Creating Alignment in Vibration, Which Assists in Manifestation

Nama Sika; Venia Benya    I AM the One; I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I come into the space in which you are so as to greet you and connect with you in the space in which you live.  There is so much you have that is happening around you.  Much of this is reflected within in terms of what you feel inside of yourself, but as you look around, so many of you feel as if there are people always seeking you for answers.  You may feel as if you have responsibilities in many different places.  You may feel as if there is so much for you to do and only so many hours or minutes in the day. 

Let yourself take this moment and breathe in my energies so that you may be fully present in this moment.  So that you may be fully present within the energies of who you are.  Allow yourself to take a moment and really breathe even more deeply than you have been so that you may breathe an aspect of your energy down through you and into the earth.  Allow that breath to then return up within you.  Allow yourself to feel the vibration and energy of the earth. 

You have chosen to be a human; you have chosen to be upon the earth at this time.  Let yourself acknowledge that that is a part of your creation.  Anchor that energy back within your abdomen and around your heart center so that you have that sense of security, that sense of connecting with the earth. 

As you are ready to do so, let your consciousness expand.  Feel as if you release your physical body.  Allow your consciousness to connect fully with the energies of the magnetic grid.  As you come into this space, you can feel what it is to be within this vibration.  Feel what it is to be in this space in which your higher self resides.  Link with this expanded aspect of who you are.  Feel what it is to be a part of this. 

As you look out from wherever you may be, most likely you will perceive the interlocking pathways.  Open to connect with the flow of energy that moves in every direction.  The more you come into this space, the more you familiarize yourself with all that is available.  Many of you come here in your dream state.  More and more of you come here during your waking hours. 

You need not be in a space of meditation, you need only breathe and with the intention of linking your consciousness into space, you may do so.  Once you have linked within this space, you may utilize it as a means of communicating with others or as a means of receiving a new or different perspective of whatever situation you may find yourself. 

As you are ready to do so, release the energies of the magnetic grid and allow yourself to shift into the crystalline vibration or the crystalline grid so that you may activate those aspects within yourself that vibrate in alignment with that which is crystalline.  As you let go the energetic pull of the earth or the magnetic pull of the earth, you find that there are different aspects of your consciousness that are more readily apparent to you.  Feel and know this space.  Allow it to awaken the aspects of your crystalline vibration within you.

From here I invite you to call forth a column of light.  You may utilize this column to assist in shifting your vibration even higher or into a finer, lighter, space of being.  As you move through the column, you may have flashes of perception, but then you emerge into the space of the soul plane.

Allow yourself to expand in every direction as you link with the energies of this space.  Feel what it is to come into this space which you sometimes call home.  From here I invite you to call forth or perhaps open up to your I AM presence.  Feel who you are in all of your divinity.  You may have a sense of seeing the shape of an individual either coming towards you or you may perceive yourself as an individual that is expanding.  Others of you may have a sense of colors or vibration.  There are so many unique and different ways in which each of you are able to perceive who you are. 

Once you feel fully connected, I invite you to push even further out from you the boundaries of what you are able to perceive.  No matter how much you learn, no matter how much you expand, there is always more.  Sometimes this expansion is a means of reaching more of who you are in other existences or experiences.  Sometimes you are linking with what might be considered a past life.  Most of the time you are actually linking with potentials that have been created in different vibrations. 

You each create on many different levels and in many different ways.  That creation is then manifested into your physical reality upon the earth. Within that reality, there are times in which everything clicks very easily and smoothly; there are other times in which it feels as if what you are manifesting is in one space and you are in a different space.  And then even more, you open and perceive that you are on the same vibration but when it does not manifest in reality, you are on two different vibrations. So all of this is around you right now.  It is here in the soul plane.  It is easily accessible to you.  Allow yourself to know this to be your truth. 

I now move into this space in which you are.  I reach out to embrace each one of you.  As I do so, I find that I am reflecting back to you, who you are.  As you look at me, see yourself; see the aspect of you which is Goddess.  See the aspect o f you which is God.  Allow that to come into you as you embrace my energies.  With each embrace you find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.

This space is even more expanded.  For some it is the land of creation.  The All That Is is filled with consciousness.  It is filled with the energy of each individual's essence.  It is filled with the energy of angels, guides, and it is filled with the potentials of all who come here to create.  It is limitless.  It moves between many dimensions.  You link in that space in which you are most comfortable. 

I am going to speak with you once more about the self love and the self acceptance that our beloved Kwan Yin spoke with you of in our last meeting we had together.  This is a topic which is actually the core essence of all that I seek to do upon the earth plane.  You have an infinite number of ways in which you may express; love, joy, happiness.  You may also express anger, depression, and frustration.  Any emotion that you feel; it is important for you to express, to know, and to understand what the emotion is and what it represents to you.  Once you have created a very clear and sound foundation of self love and acceptance; all of the other emotions which come into your experience may be shifted with greater ease and less trauma. 

Begin by taking this moment.  Within the space of the All That Is, let your consciousness expand in every way.  You may feel as if you are reaching out to touch the edge of your consciousness.  For some you may not be able to perceive the edge.  For others, if you are able to touch the edge of your consciousness, then gently allow yourself to push it further allowing yourself to expand even more. 

This is a space of pure vibration.  This is a space of unconditional love and acceptance.  You may perceive that love and acceptance from I the Goddess or you may perceive if from your own guides or energies around you.  Let yourself open to understand that the actual love and acceptance is coming from within you!  You perceive yourself first and foremost; anything more than that is what comes from I the Goddess or your angels and guides.  In this space, you may find there is a greater ease to feel love and acceptance.  When you vibrate in this expanded awareness, it seems all you seek to manifest comes more easily.  It is simply there. 

I therefore invite you to send a beam of light or a thread of consciousness or a thread of energy; howsoever you wish to perceive it that moves down from you in this space of complete self love and acknowledgement into you the physical person living upon the earth.  Once you have established this connection, let yourself bring focus back up within this space.  Through this connection, you are able to work completely and directly with the physical reality that is you.  Once more, open to self love and self acceptance.  Within your human reality, how does that feel to you? 

So many of you immediately feel resistance.  Let yourself link with or move into whatever that resistance may be.  Why wouldn't you love yourself?  You are magnificent!  You are a glorious representation in the physical of who you are in the spiritual.  Let the energies of what I have just said move through you........  Again, I perceive the resistance.  Some of you may have just a generalized ‘I'm not comfortable with that' feeling.  Others of you may find your focus going to experiences that you had in this life time.  Others of you may find that the way in which you speak towards others or you speak towards yourself in your self talk are what have kept you from allowing yourself to love and accept who you are. 

Allow yourself to realize that this is a judgment your human self has placed upon you.  So first and foremost, take judgment into this conscious aspect of yourself; hold it up, let yourself recognize that judgment just goes along with being human.  Then as you are ready to do so, let it just flow away from you.  Any other resistance that you may have, bring it up within your consciousness.  See it, feel it, know it, acknowledge it; and then release it. 

Some of you may need to do this over and over.  Be not concerned, do it as many times as it is necessary.  When you can link with yourself and feel love, acceptance, and an honoring of who you are; then you are able to truly embrace self love, self awareness, and self actualization.  There will be many many different levels or experiences from end of the spectrum to the other.  Honor yourself for wherever you are.  Even if it feels as if there is only a spec that you allow, honor and embrace that spec or that particle of self love. 

Consider the vibration of you yourself ad the human and then consider the vibration of yourself within this dimension or energy of the All That Is.  The vibration is quite different between the two.  It is therefore helpful to create a link or an alignment that will assist in creating changes or shifts within yourself upon the earth.  As you seek to manifest, it is the alignment of that which you seek to manifest and that of who you are that is most important. 

It is then also about allowing; allowing yourself to truly be as magnificent as you can truly be.  Allowing yourself to be as abundant, to have the relationships that you seek to have; to have the good health that you seek to have; whatsoever it is that you are seeking to create within your life, you always come here to create it or a space similar to this.  It is a space of expansion.  But then you need to bring it into alignment within yourself, your home, your family; everything that is around you. 

I now invite each of you to feel the energy of peace.  Let peace well up within you.  Peace may be represented by contentment.  Peace may be something that you feel when you wake up in the morning and you have those moments to yourself.  Peace may be something you feel at the end of the day when people or others are no longer making demands upon you.  Peace may be those one or two deep breaths you take at various times during the day.  Peace is another extension or expansion from self love and acceptance.

Just as you can have varying levels of self love and awareness, so too can you experience varying levels of peace within yourself.  Once more as you release the energy judgment you are able to allow for peace to come in. 

So many of you seek to have peace upon the earth.  Millions of people are praying for it.  This is the way that peace begins.  It begins with each one of you.  When you can have that moment of peace within your day, it then expands to a minute, to five minutes, to ten.  So too, does that expand out from you.  Peace in terms of a world wide peace upon the earth is always a potential.  Be not concerned about when, how or why it will come about.  It is important for you to trust that by creating changes and shifts within yourself it is affecting the whole world. 

Allow yourself to consider what your life would be like if you could choose anything you wish to have.  Some of you come to me with a quite long list; all of which you seek to incorporate within your life.  Others come into this space with one thought, one idea.  Whatever it may be, I invite you to create it from this space of self love, this space of peace.

This is YOU!  This is your environment.  Allow all of that to then flow down, or across, or up; howsoever you envision it.  Allow your creation to flow into your human self. Feel the difference in vibration within your human self and feel the vibration of you from the space of the All That Is.  Let these two energies flow together until they encounter one another.  Let the energies of your human self feel the energies of the All That Is.  Let your energies from the All That Is know what it is like to be human.  If it feels like there is a gap in between, then reach out allowing this flow or this vibration to connect with one another. 

Even if there is still what you perceive as a separation between the two, create a bridge or a beam of light; there are many different ways in which it can be perceived.  But create that which allows you to know that there may be a difference but you are choosing alignment.  Choose connection.  Choose balance. 

Release the energies of your human self.  Allow your full consciousness to once more move into the space of the All That Is.  Allow yourself to feel nurtured, loved, and supported by all that is here.  Let yourself explore, let yourself play!  So many of you as you move through your days are very serious and intense.  Allow for playfulness to be a part of your reality.  What is it like to do something just for the fun of it?  What is it like to feel that burst of joy?  Allow for this and even more to be the reality of who you are. 

I invite the group to once more gather around.  Allow yourself to perceive the hologram of the earth.  It moves up within the group.  It rotates emanating a sparkle of light.  As the hologram becomes firmly seated within all of you, you may perceive Lady Gaia as she comes forth.  She is already radiating the energies of self love and acceptance. 

Because you linked with your human self, your physical self, all that you were doing has already been flowing into the earth.  You may still increase the focused intention of all that you worked with this evening.  Re-connect once more to what it felt like to be in the space of self love, self acceptance.  Reconnect to the energies of peace.  Allow all of that to well up within your consciousness.  Allow it to perfuse all of your consciousness. 

Then as you are ready to do so, transmit it into this hologram of the earth.  The hologram itself takes on an even greater light.  Lady Gaia reaches out to embrace you.  You are connected to her.  You may link with her energies at any time.  Let yourself know this truth.  Allow it to be your reality. 

With that the hologram begins to shift.  It moves going back down through the group energy.  It moves down linking briefly with the crystalline and magnetic grid works.  There are aspects of this energy that may remain in each space.  As the hologram is beginning to come down, beginning to ground within the earth itself, so too is it bringing your own energies with it.  The hologram moves into the earth, it moves into the core aspect.  It then shifts radiating out all that you have transmitted into it.  That aspect of self love, of peacefulness, of self awareness; then comes up moving up through the earth, the trees, the water, the rocks; moving up into all that is upon the earth.  It comes up into your human self.  Feel it as you reconnect with those energies.  Feel yourself as human allowing greater amounts of self love and acceptance to be a part of your reality.  This is YOU.  This is your alignment of vibration with what you seek. 

Release that energy of the hologram completely and allow yourself to once more return to the space of the All That Is.  You may choose to communicate briefly with your other friends and loved ones who are here. 

You then begin to shift your consciousness so that you may return once more into the space of the soul plane.  As you are moving into the soul plane, once more you become aware of this space in which so much a part of your divinity resides.  It is expanded as a result of all that you have done upon this journey.  Allow yourself to move even further back so that you may link with the energies of the crystalline grid.  Perceive the vast changes that have occurred due to all that you have done upon your journey.  The crystalline grid reacts to shifts in consciousness.  Each of you through this journey this evening, have created a shift in your consciousness.  It is therefore reflected in your perception of the (crystalline) grid. 

Allow your consciousness to move further.  It comes back within the space of the magnetic grid.  This space has also expanded in response to you.  Let yourself be aware.  Allow yourself to connect with your own aspect within. 

I invite you to bring your consciousness even further.  Allow it to come back so as to merge with the physical body of the human self which is you.  As it moves into this space, you find yourself becoming very aware of your physical body.  Allow your consciousness to move through you.  Feel all aspects of your physical body, then allow yourself to expand   and connect with your mental body, your emotional, and the aspect of your spiritual that makes up this human self.  Create a balance and alignment with who you are.

I ask you the question I did at the beginning.  What does it feel like to love and honor yourself as a human?  You are each so much more in alignment.  You are each allowing yourself to feel the love and acceptance of who you are.  As you move forward from this, let it be your reality in all that you do within each day upon the earth. 

As you continue to ground, I invite you to come back within this room of the teleconference.  You may push the star 7 upon the telephone so that it brings you back within this space.  As you come into this room, I am open to receive your questions.  Allow yourself to shift back into this space.


Question:  (paraphrased) Thank you Goddess!  I just wanted to say thank you for such a lovely journey filled with love and happiness.  Thank you!

Answer:  You are welcome for that!  The two journeys within this month of May (2007) have been about self love, self acceptance and feeling compassion for yourself.  This goes back almost to the beginning of time that there have been humans; have always so hard with themselves or upon themselves.  I feel that this is a time for each one of you to open up to greater love, greater acceptance within yourself.  Through doing so, you will feel greater love, acceptance, and compassion around you.  So, I honor you and I thank you for your statement to me. 

Question:  (paraphrased) I have one person in particular in my family who is really causing a lot of drama and problems within the family.  Do you have any ideas for me of what can be done help this situation?  I'd like to bring this type of thinking into my family. 

Answer:  First of all, as we are connecting with you, as you speak of bringing this into your whole family, there are several different things that take place within the family dynamics.  First of all, as was conveyed during this journey, when you find greater peace within yourself, when you find greater self acceptance and allowing, then you will release that need for a specific outcome or dynamic that you perceive will need to occur within the family.  We're not talking about releasing that people don't come to dinner on or time or don't come at all.  It's about releasing an energetic expectation.  It creates a space of greater acceptance to be in the family.  Now the next thing to come on top of that as we talk about teenagers and people who want to have their independence and move outside of the family.  We understand and know how disruptive this can be to the others.  When you begin to shift the energies beyond that, you will find that when you are creating the change within yourself that energy change is going to go out and link with their energies.  You will find it will be less abrasive; well, we take that back.  You will find at first it will more abrasive to them but they in turn will respond to the vibration that you are putting forth.  We are picking up on one individual right now who is thriving on creating drama in the family, on creating controversy, on creating arguments.  They are doing this as a means of controlling and exerting their own self.  They feel this is the only way they can do this.  So when the rest of the family is responding or trying not to respond, it is still creating a means of responding energetically to this individual.  It creates the tension and turmoil that you are speaking of your family.  Well, you didn't use those terms but that is what we are picking up on.  When you find yourself talking with the individual, trying to set boundaries, trying to set a certain space; it feels as if you are knocking against a wall or not going as you are anticipating.  This is when it's most important for you to breathe in the peace.  Breathe in the release of judgment; even if it is only for yourself and in that moment because that will shift your energies.  As you detach from this other individual; by detach we are not talking about totally from this individual; we are talking about from the moment and from the time in which they are engaging you in their trauma and story.  This is how they will then change their reaction to you.  It's about you being able to breathe in and create a space for yourself and releasing the attachment to them so that they may then respond back in their own way.  Are there 4 or 5 people in your family?  (5 right now in this household.)  Within these 5 different people we have a sense that there are many different dynamics going on and it brings about a bit of chaos at this time.  What you can do because you are the person you are and because you are used to linking with these energies, you can link with each one of them; one on one if you so desire especially at the beginning.  You can go up to the space of the soul plane then call each of them up there and talk to them one on one.  You may then call all of them up there and it will feel as if you are having a family meeting.  This may seem very abstract and that it is not going to do any good at all; but it quite frankly works extremely well.  Even though you are not consciously saying to them "Hey ya'll we're going to meet on the soul plane tonight after dinner."  You do it on your own, within yourself, and you are still linking with them because they are part of the household, because they are linked to you, they are going to feel a response to that.  Now, you may see dramatic changes or you may see very subtle changes.  This is another way of working with other individuals in the family.  The more you practice and work with this, the easier the flow of that energy will be.  Does that make sense to you?  (Absolutely! Crystal clear, thank you)  Shelly wants to interject here that she used this technique with her daughter who is now 20; especially in the middle school years.  They always created a shift with whatever was going on in the household.  Thank you.  You are welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased) I recently went on a trip to Tripoli which is where I grew up.  I wanted to share pictures and stories of my trip, but I feel as if I'm being blocked from doing so.  One person in particular is just being very difficult and won't listen or share my information with the others who are on our email list.  I wanted to share this without any agenda, but I wonder if there's something inside me I need to heal since it really bothers me. 

Answer:  Several things are coming to mind.  First of all, you have answered your question with this statement that you make.  We know you, we know you very well.  We know that we have discussed this very issue with you on other occasions.  You do have a very loving and giving heart and your heart is wide open, especially when you communicate with other people.  We do know you just want to share it with people.  It's like the new young family with the baby and they just want to share their joy in their new baby.  But unfortunately, not everyone is as joyful about the baby.  That is what we are picking up on with you.  In part, other people think oh that's very nice but it doesn't affect them or doesn't have an affect on them, so they don't have the same interest you do.  Now, you also made the statement of not having an agenda as you are sending this out to everyone.  But feeling a disappointment with the lack of response is an agenda.  Then when you take that a step further and wonder what in me needs to be healed, we want to say first and foremost, there is not anything that needs to be healed.  Your intention is to send it out without expectation or agenda, but feeling disappointment it does put an expected response on it; whether it's people writing back and saying ‘I saw that, thanks for sharing'; or people commenting further or creating conversations.  There are many different levels of response that would be very nice.  With the individual not wishing to share with others again you have no control over that individual.  You can connect with those with whom you have access to you can send the information out.  Rather than the huge group, send it to the people you do know.  Does that make sense?  (She spoke some more including it was just so wonderful and I wanted people to know that and see, so I really wanted the person to share with the greater list.)   We think that you will know how to do that.  You will talk to those you are connected with. You will share the information with all who are interested and for those who are not interested then release that and let it go.  Just as with the question ahead of you, by choosing to disconnect from the interaction of feeling defensive or competing, you are honoring yourself.  This is what you are bringing, but you are honoring them for what they are creating and you stick with what you are creating and you release what the other person is doing. 

We do want to take a moment to say one more thing to you and to the rest of the community. So many of you who have done such diligent and intense work upon yourself; when you have things that come up in your daily life it's always important to be open to consider if this is something to be released or is it something that needs to be healed on a very deep level.  Healing can be something very intense and deep or it can be a matter of shifting energies.  So we want you to consider it more a matter of shifting the energies or the emotion around a situation instead of healing something that is broken; or something that is not working; or something that is holding you back.  Does that make sense?  (Yes, it's helped to clear up what I was thinking about.)   You are welcome and always BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE!

Question:  (paraphrased)  I'd like to say thank you.  I have children who are in their 40's but the information you gave the person about her teenagers, is helpful for me with my own.  They both have life threatening health issues at this time. 


Answer:  Exactly!  Beloved, even when your children are grown; whether living their lives away from home or whatever the dynamics might be.  Your children are always your children.  It is just about shifting dynamics, is it not?  (Yes!  Well, this reminds me of Neville and he said to call them, call them three times in your pact to make the soul connection.  I'm not quite sure how to waken what I need to awake.)  First of all, when society as a whole was beginning this current process of opening up, this quantum leap as the earth is moving into another dimension; for most of you in your lifetime, you have been experiencing this in one way or another.  This began 20-30 years ago in a very intense way, with it escalating since the year 2000.  All of you who came in here began to read material, hear about things, take classes, and have different experiences.  Be aware that what was appropriate in the 1960's or the 1980's is not necessarily appropriate now.  When you spoke about saying their name 3 times and it would connect you; you don't need to do that.  Simply having the intention of shifting your consciousness into the soul plane and having the intention to link with an individual on a heart to heart basis is all that you need do.   If it doesn't feel as if it's working, the repeated action, the practice makes perfect adage is something that would work at this point.  Allow yourself to play with it, work with it, and to realize that it does not have to have any regimentation.  In the current energy the best way for people to open is through things that are easy, things that bring you joy, things that make you feel good about yourself and whatever the situation may be.  If you find  yourself forcing it or you find yourself trying to fit into a specific mold, that is shutting you down rather than opening you up.  As to where you are going on your own personal journey, there is a great deal you have opened up to already and you have incorporated it into your conscious reality as you are living your life.  Allow yourself to open.  Feel as if you are reading a book or as if you are opening a book and each day wondering oh what will this bring me today.  Be in a space of openness and allowing; that is what will assist you in creating the shift you are seeking to have. 



Question:  (paraphrased) My question is about abundance and a job situation I don't have yet.  Several weeks ago I had an injury to my right foot which was taken care of.  I recently took a short trip and since I came back, I have blood clot in my foot. I know this some resembles stepping out into my future. 

Answer:   As you were speaking of this and as we were linking with you, the first thing that came to mind was timing and synchronicity has not been in alignment.  We have a sense of you making the connections, setting things up, but then there is not closure to it.  So it's like you've gone 80-90% of the way, then the last 10% has not manifested.  As you began to speak of the injury to the foot and blood clot, we agree with that.  We agree with a resistance inside of yourself.  We are picking up on two separate things here.  One is a resistance that is a result of the fact that you had a very definite passion or goal in your life of what you were seeking to do, how you wanted your job to manifest, and what you wanted this job to represent.  You felt as if it was a passion for this lifetime.  It is as if that has shifted quite dramatically or there are aspects of it that are no longer manifested in that way.  So any new job that you are taking it feels to us is as if it's going in a different direction.  So there's a resistance inside of you saying this is not my passion, this is not what I really want to be doing.  Does that make sense to you?  (Yes)  So the second aspect of what we're doing when it comes to the stepping out and stepping forth, by shifting your focus in a new and different direction we have a sense of aligning your vibration.  This is of course why you asked this question, it so perfectly goes along with what we were doing thing evening!  Because this is something different for you; because you are making a change in your life; you already have this sense of manifesting it in your physical in terms of manifesting due to your resistance in your foot.  If you will become very clear about what you want.  We also have a sense of you releasing old ideals or passions or things that may come back to you in the future of a different way.    But we just have this sense of you being in a space of creating a really dramatic shift in your life.  This is of you creating an alignment for this new way you are living your life or this new direction you are moving in your life.  We'd like to see you develop the same passion you had for the other way of life, as if it's as dramatically different.  We have a sense it's different, but perhaps not that dramatic a difference, just aspects of it.  That's the sense we have.  When you can create a sense of alignment and balance within your physical reality with what you are creating then you will find it will manifest more fully.  The abundance is within you.  The abundance is around you.  We see that that is not the issue.  It is more the way the abundance will come to you in which we felt the resistance.  Just with us talking to you, we can feel you shifting it; we can feel an opening up in the energies.  Let yourself work with it over the next days or ever how long you need to do so.  See if you can't create a better link.  Be very conscious of the energies you are emanating.  Allow yourself to become passionate about a new direction. Allow yourself to really feel a new and deep interest in moving in a new direction.  (Sure, it's hard to limit it though.)  Well don't limit it.  You don't need to go in only one direction; you can open to many different potentials.  There is just something we feel needs letting go that needs to take place in order for you to embrace moving into something different.  As far as abundance, when you tap into the abundance within you and you resonate with the flow of abundance then let that be the vibration you send out around you.  If you find yourself feeling as if ‘it still hasn't arrived' and ‘it still hasn't arrived' and ‘it still hasn't arrived' well...... it still hasn't arrived!  This is why we so often stress to people of being in the flow of what you truly want as if you have it.  That is what you vibrate out to the universe.  Well, you vibrate it out to the community also.  We were trying to see if could get any additional information and there is nothing else that is coming to us at this time.  We believe it's because you are still creating. 

We thank you for that question and we thank each one of you for this opportunity to speak with each one of you directly.  Always as you move through your day keep in mind that you, yourself, you human walking upon the earth is an individual who is divine.  You are an individual that is filled with love.  So let yourself accept and allow that love, that awareness, that peacefulness to be within you and let it be your reality.

The earth is a place that is magnificent.  It is filled with potentials on many different levels.  Allow yourself to tap into that which creates a joy and an excitement within your life. 

I am always with you and within you.




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