Embrace Your Human Experience

This channel is about opening to a greater perspective of you as a human.  For so long, people have been striving to manifest more of their divinity, to be less in the ego or their personality.  The next phase of integration is about a deeper acceptance of yourself as the human you are.  The greater your understanding, acceptance and integration; the greater amount of your divinity you can manifest. The Goddess goes on to talk about the various energy bodies that make up who we are as a person; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and lightbody.  When you consider this as five different aspects that make up who you are, then your physical body becomes much less dominant in your perception.

From here the Goddess takes you through each of your energy body as a means of releasing and connecting.  Most often our emotions flow to our thoughts, to our spirituality, to our physical existence.  It's all aligned and most often the flow is smooth and easy. When you have blockages in one part or another, you find yourself pushed out of balance. This may also be when you find symptoms in various parts of your life. She spoke of the idea that we get caught up in the drama of our lives.  That our emotions become entangled and that in turn amplifies what we may be feeling or experiencing.  What would be like to let that go? To accept who you are, just as you are without a need to prove anything.  What a relief that would be!!

The DNA is shifting within our bodies.  It is a part of our cellular makeup within our biology.  As each person expands their personal vibration, they are expanding their DNA.  Your DNA in part is your link to all that is human and earthbound, all that is within the universe and your lightbody energy. Through this conscious alignment within yourself, you can assist in the expansion that is taking place within you and anchoring it more fully within.

Truly ‘see' who you are as a human and embrace all of who you are!!

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family! Here we are. We come together at this time so that we may share energy. You feel mine, I feel yours and each of you that are here present, whether it's conscious at the time I'm talking or later on; you are all part of a group that choose to come together and experience yourself as you experience each other.

Feel what that means to you. Consciously open up your heart center so that you can first and foremost, truly feel who you are. From there has a sense of reaching out to everybody else who is present; realize that you are not alone. You have others that are here with you and from that awareness let yourself revel in that sense or that feeling of camaraderie.

I have heard from so many people that they feel separated; they feel alone, they feel isolated. This is your chance, this is your time to feel each other and know that you are not alone. You have not only God and Goddess, you have the angels, you have the teachers, you have the guides, but you have the multitude of people there present upon the earth who are with you also.

I invite you to have a sense of shifting your focus. As you do so, feel as if you let go your physical body and you let yourself reach out and stretch until you find yourself aligning within the magnetic grid. If you look around from within this space, you may see those interlocking pathways. But mostly, feel who you are, because this is where your higher self resides. This is where you can link with your divinity and still know who you are as a human.

This space is changing as a result of everything that you are doing, that I am doing, that all the other light workers are doing, as they consciously open up to bring in the higher vibrational energies. There is less of a difference but feel yourself as you shift through into the crystalline grid. As you arrive here within the crystalline grid you feel first of all the release of the magnetic pull of the Earth but you also feel how your consciousness shifts its alignment as it expands into all the potential that flows through this space.

Let go your tension, let go your stress and allow yourself to feel as if you float, being fully supported by these energies. Sometimes when you come within this space and you experience it in this manner you may feel as if it's giving you an energetic massage. It may feel as if it's assisting you to relax in a way that you have not been able to. In addition to that you are tapping into the many potentials that are here. Each of you use this space on a consistent basis and even so, people have not yet tapped into the full potential of what this will be.

I invite you to have a sense of letting your focus or your consciousness shift once more into the soul plane. As you arrive within this dimension, it may feel very similar to the crystalline grid, yet it is different. This is where you have any easier access to your divinity. You may feel it as it comes up within you, you may see your divinity as if it's an energy coming towards you. Reach out to embrace all of what this is for you.

As you find yourself aligning with or integrating with the energies of your divinity, ask yourself the question; how much of my divinity am I conscious of? The question that goes right along with that is; is there something more that I should know about? In this manner you are consciously creating a new alignment between yourself and your divinity, so that you may receive more information, perhaps more love, more support; whatever it may be.

I the Goddess come within this space, I reach out to you, I reach out and blend my energies with you; in doing so you feel yourself shifting into the All That Is. As you come up within this space, feel the expansion and feel yourself as if you are stretching out and expanding even further.

Any time that we get together in this manner, when we have the experience of a conversation - which is what this is in a bit of an abstract way, because I always am feeling, hearing, sensing, what you say as I go along - but when we get together like this, it's a purely creative process. I am creating from the energies that you send to me. I am also creating by drawing on the energies of things happening out in the universe and also upon the earth. Therefore, whenever we come together it's as if there are a multitude of different ideas, potentials, thoughts, that scramble to come to the forefront for what will occur during the meditation.

 I always love to take the time around the equinox and use it as a springboard into the next quarter upon the Earth. And that is how we shall begin this evening. As you are aware there are the two equinoxes and the two solstices that make up the four points of conscious shifting and transitions upon the Earth. Many of you will on a monthly basis, put forth your intention for the next month. There are times when people perhaps on their birthday or on the first of any new year will put forth their intention for the next year. But when you feel the rhythms of the earth and when you feel the natural even flow of the seasons, of the oceans, of the migration of animals; all of those are in alignment with the solstice, solstices and the equinoxes.

I invite you to stand here on the cusp of the fall equinox or the spring equinox, depending on where you live; as you stand here have a sense of letting your focus look backwards over the last three months. Have you put forth anything as your intention for that timeframe? If so, where do you stand? If you have a feeling of disappointment around you, I invite you to take this as an opportunity to purge or clear, whatever that disappointment may be.

If there was nothing in particular that you were looking at, then simply take in the energies of the last three months. You will notice that an immense influx of energy has occurred. If you stretch that outward and look at the last six months, since the last equinox, you can tell in an even more dramatic manner the changes that have occurred. Simply put, there is a great deal more of the crystalline energy available to you in your daily life.

There is a great deal more of your own alignment with that through your Lightbody energy. As I speak of this allow yourself to open up and feel what that is to you. Here, within this pace of expansion, you all enjoy the feeling of light, the feeling of expansion, the feeling of awareness, and it makes you feel good! I love to see how some of you zip around as if playing tag with one another, others expanding and contracting as you play with the energy to see what it is for you. Here within the All That Is, potentials and opportunities are limitless. You may do whatever you feel drawn to do.

As you look around, allow your energies to open in such a way that you are either looking at or aligning with yourself and your physical reality. You may have a sense of creating a hologram that represents your physical life. You may feel as if as if a stream of energy directly links you to your physical body. Take in this perception.

As I see people doing this I notice how there are some of you that as you link with your human existence the energy that is you, begins to constrict or shrink. As that occurs, you recognize that you are cutting yourself off from some of the energy potentials that are around you. When you are in your physical body, when you are living your daily life, this too is occurring. So with that understanding, if you consciously take a breath in and as you breathe in and breathe out your consciously expand your energies once more. Feel yourself getting back into that space that feels good.  And then again, if you look at your physical body, this time most of you are able to stay in that expanded state.

When you came into this life you chose your physical body, you chose to be male or female.  Sometimes you chose particular experiences that others might consider a handicap, sometimes mental, sometimes physical. Sometimes you chose you put forth the intention that you were going to live this life with the optimum physical body, if it would be at this timeframe upon the Earth.

And then you came down, you were born, you've had life experiences, you have this existence in which you are living right now and it makes me chuckle because I hear so many people saying; where did I go off track? How did I end up over here when I was going to be over there? I hear other people saying, it's not as bad as I really thought it was going to be. As many people as there are, there are opinions and perceptions.

The next phase of the work that we are going to be doing is about more fully integrating your divinity with your physical existence. You have always come to this space to link with the majority of your divinity. When you are living your daily life, many of you can reach up and tap into it at any time.

Then when you look at your physical reality, when you have a sense of looking from an outside perspective, you as your divine essence in that human experience, is but a fraction of your divinity and quite frankly this is way more than it used to be or shall I say, than what was able to come into the earth plane. And for that you owe yourselves the appreciation and the acknowledgment for all the work that you have done. With the influx of energy that came in during August of this year, (2010) with the opening of those portals of energy and light it creates enough of an expansion into the crystalline energies so that you in your individual life may access your divinity to a much greater ability.

 As I say this, I see all of you making several adjustments and subtle choices that will allow for this to have a greater ease within you. And then we come back around and we take in your physical reality.

As you look at your human body; what do you see? If the first thing that came to you was something negative or something that's holding you back, then I invite you to [Deep breath] consciously breathe in and then breathe out and let it go. And then come back around and I ask you again, as you look at your physical body, look again, because there is the physical person, the head, shoulders, torso, legs, but then, your physical body is also made up of the energy of your emotions, your mental body, your spiritual and then your Lightbody.  As you look at it from this perspective and as I named each of those energy bodies, I invite you to open up to the potential that your physical reality is now about 1/5 of what makes up you as a human. And yet for so many people that physical reality is dominated as if it was 100% of who they are as a human.

We will take some time and I invite you to first of all link with your physical body. As if you take a deep breath in, allow your consciousness to follow within going inside your heart and through your breath you can follow your bloodstream as it moves through your body. This is one way to create an alignment that goes inside of you. If you so choose, you can open to your perception of knowing; ‘I have' and you can fill in the blank. Okay, for some I see a number of different things that you list.  But in this manner you are creating a perception or an awareness of your physical body as you feel it internally and as you look at it externally. Your physical body is the vehicle that allows your divinity to express itself. Your physical body is a means of experiencing just that, being physical, walking, touching, smelling, all those many, many things that have to do with being physical.

I therefore invite you to open up to the potential of feeling gratitude, that you have a physical body, mmm... I don't always like that word gratitude, so shift it to appreciation. Can you appreciate that you actually have a physical body? I hear some of you saying, ‘it's better to be pure spirit, it's better to be pure vibration or pure essence such as the Angels or God and Goddess'. You as a human with this human body are equal to anyone that is God, Goddess, Angels; no matter what it may be. Everyone on this side of the veil has a deep respect and admiration for every person who has chosen a life upon the Earth. We would invite you to open to that appreciation also.

Another part of you as the human are your emotions. Look at you from this perspective of the All That Is, open to become aware of your emotions. For some you may see them as a color, as a swirling mist, others may have a sense of specific emotions; happiness, anger, frustration, fear, rage, joy. Each of those emotions makes up a part of who you are. There is a direct alignment between your emotions and your physical body. For some if you have physical ailments, disease, problems, you may see a link to your emotions. For others it may be that there is a blend or a swirling between your emotions and your physical and yet nothing in your emotions is creating an end result in your physical.

So many times I see you shifting outside of emotions that you sense are holding you back, such as limitation, anger, fear, frustration, and indeed this is a wonderful way to shift those energies. I do have to ask you though; do you ever find yourself getting caught up in looking for emotions that may be holding you back? Is it possible that you can accept yourself; that you can accept that your emotional body is there as a part of your human experience and you may have times of fear, frustration, anger, times of joy, laughter and that all of it is simply a reflection of what ever may be happening in your life? If you can allow yourself to shift into that, as a means of experiencing your emotions, you will find it easier to be in a state of balance.

Your mental body is unique from both your physical and your emotional. As you look at yourself, as you ask to know what your mental body looks like to you. Is there a sense or an awareness that comes to you? Are there thoughts or beliefs that have an effect upon you? Let me name a few. Do you believe it is possible for you to have complete acceptance of yourself? Do you believe that you can create a life in which every day is filled with experiences that bring you joy? Do you believe that your physical body is perfect just as it is? Do you believe that you have belief systems that are holding you back?

As I have talked about these few things, my perception of each of you is expansion and contraction of your energy bodies. So what I would say to each one of you is to take the time some time and just let yourself experience, various thoughts and beliefs that you may have. Feel which ones gave you a sense of expanding and which ones feel as if they come in and constrict around you.

There, just as with your emotions. Is it possible that you can find yourself in a state of balance or a state of awareness that you move beyond the judgment of your beliefs and your thoughts? Is it possible that you can find yourself in a situation in which your energy feels constricted and with that awareness comes the instant relief? [Deep breath] As you breathe in you let go that thought, that belief, whatever it may be and then you immediately find yourself expanding once more.

For some this may be very easy and comfortable for you and you step right into it. For others it may be that you feel a sense of needing to release in a very conscious manner, whatever it is that's around you. I honor you with whatever you choose and I also let you know that by shifting your perception you can shift the effect of all your beliefs. It does not matter how ingrained they are. If you believe or if you shift your perception or awareness in such a way that any thought, any belief that keeps you from feeling good, happy and strong can be easily transition then that will be your experience.

There are threads of energy that move from your mental body into and through your emotions and your physical body and all of these are creating an even greater awareness and balance of you as your human. Your spiritual body, for some, this is how you define your belief in God, for some it's filled up with your beliefs you've learned in church. Your spiritual body can reflect whatever it is that makes you feel good. I would say to you that as your divinity comes in more fully within you then this part of you expand and grows through that experience.

Your spiritual body is very much a part of you in your human existence. For some of you right now it may in many ways be out of balance with the rest of you, because it is so filled with your divinity. For others it may be as if your divinity flows through there and the body itself remains in a state of being.

I also speak of the Light body. Now, the Lightbody has always been these aspects of yourself. Some have defined it as the parts of you that were nonphysical. Others have considered the energy centers within your body, the chakras, as the Lightbody and indeed they all are correct. This part of you, as I'm speaking of it and as I am sharing with you, is more specific as the part of you that is aligned with the universe, with the crystalline energy and with the expanded DNA. Therefore as you look at yourself, as you have a sense of the energy bodies around you there is your divinity, and then your Lightbody and in this way you have a discernment of one from the other.

There is though a distinct blending and flow that moves back and forth between these two energy bodies. As you are looking at your Lightbody energy; how do you perceive it?  What is your sense of why you would invite this to come in and be a part of your physical existence? The more that you allow yourself to open up, and feel whatever those answers may be or see or sense the more that you will discern it as it is within and around you.

Have you ever had an experience where you look at another individual and think; ‘look at how radiant that person is'? Perhaps you may say to yourself, ‘that person looks as transparent as an angel'. Sometimes it may be a feeling that you get when you're around another individual.  Those people who allow the Lightbody and the spiritual energies to flow through them with ease and with balance are the ones that emanate that unique sense of being, that sense of awareness.

All of you do this. You may not think you do, but you do. Every human upon the earth radiates an energy. Some intrinsically and very naturally radiate that light essence, others do so through conscious intention and still others may have dimmed down the natural energies, but they are still there, they are still present.

Now then, have a sense of stepping apart and is if you look, sense, feel, howsoever you receive your information, see how the physical is the most dense all the way to the emotional, mental, spiritual and Lightbody energies are from the most dense to the most transparent, but they all make up who you are. So from your physical most dense aspect of yourself reach out and blend with your emotional, mental, spiritual and Lightbody energies.

As these are all coming into place within you feel how you have the ability to balance yourself at any given time. For example, if you are feeling a physical discomfort, we will say a headache, then your focus comes upon your physical body and the headache that you are feeling. In order to create a shift or a transformation allow your energies to expand or shift in such a way that you just open to that flow of the rest of the energy bodies that make up you as the human and as you open and allow this flow to move through your physical body put forth the intention that it releases the headache, it clears out that energy and you come back into that space of balance and awareness.

For some, if you have something going on within you that is hard to shift away from that focus, perhaps it's an illness that you've had for many, many years; perhaps it's a physical challenge. You can still create a change that brings your physical body into whatever it is you may seek to have and it occurs for you most easily when you allow these other energy bodies to support you more fully. You are human. It involves all that we are staying, and even more.

Your DNA is another part of the physical body within your cellular structure within your blood that allows you to incorporate these higher vibrational energies. I invite you in this moment to have a sense of breathing down as if you breathe down inside of yourself and you let your awareness move all the way down into the molecular structure of each cell within you and consciously aligned with the DNA in such a way that you embrace and you acknowledge a perfect balance between your physical body and everything else.

Your DNA is linked with the earth, with the universe, with other people. You DNA is made up of that physical particle that people can look at under the microscope, but there are energy bodies that are also associated with the DNA. So invite the Lightbody energy to come within you, merging with your bloodstream and allowing it to activate those energy bodies within your DNA. [Deep breath] And as that happens, you breathe in and out, you let it circulate through your body and you find it helps you to create and manifest the exact body that you are seeking to have.

I would encourage you to be pleased to have a physical body, and recognize that you have whatever body it is that you have. You, as the creator of your life, have created the body you find yourself in right now. Your experiences, your beliefs, your emotions all those various things that have come into play in your lifetime have created the physical body that you have. But that doesn't mean it has to stay the same for the rest of your life. You can manifest change through creating this very balanced energy and infusing the Light body energy into your DNA. You are each magnificent beings of light, you are each here in The All That Is and you have done exactly as we've been talking about with ease. You can do this in your physical reality upon the earth.

As you do so, I invite you to accept whatever your process may be. Accept yourself at any given moment as you move through an experience that greater balance. So breathe deeply, feel that balanced energy move through you, feel it come down within your physical body as each one of you consciously bring that alignment down into your physical body. Let your energies come back with that, it flows down within, you breathe everything in and it comes into your heart, and it moves up and down through your energy bodies. It moves through your bloodstream and moves into every cell within you.

Rather than infusing all of this into the hologram, I invite each one of you to let that experience move all the way through you and down into the physical earth. In this way, you are anchoring yourself for one thing, but you are also infusing your own balanced energy into the Earth. You anchor it where ever you are and is there and readily available to you in your everyday life. As everyone is doing this it moves through to all parts of the world going all the way down and anchoring within the center of the earth and then it radiates back out from the center, it comes out and it goes up through the earth, it goes up through the water, the trees, the flowers, and it goes up into every person upon the Earth.

Let your focus come back within the All That Is, so that you may have a sense of shifting back into the soul plane. Out of curiosity, as you look at your I AM presence, what is your perception? Do you have an awareness of how much more you are able to take in at this time? You may have a sense of more of your divinity coming with you, but there is still always that part of you that is anchored and remains within that space and you let your focus come down into the crystalline grid. As you link with it your energy becomes enhanced or bolstered by this vibration. As you allow your consciousness to shift, you feel yourself moving even deeper through the crystalline and into the magnetic grid.

As you come back within the magnetic pull of the Earth, feel how your energies adjust. Consciously bring that feeling of balance and that feeling of expansion. The more that you allow yourself to be human and the more that you accept all that is you as a human the more of your divinity you will be able to manifest. So open up and allow it to come in.

You shift your energies back once more into your physical self. You may feel a need to expand your energy bodies around you but feel yourself as you come back an anchor within. Feel that flow of energy or essence. As you allow your consciousness to once more anchor, feel your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and Lightbody energies as they flow, as they swirl, as they move within and around you. As this is happening feel yourself opening up and accept; this is who you are right in this moment. And breathe deeply, breathing that all the way down within you.

Alright beloved family, as you feel yourself coming back within once more, as you find yourself anchoring upon the earth, I invite you to come back within the room. If you would like to ask a question, you may press *6 upon your phone, and that will bring you into the queue so that we may answer whatever questions you have.

Question: Oh, hello thank you Goddess!  This journey has been so timely with all the new downloads we've been going through and the shift. Thank you so much for bringing this balance, I enjoyed it so much.  I hope I did everything as you were guiding us through. Did I accomplish all the integration?

Answer: You are very welcome beloved and yes my sense is that you did accomplish a great deal. You as with so many other people have already been upon this journey. You've been upon this sense of opening and asking for you divinity; opening to allow it to incorporate within you.  So it's as if you've done a lot of the back ground work and this is taking it the final step.  We do see you as much more greatly integrated.

Thank you very much because I do that as part of my daily breath; even before I open my eyes. It has become a beautiful routine for me and I'm thinking, what else am I here to do than really accomplish this?  But it feels just so good.  The challenges of the downloads, facing all these ascension symptoms; I don't know sometimes what's an ascension symptom and what's a harp [I think this is what she says, not sure what it means.] energy that's going on; with all the people sick to their stomach or detoxing. It's a little bit of a bumpy road isn't it?

It is for many people and if it's an ascension symptom or is it a physical virus someone's going through; the symptoms in the physical body are all the same. So whether you are sick or you're ascending, it's finding the balance in all the energy bodies that make up who you are that allows you to feel better.  So if indeed you have something and need an antibiotic, you need a meditation and it makes you feel better, that's fine.   Each individual needs to do what they need to do.  The end result of it all is to continuously seek that space of balance and that space of alignment within all their energy bodies.  In the doing of that and the incorporating of that within a consistent part of their day, they will be less vulnerable to these symptoms.  

So you are giving us a great technique to move right through the ascension symptoms then.

Exactly, exactly.

So what i went through this past week and this whole week was that ascension or was it caused by environmental parts or biological energy that has been around. 

The sense we get is that it doesn't matter; it's equal in the end.  For you as we look at this particular thing, it was a combination of the two.  For example, if you had not been on this ascension path and feeling those symptom's, you may not have been vulnerable to the other and vice versa. 

I see, I see. Okay, thank you so much in finding that balance. I do have a very physical question here.   Last year I was faced with finding a roommate exactly this time of the year. I just received a surprise also the same room.  The fellow got admitted to the university mid to last minute and said he's leaving, he has to go, it will be available November 1st.  Can you please help me put out the energy so that I will find the right person to move in?   It will be available before November 1st. Last year I lost a couple people because my roommate didn't move out on time, I had to ask family to help cover the rent for the month; it was a nightmare! My intention now is that it will go smoothly.

Well, yes and absolutely we will.  First of all let us say to you that between now and last year humongous shifts have taken place not only in yourself, but in the energy and the vibration of the earth. So now more than ever, you have the ability to work with your intention and send your intention out through the vibration or the energy waves that have to do with the crystalline vibration or the lightbody vibration. So when you take a moment and you allow yourself to feel that balance within and feel good; you take that deep breath in and blow it out. As you blow it out you see going out from you circles of energy just going out and flowing out from the intention that you manifest the right and perfect roommate, or tenant or whatever you call them; and that they come to you quickly. This is really all that you need to do.  We have done this with you just in the speaking of it and we have amplified your energy that this will happen quickly for you this year.  Our sense is that it's not going to be like last year and it's important for you to put forth the intention that it's not going to be like last year.  You can fall into that pattern by worrying that it's going to be a repeat of last year. 

Exactly!  Just because the mental mind is still reading that old program I want to be able to delete it and create a new creation for this year. 

And that is why you can go back and re-listen to this channel again and work with your mental body or you can just do it on your own in this way.

Perfect, perfect, perfect. Can I take your time for one more thing?

No, we actually need to go on to the next one.

Thank you, thank you so much!

You are very welcome beloved.

Question:  Hi Goddess (Hello)  I haven't been able to connect with you through the calls in the last few months.  I think it was maybe the last equinox and this is exactly, the exact session that I needed today.  It's just amazing to me.  This is what I do on a daily basis is that working on my emotions and my mental beliefs and I also do this as a job to help people physically.  I've been working as fitness person, and personal training, and yoga.  Last time we spoke I was asking about taking this work and sharing this in just this same way helping people with their physical body by connecting them with their emotions and their divinity. 

When I spoke with you last time I talked about getting this on DVDs so I can expand this work beyond my local area and I was told that this would start happening around this time of year, September, October.  So I have been working on myself all this time all summer, working on my emotions, my fear of it, my mental beliefs that maybe I wasn't ready, and I pushed past through that.  I feel really good about people who have come into my life that I think is going to lead to this work, but I've come up against now the issue of money and the practical reality that it takes a certain amount of money to get this done.   So I found myself going back into that fear of, "Oh I can't do this now because I don't have the money to do it."  So I've been working on listening to my guidance and my guides and saying, "how can I", go into this flow to attract the energy, which is money to get this to happen.

Answer:  Right.  So the first thing we want to do with you beloved, and we were doing it as you were speaking of this is we want you to reach out, have a sense of opening up your heart center and taking a breath and feel my energies and feel our energies as we come and as we merge with you.  Once we do this then we want you to next bring up fear, bring up that sense of lack of abundance, bring up anything that is holding you back right now that has to do with this issue.

As you do so let it come down within you where we are and then as you take a deep breath in and blow out consciously have a sense of just breathing it out and letting it flow away from you. As it flows away from you we amplify your energies, we help you to clear this out - Phew - and we swirl through you so that we can clear out that and anything else that maybe unknown to you.  Then as you come back and you take one more deep breath, then let it go down and consciously feel it within your physical body. 

Since the type of work that you do you are very aware and conscious of the physical body and so that's easy for you to connect with.  Then as you reach out and ask for your emotions, you mental, your thought process, your spiritual, your light body we see this just like everything just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and coming back within you and so you can take like a breath in breathing it all within you and as you breath out it's like it becomes like a circular energy that is moving through you with every breath that you take in and with every breath that you breath out.  In this way we see you becoming more balanced.  We see you becoming much more in that state of being. 

Then as you look outside of you and you say ok so I don't have the money at this moment how can I still accomplish this and we see someone who is willing to do like a co-creative thing where they will, No. 1 take payments later on once they begin selling this, or No. 2 take a percentage of it and then that also comes up when things get sold later.  We also have a sense to tell you to look around at your marketing and the way that you're going to get this out. 

We have a sense of like contracts being written, or something happening and that once that happens that's another way to bring to the organization, or the company where you are going to make these DVDs, and to us it feels like it all comes together in that manner.  The other thing that we have to say to you is that we think that what you have in mind is excellent and it is going to be incorporated in this, but we would also say to you that there is nothing wrong with the 1st DVD being a little bit simpler, or just being something that even someone with the home video does and uses that as a demo to bring to other companies, other work forces and then we see it expanding from there.  Does that resonate with you beloved.

Yes that makes sense, yes.

We were just going to say, so when you get caught up and you say, "but I just don't have the money and I just don't have the abundance, I just don't", umm then that's what begins to bring your energy down, it constricts it around you, it holds it in close to you and there might be something within your periphery, whether it's a person, a business, anything else that is being missed because your energy is now constricted.  So now the key to keeping that open and expanded energy is when you are worried about the finance of one thing then look to something else that just feels really good.  For you we see that actually exercising, working with your muscles, stretching, that focus within that makes you feel really good it expands your muscles and releases those endorphins.  So do that, whether it's just a few simple stretches, whether it's looking around and noticing flowers, or the colors of the trees, or whatever it may be totally unrelated to the financial issue because we know that's what constricts you.  So any way possible that you can step into an expanded state will also drag in the financial part of it.

Oh thank you so much that helps so much.  Thank you.

You're very welcome and that's another way of indicating how, like during the journey when we said you are not just the physical body you are these other aspects and so letting all those other parts of you support you by shifting into something else that is joyful.  Maybe you're shifting into your divinity, maybe you're shifting into a different emotion, maybe you're shifting into whatever it may be but it doesn't matter because it is all a part of the whole.

Yes.  Thank you.

You're welcome.  This is a success.  It's just going to be great and we are very pleased for you and how far you have come.

Oh thank you so much with your help.   I appreciate it.  Namaste. 

You're welcome.  Ansaluia

Question:  Hello Goddess (Hello)  Thank you for your help and the beautiful healing leadership tonight.  I have gum problem a gum issue that doesn't matter what I'm doing, healing, breathing energy, asking everybody to help me it is just getting worse.  Can you help me and assist me to release this energy.

Answer:  We couldn't understand at first, were you talking about gums, like in your mouth with your teeth.  (Yes on my right side of my gum.)  OK alright so the first way that we want to link with you in order to help with this is invite you to open up your heart center and take a deep breath in, breathing in our essence and feel us as we flow up within you and let it go up into your mouth and into this space, and what it feels like it feels like there is some blocked energy, you are correct in that and we want to just let our focus go within.  We feel like there is just tiny little particles of things and so as we link with that, take in a deep breath - phew - and as you breath out we are consciously pushing out, or shifting that energy or getting rid of that.  It's like there were... we saw these circular things all along your gum line and all along in there that like each one was keeping things separated and separating the flow of energy into these little pockets. 

o as we clear through that we are clearing it out and releasing it and that's clearing out what was blocking it.  Then the next thing that we are doing is that we are focusing on this part of your bones and of the tissues, the soft tissues around your teeth and we have a sense of sending that light and sending that energy so that it moves through you and as it's moving through there it is illuminating through this area, there it goes - phew - we finally have a sense of it shifting.  Things that are in the bones are even more dense.  This felt to us as if it was more in the bones and it was manifesting also in the soft tissues, but it felt like it was originating in the bones and so we felt like we shifted out whatever it was and we allowed for even greater light and energy to move through that area and now we have a sense of drawing out the pain, drawing out the discomfort so that you can fully let go and release everything that has been hanging on around this.

Thank you it just felt so good to let it go.

Yeah you can feel the difference already can't you.

Yes and this is why whatever I did it didn't help and it just got worse and then the soft tissue got inflamed.  Thank you so much.

It did not feel like it was anything long term or anything else that you need to worry about, but what we would say to you is that for the next few days or a week or so just have that conscious sense of sending that healing light just moving through there to continue to stimulate the energy that it heals back that it comes back into that strength and that perfect alignment.

I will do that.  Thank you so much. 

You're welcome beloved.

Question: Hi! Thank you for the beautiful message that you had.  (You're welcome.) I wanted to ask - I have been starting to have my own healing practice - intuitive healing and energy work. I have a few people that I work with, but I feel like there has been a big expanding taking place lately, and maybe I'm going to start more towards the late fall, winter. This week I'm also starting to do full moon and new moon gatherings. I wanted to ask you if there's any insight to where I should take this.

Answer: We feel, as we look at you and we listen to you talk about these things; we feel that when you are in the process of working with each individual, it feels really good. There's an amazing flow of energy, and the intuitive information that comes through you, with each person just feels right and easy, and it moves through you with ease.

Then when you get outside of that space, and you think of marketing yourself, you think of getting your information out to people, that's when...It's not that you doubt yourself. We don't see that energy around you at all, but that's when you begin to get in that place of well, I'm bragging about myself if I'm marketing myself. It's like the energy is very different than anything that you have done before, and it's something that most everybody that has their own business, and they talk about what they do; it's something they have to move through until they become very comfortable with it. Does that resonate with you, Beloved?


Okay. So what we say would be important for you to do is to just talk with a few of your friends and just say ‘hey, could you help me with something that I'm trying to do.'  Then, either through the telephone or the computer or from talking with them, we don't recommend it in writing - well, if it works in writing that's fine - but there's something about the verbal-ness of it.  Let someone sit with you where you can simply say ‘you know what, I'm really good at being able to sense other people's emotions. I'm really good at being able to help a person shift the energy. I receive wonderful insights'.

All those things that might feel like they just get stuck in your throat or it's hard for you to do, let someone that's a good friend to you sit there and listen to you. The saying of it out loud or maybe even writing it, write it first then say it, somehow some way, that will allow you to become comfortable with saying it out loud so that when you are with a group of people, or strangers that you don't know, and they say ‘well, what do you do and are you any good at that?', you can easily say ‘yes, as a matter of fact, I am.' And, ‘yes, this is a gift that I've really been working with. Because, as with anything, when you've practiced it a few times; then it comes more easily the next time.   Does that resonate with you, Beloved?

Yes, I understand now. My guides wanted me to start making videos, recordings of my channelings and I've been resisting and instead I did Facebook and Twitter. It's not as powerful. I see what you're saying.

Well, Facebook and Twitter, the things you've done on there, have been, of course, very supportive of you and they've been just fine. We always emphasize to every person - take as many baby steps as you need. Take as long as you need. You're the only one that would judge or discern if this is too fast or two slow for you. If you do nothing more than Facebook and Twitter, that's completely fine.

But, we know that your intention is get out in a bigger way and that you have more that you want to offer. So the way that you can do that with greater ease...we think that YouTube is a great way to go. The DVD's is a great way to go. We think that whatever makes you feel joyful and happy as you're doing it is the way to go.

For the first step we think this talking to a friend and becoming very comfortable with expressing what you do and how you do it, is the first step for you. We see this as growing in a very simplistic way. We see that you do some through the Internet, but a lot of it seems, to us, that it has a lot to do with physically getting together in your local area. Is that correct?

Um, that's what I'm striving for in my home.

Yes, yes. Especially with the energies of the fall and the fall equinox coming on right here. Let that be your boosting off point. Let that be your goal. We just have a sense that a lot of people are really looking for something like this, especially that twice a month thing, like the new moon and full moon. Stuff like that, that's a fantastic way to get started. From that you will have private channels and private things come about too.

Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

It's been wonderful experiencing your energy. It's hard to even speak right now I'm feeling all this energy, after what you did [the meditation]. So, thank you.

Is this your first time joining us?

Second time.

Okay, good. Alright, well we are very pleased you were able to come and share this time with us and just let yourself express yourself through joy and through excitement.

Oh, thank you very much.

Question:  Hello Goddess?  (Hello.) I have a question about my chiropractor. I got a new one. Since she is doing **** on me I am in so much more pain. Everything that was stuck in one area now gets higher and sticks in other areas, and it's really uncomfortable. I just wanted to get your input on what is happening, and whether I should still see her or how can I deal with this.

We actually think that there might be a better chiropractor available for you. We see that there are other people around you who use other types of energy work, other than the chiropractor, that would be able to assist with shifting energy way better; whether it be Reiki, cranial sacral. There are so many types of energy work and healing work that people can do. We have a sense that there are others that are open and more accessible to these other energy healing modalities. When you put that in conjunction with the chiropractic, it allows a person to have their adjustment without having such strong symptoms and experiences that you've had.

It's just that in that particular school, I don't find anybody with that energy work.

We would say look through the yellow pages, talk to friends, look at various organizations, and see what might become available to you because we do have a sense that there are others that are becoming available.

The other thing that we would recommend to you, is with the journey tonight, the way that you could work with shifting a lot of that physical energy, and bringing in that greater balance of your other non-physical energy bodies - and letting that work through you, you can create a lot of those changes and shifts for yourself  prior to going in and having the adjustment. That would be another way that you could possibly not have as many of the symptoms.

Yeah, I get that because I was constantly fading in and out.

Well, you can come back and listen to it on the line through the call-in site or it will be available on the Goddess site in about a week. Or you can read it, whatsoever you want; it will be available to you again. Then you can actually follow the steps that I gave tonight, but you don't have to have those steps. That's but a guideline.

You can instead just breathe in with the conscious intention of creating a greater physical balance with your body and allowing the non-physical bodies or the non-physical energies around you to support you and to flow within you, so that there's a greater balance.

Yeah, is it the one issue that's always the same and it gets more and more and I can't release it? What do you see?

You know, that's too hard for us to say right now. It feels like it's more complicated than that. And it's something, you know, that would involve more than we can do right here. If you wanted to call Shelly for a private session that would absolutely be a way to work through it too.

As we look at you now, we just have a sense of it's about balance and we have a sense of someone that works with different types of energy, as they are doing the chiropractic, would be more beneficial to you. Regardless of who you go to, by you working and practicing and working with flowing a more balanced energy through you, will allow your physical body to integrate more of the non-physical energies, and that will help you to feel better.

Okay, thank you so much.

You're very welcome. 

[Deep breath] Alright and thank you everyone for your questions and for joining, joining us tonight. (It doesn't matter if you read this at a later date; you will still feel the full effect of the equinox energies.) As we are coming up here upon this fall equinox let yourself take an opportunity to stand there on the cusp of the equinox and look at what you've been integrating and look at how it's going to move forward from here. You have the ability to create the perfect balance within yourself. It's there, it's available to you. So I remind you to let the energies of the equinox flow through you in its state of complete balance and let that assist you as yet another way to find the balance within your own life, within your energy bodies and within you, the human manifesting your divinity.

I am ever with you and within,




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