Acceptance and Allowing

With this channel we are continuing to integrate the lightbody energies more fully into our lives. I realize that all the energy around each of us is lightbody energy; it's a 'body' created of light. This is something we've had our entire life. The lightbody energy that has been coming through, speaking with us and integrating is different. It's a higher vibration and in alignment with the crystalline energies. It is creating a new energy field within and around us that will assist us as we live our lives. I wanted to clarify that the lightbody (LB) energy referred to by the Goddess is something new and unique.

During this channel we had a unique opportunity to perceive how we manifest. When people were creating in the All That Is, they were within their divinity and it was easy to have all that they sought to manifest. Then as people would shift the 'creation' down into their human lives suddenly it shrunk by huge amounts. When we are living our human lives we sometimes forget our huge expanded selves as we are in our divinity. What the Goddess showed us in this channel is that when we accept that we are divine, that we can create and that we can manifest all that we want; its easier to then allow that into our lives. This may sound simple but for many it's actually a challenge. Allow the flow of energy, the love, the light of the channel to support and nurture you ~ Shelly

Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family. I come into this space in which you all have gathered so that I may share this time with you. The energies are shifting on a regular and consistent basis. The collective consciousness of the Earth is shifting also.

Many of you may have a sense that the Earth has not yet awakened or is dragging far behind each of you in terms of consciousness. Indeed in some of the specific manners this is true. There are always going to be those who are at the forefront and those who are coming along behind, seemingly dragging their feet. For now I want you to take a moment and have a sense of opening up your energy field with the intention of becoming aware of the collective consciousness.

There is an immense transformation that has taken place. The energies of the Earth are gathering in such a way that it is supportive of the changes and transformations that are taking place. So as you reach out and feel the energies of the collective consciousness feel it for yourself and then feel it for the world.

How are you doing? How have the last several months been for you as you integrate the lightbody energy? There are those who say that it has always been there and always available and this is true, but for so many this is a means of opening up to a new and different aspect of energy through which you may then incorporate more of your own divinity. That is what this is all about; you expanding your energies in such a way that you may embody more and more of your divine essence.

And so with that take one last breath in; breathe deeply within yourself and then have a sense of releasing your consciousness from your physical body. Allow it to shift. You will move first into the energies of the magnetic grid. As you move into this energy you may have a sense of impulses of light, thought, intention, whatever it may be, circulating around you. This is where your higher self resides. Therefore each one of you has a space or an area within here that is your own. Have a sense of reaching.

As you move through the interlocking grid you find yourself within the crystalline grid. Let go that feeling of the magnetic pull of the Earth. Feel your essence or your consciousness as you merge within the crystalline grid. This vibration allows you a greater amount of flexibility and it allows you an opportunity to fine-tune your own vibration or your own consciousness. This is a space where you are able to send and receive thoughts, intentions, or perhaps practice with shifting energies.

Have a sense of merging with the soul plane. There is an overlap between the crystalline grid and the soul plane. As you arrive you find that this is a space where you can more fully become aware of your divinity. As you call forth your I Am presence have a sense of looking at it through the conscious eyes of who you are right now. As you look at your divinity, as you have a sense of reaching out to touch, allow your consciousness to expand in such a way that you take in as much as is available to you.

Feel the flow of love, the flow of awareness. Allow your essence to reach out and merge. As you merge with your divinity, you may have a sense of feeling as if you have opened up and you now have available to you even more of your divine essence. Allow this to flow through your consciousness. Allow yourself to open and receive.

I the Goddess come into this space in which you are. I reach out and embrace each one of you. As I embrace you, allow yourself to expand. I will assist you in shifting into the All That Is and shifting your awareness in such a way that you can expand even more.

Within the All That Is look around. There is an essence or an aspect of energy that is surrounding everybody as I speak. Some may feel it as a flow, others as a pocket of energy. Still others may have a sense of a shift which is different from you as you are in this moment. This essence is the lightbody energy and they are working with you as you take this to your next step. I am blending my energies with theirs so that I may continue to speak but sharing their message to you.

Lightbody energies speak:

We want to take this moment and send our greetings to you. We know each of you more so than you are aware. We have been working with you around the clock as you say on the Earth but your physical body and your physical consciousness as a human is only able to perceive a fraction of what we've been doing.

When you consider the last several months of your Earth plane time you can actually recognize when we first began to bring our energies into your awareness. We've worked with you to assist with your mental body, your emotions and your physical body. We've worked with you in changing the electrical wiring within you so as to assist in raising your vibration. This is but to name a few of the things that have taken place over the last several months.

Tonight with this journey I would invite you to have a sense of either looking inward as if you were looking inward within your divinity, or for some it may fit easier if you have a sense of stepping aside a bit and you look into your divinity as if you are standing beside it.

Your choice to integrate the lightbody energies is giving you a new perspective of your divinity. For some it's as if you have a greater understanding of who you are; for others it's as if the vibration of your human self is now synchronistic with your divinity and therefore more of your divinity is able to flow into you.

There are many ways that this is having an influence upon you. I encourage you to have a sense of taking a deep breath or as if within your consciousness you open up and you allow more and more of that lightbody energy to come within your consciousness. As we flow through you let yourself feel what this is.

Then reach out to your divinity and invite even more of your divinity to come into your conscious awareness. This is part of what the lightbody is about. It's to give you that sense or that knowledge of who you are as your divinity. You have asked to have more of your divine essence living with you or within you in your daily life. So this is another way for it to integrate within you.

I, as the lightbody energy, am going to continue to work with each one of you but I will shift this back to the Goddess so that I can integrate within each one of you to a greater degree.

For so many it feels as if the lightbody energies continues to be something separate from you so you may feel me as separate, but be aware that in the very near future I will no longer feel as if I'm something separate or different to you. Call on me if ever you so choose. Ansaluia.

Goddess continues:

As I continue to speak with you there is a deeper integration taking place with the lightbody energies. And I put forth to you a question - how much of your divinity will you allow within your life? If you had huge amounts of your divine essence flowing within and around you, what would that feel like? As you stand here in the All That Is with this deep integration between the lightbody energies and your divinity and your consciousness, feel how complete and whole you are.

In this space all around are the many opportunities that you have been working with within your life. Some of you are seeking to manifest specific experiences within your life; others are seeking a generic expansion within their lives. Still others have created a list of items that they are seeking to have. Most everyone is in this category. It's not just one or two things, it's many.

What you will find is that if you are seeking to manifest only one thing in your life, or many things, you will have a much greater perception of what's available when you are in a balanced alignment within yourself. This sense of feeling whole, this sense of feeling complete is what it is to be balanced. For those of you who are still feeling somewhat off kilter, consciously take a deep breath in and once more open up and feel the balance and the open acceptance flow through you.

As you allow yourself to be as magnificent as you can be, there is an even greater amount of energy that swirls through and around you. If you consider you as having already accomplished all that you seek to have, for some it may feel exactly as you are right now; for others it may feel as if you continue to need a shift in your energy. Here within the All That Is you are huge, you are balanced, you are expanded.

I was able to perceive how so many of you as soon as we began to speak of what you wanted within your life, you suddenly shrunk down, you got smaller, you were no longer as hugely expanded as you had been but a second before. This is what you do as a human. There is a part of you that looks at your life and looks at you from a space of lack. You also will at times feel as if or you may think you do not have what it takes to manifest what you seek to have.

That is why this space of the All That Is is essential when it comes to manifesting within your life. Here if you feel that you might not be good enough, you might be big enough, you might not have enough of whatever; it's just not enough. Here is this space that you can practice tapping into and feeling it move within and around you with complete ease and complete balance.

There's also that sense of disconnection or separation from the Earth-bound energies which is another reason why people feel more comfortable really letting rip their imagination within this space, so do that right now. As you create what you truly, truly want to have within your heart, see it as complete.

See it in technicolor, bold and bright. Feel as if you are moving in and amongst the energies and you can touch it, perhaps taste it. And let that accomplishment move through your consciousness into every single aspect of you.

As you are within this space it feels comfortable does it not? It's do-able. You see how you are; all that you need to be - it's here, it's done. One of the things that you as humans have a tendency to do is to feel a complete difference between this space of the All That Is and your daily life. Upon the Earth plane there is the gravitational pull; there is the essence of the third and fourth dimension. All of these aspects that come into play create an influence upon you.

Here within the All That Is, look at that. These may be what come up within your life, perhaps as resistance, perhaps as a perceived barrier, perhaps as a misalignment. If you practice having all that you seek to manifest in the All That Is where it's very easy to do so, you can then have a sense of shifting your perception into your Earth plane reality and then creating that same vibration.

I have to smile because as soon as I said that I could already hear people making excuses about why that doesn't work on the Earth plane - again, resistance. It may be that you bring yourself up into the space of the All That Is on a very frequent and consistent basis as you are creating what you seek to manifest. Practice feeling the vibration of what that is to have it accomplished. As you seek to manifest within your life, your vibrational alignment is what allows everything to come to you.

I see some of you playing with this up here. Consider something that you would like to have within your life that as yet you do not have. Perhaps see it in the distance or perhaps a little bit separated from you. Here in the All That Is you may see that it's got even more detail than what you have yet given it. Here in the All That Is you may see that what you've been seeking to have you should actually look for even bigger or even more.

And then look at yourself from the eyes of your human existence. Is there a direct line between you as your human self and what you seek to have? For some indeed it's direct, it's short; it's almost non-existent because you have integrated what you seek to have already. For others I actually have a sense of some people going in circles as they consider that's the way to get to what they are seeking. Still others I have a perception of a meandering path between where you are right now and what you seek to have.

Release anything that keeps you from being in alignment with what you seek to have. Here in the All That Is, a little twinkling of intention and it's gone and now you see directly in front of you what you seek to manifest; it's here, it's in alignment, it's in your life.

Allow your energies and your consciousness to accept that this is your reality. If you feel uncomfortable with it then work with it a little more until you feel the truth of what this is to you. You have the ability to shift your vibration with ease. The more that you are conscious of how to work with this the easier it will become for you. Especially with the lightbody energies, the subtly makes it even more easy for you to shift throughout your daily life.

If you find yourself going with thoughts or beliefs that are keeping you out of that path of alignment with what you want then shift. Shift by breathing deeply and letting that lightbody energy sprinkle through you and then once again focus that you have accomplished what you seek to do.

Again it is very easy to do it within this space and it can be just as easy upon the Earth plane. I encourage you in the days and weeks to come to practice with this. You may come into the All That Is as often as you feel necessary until the time arrives that you can shift your vibration through intention and breathing and ease as you are living your life upon the Earth. You are coming to know the vibration of who you are with greater and greater ease; work with your vibration.

I invite all of you to come back together as a group. As you gather around allow yourself to perceive how many sparkles of light and energy are present within this space. As you look around practice discerning the various aspects or levels of vibration around you.

As the group comes together there is no discernible circle; it is all just the pure essence of energy and alignment that is gathered together. You may see coming up within this space the hologram of the Earth. The hologram itself is taking on a more crystalline vibration. This is in part due to the lightbody energies coming in but it is also due to all that each of you are doing within your own life.

As you have a sense of looking at this hologram, consciously infuse into the hologram the vibrational alignment of what you are seeking to manifest within your life. There are subtle adjustments that take place throughout the hologram. There is a sense that each one of you can send your perception into the hologram and find the alignment which is you.

It is no longer just Lady Gaia who accepts the energies into the hologram; each one of you as part of the collective whole are accepting these energies into the hologram. You have been doing it this way for quite some time.

As you consider accepting what you seek to manifest within your life, simply look at what it is to infuse energy into this hologram and then you as that aspect of the hologram accepts what is being transmitted. There is a sense of the hologram shifting. You may see it as it links with the crystalline grid. There is a flow as an aspect of it moves outward to align with and integrate with the New Earth. It also sends the energies out into the Universe or the Omniverse.

There is also an aspect of the hologram that shifts and moves through the crystalline until it aligns with the magnetic grid. As this alignment it taking place, you may sense or see how your higher self is accepting these energies. Your higher self creates a shift in its vibration so as to be in greater alignment; this happens automatically.

The hologram continues; it moves down into the Earth, it anchors within the crystals within the Earth. And from there it moves out; it comes up through the ground. It comes up through the trees, the waters; it comes up into each one of you.

Allow for this to fill you up. Allow yourself the subtle shift in your vibration so that you as the human is able to integrate more of the not only lightbody energies but your divinity. Allow. As you allow for this to become your reality, let the sense of love, of feeling complete, let the sense of awareness flow throughout you on every level.

You may have a sense of shifting your consciousness back within the All That Is but you will find the ease in which you can shift between the Earth and the All That Is. This is quite different. Many of you are used to coming back, step by step just as we take step by step to expand. So feel it as you shift your perception and you move into the soul plane.

Here within your I Am presence, if you look around you will have a sense of recognizing or allowing in a greater amount of your divinity.

You shift your focus again, you merge with the crystalline grid and you find yourself shifting through that. As you blend with the energies of the magnetic grid, you begin to feel the pull of the Earth plane. I feel in some of you that sense of disconnecting or that sense that what happened up there cannot happen here so immediately take this opportunity and let your heart center open and take a deep, loving, gentle breath and breathe in your divinity.

This is your divinity as it's blended with the lightbody energies. Let all of that flow down you; let it flow through you as your consciousness comes fully back within you. Allow your perception to look around you and acknowledge all that you perceive is here with you. In regards to what you seek to manifest look and find it. It is there. Tweak whatever aspects of the energy you may need to so that your vibration is in alignment with what you seek to manifest.

Feel the flow move back and forth. Allow yourself to truly be and have what you are seeking. Allow it in and allow your vibration to reflect that which is in balance with what you are seeking. As you look around you, as you bring your consciousness back within, open and accept a feeling of contentment.

Accept that sense of awareness. Accept that you can have exactly what you seek to have and allow that flow to move within and around you.

As you continue to find your energies grounding within I invite you to take this opportunity to come back within the room if you so choose. You may press *7 upon your phone and that will bring you back within and I am open to receive the questions that you may have for me.

Question: Hi Goddess. Thank you so much for the beautiful journey. I have been practicing bringing the lightbodies and my divinity in throughout the days. Would you please help me or explain to me how I'm doing on that level? At times it feels really difficult. Even though it's difficult I feel in my mind I allow and I feel it; but I'm wondering what you see so I can do even better.

Answer: When we look at you and we look at the lightbody energy we see that you have integrated much more than what you perceive. We see a great deal of your divinity and this light flowing essence within and around you. We see it moving through you and swirling around you. The sense then that we get when you are looking to integrate or merge with it; there's a perception of you taking a cone that is wide open and making it closed, closed, closed. So the sense we get then is that when you are conscious of merging with this energy it's much less than what is actually there. We think the reason for this is because you've been through so much in this lifetime. When you consider where you were 3-5 years ago and where you are now it is excuse the pun 'lightbody years away'! You have done a tremendous amount of work upon yourself. We believe what is happening here is that it is more so about your belief system accepting that this is truly happening and this is truly there. We think it's also about your physical body actually accepting the higher vibration or the raising of the vibration. Well, we take that back in the way it come out. Your physical body will accept whatever vibration is going through it. But your mental body and your analytical aspect, that human ego part of you is what perceives it as whatever may be. So your energy body has brought in more than what you are perceiving. Your physical body is actually integrating more than what you are perceiving. Then as it feels like it's now quite there, that sense that led to this question is due to your mental body having the limitations of being human. Does that resonate with you beloved?

Yes it does.

And so what we think is going to be helpful to you is not to worry about how much is around you, what are you taking in, is it even there, or are you integrating it. What we think would be more beneficial to you is to be gentle, loving and kind when it comes to your mental body. Through that kind of gentleness, as you gently 'push the envelope' or the limit you will gently expand what your mental boy is able to take in or understand. We want you to do this in such a way that you are not analyzing what is happening. The way to do this is to work with your breathing, close your eyes and move into your heart center; then from there link with your mental body. Then just have a sense of gently pushing, expanding, pushing out. Once you have done that and you feel you have pushed it a little further because now it feels different; at that point allow all that lightbody energy in your divinity that is already there around you to come into your mental body. Then your mental body can say 'oooookay I see it, I get it now'. As you do that bit by bit by bit it's as if you expand in increments and that's what will allow you to have a much greater perception and ability to work with these energies. Okay beloved?

Okay, because I do desire to bring in my divinity 100% or I do desire to integrate it fully.

We know that and we know that is what you're working with and what you've been doing. You've done a beautiful job so far. It's about taking this the next step and that is working with your mental body so that it will allow a greater understanding to move through you.

Okay, I'm so grateful!

You are welcome beloved.

Question: My question is that I know I've a long way in the last few years. I was physically completely down and mentally. I am now where I want to be yet, none of us are; but I have something holding me back and I don't know what it is. I need help.

Answer: As we're looking at you beloved, we ask you to take a moment and breathe gently and easily into your heart center. Allow your heart center to open up and feel the swirling light as it moves through you. When we first looked at you we could see what you felt was holding you down. As we asked you to consciously open your heart center and let this energy flow we could see how much of what was holding you down began to dissipate or move away from you. We could see how much of what was holding you down began to dissipate or move away from you. We think what's happening is that in your daily life you get caught up in the every day experience of things and you forget to expand your consciousness or take those moments and find yourself in the space of being balanced and that space of allowing more of your divinity to come into you. The reason we think this is important for you to do is because that is what will nurture and support those parts of you; meaning your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs so that you can more fully step into this next phase within your life. There is a lot of fear that has been within you. It feels like there's been a lot of emotional abuse, a lot of different things have come into play, it's not just one thing. That's why if you take the time and allow the love, compassion and awareness to breathe in around your heart center then flow through your body it will give you that sense of relief, that sense of lightness and the more you do it, the more there will be available to you and the easier it will be. Does that make sense to you beloved?

Yes it does. Thank you. It makes sense.

We have a sense that with what you were talking about at first we thought 'hmm, this might be more than what we can work with in this time situation'. But just these two or three minutes, however long it's been we've been talking to you; as you've been breathing like this we can already see that layer upon layer has been released. It is something that can happen as quickly and as easily as that. Then the ego or personality part of you may wake up tomorrow and you are back where you were before this. It's because it knows what it knows and is not used to this new feeling. That is why you sometimes have to get into a pattern of doing it over and over again until it becomes second nature and you don't have to consciously think about it. Does that make sense to you also?

Oh yes, yes it does.

Okay, so that is what we would recommend you do for yourself in the next few days and weeks to come. It need not be something that is a big thing or big ordeal because then it keeps you in resistance. Simply allowing yourself even a few minutes when you wake up, when you take a break during the day, when you go to sleep or all of those times; use it as the opportunity to flow with these energies.

Okay, I will do that. I forget to ask my angels to help me during the day and to help me with certain things or whatever. I know they're there, I know they are eager to help me, but it's like I just can't seem to do that.

It's because of the pattern that your life has been in that you forget to do that. By changing a pattern and moving into something new, experiencing something different; that's why it's important for you to be gentle and loving and nurturing with yourself. Maybe if you forget about it, you should write down a schedule on the calendar; 5 minutes at 10:00 in the morning, 5 minutes at 6:00 in the evening. Whatever it might be for you. You will figure it out.

I can feel the lightness already and I can feel it leave! I want it GONE! I want God's light to pour through me, the universal light to pour through me everywhere.

Exactly! And that is your divinity and that is YOU that you are accepting within you and allowing to nurture and support you.

Right, thank you.

Thank you~

Question: Hello Goddess, can you please give me as much information as you can share with me about my over soul counterpart that I met recently and my development of my healing ability as a result of this.

Answer: We're seeing this in two different manners beloved. It's very exciting to see for you because we know how much you've been working towards this. We salute you on your consistent and steady work in this manner of opening up. We see that there is a greater amount of your divinity within and around you; not only that it's there and sitting there, it's as if now it's as if it has integrated within you and you have gotten bigger to expand into this higher vibrational energy. We also have a sense of a separate groundedness that gives us a sense of another person or someone that you are working with. At first we thought of it as a separate individual, but then we had a sense of another part of you that you are bringing in. Is this someone who is a different person upon the earth or is it all energetic?

It's another person on the earth, an over soul counterpart.

We're having trouble linking with this as an actual individual. So let us invite you to take a deep breath into your heart center. Then consciously as if you are opening up your heart center, send out an energy to this person. If you will tell us the name that will also help us to link more easily.

The name is Elaine.

Okay, so we can see as you speak of this and as we look at this energy, it immediately brings up a whole different vibration and opportunity or level of energy. We see this counterpart that you speak of and we see how you support one another. There is a flow that goes back and forth between you. Now we also want to say to you that there is so much you've been doing and as you work with this individual it's as if this sparkling light around you that has grounded much of these energies is assisting you with feeling how these grounded energies can be integrated. It gives us the sense of a teacher student kind of thing but there is also a different vibration of a back and forth flow of the two of you being a similar vibration and having worked together many, many times in the past.

It's very interesting to see. It feels as if it has opened up another door for you. It's as if you have another anchor beside you that allows you to expand even further than you ever have before. A lot of this energy is your own energy and you are integrating an even greater amount of your own divinity. We think this is something that is going to continue to grow. It's going to give you new opportunities. It's going to give you another means of living and experiencing a soul essence or the soul life on earth. It sound kind of awkward the way we said that, but we have a sense it will make sense to you. (Yes I do.) Does that resonate with you, what we were talking about?

Yes it does, very much.

Okay, excellent; we're excited for you! We hope you enjoy all this and just allow yourself to grow and grow and grow.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Question: My name is Denise and I have kind of a simple question. I am wondering what the difference is between destiny and creation. I had something really big happen in July or August that made me really consider the fact that maybe I am creating all this and it's not just destiny.

Answer: That's a very good question to ask because so many people on earth vacillate between the two. The perception that I have as I look at everyone who is living upon the earth is that before you came into the earth plane you set out a number of different things that was your intention of what you wanted this life to be for you. It was not miniscule little things, it was the life goals you would have for yourself in this lifetime. So when people speak of destiny in their life it's as if that, that you put forth at the beginning is creating the reality for you on the earth. Now I believe more so that each person in the way that you live your life and the way you are experiencing your life; you are creating that experience. What was put forth before you came onto the earth plane were potentials and opportunities as you could tap into as you were living your life. Through the creations, through whatever you learned in this lifetime, through whatever way you have of living your life and experience various things; that is how you would react to those life lessons or what you put forth before you came onto the earth. Doesn't hat make sense to you?

Completely, absolutely!

So therefore the creation that you have been making for your life feels like whatever happened this summer was one of those things that most people have had at one time in their life that it comes in and shakes things up a little bit! It makes you re-think things, it makes you question values, makes you question many, many different things within your life. At that point you can choose to make changes, or you can choose to move into acceptance; it's an endless possibility of what you can choose for your life. But you as the creator of your live is constantly making a choice or an intention and then moving into that intention.

Okay, than you very much!

We can take one more.

Question: Hello Goddess, I wanted to thank you very much for tonight's journey! (you're welcome.) I also have a question for LB 1 and LB 2. I've been doing a lot of service work with my lightbody. I do it out of intuition but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right but I'm working with the earth and I'm working with a lot of different energies. When I do it I ask for feedback, but I'm not always sure. I'd like to know what you see.

Answer: Our sense is that you are doing it absolutely right. We see a great deal of balance between you and the lightbody energy. We see that when you get in that place of questioning or wondering; is it right, is it wrong, just exactly what is going on here is when you are stuck in your mental body. When you allow yourself to remain in that place of feeling, of inner knowing, of inner knowledge; those types of sensations or thoughts or experiences are when you are in greatest alignment with the lightbody energies and there's a greater flow back and forth. Now the sense that we get is that LB 1 and 2 have been integrated and working with you. When you say you get a sense of something or a sense to do something that will get more greatly defined within your life the more that you have worked with these energies. This is what we see opening up within you as a result of their energies. You've already consciously been been working on this for yourself for quite some time. The means of getting that feedback that you are looking for is going to become more clear to you. Now one of the senses we get is that you ask for feedback or greater understanding and it will come to you in the symbols that you see around you. It's not that you hear a voice in your head telling you something; it's more so that you will hear something on TV or you will read something or someone will tell you something and you will know that was your answer. So the sense is that the environment is supporting you in the communication from your lightbody energy. This is only the way it is right now as you are continuing to integrate. Does that resonate with you?

Ah, yeah. Am I supposed to be doing this?

That's fine. There's no right or wrong way of this happening. It's all about perception and how you receive the perception. As you continue to work and integrate this even deeper within you and as this comes back to you in your mental body and the beliefs and the process that you have; as that becomes more flexible and understands the lightbody or lets the lightbody become more integrated (perceived allowing) then you will have the intuition in a more direct route within you. We see that it is happening some of the time and it will be happening more of the time in the future. Alright?

Thank you.

You are welcome.

Okay everyone. We're going to take this opportunity now to bring things to a close for the evening. If you didn't get your question answered then let your heart open up, let your consciousness expand and feel the flow of energy and light as it moves through and around you and in that I encourage you to open and hear whatever answer might be there for you.

As you each continue to move through your day I encourage you to open up and allow for the vibrational alignment to be within you for all that you seek to have. It's not that you need a different vibration for every little thing; it's the overriding vibration that you emanate being in alignment with the overall picture or essence of what you seek to have.

Consciously allow yourself to receive whatever is here for you. Consciously let your energies open more and more so that you may receive the greater amount of your divinity. Feel it flow and accept it in whatever form it may come to you.

I am ever with you and within.




Ria 15th November 2009 10:17 am

Gentle, loving guidance and reminders. Thank you, just what I needed today xxx

Shelly Dressel 15th November 2009 4:35 pm

You're welcome! I think we all can use the reminder to be gentle with ourselves. It's one of those things that's so easy to do for others and we fall in last place!!

Hope you have a lovely day,


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