Linking with Your Expanded DNA & Crystalline Vibrations

Communication with the Dolphins

We greet you beloved sister as we ride upon the waves  ~~~~  Feel our energies as we come into contact with you.  Let yourself blend with us. 

Come, we invite every one of you to come and share some time with us as we fly through the waves as we fly through the sky!!  So much is happening in the world at this time.  So much that people perceive as stressful, as challenging, as difficult.  We the dolphins seek to give you this opportunity to let go. 

Allow yourself to just ride upon the waves.  Feel the water as it moves past you.  Feel the energy of each of us the dolphins as we support you, as we assist you in this joyful excursion within the water.

Transformation is taking place right now.  It may seem as if the energies are especially intense and there are various times of the year in which the energies are stronger than other times.  But that intensity that so many of you are feeling is because of what is happening within your life.

Some of you are in a space of balance.  You are in a space of acclimating everything that is happening within and around you.   In those cases you may not feel anything differently. 

There are others of you who are in a place of transitioning.  Your life feels as if you move from one experience to the next, sometimes non stop.  Your life may feel as if it's coming apart at the seams. 

Take this opportunity to let yourself feel supported by we the dolphins.  We are going to take this opportunity to move into the space in which you are living.  Of course we are all still here within the water; but from our space within the water we can link with each one of you! 

Allow yourself to breathe deeply within.  As you are breathing within, feel that energy as it moves through you.  As you align with this energy within, become very aware of who you are, what this means to you.  As you tap into these energies that are all around, take an opportunity to ask, is this yours?  It may seem like a complicated question because if you feel it, it's yours; but that's not always the case. 

So ride upon our back and ask yourself the question: "Are these energies I'm feeling right now my own?"  Then take a breath and let us take you through the water, cleansing your energies, cleaning your physical self; see what is yours and what was washed away!

There you go, some of what you were feeling was not even your own.  The more sensitive you become the more aware you will be of what's happening; sometimes in the world, some times in your community.  If you allow yourself to simply pick up on these energies you may feel as if you are going crazy or into overload.  So we want you to utilize swimming with the dolphins as a means of releasing these energies. 

Consider something you may be going through within your own life. Consider something that is your own.  It may be a decision that you are making for yourself. It may be that you are actually moving through a process and you are changing aspects of your life.  How so ever it is, release it.  Let it go in just this moment!

Again, ride upon our backs and allow the energy of the water to cleanse you.  Once you have released those things which were not your own, allow yourself to come into a space of balance, come into a space of awareness within yourself. 

As you do this, we invite you to look within, utilizing your inner eyes, your inner sensors.  As you are doing so, we invite you to perceive which aspects of you are crystalline.  As we put that out there, people will be feeling different responses. 

Another way of perceiving the crystal vibration within you is the expanded activation of your DNA.  I therefore invite you to ask yourself how much within my body is my DNA activated. Some of you may hear a number of the actual strands, some of you may have an image of your body as it aligns.  Your DNA is changing as a result of the shift in vibration. 

Every human upon the earth is moving through this transition at this time. Some of you are very conscious, others are not aware.  Your DNA is specific to you in certain attributes.  There are other aspects of your DNA that are aligned with what's happening within the world.  Your DNA is a part of your biology. 

Everyone has the potential within their DNA at this time to activate up to 128 strands.  There are others that have an ability to activate even more; up to 250 perhaps. It doesn't matter, the number.  We simply give you this information to let you know that there are aspects of potential available to every one of you.

Therefore as you are expanding your abilities within, as you align with various dimensions and consciousness, the activation of these other aspects of DNA come into play because of what you are doing within your life.  For those who are living life in the 3rd dimension without reaching beyond it, they have no need for these other aspects to be activated, aligned, how so ever you want to consider it. 

Those of you, who play within the various dimensions, are the ones that have these various strands or aspects activated or in alignment with you.  You may simply trust that this immense ability is there for you.  You don't have to do anything. 

There are certain individuals among you that enjoy exploring the details of what this means. For those of you who so choose, explore away!  You may call upon us the dolphins to assist in any way.  You may go within yourself and ask to link with this.  It is yours, it is there for you.

It has been said that the dolphins have been holding onto the DNA for humans for thousands of years.  Yes, that is true.  The more that humans become aware, the more humans open to align with higher vibrations within themselves; the more they are able to support the expanded DNA of the world itself.

This transitioning away from the dolphins is a co-creative process.  We are working with you. We are seeing what this is like; just as you are seeing what it is like to be in the space of putting forth this experience if you want to call it that. 

So having spoken about the DNA, once more go back within yourself and look at what is crystalline within you.  As you are living within the 4th dimension, you are living through your heart center.  You expand, you contract, you breathe energy through yourself.  All of this is a means to assist you in aligning with the higher, finer, light vibrations. 

Therefore, your expanded heart center is very much in alignment with the crystals or the crystalline vibration.  Some may perceive as if there is a crystal within your heart.  Others may perceive that there is simply an alignment with that.  As you look throughout your body, perceive which aspects are in alignment with the crystalline vibration.

If you are having physical discomfort or physical ailments, go inside and ask; ‘Is this a resistance to the crystalline vibration'?  Therefore as you are aligning within yourself and as you invite this greater amount of the crystalline vibration within you; release resistance.  Some people even develop physical illness within their organs.  If you are experiencing that, breathe in alignment with the crystals and release disease.  Release dis-ease within your body. 

Have you been carrying more weight upon your physical body?  Look inside and see what is crystalline and what is not.  Again, consciously send out from your heart center the vibration of the crystals.  As that vibration is moving out, it moves through your blood stream, it moves into every cell within your body and yes that expanded DNA within your cellular structure is standing at attention and vibrating with all those expanded attributes.  So too anything within you that is already in alignment with the crystals; vibrates in alignment. 

Send that crystalline energy throughout your body.  Release a need to hold onto anything; be it excess weight, disease, chronic illnesses.  In this space in this moment, you are in balance. 

We are going to begin within your heart, perceiving the vibration that is in alignment with your crystals.  Send it out the front of your chest and out your back.  Move through your lungs, move through the muscles, the ligaments, the tendons, the bones.  Feel yourself balance with the crystalline vibration.

Shift downward throughout the organs in your abdomen.  As you align with these organs, send that crystal vibration throughout your organs; again the skin the bones, the ligaments.  When you vibrate in alignment with the crystals, you are releasing density, you are releasing disease. 

Move down your legs, your hips, your knees, your ankles.  These joints will often times hold onto old energy.  So let it go.  Clear out any old density within you, so that you may vibrate in alignment with the crystalline vibration. 

Returning to your heart center and your chest, consider your shoulders, your arms, your neck.  This is where so many of you hold onto tension and stress.  Let it go.  Invite the crystal vibration to move through your physical body.  It moves upward through your jaw, your head, your eyes.  Feel the balance within these aspects of your physical body.  Feel the alignment with the crystalline vibration. 

Now moving down from the top of your head, throughout your head; aligning with your energy bodies, moving through your shoulders, your arms, your torso; moving down your hips, your legs, your feet.  Look again at the crystalline vibration within you. 

Now you can see how you are so much more aligned.  This is what is amplified by the energies coming in at this time.  This is here for everybody to tap into as much or as little as they so choose.  Yes the earth is changing!  Yes there are more dimensions and potentials available to everyone.  You have within you the ability to tap into all of what this is. 

Look at yourself as if from our eyes.  We see you as a complex molecular structure.  We see as a vibrational energy that emanates a particular resonance.  We see you as a human that is living their lives and each one of you have experiences that move you through your days.  This is you right now!

Allow the crystalline vibration to be in alignment within you -- from your cellular structure out through the most dense aspect of who you are.  Create an alignment.  Create a balance.  You are already doing this in vibrations, or dimensions, or aspects of which you may not be aware.  We therefore invite you to open to that awareness; feel it, sense, know it.  It is here for you.  It is just waiting to manifest into your reality. 

So come once more.  Ride with us upon the waves.  You may hold onto our fins if you so choose or you may fly beside us!!

When you are in this very crystalline vibration, you can blend completely with we the dolphins, with other animals, with whatever you so choose.  Align with us, feel our vibration, know who we are and know who you are. 

We jump and spin with joy.  See yourself as you too, as if you are jumping out of the waves.  You spin; you radiate that crystal that is within your body. Radiate your crystalline vibration for all to see.  Feel it as a space of joy, as a space of excitement.  Let that be who you are as you walk through your days.

If anything comes along that pulls you down or pulls you out of this space then once more, come for a swim with us.  We'll bring you back within this space in which you let your crystalline vibration move through your body.  You allow yourself to just sparkle with all of who you are!

We jump with you, we play with you.  We are here for you!



Shelly 21st June 2008 7:49 am

Hello All!

To anyone who is interested in the thread from the dolphins, I wanted you to know there will be at least two more. This is something that they have told me will be a series. I am going to post the audio version of this on website as a free download; if you are interested, please check it out!

Thank you for reading~~~

Much love,

BJ Parker 24th June 2008 12:45 pm

What about our pets; noticing changes with my dog, thanks.... bless you... BJ


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