Accepting Greater Clarity & Integration

As people are seeking to create change in their lives, it comes about in many ways. You may see it in the actions you take. You may become aware of what energies seem most predominant. You may also have a sense of having experienced something before. This journey creates a space where you can experience your life on many different levels.

As the Goddess took everyone into the space of the Soul Plane, she spoke of the many different levels and aspects that make up who you are. These aspects were created by lifetimes and experiences that you’ve had in the past. From the space of the All That Is, she spoke of these lives; but she also spoke of the lives that you and others have lived in the same experience.

For example, she mentioned Camelot. She stated that this was a time and place that many, many people have lived to experience the various lives. So there was not just one soul essence that lived as each of the main players. She said this has happened at many times during history when there is a particular energy infused into a situation. Other examples she used were Atlantis, ancient Egypt, Machu Picchu and more.

The Goddess then had people gather together who’ve had the same lives. You were able to learn from each other and create a space of healing and shifting from the perspective of that group. It was very powerful.

In addition, she assisted everyone in linking with the star, planet or the part of the universe from which they’ve come. In doing so, you can see the changes taking place in the universe and how they relate to the Earth. So too, you could see how what’s happening upon the earth is affecting the universe. There is a bond between everything.

I found this channel to be somewhat convoluted, but I also found as it all came together, that a huge shift took place for people to release and to find their strength and their home.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to you sending forth my love, sending forth my awareness. I invite you to have a sense of really truly connecting within yourself. As you breathe down deeply inside, you are using your breath as a means of focusing your awareness within yourself. This focus of awareness gives you the ability to shift your energy in a number of different ways. Sometimes it can assist you to get a more clear focus. Sometimes that exact same breath can assist you in opening up to get a bigger perspective.

Your breath is fluid, just as your energies are fluid. Take in one more breathe allowing yourself to focus on grounding; send that breath down into the earth. Feel the energies of the earth and then let that come back up and anchor within you. As these energies are anchoring allow yourself to let go of your physical body. Have a sense of letting your energies stream upward until you feel yourself aligning with the magnetic grid. As you find yourself within this space you can feel your energies aligning with your higher self.

As you create this deeper alignment, take a moment to look around. See your own energies; see what other energies may be here in alignment with you at this time. You may utilize this as a means of communicating with others and as a means of sending your energy from one space to another. The magnetic grid has transformed in a number of unique ways. Considering the many ways in which people’s consciousness has been growing or expanding or shifting, whatsoever you want to look at that, it’s creating a transformation within this space also. There is a greater ease. It is also a place where you may come to re-balance your own energies.

As you have a sense of shifting once more, allow your consciousness to move into the space of the crystalline grid. There is less and less of a division between the magnetic and the crystalline grid works, which means that the crystalline energies that are infusing into the Earth’s energies are creating a greater alignment within the magnetics. Let this energy flow with greater ease and as you do so you can feel your own automatically expanding here within this space.

I invite you to shift once more this time allowing yourself to move into the space of the soul plane. If you find yourself within these energies, I invite you to open up to receive your perception of your divinity. It may feel as if your I Am presence comes up from within you. It may feel as if you have a sense of walking towards this pure light energy or maybe something completely different from that, but I invite you to let your consciousness open up so that you may fully merge with your divinity. As you feel yourself in this alignment, open up to feel the wash of love, of acceptance, of awareness that washes over you. As you are here within this space know that you are in complete alignment with your divinity.

I invite you to have a sense of looking around as I the Goddess move within this space. I reach out to each one of you. As I do so, I open my arms, that we may embrace one another. As our energies merge together we shift into the energies of the All That Is. As each one of you arrives within this space, there is a sense of stretching, of expanding, of each one of you expanding outward until you can feel yourself being just as big or as expanded as you would like to be. This is a space that is limitless. This is a space filled with many different dimensions and it is a space of pure opportunity. I invite you to breathe deeply, breathing in these energies.

There is so much that I would like to speak with you about this evening. My intention is not to jump all over the place but I would ask you to allow yourself to be a little bit flexible this evening. One of the first things that I would like to invite you to do is have a sense as your consciousness look inside of you or turn around and look towards your divinity. Whenever you find the alignment with your divinity you are taking in whatever energies are there or whatever energies are in vibration with what may be going on in your life at that time.

So as you take this moment of pure presence, of pure being and you look at your divinity then have a sense of removing any blinders or removing any limitation so that you can really see who you are as your divine essence. Every single one of you have had a multitude of different lifetimes, some beyond count. Those lifetimes have created this essence that is you. There are also a number of times in which people choose a particular experience and then multiple different soul essence participate as that one individual in a multitude of different experiences. That may sound a little confusing.

One of the most prominent experiences such as this is about Camelot. As I say that many of you may feel a resonance inside of you. Perhaps you were Guinevere, perhaps King Arthur, Lancelot, Mordred one of the many, many people that resided within that time. Perhaps you were in Avalon, which was also a parallel existence. The reason that I am bringing this up to you is because when people are creating this alignment with their divinity and seeing who they are it may seem at times that there is an overlay with other soul essence and that comes from these experiences in which you and many others chose the life of, we will say of one of those individuals.

This has happened at other times throughout what you consider history. It is one of the reasons that certain times in history has such a strong resonance with people; the times on Atlantis, the times in Egypt, perhaps Machu Picchu, perhaps with the Mayan. I speak these various names, because I can see a resonance with many of you that go into these kinds of common experiences. As you take in whatever this information is for you allow it to flow through you so that it may not only strengthen you, as the individual that you are, but so that it may also assist you in recognizing why there are times you feel a particular alignment with another individual.

There are always similarities in the ways in which people create these phases. Take a moment and consider your life. Consider perhaps the one maybe two most prominent issues or things that appear to be a burden to you at this time. As you consider what they are, I invite you to have a sense of detaching from them so that you can think about them, recognize, consider, whatever it may be, but that you are also disconnecting so that you may have a little bit more of a perspective.

Once more look towards your I Am presence. As you think about these experiences that seem so prevalent to you and seeing perhaps in some ways overwhelming, then look towards your divinity and ask; have I had this experience before? Are there answers within my divinity that will help me? And then as if you are opening up your consciousness be open and allow that flow to move through you.

As you are open to receive it may be that the answers come in a very distinct manner. It may be that they come in the form of a burst of energy. How so ever it comes to you allow yourself to take in the answer and then shift and process the energies and let it flow through whatever is happening in your life right now. When we say that the answers are within, this is one example of how that is. When you feel and alignment with someone else, especially if it feels like a soul deep alignment, it may be coming from these vibrational energies. I invite you to be open to receive whatever information may be here for you.

What would you like your life to look like? If you had everything exactly as you wanted it right now, what would that feel like? Allow yourself to expand into that sense of completion, that sense of having what you seek to have. Step into those energies and feel what it’s like. As you are here at the completion of what you seek to have, look around. Who is there with you? How does it feel to be done? How does it feel to have accomplished what you seek to have? As you feel what it is to be complete then turn around in the other direction and either look, sense, feel, what may be standing in the way. Reach out and ask specifically if there’s anything that is unconscious to you that maybe standing in the way. You feel the flow. You feel these energies as they move through you with ease.

I invite you to consciously have a sense of drawing the energies that are around you as if you reach out to the side and you pull in some energy. You reach in another direction and pull in some more and you keep gathering the energy until you have this ball of energy that may be sitting in your hands. Within this ball of energy or light I invite you to have a sense of letting it wash over you. It moves through your consciousness and it moves through your physical body and your nonphysical energies. And as this ball of energy is moving through, its clearing out anything and everything that may be standing in your way. Its clearing out anything that you are unconscious of doing or knowing. Its clearing out resistance. You can feel it, it moves with ease.

I invite you to gather as a group and to shift your focus once more. At this time, I invite you to have a sense of looking at the universe. Look at the stars, the moon the planets. Some may notice the constellations; others may notice the ships that move about. As you take in this sense of the universe pay attention to whatever comes up to your awareness.

Each one of you have a deeper alignment to perhaps stars, perhaps the moon, the sun, to various parts of the universe and as you allow yourself to merge with whatever that is, feel how it amplifies your energies. As you look around you may see that there are other people here with you. These are those people that shared so experiences with you, and perhaps there is a particular reason why you have all gathered together at this time. Be open and ask each other to know what that reason may be.

Some of you have shifted far out into the universe. Some of you find yourself in a space of limbo. If that is the case, then consciously take in a deep breath and as you breathe out allow yourself to move, allow yourself to shift. There you go… until you can feel your alignment. Everything that is happening upon the earth is having a distinct reaction to what’s happening in the universe. You could also say that everything that is happening upon the earth is creating a shift in the universe. I invited you to find that space with which you aligned so that you could create an even deeper alignment for yourself that would in turn allow you to have a much greater sense of awareness or sense of being in your everyday life.

As you look around this magical place, let yourself feel what is here for you. In some of you is that sense of being home. It’s that sense of belonging, that sense of being completely free. Free to be in a place of movement, free to be in a place of acceptance. Acceptance is a major part of your everyday life. Do you accept who you are in your life? From here, in this perspective, look back and if you need to make adjustments around you in your everyday reality then send forth that impulse. Do you accept the alignment of what’s happening in your life?

I must say it is delightful to see in a comparison of these two things how so many people were open and accepting of themselves and then when I look at you and I ask if you are accepting the things happening in your life that is where the resistance comes in. So many of you are saying, “no I don’t accept that”, “no that’s not what I want”, “no I am not going to keep living in this way”. Those energies are the impetus for change, therefore in that regard they can be beneficial to you; but I would invite you to make a conscious decision to step outside that space, to make a change. Is it possible that you can accept that this is where you are right now? It may not be where you want to end up but this is in this moment, where you are. You can feel those energies as they move through you.

As you allow yourself to accept where you are right in this moment you are also taking responsibility for the choices that you have made in your life. It’s hard to think that you’ve chosen these experiences. So take this moment and look around you at these other people who are here with you in this space. They perhaps have made some similar choices in their lives. Reach out and know that you are not alone and as a group make a conscious decision to shift this energy. Send it swirling through, let it go and let it go. Look back again at your life. What I am seeing now is that it is as if you are in multiple spaces that are superimposed upon one another. What that means is that you are living different potentials at the same time, and as you’ve cleared out those energies you’ve created a space that will allow those potentials to more easily manifest within you, in your life and within the physical body. Be open to receive.

As you consider where you are right now, take a moment to look around. Perhaps there is a symbol, perhaps there is an energy, perhaps there is something that you would like to take back with you as you allow your energies to flow back into the All That Is. You can see the ease with which you shift through these energies. You can see yourself with greater clarity. You can truly see yourself as the magnificent person that you are. I invite you to accept that and as you do so then you can relax. Let go limitation. Clear out these energies, let go what has not worked for you as yet, let it go. Let it go, let it go, let it go. You may always choose to reach towards that same goal that you just released, but you will now do so from a new perspective, one that is without the energies that have been holding you back. So if you need to do that again, then let it go, let it go, let it go. Feel the way it is to be in a state of completion and then allow that to become all of who you are.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As you do so look around at each other; there may be energies that you know, that you recognize. There may be those that feel as if they are a part of you. Allow the consciousness of this experience to be very fold within you at this moment and send that energy as if it’s moving around this group; and as that is taking place, the hologram of the earth comes up within the center of this group; and as that energy that everyone has created comes into a state of balance or presence it then merges within the hologram. You are a part of the hologram. You are complete, you are in alignment with whatever it takes for that to manifest into your reality upon the earth.

As your awareness continues to shift you can see how the energies are shifting within the hologram. As it’s ready to do so it then moves into a space that it shifts to where the crystalline grid is located. As it finds the alignment with this grid work it is as if everything that you have done during this experience shifts outward into the universe and then everything else moves downward as if it’s going into the physical earth itself. As these energies move through here you have a sense of the hologram linking with the magnetic grid. That energizes the hologram and it diffuses it to move through out that space.

The remainder of the hologram continues down until it moves into the center of your physical earth. As it moves within this center there is a sense of it linking not only with the crystals that create the center of the earth but the magnetics and as that takes place it then comes up moving through these energies of the earth. As it moves throughout, its creating a shift in the collective consciousness, it is also creating a new alignment for you in your everyday reality.

Allow your focus to return to the All That Is. As you take a moment and open to your perspective of who you are, recognize that you are standing here in the balance of the universe and the balance of your earth. You are standing here in the balance of the soul plane and all your many, many life existences. Take in a deep breath, allowing that breath to move through you, allowing yourself to feel the complete acceptance for who you are, who you are as a part of the universe, who you are as your divinity, who you are in this lifetime. It is all equal and the flow of energy moves through with ease. Gather those energies within and around you and then allow yourself to step back into the soul plane.

As you are here within this space you can feel your energies and you allow your consciousness to continue moving. Your consciousness shifts back through the crystalline grid and you move through there with ease until you find yourself once more in the magnetic grid. As you are here within this space, you can feel that link with your higher self and you can see that your higher self is already expanding as it takes in this awareness.

Reach out and allow everything that you have done during this time to flow with you as you move down in and around your physical reality. As these energies are coming back within you I invite you to take in a deep breath and let them flow through you so that you may anchor them within; and then as you continue to integrate these energies send out a wave of energy so that you clear out anything that is less than the balance with this energy. What I mean by that is everything that you have done on this journey tonight that was creating the alignment and accepting this essence of who you are; let it be in your everyday reality and send it out so that whatever adjustments need to be made, they can be made, whether it’s between you and other people, you and your work, your living situation, whatever it may be.

Let those energies clear out creating a shift so that those other potentials that you have already been living may now become a part of your everyday reality. It may be that you feel as if you were stepping up into another dimension. It may be that you have a sense of feeling the flow or the greater expansion with whatever you are in your life. Let yourself feel that awareness from your alignment with the universe. Let yourself feel the knowledge that you have accomplished what you seek to have. Let whatever answers you may need flow through you and within you right now.

And so as we bring this evening to a close, we thank you all for being here and sharing this journey with us. We encourage each one of you to be in the space of truly opening to recognize and acknowledge your divinity and its relationship within your life.

Be aware that you have had many different lifetimes and you have shifted the energies of what’s happening to you right now, not only in other lifetimes but in other existences. So let all of that awareness come in to you and let it be of assistance to you in your everyday life.

Know that I am always with you and within you.




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