feel so acutely that it’s not there and it hurts so bad. [Deep breath] So breathe in my love, breathe in my compassion, breathe in my awareness. [Deep breath, whew] Let it move through and take away that hurt and that pain. That is a form of resistance. That type of energy and feeling keeps you separated from what you are seeking to have.

Okay, I hear what you’re saying; that you know no other feelings, you don’t know how to feel differently. So I invite you to open up your heart even further and allow me to flow through, just filling you up with compassion, with awareness, with unconditional love.

You don’t have to do anything; you don’t have to be anybody. I love you exactly as you are and I invite you to receive that love unconditionally. I invite you to take it one step further and realize that that unconditional love that you feel coming from me is absolutely coming from you too.

I always blend my energies with yours and I therefore work through you. So when you open and feel my love, you are opening and feeling the love of yourself. It comes as your divinity, it moves through you as an expression of who you are in this life. Take a deep breath in; feel the love move through you and let go, breathing out.

Again, come back around to your creation. As you look at it from the eyes of love and from the eyes of compassion it grows even more. That feeling you get; perhaps its Christmas morning, perhaps it’s your birthday, perhaps it’s a celebration of some sort; that feeling of just excitement and joy, let it wash over you right now. Open and see your creation as even more.

And now as you feel comfortable with it, I am shifting the energies of the All That Is once more and I invite you to step forth as if you are stepping out on to the energies, the streams of energies that move through the universe. Let yourself shift into that space so that you come into the exact alignment with the summer solstice.

And for those of you that are experiencing your winter solstice, let it be that. But as you stand here in the midst of this energy that is so directed and so focused and this year enhanced by the energies of these eclipses; let it move through you assisting you, shifting you, creating a new alignment within you [Deep breath] that allows you to step forth even more into your creation.

This energizes you, it energizes your creation and you may see how it’s taken it from where you started tonight into where it will be perhaps several weeks, months or years from now. And bring that all into the now moment. Let these energies, as you stand here in this solstice enhance who you are and what you are doing. Take a deep breath in and take a deep breath out.

Now the other thing that is coming to my awareness as I’m looking at everybody is the flow of the Lightbody energies. For so many of you, this is a natural part of you now. Let yourself remember to tune in to what these energies are for you. As you tune into them you can more fully see what is happening, you can more fully see who you are and you can much more fully stabilize who you are within your everyday life.

I invite you to have a sense of shifting your consciousness in such a way that you follow that stream of energy from the solstice as it moves down. You may see it as a pathway, you may see it as a beam of light, howsoever it comes to you, allow yourself to shift your focus and ride that wave of energy until you come down and feel yourself as you link with the earth.

As you feel the vibration of the earth, you can feel it moving through and around you. We spoke of the transformations taking place. You could see how it was shifting the collective consciousness, but it was also shifting your physical earth. Feel this essence and feel this sense as it moves through you.

There are so many things that are very subtle that go on and there are things that are very dramatic that also assist you in this changing. As you feel these energies of the earth, allow them to nurture you with the grounding energies that they represent.

I invite each one of you to have a sense of taking in a deep breath and all that love and all of who you are just send it into the earth as you are here and blending with it. You breathe in deeply and you breathe out.

Let yourself shift once more back into the All That Is. I invite you to notice how smooth and easy you are able to shift your focus and your energies. This has become easier and easier as a result of all the personal work that each one of you are doing.

As you return to the All That Is, I invite you to once more connect with whatever it is that you were working on as a creation. Have a sense of linking with it, accepting it, [Deep breath] and then take a deep breath and allow all the energies to move through your consciousness and become fully integrated within you.

I then invite you to just let it go. Let go, whatever it was and if you return here another time, create something different or come back for a new perspective on the creation you began this evening. The energies are always in motion, so allow that motion to move through.

As you find yourself here in the All That Is, you’ve let go your creation, you’ve let go everything. Let yourself open as if your consciousness is opening up even further. Open so that you may feel what may be a very subtle vibration or what may be perceived as a very strong vibration. Feel it as it moves through here. There is a tone that goes with this. It comes for some in waves and for others as a pulsation.

I invite you to be aware of how much you have the ability to do. I invite you to embrace that, accept it, allow it to fill you up. Look within yourself and when you see that potential of how grand, how immense, how expanded or whatever it may be, accept it, allow it. Let it flow through you with ease.

I love this moment of looking at everybody. There is a much greater sense of calm. Everybody is immensely expanded and there is a much greater sense of anticipation for these new potentials, and for so many it feels good to have cleared out the energies that may have been bogging you down.

I invite all of you to come together as a group once more. As you do so, you feel this hologram, as it comes up within the center of the group. As it does so, have a sense of seeing how it is a double hologram. The aspect that goes to the new earth and the aspect that is in your physical earth.

And as all of this comes up, we see Lady Gaia as she comes out. She is always a part of these holograms, although most often she takes a back seat. But she has let me know that she wish to speak with you this evening.

Lady Gaia Speaks:

I greet you my brothers and sisters of the earth. I open my hand to all who are here and I thank you for what you have done. Not only this evening, but for the past 8 to 10 to 15 to 20 years; very dramatic changes have been taking place within me. Without the support of all of you who are conscious, it would have been a much more difficult time. So I thank you for that and I flow my energy to each one of you.

Sometimes, you prefer the energies of up here in the All That Is and sometimes it may feel as if it’s a challenge to be upon the earth. You have pain in your physical body. Your life is not always happening in the way you expect or anticipate. But through all of that I am available to you, I am another source.

If you feel pain, ground your energies within my lush and fertile soil. If you feel frustration or as if you are stagnant let my rivers and oceans run through you assisting you in shifting. If you feel alone or lonesome; step out into one of my forests and feel the embrace of all who are there.

I come to you in many different ways. I am always available to you. I thank you for what you offer to me. I recognize each one of you and I bow and send to each of you my love, my compassion, my appreciation and my acceptance.

The earth is a glorious place to be and it is sound and secure. I thank you for this opportunity to speak with you. I look forward as I get to know you better than I already do.


The Goddess of Creation Speaks:

Before Lady Gaia merges completely back within the hologram, she reaches out to every person here and embraces you. And then you have a sense of the hologram as it expands even further [Deep breath] and you release it, you let it go down. It moves down to the layers of the energy and the hologram itself moves into the physical earth.

It links with the crystals that are at the core center of the earth and it expands from there moving through all the layers that make up your physical earth. It comes out through the top and it comes up into each one of you anchoring your creations, anchoring your energies and anchoring your expanded communication with her. You release that.

Allow your focus to shift once more. You have a sense of leaving the All That Is and you once more move to the soul plane linking with your divinity. There is a certain amount that remains here within this space, but all that is in alignment with you in your earthly existence shifts with you and you move back through the crystalline grid. [Deep breath]

As you find yourself moving through the energies of the grid you may feel it tweaking your own energy patterns. You have a sense of linking once more with the crystalline grid [should have been magnetic grid]. You recognize this by feeling again the magnetic pull of the Earth. As you are here within this space, you may feel it as your higher self but you allow your essence to simply be here within your higher self.

And then the remainder that comes back down. Take a deep breath in as you allow your energies to come back down here within the earth plane.

You may have a sense of expanding your energy outwards so that you may receive more of your consciousness. Accept this as it flows through you.

As you continue to ground your energies reach down towards Lady Gaia once more. Feel your consciousness link with her. Create a bond and then let that come back up within you. As it comes up within, anchor it within yourself in your core of your physical body. And as you anchor in such a way allow yourself to come back within the conference room.

And I thank everybody else. I know there were a couple more that wanted to ask questions so I apologize that we didn’t get to everyone today but I do, as always, send forth the intention that, that you will receive the answers that you are seeking, that you will find a way of connecting and allowing this to come within your everyday life.

As you are moving forward in these days and weeks to come I invite you to remember this connection that was created and enhanced with you and Lady Gaia this evening. As you are particularly moving through the next one to two weeks upon the earth, feel the energies of this month.

Feel the energies that you tapped into this evening and let them come within you, let them move through you and let them enhance and support you. There is so much taking place and you have a wonderful opportunity to create what you are seeking to have. And I invite you to create with a wide open perception and allow it to move through you howsoever it may do so.

I am ever within you.




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