Aligning with the Solar Eclipse

 Nama Sika,  Venia Benya             I AM the one I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light! As always this time in which we come together upon the earth plane is a time of expansion for each of you. It is a time for each of you to move deeper and deeper within yourself, and as you do so you begin to expand out further and further into your physical environment. There are so many shifts and changes that are taking place upon the earth at this time. Some of these shifts are directly a result of all the energy work that you and the other light workers such as yourselves have been doing. There are a number of shifts which are occurring on the earth plane at this time. In particular, you remain in that energy of the solar eclipse. This is what you will be working with and moving into at this time.

Allow yourselves to shift letting your expansion allow your consciousness to release and move into the space of the magnetic grid. Within this space of the grid work, you find yourself connecting with other individuals who have come into this space to be able to communicate. They use this area as a space to move from one place to another. You may observe or you may have a sense of blending completely.

Have a sense when you are ready, of moving through an interlocking grid work which allows you to shift and move into the crystalline grid. As you move into this space, you find yourself releasing the density of the earth, releasing the gravitational pull. You have a sense of feeling an activation within yourself and within your conscious awareness as a result of blending with these energies. You take on the energies of the crystals by aligning with them and opening your awareness.

As you feel ready, have a sense of calling forth the column of light which allows you to shift and move. You may have a sense of ascending or moving through this column until you emerge into the space of the soul plane. As you move into the space of the soul plane, you can feel your consciousness moving out into every direction. This is the space that feels like home. This is the space where you move through and blend in communication with yourself and with others. Have a sense of calling forth your I AM presence. Many of you are finding that your I AM presence has a sense of coming up and emerging from within your consciousness. You may also have a sense of seeing it as an energy outside of yourself. If you sense or see it as separate from you, reach out and blend completely with this energy of your own divinity. It gives you a sense of awareness that is a heightened knowledge within you as you take on this energy of love and reflection through your own divinity.

Become aware of looking outward from yourself. As you do so, you will begin to see or sense my energies as I shift into this space to greet and encounter each one of you. Allow yourself to open up your awareness and blend completely with my essence. I have a sense of reaching out to embrace each one of you. As we blend and become one I assist you in moving into the space of the All That Is.

Here is the space where you are everything. You may sense it as the void and you are suspended in a space in which there is nothing around you. Feel the peace and comfort, the nurturing love that is within this space. As you open and allow these energies to flow in and through you, you are tapping into a sense of contentment, tranquility, and peace within yourself. Be in the space of feeling these energies.

Shift your awareness until you become aware of seeing the earth as it is before you. This is not a hologram, this is the earth itself. Although it is not at the peak time, you may still tap into the energies of the eclipse. <talking about the solar eclipse of 10/13/04> Fore time in this space especially is nonlinear. You may tap into any situation at any point and receive the full benefit of whatever it is you are seeking. Although upon the earth plane, you may not fill the energies as strongly, when you are here in the space of the All That Is, you will have a full and complete affect from your journey this evening. So again, see the earth as it is in front of you. It may look larger to you or perhaps small as if in the distance. Allow yourself to focus enough that you can know if there is a particular part of the earth with which you are connected. As you feel you are connecting with the earth, it is as if there is a beam of light that moves out from you, the heart center of your consciousness and beams to the earth; Gaia is reflecting it back to you.

I now ask you to have a sense of the shifting your focus into the opposite direction. You see before you, the energies of the sun. It is the sun that circulates around the earth, but from the space as you look within it, you have a sense of connecting with the central spiritual sun; which is the soul of the sun. This is a higher vibrational energy. You feel the sense of connection again moving out from within you and connecting with the sun. There is an essence of the divine masculine, or God, which makes himself known to you. Allow yourself to connect with this energy feeling the flow move back and forth. You may be feeling or sensing a communication. Be open to receive what ever it is that you may have a sense of communicating with, or you may need to hear at this time.

You find yourself somewhat suspended, not directly in the middle between these two, but as if you have formed a triangle. The energies are coming back and forth through you. (This is a triangle formed from you, the earth, and the sun) you can feel these energies of the earth and the sun as they come into your consciousness, yet you have a sense of holding them separate from each other. Observe, directly across from you and the moon as it is moving into position. Again, you have a sense of opening your consciousness and creating a link between yourself and the moon.

The soul of the moon, Aranthia, comes fourth. You feel the connection that was created on previous encounters with her. Now all of these energies are flowing through you, through your consciousness; you feel your consciousness expanding as you feel these energies moving through you. As you are ready to do so, have a sense of creating a link that will form the shape of a diamond. The sun and the earth are at the top point; the moon and your consciousness are at the side points. Shift the energies so that it is now flowing and connecting. You may have a sense of retaining a direct flow of energy with each one of them. But they are now connecting with each other, so that the energy flows from the sun to the moon to the earth and to you, then back.

Become aware of the tones you are hearing; feel the vibration. As you are getting ready to tap into the energies of the eclipse, you have a sense of you and the moon beginning to travel toward each other. You are feeling the flow of all of these energies as they move through you. Therefore, you are able to feel or tap into all the subtle energies that may be a part of this. You begin to see the shadow upon the earth as more and more of the moon comes in between the sun and the earth. You find yourself moving closer and closer to the moon. You realize that exactly at the moment in which you all three are in complete alignment, you blend and become one with the moon! Feel the energies that are being transmitted. Feel the connection and alignment that is occurring as a result of this <solar eclipse>. So too, this is occurring within you and your life. You are in direct alignment and balance with everything that is around you.

Shift your awareness to the sun. Feel your energies as they are pulsating from the sun, into the moon, and then into yourself. Take note of how you sense these energies as they come in to you. As you are ready to do so, shift your consciousness and observe the way the energies have changed as they are now being transmitted to the earth. You realize that all of those energies that are in the alignment with the divine masculine are being tempered and shifted through the divine feminine and that is what is perfusing into the earth; the energies of the divine feminine in balance with the divine masculine. This is what you are seeking upon the earth; this is what the earth itself is seeking. Have a sense of looking around you, taking in all the information that is here for you. Observe the way these energies are assisting in the shifts that are taking place upon the earth.

You begin to feel that the moon is continuing on its journey. You find yourself continuing to move opposite the moon. Although the energies are not quite as strong as the complete impact, you are still able to tap into and blend fully with these energies.   ~~~Open and receive~~~

Again you see the shape of the diamond as it is taking form. Now as you observe all these energies from your perspective, you have a sense of seeing beams of light that move out from you in every direction. Become aware of the multiple levels of people and energies of light who are here within this experience. You may see various aspects of yourself as you look and observe the various dimensions. You may take note of the colors, the sounds, the impulses of energy. Become aware of how so much of that is radiating directly from you. Take in and become aware of your own glorious light. You are filled with colors, you are filled with energies. You are vibrating and resonating with the tones that are all around you. Some of these tones you are actually creating, others you are sensing and aligning yourself with.

We have a sense of bringing to completion the energy of this geometric shape. Although you have a sense of separating from your point within the diamond, these energies will continue to generate and evolve, just as you will continue to grow and evolve even if you are not directly connected within this shape. As you feel yourself releasing, you may move in whatever direction you are interested in moving. You may find yourself interacting with other angels of or energies of light. So too, you may find yourself opening and holding the space around where you are; allowing yourself to go deeper within. Open from within to all of these energies and light.

Have a sense as you become ready to do so of coming back into the space of the All That Is. You realize that the universe in which you play when you come to these spaces is becoming very familiar and consistent within you. There are some areas you have a tendency to go to quite often, there other times in which you visit or shift into a place in which you have never been before. It matters not, each time that you come upon this journey, you are moving into the space in which it is most important for you to be at that time.

As you come together and gather into the circle, the energy of God is here to be with you for a short time. As you were creating the shape of the diamond, as you were connecting with the central spiritual sun, and the male essence that is behind or within that sun, there was a sense within you of wishing a deeper connection. Therefore he is coming through to speak with you at this time.

And now I will step aside <for God to speak>:


Greetings my beloved family! I flow through you, I flow around you. You feel my energy as you walk through your days upon the earth each time that you feel the sun's rays upon your face or your skin. I am very much a part of the Goddess of light with whom you connect all the time. I am also that which you refer to as God. You are well aware of the many shifts and changes that have taken place upon the earth. There was a time in the beginning in which the two of us were together as one; and people had a sense of feeling both of us whenever they connected. Over the many thousands of years, there has been an evolution that takes place. There was a time in which the energy of the divine feminine was very strong upon the earth. Then it was agreed upon that the energy of the divine masculine would be very strong upon the earth.  Both of these shifts in consciousness took place with the consent of the Goddess and myself, and the other beings of light who hold the energy and support of the earth plane and all that you are going through. The souls such as yourself, who go to the earth, do so for many varied reasons. Above them all, is the means of evolving and growing by passing through the veil. In addition to that, you have the free will. These two major aspects are what have created your experience as the divine humans upon the earth, as unique and different from other aspects of both the Universe and Omniverse.

There are of course many, many other things that need not going to let this time; but you realize that stepping out from those two places are what has led to the divine existence as humans who walk upon the earth. Just as the Goddess is here for you, so too am I. Our energies blend and become one. You may not consciously feel one aspect or the other; you may simply know and feel what is. Allow yourself to take this in. As you move through this space you can feel as blended as the whole, just as you yourself are blending and there is only you. I am always with you and I encourage you to tap into my energies if ever you feel the need or desire.



As you return, to the energy frequency with which you connect with me <the Goddess> you realize the ways in which our vibrational energies are so similar to each other. So too you may take this as an opportunity to be able to feel the closeness and blending of who you are when there is no separation of the masculine and feminine. There is only you as you express your divinity upon the earth.

Allow yourself to shift your awareness; again you take note of the group. Open up to feel the connection that you have between yourself and everyone else. It is not necessary to work with the hologram of the earth as you worked directly with the earth itself today. So too as you stood in the center of those energies, your consciousness was filled with the energies of the masculine and feminine. As you transmitted those energies towards the earth, you were completely filling all aspects of your divinity with those blended energies of light.

You may open up to recognize the guides and Angels who have been with you throughout this journey. As you are connecting with each of them, they are assisting you in fine-tuning the vibrational energies that you worked with this evening; allowing you to be able to fully incorporate all aspects of the experience and bring them back with you into the earth plane.

As you feel this is completed have a sense of allowing yourself to return to the space of the soul plane. This is the space in which you are able to more fully anchor and incorporate these energies. This is at a level that is very accessible to you from your place of walking upon the earth. This will hold your awareness and expansion.  You tap into it frequently during your sleep state, now you can have a sense of coming into this space throughout the day. You simply put forth the intention of being in this space or connecting with your divinity and you can feel the flow moving back and forth between yourself in the physical and yourself in your divinity.

I ask you now to have a sense of looking at your consciousness. What is it to you? Do you see or sense it as a shape, vapor, or a light? I ask you to open and become aware of the minute particles of light that make up your conscious awareness. Each of these particles is aligned in one form or another with the crystalline energies. For some, you may have a sense of a multitude of particles; others may see them as scattered and intermixed with your other vibrational energies. I wish for you to know how much you are incorporating these energies!

Have a sense now of calling forth the hologram of who you are as you walk the earth. This hologram represents the physical, so too the mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is you from your solid of through your etheric bodies as you are upon the earth. As you are ready to do so, have a sense of reaching out to embrace, connecting with and blending with all aspects of who you are upon the earth. Filling it with these aspects from your divine essence. As you are blending in such a manner, this hologram is shifting and adjusting to accommodate the changes that are occurring as a result of the crystalline energies. What that means to you is that you are vibrating at a finer more gentle, or perhaps higher vibrational level. This may be something you are conscious of in your daily life, or maybe something that you simply open and accept through this inner knowledge you need not physically feel a difference to know and trust that it is occurring.

Allow this blended awareness to move into the space of a column of light. You may create a new one, or perhaps the one you used before is now present. As you move into this column, feel your awareness shifting, allowing you to shift between the dimensions and into the space of the crystalline grid. With your expanded awareness, see and sense the way that you align with these energies. Open to hear the tones. See or sense the colors, perhaps images, what do these crystals look like to you?

As you are ready, have a sense of moving to the interlocking grid that you may return to the energies of the magnetic grid. As your energy comes back into this space, allow yourself to feel the magnetic pull of the earth, to feel the denseness of being back on earth; and you begin to ground yourself. As you do so, also become aware of how you are continuing to blend the crystalline with the denseness of your humanity. As you are ready to, come back within the conference room by pressing the four upon your phone.

Alright Beloveds, I am back and I am with. <the channel had to take a break to cough!> The channel is filtering allergens today and needed to clear her throat. This has been quite a journey in itself, so I am fully back with you and I am open to receive any questions that you may have.


Question:  <paraphrased> My dog died today.  I’m wondering if you can connect with him, tell me if he’s ok, and if there was a reason why died today.  He was only 3.

Answer: Alright beloved, allow us to first begin to connect with your beloved pet. We will be glad to share whatever information is coming our way. We begin by sending out an embrace to you, your husband, and your family, allowing you to feel the loving arms of all those who are here in support of you. The energy of this pet, this beloved animal to you is in a space of transition right now and is not readily available. What senses we do get of this is that he had not anticipated that this would be his time to transition. It came as a surprise to the energy that we are feeling at this time. But, with this transitioning, what is happening is that it is shifting the energies around you. He had been a process of transmitting or transmuting energies; you live in a place in which there has been in the past a lot of older energies and denseness which are no longer being used upon the earth. All of the animals in that area were tapped into and working with creating a filtration system so to speak. You were a part of this more consciously simply from the work that you are doing, but the pets and the other animals around you were also working in this manner. As to why did he transition at this time? Again, we do not have a particular reason at this time other than to say that it was very quick and we do not have a sense of pain or discomfort around him, he is in that limbo state in which he is almost like being in the void, when you have that sense of suspension and expanded awareness or consciousness. You are floating free so to speak. Because of the way in which he transition, there is some healing energy that needs to occur. Our sense is that he is shifting back into the animal consciousness, and that he will come back to you in another form. We do not wish to say the next few months, but it is the not too distant future. You are welcome. Our heart is with you at this time, we know how you will mourn him and how much you love him. So too did he love you so very, very much. You are welcome beloved.  Is there anybody else?

<paraphrased>  I’ve had a couple private channels and discussions with Shelly where you come through and talk about the job I’m trying to find.  I have shifted the way I’m approaching the search and the way I’m looking at work, but I still don’t have a job.  Do you have any ideas about this?

Answer:  As we connect with you, we know that you have gone through many different shifts and transitions over the past several months. Much of this has been building up, and building up then creating the release that you have gone through and now it is time for you to begin to step forth into what will be new and different for you. In part, the energies around you, you have needed to release and let go some of the energies of fear and expectation. There has been a great deal that is moving through you and around you, and you have waffled back and forth to a degree. We don't say this as a means of criticizing, but simply that human experience when you tap into the fear of the unknown; what is going to happen, where my going to go, how is this going to affect everything. Then you are able to shift yourself into the space of holding your divinity and the knowledge that this will evolve and you will be able to find the employment that you are looking for. That is almost as if it gives you the teeter totter so to speak, you are up and you are down. What we are doing at this time, is surrounding you with the energy of light, assisting you in letting go of the energy which has created the confusion within you, allowing you to be more fully within the space of your divinity. This is what needs to be done in order to set the energies so that when you walk outside, when you look at the paper, when you look at the Internet, or whatever it is you are doing to assist in finding a job.  We still find that you have the energy around you of employment so to speak, and you have the energy around you of the financial flow that you are seeking, our sense of this is that indeed it is working and it is there. As to where you need to tap into, we actually see several different possibilities. The ones that you've been told of before, but we also see a potential for you to be working with animals. For instance, there is something in which you are working with;  hmmmmm, this is very confusing to us because it is a very different energy than what you have worked with before. It is almost as if there is a sense of a Seeing Eye dog or something that has to do with animals that are in service to humans. We don't have a sense of seeing you actually training them, but perhaps working in an office that has something to do with that or someone there is in that position. So, if you have a sense, and knowing your connection with the various animals that you enjoy, we know how you love your cats; for instance it is this energy of the loving and gentle animal that is going to assist in shifting on a physical plane what is going on around you. As you got to look for a job, open your awareness to a broader range that you may have the employment you are looking for. We see it as there; we see actually more potentials than what we saw in previous discussions, so allow yourself to be open to receive this. Let go the waffling that you have had and be in the space of your divinity and all will become more clear to you.  <the person was talking, giving more information about what was happening> Our sense with that is that you may still be in the position of an office manager or assistant, we see you working with multiple people; but rather than the types of businesses that you have looked at before, be open to other types of business.  So when you look at the type of jobs, as you said you got very clear and that is perhaps why we are sensing so many more potentials around this time than before. You have created through your clarity as far as the essence of what you want; we see more potentials around you. Perhaps the type of business itself will be different than what you've worked with in the past, but we do sense that it will still be a type of < office work>. We see you moving from desk to desk rather than sitting at one desk; so we do sense it will be more of a manager or liaison type of work that you will be stepping in to. <she went on to speak with greater clarity about what she wanted to manifest.  She mentioned a job that sounded very much like what was described in a private channel, but when she got there, she didn’t like the energies, so turned it down.> That is absolutely the truth! For all of you as humans, when you step into a job, whether it something you are volunteering for or something that is bringing you income, no matter what it is when you are in the space of excitement and joy then you are able to be in the space of your divinity as you are moving through your days. So be in the space of joy, be open to those encounters that bring you joy. Your intuition was right on about that job. We sense no energy around it for you, so it was not the right job for you.  <she continued to talk in further detail> Again, we reconfirm with you the importance of being in the space of listening to yourself and we confirm for you that whenever you are in the space of feeling lightness, excitement, and joy, that is when you are in the space of expansion and in the space of your divinity. We encourage you to keep that in mind. When you let something go, then completely let it go allowing it to be over and done with. There will be other opportunities available to you to be able to do what brings you joy. You are welcome.

Is there anybody else? Alright Hello Pauli! <he greeted the Goddess> I am well as always, how are you doing?  <he was saying she should know how he is> Well, I am well aware of how you are doing, but how do you think you are doing?  <he was commenting on the great deal he has been through in the last couple of months> Yes beloved and we think you are doing remarkably well too. You did pick a body that has endurance during this lifetime. Well, it will go when it is the right time to go. <He asked the Goddess if she felt he would transition from this physical existence in the near future?>  We see no eminent departure for you.  You don't need to transition, because you do everything that you need to do through the physical body and your expanded awareness. So, you are in a space of being able to walk between the lines or walk between the dimensions. So it doesn't matter whether you are physical or non physical, so you may as well enjoy the physical also. <He was commenting on some of his awakening and transitions> That is very true, and that is what this summer's release has been about. You have gone for so many years with feeling the nostalgia to go home, with feeling the desire to be completely non physical, with feelings the desire to be in the space of pure consciousness as you move through your day with of the hassles of the physical body. Yet, there is an aspect of you that says we are here we are physical, we need to acknowledge that and be a part of that also. That is what a great deal of the pull has been for you over the summer. As you now step forward and release that pull, especially; did you feel yourself in energies of this evening when you could stand in the oneness and feel all that balance moving through you. That allowed you to be able to truly re-incorporate your physical body with your spiritual body, everything that you have gone through over the last several months. <he made further comments about her not letting him know what would happen> You are welcome beloved. We try not to give too many details because then as a human you focus on the details instead of being open to other insights or awareness’s that can come your way and in different manners. We did not want you to develop any preconceived notions about what was happening with you. Plus, you have the free will to change and shift while moving through your process. <he commented further, chuckling about all that had occurred>

<This continues to be the same person> Alright, you are asking about what is new coming to you and what changes you may be making. Our sense as we look at the next several months with you is that you are going to be coming out of your shell so to speak. You are going to be coming out and communicating more with the people who are directly around you, but also through the Internet and these various communities that you are associated with. You are the teacher, you have always been the teacher, but much of your teaching has been through one on one connection with people. Our sense is that what you will be doing is creating the space around you that you may begin to perhaps hold classes in your physical location, or perhaps do something where you are assisting others through your experiences. Now, you have a tendency to go so deeply into everything that happens, you have somewhat the pendulum where you go so very far in one direction or the other. Our sense with the next several months for you is that you will be moving up the middle, rather than feeling the wide swings that you have felt before. Therefore, as you are teaching, talking, and communicating with others, we have a sense of you being able to assist them and they may not need to go as a far on their own pendulum as you have.  They can achieve this shifts and evolution that they are seeking the without having to have the same amount of energy shifts that you have been having. <he was asking for further details> Oh no, you may be thinking that you are starting with the basics, but you are always incorporating the advanced energies with what is basic. <he continued to speak> Exactly, we feel this new mellowness that is within you. We feel the greater blending that has occurred. Our sense as we connect with you and I looking forward is that you do not need to worry about things as you have before. You don't need to be worrying about whether you’re teaching this at a low enough level, or whether they understand. They simply will understand, because you are teaching things energetically. If ever you have a sense of doing so, we ask you to release the thought or the preconceived notion that gee-whiz, this is someone brand new and how am I going to be able to speak with them; simply talk. If they don't understand, they will ask questions. There will be an energetic exchange that will be giving them a great deal better of information without specific words associated with it. Exactly. <he was continuing to speak> Everyone is intertwined.  You are welcome beloved, we work with you all the time and you are never alone. When you open to receive that answer and you trust it will be there for you. Exactly. Our blessings and love to you too. Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased>  The question has to do with our DNA. I have read that we must activate all twelve strands of our DNA to ascend. In other places, I've read that we actually have 144 stands of DNA to activate. Could you clarify this? Where am I in this process? Will those who set the intent become fully activated towards the close of 2012?

Alright Beloved, we thank you for asking this question for the individual who could not attend. The question of DNA is something that everybody is curious about. It is something that is affecting all of you as you walk upon the earth. At this time those of you who are at the forefront of the ascension process or this movement, as the earth and world is shifting into a higher dimensional capacity. Most of you have all 12 strands activated or very close to all 12 of them being activated. This is what assists you in being able to sense things at a deeper level, to open up your clairvoyance, to open up more of your sentient and abilities. So too, as you are bringing in the crystalline energies and as the scientists are looking at the DNA and they begin to be able to see things multi dimensionally, what they are going to be seeing are these initial strands that make up the 12 strands which are being spoken of at this time. When you ask about the 144 strands, indeed that is what the earthlings or humans have been saying; well actually there have been a multitude of different people saying this. There are indeed a potential 144, there are a potential for even more than that. There are an infinite number of strands of DNA. You will find that there is a large shift as people are moving into the space of activating these 12. As to go beyond that, you may find that you activate several of them at a time, or it may be strand by strand. It doesn't matter; a number is simply a number. What matters to you as you are opening up and evolving in this way, is the consciousness and the awareness that the more that you are bringing these energies within yourself, in particular the crystalline energies, the more you are activating these strands, and the more it will assist you with being able to open your awareness. As for where are you upon this pathway, you definitely have the 12 activated and perhaps a few more; but I do not wish to give you a particular number because I don't wish you for you to become focused on any one particular number. If other individuals were to ask me this same question, I would probably give a similar answer. The more that there are humans walking the earth with these higher evolutionary physical bodies, the more it will allow the scientists who are studying this and looking at this to be able to come to a greater awareness of what is occurring. You all know from within your spiritual perspective, now is the time for the physical to catch up. Thank you for asking the question for the other individual. <she re-iterated part of the question the Goddess had not addressed>  Anyone who has the intention of having their DNA fully activated within their body will accomplish it. As to where an individual is right now in activating or expanding within themselves that is up to that one individual. 2012 is a year that has been given, but it is a year that has been shifted forward to perhaps 2007 in the brought up time, but even that is fluctuating to a degree and that is because you the humans are taking such huge strides in coming forward. There will be a large shift that occurs in consciousness. Some of you are beginning to see this already in your personal expansion. But the general public will l be able to begin to see these shifts and expansions that are taking place. Alright beloved,  thank you.

Question:  <paraphrased> I was told that my father will be leaving me some money which will assist me in making changes.  Do you see anything about this?  Do you have any information?

Answer:     Our sense as we are connecting with you, and ask about shifting, moving, is that you are evolving into this new space. We feel the energy of your father around you. There have been many things that he did in his lifetime that from his perspective he would like to have changed or done differently. But, he is holding the energy to allow you to be able to shift and expand. We do have the sense of feeling money around you, as a means of supporting you, but more so what you are doing now is moving through the process of opening up and accepting your own confidence, your own consciousness, accepting who you are upon this earth. That is what will assist you and give you the human the courage that you may need to step forth. So money that is coming to you, we sense, hmmmmm we don't know particularly that it is the lottery, but it is as if there is some money that is available to you. More so, what you are doing now is moving through the process of opening.  Be aware that money may come to you from an unexpected source.  That is a potential that we see around you at this time. It has been there in the past, but not as close to you as this time.  Therefore, what this is saying to us is that you are shifting and expanding, taking in and incorporating this within yourself so that when something comes to you, you'll be able to be comfortable with making the changes that you need to make. You are still in the process of moving through, or working through some of the issues that you have had in this lifetime, moving into the space of releasing this abusive relationship. It also has required you to know within yourself, and hold the space within yourself even when you are in that environment. Does that make sense to beloved? <she stated it did make some sense>  We have a sense of you as having transportation and moving around. But we also have a sense of you moving in with another or someone who is of a like mind to you yet you still have separate energies.  We do see this as one of the strongest potentials at this time.  <the person stated there was only one person coming to mind, but she was in a nursing home, not in the place to have a home> This is not who you are thinking of it is someone who is bright, and move through life in a similar fashion. Our sense is that it is someone who you may have spoken with, or may have met in the past. We wish to simply bring this to your awareness for the future. We do not have a particular name nor do we see this as something that will occur immediately but rather as something that will occur over the next several months as a potential shift for you. New Year's or perhaps looking more so into late winter or early spring. <the person said thank you and ask a further question> Continue to work to evolve yourself. Continue to be in the space of your divinity, of taking in and living in this space of your divinity. It is that which will assist you in these shifts and transpositions.  <person said thank you>  OK, we will continue and take one more question.

This is a very unusual occurrence, usually we have plenty of people asking questions!

<paraphrased> My husband and I had a big argument last night and I felt when it was over and done, that we had really released some old energy.  It felt like playing out duality, male/female energy struggles.  Do you have any insights about this?

Answer:  Alright, as you were speaking of this beloved and talking about the energy between your husband and yourself, the anger that you released last night. We had a very strong sense that it was as you said, you releasing a lot of the old energies that you had been holding on to. We have been seeing you shift more and more into a greater amount of lightness or divinity as you move through your days and that has caused you to feel the discomfort when it is that you are around your husband or other people who are not in the same space where you are, so you move through a phase as you're moving through this process in which there is a very strong feeling of the differences in these energy levels and that is what will cause you to feel the differences more strongly. So too, because the other individual to feel these energies very strongly. So where your husband is coming from when he feels very controlling it is because he is controlling. He is trying to control a situation he doesn't understand. He is trying to bring it into a space…… when he has the feeling of control within himself and it is try to control others, it gives him a sense of security. It is not necessarily a true security, it is actually a false security, but that is where he is coming from. He knows that there's a lot going on within you, and he can feel that there is a difference within you, but he doesn't know or understand it. In part it is because he is not as open to these energies as you are. What we see happening over the future, is that the more that he is around you, the more that you are comfortable with the shifts and balances you are bringing within yourself, that will then permeates the whole household and he will become more comfortable with it too. It will then no longer feel so different to him and it will also allow him to be able to diffuse some of these energies that he has. Does that make sense to you beloved? <she stated yes it did and went on for greater detail> That would be one way of looking at it, and we certainly can appreciate where you are coming from when you say that. It was not as much the battle of male and female and letting that ago, as much as just density and old energy that you have been holding onto for a long time and letting it go, you let it go through anger.  You can let things go through detoxifying; there are many different ways that humans can release what is no longer work in their best interest. This just for you happened to be the angry discussion that you had. What is important for you to understand is that you are letting go of these old energies that allowed you to open up and take in a higher vibrational energy. You are welcome.

Question:  <paraphrased> Both of my parents have transitioned, I’m wondering if you can tell me anything from them?

Answer:  Alright, as we connect with both your mother and father; your father is here, his energy and presence is here. Your mother is not coming through as strongly because she was ill for quite awhile on the earth plane before she transitioned. She is still in a place of healing, she is still in that place of moving through and evolving all that was within this life for her. Therefore she is not as present here. She does send her consciousness to let you know that she is aware that you are asking of her. They are both doing fine. Your father is very busy working a lot with the runners who are assisting people who are transitioning old energies and moving into new space. He is around you and you have siblings? We see him around a group of about three or four in the particular. So he is assisting the runners in allowing you all to shift and move into this higher vibrational pattern, this higher vibrational energy that you are living in. They both send their love and their greetings to you. Your mother will be in the space in which she is for that indefinite future. There is no specific time limit in which one stays in that space. But she's doing fine; she has a sense of peace about her and tranquility. They both do acknowledge you and support you, and send their love to you. <the person asked further questions> There is not a real particular message of any one sort or another to give to you, other than to say that everything you are doing is in your best interest; so continue to hold the light or the space. Know that you have opened the door, you have stepped out and are moving into a whole new phase within your life. There will be a great deal of change and this will allow you to move further on your spiritual growth. You will find that there will be many things coming your way, you too are in the space of healing, healing what you are letting go of, creating this space in which you feel comfortable. So allow yourself the process, know that everything that is working for you and you are moving through is assisting in this evolution. You are welcome.

Alright Beloved, as always this time that we spend together is a time which passes in the blink of an eye so to speak! It is a time in which I find myself becoming more fully anchored within the earth. I also find that each of you are coming more fully anchored within the spiritual plane as you are bringing more and more of these energies with you when you come back into the earth. Allow yourself to feel the balance that you have created and brought in with you tonight. Allow yourself to acknowledge that everything that is occurring is simply creating the space and assisting you to move in the new and different directions that is coming your way. So with that, I will withdraw.

I am with you I am with in you.


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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