Releasing Fear and Integrating the Crystalline

We greet you our beloved sister! As always we are dancing upon the top of the waves; so too, you are joining us in this dance upon the water! Connecting with the dolphins is a means of expanding your creativity, allowing yourself to be in a space of joy, allowing yourself to be in the space of accepting that the human experience is about playfulness, love, and joy! Now is the time for you to release within you any idea, any preconceived notion that the world or the earth plane is about fear, struggle, and disharmony; because indeed, the more that you are in the space of those energies, the less you will be able to move forward and expand. So, as you shift your thinking around, you allow yourself to be in this space of expansion, you will find that you are moving forward and leaps and bounds.

Have a sense of connecting with us by feeling the energy of the sunshine upon your face. Have a sense of connecting with us by feeling the weightlessness that you have when you are riding upon the water. Have a sense of feeling as if you are one of us as we surge deep beneath the waves, feeling the water as it flows past us, cleansing us, cleansing the energies that are around us. Feel the excitement as it builds and builds within; we move our tails so quickly until suddenly we burst out of the water! Perhaps we spin or flip or dance; only to feel the impact of the water again as we go down through it feeling it move past us. As we speak of this, you can feel the energy and excitement that is within each of us. You can feel how delightful it is to be in that space of physical exertion, the anticipation as we are moving through the water getting ready to make our leap or our jump; then as we come out and we're in the midst of it, it brings us to that space of contentment, that space of ecstasy, or joy that is so much a part of our existence. Then too, we are back into the water as if we are moving through this cycle all over again.

This can be your experience upon the earth. You can have your moments in which you are moving to the water and building up your energy, building up the excitement within you to move into something new and different. You can have your time of emerging from the water, stretching out, allowing yourself to feel the excitement, the joy, the ecstasy; being where you want to be, doing what you want to do. Then, coming back into the water knowing you can do it all again. There are so many different ways within your life that you can connect with this energy. There are so many different ways that you can move through your existence and be in the space of this <joy & excitement>. It doesn't matter, if you're out of the water, stretching out, or if you're in the water, moving forward, exercising preparing for the leap. Both places are filled with joy and love. Both places are filled with a sense of expectancy, that sense of knowing that whatever it is you create is going to be filled with love and light. Knowing that when you are in the midst and when you are in the preparation, even in a follow-through; all is but an experience of love, of joy and excitement!

This is the way that we move through the waters. This is the way that we have our experiences as the dolphins. We are here to remind you that this can be your life to! Allow yourself to be in this space of joy and excitement. Allow yourself to connect with these energies that we may assist you if you have a sense of needing that. We will also continue to go on and speak to you of ways in which you can merge your energies so that you no longer feel that separation. You can let go of what it is that brings you into a space of fear.

 Fear is an energy or an emotion that was so very prevalent upon the earth plane and indeed in some aspects it is still in this day and age. But, for those of you who are interested in this type of energy, this type of energy work, you are leaving behind the experience that fear has been to you and you are allowing yourself to be within the potential of that space of joy and excitement. For that, is your life!

 When you are in the space or the energy of tapping into the fears that are either within yourself or those around you, you find that a couple of different things may happen. You can find yourself becoming depressed, feel your energy been pulled down, you can find yourself suddenly becoming overwhelmed by fears yourself. You can find yourself in a space in which you are looking at your own life and realizing the potential for mistakes, for tragedy to happened, what ever you may wish to term it. This is a sense of being caught up in the energies or the collective consciousness that is around you which is filled with the energy, or vibration of fear.

 So too, you can enter a situation in which there are those who are around you who are filled with fear, they talk about the fear within their lives, they talk about the fear of the unknown, they talk about the fear of where are they going to go, not knowing not accepting, not understanding that they are going to be supported in all that is within them. You can now allow yourself to be the radiant light that you are. Stand in the space of these people's fear; you may include your own fears in this category, should you desire. But allow that all to be filled with the light that you can radiate out. This light may be something that comes from within; there may be a sense of bringing it down from the heavens. Or you can ask us, the dolphins, to come through and be with you and radiate out this light. This is one of the means that you can use for transforming the energies of fear into the energies of love and joy.

We speak to you today of fear simply because it is something that is quite prevalent at this time. We sense now that it does not need to be. There have been times in the past when was actually beneficial to an individual. Fear allowed an individual to become cautious, to think about what they were saying, doing, experiencing. It allowed them to move into the space of being conscious of more than one potential around them. That was very helpful to their lifetime. You can recognize though, within yourself, at this time when you are in the space of love and acceptance of who you are, blending your own divinity with your personality or ego aspect, there is no space for any other energy; except that of love, joy, and excitement.

Allow yourself to have this sense of knowing this within you. Many of you may know this on a mental level, but you do not know it in a way that is fully blended within yourself. Allow us to talk with you of how you may blend this within yourself.

Have a sense of getting quiet for moment and looking at your life, opening up to feeling the energies that are around you and at that fill your life. This is something that will be very individualized; therefore each individual experience will be different. As you open up to this energy within yourself, have a sense of being out in the ocean, being in the water; being supported by your dolphin brothers and sisters. Therefore, what you are doing is allowing our energies to support you as you open up to the healing and the blending that you are seeking within your life. This is a means of giving you the support that you may seek or desire within your life that you will be able to move past the energy of fear and into the energy of one.

As you are in this space in which you feel very supportive in the loving energy of the dolphins, or all the energies that are around you, allow yourself to look inside and see where is this coming from? What is the purpose for this sense within you? You may be very surprised by the fact that it was old residual memories. As you bring this forth, you can now realize that this was actually a means of taking you into the space that was needed to allow for your personal growth. Now that is no longer necessary!

You call forth your divinity; you may connect with your divinity in many different ways. In particular at this time, you have a sense of calling forth your divinity and bringing it down into your physical body. What you find is that when you open up the love, the joy, the excitement of your own divinity, is that it infuses all aspects of your emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental bodies. There is only the energy of the love!

We have talked with you before about the crystalline energies and how this is making a change in your life. The crystalline energies are affecting your DNA patterns. They are adding greater and greater number of strands so that your DNA is becoming more complex. There are some microscopes that can detect this, but to the general public, or the general scientists who are not open to the potential of having newer and greater possibilities around them, this is simply something that may be considered a possibility. We know and understand that the scientists are the ones who seek to have all the information in black-and-white. What you will begin to see in your scientific world is that indeed if they are looking at DNA or if they are looking at other aspects of the human biology; with a sense of the potential for there to be non physical energies involved, they will then see the non physical energies. It's a matter of opening up the mind or the consciousness. It's a matter of opening to the potentials so that the potentials are there. There are those in your scientific community who are beginning to be in this space. So we surround them with the light that they will see and recognize these changes as they evolve.

As you have your scientific community shifting into this type of a mindset, or this potential for growth, that is a part of where it then moves into the collective consciousness of the world. Another aspect of the collective consciousness is all of you. You are the ones who are living your daily life, moving through your life, feeling the energy and the love that you are consciously bringing down within yourself. There are getting to be more and more of you and this does not change by one individual alone. But each one individual, when blended with the multitude of others, it becomes an immense factor in what is making up the shift in this consciousness. So you have your scientific community, you have your average person, although none of you are average because you are all infinite Beings of Light.

Now we move into the energies of the earth itself. We have those energies of the earth that is composed of the land, the seas, the atmosphere, the interior core, and the exterior core. There are a great many people who are bringing in new and vibrant energies. These energies are being infused into the earth and Mother Earth as Lady Gaia is always there and open to receive. She stands with open arms to embrace, acknowledge, and accept all who come her way. She is a means of distributing this energy; she is a means of amplifying it and reflecting it back out to each one of you so that you may have access to it. While that is all happening to the humans, so too we the dolphins are taking in that energy and it causes within  us a shift in our own vibrational bodies. So that we too are reflecting and encompassing all the shifts that are taking place.

You can understand the ways that all of these <energies> come together as a part of the collective consciousness. There are of course a multitude of other factors that also come into play, but we wished to speak only of these aspects at this time because they are the key points of interest for you who are reading this channel. We feel such a surge of energy and love as we connect with you each individually. When we state, “you who are reading the channel”, it brings forth a wave of energy that no matter where you are in your personal development, no matter where you are as a light of the universe; you open, you absorb, and you receive all that is here for you to have.

The crystalline energies are also affecting the mass; the muscle mass and bone mass of each individual. Again this is a very subtle difference. There are some ways in which there is a lessening of the bone mass. We will speak of this first, because it is less dense and your bones are the densest part of your body. Therefore, if it <your body> is taking on a crystalline light and a crystalline energy which is allowing it to be less dense, therefore one might think it is actually less strong. But in reality, it is actually stronger than it ever was before. You may ask why is this? The reason is that when something is of crystalline energy, there is a greater flexibility to it. There is less of a rigid denseness. If you have bones and muscles that are filled with the vibrancy or a vibrational energy that is more flexible, you have an individual who is able to move between dimensions, who are able to move through physical experiences upon the earth and not be physically affected by them.

You as the forerunners of these energies are moving into that space within yourself. You may have noticed this already that you are not susceptible to some of the ailments that people around you have. You may also notice that there is a change or a difference in your strength and agility. For some, it may be a sense of doing what you could not do before, for others on the flip side of that, you can no longer do what you once could do. Open up to receive the information for the best way for you as an individual to be able to incorporate this energy. You will find that there are means that are at your disposal for you to be able to express yourself, move, expand, contract; and all of this will be done without a particular knowledge of how it is done. If you wish to go into the space of knowing and understanding this energy with greater detail, of course Beloved we welcome you. But it is not necessary for you to go in, analyzed, and think about what is actually happening because that takes you out of your expanded awareness and into the more limited mental view.

When you are in your space of expanded consciousness, your expanded awareness, you are in this space of being open to infinite potentials. You may call this your imagination. That is sometimes a word that allows the mental aspect of your brain to hold that energy more easily. How so ever it comes across to you, it matters not. What is important is for you to open and received the knowledge that is underlying the words that are spoken.

You are hearing a great deal these days about shifts in consciousness, moving through dimensions; you may ask yourself what does this mean? Is this something I can use upon the earth? How will it be of benefit to me? Well beloved, we are here to share some of our experiences with you. The dolphins are able to live for many, many years within the oceans and there are different reasons for this. In part our vibrational energy is such that we blend very fully with the waters of the ocean. So too, we blend with the atmosphere that is around the ocean. As we move between the two of these, there is less of a separation, if that makes any sense to you. So when you have a sense of the physical and the non physical and have less of a sense of separation and more of a sense that one is but an extension of the other; this is how you can look between the dimensions or look between the separations in consciousness. You will begin to hear that there are many different phrases that refer to this activity. Each of these phrases are saying the same thing but in a way that other individuals may be able to understand more fully.

We have a sense as dolphins, of moving through the water. We can move at great speeds. We then emerge, do our flips or shifts or changes and then again come back into the water. For you as a human, you may have a sense of feeling that the water is solid, you emerge into air which is not solid. What we feel from our aspect is that there really is no difference between the two other than the fact that we can breathe in these physical bodies that we have. By doing this, we then can find ourselves coming back and diving deep within the ocean and it may take us into a different place in our consciousness. We as the dolphin energy, have a collective consciousness or a connective consciousness. We are interconnected with each other. While we do have individual aspects that are our own thoughts, so to speak, the vast majority of our knowledge comes from what the group energy is doing. So when we move back and going to a space in which you might consider a shift or change in consciousness, what we are doing is moving into that aspect, although we are continuing to move through the water, we open up and receive the energies of the universe.

Because we are in a pocket, if you wish to consider it that, in which we are in the universe. You have many different pockets of energy and light that are around you as you walk through your days. The vast majority of you may walk through them and not even realize what they are. Sometimes you have a sense as you are driving your car, riding on your bike, walking, that you suddenly feel cooler than you did but a moment before or you may feel hotter, these are what we are talking about as pockets of energy. The next time you find yourself in such a situation, rather than just moving through it and thinking I was just cold for moment, stop and pause for a moment to breathe in the light of your expanded consciousness. Have a sense of looking around you and see what you see. It may be that you see the exact same circumstances that you were in before, but notice the subtle differences because you are now looking at it from within a different dimension. You are now looking at it most likely from a higher dimension because lower dimensions may give you a feeling of being uncomfortable. What would happen, is that you would going to that lower dimension and immediately that energy would be brought up to your own, so that you would not sense, know, or feel the differences here. At the times in which you have a sense of stopping a pausing, opening up, and then looking around you; when you see with greater clarity, you are looking with your inner senses.

We feel the excitement that is within you at this potential! Why would you wish to look from this other dimension? Indeed, because you will receive greater insights. You will also tap into this energy which is around you on this physical plane so that you may make use of it in your daily life. When you tap into it in a physical sense, you are now taking the energy into yourself. You are taking it in and incorporating it into everything else that makes up your vibrational life, so that the next time you enter one of these pockets of energy you are even more aware of what is around you. This is a means of walking between dimensions or shifts in consciousness. You may wish to do so, so that you can have greater knowledge of who you are.

Can you create a change in your future that will affect your day today? Absolutely you may! How does what your doing today affect your past? They are all related past, present, and future when thought of in a linear term, it is all interrelated. So all you need do is open up to receive healing or the creation in one of these aspects. It will then be extended on into all the other aspects of who you are.

What can you do for your physical body to make this easier to occur? Well beloved, you are made up of water. Drinking water will create within you a greater balance within yourself. Humans as a whole do not bring this to enough water. They may drink fluids, and of course these fluids are helping in one form or another; but when you drink water you are actually creating a greater balance and space within yourself. That is what supports your physical body as you moving and making shifts and changes within yourself.

What else can assist you in this? Exercises that allow for you to stretch, bend, and increase your agility. When you are more fluid within your muscles, you are releasing toxins that hold you sedentary and solid. This in turn allows you to open up to and receiving greater amounts of these crystalline energies. Is this something you need to do every day? No, it is something for you to do when it brings you joy and excitement. As you know, everything that we speak to you, we speak to you of doing from a place of joy and excitement.

What else can you do to assist in this shift? For some it may be speaking various tones. Tones emit a vibration; they also work on you the human and opening up your throat center that you may speak your thoughts more clearly, that you may speak your truth in a space of love and joy. This in turn allows for other expansion within your body.  There are some very simple tones that you can do. Several of these have been around for many, many years. OOOOOoooooooommmmmmmmmmmm when you open up to the OM; you feel the vibration in your mouth, your throat, in your physical body and then you feel it in your energy fields around you. Each of you have a tone which is your own. Give yourself the opportunity of moving from one tone to the next until you get to the tone that make you feel good, that gives you a feeling of joy, and excitement. You can open to your own tone by saying: ahhhhhhhhhhhh <I intoned various pitches of this sound>.  The AH accesses different aspects of your voice box so that you can tap into that energy which is your own.

Think of the dolphins and the way that we communicate with each other through or clicks and are tones both short and long. <I intoned clicks they sent me> Have a sense of making a clicking noise of your own. While at this point you may be laughing, enjoy the laughter of the moment! But don't be surprised if you find yourself as you are driving along in your car, walking along in your place of solitude, and you feel a sense of wishing to connect with the nature or the energies that are around you; you may sound a tone and insert a click. There are languages around the earth have incorporated these clicks already. Did they do it as something new? Of course not, they are simply ancient languages which were more deeply connected to our energies in the past. So, open up to receive the potential that you may cause a shift in your vibration when you make a clicking noise.

Consider an individual when they are in a space of laughing and filled with excitement. When you hear that laughter ring out that causes everyone around them to pause a moment, to turn and look; everyone around them feels their heart expanding. They want to know what is funny? What causes you such joy? It need not be anything. But tapping into that energy and considering how it feels to laugh and how that laughter will shift your vibration is very much what we are speaking about in this regard. You have someone perhaps who has a physical ailment, or perhaps there is a blocked energy within their body which is keeping them from moving forward. For some, it may be very pertinent to use energies and tones that will cause a vibration to shift <this physical block>. Consider if you will when someone has for instance an illness within their lungs in which there is a density collecting within their lungs. When you pat the person upon their back, the vibration that is sent through their lungs, loosens up this solidity. Does the individual doing this know exactly what they are doing? Most likely not because it does not matter. But imagine if you will, how that could change if you put forth a conscious intent that every time you are patting someone upon the back it is causing a shift in their body to allow for greater expansion and greater reception of energies. Yes, this is possible! Yes these things that seem so simple can have a profound effect upon you.

Allow us to speak now of your conscious intent. Your conscious intent is when you put forth the intention to make a change or a shift within your life that is not coming from your personality or your ego aspect. It is coming from your soul aspect, your divinity, or your expression of soul as a whole. Conscious intent is a means of creating what you wish to have within your life by seeing it as finished and complete. It is a means that opens you to a much greater potential; and then you make what you seek. Allow us to illustrate for you. If you put forth the conscious intent have abundance within your life, have a sense of taking a moment to go inside, open up your energy centers, and perhaps you don't know what it is that is holding you back from this shift and moving forward into the immense potential for abundance that is all around you. Use your experience of shifting, shifting your consciousness, expanding your consciousness into a space in which you feel a far greater potential of who you are. In this space, see the abundance you wish to create within your life. Know and understand that abundance is more than just the money energy that is exchanged upon the earth. Abundance is a feeling that comes from within you and is reflected out into your surroundings. Abundance is connecting with nature or your family. Abundance is realizing that you are just opening up to the potential of moving between and connecting between the dimensions. Therefore, as you are creating the intent to bring greater abundance within your life, fill it with more and more potential then what you have thought in the past. Fill it with these other aspects that you are conscious of and again hold the space and allow it to be infused by even more than what you are consciously aware of. When you have all of that created around you or within you, see how it feels. For many this may give you a feeling of a burden, that it's not possible, or that only a struggle will bring it to you. This is what you need to release at this time. So, embrace those aspects of yourself, acknowledge them, and bring them into your heart and embrace them. Here is where you can practice and play with, your clicks, your tones, your tapping on the physical body. See if that doesn't allow for a greater shift to occur. You will be very surprised at what may come of this. It need not be a long drawn-out ordeal. It need only be creating through your imagination and within your divinity and your oneness of self.

As you see us moving to the water, leaping, jumping, there is already a blend within us of who we are. We are the dolphin who fills the water and the dolphin who is holding that energy of the universe for you the human. We are here for you to tap into and access these energies if you so desire. We are here for you to play with, come to us in the ocean and physically be in our presence. If you are not in a position to do so, then bring us to you in your imagination. There is no difference in the depth of connection that occurs whether you are physically in our presence or not. We'll take that leap out of the water and move into the space where you are, so that we are together and for that moment. That moment can stretch out longer and allow you to bring in greater and greater amounts of energy through the interaction. Come leap with us upon the waves! Take on in your imagination the form of the dolphin. Taking on this form will allow you to feel the presence. To feel that there is no separation in energy fields. To feel and know the knowledge of being complete and whole in every aspect allow you are. Oh beloved family, we feel such love and joy as we connect with you. We feel your warmth and your light. We ask you to open up and allow yourself to move into our space and come play with us. Think of your days as filled with play.  Think of yourself in the space of joy and love. When you are in that space, nothing else can be within you.

We thank you for this time of coming to be with us, play with us, feeling the shifts and changes that are occurring between the dimensions and we thank you for walking with us between the dimensions. You are moving into the space and energy of doing this with greater and greater ease within your life and we are here in support of you as you make the shifts and changes. We thank you for taking on more and more of these energies that we have held for you for all these many years and we share in your excitement as you grow and evolve.


Shelly Dressel channeling the energies of the dolphins.



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