A New Year, New Energies, New Beginning

With this channel, the Goddess brought us into a new era, a new energy, a new time. I felt as if the entire channel was different starting from the beginning. The energy has felt lighter, finer to me since mid-December and all the changes taking place with the Solstice and portal openings of 12-12-12. She taps into those experiences right at the beginning.

She then took us straight to the Crystalline Grid, rather than going through the magnetic grid. These have now blended with each other, so I could feel both, but it was predominantly the crystalline.

As we moved into the All That Is, the Goddess asked us to bring to mind what our intention was for 2013. She then said, take it all and let it go! The reason for this is because people still think of what they want in terms of what’s not working or what they’ve wanted for a long time. She wanted everyone to let that go so as to truly begin in a new way.

She then created a space where each person developed a new alignment with their angels, guides, ET or whatever came to them. As people were doing this, it became clear that what they connected to was an aspect of themselves from their I AM presence. People had the chance to discuss with them what they wanted, how they wanted to live their lives. For many people, their perception was completely different. This allowed them the chance to manifest change.

The Goddess then assisted in clearing people’s mental body, emotional and physical. This clearing was very deep and allowed the energies to realign with the higher vibrations. She also spoke of how to manifest this in our everyday lives. Once that was cleared she also specifically mentioned Karma and clearing that all the way back to its source.

Then in the end, rather than working with a hologram of the earth, she had everyone bring the energies directly back within themselves! This really was very powerful because it allowed everyone to have not only the direct link to their divinity, but the awareness of how close they are to the energies at all times. Then moving the energies through each person, they anchored into the earth once again grounding people.

This truly is a new year, a new energy, a new beginning.


Nama sika, Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet your beloved family! I reach out to each one of you, inviting you to come here within this space. Inviting you to come, allow yourself to BE in this moment and allow yourself to have the energies of this experience.

This is the first channel of a new year. This is 2013 or twenty thirteen howsoever you may say it upon your earth. This is the year of continued change. You have done so much work throughout the last several years in preparation for these energies of the transformation that’s taking place.

You have done a lot of work. You have done many, many different things that have allowed you to experience your life on many different planes of existence. And so as we are beginning this New Year, let’s take it as an opportunity to really move into what this is going to mean for you.

Indeed, the potential is there that everything will continue on in the way that it’s been and no change will take place in your life. Indeed the potential is there that you can step into a new beginning; a new reality and you can allow that to more fully take place within you.

I am even closer to the earth than I have ever been before! You may feel my energies in and around you in a more consistent basis or perhaps a more frequent basis than you have in the past. This is a direct relation to the shift that took place during December.

I invite you to gather your energies. As you do so, allow those energies to once more breathe into your body, move down through you. Have a sense of reaching into the earth until you can feel that essence of Gaia and the essence of the earth.

Allow that to stream back up through you letting it anchor within your solar plexus or your abdomen. Then from there, let it stream upward, let it stream out until you find yourself in the space of the crystalline grid.

As you look around, allow yourself to open up and take in all that is here. As you allow your consciousness to expand, you may have a perception of colors, energies, crystals; it’s limitless. This crystalline grid is now fully integrated with the magnetic grid. So if you would like, you may even open up your energies and ask to feel that magnetic aspect that is here.

As you continue to look around, become aware of how this is a place in alignment with your higher self. This is a place that allows you to feel open that allows you to let go any restrictions of the earth.

Always before when we would make our stops within the magnetic grid and then the crystalline grid you had a sense of letting go of the magnetic pull of the earth and letting go of the earth itself so that you were much more fully present within this space. This is one of the changes that has taken place as a result of the ascension of the earth. It’s here, it’s present; it’s very close to you here in your everyday life. You need not go through a strenuous process. This is here in the space of your higher self.

I invite you to have a sense of allowing your energy to shift. Allow yourself to move out until you come into the space of the soul plane. This continues to be a place in which you have greater access to your I AM presence.

As you take it in, be open to become aware of your own divinity. You may have a sense of seeing this essence or this energy as something that comes from within you; it may come up from inside of you. Or you may have a sense of seeing it as if it’s walking towards you. As if it’s you, like seeing yourself walk towards you, but you are bigger, brighter, more filled with energy.

Allow yourself to merge, allow yourself to blend. Allow yourself to accept all of who you are as your divinity.

I the Goddess move through here. I move in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you. I reach out to connect with you. As I do so, we shift into the energy of the All That Is.

Feel this space. Look around. Allow yourself to open up all your senses so that you may be open to perceive all that is here. This too is undergoing a transition and it is a result of all the work that you have done. Look around; take in, take in whatever it is you may see, sense or feel is here.

As the earth has moved through this most latest transition it allowed the average person or the collective consciousness to move up into a higher plane of existence; a lighter, finer, different; howsoever you choose to perceive it. It was a shift that took place that has allowed humanity to continue through its own evolution of expanding into the next experience that the earth itself will receive.

As a result of that, it’s like a ripple effect that has taken place starting with the earth itself, moving through the dimensions and then moving out into the universe. There is a relationship between the earth and the stars and planets within the universe. Just as any other relationship that transitions over time, so too is this relationship transitioning.

You stand here in this moment with the ability to create whatever it is that you seek to have. We are all as a group creating a space of awareness that is the All That Is. This is a blend of the consciousness of everybody who’s here, the conciseness of the angels, the guides, the teachers, the light; the consciousness that streams in from the universe. It’s as if this is a way station or a place where people can meet, communicate and transition. This is happening even more so at this time and going forward.

I prefer not to place a specific number upon a dimension or a place of consciousness. Within every layer, there are multiple layers so that many, many people can find the alignment that works for them at wherever that may be.

I invite you to have a sense of recognizing that there is more of the universal energies available at this time. It’s available in and around you. It’s available to you upon the earth.

So let’s begin. Here you stand at the beginning of another year. What would you like to have in this year? It always makes me smile because I always hear from a number of people I want this, this, this, this. As if it’s the same things you’ve been seeking to manifest for a long time but have as yet, not arrived. So absolutely, you may keep them on your list because it is what it is, it is what you want.

But this is a new beginning in more ways than just the changing of a year. I would say to you, anything that was an automatic response, just pull that in. Bring it all in from every direction and just WHEW, let it go. Let it go, release it, and let go all the old stuck energy that may be associated with this.

How would it feel to have a completely clean slate? To have a place in which you didn’t need or want anything. You are completely fulfilled. You are completely satisfied. You have everything you ever desired; here, now in this moment.

I invite you to allow your energies to open and feel what that may be. As I look around, I see pulsations of energy and light. I see brilliant colors. I see people experiencing joy and contentment. This is the place for creating just such an experience.

So again, let go of old energy. Let go anything at all that may be hanging on to you or hanging over you. Take in a deep breath that allows you to open up to this moment; to open up to this new beginning. Now I see everybody shifting into a higher space.

Even if there’s a part of your analytical that might still be telling you that it’s all the same, I SEE that it is not. I SEE that you are transitioning. I SEE that you are opening up and bringing in all that is here.

Beloved, beloved family, I believe in you. You are most precious to me and I know that the changes you seek to have in your life are here. They are happening here in the All That Is and this can transition into your everyday reality.

You still have that sense of feeling that you have arrived or that you have what you’ve been seeking. Bring up that energy within you once more. Let the awareness flow through you and then be open to the subtle shifts that are taking place. You as your divinity is working with you as your personality creating subtle changes in your reality.

The angels, the guides, I myself are also working with your energies assisting you in this transformation.

I have a sense of inviting everyone to move over. As if you are moving to the side as if you are moving over to a new location within the All That Is so that you may even more fully let go of the past, let go that energy, let go what no longer is serving you.

I invite you to open up your consciousness and look around. There are energies of the ET’s that are coming here within this space as we speak. There are energies of other planets, energies of yourself in other existences that are coming here within this space right now. Have a sense of sitting down to talk with them, of embracing them.

Whatever it is that works for you; this is your time and opportunity to allow yourself to create a new realization or alignment.

For so many years, you would work with the angels, you would with I the Goddess, you would work with whomever it is you chose to work with. We in these energies could sometimes see things from a different perspective of you that would a transition to take place.

You going forward from here will have an even easier access to these energies so that you may make these changes within yourself with greater ease. That’s what you’re setting up this foundation for, right now.

Who is here with you? Who has some of the answers that you have been seeking? With whom would you like to create an alignment to assist you moving forward?

I facilitate the energies between you and whichever guides that may be. As I do so, it is also opening up the energies so that you have a broader, more direct link within your divinity and it will go into your everyday self.

As this is created, open up. There may be messages that you receive. Or there may be an energy of yourself that is ready to step forward and assist you in this next level of awareness.

As that bond is created, there is a flow of energy that not only opens up communication, it strengthens you, it empowers you with the knowledge and the awareness of who you are and what’s going on and how to truly manifest the life that you seek to have.

Come back around and I ask you, what you are seeking to manifest in this year of 2013, or whatever year it may end up being that you listen to this. I notice that there are no longer the people who immediately responses. I invite you to really take a moment and ask yourself; what is it that you truly want within your life?

As we speak of this, have a sense of conversing with that angel, or the aspect of yourself or the essence that you just created an alignment with. If you express what’s in your heart, they receive it, they work with your energy to clear things out if there’s anything that needs to be and then it flows back into you.

Be open to receive. Be open to accept whatever this transformation may be for you. Take in a deep breath and breathe out.

Is there something else that you’d like to consider within your life? What is most close to your heart? What is there that you either seek to transition out of or seek to bring in? You may find as I say transition out of, that you have already done so. But if there’s something in your mental body that still persists in telling you ‘It’s there, it’s there, it’s there’ work with that right now.

You feel your mental body. You feel your thoughts. Or you hear them? Or you see images of them.

We work with the focused intention that your mental body becomes cleared out. It cleans out the energy. WHEW It cleans out the old patterns. WHEW. It cleans out whatever has happened in the past but has not worked for you WHEW.

Now feel washing over as if it moves through your mind, as if it moves through your thoughts, as if it’s everything to do with your mental body. Feel that wash of energy that’s in balance and alignment with moving forward. This is that part of you that says ‘YES you can do it’ that says ‘YES this is a great opportunity’ that says ‘YES I AM that I AM and it’s enough’.

Look around. You may notice that a transformation just took place with that shift that has allowed you to be able to see things differently, perhaps more clearly; perhaps new opportunities.

You are still here in the All That Is. You still have your divinity or your guide or whomever with you. But notice how there is so much of you that is actually within the energy of that essence of you and this whole space that you have created for yourself.

Consider your emotional body. When I ask you about your emotions, what is the first thing that comes to your awareness? Is it an emotion that supports you? Is it an emotion that holds you back? What is it?

Are there certain emotions that you have you experienced throughout your life that you’ve released and then it comes back; release, return, release, return. So that it creates a pattern that holds you back over all. Feel the flow of energy as you go beneath. As you go below the emotions, you go to wherever the root may be and then WHEW, let it go.

As you let it go, you find that beneath it all is something new, something real. And I can feel in some of you an anxiety ‘is this really true? Is this going to happen? Is this the way this experience is going to be for me?’ YES it is.

Are there particular emotions that you have been reaching towards; happiness, contentment, excitement, self-love, love in general; the list is endless of what it may be. This is your opportunity as you are creating this new foundation to just gather in everything that you seek to have. Gather it in; allow it to move in and around you.

As you have already shifted your mental body, recognize that there is a new alignment or a new beginning that’s taking place between your thoughts, your beliefs and your emotions. This is creating a new foundation for you and a new beginning.

In some I’m sensing that these emotions of joy, happiness or contentment have been fleeting and have not been a permanent part of you. So this is an opportunity to amplify that by bringing it up within your consciousness, bring it into this space between your guides your higher self so that you are creating a reservoir or you’re creating a space that is filled with these emotions so that they are always there available for you.

We have a sense of seeing some people swimming in joy! Swimming in excitement! Swimming in a belief in themselves that YES you are making a change. YES it is permanent. And YES it is your everyday reality.

Consider your physical body. Is there is something going on within your physical body that is causing you to be unable to manifest what you seek to have? Is there a change taking place in your physical body that does not support you that you would like to let it go, release it, move away?

Here within the space of the All That Is, I invite you to gather up anything at all that has to do with your physical body; aches, pains, diseases; whatever it may be. Bring it into this pot that you’ve just been working with and WHEW, let it go. WHEW let it go.

Do you remember what it was like to have a body that worked for you? Where the muscles, the joints, the bones, where everything was pain free, where everything was filled with vitality and you had the ability to move in whatever way you desired. Bring that into this mix. Bring it into this moment and allow that flow to become a part of the whole.

Look around you. Look around at what you have created for yourself. Know that this is your new beginning. Know that this is and can be your reality in living your life upon the earth. And if you find that you wake up and it’s no longer like this, you reach up to this space and bring the essence and the energy of this down into the moment.

You know what it feels like now. You can view the thoughts, you can swim in the energy, your physical body is in support of you. Allow that to move through every bit of who you are so that even if you have an experience and you say ‘no, no, no I let this go, I’m bringing in something new’. You can once more face that experience and acknowledge, ‘this no longer works for me, this is what I’m choosing’. And you look in another direction, you can walk in another direction and you let go what no longer serves you or supports you.

There is such joy, such excitement here within the All That Is. Look around and become aware of how even more energies and light have come within this space because of all that you are doing. Some are the energies you guys have invited in; some are the energies who like to come here, in support of this.

Therefore, it will expand and become even bigger which in turn allows you to have access to even more than what you thought possible. YES this you. YES it’s a new beginning. YES it is closer than it’s ever been before.

I am hearing people ask about releasing Karma. Karma has different definitions to different people. What we will do is that I’m going to wash through the energy here just allowing it to kind of clear out any excess debris so that you can feel yourself in your space and all the transformation that you have just done.

Now if it makes it easier for you to consider it as a time line or if it makes it easier for you to just link with your divinity; I invite you to have a sense of bringing up the word karma and whatever it may mean to you.

I now invite you to have a sense of feeling a swirling energy as it goes around you, it moves down through your divinity or it goes down that time line. We send it swirling all the way into whatever the source of any part of what you’ve been experiencing has been. We go to that source, we release it, whew, and we let it go.

For some of you, it may be one it may be two. For others you, you may be a list because you like your lists! Whatever it is, if you need to go again and again and again, allow yourself to go as many times as you may need.

But I think if you go one time with the energy of intention that every bit of karma, on every single level before, after and in between; that it may go back to whatever its source it, you may acknowledge it and release it WHEW! Let it go, it’s done!

For many of you, I have a sense that that has only amplified your energies even more, having released karma in that way. For others of you, it’s as if it has opened up a door and now you can see what has always been here.

You are an old soul. You’ve lived out here in the universe; you’ve lived upon the earth. Some of you may be less associated with the earth. But you are still an evolved soul essence. You have the ability to acknowledge and remember whatever those past experiences may have been but they need not have any impact upon you in your lifetime. They are memories, they are thoughts, they are a part of your I AM presence, but they are not what controls you or creates your reality.

You are the creator of your reality and you are doing so in everything that’s happening this evening. You are creating a new beginning that is opening up at the beginning of this year. It consists of all these many changes that have done. It’s real and it’s YOU!

I’m noticing some people as if they’re saying they feel less pressure, less burden. Open up to feel what it would be like if every day you woke up and it was a brand new day, it was a new beginning and you had the opportunity to choose moment, by moment, by moment; not only how you would respond to whatever impact that would have upon you. Indeed, this is your new beginning.

I invite you to have a sense of allowing yourself to kind of bring your focus back within your consciousness.

With the transition that’s taken place, we no longer need to focus upon the hologram like we did before. The hologram was a place of transition that went from one dimension to another. Now with the opening that’s taken place, the flow of energy is so much closer and easier, that it need not be facilitated by the hologram any more.

So I invite you to take this moment and take a deep breath in, allowing your breathe to come within your consciousness and then have a sense of streaming that consciousness directly down into you in your physical reality. As you do so, you move through the grid work of the crystalline and the magnetic. This is where your higher self resides.

And then you move even further down into your physical reality. This stream of consciousness is a beam of light. It swirls within and around you, wherever you may be.

Take a deep breath in and feel that energy as it comes through you, and then send it down into the earth, send it all the way in until you anchor with those crystals that are within the earth. As you do so, it then flows back up and it creates a support around you. Send it into your neighborhood, your community, your work, your city, around the world, wherever you would like to go.

The majority of your divinity resides within the soul plane and the All That Is. But with this way of bringing that consciousness directly back within yourself, you can feel how close it really is. If you feel a need to do those stair steps, by all means, allow yourself to do so. [Referring to stopping in the crystalline grid and magnetic grid as your consciousness returns to your physical body.]

This is a part of the new beginning. This is a part of the way in which I assist you in knowing that your divinity is so very close to you. That all that you have done in the All That Is, is so very close to you. Allow yourself to relax back for a moment. Open up your consciousness as if you are looking towards the All That Is. Open and feel, see, sense, know whatever that experience was for you. And then it streams down, it streams down within you.

As you begin this New Year, as you move forward stepping into the reality of your everyday life, I invite you to do so as your divinity. As the person you manifested in this human experience, but also as your divine essence. Not separated but merged together as one.

You have access to your divinity more so than you ever have before. Allow that flow to move through you in every way. Accept it and breathe it into your life as much or as little as you may need to do so.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.



valleyfever 18th January 2013 11:08 am

Wow! What a powerful message! I felt it in every cell of my being. 2013 has been so amazing, I hear my Spirit Guide and feel my angels all around me. I love new beginnings! Thank you Ansaluia and Shelly for this wonderful confirmation that I am on the right path! I will read this over and over again.
Much love and light,

Shelly Dressel 23rd January 2013 9:35 am

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for your comment! I appreciate it. You know, I can definitely tell a difference in the energies. This channel, was different when it came through. The energies feel closer, more powerful and as if shifting is taking place right NOW!

Thank you for sharing~~~ I hope you have a wonderful year.


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