Activating Your Lightbody

Man, did this channel ROCK. The Goddess assisted us in connecting with and activating our Lightbodies. Many of you have heard of this and possibly worked with this energy. The Goddess mentioned that there are different ways to access this energy; this is but one. Your lightbody is a direct connection with the crystalline grid and universal vibration. During this channel the Goddess of Creation will assist you with finding a greater understanding of what your lightbody is and how it can help you in the future.

One of the ways to access this is through the base of your skull in the back. This is sometimes known as the mouth of God. Just as you have your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies; so too you have the lightbody. This is an energy field within and around you that assists you in maintaining a greater amount of your divinity while in your physical being ~ Shelly 


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family. Feel my presence; feel my energies as I come into and around each one of you. There is so much more light and energy present upon the Earth. There are more and more individuals who are able to work with their lightbodies as they are creating expansion within their human experience.

Where are you upon your journey? Are you just beginning where all of this is new or different? Have you been upon this journey for a while and sometimes you just get tired? Have you felt as if there is a constant struggle with no end in sight? Do you perhaps feel as if you are someone new - you have arrived? Are you where you want to be in your life, in your spiritual development or perhaps in some of these and not all of it?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to this question, it simply is that it is. So often humans have a tendency to be harsh with themselves, to judge their lives and their experiences and then they oftentimes will find themselves lacking. I wish for you to embrace who you are right now. Take a deep breath in and acknowledge out loud ‘I Am That I Am'. Feel who you are in that moment.

I see you in all your glory as a human. I see you as your divine essence. I know that as humans you make choices on a daily basis. Some of these may be harsh, sometimes hard. Other choices may be easy and very transitional. In this moment be very loving and gentle with yourself. Accept who you are and when you say the phrase ‘I Am That I Am' this is what you are affirming.

Beloved family, I am so thrilled to spend this time with you. I feel honor, I feel joy, I feel appreciation for each one of you for what your journey has been and the spaces you will go. Let go worry, let go concern.

With that, I invite you to take in one more breath; breathe deeply, breathe all the way down within you and then as you are ready to do so, have a sense of releasing your physical body. Let your focus or awareness move up, let it move out from you and it will align with the magnetic grid.

As you align with the magnetic grid, feel yourself within this space. Each one of you has your own place and here is where a great deal of your higher self resides. Therefore your intention of linking with your higher self occurs in roughly this space. As you look around you may see impulses of light; you may sense the others who are a part of this journey. This has become quite expanded as a result of all that you have been doing and all the other lightworkers who are seeking the expansion of the Earth.

Have a sense of shifting your focus. You move through the interlocking grid until you arrive within the crystalline grid. As you leave the magnetic grid behind you feel yourself letting go the gravitational pull of the Earth. Within the crystalline vibration feel all this space has to offer you. Let the energies pour through you as if they are cleansing and clearing out all that is within and around your consciousness.

The crystalline vibration is a means of integrating the universal energy into you within your human process. The crystalline grid is a means of transmitting communication, intention, energy, light, whatever it may be. This too has grown dramatically with the focused use of your group and some of the others upon the Earth.

So many of you may have a sense of feeling as if this is the soul plane. There is still a shift in vibration that will take you into the soul plane but the vibrations are becoming very similar and overlapping. For now I invite you to consciously shift your awareness so that you may blend with the soul plane.

As you come into this space, look around. Feel your consciousness expand as wide as it is able to go. With this expanded awareness, look around and feel your own divinity. Some may feel as if you come up within it, some may feel as if it's moving towards you or walking towards you. Howsoever it comes to your awareness, open now and feel this link or this alignment come into place.

Let this energy flood through you; it is filled with light, it is filled with joy, it is filled with complete love and acceptance. Because it is you. There is nothing to prove; there is nothing you have to do. You need only open and accept that this is you and this is your divinity.

I the Goddess come within this space. As I do so I reach out to each one of you. I reach out and embrace feeling our connection heart to heart, soul to soul. As you merge with me you will find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. Look around; there are so many different perceptions of what this looks like. For some a deep black hole without any definition. Others see it as a night sky with twinkling stars. Still others have a sense of shifting colors and tones and vibrations. Open up all of your senses and take in whatever sensations are here and coming to your awareness.

I invite you to take this opportunity and here in this expanded state where you are so deeply aligned with your divinity, open and feel the love and awareness wash through you. Let it move through your consciousness and there is that cord or that beam of light that is connected with you in your physical state, so let that energy move back down that beam of light and into you as the human.

As we do this, for some you may have a sense of being more grounded. But it's a means of giving you a more direct link with your human self or your human experience. Tonight we are going to work with your lightbody. There have been many people upon the Earth who have worked with opening up lightbodies, with opening the awareness that there is a lightbody and there are many different ways that you can create a link or an activation. Again, there is never a right or wrong way to do this.

For me and for all who are participating with this, we're going to speak of your lightbody in somewhat of a generalized perception. We will come back and go into this more and more in the future. You have your human physical self; you have the energy bodies within you known as the chakras. People oftentimes focus on the primary seven but of course there are way more than that going below and above you. Your lightbody is a vibration that is in addition to those aspects that make up you as the human.

As the human you are used to working with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. You feel the alignment. You know how they are interrelated with one another. And it is all of that plus that aspect which is just human; that makes up you as your human self living this lifetime. Your lightbody is different. Your lightbody is what creates the alignment and connection to the universal light or vibration that is coming into the Earth.

There are very few who have activated or acknowledged an understanding of their lightbodies until the late 90s and early 2000 - 2001. Now as you look at the individual people it is much more prevalent and therefore it is much easier for everyone to create an alignment and an awareness to this part of themselves.

We have spoken again and again about the crystalline vibration and integrating that within your life. If you consider a non-physical field of energy that is purely crystalline or purely universal, that is this lightbody. Not only does it surround you as if it's your silhouette but even bigger than you. It also moves through your body at many different angles and planes.

During the last journey we spoke of becoming transparent. We spoke of that as being a means to focus upon the raising of your vibration. The more that you become aware of your lightbody, the more that you work with it, the more you are becoming transparent. When you think of the angels, and when people speak of seeing them, they see them as a pure light. Perhaps a white light, perhaps a colored light. As you begin to focus upon your own lightbody, you will find it's going to assist you in integrating these energies.

I invite you to have a sense of breathing in and allowing your focus to go within, and you feel your physical, your solid body. As your perception reaches outward you feel the emotional body around you. There may be certain emotions that are coming up to your awareness. If it is very persistent to you then align with that emotion, acknowledge it and then release it; letting it go.

Again send your sensors or that part of you that perceives who you are; send it out even further as you align with your mental body. This feels different than your physical and your emotional; you may feel thoughts, ideas, but still you can feel the differences in these three energy bodies.

And then your spiritual body - already because you are on this journey your spiritual body is probably expanded hugely. But your intention to align with it, to feel it, to acknowledge it, brings it all into you and into your perception. This is you the human. You may also ask about your ego or your personality and this is that aspect of you that draws from all four of these energy bodies that make up you as the human.

Now become still within yourself. Very lightly, very gently, very easily have a sense of consciously bringing into you the vibration from your own divinity that will activate your lightbody. Many of you may already be very familiar with this, and if you are then simply go within that space and feel it and let it revel within you. If this is your first conscious attempt at reaching out towards this, you may have a sense of focusing upon the back of your head. This is where so many of you have a direct access or link to your lightbody.

Some of you may have a sense of seeing it; the majority of people will simply feel or sense it. Using your intention to allow your focus to shift through you and perhaps move out through the back of your head and then call down and invite your lightbody to come within you and integrate with the rest of you as the human. Breathe deeply, breathe gently and feel this energy body; it comes down, it surrounds you, it envelopes you with a sparkling essence of light. It is translucent but it is filled with so much energy. As it surrounds you have a sense of breathing deeply and allowing it to envelop all aspects of who you are.

Consciously bring it down through your chakras starting outside of your body, starting outside of your spiritual self and then consciously let this energy and this vibration move through your spiritual, your mental, your emotional and your physical bodies. You may have a sense of it coming down as if from the top of you all the way down. And it moves through it comes down past your head, past your shoulders, it passes your upper torso, your abdomen, your hips, as it's passing through it consciously moves through your shoulders, your arms and it goes down your legs. And then it goes out beyond your feet.

You bring this through you and then have a sense of shifting it as if 45 degrees and let it flow back up through you and then it shifts again, perhaps 10 degrees more, perhaps 45, whatever it may be. And then let this continue to wash up and down and as you shift the angle it is moving in every direction so it becomes like a sphere that not only surrounds you, it's moving through you.

Ooohh and feel it! Feel this energy, know that it is you; it's coming from you in your divine essence. It's coming from your alignment with the crystalline grid work so this is pure crystalline energies. This is also the universal consciousness that is flooding the Earth at this time. As you create this sphere of alignment within and around you it will help you to balance and it will assist you in your daily life.

Breathe, breathe, breathe. This is part of what you have been asking me for. This is what so many of you already have within and around you but with our exercise this evening you are taking it the next step into greater alignment and balance within and around you. Feel the flow and feel how right it is. Feel how good your body feels as you breathe this greater light and vibration within you.

I now invite you to shift your consciousness once more into the All That Is. That light and energy that you just brought in and integrated will continue to swirl within and around you. And now from here in the All That Is I invite you to look down; look at who you are. See your translucent, glittering energies. You may see yourself and everything that you're doing in your daily life but you are also seeing this energy and this vibration as it's swirling within and around you.

Have a sense of sending a thought or an impulse or say perhaps a message to yourself. First of all create that thought and perhaps you would like to create the thought process as something that you are seeking to manifest or something that you would like an answer to; whatever it may be, here in the All that Is, create a thought, an intention, a question, a focus and then send it down. You may see it as a little ball of light that moves down through that cord that connects you and this time it moves gently and easily into your lightbody and your lightbody takes whatever that is, creating an alignment or an awareness which then moves throughout you.

For some of you it's as if I see the energy bodies and the human aspects of you shifting and realigning so that there is a better alignment or a better understanding. This is one of the tools that you can use as a means of creating change or greater communication within yourself. If you choose to do absolutely nothing with it that is of course completely fine also. Trust that you have created this greater opening and alignment within yourself, within your consciousness, your human expression and of course your divinity.

As you let your focus come back within the space of the All That Is, the phrase we used at the very beginning - ‘I Am That I Am' - is something that will instantly create a clearing and a greater flow from your lightbody into your human self.

It's almost as if a part of the human process is to have resistance. Resistance is a reflection within you of things that you do not have or perhaps it is a reflection of things within you that you do have but do not want. That will be another journey that we explore that more thoroughly but for now you may transition resistance by breathing in and allowing the energy and vibration of the statement ‘I Am That I Am'. I need not say anything else.

You do not have to prove yourself to anybody. You do not have to focus upon what you no longer wish to have within your life. You do not have to focus upon what you want that is not yet there. You see how with these three statements the energy was upon ‘you do not'. The energy that is also with that is ‘I do not'; ‘you do not', ‘I do not'. And the focus of that energy is such that it immediately brings up something within you that feels lack.

That lack is a form of resistance. So I would invite you, that especially with your lightbody activated, you allow your focus to shift in such a way that you are very, very conscious of what you do want within your life. ‘I want...' and you may add whatever it is. ‘I seek...' and you add whatever that may be. There is no need to explain why or what you have done. If you want something it simply is that it is, just as ‘I Am That I Am'.

Come back together as a group. As you do so, I see balls of light in every imaginable color. You are right now so deeply aligned with your divinity and the highest vibration of who you are. As you come together in this group and as that is your focus, it creates a band of light or energy that is filled with potential. The group here is quite large, much larger than those consciously upon the phone call. It also includes the potential of other people.

It is going to have an effect upon all; all upon the Earth, all within the angelic realms, all within the universe and the omniverse. You are but an impetus that is taking it this step right now. There are many others who are doing so in their own way.

See the hologram of the Earth as it moves up within this consciousness. As it's moving through I invite you to transmit if you so choose, but many of you are already doing so. It's as if there is a wave of energy and light that is moving through all who are present and all the various aspects of this hologram.

Gaia comes forth. As you look at Gaia see her as the translucent essence that is she. Look and see her alignment and her activation of the lightbodies and how that affects the Earth itself. She radiates back to each one of you a sense of awareness, a sense of perception. You feel it within you. It's as if these energetic connections are as strong as a physical touch so feel that move through you.

As she has reached out to connect with each one of you, there is a sense of the hologram moving back towards first the crystalline grid and as it aligns with the crystalline grid, there is an aspect that shifts out to the New Earth and then the remainder goes down into the physical Earth in which you are living. Let these energies flow through; it goes through the magnetic grid, it goes down into each one of you, it goes down into the Earth.

It links and anchors within the center of the Earth and those immense crystals that make up the heart of Gaia begin to vibrate in a different tone. This tone is due to this activation of the lightbody energy. And that in turn comes out from the Earth; it comes up, it comes up within you. Feel it coming up within your physical body; it also moves through all aspects of the Earth and affects the collective consciousness of the Earth.

If you feel anything the least bit uncomfortable or out of balance, consciously take a breath in and as you blow out or breathe out, let go any excess energy, let go anything over and above. And breathe in balance, breathe in awareness. Feel who you are. Look around, see, sense, know how all of this is you. Let your focus return.

It comes back up within this space of the All That Is and I invite each one of you to shift your consciousness so that you move back through. You first stop in the soul plane. You may then have a sense of shifting through the crystalline grid and up or down, howsoever you think of it, into the magnetic grid.

Feel these energies and let them move through you. You then bring your consciousness coming back within and around you in your human space. As you do this you may feel a sense of shifting in such a way that you expand your consciousness but you will also find that your lightbody is automatically doing that for you. If there were times when you needed to consciously expand or restrict your energy field, you will find that your lightbody is more sensitive and it does this automatically.

You will find that perceptions will come to you more easily than they ever have before. You will find as you become comfortable with this awareness that it is as if it was always there and a part of you and it becomes the norm. There are many of you that may already feel that way. But know that this is you, this is your next step, this is your next experience along your path. Your path of ascension, your path of living life upon the Earth.

As you integrate these thoughts, these ideas, come back within the room. You may press *7 upon your phone as you do so let your body continue to acclimate. Feel the peace, feel the tranquility as it moves through you in every way.

Question: (paraphrased) Thank you so much for activating our lightbodies tonight! This is really exciting news! (you're welcome!) It's just in time because I really wanted to seek your guidance. I've been told I need cataract surgery in October or around then, I'm wondering if I really do need t hem in light of all the cosmic energy flowing to earth and now the light body activation. Is it possible that my cataracts can be healed with those energies rather than surgery?

Answer: We think this is a beautiful question beloved because we think that there will be many, many physical illnesses and physical experiences that people will have that will able to be fixed or transitioned or shifted through the use of these higher vibrational energies that are coming into the earth. Will it be ready and happen effectively enough by October? My sense is no it will not. This is something that has been coming into the earth for a number of years and people have been working with it; it is getting stronger and stronger and stronger. But it is not yet to a point..... well we take that back there are some individuals who can fix their cataracts by using this energy body. So yes indeed that is entirely possible. We would tell you to play with that, work with it, see if it works for you. Our sense is that there needs to be more of this vibrational energy permeating the earth just to have a more specific affect when it comes to healing diabetes, healing cataracts, healing something so physical within the body. Does that make sense to you beloved?

Yes, it's what I suspected but I wanted to hear you say it.

We would always defer to the medical doctors and we would always defer to you and your own perceptions of what will work for you. Indeed we do see that eventually energy surgery and there are going to be amazing physical affects from this new energy. It's just too much at the beginning stage right now.

But at least going ahead with surgery will not counteract the energy coming in will it?

Not in the least.

Question: (paraphrased) I'm so grateful first of all to have this connection with you. I feel I am being led to change my first and last name. This is kinda crazy but it feels good and it feels right. I just wanted some validation before I make the legal change. It feels good but a little bit scary. I just wondered what you had to say about it.

Answer: As we're looking at you, as we're looking at your energy, as we look at this issue of changing your name; it feels to us like it represents a culmination of what you have been going through for the last several years in your own personal transition and integration of the divinity within you. This name that you are speaking of feels to us as if it's a spiritual name. It feels as if it represents source energy to you which is why it feels so good to you. It's a way of creating a shift in your vibration that will be reflected out to everybody around you and in everybody's day to day interactions with you as they call you by this new name. We see it as something that is solidifying this next step taking place in your life. It has to do with acceptance of who you are and telling the world 'I AM that I AM'; our statement that we loved from this evening! So we think that's the reason why you've been drawn to do this. Can you still have this same affect without changing your name? Absolutely! But because the name changing is something you feel drawn to and it feels good to you, then we say go for it! We think it's very exciting for you and it's a new birthday you are creating.

Yeah! Thank you.

You are welcome!

Question: (paraphrased) Thank you so much for this journey, it was really really magical! I wanted to say that I feel I am receiving this energy to share with others. I'm a yoga teacher so I really feel the power of that when I lead my students in a yoga session. I've chosen to expand my business to make this more accessible to more people. My question is that I feel I am having resistance in my physical body. For the first time I'm having weight gain and fatigue. I'm wondering what I can do to regain control over my body.

Answer: We are so excited as you are speaking of this! It's as if we are jumping up and down and clapping our hands!! What we see no only you but also other individuals are creating new energy Yoga, new energy Pilates, new energy Aerobics; new energy this that and the other. This has to do with ways that people have been working with their bodies and assisting their bodies in integrating the new energies. We see you actually doing is creating a whole new process that will have a new name. Right off hand what comes to us is lightbody yoga. But it may be something else entirely. We feel this weight gain you have had and this lack of control on your body is telling you to 'give up control'. No longer would we recommend that you control you body or you control your thoughts or control anything that has to do with this yoga and the integration of energies. As you let it go, as you allow more of a free flow of energy, especially this light body that you worked with on the journey tonight; your light body was already something you were aware of and working with. But with this journey we amped it up within you so that the amount of energy through your light body is greater than it has ever been before. Our sense is the next step forward as you are working with this is about using this lightbody to actually create greater flexibility within you. We're not saying make all sorts of strange weird poses people think are humanly impossible; it's not about that at all. It's about each person no matter what their weight, their flexibility or their physical abilities, it's about being able to work with the energies within and around them as they are strengthening their physical body in response to or alignment with their energy bodies. Does that resonate with you?

Yes it does, thank you very much.

You are very welcome and Shelly is telling us to have you send her an email with the information, she'd like to see more about that. We also want to say to you that we see you making a DVD about this and that is in the very close future. We think you might be considering it already, but we see this coming out soon and many people will be excited about this.

I was thinking about that. I can't believe you said it! Thank you so much.

Question: (paraphrased) I wanted to ask; a couple weeks ago my left arm stopped working. I had to take a CT scan, an MRI and I was wondering if you could speak to that. Was it energy work? The results said nothing was wrong.

Answer: Do you have physical affect on your side now? Is it your arm and your leg and how much of it has returned? (Everything) Everything has returned? So how long were you without the function? (probably about 6 or 8 hours) We were just trying to get those details. So give us a moment and we invite you to take a deep breath in and let energy bodies open and feel us as we blend with you.

It feels like there is a constriction in your blood stream, it feels like there are blockages within you. Some of these blockages feel energetic and some feel like they are a part of your blood stream. Now if all of your tests have come back negative, then perhaps the physical symptoms you had were some thing very transient. We feel there is a constriction within your physical body. It feels like it has to do with your blood pressure and your blood flow. It feels like there is a lot of pressure as we link with you, as your blood is flowing through your body. Now the energy blocks we saw. We do feel there is something like that going on within you. It feels like there is a conflict within you and these are on multiple levels. One is about conflict regarding choices you have in your life; where you are going, where you want to go, feeling pulled in another direction because of old commitments and old beliefs. As you would resolve something like that as you work through it it feels to us some of this blockage we were picking up on would transition and resolve. The other thing we feel is that there is a part of you and now this would go into your belief system; there is a part of you analytically that says you want changes and you want to do this. But then there are old beliefs systems about deserving and worthiness and belief that this can really happen. What I would recommend to you is that you really work with your own beliefs and your own emotions; with the lightbody we brought in tonight, it's another means of filtering out your energy bodies and using it as a means of creating transition. You don't need to go through and analyze every experience you've had in your life. But if you would with your emotions as whole, your mental body as whole, if you would work with those and create a true belief of what you want for yourself and what you want in your life and let go these people who are holding you back or the old ideas that are holding you back. Then we have a sense you will feel much more balanced and the symptoms will not return. Does that make sense to you?

Yes, thank you.

You're welcome. so again focus on health, focus on feeling good, focus on balance within you.

The doctor said it was negative, but there is a blockage physically?

No, we felt there is constriction in your arteries and veins which feels like that is what happened when you had the transient problem. The blockages we were talking about were more so energetic as apposed to a blood clot.

Thank you.

Question: (paraphrased) In the sense that the lady that just spoke; throughout the whole lightbody experience tonight my right leg from the hip through the bottom of the leg was in tremendous discomfort throughout the whole session.

Answer: Now in you we have a sense of poor circulation. The blood feels very sluggish as it's moving through you. The pain you were having has to do with this poor circulation. As you work with your energy body you can actually increase the flow of blood through your body. You can start at your aorta where it shifts and splits down to go to your leg, you can start up there, kind of like at your sacral energy center. You can choose where ever within your body you would like; you can start at your hip if you would like. Our sense is to start a little higher up then be conscious of feeling the flow of the blood as it moves through your body. You can breathe in that light. As you breathe it in, it goes into your lungs, then your heart, then into your blood stream. That is how you can create the link all the way down into your bloodstream. Focus on seeing it move through your leg. Let the blood move through there completely and with ease. As we speak of this we feel things are expanding a bit so that the blood and move more easily. Then as you allow that to be your first step, the next step is to really focus on seeing there be a flow of light and energy that flows through your muscles, your ligaments, your bones, your tendons; all of the things beyond the blood part of your leg. In working on it that way, we see you moving your leg one way and then another and this will actually help shift the flow of energy. We sense that will improve the circulation but it will also improve some of the physical pain that you have been feeling in your muscles, ligaments and joints. If feels as if things have already begun to improve a little bit. Does that resonate with you, what we're speaking of?

Yes it does. Is there a particular exercise for the body?

You know with the journey tonight and focusing on the lightbody coming in through the back of your head, as you are beginning to create meditation or whatever it is, as you breathe in and center yourself. Instead of just breathing into your physical self, consciously breathe and expand into all your energy bodies including the lightbody. Then what yo will find is that the light body will shift and move and blend. It's a fluid energy. Because it goes---what I'm picturing as I see not only you but everybody, are these spheres surrounding your body. As these spheres move they do so at every angle and capacity as they expand and contract. So work with your light body with those spheres and let that be another way of moving these energies. Does that resonate with you?

Yes it does, thank you Goddess.

Excellent! You're welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) I have been under a lot of psychic attacks and I'm hoping I was even able to integrate the light body during this call. I seem to be asking you the same question every time because I'm going through something that is so big and so ridiculous, don't you think it's about time this is over?

Answer: We always find this interesting when you bring this up because as we look at you we see it, we see it as cleared and gone, and then it comes back again. There are a couple of different things it makes us think of. Number one, is there something within your own mental body that lets you become open to this? Is there a belief system that keeps pulling you back into this old pattern of psychic attacks. the majority of the time your vibration is raised in such a way that is should not have an affect on you if someone sends out a psychic attack. Yet you still continue to feel this. So there is a part of you or energy bodies, to us again the mental, it is like that keeps you open to this in such a way you keep feeling them. So the more your vibration is at a higher level, the more that you have released anything within any of your energy bodies; mental, emotional, spiritual, whatever it may be. The more you are clear and in alignment within yourself, the less you are open to attack from anyone else. As you are connected and as your divinity flows up and down within you it keeps you in the space where you are not open to attack.

The other thing is that if it's a particular person then consciously go back and if you need to do it every morning and every night or if you need to do it breakfast, lunch and dinner; then take the opportunity to make sure you do not have any cords connected to the individual. Always make sure that you are free and clear of that so that they may no longer be able to connect with you. Absolutely we think this should be over and done with and absolutely we think it has been and then it just seems to re-visit itself again.

The scope of it is so big. I can't get a job and I'm having all sorts of problems in the earth plane. Then when you see me I've just had this great meditation so of course my energy is good. Is that what you are referring to?

It could be that but our sense is that as we look at you in your daily life that is your daily life too. So we don't know. It may be that this is something better worked in a private channel where you guys can spend more time on it and explore these things at different levels. But again, we just see you as such a brilliant light and as you are going about your day, you are going around and radiating this light to the people around you. It just came to us now the word victim, anything that makes you feel like a victim. Release anything that makes you feel as if ..... well this attack alone creates a sense of a victim within you. As you are clearing your mental body and old ideals that would be a good time to clear any left over essence of the victim.

Okay, do you see me getting a job at any time in the near future?

It feels like there is a part of you that feels so fragile you're concerned about whether or not you will be able to hold down a job. We see there is a job you can do. It feels like you have been looking for a permanent long term job. It also feels like there are temporary jobs that you can do that would tide you over and get you back into that mode of working and being around the energies of the work place. So we would say rather than looking for big long term things, look for something temporary and for being in the right now moment. (okay) Alright thank you. (thank you)

Question: (paraphrased) I've brought in several Goddesses using Diane Stein's book. They live with me permanently and I'm wondering when you see that I can communicate with and understand them. I feel them but I can't talk to them like you you with yours.

Answer: This is something that you can practice. It feels to us like you are sending out messages to these goddesses and you are waiting to hear back from them. They are communicating with you but they are on one vibrational level and you are on a different vibrational level. So if you let your focus be at the beginning of a session with them such that you create a vibrational alignment between you and them; be it one or all of them. This will create a greater ease in feeling the communication. We would also recommend that you work through your lightbody as a means of creating a communication with them because that too is in greater alignment with them. This will create a greater ease in the communication.

Great! Thank you.

Goddess? I'm sorry I can't do any more. So for all of you who would like to ask a question; please in your prayers and meditation open and allow the flow. Feel the energy of the Goddess. Shelly is too tired to hold the focus of the energy any more.

So with that I am going to bring this evening to a close and as I gather all the energies and we come back into center and we come back into focus, I implore each and every one of you to take an opportunity to really get to know what your lightbody is to you and how you can utilize it in your daily life so that it does help you, so that it does enhance your life that you are living.

You are all in whatever place you are right now. So ‘I Am That I Am' is the reminder that whatever it is, it is that it is without judgment or without considering or over analyzing any part of it.

I am ever with you and within.



ziziphus 5th September 2009 12:34 pm

thank you so very much for your wonderful service. I just wanted to let you know that I have developed a movement/energy protocol which we have been practicing for some time called Lightbody Yoga. It completely compliments your energy downloads. I mention this as you had suggested this name to another yoga practitioner and I wanted to let you know that we already are in practice with that intention and that name. Thank you so very much and I hope you can forward this to said yoga teacher. Many blessings.

Shelly Dressel 6th September 2009 7:33 am

How very cool that you are already doing this! I think thing happen all over the place in a synchronistic way over and over again!!

When people call in during the teleconference I have no idea who they are or what their emails are so I don't have any way to get in contact with them. If this individual should contact me in a way I can speak with per by all means, I'll let her know people are already using that name and things have been developed.

Good luck to you with your work, it sounds lovely and exactly what people need right now!

Much love,

PixieGirl 7th September 2009 9:45 am


Thank you so much for this information!

A few years ago, when the energy downloads were fast and furious, I would be able to go to bed and actually spin and flip around in (what I didn't realize was) my lightbody. It was light and energizing and so blessedly free! And then one day it just disappeared...

It had never occurred to me that state was temporary, so when it was "gone", I didn't know how to get "it" back! When I did the exercise yesterday, I recognized the energy in an instance.

Since yesterday, I have (1) given reiki, intentionally including my lightbody energy (WOW!!!!) and (2) use it for probelm solving. When I find myself upset at something, I run the issue through my physical body, emotional body, spiritual body and light body to find out what comes up. What an incredibly learning experience to see an event through so many perspectives! I have not feel this peaceful in a long time.

This is a fabulous tool, especially for those that love working with energy. I look forward to the next lesson.

Wishing you love, light and laughter.

Shelly Dressel 20th September 2009 7:54 am

Hi PixieGirl!

I just found this message you wrote and wanted to comment. I'm just thrilled that you were able to recover this part of yourself!! It's wonderful~~~ I know what you mean about finding something that you knew was there before.

I worked with Awakening Your Lightbody through in early 2000. They also had a course on divine will that more so resonated with me, but they went hand in hand. At that time it was very complicated and involved lots of breathing and focusing. I'm sure if one still does that it will give you another aspect of this.

I don't believe all that is necessary any more!! Woohoo This is one of the benefits of all this shifting in energy. I think it is getting easier. I think it is more available. Did you try the 2nd Lightbody channel? It took things another step. Tonight is another teleconference and I think there's more coming.

I'm so excited that you can see a difference in your Reiki practice! Good on you!

Much love,


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