Accepting A Celebration of You!

Celebrate the holidays, celebrate who you are!  This was a channel that was filled with many different levels of experience.  During this month of celebration, the Goddess first of all spoke of a celebration about….US!  She began this celebration by creating a space where we could each feel as if we were in a spa.  For this there was a sensation of the angels and energies flowing love, compassion and awareness within and around.  As this energy was moving through, it allowed you to let go of burdens, stress or problems you may have.

From there, she then presented each person  with a gift.  Each gift was just beautiful!  Some were very elaborately wrapped, others glowed and still others were very simple.  Many people were opening their gifts with laughter and joy, but it became clear that some had a great deal of hesitation.  What became apparent was that others did not feel worthy or they did not value themselves.  The Goddess created a space where she began working on these people.  She worked with shifting old beliefs, emotions; anything that was still holding them back.  Another gift was then given to them and it was remarkable to see the difference!

From there, as the group reunited to celebrate, it was interesting to note the diversity.  It was beautiful to see such diversity of energy, color, tradition; yet all was accepted by all who were present. 

I hope that with this channel you can open to acceptance of yourself, your gift and the diversity of all celebrations!

Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family. Feel the energies as they swirl through each one of you; feel your own energies and feel mine. There is so much that’s been happening over the last several days upon the Earth, much of this in the way of shifting energies.

It seems as if I am frequently saying to you that another portal has opened; that another shift of the crystalline energy has opened. It feels as if there is such a profound energy that flows through everything.

As you were gathering together as a group tonight there was already a sense of a shift in the vibration. As you are moving into this next place within your life, no matter what is going on in your life, there is more and more that is available to you.

You may wonder what’s coming; when will I manifest? How will I go about manifesting? These types of questions are so typical for humans to ask because it’s very easy to be in that analytical mode. I invite you to take this moment while you are still here and fully grounded upon the Earth to open to the possibility that it can all just unfold, trusting that it will do so in the easiest way possible.

I breathe through each one of you, working with your energies that this potential may open to you. I now invite you to have a sense of letting go of your consciousness, allowing your consciousness to shift in such a way that you reach out to align with the magnetic grid.

As you feel your energies moving here within this space have a sense of linking with your higher self. It gives you that sense of awareness. You also may have a sense of the interlocking pathways as they move through here with ease.

When you release the mental struggle or the analytical aspect of manifesting, you are opening up to a greater flow and a greater awareness as it comes down from this space.

Here where your higher self resides there is an easy flow of energy that allows you to receive insights not only from your own self but from the others who are here.

So let that flow and let that awareness move through you so that you may be open and feel what that is. You then have a sense of letting go of the magnetic pull of the Earth; you allow yourself to shift between the interlocking grid until you are within the crystalline grid.

Here within the crystalline gridwork you can feel the various perceptions or levels of awareness. Much of this is very automatic for you but then when you allow your focus and your awareness to come fully within this space you open to see, sense or feel the various nuances.

Let your senses be open to take this in at this time. As you are ready, I invite you to allow your consciousness to shift once more, this time so that you may arrive within the soul plane. As you find yourself shifting within this space, open up to reach towards your divinity.

As you do so, you may feel as if your divinity comes up within you; you may have a sense of walking towards it. Howsoever you perceive this very subtle shift, allow yourself to reach out and merge fully within this space. As you do so you feel your energies blending and you feel your consciousness expand.

This is your I Am presence. Within this space you have perhaps hundreds if not thousands of experiences that make up this consciousness. Most likely you’ve had even more than that; it could go on for an infinite wavelength. But what you have the more easy access to are the parts of your divinity that can most help you in this lifetime. Reach out and open to what that may be for you.

I the Goddess come within this space. As I do so I reach out to embrace all who are here. As we do so you will find yourself shifting into the All That Is. Look around as you arrive. As you look throughout this space, you may have a sense that something is different. There are a few different things that we will be experiencing during our time together this evening.

But what I would like for each of you to do as we begin this process is to open your senses and take in the shift that has taken place here in the All That Is. There has been a shift in the consciousness that allows for even higher, perhaps lighter, finer vibrations, to come within this space.

You have been consciously working with the crystalline energies; you’ve been working with the lightbody energies. You have been integrating more and more of your divinity. All of these things come together and it actually creates a shift in the vibration of the All That Is.

Just as you are working on creating a transformation for yourself on your place upon the Earth, so too are these dramatic shifts taking place here in the All That Is.

I would like for each one of you to take this moment and acknowledge that your own personal growth, your own choices, that you are making in your life is reflected in this shift that you see.

Breathe deeply, allowing yourself to merge even more fully within this space.

As you allow this to move through I then invite you to look once more at what’s here within this space. You may have a sense of brilliant sparkling light; you may have a sense of candles and color. It is as if the celebrations that go on around the world are being brought within this space so that we may celebrate with you.

As you find yourself shifting in your awareness, I invite you to open and see your angels, perhaps your teachers, your guides; there are many, many who are here to celebrate with you at this time.

But we are going to celebrate in a little bit different manner; the first thing that we would like to do as a part of our celebration is invite you to sit down, lay down, whatever you so choose, and we begin the celebration by nurturing you.

We know that the last months upon the Earth have been filled with transformation and sometimes you may feel somewhat battered by that. You may feel as if you struggle; you may have difficulty in your physical body. This is our time to nurture you.

So we will shift the energies somewhat. It’s as if the lights, the music, all of that dims to a degree and goes into the distance.

As you allow your focus to come back completely within yourself, do so by taking a slow deep breath and feel as if you are gathering your energies and allowing them to come back here within your consciousness.

You may have a sense of seeing, feeling, sensing the angels around you as they come within your space, open to feel the waves of love as they move through and around you. These waves set the tone or set the space by nurturing and supporting you.

I do ask for some of you, how are you at receiving this love? Ah…I see a number of you starting to talk, starting to explain about various things going on in your life; things that perhaps you are giving yourself a hard time about.

So if indeed there is something in particular or a number of things that have been bothering you that perhaps keeps you from accepting unconditional love then allow it to come up within your focus for a moment and then breathe out and let it go.

Here within the space of the All That Is, through your intention you can release anything that you so choose.

Again allow your focus to go back within. Can you accept unconditional love? What does that feel like to you? What does it feel like to be within this space and love just washes over you?

I now ask you can you allow that in your daily life upon the Earth? There is unconditional love available to you. There is no need for you to explain yourself, to be worthy, to prove anything. Simply being in the space of loving yourself can assist in opening you to this unconditional love.

What is it like to just be in the flow simply because you are alive? What is it like to feel the energies within and around you just because? As I speak of this I see in every one of you a shifting and a releasing taking place that allows you to relax even more deeply here within this space.

As we continue to nurture you, we offer you a gift. As you receive this gift it’s decorated with ribbons and bows and paper; it’s beautiful and it is yours. As I spoke of the presentation I could see there were others that prefer something simple like a simple brown paper. It’s about you feeling comfortable in however your gift is wrapped but it’s also about enjoying the excitement of something beautiful be it simple or elaborate.

And as you breathe in, allow yourself to open up this gift. As you open this gift that’s being given to you, understand that it is given to you from your higher self, your guides, your teachers; it could be from anybody. The other good news is that every time you come back within this space there will be another gift waiting for you.

It may be different; it may be the same. As you open up your gift and you look at what is here, feel it within your heart. Recognize that you are being given what you have always wanted. This is what you’ve been waiting for; this feels like it’s the culmination of so much. And it’s here, it’s done. It’s yours.

As you reach out to accept this gift, what does it mean to you? What does it mean to you to be able to receive a gift that is beautiful, that makes your heart sing, that allows you to just feel good to be in this presence?

Have you accepted something simply because you wanted to? No strings attached. It feels good does it not? As we continue this time of nurturing, this time of gift giving, I want to also take a moment to encourage you in allowing yourself to be as big or as expanded or as evolved or whatever it may be as you can be.

We’ve talked about that before; we know that there are times when it may feel or seem that you have expanded or you have gone as far as you can go. And whenever you have that sensation it’s the time to open the door, turn around, do whatever it is that you may need to do because there is always more available for you.

Perhaps that’s what your gift is about. You are welcome to stay in this place of nurturing and support as long as you so desire. But when you feel the time is right you are welcome to come and join us in the hall of celebration. As you come into this space you may hear music, the sound of laughter, talking, you may see flashes of light.

Can you imagine what it is to celebrate no matter what the holiday, no matter what the occasion, from here in this space where you can express yourself completely? Feel as if your energy flows. Let yourself step into the joy because you are you.

For those times when it feels as if it might be a challenge to connect with others, when you feel as if it’s hard to know what to speak about, that all disappears.

Here is a place where you can dance and sing and be completely who you are and you find as you do this that you are letting go of tension, you’re letting go of stress, you’re letting go of any of the burdens that you may have in your daily life.

Here within this celebration there are many who come to visit. One of the unique characteristics is that you may be walking side by side with Sananda, Quan Yin, Melchizedek, Metatron, Saint Germaine; all of these various people, energies, light. And you can realize that your alignment with them is very simple and easy.

You only need to be who you are. As you allow yourself to more fully actualize this in this present moment I invite you to open and see your life from this potential. Isn’t it amazing how you can look at your life and realize that perhaps it’s time to let go what no longer works for you?

You realize as you’re having conversation with your friends here within this space that some of those ideas that you were thinking about doing to make changes in your life actually open up and flow with ease. [There are] so many different things. And you know in this moment that it just makes sense; it just feels good. Take it all in.

For some there is a sense of intensity. There is a sense of feeling anxious. So we shift over to a space that allows for people to have the opportunity of expanding into a greater perception of their thoughts, their beliefs, perhaps their emotions.

If you find that although you have an intention of letting go of perhaps a way of thinking, perhaps some belief systems, and yet you still find yourself in that rut, come in here for a moment and truly allow yourself to open up and feel this energy.

When people hold on to old beliefs it’s a means of security. When people find themselves stuck in emotions that are limiting to them it’s a type of security. So by looking underneath whatever this may be, I invite you to instead feel the white light, feel the energy that flows through here filling up all those spaces within you that have a sense of desiring or needing to feel secure.

As that fills up within you, you then have a new perspective. Breathe in that feeling; how different it is to suddenly realize that it’s done; that you can have that sense of security flow through you as strongly as you so choose.

When you sense that feeling of awareness move through and into those spaces, open up and recognize that that is actually you; that light, that energy that support was coming into and around you from your own divinity.

Therefore at any time that you may feel insecure, fearful, or in a place of limitation, by putting forth the intention and taking a breath in, your divinity can fill up all those space within you. It feels good.

And I hand you back your gift. Perhaps it’s the second one you open and you realize that this one is now much more appropriate for you. It is with joy and with excitement that I sense the party is growing bigger and bigger.

What is a celebration to you? What is diversity to you? As you look around, no matter how people enjoy expressing their love, themselves, their awareness, the underlying energy is joy and contentment.

I invite you to allow that to flow through you, moving through your consciousness and through every part of who you are.

Whenever we have these types of celebrations they tend to go on endlessly. The focus is quite high right now and it will remain so over the next months because people will be coming and going with a great regularity.

But for this moment and for this group I invite you to have a sense of coming back together as a group. It makes me laugh because I see some coming with those hats on their head; I see others dancing their way towards us; I see others blowing on those things you use for New Year’s Eve usually; and I see still others wearing a traditional type of dress.

Diversity is what makes things fun. Diversity is what allows each person to truly be who they are and it allows everybody present to honor and respect one another because you know who you are within yourself.

So as a group I invite you to have a sense of the hologram of the Earth as it comes up within. We don’t work with this hologram quite as much as we used to because there is so much now that allows for the flow of energy to move in and out of the All That Is and the Earth plane with much greater ease.

As you have this sense of the hologram, infuse into it you in a state of relaxation. You as you allow yourself to accept from others. Infuse into it the enjoyment of the diversity of everyone present.

As we perceive the hologram it’s as if there are sparkling lights that emanate from the hologram itself.

As this feels complete there is a sense that it shifts moving downward. It moves into the crystalline grid moving down through that into the Earth itself. There is an aspect of it that’s shifted outward moving up into the area of Ariellis or the New Earth.

As that hologram merged with the Earth itself it went down into the center of the Earth where those crystals and the magnetic core reside. It links with that, it incorporates within there, and then the energy emanates outward. As it does so it comes up through the grass, the rocks, the trees, the river, the oceans.

It comes up within and around wherever it is that you are located so that you have a greater access to whatever it is that you experiences on this journey.

We release that energy and we release this hall of celebration, allowing your focus to come back within the soul plane. As you find yourself within the soul plane you let go of your divinity, you let go of your I Am presence. And then you merge completely with all that is your consciousness and all that is you in this lifetime.

The energy or the essence of that then moves from there into the crystalline grid. You may have a sense of finding yourself shifting through different aspects or nuances of the crystalline grid.

As you do so you may feel that energy. As it flows through, as if you ride that wave of energy, allow your focus to return once more within the magnetic grid. You feel the magnetic pull of the Earth.

As you feel that essence, once more allow your focus to come back within your physical body. As you feel your energies moving back within, allow your physical body to shift and adjust as needed. Expand the energy around your body so that you may more fully accept this expanded consciousness.

As this consciousness flows within you, let yourself feel the loving, nurturing support that you felt when in the All That Is. As your consciousness comes back within you, remember your gift; remember to bring it back with you and integrate it fully if need be.

As you are anchoring back within yourself, allow for that feeling of security; that feeling of love and joy to move throughout all of the inner aspects of who you are. And it moves through you because it is you. This is you, this is your potential; breathe it down within.

All right, so with that we are going to bring this time to a close. As each of you are moving through this time upon the Earth, this time of celebrations, no matter what your religious belief may be, but celebrations of community, celebrations of love, celebrations of friendship.

Let it be that you remember who you are; that you allow yourself to simply be in the experience of your life knowing that you are fully supported and infused with your divinity.

As you reach out to other people, reach out with a heart that is open. Reach out from that space of love and joy.

Know that I am ever with you.


As you continue to breathe in this relaxed manner, I invite you to come back within the room, if you so choose. You may press *6 upon your phone if you would like to ask a question. And I am here to answer as many as I can.

Question: Hello. Hello. Hi. My name is Bridget and I’m very honored to be able to ask a question. I was wondering about my guardian angel’s name, and if any of the ascended masters or arch-angels had anything to say to me.

Answer: Alright Bridget, we thank you for your lovely comment. When you asked who was your guardian angel, we heard the name Bert, and then we heard the name Peter. Both of which made us chuckle just a little bit, especially the Bert because it felt like Bert – is that really a dignified enough name? But the sense that we got from him was a male energy and it felt as if he was full of laughter. Like the trickster, but the trickster in a good way, like he was constantly trying to find ways to lighten things up for you and help you find an easiness in your life, that things have maybe been intense. And so that what he’s there for, is to help you find something light and easy. Does that resonate with you, Beloved?

 Yeah, that helps.

Okay. And then as for ascended masters, we see that you actually, in your expanded group of angels, or energies around you, we have a sense of …sorry about that. The name is eluding us. Sorry about that. This is where it gets a little bit limiting sometimes if Shelly herself doesn’t recognize the name we are trying to speak, it comes through garbled to her. But we’ll just describe what it is. It feels like it’s an Indian-type of ascended master, that has many different arms and legs. It will probably come through in just a minute.

Anyway, that one is a female ascended master who has been working with you for quite some time and is a part of this soul group. In addition, we see Sananda around you. We see the energies of Quan Yen and Mother Mary. So it feels like it’s a very balanced group. And part of the reason that it is coming through in this manner is that it is working with you to assist in finding balance in your life.

So between the infusion of fun from birth, and then this balance of male and female energy, the sense we get is that that is where much of your focus is, at this time. And it feels to us as if things are more readily available to you or more there than what you are fully realizing. Alright, Beloved?


Be open and just allow … you’re asking is there a message. There is no particular message other than what we were starting to say. Be open and allow for the infusion of energy that is there available to you. That you are actually receiving more than what you give yourself credit for.

So if you go on the assumption that you’re actually hearing things and getting messages, then you will actually get the messages much more easily.

Okay. Thank you.

You’re very welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess. Hello. Hello. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Just recently we had a death in our family. And it’s the second in a very short (period of time). I feel like there’s more.

Answer: Let me first and foremost just flow the energy of my love and support to you and around you. Feel as if my arms come around you and I hold you in my arms. I can feel your emotion, I can feel the emotion of the family. And it is a very, very trying time.

What I want to say are two things to you. Number 1: that sense that there is more feels a little bit like when are in a crisis moment and there’s so much that is overwhelming or so much that is hanging over them, it’s hard to know, it’s hard to think – okay, it’s done, this is it. And so part of it feels like that type of an energy. It does also feel as if there is a lot of transitioning going on in the family. It feels like it’s about five or six different people, for some reason, or at least that it involves five or six different people.

So when you say is there someone else who is going to transition, is there someone else…it’s a little bit unclear to us if that will actually happen. It feels as if there’s someone who’s been sick for quite some time, and we’re not sure if this is the one who has most recently transitioned or …

That was the first one.

Okay because that energy still feels as if it’s there and present. And it feels as if it’s actually come back around to give you support. And so there is a lot that is right here and available to you right now. And as I’m looking at this and tapping into you and tapping into this situation, it’s like there is a flood of energy and a flood of emotion. It’s enough that it’s kind of shorting me out – shorting Shelly out. So hold on just a second here.

Okay. Alright. So I’m going to infuse more calm into you and into the people around you. When we did that, when we infused the calm, we saw the number three come up. So it does make us wonder if perhaps there is someone else. 

I feel that.

You feel that too. So, we do have to agree with you but we’re not sure who it is, it’s not coming clear to us who is it. And it feels like something unexpected as opposed to someone who is sick. Or it feels as if someone that the underlying cause may be that they’ve had something going on but didn’t realize it. It feels like a medical problem.

So one thing that we want to say to you when we see something like this, and we know that it’s really a challenge when you lose loved ones like this, when they cross over to the other side of the veil. Especially when things happen in a frequency like this, it does make it all so very, very challenging.

But then nobody transitions unless it’s their time to do so. People, even though it may seem like it’s too young, or too soon, or too abrupt from the human perspective, it is the time chosen that that individual had chosen from their soul perspective.

So it doesn’t really help matters but it is just one of those things to come, it just happens when it happens. Does that resonate with you, Beloved, what we are saying?


We do flow love, compassion, support to you as much as you can take in. And we would say to you try not to focus too much upon this, because it feels like the third one, feels like there’s still some question about whether or not it’s going to be now or sometime later.

So, what I would say to you is knowing that you feel this way, knowing that we kind of concur with it, just take this as an opportunity to really speak your heart to your family and friends. Be open and acknowledging about appreciation, love – whatever it is that you may feel that you might have been holding back on. And just allow things to unfold.

It does feel like a male essence. I don’t know if that kind of helps things or narrows things down for you.

 That confirms what I feel as well.

Okay. So, remember to live in the moment. Remember that it is okay to live with your heart wide open. And through all of this experience, draw on your Divinity. Draw on I, the Goddess, and God energies and let us be there to be fully supportive to you and the rest of your family.

Thank you.

You’re very welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess. Hello. My dreams have always been easy to remember and always been very vivid. Over the last year they seem to be coming even more frequently, more vividly, more real. Now they seem like they are alternative, parallel lives. I’m trying to figure out if it’s actually another life I’m experiencing. Are they parallels to my current life, or if there are messages that I’m supposed to be aware of that relate to this life.

Answer: Right. When you were saying that we did have a sense of a parallel life. It feels like another aspect of yourself living a similar life to what you have right now.

We are going to take a moment and digress. When people are living lives upon the earth, as you know, there are multiple dimensions that are available to everyone. Sometimes people have, what they call, parallel lives or aspects of themselves or a past life that is actually a life that is being lived right now. There are many different phrases that can pertain to this. And, what’s going on here is that people are living these lives, people are having these experiences, and then it all goes back up within your I Am presence.

So, sometimes, when people are in their dream-state, or their meditation, or when they’re truly open and they are seeking to create greater insights, it can come to them in the form of dreams, in the form of intuition, in the form of images or thoughts that will flash through their mind.

One of the reasons that the veil was put into place was because the human consciousness had difficulty assimilating what was real, what was another reality, and did they blend together or were they completely separate.

So, with the thinning of the veil, with the rising of consciousness of the humans, what’s going to happen is that more and more experiences like this are going to occur. And for any individual that is having an experience and they question – is it my reality, another reality, or just a message for me – it’s usually all of the above.

And, you can create, through meditation, you can open and create a link to yourself and it’s like you are talking within yourself but you are talking to the way that you come to you in a dream. We know it sounds kind of confusing with the you’s and the you’s. But, basically, if it’s coming to you in this manner, and the way you described it, the sense we get is that some of the experiences that you’re having that feel like a struggle in this lifetime, are not such a struggle in another perception. And it’s giving you that awareness of how to shift into something that’s less of a struggle, and more a manifesting of what you seek.


I think it’s to help me manifest what I’m striving for in this life.

Exactly. It’s like you’ve worked out some of the kinks in this other lifetime and it’s being shown to you in your dream-state and it’s giving you some of the tools that will allow that to manifest with greater ease.

 Thank you. That’s the feeling I was having.



My mother crossed over three years ago, but she keeps coming around so much in the dreams. It’s like they’re not dreams, it’s like we’re visiting again. She’s showing up to remind me of whatever I need to be reminded of.


Well, there is that but especially something specific like an individual that you knew in this life, for example, your mother, for her to come through in such a manner is an indication of the thinning of the veil.


That’s what I thought. Well, thank you.

You’re very welcome.


Question: Hi Goddess, my house is very cluttered. It’s got a lot of stuff that’s not organized. I keep trying to improve the situation but every time it gets more cluttered after I organize. I feel a lot of stuff is not in a good location. Do you have any guidance on this to help me change all this?

Answer: we feel that it’s an indication of holding onto things from the past. It feels as if you like to have things around you, you like to have physical things in your reality that support you; be it in your energy work, meditation or whatever it may be. But then it also feels like some of these things are like a habit or a crutch or something; that you don’t really need to have them in your life. It’s something that you want to have there, but then it bothers you when it is there. So that is the difference or the shifting between letting go of some of these things because you don’t need to have them any longer and creating a new environment for yourself that is less cluttered than what it is currently. That’s our sense of that as we look at it. Does it resonate with you?

Yes, yes it does.

And so only you can decide what to release, what to hang on to, what new things to get, because you will always be getting new things in the future. So as you clean out your house what we would say is begin by energetically cleaning out your house, like you send energy and light breezing through clearing out the energy, density or emotion; whatever it is that may be aligned with these objects, then it will be easier for you to sell them, give them away or whatever you may want to do.

Okay thanks Goddess.

You’re welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess (Hello) I’d like to take an opportunity to ask a question that you always put to our group. As a human I am limited by what I think because of my mental process and my experience. When you say to us as a family that there are infinite possibilities, can you highlight something that is for all of us?

Answer: I love this question and when you are speaking it I am gathering and pulling in threads of energy from many different perspectives.

When an individual is in the All That Is, there are waves of energy that go out in many, many different directions and it all comes back together in a hub. Say for example you yourself are standing in what we will call the All That Is. Then you can turn around and look in 360 degrees and you will know you have turned in a circle. Each degree can have a different potential. You can look slightly or angle it differently or look between dimensions and that gives you another potential.

The reason we talk about infinite number of potentials is because a potential is affected by the degree of awareness, the degree of the dimension, by the other emotions, the thoughts; there is so much that comes into play when one is looking at their potentials. So if you are seeking to know what are some of these other potentials and how can I look beyond then it’s almost like the--- what is that analogy; ‘the chicken and the egg’ type of thing? You want the potential. You want to know and understand what the potential is. For example, if you don’t realize that a chicken comes from an egg, and you don’t know what an egg is, then you are not opening and looking at what may be inside that egg.

So what that is saying to you is that you may be seeing things around you that you don’t realize there is a significance or a potential attached to that. That’s why people are not oftentimes aware of some of the potential around them. So it has to do with your perception and like I said earlier the dimensions; all these various things come into play and that is what keeps people from being aware of their potentials.

Now the other thing we wanted to say is that when you look at, when you take, when we are speaking of this and we are looking at you or anyone else, it’s like there’s a feeling of being very open and a flow of a lot of different energies going around. Then as I look at you in your earthly reality or anybody else in their earthly reality; it’s like some of those potentials have been shaved off. It’s now down to a much smaller amount. The earth consciousness of an individual may say that they have– I’m just pulling a number out of a hat – five potentials around them whereas we can see from our detached perspective that they actually have fifteen or twenty.

So this is trying to share with you how potentials can be infinite and how they can be affected and how the perception of them can become limiting as it gets down into the human reality. Is that answering your question beloved?

So if this, just because you brought up the chicken and the egg for helping us to expand out awareness and because I’m bringing this up. . So if I go forth the next 24 hours with the intention of putting out opening all the eggs whether I know it or not as an experiment of expanding that, would that help me to connect with what you’re talking about?

Absolutely because what we see happening, for example driving down the street you look towards a building that you’ve seen every day of your life, but this time you see ‘oh look at that beautiful person coming out of the building; do they work there, are they always there’. You go further along, you are walking down the hallway and you see someone who perhaps works in the same building, but you’ve never seen them before. That’s just two little examples of noticing people.

In addition to that there may be a billboard, there may be colors, there may be a vibrancy to the energy. Different things like that are what help to create a different vibration within and around you and through that you then look at your whole entire life from that expansion or that assistance.

How exciting! Thank you.

You are very welcome. That is indeed a somewhat complicated but very interesting question because that is what so many people are asking us; how do I know the potentials or how do I see the potentials. Alrighty, thank you.

Question: Hello? Hello Goddess? (Hello, go ahead.) During the meditation I was really relaxed then all of a sudden some anger started coming up that went back to when I had my house and the realtor and a bunch of stuff that was related to that. I have worked on that time and time again with releasing all that. I think it’s gone and just out of nowhere, there it comes again. I’ve still been having all this trouble with a rash breaking out. My doctor then sent me to a rheumatologist. My SED rate goes down its maybe 3 and then it’s 28; it’s bouncing all over. Do you think some of this stuff with the itching and the rash is connected to that anger around the realtor?

Answer: we feel like it is connected. We feel that there is an alignment to suppressed energies or suppressed emotions in primarily the realtor because that is what you are telling us about, but it feels like that are also other ways in which you feel frustrated and have either resentment or anger. It feels like there is frustration over your body letting you down, it feels like anger towards the realtor you mentioned; it feels like frustration over things that have not manifested. So it feels like there are a lot of different energies that are here in this moment. It does not feel like this is something that is a huge part of your life taking it over. But when you speak of it and when one things leads to another it’s like a scab on your skin, oh ha we just realized we forgot about your rash thing! It’s like you have a scab on your skin and you notice it and pick it off, then you realize all the crap underneath it. That’s what this feels like. The skin issue, the way this has affected you, it all feels as if it’s linked to suppressed emotions. Even though you’ve let it go and we indeed see you have let it go. We see when we look at your energy now versus say 6 or 9 months ago or even a year ago that you have come tremendously far. But there still feels as if there is more, not only this but that feeling there is a cauldron underneath the surface.

If you would go back and listen to this journey again this time with the intention before you even go into it of ‘you know what, this is my time to empty out that cauldron, to l clear everything out and let it go’. Then when you’re in the place where we were nurturing and supporting, have a sense of letting it be a safe space for you to lance that wound and let it all go completely.

Okay. I’ve been heavy on Atarax and Tagamet because I’m doing all this itching where I can’t sleep and I about claw myself. Do you think I’ll quit needing to have that because I really don’t like to take medicine?

It feel like when you have completely released all of these things and you find a greater balance within your physical body and these emotions that it will all resolve itself and be gone.

Alright, thank you very much.

You’re welcome. I can take one more.

Question: Hi, this is Cat in the awakenet ( is streaming the teleconference in the friend’s room.) I wanted to let Goddess and shelly know the teleconference came through great, it was wonderful. We have one question from the room, since this is the last call. What we’d like to do is ???? in the room actually has a question for the Goddess. She said ‘Thank you for the lovely plain sleeveless white dress of happiness that she received as her present. Her question was, she’s going through a very difficult time in life and would like to know if you can help her and please tell her, her guides name and if there’s any message for her’.

Answer: Alright. It’s kind of funny because this time when you said can you tell us the guides name we heard Cinderella. Perhaps it has to do with the white dress or the gift that you received in the All That Is. The name behind that we are getting a sense of Frances, Francine, Francesca; something with Fran in it. But anyway, we like Cinderella better! The message she has for you is that you are not alone. There are actually like three or four who have been working with you very diligently. This time of stress and this time you have been going through feels as if it’s a process it’s almost like it’s a coming of age process where you need to go through this and when you get to the end you will have arrived at that next phase. But it feels like you have been stuck or treading water instead of continuously moving forward.

So what we’re going to do (deep breath in and out); we’re having a sense of blowing the energies or giving you a nudge that kind of helps you continue moving. The sense we get also is that it’s time for you to let go of the old things you’ve been holding on to. Let go of the old. It’s as if you’ve been stuck in this rut and you want to hold onto the things you know about and that you’re aware of. You’re afraid to step out into something new and different. So this is all about letting you know that you are supported, that you do have the things around you and that if you will actually kind of let go and well, step into that dress and feel as if you are moving into that lightness and energy then it is not going to be as hard as you think it is. The things will unfold in a way that will be very easy. Does that resonate with her?

Yes she says with exclamation marks.

Excellent, very good then. Well that’s good and we remember now that you are speaking with us that this is the day that it is going to be available for people to join the conference through the computer. Very, very good, we are glad she remembered that. We are glad she spoke up and we are able to have a question come through there.

Thank you for all the wonderful you do.

You are welcome beloved.

*** The conclusion of this transcript is in the transcript from the channeled journey.



josmoking 21st December 2010 4:44 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

IC2ITUC 21st December 2010 11:23 pm

Am I the only one thinking : I would really like to read this slowly to absorb this Wisdom but IT IS JUST TOO LONG, I work, have a 100 and one things to do, etc........and I'm in no mood to read this. Sorry, all you retired people and others who have alot of time on your hands and you think that I'm out of line. SORRY, I'm in a foul 3D mood tonight. Chalk it up to the eclipse energy, or could it be the cashier at the store tonight saying "Happy Holiday" back to me when I said "Merry Christmas". I repeated it back to her again and she told me the store policy is not to say CHRISTmas. I lost it and said very loudly with others in line, "Your damn store is run by a bunch of Socialist DemocRATS and left. Obama and his Socialist, Marxist supporters in Congress with somo RINO Republicans are bankrupting our country, destroying our traditions and the dumb ass public loves and supports them. Even some channels on here say what a great Soul he is! In my 3D world, this is BS. I don't want to see that lying devious RAT Soul or talk to him on the other side. You can have this BS 3D world!

Shelly Dressel 13th January 2011 10:33 am


I am a long time in responding to this comment! I hope you are feeling better. I find that once I vent, the energy shifts for me. I hope the same is true for you. I also think that sometimes what turns out to be the trigger is not the issue, it's something else feeling exhausted, afraid, overwhelmed or whatever it might be.

As for your comment about Merry Christmas, it's interesting because I found way more people around me in stores etc saying Merry Christmas! I know a couple years ago, it was different.

I know my posts have been long. Mariu had actually encouraged me to split them up and I had not gotten around to it. So thanks for that prompt! I will be separating the Q&A from the main text.

Sending you love, light and joy for a wonderful 2011!


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