Declare Your Independence!

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We are being asked again and again at this time to make a choice in our lives. So many people have no idea what might be happening so, they do nothing. Sometimes it is easier in life to pull back or out and withdraw. In this time of chaos as we clear out the old energy to fully manifest the higher vibration; it will help you to choose to move forward. Choose the Light. Choose what feels good. Choose what enhances your life and in doing so you are declaring your independence from the past or what no longer servers you.

This channel took place the day after Independence Day for the US. There was already a lot of that energy around and the Goddess was able to tap into it and amplify as we aligned within the All That Is. What does independence mean to you? Not just in a global way, but truly mean to you? What would you like to move beyond? What would you like to change? This is all of what the Goddess touched upon and as you bring independence into your life you begin to realize you can transform everything. Even if it is a winding path to get there; you can achieve whatever you seek to manifest.

Be bold! Be independent! Be clear! 


Nama sika Venia benya I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to all that are present, whether it’s here at the time of this recording or you join and later. I embrace you for choosing to have this time together.

The entire world is taking in a deep breath as we speak. Focus upon your breathing so that no matter what may happen to you during the day you can come back to that place of center. Begin to find a rhythm that works for you. A rhythm to your breathing. A rhythm to your consciousness. A rhythm into all that is going on.

As you breathe, inside of you, you are literally creating a pause in the vibration of your energies. You are creating from your thoughts, your emotions, your physical reality, and the cells that make up everything within you. They all blend together to create that unique person that is you. Here within this space take a moment to be present.

During this time of transition upon the Earth, this is what you need more than anything else is to be present in the moment. What does that mean to you? 

As I speak of this what I’m encouraging everyone to consider is about you and your life, and about the many, many people that just go with the flow. They go along in their life and never really pay attention to what is real to them. If you are present within your life it means that you are showing up for this moment. It means that if you are going into work, instead of just doing everything like it’s in the background and you’re not really paying much attention, you are focusing on the people that you work with. You are focusing on the words that come out of your mouth. You are focusing on how you may feel about any given situation. 

It can be exhausting. However, the more that you take time to tune into yourself taking a deep breath in and just pause; or taking an opportunity to just clear your thoughts when you get all busy and you’re spinning around and around and around, or if you’re pulled in many different directions; whatever it takes just stop. Stop for the moment. Bring your focus back within you and be present in that moment. In all of you, I can already feel this calming that is taking place.

In one regard back in March when the entire world basically shut down that was an opportunity for everyone to shut down and be present with whatever was happening within their lives. You needn’t make a big deal about this. However, if you choose to consciously think about it until you get into the habit it will transition so much of what is happening within you. During this time of transition that has released so much chaos upon Earth any time you can focus and bring your awareness back within you it is not only going to help you it is going to help everything that is around you.

Alright, beloved, take another breath in and breathe into your heart center, and you consciously align within your heart. Create that ball of light that you send down through your energy body. You send it down until it goes through and into the Earth. Take a moment to consider Gaia. As you link in this manner, stop and feel the pulsation of the heartbeat of the Earth. It is deep. It resonates deeply within you.

What Shelly is hearing in her ears is like that deep, deep boom, boom, boom, that you might hear on the drums. As you align with that let that energy and vibration come back up within you. You feel it as it streams up through that ball of light. It comes back into your heart center and you send it out through the top of your head. It goes out through the energy body; it goes up until you find it in the space of your Higher Self. Here within your Higher Self take a moment and just clear everything out, phew. 

When you take an opportunity to clear out your energy it opens up the doorway for something totally new and different. From there your energy moves up even further. There is that thread of energy that connects you to your Soul and your consciousness just follows that all the way up until you find yourself within your Soul. 

As you move into the space it’s as if a doorway opens up and you find yourself in this brilliant light, this brilliant energy. Take a moment to look around and feel the heartbeat of your Soul. Just as there is that heartbeat of Gaia so too there is a pulsation associated with your Divinity. 

I the Goddess walk in amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you and as our energies merge together we shift into the space of the All That Is. Look around at what is here. For some, there is that sense of just being an emptiness; that you are as if suspended in all of this time space reality. Others have a sense of seeing experiences of their lifetime. Others come here on a consistent basis and they also have a perception of other experiences that we have had within this space. So, breathe deeply. Open up your awareness, and receive the messages that are here for you. 

Whenever we get together for these meditations, I have a list of topics that I would like to chat with you about. As I pause to decide I find that the energy that is here; the people that are here tell me what you would like and this is how I discern; this is what we need to speak about this evening. 

Yesterday was Independence Day for the United States. A day which they declared independence from England and they created a country based upon the ideals, those ideals that are still prevalent at this time. Now I understand there was already a country here. There was already the native Americans here. There were already other existences that had been living in this time space reality. But what I speak about at this time is this about the United States that was formed and that foundation. 

The people that created the Declaration of Independence were mostly Ascended Masters, and they were there for that very particular reason to create something that would last through the times. Many of the non-terrestrials, the benevolent ones that are here around you right now and that are coming back at this time were also present at that time.

The Earth is a beautiful place. It is physically beautiful with the oceans, the mountains, the rivers, the deserts, the trees. The contrast that is available upon the Earth is amazing. Recently you will see, or people have been saying, that the Earth was a dumping place for prisoners and for those of low vibration or didn’t belong anywhere else. Perhaps there’s a tiny part of that that is true, but it was not a huge group of individuals that were sent to the Earth.

Back at the time when human consciousness began to live upon the Earth, it was decided by those that were coming into that space that it would be a place for growth, for evolution, and for expansion no matter how that might play out.

Around the world, there have been other experiences in which civilization and specific societies and cultures have gone through their own ascension process or their own Declaration of Independence. There have been some that have not gone through that process. The diversity is about what has worked hand in hand throughout the world. 

When each continent and country was very separate from each other there were many distinct differences from one country to another. However, with your internet and with communications, and the way in which the world is at this time there is very little that can remain completely isolated from the rest of the world. Therefore, it is important to understand that as the world is ascending all societies and all countries are also ascending. Therefore, in the future, while there is always that individual country’s sense of community and sense of source there will be more that of a global sense than what there has been in the past. 

So, I walk around that big circle and come back around to say let us speak of independence and making a declaration. Look at where you are in your own life right now. Are you being pulled in many directions and feel as if you have no say-so about your life? Just maybe make a little box and put a check in it. Are you recognizing that what you think, maybe feel, maybe believe is different from those other people that are around you? Put a little box. Check if it makes sense to you or not, or leave it blank. When you consider independence is it something that might be deeply within you and is associated with the Collective Consciousness? Perhaps a check. I could go on and on of the many different ways in which one could declare independence. 

We have already spoken at great lengths over the last several years about the importance of disconnecting from the Collective Consciousness. Now more than ever it is essential for you to do so. As you consider your life and what may be happening; as you consider what you’re being told and you wonder what is real and what is not; as more and more truth comes up and is being shown to the world are you finding yourself being pulled back and stuck. This is where independent thinking is essential.

I invite you to just go within yourself for a moment as if you are allowing your Collective Consciousness to go within. As you do so are there thoughts, beliefs, things that are being said to you or around you that have you scratching your head wondering if that’s real or not. Take a breath in, phew, let it go. If there are ways in which you are hooked into the Collective Consciousness of the Earth that is in the old, low vibrational energy let us take this moment to consciously find any of those hooks within you so that you can unhook, take it out, pull it out, pull it out, phew, let it go.

There is a certain amount; I’m trying to think of the word that I want to use; brainwashing, but is it brainwashing if it is a belief system? There is a certain amount that just about every individual believes or has been taught to believe about certain people, be it in the government, or be it in other places of responsibility in which they have abused their power. Most everyone is aware of this at this time. However, is there anything inside of you that is still hooked into a belief, or trust, or something that is keeping you from truly shifting into a high vibration. If that’s taking place just bring it down from wherever it may be, phew, get rid of it. 

As the Collective Consciousness becomes thinner and thinner and thinner, because less people are giving it energy, then that allows for even more of the 5th dimensional light and vibration to become a part of every individual. So, every place within you, within your consciousness, in which you cleared out those old hooks and connections, feel as if you are being just been washed in light and love of the higher vibration. As that moves through you allow it to illuminate your life. If you have more of this light vibration in and around you then you have a potential to look at what you see, or at what you hear, and if it causes you to feel sick to your stomach, angry fearful, frustrated, phew, disconnect, disconnect, disconnect. 

At this moment of declaring independence declare your own independence from negative thought and negative beliefs. In this moment of declaring independence declare that you are open to receive light and love that will illuminate everything within your life. As you do so take another deep breath allowing that to just flow through you in every way possible. Breathe in and breathe out.

As you feel this vibration and that energy within and around you consciously look at your life. Are there any relationships that you would like to declare your independence and move away from that relationship? With this greater clarity of high, light vibration are their physical ailments, be it sick, be it a chronic illness, whatever it may be that you would like to declare your independence and you let that go letting it move away from you. 

If there are situations in your life that have just been dragging you down and you are so tired of going around and around and around then declare your independence. Pull up that energy, phew, and let go. 

Again, as this light vibration continues to move within and around you, you understand that you will still be living your life. You will still have the experiences and the relationships that you have had. However, a massive burden is going to be released. It’s going to be cleared out and that massive burden is the third dimension. That massive burdens are the times when you are caught up in all that negative thought process, the fear or the anxiety, phew. 

What does your independent life look like to you? Can you see and feel all those many opportunities that are around you that perhaps you didn’t notice? They come in closer and closer and closer. How does this feel to you? What is your life like when it is based in love when it is based in opportunities when you can live and breathe and express yourself as you?

Have you ever felt as if you were saying things, perhaps speaking beliefs or thoughts, and they weren’t actually your own? Maybe it was something that you have been told so that you believe those thoughts are your own. However, maybe they are not. Thoughts such as, “You are not good enough. You think you can do it without me but you can’t. Oh, you look good in that.” All of those times in which, sometimes it’s your own inner speak, sometimes it is someone else’s that is telling you how to think or believe. This is not in your best interests, phew, clear it out. 

Again, the lighter vibration comes in to show you that you absolutely are good enough. You absolutely are beautiful and have the ability to do whatever you want to do in your life. You may take a twisting path to get there, but you can do it. You can step outside of what is your norm and step into new potentials – absolutely. I can feel it. I can feel each one of you just shifting and lifting higher and higher and perceiving your life in a new and different way. It’s here, it’s happening right now.

I invite you to gather together here as a group. See how there are so many people that not only have transformed in this moment, but they have transformed in all aspects of their life. As you gather you can see there are sparkles of silver, gold, magenta, purple all these different beautiful colors that are just sparkling from within each one of you. Then coming up through the center of that circle is the hologram of the Earth. As this hologram comes up within infuse your own independence into that Hologram. As each person is infusing Independence until this Hologram it becomes filled, with not only the clarity that is available to them but the potential of being able to look at life from that high, light perspective. 

The hologram itself spins and turns reflecting those sparkles that were reflected from each one of you. There is a part of it that goes out into the Universe sending out all of that energy work from the Earth to the Universe so that it may assist in the balancing. The remainder goes down into the Earth and as it moves through the magnetic grid it is clearing out old energies. As it moves through the Collective Consciousness it is clearing out and disconnecting those chords. 

It goes all the way down into the center of the Earth and it balances and it aligns within Gaia anchoring within the center. It then begins to come back up. It comes out through the center of the Earth. It comes up through each one of you in that chord of energy and light that you have linked to. It comes up through the trees, the grass, the water. It comes up through every single individual and consciously moves out clearing out again the vibration of the Collective Consciousness.

Take a moment as your human self brings back all of you as your Consciousness, and as you anchor back down you come through your Divinity, you come through your Higher Self and you anchor within your Human Self. Take a moment to just feel you. Feel what it is to be within this space. Feel the Earth and the energies around you. There you go. You see how you can create change within you. You can, you’ve done it. It is here integrating within.

I invite you to declare your independence as you are anchoring. 

As you are moving through your days upon the Earth, if you need to do it daily, declare your independence. Declare your intentions to begin something new and be fully present in the moment as you do so. Your independence in thought is disconnecting from the Collective Consciousness. Your independence and how you look at your choices is looking from a higher lighter perspective. You do have opportunities around you. There is so much that is available. 

So beloved be open to receive. Enjoy your life. Enjoy what life brings to you and know that I am ever with you and within you




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