Making Music with the Dolphins

Introduction: I recently met Peter Sterling ( ), who is a well known professional harpist. He showed a short movie of an experience he had had with a mega-pod of dolphins off the coast of southern California. He was on a ship and held his harp up to the wind. As he did so, dolphins began to gather around. He and a friend with him, began to then play music; Peter with the harp, his friend with a violin. As the music was played, it was estimated there were close to 1000 dolphins swimming in the area. In this channel, I opened to connect with that experience received the following communication from that group of dolphins.

As always, we come to you with leaps of joy!! We are so excited that you have chosen this moment to be able to come and communicate with us. The dolphins are world wide. We swim throughout every one of the oceans, the seas, the tributaries that are within and around the various countries and aspects of the world.

This is an energy that has been holding the DNA of the humans for many thousands of years. This is an energy that has also been holding the transformation of the human culture in one form or another since the time when the humans first came to be upon the earth. We are oftentimes linked with the vibration of other worlds, countries, planets out within the universe; and indeed that is where we might have originated from.

The aspect of the dolphins that is here upon the earth is the aspect that has transitioned and formed into what we are at this time. Just as each of you may have your link or sense of self as you came originally from another galaxy perhaps or planet, so too do we have that link to the past. But we have evolved; we have become who we are as a result of living these many thousands of years upon the earth.

The time is here for transition to take place. The vibration of the humans is moving into a space in which it is able to transform, transmit, and maintain what we have been doing for all these thousands of years. We will continue to be in our space. We will continue to do what we do. But as each of the humans are shifting and moving into a space of self actualization, it allows for us to do the same. This is one of the reasons why you see so many more encounters with the dolphins, why they are specifically setting up situations in which humans can deliberately connect with, swim with, and birth with the dolphins.

We come to you at this time, singing the praises of joy! We hear the music of the harp upon the wind. It calls to us, but it was more than just the sound of the harp. It was the intention of the people who brought us into this situation. Whenever people, humans put forth the intention to link or connect with us, we do our best to comply. This instance in which the individual put forth the energies of music, the beautiful energies of the angelic harp; there were indeed a great number of us who responded.

We are here at this time to speak of how music can have an impact upon you. Music is something that each individual has within themselves. They may not be completely in touch with this aspect of themselves, but it is there. It is an intrinsic part of their human makeup.

Therefore, take this moment to let yourself create a tone and just let it come forth from you. Feel what that tone does to you. (Pause as you physically make this tone.) You may listen to that tone. You may simply feel it or hear it inside your consciousness. The tone creates an alignment in your vibration. Each of you vibrates to whatever is right or feels right to you.

If you seek to change your vibration, you may do so through tones. Allow yourself to take this opportunity to go inside and think or create the tone that you were just working with. We now invite you to shift it either upwards or downwards. Feel what that does to your physical body. Feel what that does to your consciousness. You can create changes to your energy field through your breathing. You may create changes through tones.

There are people who have already created music and CD's that consciously shift your energy force through listening to that music. It comes in many different varieties because there are so many different varieties of people. Each of you can find what is right for you.

Feel our energies as we move through the waves. Have an image in your mind of the dolphins as we swim. We may dive deep, we may jump; we are almost constantly in motion. Consider that within your own life. What does motion mean to you? As you are asking that question of yourself, motion may come to you as a physical response. Motion may indicate the transition of your consciousness. Motion may be the movement of yourself as you go through your days upon the earth. In which case, you are tapping into your own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Feel what motion means to you.

We the dolphins do not get caught up in judgment or emotions such as the humans have. We feel the inner link to one another. We communicate telepathically. There is an energy that links all of the dolphins at a certain vibration. Within that vibration we are each able to have a consciousness of who we are and a consciousness of the whole.

Consider yourself as a human. You have a consciousness of who you are. Within this consciousness you may consider what you think your life has been like. You may feel disappointment, you may feel regret, you may feel impatience. There are many different emotions that are also a part of your every day life and belief system.

Take this opportunity to cleanse that. Feel as if you are riding upon our back and you let the water cleanse or move over you. Feel what that is like. You have the energy of the dolphin transmitting to you complete love and acceptance. Let yourself release any of those emotions, judgments, belief systems that you may have had and you now know are holding you back. Feel them release behind you in the water as you swim through the water. You need not even focus upon or identify every specific one, simply let go of them all.

Then take another step for yourself. Take this opportunity to go inside, to let yourself tap into the joy, let yourself tap into the excitement. For some of you, it may feel as if this is so very deeply inside of you. For some it may feel as if it completely out of touch with who you are. But go anyway! Seek to connect with your joy. Seek to connect with peace and contentment. The pace at which the dolphins move slows down because you are no longer letting go. Therefore, let yourself move into a pace of tapping into and accepting joy, love, and contentment. We send this energy to you. Let yourself understand and accept it within who you are.

Let yourself open up even deeper to the sound of the music within and around you. Music is a unique creation from anyone who is creating or making it. You too can create that for yourself. You can create it whether it's in the form of words, tones, or a musical instrument of some sort. Some of you can simply hear the music in the breeze or the wind. What you are doing is allowing for music to tap into that inner aspect. As you allow the breeze to move through your hair or around your body, it is accentuating this inner music that you know is yours. Sometimes the sound of the leaves on the trees as they move in the breeze will also stimulate this same sense.

You may find yourself sitting in a meadow surrounded by wild flowers, you may find yourself sitting at home and there are flowers nearby. Let the scent of the flowers stimulate the music within. Let the scent of the flowers stimulate the vibration within your body that allows you to align.

You have the opportunity to tap into music, tones, rhythms, expressions in many, many, many different ways. The more that you open to all that is around you, the more you open to support, to acknowledgement, and to an understanding. Feel what this is to you. As you accept these energies that we transmit you may also accept the energies of joy, peace, and contentment.

Picture in your mind a lagoon. Picture in your mind a space in which the water is clear, there is a sparkle from the sun, there is the warmth of the sand. Let yourself open to the imagery of this and the feeling that moves through you. Coming into this lagoon you see a group of dolphins as we consciously come to play with you. There are times when the dolphins may physically keep their distance, but these send out to you the feeling of connection, the feeling of joy, the feeling of love and excitement. Simply being in the water allows you to connect with the vibration of the dolphins. You can open and allow this connection to come to you in whatever form it may. You may also simply float upon the water and it is done automatically.

This too is where you can tone. When you send out a tone that comes from you the dolphins will pick up on that and reflect it back so that you may play with it. They in this way are playing with you! You can vibrate at a level of joy. Life is about making choices and even when you find yourself in the midst of struggle or despair, choose to vibrate at a level of joy. For some it may be easier to choose to vibrate at a level of peace so that peace may permeate throughout you.

We the dolphins are able to reflect back what you are seeing and doing. We also are able to hold a specific vibration for you if that is what you need us to do. What we do with all of humanity and what we do with you the individual are sometimes happening on two different levels. Let yourself understand what it means to you. You need not think of anything more than that simply understand and trust that it is having an impact, that it does make a difference. Let yourself know what that means to you.

Hear the sound of the music upon the wind! Feel the vibration and the energy as we move through the water. Let yourself be in that moment. Let yourself open to the music within you. Allow yourself to trust and know what this understanding is for you because it is only for YOU. As many people as may listen to or read these words, there are that many responses.

We treasure the uniqueness of each human, we love and support how each of you are choosing to move through this life. Let yourself open to assistance that can be yours. Let yourself be fully aware that you are not alone. Let yourself feel the love. Let yourself feel the energy. And allow that that may represent as music.

You may call that the music of your heart, you may call that the music of your soul, or perhaps the angels; whatever it means to you. Do know and understand that intrinsically it all comes from within you. It is a representation of who you are. Therefore let that be the inward and outward representation that you show to the world. You are beautiful! You are glorious and light! Allow and accept for this to be your reality.

We take this opportunity now to jump from the water; perhaps spinning or flipping. We give you this visual to take with you, let yourself jump and flip in your daily life! Allow for joy to be a part of your life. By doing so, you will find that everything else will fall into place or shifts into its own vibration.

We thank you for this opportunity to communicate and connect. We are ever present and available for you!




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