Accepting that YOU are an Immense Being of Light

 Nama Sika,  Venia Benya             I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family of light! I thank you for taking this opportunity to open up and bring forth my energy into you, into all aspects of who you are, allowing me to assist you in your transformation as you walk upon the earth. Each of you is taking on more and more of the energies of the divine Goddess as you walk through your days. You are feeling this, sometimes in the symptoms you may be having, other times in having a sense of ease or relaxation as you move through your day. I realize the last couple of weeks have been very transitional for those of you who are human and upon the earth. Open now to realize that a great portion of that adjustment is over with. There is a greater amount of the divine feminine flowing through all who walk upon the earth. This will allow for you to connect with me more easily and bring through anything you wish to do so.

Have a sense of expanding your consciousness allowing yourself to connect with the magnetic grid work as it surrounds the earth. The magnetics are shifting, changing and evolving due to all the individuals who are consciously bringing forth this energy and light connecting with this grid and allowing it to transport those impulses around the world. Have a sense of realizing that there is an individual stamp for each one of you and this is the aspect of the grid work that you connect with.

Allow yourself to move into the interlocking grid work that is the pathway between the crystalline grid and the magnetic grid. Have a sense of remaining in this space for a moment. Feel as if you are the conduit that brings the crystalline energy into the magnetics.  So too, allow some of that magnetic energy to merge or blend with the crystalline so that there is a greater ease in the flow of energy. As you feel this occurring be aware of the way it brings a greater balance to your consciousness.

As you are ready, move fully into the crystalline grid. As you blend with this grid, you are very aware of the individual crystals. You have a sense of the tones of the vibration. You have a sense of the subtleness of the energies as they shift and flow around you.

Call forth a column of light, simply putting forth the intention to do so allows you to find yourself within this column. You may see or sense it as golden, it may be filled with an iridescent color, or you may have a sense of the color clear. You may call it clear as if there is nothing around you, but yet you can see or sense that there is something there. As you blend with this column allow your consciousness to shift and move. You have a sense of rising through the column until you emerge. As you emerge, your consciousness has a sense of going in every direction; as if it’s stretching out,  reaching out to it’s full expansion.

Let go any remnants of the physical that you may allow for a more full connection with all aspects of this soul plane. Call forth your I AM presence. As you connect with this presence, you are connecting with the greater aspect of who you are. You are filling, blending, and expanding your consciousness to take on the knowledge that you are a divine soul essence. You as your soul's divinity have many different experiences that are coming together at this time as you blend more fully your I AM presence and your consciousness.

I ask you now to shift or move into what we have been referring to as the Nama Sika room. Nama Sika, Venia Benya As those words flow through your consciousness, you have a sense of a shift that occurs.  This allows you to move into the space of blending and recognizing all the other soul consciousness who are here in this space and wish to blend with these energies more fully. It may be a sense of a reunion for you or you may have a sense of truly feeling your unique individuality. Allow yourself to open and see my energy as I come into the room to walk amongst you. You may have a sense of my energy as a radiant white light, but I am also filled with all the colors of the rainbow. As I move among all who are within this space I begin to blend fully with each and every one of you.

As you feel this blending occur be open to and aware of the way it shifts you into the space of the All That Is. Each of these shifts in consciousness that you are moving through allow your consciousness to expand further. It allows you to move between the dimensions. You may have a sense of going out further or you may have a sense of actually moving inward to the dimensions that are within. When you are in the space of the All That Is, you know yourself in all your completeness. Open and accept your divinity. Feel those aspects of yourself that are the divine feminine and allow that to radiate. Open to and feel those aspects of yourself as the divine masculine; again, allow that to radiate from you. You are in the space of complete balance. You are one within yourself and with all who are here in this space with you.

At this time upon the earth you are moving into the energies of the summer solstice. Allow yourself to shift your consciousness and take in those times in which you lived by the phases of the moon. You may have a sense of seeing yourself in another incarnation or you may simply have a sense of knowing that your physical body is attuned to the moon, the stars, the sun, and the gravitational pull. All of that was a means of guiding you through your days.

Think back over the last few months you have had upon the earth, of all that you were sowing within the earth. Think of what you have been creating and nurturing. Now is the time for you to look forward in the next days, weeks, and months to come as we move past the solstice to allow it all to move through the growing process and come to fruition. You are the creator of your life! You are within the space where you can make shifts, changes, or any adjustments that you may need to. From this space of balance, this space of completeness, open to allow your creation to flower. Open to allow it to grow and emerge from its cocoon and move into its maturity. Release anything that has been holding you back. This IS your time to be fully aware of your magnificence. Each one of you is such an immense and glorious light. Each one of you is able to create this space and allow yourself to walk a through that space, bringing forth within your life an even greater aspect of who you are; allowing everyone to see your radiance! Allow yourself to accept your radiance!

With that, have a sense of turning your focus to all that is around you. You have worked so very diligently with the energies of Venus. Take in or open up to any other planet or star that you may have a sense is calling to you. Each of you has manifested as a star at one time or another. Each of you has blended and evolved through living with various planets. Have a sense of opening up to acknowledge what is here for you. All of these planets, stars, shifts in consciousness, energies of light are here in support of who you are and what you are doing upon the earth. Have a sense of reaching out and fully blending with the energy that is there in support of you.

As you blend so much more completely, you feel your expansion as it moves out to an even greater amount. You know that you are the universe! You are every little particle and the you are the whole. You may simply tap into which ever aspect that it is important for you to focus on at this moment. When you are in this space, you are able to realize that you are truly an immense energy of light. You are the ones who created this universe. You are the ones who are creating new universes' and new planets through your experiences.

As you are open to receive that information you realize that you are creating immense shifts in energies and consciousness. Simply have a sense of releasing, to fly if you will, to soar; release any sense of constriction. You are completely abandoned, you are in a space in which you can express your joy, excitement, and the immenseness of who you are without restraints of any sort! This is the way that you are able to tap into and accept who you are. As you do, my dear beloved family, you can allow it to be your life as you walk the earth. You may each have a sense of blending with each other. You know that you are me and I am you.

You were in this source energy when you created who you are. As you move and come inside, it may feel as if the source energy is outside of you. But have a sense of blending completely that you may realize you are within me and I am within you. Be aware of the radiance that shines forth from within you. Be aware of any tones or vibrations that allow you to feel more deeply who you are. We are in that point of stillness. That place of infinite perfection and peace.

From here have a sense of gathering your consciousness of who you are. Have a sense of collecting those aspects of your consciousness that you allowed to flow to every aspect of the universe, to flow out from you. Have a sense of bringing this all back together into who you are as your soul essence.  You know that you are always able to move into this space. You are always able to affect this expansion from within every moment within your life. You also become aware that you may have left aspects of your consciousness in various parts of the expansion so that you can more easily tap into that aspect of you that may be in that other dimension, that other plane of existence which you might consider a star a planet; by doing so you've opened up within yourself the ability to accept and acknowledge the support that is there for you from the universe.

We draw back feeling our consciousness come back together; you allow yourself to be aware of who you are from within the space of the All That Is. As you have a sense of returning to this space, come together and form a circle.  Recognize the masters, the guides, the energies of light, who are with you in this space. You may have a sense of them as they form other circles going out from yours. You are very well aware though of the ways in which your vibrational energy and who you are is a complete blend with who they are. These guides and energies are here in support of you, but they honor and acknowledge all that you the human are doing at this time.

As this group is coming together, see or sense it as a radiant light. I ask you to weave a cloth of light as we have done so in the past. This is woven by each of you sending out light from who you are and connecting with each one of the other individuals who are here with you upon the journey. You find that all the others who have joined you in this space are also sending their light into this woven energy. It begins to take on a depth, a texture, and a vibration. In some it’s almost as if it becomes an electric energy.

We call forth the hologram of the earth. As this hologram is coming into being, we have a sense of it hovering within this energetic blanket that you have woven. Open to and see your beloved earth as it is at this time. You see this hologram as it rotates in front of you. You may have a sense that there are certain aspects that stand out for you, that you notice more than other aspects. Send your love and your light into that blanket of energy as it surrounds the earth. See how the earth becomes illuminated. As you are connecting and blending with this hologram of the earth, allow yourself to look between the dimensions. You are able to see the Faery world, the Elvin world, the human world, there are primary, secondary, and more, human worlds. All of them living in different dimensional depths, but all are living within the earth.

You may see yourself in more than one of these incarnations. As you practice looking between the dimensions of this space, it will allow you to be able to do so when you are walking through your day upon the earth. You are bringing greater clarity to the earth by infusing it with this higher vibrational light. This greater clarity allows for you to tap into these energies for greater ease as you are living your life. We sense the time of completion is here and we released this hologram of the earth. Have a sense of seeing it move down as if through a column of light. It moves down into the earth plane, the physical plane, into that core essence of the earth and when it arrives there, you have a sense of an explosion almost as each of these energies move out from the core and infuse all aspects <of the earth>.  Lady Gaia is there. She waited for this full blending of the physical earth and the hologram of the earth to open her arms and acknowledge each and every one of you. She thanks you for all that you have done.  

Have a sense now of bringing your consciousness back within the circle in the All That Is.  Become aware of the ways in which this blanket of energy has grown or become enhanced through using this energy. By using it to infuse into the earth plane, you have actually generated or created an expansion within the energy. There is greater light, there greater colors, there is a greater depth. You may perceive other subtle differences within this energy field, and those perceptions are what are important for you to become aware of at this time.

Have a sense of creating a ball from within this light. This ball grows, evolves, and shifts as it spins. Shift your focus towards the Omniverse. As you feel the time is right, sense that ball of light as out soaring into the Omniverse. You see the way it expands. There are energies of light who have been waiting for that transmission and they are open to all that you share.

Have a sense now of everybody blending fully within this woven tapestry. You may feel as if you have pulled a section of this around your consciousness to blend with it or you may have a sense of everyone moving together; blending and merging as they meet together within this field. Feel your joy and excitement as it bubbles up within you! Express your joy in who you are! Recognize all that you have created, all that you are opening up to receive in the next months upon the earth, is here! It is a part of you and it is a part of the energy of everyone else who is here in support of you. You are never alone. We are here for you and you are there for each other.

Allow yourself to now shift, shifting your consciousness to return to the soul plane.  You may have a sense of moving into the energetic room you have created, or you may have a sense of moving into the space which is solely yours. This is your time of integration. You know and understand how you are a part of all the others who are in this group or energetic field; but you also can know and understand how unique and special you are.

In this space we call forth the hologram of who you are in your physical. The hologram is a way of creating, integrating, and shifting in a non physical form; then blending that into your physical form as you are moving through the shifts and changes. See this hologram and accept all aspects of who you are on the physical plane. Infuse the hologram with this energy of light that you have created. Feel an alignment between your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. All is blended within that hologram of who you are. This higher vibrational energy is more of the crystalline energy and by infusing it into your hologram, and you are actually incorporating within your physical body the energies of the crystalline. This affects you on a cellular level. While you have been spending time incorporating and incorporating this energy you are also in the process of walking and moving through your days with a greater amount of this crystalline energy. Reach out and embrace, feel as if your soul's divinity is embracing all aspects of your physical body. Allow this blending to occur.

Begin to create or return to that column of light, this time feeling yourself descending or moving downward, moving back into that space of the crystalline grid. See or sense the shifts that have occurred within the crystalline grid as a result of your experience this evening. Know and understand the ways in which the crystalline energies are influencing you as the human walking the earth plane.

Again, allow yourself to move through that state of balance into the energy of the magnetic grid. As you blend with this grid work you again feel the gravitational pull of the earth. You feel yourself becoming grounded once more. You feel yourself incorporating and coming back into your physical presence upon the earth. This allows you to become more fully aware of bringing back your experience of the evening, of bringing back through your consciousness all that you have created. You know and have the answers to what you are seeking within your life. It is here for you.

As you are becoming more acclimated with this magnetic grid work, begin to come more fully back within this teleconference. You may press the 4 upon your telephone and if you have questions for me, I am here and open to receive them.

Question:  <paraphrased> I am also following Steve Rother and the Beacons of Light.  He’s talking about a web being in place that connects all hearts and is a means of communication.  He said this will be in place by September of this year.  I’m wondering if they are getting ahead of themselves or what are your thoughts on this matter?

Answer:  Alright Beloved, that is a wonderful question and what is occurring when you talk about transcending computers or transcending that which you have physically known upon the earth plane, they are speaking of exactly what your experience was tonight. When you're in this state of expanded consciousness and you open up to and blend fully with the other individuals who are around you, you know and sense what that individual is feeling or wishes to communicate. This is a form of telepathy, a very high vibrational form of telepathy.  So too as you come back to the earth plane, and as you are blending with the energies of the earth, it will shift and change and come about in different ways than what you experienced when you were upon this journey. But, yes individuals are talking to one another heart to heart and soul to soul already. This is not anything that is new. What is shifting and coming about is that with all the various vortices of energies that are bringing forth greater amounts of energies of light, it is causing an ease in this type of communication so that individuals can look at another human being and see them on a soul perspective. They can connect with them through their love and their heart, this is a means of releasing judgment, releasing criticism, and duality. When you are in the space of balance, you are in the space of love. The earth plane as a whole will it be there this September? Who can say, probably not. But for those of you who are so dedicated, those of you who are the masters upon this path indeed it is going to be more easy for you to be able to communicate with one another; be it through this form of telepathy or other aspects of communication. <individual commented that, that made perfect sense> You are welcome beloved. Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> I am set to receive my Shambalha Reiki 1 attunement this week.  Is this the right time for me to do this?

Answer: Alright Beloved, you have been going through a great deal of shifting and changing over the last number of years and indeed more consciously within the last six months to one year. If you open up to and receive this energy healing for yourself with this attunement, the more focus of it at this time is in assisting you to evolve and grow into a higher space of consciousness within your daily life. This is going to be a means for you to be able to heal yourself and assist you so that you do not have the ups and downs that you feel so much at this time. As for using it to create a healing space for others to come to you, that is entirely a possibility and we do see this as a potential for you. But more primarily at this time, is for you to be able to heal yourself and create the space of light around you that you may feel more comfortable and evolved. < the person said thank you> You are welcome beloved,  does anybody else have a question for me.

:  <Paraphrased> I am looking to buy a house and having a lot of anxiety about it.  I wanted to know what this is due to, and what can I do about it?

  Alright beloved, allow us to connect more fully with you. We see around you the energies of transition.  There has been a great deal of transition both within the relationships with your spouse and family, so too your relationship within yourself. It has been more so these transitions which causes you to have this sense of uneasiness, of where am I going with my future, is this my stability, is this my time to set down roots in the form of buying a house. So the energy behind you and your transformation is more so the energies that you are tapping into. What we say to you is that you have done a great deal of work within yourself and your personality self is what is holding you back at this time. It is your personality, or your ego, which is creating this sense of fear within you. When you're in a soul perspective, when you connect and communicate with your family members from this perspective, you are all on the same wave length and you are all seeking the same thing within your life. Especially in terms of the permanency or semi-permanency, because you can always sell a house, but that creates within you a sense of permanency and it is your ego aspect that is uncomfortable with that; thinking that if buy this house I will be here forever I can never move on or make shifts and changes. You may not consciously think that, but that is the sense that is coming to us. Is that something you are conscious of? Alright Beloved, so what we see happening is that you can allow yourself to be in a state of expanded consciousness. See your house as if it is done.  Our sense is that this is a very solid move for you to do, because it will give your family a sense of connection or permanency and this is a means for you to be able to move through the experience of uncertainty and into the space of realizing that this is where I can truly put down my roots for the time being and this is a place that will nurture me and allow me to nurture it (the house). Indeed, if you blend with it <the energy of this experience> in that respect and acknowledge your personality aspect in terms of its fear that it is generating, embrace that fear so that it can blend and become a part of the whole. Then you will find that things will move more easily for you. The financing  will come to you more easily and you will not have what has seemed to be, how to say, the hills along the road or the difficulty that you have been having will go away. Does that make sense to beloved? Person affirmed yes. You are welcome beloved. Alright, is there anyone else who would like to question me?

You are each in the space of knowing your answers within yourself. Sometimes you don't know the questions to ask, sometimes simply opening up to say what is the answer will allow it to come to you. So you need not even ask questions out loud. I do believe that some of the people within this group are still out in the expanded consciousness and do not choose to come back at this time. It was a place of beauty this evening was it not?

Question: <paraphrased> I am going to attune Shelly this week to Shambalha Reiki 1.  Do you have anything to say?  Is there anything she should be aware of?  

Answer:  Alright beloved, she has had a great deal going on within her life over the last six months or so. When you said she had that waiting time at the beginning of the conversation, in part she has been incorporating and balancing within herself just as l the rest of you are coming into that state of balance. Now is the right and perfect time for her to be able to incorporate these energies without having that feeling of a radical transition within her life. She will incorporate them with ease, many these energies she has already been using, but now she will have a greater understanding of pulling together from different dimensions. It will go smoothly for her and will allow her to be able to have a greater conscious expansion. We thank you for offering this gift to her just as she thanks you also. <Pauli expressed it was his pleasure> Alright Beloved thank you.

Question: <paraphrased> So often I have this terrible feeling of slitting my wrists.  Is there something behind this that I should know about?

  Alright beloved, when you speak of having slit wrists or a fear of slit wrists, there are several different things that are coming to mind for us and we're not sure which aspect you are tapping into. We do see you in a recent past life, or what you would consider a past life, therefore it is somewhat close to the top of your consciousness, in which you did commit suicide to avoid or remove yourself from a situation that you could not tolerate. This was a situation of abuse and other types of things that were totally domineering and dominating to your personality aspect in that lifetime. That is what comes to light first and foremost as we talk of this. So too, there is a residual form of that, that is within your cellular consciousness or structure that is bringing up for you to be able to release that lifetime. You went into healing as does everybody when they release their physical body. You went into a space of healing and did a great deal of healing and evolving around that. But there is still a residual cellular memory of that experience that we believe is what is coming forth to you at odd moments when that fear crops up for you. You can through a state of meditation or expanded consciousness; perhaps you can go into or either explores further what comes to you about that lifetime. You need not even know the details; you may simply acknowledge that there was an experience you had that has retained a cellular memory within you.  You may ask for cleansing and allow yourself the cleansing to release that. So too, for anybody who finds that they have odd thoughts, and conscious memories that may be coming back to them sporadically, they often times are a cellular memory. While there is not the karma that has been spoken of in the past, this not that, this is something different that is a more finer vibration, and it's not saying you have to pay back for an experience where one would balance the other. This is totally different from that.  This is releasing the memory of an experience that you had that was not fully released through the healing you did when you crossed over.  <the person stated thank you> You are welcome. <Will the Shambalha Reiki have an effect on this experience?>  The Shambalha is a part of what will help you to heal. You are welcome. Is there anybody else with the question this evening?

Question:  <paraphrased> I had a channeled healing with Shelly about a week or so ago in which I did an immense amount of cellular clearing and healing. It was wonderful and I was really glowing the next day.  Then by about the third day, I was feeling rage.  Can you tell me what this was about?  It was not as strong as normal, but it was there.  With all the cellular clearing I did, I was surprised to feel this.

Answer:    Alright Beloved, as you are asking about the healing that occurred, and we are very well aware of what you are speaking of, you did a great deal of cellular clearing at that time. Our sense in connecting with you at this time is that it is more a matter of your personality or ego aspect has not release it as much as the other cellular memory has released it.  Does that make sense to you? There is such a subtle difference between that and your ego and personality is more closely connected with the physical body, where you actually physical feel the physical aspect of the rage that you stated was going through you. So, this is something that of course if you wish to go back to the healer and work with her again you may do so, but you can also work to transition this through your breath work. Through getting in touch with your physical body and asking for that rage to come up to be released. While indeed, as we said the vast majority of that was released and there is very little if any that we sense is still attached to you. Allow whatever it is that is just within, what we wish to call the habitual memory in your personality, if that makes sense or within your ego. It's in that state. The personality is slower to change and evolve than the rest of you is so this is allowing that aspect of you to continue to move through its healing process. You can do that through your breath work and embracing that aspect of yourself. You will find that while it was very strong a few days later, it will get lesser and lesser as time goes on. Alright beloved, we feel as if the words came out somewhat garbled, but there is more that was downloaded to you as this was spoken.

<One of the participants stated this was the last question> Alright Beloved, we will be glad to take another question thank you for monitoring that.

<paraphrased>  <Hello Goddess, how are you?>  I am great thank you for asking!  I have really been feeling the energies of the Venus Transit.  I have been transitioning so much and really calling upon you for assistance in releasing or transitioning.  Is being tossed out of my house a part of that?

  There is an association there, it is not something that is tightly associated with one another, but the emergence that you talked about was truly a means of you stepping into these energies that have been within you for so many different lifetimes; accepting them, blending them, and being in that space.  Yes indeed beloved whenever any of you call me in I am there with you. You may have a sense of me just in the background so to speak, or you may have a sense of me being fully blended with you during any experience in which you call for me. So, that which you are describing was an experience in which you were able to truly blend and bring that experience that you have had in other lifetimes up to a higher vibrational experience. Does that make sense to you beloved? And that is what was occurring for you. You will find that there is a greater ease in being able to connect with your divinity, that there is a greater amount of love and acceptance within yourself that is radiating out to the others who are around you. <the person was making comments and expanding> You have done so much for your family. You went there first of all to be with your family and be in support of your mother and her transition from the earth plane. There is a part of you that is there and there is that comfort zone because you know the area well and then there is a part of you that is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where ever that is, up in the north, and then there is a part of you in Atlanta with the groups of friends you have cultivated there. You actually have other interests in other mountain cities around North Carolina. Truly, what you have done for yourself is tapped into the energy places of many different cities so to speak or existences.  You can choose to go to whichever one you choose to. We see you as moving around, yes indeed, going to one place to see if you like it there, perhaps going to another place to try it on for size. You have gone through so much transition and emotional experiences, that it is important for you to now find a place that really resonates with you. This is for you and you alone if that makes sense! It is now  time for you to focus on what nurtures you or brings you joy, instead of what is nurturing and bringing joy to others. We sense your energies, as long as you have a place to connect with the environment around you whether it is through a park, the mountains, or whatever it may be. We do sense that that is an important aspect of who you are. Finding that connection to other people who think of like mind, that is what is important to you and that is which you are seeking. You can create that within you. We can give you ideas, but you know already where you are thinking about going. We simply say that we see or sense within you that you will be moving and trying on different places. Alright Beloved.

With that, I will bring this time together to a close. I thank each and every one of you for coming to this space, for blending your energy with the others, for being the masters to bring this energy down into the earth plane. That word Masters, has been one that has come through several times within this experience because I wish for you to begin to perceive yourself as the infinite light that you are. It is not a means of judging yourself as higher than another; it is a means of you opening up and accepting a greater amount of your divinity.  Every human who walks upon the earth is a master in one form or another; but I wish for each of you to open up to and accept your own unique divinity from within yourself. With that I will withdraw,

I am with you,

I am within you.


 Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation



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