Adjusting Your DNA & the Wesak

This channel really takes the energy to the next level of our evolution!! At the very beginning, the Goddess spoke of the changes taking place and what so many people are feeling.  She commented upon the way in which people are feeling such physical symptoms, that old issues seem to be coming up and more.

When we got to the All That Is, my perception was a little different than usual.  I had a sense of expectation; the anticipation of something happening.  I believe this was the preparation for experiencing the Wesak festival.  I always love when they are in a place of celebration. 

As we turned our energies inward, the Goddess  began to once more speak of our cellular DNA.  I know this was in her last channel with us and it has to do with our shift into the higher dimensions.  Our bodies are fully equipped to be in the 3rd and 4th dimensions.  As people expand their consciousness, they may even shift up into the 5 and sometimes higher.  BUT as the consciousness of the earth continues to rise, people need to be able to access the 5th, 6th & 7th dimensions.  Therefore, they need to adjust their DNA opening to higher aspects so that our physical bodies reflex the higher vibrations.

When working with the DNA, the Goddess created a sense of the seeing the DNA stretched out in front of us, life size! By looking at it in this manner, we had the opportunity to see where some of the parts were illuminated with light and others were not.  We could therefore, infuse those areas with light.  In addition, if someone is currently experiencing a physical illness, they could go into that part of their DNA, where it was programed to have that experience and illuminate the area so as to create a shift. 

From there, we then integrated the energy with our mental and emotional bodies.  It was very interesting to see how things changed as the DNA became illuminated.  I believe this is a potential way in which to shift chronic illnesses. 

From there, everyone feeling very clear and vibrant shifted their energies into Himalayan mountains to experience the Wesak Festival; the return and alignment of the Christ & Buddha energies.  At this time, with the changes that have taken place since the last Solstice (December 2012) the crystalline energies were truly enhancing all that was taking place.  It was as if the energies were distinctly more clear and transparent. 

In addition, this time while it was the over lay of the Yeshua & Buddha; there was a very strong sense of Sananda; the over soul for these and more religious energies.  This energy was amazing! It felt so clear, concise, filled with such love.  All was amplified by the crystalline.  The Goddess specifically said that these energies were opening up around the world and creating potentials for everyone!  In addition, as the crystalline energies blended with the earth, it amplified all the energies of the crystals within the earth.  It was warm, gentle, yet powerful!! 


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one you as we move through these energies, as we move into this moment in time.

There is a great deal that is taking place upon your earth right now. Not only do you have the ability to create changes that will go into effect very quickly but you have the ability to be very aware of the energies that are within and around you on many different levels.

We have been speaking for quite some time about dimensions, about crystalline energy, about light body energy. In some regard, it may seem like it’s still a foreign idea or something very abstract but what is taking place is that humanity as a whole is creating a whole new level of consciousness and awareness for the earth.

This transition is affecting people. Sometimes in very subtle ways, other times very dramatic. It may seem as if there is even more disruption, arguments, anger, fear, frustration being expressed, and the reason for this is because this transition is working with everybody as a means of bringing up to the surface anything that needs to be transitioned. So for those people who have not been working upon themselves, they have not been conscious about this, it simply feels as if they are aggravated or irritated. Those of you who are conscious of this, have the opportunity to perhaps have that same reaction but then you can release those energies and create a shift.

Some of this intensity may be felt more strongly at certain times than others.

I invite you to take a deep breath in, once more, breathing deeply so that that breathe of light moves in through your nose, your lungs, send it all the way down through your body so that you are sending it into the earth plane. As it moves down into the earth have a sense of linking with the earth itself. You may feel the pulsation, you may feel those crystals, you may feel the elementals and they flow back up within you anchoring around your solar plexus and your heart center and then you send your consciousness. Let it stream up, it goes up and out through the top of your head. It reaches up and flows into the space of your highest self.

As it moves within this space, allow yourself to feel that relaxed energy, to feel the expansion of who you are, to feel all of what this is for you. You come here at various times when you are seeking information or when you are seeking to create a change. This space of your highest self is expanding further and further and further so that you can make even more use of it.

Have a sense of shifting once more. As you do so allow your consciousness to move into the space of the soul plane. As you move within that space, let yourself feel what it is for you. You may see or sense your divinity. You may have a sense of feeling that comes up from within you. You may also have the ability to feel as if you’ve stepped towards your divinity creating a merge or a blending.

As you feel these energies, allow your consciousness, allow your heart, allow all of your energies to have that sense of who you are, that sense of your divinity, that sense of your consciousness. Feel and know that you are so much more than what you are aware of as a human or in this human existence that you have for yourself.

I the Goddess flow my energies into and around each one of you.

As I reach out to embrace and merge my energies with yours, allow yourself to feel as if you are shifting into the All That Is. Look around at this space. Look around and become aware of who is here to spend this time with you.

Within the All That Is, each one of you have created a space in which you work with your own energies, in which you work with the energies, sometimes of other people or situations. As you take this opportunity, become aware of that which is most prevalent to you. This will be different for each person.

Many, many, many, hundreds, thousands of years, people have moved into and out of this space and in essence it’s been a shift or a wave or a transformation of light. Because time is non-linear when you are in this space by giving it that conscious awareness of depth or perception by calling it years it allows you to have that perception of the many, many, things that have taken place within this space.

The reason that I invite you to look at it in this manner is to ask yourself first of all. What is there? What is at the top of the list of things that either seem to be bothering you or seem to be on your mind consciously on your mind?

Look around. Perhaps this is something that you have worked for within this space and while it doesn’t sit there waiting for you, in kind of a solid manner, it is something that through the fluid movement you can reach out towards an ask or have the intention of allowing whatever that is to come close to you. In this manner perhaps you will see what was your perception when you first began to focus upon whatever this is. As you look to the side perhaps it’s something that has been on your mind many, many, many, times and you actually can see the many different perceptions of how you’ve worked with this.

One thing that I wish to make clear to you is that in this place of creation, you can have countless different experiences as you work with your energy and try on different ways in which to manifest what you seek to have. Does that perhaps give the universe mixed messages? No.  Does that perhaps give your own consciousness mixed messages? No. Is your ego or your human personality in alignment with each one of these potentials? Not always, and therefore that’s where it becomes complicated. It doesn’t need to be, but it does.

At this time, as you are looking at these various potentials perhaps you can merge them together. Perhaps you can let some go because they really didn’t work for you and you’ve changed your mind. Have a sense of clearing out this space and in essence clearing out your energy so that you can be very clear on what you seek to manifest.

Now, let’s look at your physical reality. Some of you it may be your physical body. Some of you when we say your physical reality it may be your environment, it may be relationships, jobs. What I wish to speak of is that which is you in your everyday life. So therefore your job, your home, your relationships, everything that is taking place for you comes from the filter of you, the person that you are.

As you filter your energies that come your way, sometimes what you are filtering is completely your own, and due to the experiences that you are having, but also it may be that some of these energies are other people’s or other situations; say for example in your community or the world. Therefore, as you allow yourself to be very clear about you, as the physical person that you are and knowing that all of the experiences, everything happening in your life is but an experience, it’s all as it pertains to you.

Take a moment and align with your physical body. As I’m looking at all of you, it is as if there is this layer of pollution that surrounds each one of you. What I mean by this is that there is a sense of debris, a sense of fogginess or cloudiness or pollution is really the best word. It’s something that keeps things disconnected sometimes from within you and your heartfelt reaction.

So the first thing that I want to do is have a sense of peeling away the layers of that pollution. ~Whew~ Take a deep breath in, breathing all the way down and then as you breathe out you clear out that level. Is that part of the astral plane? Is that part of the third dimension? Fourth?  In essence it is the energies that get stuck to you but it is not your own. It is the person that was beside you that was angry and radiating that rage and it stuck to you. It’s the person that is whipping and heartfelt, anguished and you in your compassion maybe send out a wave of love but there’s a part of it that sticks to you. I could go on and on and on about the scenarios in which people pick up energies that are not their own.

As the vibration continues to rise upon the earth and the vibration of the human body rises with it, people are going to be more and more sensitive to these types of energy. I would therefore encourage you to become accustomed to clearing out your space, clearing out the energy around you and letting go the pollution so to speak, recognizing that it is that which is not about you.

I find that many of you already feel better. Now, sometimes there may be things like that that are going on, and people may be feeling the energy of others and the reason that it sticks to you is because there is something inside of you that is in alignment with that and therefore brings it in. This is the difference between something that’s affecting you that stays outside and now we’re moving to something that is within.

As you consider your physical body, every cell communicates with every other cell beside it. As your blood is flowing through your body it creates a communication or a network of information where each cell goes to the next, the next, the next. Some of this communication will break down. Sometimes there will be a block in the energies as they flow through the meridians of your body and you therefore feel it inside of you. You may feel it as pain. You may feel it as digestive upset, respiratory sinus; these are the most common ways in which people are filtering the energies that are moving through them.

Take a moment and align with your physical body once more. Have you been having any particular type of physical discomfort of misalignment over the last several weeks? If so, tap into that energy now and let it go. There may be times in which it feels as if it shifts very easily. There may be times in which there is a deeper blockage that’s taking place inside of you. Take a deep breath in and breathe down deeply and send a little impulse of light to whatever that blockage may be.

I heard someone say, “Well let’s send it to my whole entire physical body”, that’s a great idea. As if there is a white light, allow it to begin above the top of your physical body and then let it just gently flow through you and it moves through you with the intention of clearing out anything at all that may be stuck. Clearing out your muscles, your joints, your organs and let it just move through you; there we go, take a deep breath in and you can feel the vibrancy as it transitions.

As you move through your day you may choose to make a conscious choice to rebalance your physical body, sometimes again and again and again, because as your physical body becomes more finely tuned it actually becomes a better anchor for your emotions, for your thoughts, for your beliefs. Let’s take a moment and I invite you to as if you are going deeper and deeper within your consciousness to breathe down within your physical body as if that conscious part goes down until you can link with the cellular structure that makes up who you are. If you go down into and around your root center, from there you can find those core cells that make up the foundation of who you are.

As you go down into those core cells it is as if we reach inside and we bring it up and out and we magnify the strands of your DNA. Now then, people have a perception of this maybe very different one from another. Our perception as we look at it is seeing a spiral that goes in a twisting turning movement as it goes away from us. We know in your physical reality, this is microscopic, but for the intention of working with it we amplify it until it comes to a conscious place within you so that you have that sense of seeing those strands and now as you look down those strands it is as if they are illuminated with light and as the light moves through the strands it is like bars that connected them like a ladder and some of those bars are illuminated, some are not.

It need not be that every single strand, that every single aspect of the strand is completely illuminated with light, but what I would encourage you to do is have a sense of letting your consciousness or your thoughts move down and as long as there is a flow that moves through it we have the intention of moving out to move through the first 10 then 15 then 20 strands that make up the DNA and this are the strands that are very associated with where you are right now, moving and expanding into that first, probably what, from 11 to 20 is what is creating that foundation for the fourth and fifth dimension. ~Whew~ so breathe into that space, breathe into and acknowledge that energy as it is relating to you.

As you allow your focus and you allow that breath of light to move down that strand have a sense of just illuminating anything at all, that feels or you get a perception needs to be expanded. It need not be you analyzing, this is your divinity, this is your God self that is working with this energy so as to allow it to expand and then it can go all the way out through a 144 strands. We are not to look at every single one of those but just having the intention that that impulse of light moves through there; it’s a sense of a balancing. There is a sense of illumination and as that comes back it’s almost as if it goes out to the strand and then it comes back and there is a flow that moves in both directions.

If there is anything at all, in particular that you have been seeking to change on a physical level consider what that may be right now and send it out into your DNA so that the DNA can either eliminate something that, a disease or something you would like to get rid of and then in place of it create a cellular structure that is balanced and full of dynamic energy.

You may do this by coming to this space, with this conscious intention as often as you would like or you may create a shortcut in which you breathe or go into a place of meditation and you just send that impulse down into your root center with the intention of moving through the strands of your DNA so as to create support, illumination and balance within you. Take in a deep breath. Feel that breath of light as it moves through you at every level.

Allow that essence or that energy of the DNA to go back to its normal molecular size and as it’s doing so have a sense of expanding that light so that your body is filled with the light and energy as this DNA that you’ve just been working with so diligently then begins to replicate as it moves throughout your entire body.

You can already feel the transition taking place within you. It can take place in an instant or it may take place over a slower more gradual period of time. As you become a more expanded physical reality you may then move more easily into the lighter finer dimensions and from there you can have the experience of teleporting, sending telepathic messages, creating changes that manifest almost immediately, because your physical body is more fluid.

We will take a moment and have sense of expanding that physicality then into your mental body. Are there any thoughts or are there any old believes that you have been hanging onto that are ready to be cleared out? ~Whew~ It’s as if as this finer, lighter energy is moving through you as it goes into your thoughts and as it goes through that part of your consciousness, it is as if it immediately creates a shift or a change in the vibration of your thoughts. So, let go anything that no longer serves you, let go those thoughts that pull you down and then become very conscious of not only the words that you speak out but the way that you think about situations. Are you thinking about it in a way that supports you and helps you to feel good? If not let it be a conscious acknowledgment and then you shift that thought, that belief, that awareness.

Many people recognize that the thoughts that you choose to have do have an effect upon you. They also may think that if something comes up showing them the lack and then they stuff it down and try not to think about it that that is actually enhancing the lack, that is strengthening there awareness of what is not around them, what is not happening. They do not have the job, they did not have the income, they do not have the relationship.

Rather than stuffing it down or ignoring it, let that be your heads up and say, “As of now it has as yet manifested, but I choose to allow this, whatever it may be, to come into my life”. If you give yourself that task of 3 days, 4 days, 1 day even that you want to consciously become aware you may be surprised how often you are thinking of lack when you didn’t realize you were doing so and this may be exactly what it is that has held your manifestation at a distance. It may be during that period of time you recognize that you are really thinking in an affirmative manner and a positive way. So celebrate, celebrate what you are doing right, celebrate that your thoughts and your beliefs are in that alignment. Look at your emotions. For so many of you, they have been all over the spectrum these last 2 to 3 weeks.

Just as we began at the very beginning of the All That Is we were speaking of those things that you have worked with manifesting here; your emotions have been doing the same thing. Energies and passed experiences have been re surfacing. It’s like that spiral that comes again and again and again. I will ask you though, have you noticed that you have the ability to transition things more easily or have you noticed that when you say to yourself, “woo, I thought I was passed that” that it dissolves very quickly.

This is a very significant transition that we are all going through or we as the people. So, honor yourself, trust in yourself. Allow yourself to recognize that you are doing things right, that you are ready to be in a place of greater ease, that you are ready for all your manifestations to come forward now, in this now moment. Take a deep breath in. As I look at you is like if I can see these things just showering down around all, every one of you. Your desires have always been more close than what you realize and in this moment, accept it, allow it, receive it in every part of your being. It is fun, it is joyful.

Beloved family, I marvel at the amazing things that you do in your life. I recognize that being in a physical reality, having the emotions, the mental, having the impact from so much around you can be very challenging. I honor and respect you for choosing to have that experience for yourself. I also would like to remind you that you are much, much, more than what you think you are. Your divinity is not something disconnected from you and out in the universe somewhere. It is there, a part of you, it is within you and that stream of consciousness that aligns you to your divinity is always there, it is always open, it is always available. Breath in and feel what that is.

Now, I would like to take a little bit of time to experience the energies of the Wesak. This is in alignment between Joshua and Buddha, as they both return to the earth creating a portal of light and a portal of energy that allows for greater opportunity to take place. This traditionally happens in the Himalayan Mountains in a gorgeous valley.

As you know, time is nonlinear, so it may or may not be happening at this physical time that we are experiencing this or that you may be tapping into at a different point, but you can still tap into those energies and this year in particular, due to the increased alignment of the light body energies, which is the crystalline energies, the impact will be even more powerful. So, here we are in the All That Is and I invite you to gather around as we do with the hologram at the end, but instead, as if I am separating the energy, I am creating a vortex or an alignment that allows for everyone to manifest in that place of the Wesak.

You see, sense, feel the Masters as they create a place in the center of this valley. There are very tall mountains, there are locks and the valley itself is exquisite, with flowers, trees, plants and even more. There may be more than you notice.

As the Masters form this circle they are creating a flow of energy that is not only clearing out the clearing, but it’s creating a receptacle for these energies to come in. Now, I invite each one of you to have a sense of where you may just naturally find yourself in this procession. Are you one of the Masters? Are you sitting to the side? Are you up in the universe still? There is no right or wrong, but allow your perceptions and your sense of things to expand even further. There you go, so that you may open up to even greater awareness and as if a beam of light begins to come down within this space, you have this sense of seeing the figure.

This time the first energy that we have a sense of is the Christ light, that white light of love, that white light of expansion and then we see the energies of the Buddha as he too comes down and it is as if they are blending and becoming one essence, which in truth, is the soul energy of Sananda. So, feel Sananda as he is coming in. Feel that brilliance, that expansion, that awareness that is Sananda as he is this brilliant beam of white light that is coming down. It comes inside this circle and there is a communication that takes place between the Masters. As these energies manifest we see them creating an opportunity where they will talk directly to the individual who may seek an audience with them.

The brilliance of not-shifting time or being nonlinear in time is that they will be there to answer every single person’s question. No matter who you are, put forth the intention if you wish to speak with them, ask your question and then receive you response,

With the transition that you were just doing while in the All That Is, shifting in a biological manner, have that focus or awareness to see if that doesn’t assist you in manifesting within this space with a greater consciousness. ~Whew~ Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

We have a sense of looking around and there is an even stronger, brighter, beam of light that is now beginning to pulsate down. This is the pure crystalline energy that is coming into. It feels up the entire meadow and it fills up creating a vortex that is allowing that crystalline energy just to move through. It moves through Buddha, Sananda, the Christ energies, it moves through all the Masters that have gathered here, it moves through all the individuals that have chosen to become a part of this ceremony. And as it does so, that crystalline energy is just sinking through the earth. It moves through the earth, it aligns with the crystals within the earth and it creates a clearing out of any of those pockets of old stuck energy so that they may become illuminated with light and ~whew~ it clears,  ~whew~ it clears, ~whew~ it clears. It may be coming in, we speak of this portal that is in the Himalayas, but in truth, this is happening all over the world, in portals in many different places.

Every single person has the ability to invite these energies to come down within you, no matter where you are. So, breathe in this anchoring of the Wesak energies and allow it to be illuminated with the crystalline energies so that it moves through every cell within your body so that it clears out everything that’s been bothering you, everything that’s old energy; let it move through, move, move, move through, move through, move through and ~whew~. 

Open to the beauty that you are. Open to the beauty that is all around you. Open to a life that is filled with opportunity and love.

The energies of Sananda will stay within this valley for a period of time. You have the opportunity to come back here whenever you so choose but we as the group will now have a sense of shifting back into the space of the All That Is allowing yourself to disconnect from those energies so that you may more fully be present once again.

As you look around the All That Is there may be things that you notice differently now because you have spent that time with the Wesak energies.

There is so much transformation taking place. I invite you to look towards that inviting it to move through you with ease.

Begin to ground your energies. You may have a sense of shifting into the All That Is, I’m sorry, into the soul plane. As you find yourself shifting, moving gently back within your physical body, as you move from the soul plane you go into the space of your higher self. This place is illuminated with light; it’s filled with your energy. You then allow your consciousness to stream back down, you let it stream down through you. You take this as an opportunity to anchor your energies back within your physical body.

As you are coming back within, begin to ground yourself. Send that breath of light; send your consciousness back within you. Allow it to stream down through your physical body. Once more you reach into the earth and this time as you are reaching into the earth, you may have a sense of again connecting with the pulsation and the light of those Wesak energies. But you also align with the crystalline vibration that is anchored within the earth and the crystalline vibration that is your light body energy is here around you and anchoring within.

As you allow yourself to feel these energies just gently integrate allowing them to come back more and more fully within you and as you do so, I invite you to come back within the room.

There have been a lot that went on during this journey this evening. You have worked with your DNA again, expanding your cellular structure and creating a vibrational clearing or alignment that will move from cell to cell to cell to cell, that will move throughout your whole entire body.

Be open to receive as that creates a change within you and from that physical foundation be open to the clearing of your thoughts, be open to the clearing of your emotions, be open and accepting and allowing of new realities as they come within you in  your life.

The energies of the Wesak, the energies of Sananda are about love, about accepting, about honoring and they also, this year even more, intensely anchored the crystalline energies. Use that as another means of anchoring you in your everyday life and creating these transitions.

Beloved family I so, so, so, believe in you. I love you. I honor you and I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life.



johneblums 11th June 2013 8:47 am

I have seen my own '13'Octave strand "HEL-IX" DNA like inter-twined spiral ribbons (akin to the twin entwined serpents on the cadueus), stretching from earth to the God-dess realm. Each DNA ribbon also had inscribed on them infinite lines of symbols and hieroglphs, including celestial language scripts and sacred geometry patterns,all shown in gold.The DNA strands were also surround by all the hues of the rainbow. My el-lumen-ated HEL-IX also represents the Heart source "GEN-OME" of God-dess and All That I Am, Have Been, and Will Be (for I am also ETERNAL). The word HEL-IX is an anagram for HEL (HE-art L-ight) and IX (9) meaning Yesod in kabbalah - the Foundation-Base Home of God-dess (ie cosmic GEN-ESIS HOME = GENOME) to which I have been travelling back and forth in my dreams now for many years meeting both Father-Mother God as well as my eternal twin flame (God-dess realm also known as the realm of the limitless Light: SOPH-EN-IX (Phenix Bird of the ASHERS = Sheran = Vesta (HEARTH),etc.The letters DNA are encoded in one of my neanderthal incarnations as AND-ON with my twin FON-TA.

betsy. 11th June 2013 11:26 am

Thank you so much, Ansaluia & Shelly, for this beautiful, beautiful message filled with such light, love, wisdom, transformation, healing & imagery. I also appreciated John's comments. Much love to you!!! :smitten:

Shelly Dressel 12th June 2013 9:03 am

Hi John,

This is very cool the way you've described it! I love the imagery of the hieroglyphs. There is so much energy in symbols, color, sound and other non verbal aspects. As I pictured it all from your description, it gave me a new perspective.

I find when I'm looking down that sometimes it's like a block, a knot, or like there's the helix and it just stops. I'm starting to work with this both in private channels and of course the teleconferences and each time the energy gets more and more powerful and amazing! I think the way it comes through to people is how they can take it in. Just with any energy work, there are multiple ways to 'see' or know. By talking about how each of us connect, I think it can open a door for others to say; yeah, that's how it is for me or is that what I'm seeing?

Thanks so much for sharing!!

Shelly Dressel 12th June 2013 9:04 am

You're welcome Betsy~~ I appreciate your comment and send lots of love back to you~~~


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