A Life in Balance

Here we are again, moving swiftly through July as we continue to integrate the crystallineenergies coming in.  I'm hearing from manythat rather than things easing up for them, they just continue to pile on.  I would advise everyone to remember to be inflow.  Don't hold on to theenergies.  Allow them move through youand into your environment. 

During this channel the Goddess begins by reallymaking her presence knows to us. As we link with her, there is a strong senseof flow around incoming energies and what we may currently have going on in ourlives. Some have had an easier time; others have had a very challenging time.The Goddess assists us in regulating the energy coming in with what we alreadyare so that there will be less of the feeling of overwhelm.  She then went on to speak of each of usbalancing our own masculine and feminine energies.  She assisted in releasing any resistance wemay have to this.  She touched on balancein sexual energy and lastly the balanced energies of the world.  I hope once you read this you will feel thebalance within you and you feel a greater ease with all the energies now comingin to be balanced ~ Shelly 

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. There's a part of methat feels like it's jumping up and down in joy, jumping up and down excitedabout having an opportunity to come and share some space with you again.Excited about being able to come in close to the Earth as I am doing at thistime and every time someone listens to this at a later date or they read it orthey allow themselves to link with the energies or essence of this journey,each time that brings me in closer. Closer to the Earth, closer to each one ofyou and I send my love, my embrace, my joy to each one as I do so!

This time upon the Earth is filled with light; it isa time that is illuminated with more brilliance and a much higher vibrationthan has ever been possible before. This time upon the Earth is a time for eachone of you to take an opportunity and affirm you are alive, you are here, youare a part of this transformation that is taking place.

Sometimes it may feel profound, it may feel huge, itmay feel like it's more than what you are able to contain within you. But thetruth is each one of you has an infinite ability to expand. Each one of you cango as far upon this journey as you would like. And if you were to choosetomorrow to say ‘no more, I'm done', it's okay. Whatever the path is that youare taking in your life, whatever choices you are making, it's okay.

So often you humans have such an ability to giveyourself a hard time. You create expectations and then you perceive that youhave not met them and therefore you give yourself a hard time about that and itbecomes a vicious cycle of expectation and often times regret. So for thismoment, for the time of this journey, I invite all of you to take in a deepbreath and as you breathe out, breathe out expectation, breathe out judgment,let it go away from you. Oh and already it feels so much better. Feel your ownenergies and then feel this group as you are together.

Nama sika, venia benya; each time I say that thereis an even greater pulsation of light and energy that moves through everyonewho is present. Let us go, let us expand. I invite you to take one more breathin with the intention of breathing within yourself, breathing down, breathinginto you center or your core essence. And then as you are ready, let yourselfrelease the energies of your body. Let your consciousness move out from you. Asit moves out allow yourself to link with the energies of the magnetic grid.

As you move within this space you immediately go towhere your higher self resides. Feel what this is to you. Know that everythingyou are feeling right now and everything that you will feel anytime that youcome back to this space will reflect wherever your consciousness is at thatmoment. You as a human have aspects of your energy that span differentvibrations and essence. So too while you are here with your higher self; it'snot all within the magnetic grid, it's not limited to that but we use it as ananchor. So look around, feel what this space is to you.

As you are ready to do so I invite you to allow yourconsciousness to shift once more. As it shifts feel your energies move throughthe interlocking grid until you align within the crystalline grid. Feel thevibration, feel the energy, feel the essence of what this is. I invite you toopen up with all your senses. Is there a tone or a sound that resonates withyou? Are there images, colors, lights, shifts of perception that you becomeaware of?

Use your sense of smell and taste and feel. Withevery sense that you utilize you find that you receive more and moreinformation. Suddenly this place is filled with light, it sparkles. There'slike a humming tone or a sense of sound. This is most directly the energy thatis now coming into the Earth plane. It flows through this space of thecrystalline grid into the magnetic grid and down into and around everyone andeverything that is upon the Earth. That is one of the reasons why I like tospend time within this space. It is but a conduit; everything that you do whilein the All That Is and in the soul plane moves through on its way into thephysical environment of your Earth.

I invite you to shift your consciousness into thesoul plane. As you find yourself moving into this dimension or this shift inconsciousness, look around, open your senses, allow the flow of energy andlight to come up within you. All of this is you. As you consciously reach outand invite your I AM presence to merge with you within this space, you can feelit. You know that you are aligned. Let the essence of your divinity movethrough your consciousness in such a way that you feel the flow of love, theflow of awareness. Feel what it is to be so deeply aligned within yourself.

Now I the Goddess come forth into this space. Ireach out to each one of you and I embrace you. As my energy merges with yourown you will find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. Feel theexcitement, feel the joy. There's so much energy that's bubbling up from withinall of you so let it just pour over and fill up everything that is here.

There is an aspect of me that is considering tonightcreating a space for each of you to be able to more fully integrate theenergies that have been flowing so heavily into the Earth and this we will do.But I am also seeking to assist each of you in recognizing your energies asmasculine or feminine, so indeed balance is also a part of that.

Let us begin with each one of you as if you'reshaking out your arms and legs, like you're ready to run a race or somethingand you're getting your muscles all loose and ready to go. Let yourself justshake off the energies around you, shake off and loosen up and take a deepbreath. In this space of the All That Is, as you allow your consciousness toopen up even further, allow your perceptions to also open with yourconsciousness.

With the alignment of the planets between theuniverse and the Earth there was almost a continuous influx of a highvibrational energy over the last several weeks. Some of you as this has come inhave felt yourself relaxing, others have felt very intense and uptight, some ofyou have noticed that old issues, old energies, old ideas seem to be comingaround again.

In this moment I want you to consciously considereverything that's happened to you over the last few weeks upon the Earth, as ifthat's all kind of mingling around in the energy beside one side of yourconsciousness. And then there was that influx of energy. This is thecrystalline energy; this is the energy that is a fine light vibration.

It cannot be measured by the typical means thatpeople use upon the earth but each one of you have the ability to discern itfor yourself. And it doesn't matter what scientists may or may not say. So foryourself stand here in the space of the All That Is, with you and your life asif on one side of you, and all of this new crystalline, light, fine vibrationon the other side of you.

Some of you feel it as if it's a big wall pressingdown on you. Others of you perceive it as a cloud. Others of you perceive it assimply a mist in and around them. There's no right or wrong of course, there isonly your perception.

Here within this space I invite you to utilize yourconsciousness as a means of balancing these energies. Everything happeningwithin your life on the one side, the new vibrational energies on the other.And let all of that flow together and as if you are bringing your arms togetherand embracing everything, let it all come together in your consciousness.

For some it feels like you get slammed and in that caseI invite you to let the energies flow in slowly, easily, gently. And with thatflow of energy as it comes in from one side, have a gentle flow coming in fromthe other and then allow it to merge. There, that's much better; I feel thatall of you are now able to incorporate that much more easily. And so there isthat continuous flow. You allow into your consciousness all that is happeningin your daily life. And then on the other side you invite in the trickle andthe vibration of these crystalline energies. And as it all comes through yourconsciousness it creates a space of balance and it creates an energy within youthat lets you feel stronger, that lets you become more aware of everythingwithin you and what it's like to be infused with this energy.

Let yourself breathe gently and easily. Allowyourself to feel the flow until you get to the point where everything thatfeels like it's been out of kilter is now within you and it's very balanced bythis light, fine vibration. When you consider your life, if there's anythingelse that feels kind of heavy and like it's wearing you down or pulling youdown, invite it to come in right now and let it flow through you withgentleness and ease. There. Now as you look inward within your consciousness,consider the last few weeks.

Are you now able to feel a greater fullness and agreater integrating of these impulses of light that have come into the Earth?If anything still feels a little off kilter, breathing gently, easily, deeply withinyourself and you can bring in a little bit more of daily life and a little bitmore of the crystal vibration. There we go.

If you can find a way to create this balance orcreate this space in your day you will find that things won't bother you as much.You will find that what you seek to have or manifest will come with greaterease. But most importantly you will feel good. Consider what it is to simplyfeel good as you're living your life.

Now another way of looking at balance within yourlife is considering the masculine and the feminine attributes within you. Forthose of you who are women, as you consider the feminine energies let them flowthrough you. You who are men also have feminine energies within you, mostlikely to a different degree.

I invite you to think about what it is to befeminine. How does that make you feel in your heart? How does that affect youin your daily life? I'm hearing from some of you that it makes you feelvulnerable, it makes you feel weak. From others I hear it makes you feel verydesirable, it gives you a sense of presence.

For those of you who align with it first andforemost as a feeling of being desirable, a sense of presence, just breathe infemininity and let it move down through you. Let it move through your head,move through your body; let it move through all of your energy bodies. This iswhat it is to be feminine.

For those of you if it makes you feel vulnerable orweak, then allow the strength of femininity to move through you. So that eachof you, those who are women feel it in the way that it might be their moredominant energy; and those of you that are men, allow it to come into you andfeel the presence within you.

Being feminine is something to revel in, to feelgood about, and you may choose to move into the sexual energies of beingfeminine because that is a part of you and your daily life. Again if it bringsup fear or vulnerability let your own energies flow through you, feel gentle,loving and nurturing so that as a woman you can stand in the space of who youare and feel all those feminine energies strong, sexual, gentle, loving.

Whatever it may be, let them flow through you andfeel good about it. If there's anything that feels uncomfortable then breathein the essence of your divinity, breathe in that new balanced energy until youfeel good, excited perhaps or at the very least, at peace, with the feminineenergies. And for those where it's your less dominant, so too feel it assomething that is comfortable within you. Feel it as something that is a partof you and let that flow.

Let us shift to the masculine energies for all themen who are working with this at this time. Let the strength of your masculineenergies flow forth from you. Feel it in the way that it makes you feel. Forsome it feels strong, confident, forceful, and then for others - perhaps forall the women getting in touch with their masculine energies - it might feeluncomfortable to you, like it pushes you or it is aligned with something thatfeels different.

The masculine energies and the masculine, some wouldcall it domination but I don't really care for that word, but the predominanceof the masculine thought form has been upon the Earth most recently, the lastfew thousands of years. So everyone is affected by it. I invite each of you whoare men to really feel the flow and the vibration of this masculine energy, letit move through your body and feel it as it blends with the new energy cominginto the Earth. That new energy that you had tapped into before is a balancedenergy so let that merge with your masculine energies.

And I'm hearing from some about inviting people tofeel the sexual energy that is aligned with the male. Is it different from thefeminine sexual energy? So feel what it is within you. Is it something to giveyou strength? Is it something that makes you feel weak or vulnerable? Foreither one of you, male or female, is it something to be used as control ormanipulation? Men and women have both worked with the sexual energies in this manner.So for now I invite you to consider who you are in this lifetime, man or woman,and feel that flow of energy that is most dominant within you. Allow it to flowthrough you until it feels good, until it gives you a sense of confidence, asense of awareness.

And then for those of you with the masculine energywhich is most dominant, feel that move through you, let it bring out all thatis the best or strongest or makes you feel the best within you. And feel theflow of your divinity as it moves through you. And now everyone look atyourself, both feminine and masculine, realize how as you move through yourdays you are never completely one or the other but a mixture of both. One cananalyze the traits of each sexuality if they so choose, but it is not necessary.It only becomes something to consider when you find yourself leaning too far inone direction or the other.

The Earth has been feminine-energy dominant, andthen it's been masculine-energy dominant. But now moving forward; it's about abalanced energy. It makes me chuckle to hear people sometimes say, ‘welleveryone will be androgynous' and believe me you are light years away fromthat.

The Earth is such a beautiful place. The Earth-boundenergies, the gravity, the trees, the grass, the water; so much about what itis to be physical is a truly amazing experience. And your experience upon theEarth is registered through the energies that you are as a human. So be itmasculine or feminine, it is all a part of who you are upon this journey.

I invite you to have a sense of inviting in a flowof this energy that's moving through into the Earth on such a continuous basis.With Gaia from the previous journey, you feel the very Earth-bound essence ofit. So you can consider that aspect, you can consider this universal aspect,but let it all flow through you and allow yourself to know that you arebalanced. Whether it's masculine or feminine, it matters not.

You as a human are balanced, you are connectedwithin yourself, you flow into the energies of femininity and then back intothe masculinity with ease. As you consider your life and the parts of it thathave been a struggle for you most recently, look at it from this newperspective. Do you find that bringing in more of the masculine energy givesyou a greater understanding? Perhaps the reverse is true. Bringing in more ofthat feminine energy allows you to truly feel what you may not have been awareof before.

If you find yourself being knocked off kilter,consciously open up your mind, hold out your arms as if to embrace and breathein the essence of balance. Feel it within. Now you may choose to take a momentor two and kind of shake off those energies again that you've been considering,working with, transforming. Let it all go and simply come back into yourawareness of yourself as you are in this moment. Look, see, sense, thebrilliance of the light that you emanate. You are so very radiant. You havethis ability to balance the energies of your life.

I invite you to come back within the energies ofthis circle. As a group you may see or sense others that you know or recognize.You are each connected to one another. You are each an individual and uniquesoul essence but your lives are interwoven because you like this type of energywork and because you are human. You are not alone. There are many others outhere with you.

Perceive as if coming up within the center of thisgroup a hologram of the Earth. This hologram allows you to perceive thatthere's more than one; it's as if there's one superimposed on another. Onehologram represents the New Earth and the other represents the Earth upon whichyou live.

I invite each one of you to send an impulse of yourbalanced energy into these holograms. Consciously consider what it is to bevery much a part of your feminine or your masculine energies and let that flowand then consciously consider that which is less dominant, but yet it comes upwithin you as a means of balancing, and let that flow. Feel the peace withinyou, feel the joy, feel the awareness. And it is because you have parts withinyou that are feminine and parts within you that are masculine and as youembrace and honor these feelings, these aspects of yourself, you will feelbetter, your life will move with a greater balance.

Breathe in the energies of light and the energies ofthe crystal and let that flow into these holograms. And then we release them,we allow them to shift. As they encounter that crystalline grid work an aspectmoves to the New Earth and another aspect moves down into you current physicalEarth.

You as the individual that you are, I invite you totake a deep breath coming back within this balanced essence. As you shift yourfocus and allow your energies to return to the soul plane, consciously perceivethe essence of your divinity, your I Am presence, because as each one of youcreates this balance within yourself, what you are going to find is that youemanate this evolution of yourself or this new perception back within your I Ampresence and you can create an effect or a transition of any of the energiesthat were out of balance.

This is an opportunity if you so choose. Some mightconsider this transitioning past lives; I consider it transitioning thoughts, perceptions,or aspects of your consciousness or your divinity. Your focus is upon your lifeas it is right now, so anything that allows you to feel the balance, to feelthe focus without being pulled or held back by past experiences is somethingthat assists you in moving forward in your life.

I now invite you to shift once more, allowing yourfocus to move back within the crystalline grid as it goes down towards themagnetic grid. As you come within this space I invite you to perceive anyshifts or differences as a result of having been upon this journey. Themagnetic grid is transitioning just as the crystalline is and just as yourEarth is. Everything is interrelated.

Take in a deep breath, allowing your consciousnessto come back within your physical body. As it returns to your physical body,you may have a sense of expanding your energy field so that more and more ofyour divinity and your consciousness is able to come back and be a part of youin your daily life. As you come back within your physical self, have a sense ofreaching down or sending your consciousness into the Earth so that you mayalign with that part of your energy that you infused into the hologram.

Reach down until you align with those crystals thatrepresent the heart of Gaia. Allow yourself to blend with that, feel what it isto be fully present on Earth, to be human, to be male and female, blendedwithin you in whatever form you are in this life. And those energies reverse,coming back up. They may come up through the ground, up through your floor;they come back up within you.

Let yourself feel it as a balance or feel it as youreveling in your masculinity or perhaps your femininity. It is good to behuman. It's delightful to have these bodies. The human experience is a potentialbeyond any other in the universe. So let yourself enjoy it, let yourselfacknowledge all that has come through you in this lifetime. Feel yourself asfeminine, as masculine, as balanced.

And with that as you continue to come in to yourbody, as you continue to ground within yourself, press *7 upon your phone andthat will allow you to come back within this room if you would like to ask me aquestion.

Question:(paraphrased) At the last part of the journey, it was addressing a question Ihave. You are saying that basically now is the time to focus on the life whereI am right now. What is my next issue or thing that I need to work on? My lifenow is working every day with infusing energies from spirit and I'm very verypleased with my work. I seem to detect and I hear it from friend who are healerthat there is an initial core issue from trauma from the initial separationfrom source at a cellular level. Is that one of the main things I should befocusing on, working on; or what should I move into?

Answer: Beloved,we think this is a wonderful question, not only for you but for everyone who isupon these journey's right now. The core issue that your friend was picking upon does not feel to me as if it's an issue. It feels like something that hasbeen a major factor in this and other lifetimes; but it feels to me as if it'sresolved. Sometimes people may have resolved things but you still have theshadow of what that is or like the memory is still there even through theeffect upon you is no longer there. As I'm looking at this in you, first andforemost let me just say I don't sense anything that needs to be resolved orworked through. I sense in you someone who is very dedicated upon her journeyand has done a great deal of work, that is why I don't have this sense ofanything major or traumatic that needs to be resolved. If someone is pickingsomething up with you or if you as an individual pick up something withinyourself I encourage you to consider it in the light of is this holding me backin my life? Or am I perhaps because I'm in the pattern of looking for things,finding it because I am looking for it? Does that make sense to you?

Sure, sure. Issues of abandonment and rejectioncontinue to arise and I was wondering if that would have something to do withit?

We ask you in this moment to close your eyes andtake in a breath of the balance that we have been doing. As you consider thoseissues ask yourself within your heart if this is something that is keeping youfrom moving forward? If the answer you feel in your heart, like your heartstrings are pulling or one the your other energy centers is pulling within you,then that would be an indication that whatever it is needs to be released ortransitioned. But this in our perception of your beloved is something that youhave worked with a great deal. It feels as if it's resolved to us. We do stillsee that because it's been a big issue to you in this lifetime, that there isstill pattern that you have been used to in the past. We will say to you thatas you are looking towards the future, look towards the future with a brand newpattern; a pattern that is balanced. A pattern that is without these oldhanging on energies. A pattern that is open for a new beginning for you that isfilled with these energies you would like to have in your life.

Oh absolutely! I just got goose bumps!

You see? That is listening to your body, you got thegoose bumps. You know in your heart that 'oh yeah, I've done that, I've done that'.That is how you listen to your body, you honor yourself and you trust inyourself.

Thank you so much! The journey was so timely withall the energies lately and all that. It was just absolutely wonderful. I blessyou. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am infinitely grateful.

You are welcome beloved and I of course appreciateyour words of love to me.

Question:(paraphrased) Goddess, I just seem to be in a holding pattern. Do you see anychanges for me any time soon?

Answer: Alright,we invite you to take a minute and breathe into your heart center andconsciously open your heart. (pause) Alright, as we are looking at you and aswe are looking at what's happening around you, we can see this holding patternthat you are speaking of, but we also get a sense of being very busy. Your mindis very busy, your day is very busy; it just feels like a lot of 'stuff'happening around you and you sometimes get disconnected. It just feels like youget caught up in 'busyness' and whatever that may mean to you. It's as if youforget to renew and re-balance and reconnect within yourself with yourdivinity. So for this place that feels like it's standing still and things arenot happening, if you will actually learn to stand still some of that busynessin your thoughts or in your activity or whatever it is we are picking up on, itwill actually allow for this to come in. The way that we perceive it is thatthere are these opportunities and potentials for you, it feels like it isaround work and relationships as the main things. It's like they are there butbecause of the busyness we see around you, it keeps that from coming into yourlife. By clearing out the energy, clearing out the clutter, clearing outwhatever it is that is causing this vibration of being busy; then you canbreathe in balance. We already feel it happening as we speak to you. It's likea breath of fresh air comes in. Can you feel the difference within yourself aswe speak of this?

Well, it's interesting. I work 4 days which is very busybecause it needs to be then I spend the other 3 days in meditation. I've beendoing that always in a quiet space. so....

Even in meditation you might be quieting your mind,but it still feels like there is a kind of frenetic energy around you. If youfeel like you are in a holding a pattern or as if things are not transitioning,then even if you spend 3 days in meditation there are still a number of thingsthat are happening. If you consciously bring through a breath of fresh air, ifyou consciously clear out whatever it might be, we know what we were seeing inyou vs. what we see right now; that making a change is what will allow in thisnew stuff we see around you.

Question (paraphrased)Hi Goddess, thank you so much for this wonderful journey and I know that it isgoing to help with my particular question. I identified with the last questionand answer. In addition to my extreme business, it seems I have become veryhot. I am hotter than everybody else, I'm sweating a lot and it's not menopauserelated. I am also having a difficult time maintaining a healthy positiveattitude and my life is also very frenetic with lots of responsibilities. Anysuggestions especially with this heat because it is really distracting fromeverything else.

Answer: Alrightbeloved. There are several things happening around you as you are speaking ofthis. First of all the heat is the energy coming into you and not being fullyintegrated. For an example of this, Shelly is telling us right now that herback is completely drenched from the vibration and the energy that came throughfrom the speaking of this channel. That is very common, but tonight was evenmore so. For example, if she is channeling me the Goddess it is a differentvibration than if she is channeling her group. Sometimes it makes her sweaty,other times it does not. Granted this is a particular moment in time, buteverybody as a human processes energy in a different manner. With everythingthat is coming in we see you asking for it. We see you asking for change, wesee you asking for a raise in your vibration. That is what is happening withthis. As it is doing so, it causes you to feel very hot because as that energyis coming in trying to be blended and balanced within your physical body. Whenit is not balanced, it comes across as either hot or cold. Some people feel itas cold, you feel it as hot. So when you feel that heat and sweating if youwould take an opportunity to first and foremost with your consciousness thinkof being cool and soothing as if a breeze is going through you. But also have asense of consciously breathing within yourself, letting that breath of energyand light move through your heart center. Everything with the new energy isprocessed through your heart center. It's important to focus on that and feelit balance there. And then send it downward into the earth, the energies aroundyou. You may have a sense of sending it into a room sometimes. If you are in ameeting with other people and need to balance the energies of the room, we sensethat's what happens, sometimes it's there. You can breathe it into your heartand from your heart you can send it out into the room; just as a means ofsending calm or balance or connectedness. It will backfire on you if you try touse it as a controlling energy because it just won't work that way. But we feelthat is the main thing to do with you when you feel that heat and feeling allthat energy as heat within you. Does that make sense to you?

Yes definitely.

Now you said that this affecting you, you have a lotof business around you too.

I'm not able to maintain. I have so much coming atme that I'm just not able to maintain balance. There are so many people whowant things from me. At work I'm the only one who can do my job and lots ofpeople are wanting. In my family life I'm also in a space of responsibility andI just feel I have gotten to a point where I can't handle it. I'm concerned I'mgetting ready to have a physical breakdown just to have some peace.

In these regards it's somewhat to do with yourboundaries. People are encroaching beyond your boundaries and coming in tooclose of you. You are giving, giving, giving of yourself without receivinganything back. If you begin with your work first because that will be easier todo. Before you go into work the next time, take the opportunity to reallybreathe the balanced energy of this journey down within yourself and send itaround yourself so that you have a little cocoon around you. When you go intowork, when you are in your office or when you are in the area, consciously sitthere and create a space that feels balanced, feels like it's your own, feelslike it will nurture and support you. Was it you or someone else--- then whenyou send the energy out either through the office or through the people thatyou work with in a sense of having a balance. Then as people come to you, aspeople want you to fix the problems or for you to have the answers to thequestions and things; then what you will find you are distanced or disconnectedfrom them. This allows you to feel more of the presence of the cocoon aroundyou and the support within you. As it is now we see that when people ask youthe question you get drawn into it and you are the only one responsible. Butwhen it's a distance between you and that individual and you reflect back andallow that person to have their responsibility for as much of the situation.Then you will find you are less stressed. You might still all that going onaround you, but you are less stressed.

When you are leaving the office and driving home,use your car as a place to breathe. We of course want you to remain verygrounded we don't want you to have an accident or anything. But use it as aplace to consciously breathe in relaxation, breathe out tension and stress. Youwill find you arrive home feeling much better. With your family there isnothing wrong with creating boundaries and space; 'this is my time everyone canwait'. People are used to you just stepping in and giving, giving, giving, so itwill be a little awkward at first. You will find that you have so much more togive when you take 5, 10, minute or whatever when you first get home as you arechanging clothes. If you just shut the door and say this is my time, thenpeople will get used to it and you will find that you are not going to blowyour top and you will be much more comfortable with things. Does that resonatewith you?

Yes it does, thank you!

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased)Again the last lady asked one of my questions. I am menopausal age and I getreally hot. So much that I feel I want to die sometimes. I get really emotionalat that time also. Is there something I could work on now, because I feel nowis really important, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Answer: Theenergies of menopause and the energies of the crystalline vibrations coming inare different. Menopause of course is having affect upon the hormones withinyour body and those hormones are having an affect upon your emotions. Then youdouble that or compound that with also having these intense energies coming in.It is amplifying these energies already taking place with in your body; that iswhy you are feeling it so profoundly right now. It is affecting your emotionsmore so than other parts of you. Just as with the other individual finding thatplace and that time of being able to nurture yourself is what's most important.

That is what takes us into the 2nd halfof your question of what is going on with you now and where am you goingforward from here. The universal answer to the majority of people, of coursethere are those who have deep seated issues that need to be resolved, but youare not one of them. The new energy, this new balanced energy is about movingforward from here with your focus upon what is happening now and what ishappening going forward. So if you begin to work with the energies onintegrating the energies as they go through you; when you have a hot flash gothrough you, when you feel an emotions going through your body they oftentimesfeel very uncomfortable because they are bottled up within you. Become verycomfortable with flowing the energies into the ground, perhaps into the roomaround you, flowing them somewhere outside of you so that they are not bottledup. Let yourself focus upon being balanced within yourself. We know we aresaying that over and over again and some people may be thinking that's easiersaid than done. It's about looking towards what you DO want to have in yourbody and what you DO want to have in your life. So in looking at you and inlooking at the issues, again it looks like everyone who has come to us tonighthas had a very cluttered energy. So trying to breathe through your energyfield, release any clutter. Sometimes it means releasing clutter in yourphysical environment but most often it's about the clutter in your daily life;getting caught up in the trauma's and drama's of your daily life. Sometimesit's something that is not going to go away, but you may find there are manythings that will go away. If you allow yourself to focus on breathing in thebalanced energy then sending that out into the environment or the earth. Thenwhen you feel the intensity of the hot flashes and the mood swings you can letdrain from you in the same way. Does that make sense to you?

Yes it does, thank you.

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased)Hello Goddess, this is my first time so I'm somewhat nervous! I've been workingon my subconscious and conscious beliefs and the programs, etc. I really feelthat I have something special to do and channeling keeps coming up. It's notjust ordinary channeling information, I really feel strongly it's something I'mmeant to do. What do I need to work on? Do you have some wisdom you can impart?

Answer: Wesee you already channeling when you don't really realize that you do so. We seeyou talking to people as you are going through your days and some of thestatements that come out of your mouth or some of the things that come throughyou make you think 'where did that come from'? That is coming from your higherself or your angels and guides around you. So we see that you are already doingthat. In addition we see a deep affinity to animals around you. We see youworking with animals. Animals as totems have been very popular over past yearsand it's not the same as what it once was, but its about recognizing how thetransitioning energies is allowing the animal kingdoms to also help people as ameans of balancing. This is what we see you doing; somehow recognizing the linkbetween animals and people and helping people to find something in the earthplane that they can resonate with that will assist them with grounding andbalancing.

Ahhh, thank you!

Does that make sense?


Excellent! And be aware that with the transitioningof energies things like that are going to be easier and easier to do all thetime. Because what happens is that as people channel or as they reach towardstheir higher self to get information they are doing so from their highervibration. As more people live their lives in the 4th and 5thdimension it's what allows them to have the easier access to this expandedinformation.

I'm just confused because right now I'm unemployed.I didn't know if there is something that was coming or if there is an action Ishould take or if it will all flow.

It feels to us as if when it comes to employmentthere is something that has not yet been completed before you will get yourjob. Whether or not that means you are not looking in the right place orsomething needs to be settled within your mind; it's as if you've been lookingfor the wrong type of work. We see you finding work that has to do withcommunication with people. It doesn't feel like a 9-5 type of job where you arestuck in an office all day long. It feels like you are doing something whereyou are up and about and going out doors for part of the day and you aretalking to people. We are not getting anything more specific than that andwe're not sure what you have looked for in the past. But as you are looking forwork, as you consider what it is that really makes you feel happy and to us theperception is movement in your daily activity instead of sitting in front of acomputer or a desk all day long. As you breathe and work with your energies asyou open up and ask your consciousness and look for your answer then you willget insights on where to look on the computer, perhaps look in a paper, perhapstalk to people. It feels like something happens and you just have your job.

Thank you!

You are welcome.

Question (paraphrased)Hello Goddess, I totally appreciate your presence now and always, this is justsuch a wonderful experience. So Mahalo for all of this! (You are welcome!) Ifeel very blessed and grateful to do the work I love; I work with crystals andminerals. I connect people with them. Even though it's a challenge financiallythere are things changing. My issue if you want to call it that, is that Ireach certain level of confidence and I feel connected on a spiritual level toall that is going on and I allow the transactions to happen. But I end upcoming to this thought of intense fear that seems irresolvable. It totallydrains me and I have to start all over again. I'm really tired of the fearcoming in at the last second and I am wondering if there's any way for me toeffectively deal with it?

Answer: letme work with you for a few seconds here and see if we can help you get past it.It has to do with past... um... Shelly is getting tired so it's harder to getthe words through! It has to do with past being burned at the stake. It's as ifwhen you are coming out and putting your face there and telling everybodyaround you that this is what I do, this is what I'm available for; in thisother experience when you really put yourself forth and said "this is what Ido" that was when people stepped into their fear and they persecuted you forit. That is where we feel this stemming from. Let us work with you for just asecond and see if we can help you shift it. We invite you to take a deep breathin and breathe into your heart center. As you do that, tap into that fear thatcomes up for you whenever you really step out. Oops, there it is. As you arebringing up this fear, we invite you to consciously scoop it up out of you asif you have these two golden hands or these two hands of love, energy andcompassion; just like it is scooping it out of you to be released. As you aredoing this, I blow my energies through you. With that it feels as if.....oof;we invite you to breathe deeply. Breathe in all this balanced energy because itfeels as if you are light headed or woozy. Breathe down this balance. Breathedown this calm. Breathe down this inner knowledge, this inner awareness of whoyou are as a person in this lifetime. Now you are awakening and you are lookingaround you with eyes that are seeing things differently, let yourself be atpeace. Let yourself know that this is a completely new time upon the earth. Youhave so many gifts to offer and so many people that will be seeking you. Howare you feeling now?

Whew! I feel totally appreciative. I connect witheverything that you have said. I have had past life reading done where I amvery aware of persecuted past lifetimes. The surprising thing to me is that Ihave a higher level of confidence now and that comes in at the last minute.I've been more aware of it in the past than I have in the present and now Ifeel more self confident. It's the last second that it (fear) comes in andchanges everything. It's more of a physical thing in this lifetime. Mentally Ifeel confident but physically I feel drained.

It was very real because we could see it very realwithin you as you did that. You could see how you could transition it and shiftit out, then fill up that space within you. It's a form of self sabotage as youare taking this final step. It comes a little bit from that cellular or pastmemory of what was going on. It's like all you need to do is get through thefirst time or two, then you will be fine. Be gentle, be loving, becompassionate with yourself. We see you setting up shop so to speak withseveral different places. It's like you are working with individuals and youhave your own space there. It's like you work a day here, another there. As youset these things up, as you go into it, as you experience it; let your focus beupon you being filled up with the balanced energies. If you feel thatnervousness, that draining energy, that fear; you can release it as easily aswe just did. Then you will find it is something you move past or move throughmore easily than you are anticipating.

I'm being guided to ask if there is a particularmineral or crystal that I can work with? I don't know why that question iscoming to me, but I'm feeling drawn to ask.

We have a sense there is one you already have. Itfeels like it's from one of the islands, one specifically found in Hawaii. You found ityourself or you got it from a shop that came specifically from the area whereyou are living. It's a crystal that is aligned with Lemuria. You are living inthe exact perfect place that you need to be, you are very aligned with thevibration of the island and this is a crystal that has to do with that. Itfeels Lemurian to us. We saw it sitting in your hand when you first started speakingwith us.

Alright, Mahalo for everything. I am totallyappreciative. I've been asked to do work shops, I can see it coming. That maybe the different locations thing. I don't know, I will have to let it manifest!I feel much easier now.

We see classes as a potential, but we see a lot ofone on one also.

Okay great, well Mahalo, Mahalo! For anyone else whoasked the questions; we feel blessed to have your presence.

Well thank you very much, I appreciate that.

Alright, well thank you. I thank everybody again forbeing a part of this journey tonight. For those questions I was not able to getto, again I send out my heart, my thoughts, my love to you. I invite you tolook inside your heart and know that I am here and I transmit as much of myheart as I can to you!

All right, as you as the humans and we as theuniversal people are moving forward day by day in this life that you areliving, remember to fully feel, fully acknowledge, fully accept yourmasculinity and your femininity. As you live your days upon the Earth, find thespace to love and nurture yourself, feel the balance within you and let all ofthat be reflected in everything else that may be happening around you.

I am ever with you and within.




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