2012 & The Crystalline Energies

This was a really interesting journey. The Goddess created a place to allow each of us to feel our connection to our divinity. She assisted everyone with opening, then increasing the flow and from there we looked back for a different perception of the earth. Once we had the perception of the earth, she began talking about all that was taking place. She spoke of 2012 and the information being published. She spoke of flowing our energies between dimensions. Much of this was to not only provide information, but assist in releasing fears people may have.

We had a perception of Ariellis, the new Earth, and our current physical earth. As the Goddess spoke of the energies, it was very clear to see the differences in the vibrations, the perceptions and movement. As she spoke of people and their reaction, it was amazing to see the ease with which people would be moving between these two places. I have heard many people ask if they are going to just disappear one day or if their family members would and she said no. She said there will be people shift and do so on a permanent basis, but it will be with a conscious choice and notification to family and friends. I could feel relief that poured through people.

The Goddess then once again brought in the Lightbody energies. She said this is the same as the crystalline energies that so many people are speaking about. As each person integrated more and more of this energy, there was a clearing and a shift that took place. Each person had the ability to flow into a place of greater ease. We could also see the universe including planets, stars, ET’s, space ships all that were creating alignments so as to assist with this transformation on earth. The expanded perception created an impact on everyone and the opening perception brought in more awareness.

As the earth moves into its crystalline age, each of us can be in a place of alignment and allowing.


Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family. I always appreciate this time that we have to share with one another. As you allow yourself to go more fully within your own self, feel as if everything within and around you is coming forth, gathering the energy so as to completely support you in all of who you are.

This is you as you are here within this space. This is you as you allow yourself the opportunity to link not only with me but with all the other energies or all the other essence that are here to share this time with you.

We spoke a number of times during the month of August about how intense it was, about how strong the energies were, about the potential for transformation and through all of that many of you felt as if you were thrown for a loop. Many of you felt as if everything that you knew was transformed into something different; sometimes something that you knew not what it was about.

And yet on the flipside of that there were many of you who had the opportunity to expand even further and experience their lives even more with these energies. And that is a part of the interesting aspects of being a human. There’s always such a wide diversity of the reactions that people have and the potential for wherever you may go.

I invite you to experience yourself. I invite you to let yourself feel as if your heart is wide open. And you breathe deeply, breathing all the way down within you.

As you are ready to do so I invite you to take this opportunity to let go of your physical reality. I invite you to let yourself expand as if your energy moves up from within you, it moves out into the space of the magnetic grid. Some of you may simply feel this as the space of your divinity.

Let your energies flow with ease. As you acclimate here within this space let yourself pause; let yourself feel these energies. And then as if you shift once more, shift into the space of the crystalline grid or for some it may feel as if you just shift into a higher perception or a lighter, finer dimension of your higher self.

As you let go of the magnetic grid you feel yourself becoming even more transparent. Let go; let yourself become more fully who you are. Shift once more so that you may move into the space of the soul plane.

As you find yourself moving within this space reach out towards your divinity. As you do so you have a sense of your I AM presence, of your divinity, as it comes up here to reach out and merge with you.

Here as your conscious essence of who you are in this lifetime, you have a perception of your divinity. Your sense of your divinity may be limited by your perceptions as a human but you open to allow for this expansion as you merge.

I the Goddess move here within this space. I reach out to each one of you. I reach out to be able to embrace, to be able to merge my energies even more fully with you. As I do so we all shift into the space of the All That Is. Feel yourself as if you are flying free. Feel your energies as they expand in every direction.

As we come together within this space I would like to take a few minutes to speak with you. I invite you to take stock of what your perception is of you here in the All That Is where you are more fully merged with your divinity.

Some may have a sense of feeling differently, some may see things differently, some may just have a cognizant awareness. And others it may be as if it’s all the same but you are open to the potential that it is different.

Whatsoever that may be I invite you to stop and take a moment to recognize where you are right now and what your perception is.

Look towards the Earth. As you look towards the Earth open your senses and just take in the essence of whatever it is that comes to your awareness. And allow that perception to rest in the back of your mind so to speak. And now feel my energies and I will enhance for each of you whatever it is that comes within your awareness.

There’s such a flow of energy, such a flow of love, such a flow of abundant awareness. It moves through all of you.

Okay, I know there are many different people who speak of the changes coming into the Earth. I know there are many different thought processes about 2012 and the Mayan calendar. I know that many of you are involved in your own process of ascension as it pertains to the Earth.

I know how so much is transitioning that is a part of the collective consciousness and that is a part of each person on their own specific journey. There is a common thread of belief or understanding around 2012 and that is that the Earth’s cycle of which the Mayan were so involved with putting forth as intention or awareness is completing itself.

There are those that are the doomsayers who predict that the Earth will end but I think if you consider the media that is not as prevalent as it was several years ago because enough of the collective consciousness has shifted.

As you stand on this threshold looking forward it is as if you are stepping forth into something completely different than what it has ever been in the past. Is the world going to transition in such a way that people seem to disappear? Most likely not. Is the world going to shift in such a way that people flow more easily between dimensions? Absolutely.

As people are moving more easily through the dimensions not only upon the Earth but as they align with the Universe there will be those who choose to shift into a higher consciousness and then remain within that space.

If an individual chooses to take this route it will be done so with the intention that the people left behind are fully aware in one form or another. So that fear that people have that they may evolve off of this planet and their loved ones are left behind to wonder is something that should be put to rest.

As this new era becomes more fully a part of the Earth there are more and more bonds that will link Ariellis and Earth. Ariellis is a name that I and many others use to refer to the New Earth.

As people speak of the New Earth they are tapping into different phases or aspects of what it is and now as I am speaking of all these things I invite you to look around and experience for yourself what is your reality.

You can see the changes taking place upon the Earth. You can see the alignments with Ariellis. So drink in your awareness and let my words put forth a potential for you to experience as you so choose.

From the time of the year 2000 everything has become accelerated. It’s actually been many hundreds of years that was preparing for this transition with things becoming much more accelerated throughout the 20th century and here into the 21st.

You may remember experiencing the conscious shift as the Earth moved into the fourth dimension which took place in about 2008. Many people considered that to be what would happen in 2012 but it was but a preface. There are still many changes, some magical, that will be experienced between now and next year.

When December of 2012 finally arrives and passes by, in some regards it will be a dramatic relief. It is as if there is a pressure cooker that’s building and building and building and I invite everyone to breathe in and as you breathe out just let go; let go any pressure or tension that may be in alignment with you in regards to this.

So these are the changes for the Earth itself as the Earth continues this ascension process have a sense of looking down with expanded consciousness and open to perceive the way the Earth itself consciously expands and as it does so see how things continue to clear out in the etheric aspects of the Earth.

I invite you to make a conscious choice to allow the flow of energy to assist you through this time. Another one of the reasons I wished to speak with you and show you all of this from this perspective was so that you would have your own knowledge and then as you read the various things that are published and will be published, you will know what is your truth and what is your reality.

You will hear things from myself and many others that will add to this, that will make it more full and more a reality. But one of the questions I kept hearing over and over from people is do they need to expect the intensity that took place in August or will it be easier?

Indeed it will be both. Sometimes this sense of intensity is because it’s bringing up for you things that are most prevalent in your energy field or your energy body and it’s there for you to transition. If you are in a place of resistance it gives one a sense of being even more traumatic.

As you create a balance for yourself, as you allow yourself to link in to the energies of the Universe and the energies of your light body, it will help you with easing all of this. Take a deep breath in and breathe out resistance. Breathe out resistance in whatever form it may have for you.

Now breathe in and breathe out, letting go energies that no longer work for you.

And now as if to shift your perspective, have a sense of shifting your perception so that you look away from the Earth itself and look either into the greater aspect of your divinity or look towards the Universe; whatever perception feels best for you.

As you look in this direction, I invite you to open to your lightbody energies. This is that crystalline energy that is of the vibration of the Universe that is so much more fully coming into the Earth.

Sometime in the future people will begin to speak of not just four energy bodies but five. Some may call it their crystalline body, some may call it their lightbody as we do, or it could be some other name that has yet not been developed.

This is what assists you in finding a greater balance for yourself in your everyday life.

As you stand here in the space of your divinity and in the space of your pure consciousness, I invite you to make a choice to open up and let this energy flow within you so that it may create a greater alignment. We feel how some people are having physical reactions to this as if they feel too tight in their skin, as if their heart may hurt, as if their head hurts.

So if you are feeling physical reactions, consciously open up your energy body even further with the intention that this flows through you with a much greater ease. Sometimes in your everyday life when you are having physical symptoms it is because of this imbalance within you.

These energies are pouring into the Earth and you have access to them as much or as little as you so choose.

Breathe in deeply. Feel yourself as you’ve become this lightbody energy or this crystalline energy.

Look towards the Universe. With this expanded awareness fully within your consciousness open to whatever new perceptions you may have. There are stars and planets; there are ships that contain what you refer to as the ETs. All of this is available to you as you reach towards this space.

There is a lot of discussion about the ETs coming closer into the Earth and directly interacting with the people upon the Earth. This is true, it is happening in such a way.

Again as I speak that I can feel some people shifting into a place of fear. May I simply state to you several things? First of all the Earth has expanded into a higher consciousness so that those ETs that in the past caused problems for you are no longer vibrationally compatible. So in other words even if they were to wish to come and cause their problems again upon the Earth they would be unable to do so.

Secondly there may be some of you that have had an experience or something that leads to a sense of fear within you so what we’re speaking of is something that’s a very basic instinct within you. And I can hear how some of you are acknowledging, yes, that is a reality for you.

So if indeed there is something within you, look at yourself, look at your memories, look at your awareness, and take a deep breath down into whatever link that may be until you align and then breathe out and let it go.

For some it may be as if there is a hard wire within your electrical system aligned with this. Some people may also call it an implant inside of them. Whatever it is that may be a part of your conscious or unconscious self, take this moment with the intention to go in and allow your lightbody energy to move through you.

Let it move through your consciousness, let it move through the alignment with your physical body, let it move through clearing out anything and everything that led to old beliefs, old thoughts, old alignments and let it go. It feels better does it not to let go of that old energy.

As you look out towards the Universe something else that will become more and more prevalent is that you may begin to interact with an aspect of yourself that lives out here, an aspect of yourself that has been more recently on one of these planets, that perhaps lives on one of these ships, and you may have put forth the intention to reconnect with one another.

If you did so reach out and allow that connection to flow within you at this time. If you had not put forth that intention but you would like it be open to receive. And there are yet others who wish to remain separate from that and that is completely fine. We see all various forms of this happening as I look out over everybody.

As you feel yourself becoming more and more integrated with this energy let yourself expand as big as you need to go.

Consider whatever it is that feels like an obstacle in your life. Bring it up within you at this time. Open to a greater perception as you let this energy flow within and around you.

As you consider this obstacle, is it really that? Can you open to feel a new perception? If so let that flow through you right now. As you consider whatever it may be that you seek to manifest, infuse the lightbody energy into that right now. I see in many cases things shift around into a new perception.

Sometimes what you seek to manifest is coming from another direction. Sometimes you need to think bigger than what you’ve been thinking. Other times you may come to a realization that it’s not what you wanted. And still there are those of you who realize this is exactly what I want and you can let go any fears or concerns that have kept it from coming into full reality.

I invite you to take this moment and illuminate your life. As you do so, take time to create exactly what you would like to have. In your creation, fill it up with the people, the places, the things that you want to have. The fuller it gets, the richer it is for you, the more it is a reality. Infuse this energy into your creation. Fill it up right now as we speak.

As you allow this to move through be open to the awareness of how your lightbody energy expands even further what you seek to have. Send it out to the Universe to reaffirm for all the runners, all those angels that work with you to bring about your manifestations that this is what you wish to have.

Send it down into the Earth so that your physical reality will shift in whatever way it may need so as to assist in bringing forth your manifestation. Here within the space of the All That Is you are bridging the Universe and the Earth plane.

This is a space that we have all together created as a place of creation. This is a place of pure energy and the intention behind this energy is of working through various potentials. Be open and let flow whatever potentials there are within and around you.

I invite you to come together as a group. Have a sense of seeing a hologram of the Earth come up within you. The hologram has transitioned over the years as each of you have also transitioned. This time as you stand as a direct link from the Universal energies and the Earth, have a sense of transmitting all of that into this hologram.

I invite each of you to consciously infuse your own lightbody energy or your own crystalline energy. It all flows down within this hologram filling it up and creating an even greater expansion. This expansion is the result of all that you have done, of all that the Universe has put in, and all that is taking place upon the Earth.

There is such a deep alignment within all of you to the Earth itself. You have committed to this experience and you see it through with the great potentials and opportunities.

We release that hologram of the Earth; we allow it to shift. As it moves into the essence of the crystalline grid there is the aspect that shifts out into Ariellis and the rest that moves down into the physical Earth upon which you live.

As it links with the magnetic grid there is a portion of what you infused into the hologram that expands throughout the grid. That is what assists the grid in shifting into higher alignment and it is what allows your own higher self to be able to take in a greater amount of your divinity and lightbody energies.

Have a sense of seeing the remainder of that hologram. As it moves down it goes all the way in to the center of your physical Earth. As it goes within the center it links with this energy and then begins to expand moving outward. As it expands outward it moves through all the layers of the Earth and comes up through the Earth’s shell itself.

It moves through the water. It moves through the trees, the grass. You may have a sense of feeling what you put into it come back up within your own home, within the place in which you are sitting. Feel it as it comes back up within you, moving through you in every way.

Allow your focus to shift once more into the space of the All That Is. I always enjoy seeing you at this point in these journeys because now you are excited to go back into your physical body and to go back into what you are creating in your life.

You’ve created a deeper link during this journey to the lightbody energy and the Universal energy. This is another tool that will help you in your everyday life. I invite you to put forth the intention that you may experience it in such a way that it helps you.

The All That Is is always available to you. Some of you come here on a regular basis, others of you may come into this space during your dream states. As you allow yourself to much more fully integrate the energies of the Universe and the energies of these crystalline vibrations you may find yourself slipping through this space with greater ease.

Now that we have sent that hologram into the Earth and the New Earth have a sense of looking towards that path, it may be that you look towards the crystalline grid and you see something in one direction, something in another; that is a linear perception of what it looks like.

But look deeper. Follow the strain of energy that comes from you into this space and that moves out in both directions. See yourself as you may be upon the New Earth or Ariellis. See yourself as you may be anywhere in between and then see yourself as you are in your Earth-bound reality.

I am seeing for some it is as if you look and you see someone that is the physical self and then they have bigger areas and bigger and bigger areas that stack up on top of them and that is their expansion into other realities.

I see others that have a sense of moving as if completely separate from one essence to the next essence to the next. They know that they are not disconnected in between but they choose to have a greater separation in discernment.

Your perception may be completely different from that, but those two are the predominant ways in which I see the information moving through you.

Remember that if you feel yourself in a place of struggle, if you feel overwhelmed, to put forth the intention that you come into this space and then breathe deeply and let go of whatever it is that makes you feel bad. Breathe through and release.

I invite you to have a sense of shifting your consciousness; you may pause for a moment in the soul plane. Oftentimes you have a sense of releasing the greater part of your soul essence or your divinity but you take with you that much more expanded awareness and the flow of your divinity moves from here in and out of your consciousness.

You shift into the place of that crystalline grid. You may feel yourself being tugged or pulled in one direction or another. Let yourself go in both directions.

I invite your full consciousness though to return with you as you come back into the Earth plane. You may feel as you link with the magnetic grid that sense of the gravitational pull of the Earth. It may feel as if it’s helping to ground you.

But you allow your consciousness to stream down even more fully through you as you are in your physical reality and as you stream down allow yourself to expand the energy around your physical person so that you may very comfortably integrate this greater amount not only of your divinity but of your lightbody energies.

Feel your lightbody energies. Let yourself know that you as the human, as you stream your energy forth through your life, that you have the tools and the ability to create change. Allow yourself to let these energies move through you.

Feel yourself link with Gaia. As you do so you feel what you sent into the Earth through the hologram and then you let that come back up within you and it anchors inside your physical reality. You feel yourself coming back down into this reality.

All right beloved family. I thank you as always for coming and sharing this time. I reach out to each of you sending my love, sending my awareness, sending my belief in each one of you.

I see you as your human self and I see you as your divine essence and I see a greater and greater blending that is taking place with all of you.

There is great love for you and I am ever with you.




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