2009 The Master Number ~ You as the Master of Balance

Nama sika; venia benya  I AM the one, I AM the whole ~ I greet you my beloved family! I reach out to each one and embrace you as you come into this space in which we gather. Welcome to a new year upon your earth, 2009, a master number.  A master year will unfold for each one of you and for the collective consciousness of the entire world.  As I am looking forward at the myriad potentials that are within and around each one of you and that are within and around everything happening upon the earth, I feel excitement.

You have all worked so diligently upon yourselves.  You have worked to create greater balance; you have worked to release experiences, behaviours, beliefs, energies that no longer work for you.  You have worked to create an existence that allows you to fully embrace your divinity within your daily life.  It is here; it is around you right now.

It may not have fully manifested within your physical existence.  But you are aligned, the potentials are here.  I keep hearing from so many individuals about the fear that emanates from so many people upon the earth at this time.  Yes, there are things that are different in your world.  Yes, some of the major institutions are experiencing a revitalisation.  Some of them will cease, others will emerge.  Yes, perhaps you in your own life are wondering what this is going to mean to you. 

As you live your life, as you speak to the people around you.  As you listen to the news or perhaps read the newspaper, you have the opportunity to tap into these emotions and these energies.  They are there; I do not deny that.

But my beloved family, that is but a drop in the bucket.  There is so much more available.  The solutions are available, just as yet not realised.  As I look at this year, as I look at everything happening, indeed change is occurring.  But I want you to know that this change is going to bring about even greater and greater amounts of joy, happiness, love, potential and the ability to create in your life. 

So as you are living your lives, keep in mind that what comes up in front of you is not the only option.  If you find yourself sinking into a depression, anger, fear, whatever it might be, remind yourself that you have other options.  There is always more than one potential.  There is always more than two.  Therefore, if you find your life is not moving in the direction that you would like, look for those other potentials.  I know this is much more than I usually speak at the very beginning, but I wanted to give this message to everyone before we even began the journey.

Take in a deep breath and if you are feeling anxiety, breathe in my essence.  Feel my positive belief in humanity, in the earth and most especially in each and every one of you.  Feel me, while you are here firmly grounded upon the earth.  Let my love, let my belief in you transcend anything else that you may be feeling.  And with that I invite you to take in a breath with the intention of anchoring.  Anchor down within your abdomen, within your heart center, and then release your consciousness.  Allow your consciousness to expand in such a way that you align with the magnetic grid.

As you merge with this area you can feel your Higher Self.  You come here on a regular basis as you transform any energies or essence that you seek to shift.  The magnetic grid itself is transforming.  There are more dimensions within this space, there are more pathways created that allow people to communicate with greater and greater ease.  Release the energies of this gridwork, allow yourself to move through.  There is an interlocking grid that then assists you in moving into the crystalline energies.

This is a network but it is completely different than the magnetic grid.  This network allows you to move between dimensions with greater ease.  It allows you to perceive more and more of what is within this space.  Look around, feel the essence of what this is to you.  From there I invite you to shift.  Allow your consciousness to move into the space of the soul plane.

Within the soul plane you may have a sense of each other but more so you have your own space within here and it feels as if you are coming home.  Feel your I Am presence.  You may call it up and it may come up from within you or you may feel it as it walks towards you.  Allow your consciousness to move throughout these other aspects of who you are.

You as a soul essence have had a multitude of various life existences.  As you are linking within yourself, allow your consciousness to expand in such a way that you have a greater perception of who they are or what they are, these other aspects of yourself.  From here, I the Goddess come into the space in which you are.  Feel me, see or sense my energies. 

Your vibration is shifting in such a way that you are actually able to perceive a much greater essence of who I am.  I encourage you to let your energies expand so that you take in as much of me as you are able to perceive.

I reach out and embrace you.  As I do so, allow your energies to merge with mine.  And that transmits or transforms this space into the All That Is.  As you are shifting into the All That Is, let your consciousness move out even further.  I invite you to see reflected back at you who you are from within your I Am presence.  First of all look and perceive the life existence that you are living right now. 

As you are able to perceive what this is, allow yourself to perceive the many threads of energy that move in and out of who you are.  Some of these threads of energy represent experiences that you are having right now.  Some of these threads represent experiences from your past and some as yet to be experienced in your future.  As you are looking at yourself, perceive the brilliant light that represents who you are as this soul essence.

As if to take a step apart from that, look around, look up, look down, look within, howsoever you perceive it.  You as your I Am presence are more than just this one life that you are currently living.  You are other life existences upon the earth.  You are non-physical energies out in the universe.  You perhaps have lived existences or currently are as the angels.  All of this information comes back to you within your I Am presence. 

As your I Am, you have the experiences, the information, and all that you need to access as you live this life.  This is you as source essence. This is you as your divinity.  And yes I am a part of that - I represent a different vibration and this vibration is becoming more and more integrated within you. 

I invite you in this moment to have a sense of once more looking around.  Perhaps there is something in your current life, an answer to a question, something that feels as if it has eluded you for all this time.  Bring it up and send that into this greater expanse of who you are.  As you send that impulse into your own divinity, it moves throughout and then I invite you to take a deep breath in, open up your senses, and allow it to come back to you.

There is so much available to you in this way.  As you are in this state of expansion, there are times when you may feel as if you are flooded with energies.  Invite the information to move into you in such a way that you are able to comprehend the message. 

We keep speaking of how so much is transforming upon the earth.  We speak about the ways in which the vibration is accelerating, the ways in which the dimensions are merging more and more with one another.  Some of you as you are moving through your days feel very comfortable with this and understand completely how to work with these energies. 

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of those opportunities if you want to call them that or some of these ideas.  If you have your own way of working with this, then just let these words flow through and around you.

When you are in your daily life and everything is going well, you feel good; you have a lot of energy, close your eyes for just a moment and breathe deeply within yourself letting that feel-good energy move all the way through you.  When you feel the consistency, when you feel a desire to know more, then breathe in that same breath, that same feeling and this time as you are breathing in, within your physical body and within your consciousness, look, feel, sense what that feeling is that you are breathing in.  You know what it is like in your daily life, but this is how you connect with it from the space of your expanded awareness. 

So take that one more step further.  Take one more breath in and as if you are opening up a door or a window, let everything expand and consciously allow your energies to become even more transparent or lighter.  Again you are looking, sensing, feeling with your inner eyes, with your inner knowing, with all of your senses.  And now as you look around you, what do you see?  You may see the same things you always saw.  If you do this and you're sitting in your living room, indeed all your living room furniture will still be there.  But you will also see those aspects of your living room of which you were not aware.  There is a greater light; you may perhaps sense your angels and guides.  But mostly allow yourself to perceive who you are in this expanded space.

Are you able to perceive that your energy field stretches out far beyond you, the physical person?  As you look at yourself and the space around you, can you see those particles of energy that flow through the space?  As you look from this expanded consciousness, can you see the potentials of what your life can be?  Those things that you have been seeking to manifest are here in this existence.  Feel what it is to know that it is already done, its right here. 

Take another deep breath and as you do so, consciously bring all of that energy into you, anchor it down within your physical body.  Look around and you will see that all you seek to manifest has come even closer; closer into your energy field, closer into your life.  Now is a time to ask if there are any steps that need to be taken, but again perceive them from this space of inner knowing.  If you become too analytical it will seem as if things are shutting down, or your perceptions diminish.  Simply take in the answer or the experience or the awareness and you will receive the interpretation or the understanding once it has fully integrated. 

You may have a sense of anchoring a bit more within yourself.  If you go around with your senses so very expanded, you may sometimes become over stimulated or you may sometimes find yourself getting caught up in so much more than what is here in front of you.  Allow yourself to learn what works for you. 

It may be that you allow your senses to expand fully for moments or minutes at a time.  It may be that you do this only when you choose to pray or meditate, but quite frankly I see the majority of you expanding into this much greater perception, receiving information and then bringing yourself back into what is your norm.  It's as if you expand, contract, expand, contract, throughout your day.  There is so much available for you.  This is but an opportunity to assist you in recognising just how much is available for you.

You seek balance within your life.  As you look at whatever may be happening to the world around you, the world is seeking balance and you-- by acknowledging your own balance within yourself, by breathing in, feeling it and knowing it for your reality--are working with all the others doing the same thing and this will assist in creating balance upon the earth. 

The more times that people intentionally put forward their own balance and let that emanate from them the greater potential it gives for others to align with.  But even for yourself, if you should become caught up in some of the drama, some of the fear, some of the whatever, then breathe into your space of balance that you have already created.  Let it flow into you.

As you are so deeply connected with your I Am presence, you are completely balanced.  You have the alignment within so that you may find the answers to some questions, or how to manifest what you seek to have.  As you remain more connected within yourself there is a greater ease in finding balance within and letting that emanate out throughout your life.

You have so much available to you; you have so many potentials within and around you.  You are starting another year upon your earth.  As we speak of the greater and greater amount of consciousness coming in, it is this consciousness from this space; it is this connection that everyone has available to their own I Am presence. 

The greater consciousness coming in is the crystalline vibration.  Working with the crystalline energies is different; that's why you hear over and over ‘things are different'. And so often people have no idea what that is.  So as you choose to work with the crystalline vibration, or to work with these expanded potentials, this breathing deeply, this expanding your consciousness and aligning with your I Am presence is how you work with these new energies coming forth upon the earth. 

The other aspect of the crystalline vibration that is important for you to remember is that this is about creating an alignment and merging with that alignment.  If you try to force experiences to happen, if you try to force people or yourself to do whatever you think is necessary, it pushes you out of alignment and therefore creates barriers to what you want to manifest.  So when you vibrate in this alignment, when you seek to bring more and more of it into your daily life, remember to allow the alignment to occur.  Allow your energies to seek their natural reflection in all that is around you.  Again, let that flow through you.

So with these tools if you want to call them that, with these steps, with these experiences for you to utilise as you are living in your day; take that all in and let it move through you.  Release any analytical response, simply absorb, feel, sense and know that it is a part of you.

I invite you to come back and form a group or create a circle.  As you come together I look at you and there is such brilliance reflected within this space.  Each of you have so expanded your own personal energy, your own personal light, and you yourself are aligned within it.  This is a direct reflection of everything that we've just done.  So this group is filled with light, it's more transparent but there is still that central aspect within each one of you that makes you human. 

Within the center of the group you see emerging the hologram of the earth.  This hologram you recognise, you see the earth, but look also with your expanded knowing and you can see those other dimensions that are coming out or emanating from the earth.  These are the levels of consciousness that are being integrated at this time.  These are predominantly crystalline in vibration.  Feel what that is or sense what that is as you look at this hologram of the earth.

Look within and perceive that essence of the crystal within the center of the hologram.  Lady Gaia comes forth, she makes herself known.  Perceive how Lady Gaia herself is transforming.  As the earth moves through this shift in consciousness so too is the aspect of her with which you connect.  There is a new resonance that she emanates.  Let it move through all of you as she transmits her expression of love, of joy.  She too sends her message that no matter what happens upon the earth, the earth will continue to transform and will continue to balance. 

So as she returns into the center of this hologram, I invite each one of you to transmit your own balanced energies into the hologram.  And as you are doing this, allow your expanded perceptions to take in what is occurring.  It is as if there are certain potentials that are being released from the hologram due to the increased amount of balance that is being transmitted. 

The hologram begins to shift, it moves in such a way that it moves downward or into the physical earth itself.  As the hologram transports or moves through the magnetic grid, it sends out an impulse of balance and alignment.  It continues moving downward and that crystal that you had discerned within the hologram links with and anchors with the actual physical crystal within the center of the earth. 

The energies of the hologram then expand outward, they move out filtering from within the center of the earth, moving through the physical earth, coming out through the ground, moving through the waters, the trees, through everything.  It moves through the humans, the animals and continues outward until it once more passes by the magnetic grid and into the crystalline grids.  You may sense how you the human is shifting so as to create an alignment with these energies that pulsate from that crystal within the earth. 

Release that essence, or that alignment, and allow your consciousness to move backwards or move outward once more so that you align within the space of the All That Is.  You release the other individuals that are around and you allow yourself to move through the soul plane.  Within this space you have a sense of letting go those aspects of your I Am presence that will remain within this space. 

As your consciousness continues to move downward, it moves through those crystalline grids, the magnetic grid, and it moves down into you the human in this existence.  But there is an even greater thread, cord, column, whatsoever you want to call it, that allows for the communication and the connection to your I Am presence to be even stronger than what it has ever been.  So from your space in which you may be sitting or lying, take a deep breath in and allow that connection to come down, filling you up, surrounding you with the essence of your own divinity.  Allow as much of this as you can fully integrate, to be here and remain with you. 

You may practice as you are coming out of this space looking at your life with those inner eyes, looking around you again with those inner eyes.  Feel what this is.  This is here already, this is you as you shift and expand your consciousness.  This is reaching out to align with the crystalline energies around you.  This is allowing your own crystalline essence to become a more integrated part of who you are. 

Feel the balance, feel the inner knowing.  Feel the peace, the awareness, the tranquillity that comes from this space of balance.  And as you once more breathe in anchoring more deeply within yourself, send out as if from your heart center that balanced essence, that crystalline vibration.  You with your inner knowing, send it all outward.  As it moves through it will move through your home, the other people around you, you can send it to your work, your groups, a community, your state, your country, and around the world. 

From this state of inner connection, this state of balance, it doesn't matter what's happening around you.  It doesn't matter what other people may be saying; you have this oasis in which you may always come to nurture yourself, to strengthen yourself, and to find the peace that you may be missing in other aspects of life. 

With that, we release the energies of this journey.

I invite you come back within this room if you questions for me.  You may press *7 upon your phone and that will allow you to speak with me.  I am open to receive your questions. 

Question: (paraphrased) Hello!  What would you like to say to me about where I am on my journey through life? 

Answer:  That is a question, as you can tell by how long I paused, that has many different answers.  When you ask something like immediately what comes to mind is going from point A to point B and where are you along this pathway.  But this is so limiting because you are wherever you are.  As we look at you from a spiritual perspective and see where you were when you came into this life, where some of your goals were and where you are right now; we see you as quite deeply evolved.   We see you as having manifested a great deal of what you sought to bring into your life.  When we look at you in other perspectives we have a sense that what you put forth to do in this lifetime has already been completed.  It was completed when you assisted to bring in the energies of the quantum leap.  It was completed when you put forth to create a type of mediation or business that allows for a more open communication.  So in many regards we see many of these things as having already been accomplished.  So when we look at you now by stepping it up into the more vastness of the crystalline energies it actually opens more alternatives of what you can do with your life, where are you going and what is here for you.  We could say to you it's actually quite limitless.  We see that what you've been doing in the past has in some ways become a little bit boring.  But you are also growing in leaps and bounds in ways you don't understand all the time.  We would say to you: breathe deeply, expand into the crystalline vibration and you feel the inner knowing of when you are on the right path.  We see you as very strong.  We see you as more self confident than you ever have been before.  We see you as someone who has a very specific intention in life; yet there is an openness within you that allows for the unexpected to come in and play.  That beloved is how we would see you in this life. 

I guess I mostly meant the difficult situation I'm in; but in the context of what you said, thank you.

You are welcome.  Again, speaking of the communication, when you speak of this one particular situation since you brought it to our consciousness; it feels like it has become stagnant, like it's not moving anywhere.  This is in part there is aspect of you that does not believe you've moved beyond it or that the other individuals are not in the same alignment with you.  We say to you, continue to be this person who has evolved in the way you have.  Believe that you have accomplished what you sought to accomplish.  Breathe in that expanded state of awareness that allows you to tap into these even greater potentials.  You will find that particular incident will diminish. 

You had said at one point that I wasn't finished with why I brought it on.  That is partly why no matter what I've done the work on myself and this situation would not go away.  Am I done now with everything I wanted to do with this? Or that my higher self wanted to do? 

Our perception of you is that it is done.  If it's continuing to hang around you, and then look to your ego, look to your personality, look to your human self and see what might be holding onto it.  From a spiritual perspective, it's done it's in the past.

Thank you!   You're welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) You have said with the lady before me that she was stagnant and that's the way I feel.  As if I'm getting anything done and I'm standing still. 

Answer: Okay, we see the reason it feels as if you are standing still.  As we look at you we see a disconnect within you.  We see in your spirituality, in the work you are doing in your studies as you've sought to become more of the empowerment of your divinity, your spirituality; that part is getting fuller and stronger within you.  Then the human person who's involved in your daily life who still goes about those same relationships, who still is looking at the world from those old eyes, so to speak.  That aspect is not fully believing or trusting that this integration is taking place.  That is why we have a sense of you as being disconnected.  As we speak with you now, as we see you; we the group with the Goddess and the Goddess herself are working with your energies in an attempt to blend your divinity with your human experience.  So take a couple of breaths in and breathe in a fully blended awareness of who you are.  There you go, --she took a deep breath-- we can feel that shifting.  Therefore if you find yourself standing still or not making progress, consciously bring in that blending each time that you feel that stagnant or standing still sensation.  And then, if you expand your energies like you did on this journey as you look at these relationships, as you look at these experiences; then look for ways in which you can either have a new perception or move in another direction or that there is more around you that is available to you.  You will even see that some of these relationships you've had for a long time will transform in such a way because you will see that individual in a new way they in response will see you in a new way. So from here forth, we would remind you that you are fully blended, that you are expanded in your own daily life and allow that to be fully a part of what is occurring with you. 

Thank you so much!  I appreciate that. 

Can you feel the difference since we assisted in blending your energies?

Yes, I'm feeling it in my solar plexus and my heart.

Exactly, good going! So this is a physical sensation that you can always refer back to.  Bring up the memory of this and say ‘yes I am blended' it might be as strong in future times, but it be a reaffirmation that things are indeed shifting. 

Question: (paraphrased) Thank you for the wonderful journey!  I've been listening to your channels for a long time.  I felt this tremendous progress on a spiritual level and with my I AM presence.  But I am stuck with one area which is Candida imbalance, which keeps coming back.  I have determined I will be able to eat anything and will not be limited in any way.  There is an emotional component there.  I've researched plenty and thought it was more self love or better boundaries.  I need to know what I need to do to eradicate this. 

Answer: Now we see that there have been so many various illnesses if you want them that, or infections, or imbalances that will come to a person as a means of saying ‘hello, wake up, look at this'; this is what this has been for you.  As you have worked with this over this very long period of time and it feels like it's been years, you have worked on your emotions; you have worked on this step by step by step for what you need to do to release this.   As we look at you, we are trying to discern if there are any fragments or anything left; there is one small particle and we honestly don't believe this is the whole of it.  Wait a minute, we have downloaded too much and need to give Shelly a chance to integrate it.  What we want to say to you is that you have moved through, you've done everything; you don't need to do anything else to release the Candida within your body.  That one particle Shelly was picking up on is the residual within your digestive tract.  It is more so the physical memory of what you have been working with.  We honestly have a perception that as you've been working with yourself you've been working to integrate the I AM presence and the higher balance within yourself.  We see that it goes through and you work with it on a cellular level.  We even see that you have worked with it in your digestion.  This is not at this moment about self love.  It may have been in the past. 

But if you work with your body and just gently breathe so that every breath you take in, you are taking in a greater balance.  But consciously, rather than seeing it go through your circulation and your energy chakras, actually feel as if you are swallowing it and it does down from your mouth through your entire digestive tract.  This is a sense of a particle of light or a sparkle of light that moves through your digestive tract from the very beginning to the end.  This sparkle of light is going through and cleaning out creating balance and it's creating alignment.  It feels to us as if this is the final phase of what you need to do.  As we look at you it does not at this point feel like it's related to food, it does not feel like it's related to self esteem, it doesn't feel like it's related to anything.

It's not about boundaries? It's not that I need to set boundaries with other people?

It may have been in the past, but it's not what I'm picking up on at this time. 

Wonderful!  Wonderful.

This feels to us like your body has been doing this for a very long time so it triggers it like it's a memory of what you're supposed to do.  You've done all the many, many levels of clearing for yourself.  There honestly is nothing that we'd like you to do further other than this sparkle of light move through your physical body.  As you do that it's as if it is shifting the physical memory within your physical body. 

So it's the imprint that remains. 

Well, it's somewhat the imprint, but it's also the habit.  The habit of ‘I eat certain foods, I have this reaction'.  It's that habit or imprint; howsoever you want to describe it.   That is what we sense is going on.  You can create a situation: ‘Oh, I'm not setting my boundaries, I'm having a reaction', okay, then that's your reality.  ‘Oh gee, I'm not as gentle and loving with myself, I'm having a reaction'.  That too can be your reality. 

It's a change in consciousness also isn't it?

Exactly!  So I want to say to you is affirm that everything you've done, everything you've cleared, everything that's happened is complete!  From here forth reaffirm for yourself any time it may come up that this is not about any issue, this is about me remembering to eat, drink, swallow the particle of light and continue to just transform the actual linking of your digestive tract. 

I love it! I love it!  I love hearing about the particle of light because that is exactly what I work with.   And you know what Goddess?  I healed myself in this last year with light and energy.

Exactly, exactly.

I've been disabled, I've been home and I thought what do I have to do but heal myself. 


That's been my intention and if I can do it, anyone can do it!

We thank you for that affirmation for yourself and for everyone else.  I agree completely and it is done.

Can I ask another question?  What about the inner child?  Is it true that we have inner child issues? Do I have one within me that's wounded?

Humans have multiple inner children if you want to call them that. They are aspects of you that have been hurt or created usually as a means of protecting or assisting you.  As you move on in your life and get beyond an experience, that inner child can become a hindrance or a blockage.  So yes, the inner child is but one way of talking about aspects.  It was something with you that was originally created with a purpose, but then you move beyond that.  There are many times that you do develop aspects of yourself and naturally through the evolution of your life, they resolve. 

Do I have a crying, wounded inner child within me?  

At this point we don't see anything in particular that is coming to our attention.  We sense there is something or was something you were working with that had to do with this Candida, but as we look at you we see you as balanced and integrated. 

I am balanced and integrated?  Thank you, it has been a pleasure doing the journey and I thank you for your journeys.

You are welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased)  I've been working as a nurse for many years and with this new energy system, I've always been able to walk the both sides of it; doing healing work in an expanded way in addition to the physical.  I am no longer able to accomplish what I can a nurse in the physical, but I don't see an option of getting out of this financially.  I've also noticed great changes with fluctuations in my vision as this energy is moving through me.  I'd appreciate any insights you have for me.

Answer:  Your choice is to continue to work in some form or another of the nursing career because of your income.  As we are saying that, there is a part of you that feels frustrated with having to go there.  It's not necessarily as if you resent having to go to work, but it felt like there was not a complete acceptance of having to go to work.  Is that correct? Is that what you are feeling now?

That is correct.  I am physically very tired of the job itself and would love to find myself in a more expanded situation. 

Right, right.  Now what we see are a couple of different things.   First and foremost we would like for you to work with your own perceptions about the career you have chosen; about being in traditional medicine and integrating non traditional aspects.  We see that you've actually done a great deal as you said.  You have brought into your career and into the people and patients around so much on so many different levels.  Much you are conscious of, much you are unconscious of.  We have a sense that in talking to people you actually opened a door for many different potentials of beliefs and ideas to be awakened within these other individuals.  So we see how you have done such a great deal and we want to acknowledge that for you and express our strong support for all that you have done. 

In looking forward we see you moving into something that is more like teaching.  It feels as if it's still in the medical profession.  But it's a different type of work that gives you more flexibility and more creativity.  It feels as if it's within a certain department.  Have you been in a hospital or some sort of a hospital?

Right now I'm working in a surgery center that's a part of a hospital dealing with pediatrics. 

Yeah, because it didn't feel to use like it was on the floor or regular floor nursing. 

It's same day surgery.

Okay, what a wonderful place to work with the energies of the surgery center and those children as they are coming in.  What we see is either with that hospital or another there is a family education or some sort of education that is being created. The focus is shifting in such a way we actually have a sense your hospital is somewhat progressive and if it's not yours; it's one similar to yours.    This center feels very progressive and is opening new programs about healing and bringing in spiritual, physical and emotional aspects of healing.  We see you actually working with people in a teaching modality.  It may be touching on these expanded consciousness or other things, but we see you teaching in front of a classroom but also going through (the hospital).  We see you stepping out of the surgery center and into where we see a regular hospital working with people one on one and in front of a classroom. 

That would be wonderful!

This is very strong because we got so many details from it.  So keep your eyes open for what might come along the way.  Keep your senses open that this or something similar something that resonates wit you in such a way.  We do see you making a change in your job so that the strain on your eyes won't be felt as much because you won't have to use your eyes in the same way.  You will have creativity and flexibility in the hours you are working or in what you are doing.

Wonderful!  Thank you so much for that vision.

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) the situation I have been experiencing so long with my ex husband; would you suggest if I should stand still or do something differently.  I need to do something to improve my financial situation for myself and my children. 

Answer:  When we have a sense of looking at you and your ex-husband, we sense a lot of energy about control and manipulation and anger and frustration.  That is what is keeping you in this place where your hands are tied you and not moving forward.  We sense he is able to draw you into these arguments and experience where you get caught up in the drama.  What we would suggest is that when you by yourself, when you have some time to breathe inside of yourself and your own energy connection and consciously go through and disconnect from him, because we see where you are still connected to him.  You may think you are connected because you have children and you were together for so long, but we actually see energy connection that keep you aligned with one another.  If you will take an opportunity and go through to remove these energy connections let yourself become fully cognizant of being complete and whole within yourself.  Allow yourself to feel what it is to be disconnected from him.  We sense it will feel different to you at first. It may be you feel you are ‘missing' something.  That is how strong this presence is within you.  Once you have done that and you become comfortable within yourself, at that point we have a sense if he tried to reengage you in the drama again it will be much more difficult and allow you to take a stand or to move forward in this relationship and moving past it.  Does that make sense to you?

In a way.  What about the court issues that he brings that I don't have any money to defend myself?   Should I just let go that?  What about the children?

We see that there are perhaps.... (sigh-Shelly is getting tired)  We see a lawyer or maybe it's a mediator who is standing in the middle of you.  We don't see a lawyer specifically on your side. If you release these cords and these connections to him, then as you begin to look around yourself and say ‘where can I get a lawyer even if I don't money' or ‘where can I get the mediation' or what can I do to move past this.  Then as you are looking on the internet or looking at the media something will come to you.  Someone will speak to you about it or you will see an advertisement. Somehow someway you will get the knowledge that will assist you in being able to let this go.  Are you in school?  We have a sense of you getting some training and then going to work in something you have not done in the past. 

Hmmm I have no idea what that could be.

It has to do with computers or maybe it's working on a computer in this class you will take.  Through assistance of some sort there are things available that will help train you in something.  We see there is money available from your husband, or ex-husband but he is not being cooperative about it, he's using it as a means of control and manipulation.    Once you disconnect and he can no longer control through that, if it gets put into the courts than he has to comply.  It feels as if the divorce is final, is it final?

It's been final for 8 years, but he hasn't paid me child support for the past year and a half. 

Going into the courts, there are means that work at getting this money that does not have to cost you money if you look in the courts or contact the people around you.  We then see you trained in a new type of work that will allow you to support your children. 

Thank you.

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess I'd like to know if there are any specifics you see for me in the next 6 months or so regarding work.

Answer:  We have a sense in looking at your career..... are you trying to do something different with your work?  At this point we feel blankness around you. 

Yes, that's the point.  I can't even imagine.  All the energy has stopped and if I try to go through imaging it, I can't. 

So in looking at you and trying to figure out why this stopped and you can't perceive opportunities around you. The next step we come upon, there is a part of you that is being practical, I'm being human, I have to do what I need to do to make a living; therefore I need to have a job.  Then there is another part of you that is saying ‘But I'm a spiritual individual, I'm living a spiritual life, I'm living an expanded life; I don't need to have a job, I just need to be in my stated.  I will receive information and I can exist in this manner'.  This may be a little more the extreme than what you are conscious of.  But that is what we see within you.  That part of you is looking for a job but a part of you is thinking to be spiritual means you don't need to work.  It is creating resistance within you.

Yeah, but it's not that I don't want to work.  It's just that I've worked so long on something for so many years and have an expertise in something but I haven't been able to use it.  But I love to work, I want to work.

So this perception that we have that feels as if something is getting in the way for you is probably something unconscious.  What we would recommend that you do is, do with us right now.  Close your eyes for a minute.  Let go of all your thoughts.  Let go of everything around you.  Take a deep breath in, breathing into your heart. As you do that, as you breathe out, clear out the energy we are picking up on, clear out any resistance, clear out anything within you around getting a job.  Now as we look at you-sometimes what happens when you don't find work is that you create a (belief) that "I can't find work, I can't find work" which in turn creates a resistance too.  So what you have done in consciously choosing to let it go and release it, it's like you have cleared the energy field around you.  Then as you consider what can you do for work, where is work..... it still feels to us that there is something you need to do.  We sense maybe a different career around you.  We sense a lot of change around you, what's happening and even where you might be going.  Have you been thinking of moving? 

I've felt like I was going to be moving, maybe in the summer.

Especially when you say this is during the summer, the move may or may not have anything to do with what we are picking up on.  We have a sense of temporary work.  It feels like it's around the move.  So it may be that you move and then you get the temporary work or the temporary work comes first.  We actually are feeling as if starting in the end of January, this month we are in, like there is something that comes across your knowledge or way that is not something you've looked at before.  But there is something about it that peaks your interest.  So we do see you starting to work and it feels like it's in an office and you're on a team or with a group of people.  This doesn't feel like the type of work you've wanted to do; you feel more so like a healer or someone I communication or in some sort of creative expanded work. 

I've located I think census work. That may be what you are picking up. 

Yes, so this is something we have a sense you would do for the time being.  It feels as if you are still in process of creating what you want to do in the long term.  I know you are saying I've been doing this for so ever, why isn't it complete?  Perhaps there is an aspect of you that needs to recognize it is complete.  Perhaps what you need to realize that as you are looking for in a job is in a different direction as you make a right hand turn.  What I mean by that is think of different ways to use your skills and open up to other potentials of how to use them.  It may not be your first choice, but it will open up doors in the long run. We just see that a transition needs to take place and then other opportunities will come to you.  


You have a great many skills within you and in some regards it's as if you have so many different potentials to choose from, which ones do I choose?  You have the energy of that around you.  We don't mean by potentials that there are job opportunities you are turning down right and left.  But more so there is so much you can do that when you go into a job interview and you have 10 different skills and the job would use only 2 and you think ‘but I want a job that will use 5 of my skills'.  So we would just have you be aware.  Look around at what other opportunities are out there that maybe are utilizing your skills in a way you have not looked it the past. 

Okay, thank you.

You are welcome.

Gooddess?  I'm sorry we are going to have to close for tonight, Shelly is getting too tired.  I hope you will come back again perhaps ask a question at that time. 

Alright, so for that individual and for everyone else, just take a moment and let yourself breathe in and with any question that may be upon your heart or that you may be seeking answers for: breathe in and let yourself expand, allow your senses to expand as they did on the journey, allow all those potentials around you to come to your awareness and then look with your inner eyes, feel with your inner senses and be open to allow anything that may come your way.

This year 2009 is a year of creating balance, a year of creating alignment.  As you become more crystalline in your vibration, as you work with these higher vibrational energies, remember to focus upon being in alignment with what you seek to have.  Release trying to force something to work, release any old beliefs that may no longer work for you.  Allow yourself to be fully in this moment who you are in your divinity, and who you are as this human walking upon the earth.

I am ever with you.




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