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This is Shelly Dressel and this is the question and answer session that goes with the Goddess Light teleconference. The questions are specific to the individuals that ask them, yet I find that there’s a common thread, and there’s oftentimes an answer that many other people will find in what is being asked.

Sometimes the volume is not as high as some of the others individuals, but this is just due to the recording and I’ve done the best I can to make everything audible for you.

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Question 1: Hello. (Hello.) Hey Goddess how you doing? (Fine thank you.) Oh that’s wonderful. Hey this is Sam just a quick question. The quick question I wanted to ask you was; I really wanted to figure this thing out, one day my wife and I we were living in an apartment, I would say about a year ago, and she talked about going for a workout. So she got dressed she wants to go workout right. So I’m laying here on the bed, right, and all of a sudden I’m talking to her and all of a sudden the restroom opened and she came walking out of the restroom. When I looked over to my left the person I was talking to, supposedly her that I was talking to on my left, all of a sudden disappeared. I looked at the time it was 6.14 and when I woke up it was 7.16 or something around that time that morning. So I was trying to figure out who was I talking to?

Answer: The sense that we get as you talk about this experience is that it was shifting between dimensions.

Caller: That’s what I figured though; go ahead I’m sorry.

We had a sense of not only you shifting into another aspect, but your wife was doing this also. When people flow between one dimension and another time becomes changed, the sense of space becomes changed. It’s as if you’re in the same place but you’re not, and like you said as if you were talking to her on your left and then she was in another place. So our sense of what was happening there is that it felt like she was the one that was actually integrating a different, or a higher, or a subtly different vibration and as she was integrating it you were a form of anchoring that, of assisting her to anchor it. So you worked in conjunction with one another and then it was as if a space of time went by that created a completion to this and then when you woke up and it was a different time frame. What had happened was you could consider it falling asleep or you could consider it a much greater, we have a sense that it was more like a couple of hours or a significant amount of time would have passed in this other space, but that’s what we see that flow into a higher vibration or dimension and then coming back into your reality of that space.

Caller: Now I’ve been really thinking about - you see the whole thing is that so far from my recollection I’ve done this twice. I remember it. I remember both times. I’ve done it twice. You know what I’m saying on in B….. where I was living and in another city or whatever. It was like I remember standing and watching myself on the bed and myself watching me. You know what I’m saying standing there in front, you know what I’m saying watching him. So it’s like back in …. where I am at now it’s a new city. It’s like now I had that experience that I just shared with you (Uhum.) It’s like I want to do this more often. I know we are always shifting realities, like right now we’re probably shifting reality in a second to fit our emotional vibration the frequency of it, but the thing about it is that I want to learn how to literally like shift, just like that, just literally shift into other dimensions. Do you see what I’m saying?

Well what you are doing is you are doing some of this in your sleep state. You have mentioned the two times that you are more conscious of it. So this is what becomes more easy for people to do as more and more of these vibrations are integrated into the earth. So the sense that I have is that you will be able to do it more consistently and what’s happening right now is that it only happens when it’s a time for either you, or someone around you, to be in kind of a dramatic place. When things are very subtle and when things are not very dramatic (noticed in a dramatic way) then you don’t notice the shifting back and forth. So continuing to put forth the intension that you would like to be aware of when this is happening, and you would like to use it, you could potentially have a sense of consciously leaving yourself here where you are, wherever you may be sitting, send your focus to your higher self and then look back on where you are from your higher self and that way your consciousness is split between your physical reality and the vibration of your higher self. You can create that as a means of flowing back and forth and that may be another step to bring it into a more consistent reality.

Caller: That makes sense. I like that you just clarified that last experience that I had more from a conscious point of view and I really appreciate that too, and you know what I understand how it feels being aware of everything all at once and being in one place at the same time. It’s like I remember sleeping in my bed, like I remember literally everything going on simultaneously at one time, so that was a beautiful feeling and I just wanted to share that with you. But I’m not going to hold you up too long. Thank you for clarifying that and much blessings to you and everyone around you at this moment.

All right thank you very much Sam and you take care.

Question 2: Hello Goddess (Hello.) Thank you for everything for today’s meditation. (You’re welcome.) My question is regarding my son Johan. He is Autistic on the higher end of the Autism spectrum and we’re helping him all the way. He goes to special education classes, but I was wondering if there was something more that I could do for him, especially in the area of his education, and if there is any healing that you can give to him.

Answer: Uhum you know what beloved as we look at him we don’t feel that he needs a healing we feel that there really is such a beautiful light, this light that is it’s almost blinding to us. As we look at him and with what we were talking about this evening during the journey when you would look down at the next 5 – 10 years and all that much lighter, finer vibration that’s going to become a part of the earth those are the vibrations that are in alignment with your son. So the sense that we get is that as these vibrations become much more evident in peoples everyday life he’s going to be able to relax more so, and he’s going to be able to communicate with people better, and he will have more of a sense of belonging. So that was one thing we wanted to say about it.

The other thing that can happen for right now is when you work with him and you have a sense of having, of just letting your heart being open with unconditional love, unconditional acceptance and just like it goes in a stream from you into him. What you are doing is you’re using your more grounded energies and you flow that acceptance to him and then he receives it and it helps to ground him into the everyday reality. When he has trouble communicating or trouble understanding things or gets very agitated it’s because he feels discorded so by creating a time, if you do it periodically and he does not have to be physically present with you, you do it perhaps in meditation or prayers then you do it on a consistent basis so that when he has an episode, or when he has something when he feels more frustrated or out of control then you simply breathe in deeply with that unconditional acceptance, flow it to him in the way that you are used to doing so and it will help him to calm, it will help him to become more grounded and aware of what is going on around him and then he will develop his tools that will allow him to be at greater ease in his everyday reality. Did that make sense to you?

Caller: Yes. This tool that you are talking that he will be able to deal upon his own; he doesn’t need any help from the outside?

Well we like this school and these programs that he is going to they are very good and we are just saying that this is something else that you can do from a parent’s perspective that brings in that more personalized, that more connected space you could say. You know it just brings it in from a different perspective and adds to what’s happening with him at school and then it also just helps to make him be able to adjust more easily.

Caller: Why is he Autistic, is he carrying some Karma from his previous life. If so will he be able to overcome this or is he going to carry it over to his next birth.

Well it’s interesting that you perceive it like that, because you perceive it as a burden and as something negative. As we’re looking at him and as he’s talking to us he’s saying that this is bringing forth something that is brilliant and exciting and has never, it’s bringing forth a light, an energy, an awareness, a perception that has never been her before so it is nothing at all to do with Karma it’s nothing at all to do with a balance of anything. This is something new and different and just is being creative for one of the first times ever. So he is an old soul, he has done many things in the past, but he has not had a lot of earthbound experiences so this is a way of creating for him and it’s a way of creating a shift that’s taking, it’s a part of the shift that is taking place throughout the collective consciousness of the earth.

Caller: Well in other words he is participating in this shift, helping with the shift on consciousness that we are all aware of right now.

Absolutely, he and everybody else that is in that state of Autism are a part of the same thing.

Caller: Thank you so much Goddess.

You’re very welcome.

Caller: Thank you.

Question 3: Hello Goddess. (Hello.) Tonight I’ve been to a school in the sky and I took some of the class with me on the journey tonight. I feel like I benefited more from the class than this one. Can you tell me how effective the school in the sky is?

Answer: We are having a little trouble hearing you, you’re very quiet, and what we got from what you said was that you took someone with you to this school in the sky which is where you go during these things and in your dream state, and you’re saying you think you got something and they didn’t, or they did and you didn’t, that’s what we don’t understand.

Caller: Okay in my dream I create this school in the sky and I put forth the intention for these children that I teach in my dream, an opportunity long after I’m gone they can work with you. Since I’ve been teaching the class at night I feel different and I wonder if they benefited from the work tonight. I feel like I benefit more from them than they do from me and the work we do together is it effective in the area that I live.

Ahh now I understand and what a beautiful - well it feels like a gift in some ways. It feels like your journey or your path. There are so many energies around this and we think that this is just wonderful that you are doing. We see that you are targeting specific children that you know and we also see that you are targeting children that you don’t even know a specific name or face. What we see happening is you are tapping into people’s energies and you can tap into their consciousness, and then you invite them to come with you so we see what is happening. For many of these children it is helping them to reconnect with their divinity and reconnect with things that will support and help them in their everyday life.

When you ask them whether they are aware of I the Goddess and coming on to working with me also, absolutely. There are so many different ways and there are so many different Angelic beings, beings of light and masters that work in exactly this specific area that you actually have got a whole group of people that you work with. So we see that when you go to these classes in the sky, or these classes that you do in your dream state, what you are doing is you are linking with the other individuals that you also like to work with. Then you bring these children, it’s not only children we see adults coming with you also, and having these sessions and having these classes. Then sometimes they go on with the other teachers, sometimes they come with me, sometimes they go with you and your higher self and they remain with you on a more continuous basis. So we see this as something that is very specific to you, but when you get into the bigger scheme of things it’s like you link in with other networks of other people doing a similar thing.

It is a benefit, not only to you and to these children that you are talking about, but it’s a benefit to other adults, to the collective consciousness and it’s creating many, many bridges that go from the universe down to people on the earth. Does that make sense to you also?

Caller: Yes I just didn’t want to feel like I was hallucinating.

Ah no, ha ha ha, not at all beloved.

Caller: You know when I have this classroom I have you, god, and the goddess and I feel that when they play they pull a lot of energy from the central sun and I think they pull in a solar burst don’t they.

It comes through in many different ways. We see them linking with the Central Sun, we see some of them linking with other star energies that are their source energies. Each one of them links with their I Am presence so you may have this space, and you might invite God, Goddess, yourself and these kids, but it is many more energies that are there than just the ones that you are inviting in, because it is tapping into so many different vibrations, dimensions, energies etc. Is that why I feel different?

Yes it is, because you are allowing more of you divinity to come into your reality.

Caller: Would that create physical changes in my body?

Absolutely, sometimes you will have physical changes that are because of resistance in your body, meaning it may cause pain or blockages things like that. When you accept this greater amount of your reality and this greater amount of who you are then what happens is that will in turn then allow you to have greater expansion in your consciousness; it may make you feel better; it may cause weight loss; it may cause you to have different physical realities when you are walking down the street and with the people you work with. It can affect your physical environment in many, many different ways.

Caller: I’m not breaking any sort of Karma; you know I’m not breaking any sort of divine….

Well you see, yes go ahead, I’m sorry.

Caller: I guess I was reading if I’m doing anything in breaking their lesson or divine intervention, or I’m creating cord or Karma as a result of what I am doing.

You see we don’t necessarily agree with things like that, because when people are working with something that’s in the best interests of that individual, or a group, or whatever it may be, then it is only a flow of love, acceptance and allowance. If each person whatever they do in their physical reality, you know that’s still their free will to do whatever they may do in their physical reality. You are working with them from the space of their higher self and their divinity, and their human person their human reality is still going to continue to do whatever it is that they chose to do. It is having an effect on them. It is allowing people to see more perceptive. It is allowing people to have an opportunity to expand into greater potentials. So we just don’t see, first and foremost I don’t see Karma as being something that is effective as other people see it as being. I believe that every person is creating their own reality and you can change that creation minute-by-minute, day-by-day, and you can allow for all of this to come in, in a way that completely enhances and expands your reality.

Caller: Thank you very much for answering my question.

You’re very welcome.

Question 4: Hi Goddess I didn’t expect that. (Hello.) Thank you for the glorious journey tonight quite interesting the things that were seen I’m sure for all of us. I’m wondering if I am on the right path to accomplishing any of those. I certainly feel that I’m not. In staying where I am, and sustaining as we have talked about it before, it is consuming all of me to just sort of keep all the walls in the air if you will. I have an option to go somewhere else, but I’m not sure if that would be any more productive and I am curious about it. It would mean going against some of my integrity, but maybe releasing stress. It would mean being around someone whose energy might not be that great, but better than the chaos that I am dealing with. I want to be on the path of what it is that I am to be doing and I just can’t figure out how to get there, or if I’m already on it and I just need to be persevering.

Answer: Well we think that whatever path you are on is the path that you are supposed to be on. When people think that I’m not on the path that I was intended to have for this lifetime, or I need to be in a different direction, then what that means is that you are actually making a choice to make something different in your life, or to live your life in a different manner. So what that is saying to you is that you are receiving insights, or input, or you are receiving a sense that you would like to create a change for yourself and a change in your life. As we look at you now we see that there are burdens in your life, we see that things are off kilter for you, and we see that when you were up in the all that is and looking for a creation it’s almost like it is hard for you to accept something different from this because you are in such a state of survival. So what I would recommend for you is to begin by - so that was kind of like the abstract perception that we wanted to give you about pathways etc.

So when we see you going with this 2nd individual that you were talking about that would relieve some of these things that you have we see that it is not going to change anything. In some cases it is going to make it worse, because as you yourself said it goes against your integrity. You yourself said it goes against um it’s an individual that you don’t feel good around. So what you would end up doing is that you might shift one or two things in that moment, but then you are going to be under the exact same things, or perhaps even worse or more amplified because you now have these things that don’t feel good because of your integrity and this other individual.

So the sense that we have is for you - now when we see you in this space of your divinity you are so huge, you are such a very strong, we don’t even know the words to use, a very strong, brilliant light and energy that is very consistent in its focus. When we see you on the earth plane we see that coming through, but we see you getting bogged down and sidetracked, by many, many things that you could be letting go of. So we sense that it is hard to let go because there is a lot of self-judgment and you are very, very hard on yourself.

So if you can begin by being gentle on yourself, being loving, letting go some of those balls that you are talking about. It also feels like there may be ways that you could accept assistance from other people, or assistance from another source, that will also help in taking off some of that stress. Then you can begin to move forward, but as I’m looking at you now and as I see this state of survival the first step is for you to fully understand and accept that brilliance of who you are, that strong powerful beam of light. Then by accepting it and allowing it that that is who you are then you can relax more and let go of some of these things, because it’s like it is holding up false walls, or what you consider false walls. So let those walls go, let them release, let go of other things and then you will find that things will come to you more easily and things will fall into place. Does that make any sense to you?

Caller: Oh you are so right with all of it and thank you because you validated what I was seeing with the other situation. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t resisting something that was better for me that I was clear on what I was seeing. Is there any clarity at all – I don’t know what to let go of because all of it is built around responsibility and being accountable and taking care of everything. I don’t know what to let go of without it adversely affecting someone or something. We’re talking for the most part about 4 legged animals and things like that. I don’t have a person I am responsible for right now, but I do have animals and a home and bills and things that I want to take care of and I don’t know where to let go as they all seem to be important in the great scheme of things.

Yeah we cannot go into that detail here. If you need to call for a session, or something, with Shelly we could absolutely clear out a lot of that stuff for you. (Oh good.) What we would say to you is that, just in general, try to just start with the smallest and then grow up, or just have a sense every day I am open to receive my greater understanding I am open to receive and then just see what might come your way.

Caller: Oh bless you and thank you for always being here for all of us and the great gifts that you share with us.

You’re very welcome.

Question 5: Hi Shelly its Rhonda. (Hello Rhonda.) I have a question on something I just came across in my thinking process. If we are attracting things on the basis of the Law of Attraction that means our energies have to be in line with whatever it is that we need to attract. Now where I’m getting stuck is that I function at a higher vibration and if you are looking for financial money stuff you’re looking very much at 3rd dimensional, which is really 5th dimensional now but 3rd dimensional construct, and if my energies are up there can you give me some hints on how to at least send a tail down there or something to make the connection.

Answer: So what I am hearing from you is that in one dimension of your being, your place of existence where you are most comfortable is in one that has more abundance, financial abundance and the buckets of money. Then there is the reality of where your house, which you live in; the bills you pay; the everyday life, and it feels like those buckets of money are not in that same location as they are in the other location.

Caller: Yeah, so how do I bring them together?

Okay, excellent, that’s what we hear from so many people is it not. So when we speak of the vibration, and when we speak of the Law of Attraction allowing your focus to be on that, it may be the higher dimension it is that place where there are the buckets of money and where there is the alignment with it is to have that. When you know what that feels like it’s so real it’s like your everyday moment. It’s like you can taste it, touch it, feel it, and then you ground your energies, like when we came back from this journey today and everyone was grounding and really feeling Gaia, and really feeling the earth as a means of grounding.

What that’s doing is that’s bringing you down to that earth based existence where you do pay your bills, and you do pay your stuff, but if you let yourself create that grounding and then you have a sense of okay buckets come on down here with me, and you bring that expanded vibration down, what happens to most people is if you think of a funnel that the higher you are the more wide your expansion, the more grounded you are the more narrow your expansion, so if you consciously expand out the narrow space of where you are when you are grounded in your everyday reality then that’s what allows that lighter, finer vibration to come down into you and to be a part of you in your everyday life.

The other thing to do is when you’re paying your bills, when you’re creating your jobs and you want to fund things whether it’s bills or whatever it is that you want to use money for buying things, whatever. If you consciously, no matter what number is in your accounts, if you consciously let yourself have a sense of sitting with whatever it is you’re paying the bills on, whatever it is you want to fund, bring in that sense of feeling those buckets of money. What you feel in that space then that’s what’s shifting your vibration so that it’s in alignment with having those buckets of money in your everyday reality.

Now it’s one of those things that you can very, very easily over analyze so it’s more so about feeling and experiencing and allowing. So sometimes this is one reason why, you know the last journey that we had we spoke of allowing and I think I’m going to come back around to it again, because when we come down to your everyday life allowing sometimes becomes something that is a judgment to people. It’s as if I’m not doing it right I don’t allow; it’s not here in my life I’m not allowing; I must be doing something wrong.

It’s not about judgment or anything like that at all. This is simply about you being in a space, and I mean you as people in general, being in a space and when you allow what you are actually allowing is self-love, self-acceptance, self-awareness. You’re feeling good as far as who you are, everything about you is in a space of self-love, self-acceptance and that means that you’re allowing. When you are in that space then all these other things flood down into and around you so you can create the vibration in a very conscious way, and then the allowing comes from that very deep opening, acceptance and just that space of self-love and awareness.

Caller: Hmm interesting. Okay well I will stop looking at as a funnel and look at it more like an Erwin Myer Flask.

There you go ha ha ha that works for us.

Caller: Yeah I figure, you know, come through the neck and spread out.

There you go I like that.

Caller: Okay, thank you.

You’re very welcome.



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