A New Year, A More Blended You Q&A

Hello. This is Shelly Dressel and the following are questions and answers that occurred during the Goddess Light teleconference. The teleconference is on the first and third Sunday of every month. It is free to anyone who would like to join in.

Sometimes the caller does not come through very clearly, so please bear with me for the times when it is difficult to hear what question is being asked.

Thank you. If you would like to hear the rest of the channel that goes along with these questions, you may find it through my website www.goddesslight.net. Thank you.

As you continue to ground your energies back within you, I am open to receive questions that you may have. You may press *6 upon your phone.

And I am here to receive.

Question: Hello. (Hello) Hello Goddess. Thank you for that beautiful meditation. I just have a quick question. I would like to transition from a traditional work environment into spiritual practices, and I’m not really sure how to do that.

Answer: Okay. We see two things happening around you as you asked your question. We see you in the traditional work and you first of all create a balance that allows your spirituality or your divinity to radiate from you more so in your traditional experience. Because what that does is, that’s how you create a merging of both the spiritual and the traditional. Now, it may not be that you do this by talking about all these things that might not be well-received by other people, but you do it by sitting at your desk or walking around the environment and emanating from you that sense of your divinity or that sense of the type of spiritual work that you would like to do.

And what we see will happen is that relationships and things are going to transition. You will be talking to people and you might not notice, you will find that your traditional work will become different for you.

And then, from that as a foundation or that as a beginning, it will be very easy. We see things shifting over and it’s easier for you to talk about it outside of work. And we see you building new bridges outside of work and building places where you can begin to practice.

And so that way it’s an easier transition for you and we just see a much greater flow around it.

Does that resonate with you?

Yes. Yes. I just couldn’t figure it out. I wasn’t sure how that was all supposed to happen.

With this journey tonight we saw that that’s what you were creating as you were working with it. There’s so much, like when we went into the specifics, that wasn’t necessarily what you needed to go through. So we saw you creating this intention for your divinity and this intention for your spiritual work to become much more so a part of your everyday life and it’s like we see it around you as if it’s this block of energy. And it may have been there beforehand but we see it as something more enhanced because of the journey.

So, if you can picture it as a block of energy and let that come into you, then the ways in which it will transition will become more evident to you. And, again, we think that just, um, breathing in and radiating out your divinity, beginning to have a sense of looking at your everyday work-life, from the eyes of your divinity, is all the way that that will allow that to happen.

Thank you.

Okay. You’re welcome. This year is going to be one of heartfelt expansion.

Good. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Question: Hello. (Hello). Yes. Thank you so much. Your mediation was just as the right time. I have a question about – I have next to my nose something erupting since six months or more, that never heals. Bleeds a little, builds a crust that comes off, and bleeds again. I was just wondering whether that was cancerous and should I have a biopsy, or is it something not dangerous.

Answer: We are not getting a sense one way or the other of whether it’s dangerous. But we do have a sense of you needing to go to the doctor to have it evaluated. We aren’t clear enough to say one way or the other, other than to say to you we don’t have a deep sense of dread around it.

But, because it’s been consistent, because it’s never fully gone away, it feels like there might be something deeper in that needs to be taken out or removed. And so we think it would be to your benefit to go ahead and see a doctor about it.

Yeah, I was there three months ago and he said we wait and we do a biopsy. But this will have a scar or something.

It does not feel like it would be that big of a scar. It feels like it is something fairly easily resolved and that once the roots of whatever it is are taken out, then it feels like it will go away. It feels like there is something that needs to be removed that keeps coming back, and that that will help it to go away.

Just burning it off wouldn’t do it?

You know the technique of how they do it we are not sure. All we can tell you is that we have a sense of something deeper that needs to come out and that it will go away.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Question: Hello (Hello). Hi. I just had a few things to ask, I guess. I was wondering if I had a goddess name? And a couple of weeks ago I was lying in bed and this voice in my head which sounded like out-loud said, “Me”. So, I’m not sure what that was.

Answer: Well actually we need to keep it limited. So those two are related to one another, so I’ll answer that question. There’s too many people in line to answer too many questions for one individual.

So, the goddess name that you were asking about and the ‘me’ that you heard when you were lying in bed, was your divinity that was speaking to you.

We have a sense that you’ve been consciously working to expand your awareness and your divinity within the past six months in particular, but longer than that. You’ve been on the journey much longer than that but…actually about three months. It feels like the past three months your consciousness has shifted in such a way that you’re saying ‘I want to hear you. I want a deeper communication. I want to know when I’m hearing from my higher self. I want to know when my intuition is me and my angels.’

It feels like that’s what you’ve been asking the Universe to have for yourself and that’s how it’s been manifesting for you. You as your divinity – we never really hold a lot of energy in names because names can change with the vibration. But we’re laughing a little bit because Cinderella is the name that she heard. Because Cinderella has so many connotations on Earth, it probably was not necessarily that name, but it’s like Cin-rella, Cin-something or other.

So, if you let yourself go into meditation and you let something about Cin, Cin, Cin-rella – anyway we’re just stuck on that. So, if you let that name flow through you, we sense that it’s going to change and it’s going to be different than that, but that’s kind of like the door that opens it and allows it to come through.

We see that the work you have been doing has been very effective and we see that you’ve been receiving lots and lots of intuition. And, when you’ve been asking ‘where is it coming from?’, the sense we get is that it is coming from your divinity. It’s coming from your higher self, it’s coming from within you. It is not something that is outside of you.

Does that resonate with you?

I thought it might be, but I just wasn’t sure. (Exactly) It was the first big experiencing that I’ve had, but I wasn’t sure, so it’s nice to confirm that.

Well we’re glad that you asked about that. That’s something that happens to many people, is they ask for something again and again and again, and when it happens it’s like ‘oh my god, was that it?’ And, it kind of like knocks you out of your balance because yes, you have gotten what you’ve been asking for.

So, that is our sense of that, is that indeed it was your divinity. And we see it just really expanding over the next several months because now you are trusting it more and you are consciously working with it.

Okay. So, I could hear it again, then?

Most definitely.

Alright. Well, thank you.

You’re welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess. (Oh, hello) My question is, over Christmas time for a couple of days I was feeling an intense discomfort emotionally I guess. It feels like whatever it was I’ve moved through it. It feels like I’ve broken through some sort of a barrier, this barrier that’s been around for a good while. Now I can start to see some results of this barrier dissolving. Actually I’ve got an appointment on January 5th that’s showing me the result of braking through this barrier. Is there anything else you would like to say about this?

Answer: We feel that part of what you’re bringing this up for is that you are looking for confirmation and we confirm that for you wholeheartedly. That felt like it was the last of a series of different steps you’ve been taking for yourself and it gives us a sense of coming full circle. (chuckles) Oh and Full Circle Mediation (which is the name of the caller’s company) there you go! There is your confirmation.

The appointment that someone made is the first man of the street person who called me and said yes they want to come in for an appointment. (oh cool) and it was for January 5th. I looked at the calendar and thought that’s a pretty significant day.

Okay, well to us it feels as if it’s all complete and it feels as if you are truly stepping into what you are seeking to manifest.


Good for you, high five!

I guess the question is, has the barrier been dissolved and then if it’s clear sailing and it’s going to be expansion, expansion, expansion from there?

Yes indeed. If you continue to think there was a barrier, is there going to be another barrier; just using the word barrier you can begin to create little stumbles for yourself. We would say as you towards the beginning, this barrier is something that was in the past; it’s dissolving, it’s gone. Let your focus be only upon what you seek to have.


And so it is!

Thank you so much.

You are welcome beloved.

Question: hi Goddess, thank you for the wonderful meditation today. (You’re welcome.) My question is; I’m thinking of writing a book or having someone write it for me. I need to tell a story. My intention is to help people with this terrible experience I’ve gone through in about a 10 year period of time. I just really don’t know where to begin. I did set up an appointment with a hypnotherapist; my memory doesn’t work so well. I’d just like some feedback that I’m doing the right thing.

Answer: We see two pathways before you. We see you going down the pathway of this book and it can be very cathartic experience for you. It allows you to really purge and let go of the experiences you have had. In doing it in writing a book it creates an experience that others may align with it and they may release things in their life that keep them from having that same experience or it helps them to shift things in another way.

Now if you go down this path one thing I would say to you is be careful not to get stuck in those energies again; to keep yourself from letting your focus be there, staying in that place and continuing to feel bad and continuing to feel awful about what’s going on. Keep it in a place where it’s all about letting go, releasing and having movement in your life.

The other pathway we see for you is that you choose not to write this book. You don’t write this book and instead you recognize that the past 10 years has created where you are in this moment. From here forth you are creating a new reality for yourself; you are creating one that comes with all the growth and awareness of what you’ve been through but with your focus being on something new and different to experience in your life.

As we speak of this each pathway is completely separate from the other and has a totally different feel to it. The sense we get is that you have made up your mind about the book and with that we give you full support. It feels like you might have interview a couple of different people until you find the one that really works with you; the two of you get along well together. But we did just want to share with you our perception of the two potentials.

It’s just like I said, the intention is to help prevent other people from going through it. I think that I can handle it; I’m not holding onto the experience, I’ve gotten pretty well past that. I just want to make sure that this will be successful. I know it will take a lot of time and energy. Actually it’ll take a little bit of money on my part too and I don’t have excess to waste if this is not going to work.

It’s too soon in the process to say; yes it’s going to be hugely selling. It just doesn’t come to us one way or the other, it feels neutral. So the decision to do this is completely in your hands. We sense making the choice to do that is a pathway that will take you into new and different experiences. If you stay in tuned with yourself and every step along the way if you are listening to your intuition asking if this is still the right thing to do recognizing you can stop it at any point and let it go or you can continue on. You will know because it will feel right to you, it will feel like it just unfolds and it will go with ease.

Okay, that makes sense. Thank you so much.

Very good beloved, you’re welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess, thank you for being here. I wanted to ask about me allowing more intimacy into my life and if you have any advice if there anything that needs to be released or not.

Answer: It feels to us as if you did a great deal of releasing with the journey tonight. But it also feels as if there is something you are just holding on to. It feels as if from past experience, that there’s just like this particle. If we look at you on the whole and we look at what you are holding onto, it’s a very small part of who you are. It feels like it’s something you’ve been dealing with for a number of years, kind of off and on.

When you consider actually becoming intimate with someone else, just as with this journey when you flow down that relationship within yourself, feeling your divinity moving all the way through yourself; let it link with you, let it link with whatever this residual is so that it can absorb it, release it, merge with it, blend with it. As you feel that greater amount of awareness moving up and down through you, then what you are going to find is that confidence grows within you. As that confidence is growing then you are more open to intimacy. The two of them are directly related to one another and it grows and expands from there. Does that resonate with you beloved?

Ah, yes.

So we see this as something that you are moving through. We see you manifesting the perfect person that you feel comfortable with and the relationship moves with ease. Before you know it you are going to be on the far side of this saying “what was that problem again? Didn’t I have a problem?” And you will know.

But intimacy especially is something that is very deep and very personal for every individual. So by letting yourself truly feel the expansion of your divinity and letting it fully be a part of you, that’s what will allow you to take this final step and that you more fully then into the person and the relationships you are seeking to have.

Okay, is that something I can work on tonight and clear tonight or is this something that’s going to take years?

It’s certainly nothing that is going to take years or months or anything like that, you did a great deal of clearing work tonight. So if you begin to work with as you go to bed at night; take in a few breaths with the intention of breathing down and integrating into the physical – your divinity by breathing it down into every cell within your body; how so ever it resonates within you. If you want to send it in particular to your sexual organs, that’s fine. Intimacy is not only about the sexual, it’s about the heart center and your heart being open. So breathing down your divinity, letting it move up and down through your body, feeling it absorb and then letting it flow through you. it’s always about being in the flow of energy and not letting it stop and stay within you, but moving through you. So we sense it’s something that becomes second hand to you and you do it with ease.

Oh, great, thank you!

You are welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess, thank you for taking my question. I’m trying to figure out, see if you can help me with this. Whatever it is that interfered with the journey tonight is the same thing that interferes any time I get close to something I want or want to create or look forward to. I was very excited as I found what the journey was about and as soon as I thought oh this is just what I need; all these things started happening to interfere whether it was my body having an issue or my phone having an issue, this goes on all the time. Is there anything that can be done about it?

Answer: When people have these types of things that come up in their lives that keep them from being able to manifest what they have or like you said in this experience tonight; we use this word personality or ego. We want you to recognize it’s that part of you that’s human; it’s that part of you that keeps you in the human reality. That part as a general rule tends to have; well with an earth bound focus it’s also a more restrictive focus. It’s the part that’s been created from you and every experience you’ve had in this lifetime. But it’s all about this lifetime. It’s not the part of you that can expand and recognize other lifetimes, other abstract ideas. It’s very regimented you could say. Do you feel the part of you that we’re speaking of as I’m talking about this?

Yes and I knew it was a part of me. I’ve known this for a while that it’s been happening. It’s been going on real intensely and I hoped it came up to be cleared away. But it’s really been adversely affecting my life lately.

Okay so we’re glad that you recognize that. So the next thing you do, the way that this is going to shift for you and shift on a permanent basis is that as your ego or your personality as it feels like it’s losing control or if it feels like you’re making changes in your life you’re not comfortable with; then it will create other things where your ego or personality feels comfortable. That’s what it’s doing, that’s why it won’t let in this change you are doing; it’s keeping it ‘the same’. Because that’s all it knows what is ‘the same’.

So the best way to work with something like this is to have a sense of almost having a conversation inside of yourself of bringing up and acknowledging that this part is what makes you human, this part is what is keeping you on the earth, this part is what’s giving you the person you are in this lifetime. It feels a need where it’s uncomfortable with change. So if you can bring that up within you, feel like you’re connecting to her, and allowing her to be acknowledged. Because as with any part of you when you don’t acknowledge it or try to move beyond, it becomes more ridged in its stance.

So by acknowledging this part within you is coming from a place of trying to be secure, it’s trying to be stabilized. Then you acknowledge it and you consciously have a sense of bringing in that light of your divinity, that light of your love, that light of your compassion. As it moves through, what you are doing is that it begins to relax. You begin to have these conversations inside of yourself where you say ‘I am fully comfortable in these changes in my life’ ‘I fully accept and acknowledge that this part of me has been there as the keeper of my person in this lifetime’ ‘But I am choosing to flow change, I am choosing to flow expansion’. So therefore it’s like you can do it once or twice and boom it expands hugely. But we have found over the years of working with people that it’s something very gradual and very subtle at the beginning and then ‘boom’ you find that expansion occurs. Does that resonate with you beloved?

Um, yes

Or have we made you more confused?

Well, I think something that had come to me that I actually tried tonight was that I knew the inner child had been rebellious; I’ve been trying to be very gentle and loving with the inner child but I’ve just moved into tough love. I love you, you must sit down, you must stop and you must allow us to integrate and flow together. I don’t know if that’s going to work, it didn’t fix the meditation tonight! I don’t know, that tough love may be a bad thing to do with the inner child too. I didn’t even realize that I had this other aspect acting up until you brought it up. I’m certainly going to try all this and just pray that it actually has some impact. It sounds wonderful and gentle and loving and I like that!

Well, what we’re talking about is that which is your personality. Within your personality you have these inner children that people have going on. So there probably is a direct link between the two. Whether or not we’re looking at it from a bigger aspect than you are; well it feels like we’re looking at is a little bit bigger than what you are talking about.

So we certainly can appreciate tough love and that sometimes the perspective of that from saying ‘this is as far with this as I’m willing to go’ is fine. But when you have parts inside of you that are crying out or holding on to you with a strangle hold; it’s doing so from a place of feeling un-acknowledged or fear or depression or any of those types of emotions. Continuing to do something that from their perspective is ignoring them or pushing them aside, does not create the solution. So the solution always comes from unconditional love, unconditional appreciation – whew- there it goes –whew- (this is the Goddess blowing it out, creating a shift) As we were saying that we have been working with you and we can feel how she was opening up a little bit because we see her, we acknowledge her and we can do that. –whew—

So this is what we think would be very beneficial. You can go back and listen to this recording again or you may feel you need to work with this one on one, we do this a lot with Shelly in private sessions if that’s what you choose. But anyway it’s something that’s a part of the releasing of the past year or more. As its integrated you will find that everything else will unfold with greater ease.

Oh thank you! And I did feel an opening in my heart chakra as you did that move. It was a great feeling, so thank you very much!

Excellent! You are very welcome and we sense that, that was the shift that you were looking for.

Oh gosh, thank you!

You’re welcome.



Vilma, I see there is only one more person, so we’ll take that call.

Question: Hello Goddess, I just want to confirm. I’ve been feeling a lot of energy all over my body. I feel like my lightbody is changing my physical body while I’m asleep. I feel like a lot of my energies are more play. Most of my life I struggle and strain but now it’s all about play, play, play. Is that working through my body right now?

Answer: It’s very, very hard to hear you. But what we’re hearing is that you feel that with the integration of your lightbody, there’s a lot of play going on; that you feel that the essence of your body and dream state. Is that what you’re saying?

Nope, when I go to sleep the energy of my body is moving and I feel a lot of shifting and changing. And it feels really, really good! (oh, okay) Most of the mode I’m in now is play, joyful play. Is that making an affect in my progress on my physical changes, like with the meditation we did tonight?

Exactly beloved! That is exactly; when you are seeking to integrate your lightbody or more of your divinity it comes through from a space that is joyful, that is happy, that is loving; it just makes you feel good! That’s what our sense is from what you’re speaking of. That is the integration of the greater amount of your lightbody energy. As that is happening, as you are experiencing that we sense that it’s going to begin to have an effect on your physical body. Your physical body is going to release toxins; you might go through a period where you feel a little more uncomfortable, because your body is releasing toxins. But when you continue to focus on the joyful, playful feeling then you will find that your body will move through it with greater ease.

How awesome!

It is awesome! Again, we think there was someone else now that we’re at the end and Shelly’s a little disoriented; it feels like there was someone else tonight confirming, is this my divinity, is this me fully manifesting it; indeed that is what we confirm for you!

Thank you!
You’re welcome




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