A More Balanced Life

Wow! This is truly an amazing opportunity for you. As you experience this channel, you can have an opportunity to recognize where your issues come from. Is it emotionally based? Is it mentally based? When you recognize from which energy body it arises, you can flow a balancing energy from the other aspects of yourself. One example she gave was when you have thoughts that keep going around and around within your mind, it becomes perhaps an obsessive thought. If you can look at that with understanding, then flow compassion and release into the space; you will see how you can come back into a place of balance. Once you set this up, you can begin to do it automatically. It’s a part of creating a more balanced life.

Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family. I flow my essence here within this space in which you are. I am with you at all times; I am available to you whenever you seek to find a connection to me. Feel how your own divinity, your own life experience, becomes amplified through your connection to me.

I feel such joy for this time upon the Earth. This is a time for people to experience themselves more than they ever have before. What does it mean to you to experience yourself? I invite you to open up your senses; to open up your heart and to open up all of who you are.

As I swirl my energies through here I am picking up on some of the thoughts, the emotions, the energies, that each of you are experiencing. As I do so there are those of you that I immediately transmit an energy of calm; an energy of awareness; an energy that allows you to feel your own presence.

There we go, everyone take in a deep breath and then breathe out. Ooh, there, now that feels so much better.

I invite you to shift your focus so that you may link with the magnetic grid. As you link here within this space, you can feel the magnetic pull of the Earth. You can see the pathways of energy and light.

Ask yourself what this means to you and then be open to receive whatever that answer may be. You may use this as a form of communication. You may use it as a storage space for your higher self where you reach up to and link with whenever you seek information or insights that are just beyond your thoughts. The more you make use of this space, the easier it will be.

I invite you to move through the interlocking grid to move into the space of the crystalline. As you move into the crystalline grid, feel that flow of energy. Feel that smooth transition that moves through the crystalline vibration, not only within and around you but here within the space of the grid. Allow it to help you to expand in whatever way is in your best interest.

From there I invite you to move into the soul plane. Here within the soul plane feel your energies as you link with your divinity. You may have a sense of your ‘I AM’ presence walking towards you or you may feel as if simply putting forth the intention allows you to blend easily with your ‘I AM’ presence. As you do so have a sense of exploring what comes to you.

Do you have a sense of connecting with other parts of who you are? Do you have a sense of connecting with other aspects in your current lifetime? There are so many potentials of what you can do within this space.

I the Goddess move within. As I do so I reach out to embrace each one of you. As I reach out, I allow my energies to merge with you and I amplify all that you may be seeing or feeling for yourself. And that will most often shift you into the space of the All That Is.

Here within the All That Is you may feel as if you stretch out, as if you expand; as if you move in every direction. This is yours to play with and to experience. As you find a space that feels comfortable to you, I invite you to once more have a sense of looking within yourself. From here in the All That Is, bring up the balance that you worked with in our last experience together. [Speaking of the teleconference 09-19-10 Embrace Your Human Existence.]

As if you see the one side, have a sense of your human experience. As if on the other side, have a sense of your divinity. You as your consciousness stand as if you are facing and looking at both of these perceptions. Within your human experience, there are times in which you feel as if things beyond your control are happening to you. Sometimes it feels as if it’s one thing after another. Other times as if it’s just one thing that keeps coming back again and again and again. Take this moment and look at your life.

As you are considering your life and your experiences, open up your awareness that you may discern from which part this experience is coming or for which part it is to benefit. For example, when you feel those things that are out of your control or when you think about it, does it bring up an emotional response? Or does it make you become more analytical? Or do you think and think again and again about whatever that situation may be? Are you perhaps feeling a physical reaction within your body as you consider these actions?

In this manner, as that perception comes up within you then flow in the energy of the other parts that make up who you are.

If it’s mental, flow in some emotional compassion, some support, some relief. If it’s an emotional foundation then use your divinity to again fill it with compassion; use your thoughts to help you understand that there’s a different perception.

This is how you can work with all of your energy bodies to create a balance within your life. As you look to the side at your divinity, allow yourself to open and discern what this divinity means to you. Is it something that you feel or perhaps you see? Is it something that represents experiences? Is it God and Goddess?

Perhaps it is all of those definitions, if you want to call them that. As you stand here in your consciousness, I invite you to hold out your arms, open up your heart and allow your own divinity to wash over you. As you do this you are creating alignment to more and more of your divinity.

Therefore when you have a sense of looking once more towards your human experience on the one side and your divinity on the other, you may realize that there is even more coming to you through your perception of your divinity.

The more you know, the more there is. Your divinity is limitless. Therefore each time you reach out to embrace your soul essence, it allows you that much more opportunity to link with and expand even further into what this is. Breathe and allow.

What is your consciousness to you? Is your consciousness the same as everybody else’s? Is it limited by whatever experiences you may be having?

Consciousness could be defined as a space of awareness. There is also the fact that there are things of which you are not aware that also make up your consciousness. Your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, the blend of your humanity is all a part of your consciousness.

Your consciousness is what remains as it moves back into your ‘I AM’ presence once you transition off the Earth. Your consciousness is a place of being. It’s a place for you to simply be who you are. When you allow your consciousness to expand and to flow throughout your day, you are opening up to that greater amount of potential that is there for you.

When your consciousness is closed down - perhaps with narrow beliefs; perhaps through fear, anger or frustration - then you have a more limited access to your divinity. One could say the flow of your consciousness is directly related to everything happening within your life on a conscious and an unconscious level.

As you feel yourself within this space, as you feel your consciousness flow through you, feel what it is when everything is moving and everything is lining up exactly as you seek to have within your life. It feels good, it feels easy; you can move simply from one spot to the next.

Go back now and consider things happening within your life that feel as if they are beyond your control. Do you have that same sense of flow? Do you have that same sense of well-being? Most likely not.

So as you consider whatever this is within and around your life, look at it again. This time have a sense of bringing whatever it is into - almost as if you bring it into your heart, but bring it into your consciousness - and bring it into you as you are here within this space.

For some it may be jarring to your energy; it may make you feel uncomfortable. I invite you to relax, take in another deep breath and allow a balance to occur. Now as you look at whatever this is that’s here within your consciousness, take it as an opportunity to find out why this is happening. Open to receive those insights.

The next question that I have for you is to look, see, sense, feel, whatever this may be, and ask to find its placement within the bigger picture. As you do so, for many of you it’s as if you have found the missing piece to the puzzle but you were trying to put it in backwards or sideways.

Shift it around until it fits with everything else. And once it fits then take in another deep breath, feeling yourself relax. Feel yourself slide into that space of balance and slide into that space in which your consciousness is open and in the flow.

There are times in which there may be something in your life that feels again as if it’s beyond your control. Or maybe you know exactly where it came from and why it has come up for you. Again as you look at it from the space of this consciousness, why are you holding onto this? What is it serving you? If there is a message for you to receive, then open and allow that message to come within.

I then invite you to let go whatever that was. Let it go from your thoughts, let it go from your life; let it go from your consciousness. As you let go whatever it was that was such a struggle, that felt like it was a brick wall to you, or perhaps like it was something restraining you, open and feel how good it is to once more be back within the flow. Feel as if a burden is released from your shoulders.

Sometimes whatever it is may circle back around to you but now it comes in a way that is much more in alignment with you. Other times you will realize that by letting it go in just such a manner you are truly releasing it once and for all.

Look at your life. As if you send a swirling energy clearing out all that is here between your divinity, your life, your consciousness, open your perception and get a fresh look.

As you are looking at your life, be open to receive any new ideas or perceptions of ways in which you may enhance your life experience. This is a time when you can practice feeling, seeing, sensing one experience and then maybe let that go and try on something else; something different.

See which one works best for you; there is no right or wrong. Beloved family, I wish for you to learn if nothing else that whatever you do upon the Earth is about your choices.

As you choose a certain lifestyle, as you choose a particular career path, as you choose a life partner or perhaps children or friends, you are making choices that allow you to have an experience. Accept whatever that experience may be.

If you get into the midst of something and realize it’s not working for you, then again you make another choice of what’s the best interest of all that will also allow you to feel once more in that flow.

I need to take this moment and invite you to think about guilt and ask if that is playing a part in your life. Have you made these choices because you feel guilty about the consequences? Do you feel guilty about how another individual may think? Do you feel guilty perhaps because you are beating your own self up about your choices?

If there is guilt or any other emotion like that, I invite you to draw it all out from you right now; bring it up, and let it go. We send a breeze moving through this space, picking up everything that you guys are letting go, and we see it float out and transform.

When you come back and you look again, from your consciousness to your human, and your consciousness to your divinity, you can see how they are coming closer and closer together with one another.

Is there anything else within your life that is limiting? As you hear, see, sense, feel whatever that may be, I invite you to once more bring it up; bring it up to feel it and then release and let it go.

As you let go whatever this may be, you can feel it. You can know what it is. The more clear your human existence, the deeper blending there will be between you and your divinity.

Life is about manifesting the divine experience that you seek to have. It is about manifesting more and more of your ‘I AM’ presence into your daily life. And the best way to do that is by having a balanced human experience - speaking of your physical, emotional, mental, divine, lightbody essence - letting all of those come into a balance and allowing them to expand so that more and more of your divinity can come within you. You feel it happening right now.

I would also like to take a moment to again speak of the physical experiences that people are having. Sometimes it manifests as a disease, sometimes aches and pains, sometimes they just don’t physically feel as strong as they did before.

We know that many of you have become very conscious of the foods you eat, the clothing you wear and the fibers and textures that are around you. Your physical environment is having more of an effect either to support or to hold you back than it ever has before.

Therefore if you are feeling a challenge or having a difficult time within your life, then look to the physical support around you.

There are many times when people find that their diet needs to change. They may not think there is anything different about them but one of the things I’m seeing is that sometimes people who were allergic are no longer allergic and the reverse is also true.

Be open to receive any insights or information about what’s in your best interest when it comes to your food, clothing and your environment. The more that you live and experience your life in the higher vibrational dimensions, there is more that will be supported with the lifestyle that’s in alignment with that.

There has been times we’ve heard people speak of ways in which they ground themselves; that sometimes what’s in their environments is used as a means of grounding themselves. The more that you have that expanded human experience, the more blended you are, the easier it is to ground your energies or ground your divinity.

You need not use anything outside of yourself. You need only breathe through your consciousness, breathe your conscious awareness all the way down through your physical body and into the Earth.

When you do this you will find that you feel much better. You will find that you have more energy and less of the symptoms. This too is about the change that’s taking place. It’s about the physical integration.

Now as I have spoken of this, I invite each of you to look through your conscious awareness at that which represents your human experience and that which represents your divinity.

In almost every case I see a much deeper blending between these two. There is very little that is kept separate. This is an indication for you that you are finding the balance that you need to have.

I invite you to take this moment to once more look out towards the flow of lightbody energy. You may connect with it through yourself. You may see it around you almost as if a vapor with fine light particles surrounds you; so too does the lightbody energy.

But there is a stream of crystalline energy that moves through this place; it moves down towards the Earth plane, it moves out towards the Omniverse. I invite you to take a moment to allow yourself to merge within this space and let your energies flow out to the Omniverse.

As you do so look at all that is available here for you: knowledge from other planets, knowledge from other ETs if you want to call them that, but more so knowledge from your own ‘I AM’ presence is here and available for you.

I put forth that you have a sense of opening up to a stargate. See if that’s something different for you or if it’s the same. If it’s different then allow yourself to take in whatever those differences may be and ask yourself if there’s one or another that works better for you or if it’s possible to work with both of them.

They are one and the same when you look at them from the sense of the expanded awareness. But there are subtle differences due to people’s interpretation of what this may be. Be open and receive whatever that may be for you.

As if you are gathering whatever information or energy is best for you to have at this moment, have a sense then of shifting your awareness and then flow down as if along a river of energy that takes you all the way back into your space within the Earth plane.

As you allow for that flow to move within and around you, feel how it strengthens that flow of you being you. It strengthens the knowledge and the awareness that is always there for you. Open to receive whatever information is yours in this moment.

I invite you to come back together as a group. I invite you to feel the essence of that beam of light as it moves through this entire space. As that happens transmit into the Earth that deeper blending that took place between your consciousness, your human and your divine essence.

Transmit into the Earth the balanced energy of you as you are. Because as each one of you does this, it creates a greater and greater potential for others to move into or link with. The flow moves with ease.

And you can release this space. We see how that energy shifts as if that consciousness, that conscious intention moves down into the Earth itself; it moves through the crystalline grid creating a vibrational alignment.

The more that you are working with the crystalline grid in just such a manner as this the more it allows you to have the higher vibrational experiences as you live in your daily life.

People speak of dimensions - the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth – more and more of these dimensions are available for those of you who seek to have that in your daily existence on the Earth. The blended balance that allows for you to accommodate a greater amount of your divinity is what creates a shift that opens you to these higher vibrations.

With that I invite you to have a sense of shifting your focus for just a moment onto the soul plane. It may be that you release some of this essence of the soul but a lot of it still comes with you. You shift into the crystalline grid; finding that energy, you flow down into the interlocking grid and then into the magnetic grid.

As you come here within this space you immediately feel the gravitational pull of the Earth. You find the space in which your higher self resides. Take a moment and allow an acclimation or a balance to take place between you and the magnetic grid and you within this space.

You then have a sense of allowing your consciousness to come more fully down within and around you in your human experience. As you do this, take a moment and take stock of your physical reality.

Acknowledge your physical body, feeling the flow that moves up and down through your physical body. Expand into your emotional body, feeling that flow move through. Expand into your mental, your spiritual and your lightbody energy, feeling yourself acknowledging all of who you are within this space and feeling the flow move back and forth between all parts of who you are.

Feel this from the space of acceptance, feel it from the space of allowing. As you integrate who you are in this moment from this journey, I invite you to come back within the room.

You may find that there is a question that you would like to ask. If so press *6 upon your phone and that will bring you into the queue and I am here to receive any questions that you may have.

All right, so now as you consider your days upon the Earth, as you consider your life, I invite you to do so from that space of blended energy and that space of balance.

I encourage you to remember just how deeply blended you are with your divinity and from that space you know who you are; you know what your potentials are within and around you.

Be open to receive, let your body speak to you and listen to hear what it has to say.

I am ever with you and within.


The following are the questions and answers that took place during the teleconference October 3, 2010. The audio of the Q&A is also available through my website.

Question:Thank you for such a beautiful meditation, I can resonate with much of what you were saying. (Excellent!) I’m feeling very overwhelmed lately, there is a lot going on. I’m looking for some clarity and a little bit more balance. I’m trying to get my job or my businesses going, but it’s really frustrating and overwhelming. There’s a lot going on with that and family.

Answer:Okay, so what we want you to do for the moment is bring up in your thoughts, it feels like there are 3 things in particular that are coming to mind. Are there three things you are working on right now? (yes) So bring all three of these things up, you don’t need to say them out loud right now because we feel we are linking to them already. If you want to do this again and again; 10 times, whatever it may be, let yourself do so. In addition if you want to say it loud, then do so. But as you bring these three things up, it’s like we see you holding them in your arms in front of you. We invite you to consciously take a deep breath in and as you breathe down inside of yourself, feel yourself linking to these projects you have going on. As you do so, we are sending through a breeze, we are sending through a wave of energy that is clearing out the debris. As we look at it, it feels like there is a lot of excess energy around. It feels like there have been things that you’ve done as much as you can do and it’s time to now sit back and let things fall into place.

So it’s very difficult when you don’t have the income and you’re trying to set up something new. But it feels like it’s time to take a break from it, quick making a big effort about it. Instead, have a sense of allowing a flow of energy. So we would say take a little vacation for a few days, a week, or something like that. Each time you think of these projects, consciously breathe in and blow through an essence of clearing; in doing that, we find that everything is going to fall back in place. We feel essentially you are on tract. It feels like you are standing here at the precipice, you’ve opened up the door. Everything is about to come to fruition. It feels like these last details that have held it at a distance or kept it from happening. So by shifting the energies around it by relaxing or taking a little bit of a break, it feels like things are going to come about and begin to happen for you. It also feels as if the journey tonight what we were doing with you and what you were doing did a great deal towards clearing out these energies also.

That’s excellent.

Can you feel the shift as we moved the energies through just now?


Okay, so that’s the energy to reach towards feeling. If you are working on a project and trying to bring things together and you’re outside of that feeling of it being light and easy, then that means you are out of sync with what you’re doing. That’s when you take a step back, breathe through, clear the energy out and come back at it again from a space that feels light and that movement. That is when you know that you’re on track and everything is in alignment.

Okay, thank you very much.

You’re welcome.

Question:Hi Goddess! You know what really struck me with the journey tonight; one of the things was when you were talking about our physical environment and our diet; and if that is lining up with us energetically. I’m wondering if you can take a look and if you saw anything like that in me?

Answer:Okay, beloved as we’re looking at you and as we’re looking at your physical body it’s like we see cells that are scattered sporadically throughout you that are filled with a light. For some reason, we then get an image of you like a Christmas Tree with white lights. So if you can picture the darkness of a Christmas tree and then these sparkling lights all over it. This is what we see when we look at your body. It’s as if your body is emanating a light but there’s a patchiness between them. It’s like the lights are not all 100% connected to each other. The patchiness feels to us like it’s a residual density of the energy. Now, this is a little bit of an esoteric response to that, but we felt like the image was something important for you to see.

We want to acknowledge that what you are doing, what you have been doing is really bringing in a great deal of light and there’s so much of it that’s already there. So to us, what we feel the change is necessary with you is not so much changing your diet as adding more water, drinking more of the purified water. It feels like there are certain foods you used to eat a great deal of and now you feel like you need to eat less of them. It doesn’t even feel like it’s necessarily meat as much as processed food. It feels almost like the processed foods have chemicals in them and those chemicals are what are interfering. So if you think about what you’re having that has more of the naturalness to the food or the naturalness to how it’s grown; be it meat products, grains, breads, whatever it may be. Let that be your guiding light. We sense that that is the next step for you, that you are already realizing this but didn’t know which part of you was shifting. Does that resonate with you?

Yeah, one of the things I eat that I know are probably not good are my chips and stuff. I just love eating chips. I think that’s one of the things that’s not working maybe.

We sense that that is part of the problem. But when you were saying that, it was like a part of you was a part of you that needed the salt from that. If you think about salt whatever else is more natural that has salt on it that you can work with. It just came to us, maybe take a bath in salt water. Or if you like the chips, you enjoy them then we always say have at least some of them. But recognize that this is a symptom of a bigger picture and what are other ways that you cleanse yourself; like with the salt bath.

We sense that if you detoxify somewhat, you won’t be craving the salt as much. It’s all kind of part of the whole. We think that when people begin to “diet” and deny themselves things they really want then it becomes a fixation that becomes bigger and bigger and bigger. You then find you are struggling against something instead of working with it. So we don’t believe in the ‘D’ word! (giggles) We believe instead that you consider the light that is sparkling throughout your body. And you consider what it feels like to be in the flow. Then as you’re looking at what you might be preparing as you are looking at the snacks you have around the house, then let yourself open to receive what most resonates with you. If sometimes it’s chips, then that’s fantastic. But our sense is that if you detoxify and if you create more of this shift then just naturally you will have less of an inkling for them. It will be just a random choice.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Question:Hello Goddess can I start my question? (Certainly.) For the last three months I’ve not felt well around my throat and left ear. I’ve been to the doctor, but it did not help me. (I couldn’t understand some of what she said.) ….. my throat feels scratchy, then it becomes completely parched even though I’m drinking water. There’s no problem and then it becomes very parched and scratchy and then I have a coughing fit. The doctor says there is no infection. So I’m wondering if you can help me heal it.

Answer:Okay, you broke up during a portion of the question, but we think we have the essence of what you were asking. We invite you to take a deep breath in. as you take a breathe in feel our energies as we merge with you so we can get more information. You have some blocked energy around your throat center and moving up towards your head. This block is about speaking your truth, speaking up for yourself, about speaking words that are important for you to speak. It feels to us like either in family situations or in your living environment, you just are going with the flow and doing….. sorry about there, we downloaded too much here. (Deep breath in and out.) As we circle back and look at this again, we think what’s most important is that if you want to speak what your beliefs are, you should do so. If you want to bring up ideas, thoughts, or opportunities that are different than what people said before, then you should do so. We think that what’s most important for you right now is to begin to have that confidence and that awareness within yourself and you then speak of your beliefs and your ideas are.

As you do that, all of this is going to transition and release. We are still linking with it in this moment and we ask you to take a deep breath in. as you do so, we’re going to consciously send through like a bolus or impulse of light or energy that just kind of clears that out. (Deep breath) There is goes. What we feel like we are doing is breaking up some of that heaviness that has formed around there. When you feel like you have to clear your throat or it feels like its thick, take that moment to talk out loud whatever it is that is that you feel is on your mind; or whatever your thoughts or beliefs are. Even if there is nobody in the room with you what you are doing is getting used to saying them out loud and it’s another way of expressing what your thoughts and beliefs are. Does that resonate with you?

My circumstances are not like that; like you see that I am keeping everything in. There may be something in my life that I need to keep quiet and not tell what I believe, but that’s not so much in my life. There are some things that are beyond my control that I would like that to have happen in my life, but it’s beyond my control. Whether I seek it out or not doesn’t make a difference, because it’s something that I cannot control. I want something to happen in my life but I cannot make it happen; I have to just wait for it to happen. Whether I tell my truth or not doesn’t’ make a difference.

Okay, we sense there is still resistance in you. We feel as you speak of this that if it’s not about speaking your truth, it’s about working with whatever it is you talk about during the day or whatever it is that has to do with communication.If there are things that have not happened that you are waiting for them to happen, then work with the energies of letting that go. You are not saying you are giving up a dream of what you want to have in your life, that’s not going to go away because the Universe knows how much you want it. But you need to shift the energy around it and create a greater flow around you and the energy doesn’t get stuck in your body like we see it is at this moment. By breathing out, by consciously letting the energy flow through you, by giving up that sense of resistance around things that have not yet happened; all of these things will help you to be more in the flow that will let this go away completely. It feels transient to us; it does not feel as if there is anything long term or serious going on here. We sense it is something you can work with and consciously see it as denigrating, consciously see it as melting and going away and the sense we get is that it will.

I just imagine that the problem has gone away.

Yes, we invite you to connect to the energy of whatever the problem is. Then as you breathe out and release, release the problem and let it go from you. As you breathe deeply into your heart center, let it flow up into your throat, let it expand and break away that density we saw around there. We see it cleared right at this moment, but we sense it comes back again, it’s not fully going away in the few minutes we have right here. So if you continue to work with it; feeling, seeing, sensing it as being cleared out, it will continue to clear up.

Do see whatever it is I want that is not in my hand, but I want it to come into my life, to bring happiness into my life. Do you see that particular desire of mine manifesting in my near future?

You know we see a lot of different things around you right now and we’re not sure what the specifics are about it. But that is a second question that is coming into play and there are others who are waiting so perhaps another time…….

I just would like the knowledge that my life will be much better than what it is now in this point in time.

We see there is a lot of potential around you and we see you reaching out and accepting these potentials into your life. So yes your life is changing. Yes it’s going to, it feels like there’s a period of time when there’s an adjustment being made. But it feels like when we look 6 months down the road, it feels like things will be much more complete by then. We’re not saying it will take 6 months, but it doesn’t feel like it’s right this moment, because you still need to release this stuff and help to transition it. But between now and 6 months it feels like things will come together and things will have shifted.

She was braking up but said something about will I be improved from where I am now?

Beloved we cannot work with this anymore, if you would like another session (private session) you are welcome to do so with shelly, but we are going to need to move on.

Alright, thank you Goddess.

You are welcome.

Question:Hello? (Hello!) Hi (How are you?) Wonderful! Thank you for taking my call. (You’re welcome.) As we were working with these higher vibrational energies, I wanted to know--- about a month and a half ago I’ve been working on integrating these higher frequencies coming into my body and aligning with it. I think I pretty much hit my mark. You said by the fall equinox it should be fully integrated within my body. I’m wondering if you could see if I was in harmony now! (chuckling) My job has been a lot better, but I want to know what I need to do to clear it.

Answer:We see you as being fully integrated. The fact that you ask us if you’re fully integrated makes us think perhaps there are parts of you that don’t feel that way. But as we look at you and look at you right now as we come of the journey where that was the focus, we see you as completely integrated right now. The question is, how much does that last during your daily life? Do you get thrown out of alignment and then have to find your way back into alignment? Are you staying here for a good portion of your day? We sense that in essence you are fully integrated. You get drawn away from things when you’re at your worst, when things are as struggle at work, then something happens at home. It’s like there are times it feels like bumper pool and the ball is just bumping from one thing to another. The question is, are you fully balanced during that time? that's when we feel you go out of balance, but what we see happening is that in between that you come back into balance and fully bring yourself back together.

We would say the first thing you should consider is to give yourself a break. That you can find a space where you can fully accept that even if you get pushed out of balance for a short period of time, over-riding everything you are in balance. As we say this, as a perception does that resonate with you at all? (Yes.) So what we would recommend is that you more so focus on the times you feelINbalance and the times when things are going well for you. Then even if things a struggle at work or someplace else, by focusing on what it feels like to be in balance, then the other things at work that are out of that balance will diminish and go by the way side and you will be less bothered by them. Does that make sense to you?

Yes that’s what I do, I take a deep breath and tell myself I can do a little bit of that happy and I call myself back into balance.

That’s why we see it, yes. That’s why we see it working for you!

So what do you feel about my job (jaw) thing do you see it going away completely now?

Your job?

My JAW, my jaw. (Laghter)

Oh jaw! We were looking at your work!! We did not notice anything within jaw; let us take a look there.

Thank you so much.

It feels as if there is a residual of something going on there. It’s funny we get two questions now of people and their jaws! Maybe there’s something going on about that for everyone to take from, considering how your jaw moves with your speech, your eating, so many parts of your day. As we look at you it feels like there is still some residual energy that is stuck there. So we will focus on it for a moment and see if we can kind of draw it out from there. (deep breath in and out) When we ask what did it look like before, it feels like it’s dramatically improved so we think you’re on the right track. We think it’s getting better and better. We think it will fully resolve, but it doesn’t feel resolved right now.

Do you get a timeline of when you see it pushing out of my energy?

You know, we would say immediately. We would say focus on it being completely gone, because so much of it is gone, we’d say 98-99%. So focus on it being gone completely. Then if it comes up to your awareness or if you think it’s not there, then don’t give it more than just a blip as in ‘It’s there to remind me to take another deep to breath through and clear that area’.

Thank you so much!

You’re welcome.

Question:Hello Goddess? Am I on? Yes you are.) I’m 83 years old with many physical compromises. The question now for me is to stay here and have some help or to go to assisted living; I really don’t want to go to assisted living. Mentally I’m on the ball still thank God, I trade the market. I’m just confused as to what to do. I don’t get visitations from my son and my daughter doesn’t call. I’m confused as to what to do. What is your theory?

Answer:Well, we actually sense that the assisted living may actually be a benefit to you because you’ll have so many more people around you that you can have fun with and you can go out and do stuff with. We can see that if you do make the choice to go there, then your social life actually gets quite dramatically increased with lots and lots of stuff to do. We have a sense of you looking at several different places and some of them are not at all a good alignment to you. But it feels like there are one or two that are a good potential for something really fun. We want to also say that there’s a sense that we have that if you make a choice to do something like that then it’s as if you are ‘giving up’ or you’re ‘letting go’ of your independence. But the truth of the matter is that it feels like you will become more independent there because you will have less things to worry about. So our sense is leaning towards going and doing that. Now if when you think about that it makes you feel bad or it brings you down or it makes you feel less than; then it’s not in your best interest to go do it or it’s not the right timing to go do that. So whether you do it now or sometime in the future, we sense that at some point you will do that.

Now when we look at you in your place where you are right now, we have a sense of someone that can come in like a nursing assistant and helps you with physical things. It feels like it’s working okay, we don’t see any problems with that. But it’s more so about what makes you feel happy, lighthearted and feels good.

Do you see where this assisted living might be? Do you have a sense of where it might be?

We’re not getting a name of anything in particular, but if you’re asking is it in the city that you live in; is that what you’re asking?

Can you see a surrounding, a climate….

It feels like it’s not very far from where you are. It feels like it’s something that’s within a 5-10 minute drive. It feels like its closer to other….. it does not feel like it’s out in the country; we have a sense of a city around it and lots of different things; something about movie night. We’re seeing an auditorium or something where they have a big screen and they have movie night once a week or something like that and you think ‘Oh I love those movies’. Somehow someway it kinda, sorta what catches your eye. We think if you look at a list of places in your environment and put your hand over the name of it, close your eyes and take in a deep breath. See if you get a feel for it. Is it warm and good or is it neutral? You can eliminated some by doing that. We think if you drive around and look at them, then walk into them you’ll know which one is right for you. But we’re not getting a name and other than the fact it’s not very far away from you; you’ll know it when you get there.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Question:Hello Goddess. (hello) Hello this is Amy. I had a really unusual experience this evening. When we went into the mediation, I don’t remember anything from that start until we got to the questions. I didn’t fall asleep, but it was like I was somewhere else. Can you expand on that?

Answer:We have a sense of you going out into the Omniverse because it feels like a sense, like we see an archway. You know how we have that perception of the lightbody energy and how it streams out into the Omniverse? We see you linking with that and shooting out into a distant place. It feels like the intention was to link with an extraterrestrial. It feels like you went to a ship type thing. It doesn’t feel like a planet or a star, it feels like a ship and you linked with this ET. Now saying that you think that’s kinda cool and neat but the thing that’s important to know about that is that the ET is you. It’s something that is a life consciousness of your I AM presence that is currently having a life existence at this time. You needed to link with that in order to get information that you are bringing back into your home life. We sense that you do this when you’re in a sleeping state but tonight it happened in this manner because it was giving you this sense of connection or of bringing it up within your consciousness in a different manner. Does that resonate with you?

Well it clicks because I knew something was going on but I didn’t know. I knew I wasn’t asleep, it was just something.

Because it was so dramatically different it gives you that sense of not knowing what it was. It’s almost like when we talk about people when you go through the veil as you come into the earth and you don’t remember other things; it’s that same idea. It was like you went through a veil type thing. You were awake, you were conscious on the one hand but you didn’t know what you were seeing and you didn’t know what you were experiencing because it was just that way for this experience. But we feel you received what you needed to receive and that it’s going to be filtering down to you over the next several days or weeks. What we would say to you is especially tonight; well we think actually if you go, okay we’re being told immediately after this. If you will just take some time and close your eyes and let yourself breathe and expand your energy state. Then let yourself ask, don’t ask in a way that it will put pressure on you, (deep breath in and out) but simply take breaths in and let yourself feel a flow of energy as it moves through you.

As that flow is moving through you, consciously send it all the way down into every cellular structure within your body and send it throughout your whole being. As you do so, what you are going to do is integrate the information and experience that you’ve had tonight. Then some of those answers will come to you over the next several days. We think in particular when you sleep tonight, what your dreams may be about. Sometimes the dreams immediately after something like this may be something that will bring up fear; it’s because you need to let go that fear to move past it, to allow in this next amount of information for you. Does that all make sense?

Yes, thank you.

You’re welcome. It doesn’t feel like it’s up to us, we’re not getting a message for one thing, but it doesn’t feel like it’s up to us to interpret all of this for you. We feel you did get it, what you needed to get for tonight. It’s there and it will all be blending and merging and moving through you over the next several days.

Thank you.

You are welcome. It’s exciting! You are stepping into a new a beginning and it’s something you will find very exciting. It just feels like there are new doors opening up for you.


Excellent, it’s always excellent when that happens, is it not.


Alright beloved, well very good.

Okay so we’re going to bring this evening to a close now. I know we were not able to speak with everyone this evening. For those we were not able to speak with we send out waves of energy and light. I encourage you to reach out to the Goddess when you are sleeping or meditating or doing whatever it is you do. (deep breath)



COBALT 16th October 2010 8:10 pm


Shelly Dressel 17th October 2010 7:44 am

Thank you Cobalt!! Flowing love back at you~~~



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