Communication with the Dolphin Energy

We recently went to Florida and while there we were out in the inter coastal water way and encountered a group of dolphins.  I did swim in the water with them, but did not have the opportunity to really try and connect.  There were too many people around and too much noise.  So, I'm going to try and do so now...

Yes, we are here and we are happy to connect with you!!   

There is much we wish to share with people.  You are aware that there is a shift taking place.  This is going to be slow and gradual, but over the next perhaps 5-10 years, there will be fewer and fewer of the dolphins and whales.

Q: How are you holding the energy, what are you holding?

We have been here with you for as long as there has been intelligence on this planet.  There are many different aspects of the humanity with are stored in our memories, but it’s more than just what is stored in our memory.  We have been holding and energy pattern, which is what, emanated from us when we sound out tones and send forth the vibration.   We swim in schools or groups of or pods as they are called.  We are deeply connected to one another and through this connection we are able to support and maintain each other, and so too this supports and maintains all that his around us.

Q: How big is your area?

We need not be in one particular area to hold the energy for that area.  There is a way of moving through the dimensions, which allows for us to communicate with other dolphins and send our connection and communication to other parts of the world.  We are here to play, to bring joy; we are holding this aspect of humanity also!  When people see us, they are naturally inclined to seek out the joy that we bring them.  They are interested in knowing more of what we do and where we go.  While some dolphins can travel great distances, mostly we stay in a smaller area. 

Q: How do you work with people?

There are many different people who come to us in their dream state.  People have the ability to go where ever they so choose when they are in their dream state.  So, it is not unusual for some to come to us.  They may don the skin of the dolphins, or they may be simply an energy moving through the water.  It is not unusual for people to want to come to us so they can know the freedom of moving through the water.  They want to know what it feels like to truly be in a place of joy.  So many of the humans have forgotten what joy is.  we are always open and welcome to offer to them a taste of what that is.  When they can connect with us at night and swim in this freedom………they are then able to bring the essence of that back with them to whatever they are doing in they life.  Much of what this is, is unconscious.  So many people simply do not remember.  They are so caught up what they are doing and forget what is simple. 

You can see how easy it is to connect with us.  We are open and happy to communication with all who are so inclined.  We are always here for you.  When next you connect with the dolphins, you may or may not feel my same essence.  There are a number of us who are the communicators to the humans, but we  are talking from the collective consciousness.  We are all one thought, one energy.

We share with you your essence of joy, which is ours~~~~~


(This is a word that means “I AM the All That Is”.  When used in this closing the Dolphins are ‘the All That Is’.  As you read the word, you are confirming ‘you are the All That Is’!!)

Shelly Dressel channeling the Dolphin energy.


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