Balancing Masculine and Feminine

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the One; I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family! Welcome to our time together. Welcome to your time that you are taking for yourself. This is an opportunity for you to truly nurture who you are as a human being. This is an opportunity for you to connect more fully with your soul essence or your divinity.

You are each so radiant, so bright! Everything that is occurring within your life is an aspect of your creation. As I look at each of you and the ways in which you are creating on the earth at this time; it is a glorious site to see!! I honor each one of you for choosing the path that you have chosen upon the earth. I honor the human that you are. I honor the soul essence that you are.

Open and allow yourself, as you are still fully present in your physical body, to honor yourself. Open and accept that you are your own creation in this lifetime. Allow your consciousness to shift.

Release the essence of your physical body. Let yourself expand as you connect with the energies of the magnetic grid. This grid as you are well aware surrounds the earth. It is multi dimensional, it is filled with impulses. You have created a space for yourself within this grid. Take a moment to recognize it. Take a moment to feel what it is to you.

As you look out from your space, open to become aware of the many different impulses of light as they shift, moving through this grid. The more that you are familiar with this space, the more that you will make use of it. Each one of you comes here at various times during your day or your sleep space. It is yours. It is created by the human and angelic energies blending and working together.

Release the energies of the magnetic grid. Release the hold of the gravitational pull. Allow yourself to move through the interlocking grid so that you may become a part of the crystalline grid. Feel the difference of this energy. Feel what it is to be without the denseness of gravity. As with the other, you are very familiar with this space. You vibrate at whatever level you are comfortable. You therefore align with an energy within this space that is of that vibration. If you were to look all around you, you would perceive many different colors, tones; the essence of this space comes through in many different ways.

Release the energy now of the crystalline grid. You may call forth a column of light and let that assist you as you shift into the space of the soul plane. This is a dimension, a shift in consciousness, a vibration; there are many different words that represent the same thing. For each of you it is where the greater amount of your divinity resides.

Call forth your I AM presence. Allow yourself to open to perceive what this energy is to you. For some, it may be as if you are greater and more expanded than you ever realized. For others, perhaps you are opening to perceive an aspect of yourself that you were not conscious of. You can each spend an infinite amount of time just exploring, who you are.

I the Goddess come into this space with each of you. I reach out to embrace all of you as your I AM presence. As I embrace you, I assist you in shifting into the space of the All That Is. Let yourself float free! Let yourself move through this space feeling and taking in as much information as is available to you.

Through our recent journeys you have each been learning about the space of the All That Is; this level of consciousness. You have also been working at integrating that within yourself. You have also been seeking to connect more deeply with your own intuition. As each one of you is moving through life upon your own journey, you are creating a change for yourself. Each of you who follow these channels are very aware of how they are consciously creating changes within their lives. As a result of what each of you are doing for yourself, you are creating changes upon the earth.

Many of you as you came into this life felt a sense of desire or perhaps a responsibility to bring in a greater amount of light to assist in saving the earth or perhaps creating changes upon the earth. Go inside of yourself for a moment and find out if you still have any feelings along that line. Do you feel a responsibility to the earth or as if it up to you to save the earth, other individuals, or anything that is around you?

I invite you at this time to release that belief system if it is a part of you still. So often humans may get bogged down by the energies of others. They may get bogged down by belief systems that may or may not work for them any more. You have each grown into a place that is now without limits. You have each let go of the duality.

Certainly as humans you feel compassion and caring for one another. Let it be just that: compassion and caring. Let yourself release a belief that you have to take on other people’s energies, feelings, emotions, whatever it may be. You can still be in relationships. You can still be with other individuals; be it your children, parents, spouse. While you have an influence perhaps upon them, their energies are their own, just as your energies are your own.

Let yourself accept that the immense changes taking place upon the earth are a result of every individual who is creating this change within themselves. Change is occurring! Change is present upon the earth. The energies of the earth are shifting into the fourth dimension; so many of you are already there. But for those who have not yet shifted, you will find that they may be coming to you and asking, what is happening within your life and how are you working with things.

The fourth dimension is based on the heart center; it is about love, compassion. Each of you as you move through your life from a space of living from and within your heart; you perceive the world differently. You can feel the compassion, you can feel the connection. But you can also honor and respect each person for the journey that they are upon.

The more that the earth itself is moving into the fourth dimension, those people who are not yet ready to shift will lash out. That is in part a reason why the war is going on at this time. You may see that in other parts of the world or you may see it within your communities. It is as if with a change like this taking place, it creates resistance before the full merging which then allows for a release.

Therefore, if you find resistance within your own life or it feels as if the people around you are struggling or fighting against resistance, let yourself take a step back and release resistance itself. As you take that step back, go once more within your heart. Reconnect to your soul essence.

Through these journeys, you are brining a greater and a greater amount of your divinity into your physical plane; into your daily life. Let yourself accept that. Let it be a part of your day so that your day will move more swiftly and easily. Reconnect with your intuition as you did so recently. Take this moment and ask for that aspect of yourself to come forth. Your intuition may have different names; inner knowledge, self awareness, gnost, or even that small voice. Howsoever you perceive it, allow it to come in once more and be a part of your consciousness. Let it be a part of you on a daily basis.

This is YOU! You have the knowledge of the universe available to you. You may find yourself going inside to seek the answer. And if that aspect of you does not have it readily available, it easily links with the collective consciousness of this space so that it may find it. This is done automatically, it’s smooth, and it’s easy. That is why I say that each one of you has access to all the information that is available within the universe.

Take this moment to bring forth a creation that is currently within your life. It may be something you are manifesting. It may be something you are in the process of. It can be whatever it is to you at this moment. From within this space of the All That Is, see it from every aspect. Take a moment as if you are walking around, looking at your creation; observing it, opening to insights that are available to you.

Within this space, you can see how everything is accomplished. It is done. You may perceive that there are an even greater number perhaps, or there is more detail than you were aware of before. Call in your intuition. Call in that aspect of yourself that you are opening to, to a greater capacity. Then again as you look at this, it will be as if a brighter light is now illuminating all that you are creating.

Open to receive the information that is here present for you. You are a master creator. You are magnificent in all that you do. Allow yourself to accept. Take this moment to perceive if there is any resistance within you. If there is, acknowledge it so that you may release it and let it go. Again, reconnect; you may find that what you are creating has grown until it is multifaceted now. There may be more that this will lead to or there may be more ways to look at what you are creating.

Feel as if you absorb all of this into your consciousness. It is completed. It is now a part of you. It is but to unfold as you move through your days. There may be aspects that have already unfolded and completed. There may be nothing as yet. Let yourself recognize your creation. Let yourself recognize that it is yours! Through absorbing, embracing, and affirming, you can make it even more real.

Take a step back from that and shift your consciousness now. There are so many things within the universe that you connect with that allow you to play. It allows you to enhance whatever it is that is happening within your life.

This time upon the earth is a full moon (11-05-06 even though this day is passed, through intention you can still link with the energy of the full moon). I invite you to connect with the energies of the moon. You may see it as this beautiful orb located in front of you. Feel as if you are opening up the heart of your consciousness, reach out and blend with the essence of the moon. The moon is another representation of the divine feminine. The moon has an impact upon the earth in some very dramatic ways, but also some very subtle ways.

Let yourself feel this essence. Let it strengthen you. Let yourself open to accept your divine feminine. You may feel as if this is amplifying all of who you are. Ask yourself if you needed to have a greater amount of the feminine or a lesser amount of the feminine so that you may be balanced.

Release the energies of this beautiful moon and see before you the sun. The sun often times represents the masculine energies. Feel the energy that radiates from the sun as you stand before it. Again, open your heart, reach out from the heart of your consciousness that you may link with the energies of the sun. You are connecting with the soul essence of the sun. It is different than the moon. It connects with a different part of you. Allow yourself to blend fully. Allow these masculine energies to move through you, amplifying your own energies.

Feel what it is to be within these strong masculine energies. Feel within yourself what is needed to balance these energies. You may have needed more of this, or you may have needed to let some go. Understand that you are now completely balanced. Release the energies of the sun.

Feel as if your consciousness is there between the sun and the moon. Create an image of the earth below you. I invite each of you to reach out connecting with the sun and the moon, allowing those energies to move through you blending and balancing all of who you are. Then it goes down from you and into the earth, so that you are transmitting this balanced energy into the earth.

You can feel yourself amplifying this energy as it moves through you. When you are in a state of balance, you are easily connected to your soul. You are easily connected to your intuition. You are easily connected to the love of the universe. That can be your daily life upon the earth.

You have just transmitted that essence into the earth. Observe the way the earth itself, takes on a different radiance as balanced energy perfuses all aspects of the earth itself. It will blend and merge with those aspects that are not in balance. It creates the space for change. It creates the space for growth. While it does have an affect upon all who are upon the earth, you are doing this for yourself. This is the way the earth is shifting. You do have an impact upon yourself and the rest of the world, but you need not take on anything from anybody else.

Let yourself fly! Let yourself play within this space. Feel the joy and excitement of simply being who you are. Let yourself acknowledge that you are so glorious and bright.

I invite you to come back together as a group. Reconnect with one another. Feel the joy of community. You are not alone. With others moving through the same or a similar experience, you create support for one another. Come to this space whenever you feel a need to.

From within this circle the hologram of the earth emerges. Perceive the way it is already radiating this vibrant light. It is reflecting all that each of you transmitted into the earth. If you look closely, you can see the ways in which there are various aspects of energy that are blending to create a greater balance.

Lady Gaia comes forth and she greets each one of you. She has but a few words to say, so I release and allow her to speak with you directly:

Lady Gaia speaks:

Greetings beloved family!

I am Gaia. I am the essence of the earth. I have come to each of you, I’ve embraced you, and I’ve spoken to you before. Some of you are very connected to me already. No matter how deep our relationship, it is always evolving.

There is a great deal of information that is being brought to the earth at this time. There are many vortices of energy that are being created. As you read different material or hear different things, it may sometimes seem contradictory. Indeed there is no right or wrong, it is but perception. I therefore invite you as you connect with the various pieces of information to perhaps read it, listen to it, you may take it in; but you as the human accept for yourself only that which is real for yourself.

Accept that your place upon the earth is filled with joy and ease. If you feel you are still in struggle and life is filled with pain, then indeed it will be. If you feel others are out to attack you, then indeed they will. I speak of the extremes in this. There are times each one of you is in complete bliss and joy, and life is perfection. Then there are times when you find yourself struggling, questioning, and wondering. That is but a part of being human.

I invite you to accept who you are. I invite you to utilize the energies of the earth to create the life you seek to have. The earth itself has always been changing. It is in a phase where the change is much more dramatic than it has been at other times. This is a time in which the new energy is coming to the earth. This is an energy that has never been present here before, so YES there are very dramatic changes taking place.

You are each the masters if you want to call it that, but you are each magnificent and you are each completely capable of creating all you seek to have in your life. I thank you for all that you do in brining in the crystalline energy. I thank you for choosing a path of your own self actualization because that too has an affect upon the energies that I work with.

I am here in support of you and yet I feel the support from each one of you. I embrace you all and I thank you!


It is I the Goddess returning to you. We see my sister Gaia as she moves back blending with this hologram of the earth. Take her words into yourself. Let them affirm what I seek to tell you also. You each have the ability to make your choices for yourself. You each are glorious and bright!

That hologram of the earth shifts its energy, shifts its space so that it moves down. There is an aspect that merges with the magnetic grid as it moves through. It allows the magnetic grid to shift into the vibration of balance, opening potential, and acceptance. The rest of that hologram moves into the earth itself. It moves through he physical earth until it connects with the core essence; from there it radiates back out, coming up through the earth, through the ground, the water, the trees, the flowers, and the rocks. This makes more readily available for you what you are manifesting. This assists you in maintaining your space of balance.

We release that energy of the hologram. Let your focus or consciousness come back up within this space of the All That Is. Reconnect within yourself; your consciousness has expanded immensely, so draw it back in to the core essence of yourself. You are more expanded than when you arrived. That remains in the state of expansion. But rather than feeling that you are still connecting with others, or connecting with the sun and moon; draw that aspect back within so that you are once more centered within yourself. Within this space of the soul plane you allow it to create a shift in your balance. You feel yourself releasing or letting go of the aspect of your divinity or your I AM presence that needs to remain within this space.

As you are ready to do so, let go of the soul plane, moving down so that you may connect with the aspect of the crystalline energies. Perceive how vibrantly they sparkle. Perceive how energized they are.

As you are ready to do so, let go of the essence of the crystalline grid. Allow yourself to reconnect with the magnetic pull of the earth by connecting with the magnetic grid itself. Feel your space within here; let it adjust to the greater amount of your core essence that you are bringing back with you. This is where your higher self resides.

Allow your focus to then return into your physical body. You may need to expand the energy field around you so as to accommodate this expanded consciousness. Let your physical body accept this greater amount of your divinity. Let yourself feel fully connected within yourself. Allow yourself to ground this essence of who you are. Let yourself feel the balance within your physical body. Feel the male, the female, and that all is balanced and communicating. Let yourself see your manifestations upon the earth. It is in your energy field. It is a part of your life. Accept it and allow it.

With that we release the energies of this journey. I am open to receive questions from you.

Question: (paraphrased) I have a question about how to go about making an upcoming meeting goes well.

Answer: When there are things happening within your life, sometimes it feels as if it is beyond your control. Sometimes you may feel as if you are a small cog in a bigger wheel. When there are different people involved, it can difficult to have communication with each other. So the sense coming across to us, the sense that you are asking about how to make it go well; is that there are many different energies coming together in whatever this is. So what you can do to facilitate something like this is work with it in one aspect on the soul plane. You can expand your consciousness, you can go into that space where you are with a greater amount of your divinity and you can connect with these other individuals who are involved with this. There is an aspect of their soul that will come and speak to you. This type of communication is a very effective way of working with individuals that perhaps you may not get along with as well on the earth plane. But we want you to be aware that you are not invading anyone’s privacy because if someone did not wish to communicate with you at this level, they would not come. So it is giving you a potential of how you can work with these other individuals before this event occurs. Now, the sense that is also coming to us is that we want to say to you we believe your perceptions are accurate. We have a sense of one individual in particular who is seeking to either make things difficult or has different purposes or the essence of one individual is quite different from yourself and the others. For that one individual, going into this encounter with the understanding that everybody is coming from their own space and releasing any pre-conceived notion allows you to open for new potentials for this encounter. Now this is if we are connecting to the same thing you are talking about. Does that all resonate with you?

(It does, it certainly does.)

What we are tapping into first of all is a sense of fear, or a sense of concern; so if that is your strongest feeling or emotion, that will very much affect how this encounter will be. So this allows you to release that and open to new potentials. As you reconnect within yourself, within your consciousness, your expanding consciousness can create the space for yourself so that you feel you don’t need to control anything or judge other individuals; that will assist in things going more smoothly.

(I am very very appreciative. Thank you very much!)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Can you tell me if there are any major changes coming up for me that will be happy?

Answer: First of all beloved, allow us this opportunity of doing this; we know that you have been doing this and that you are very aware of all the support from the non physical realm. Let all of us who are now physically present to send out our love to you. Let all of us on the non physical also come through and embrace you, shower you with the love, the support, with the energy to get you through this time that you have moving through. The worst is over. It is all going to improve from here. In some respects with all that you’ve gone through with your husband’s recent illness it has been an eye opener for him. In some respects it’s created a space where he is fighting against change. But it’s also created a space where he’s come to realize that change is necessary and he has to make changes in his life. But the sense coming through to us right now is that he’s really in a state of fighting that. He’s also struggling within himself and there’s a lot of anger that is coming up.

Unfortunately we realize that you feel the gist of that. Just as we were speaking during the journey tonight, this is all his stuff; this is not your stuff. But we understand that you still feel the lash of the tongue, you still feel everything else because you live in the same proximity. We invite you to go within yourself, reconnect within yourself. If you feel that you need to, from within your heart, create a ball of energy around yourself and from within yourself that is the pure essence of love. That will allow you to be connected within yourself. It will allow you to send out to this individual the essence of love from within you. He may or may not feel it; he may or may not be aware of it. What it will do for you is allow you to reconnect within yourself and it will help to assist in filtering off of you some of these energies that are being projected your way. Does that make sense to you?

(Oh definitely! If the financial abundance came, I would actually take myself and leave the situation. Even if it could be for a short time, just to create for myself more of this awakening, then I could hopefully have more clarity.)

Well, in terms of the living situation, we don’t see that changing any time in the near future. We have a sense of you going to visit; or perhaps it was during the time he was so ill, that you visited with your daughter or someone else.

(Well, we stayed mostly at the hospital the whole time, but my daughter was with me.)

This is something where we had a sense of you not being in your own home, but in someone else’s home. Anyway, perhaps it was the hospital. Hard to think of that as a home, but indeed it was your temporary home. Indeed, we don’t have a sense of you physically leaving your location. We do have a sense of perhaps rehab or something that will have him leave for a few days or a week. It’s something to do with his rehab or therapy. Perhaps it’s that he’s gone for the entire day. We see that you are seeking to have that you want a chunk of time such as several days. We actually see that happening although it’s not clear to us exactly how that will come about. We sense that the daytime hours are when you will have several hours to yourself although now, the feeling we get is that you are so exhausted it’s more so a matter of just sleeping, trying to catch up. So, what we would like for you to do is perhaps in the morning when you wake up or at night as you are going to sleep, let yourself just send the energies of intention throughout the house that you will have the space you need to go inside and reconnect and feel this. Your spiritual growth is not stopping just because it is being placed on the back burner in terms of your own consciousness or what you are consciously doing. But it is still there it is still occurring, these are the steps you need to take at this time and it’s in regards to what else is going on in your life. Does that all make sense to you?

(His energies are so strong and so overwhelming, and they are so negative and accusatory. It’s as if everything that is going wrong is my fault.)

And so we say to you, when everything goes wrong; is that your fault?

(I’ve finally realized that it is not.)

Absolutely not! That is the way that he is choosing to view his life. As Gaia said, as I said; it’s all about perception. Each individual perception is their own. So we remind you over and over and over that those are his perceptions and you cannot change those perceptions, so let them go, release it, let yourself when you hear the negativity, when you hear the accusations; let yourself go inside. If you are completely disconnecting from him, you can reaffirm that you are connected within yourself. You are responsible for yourself and he is responsible for himself.

(I have come to that realization it’s just a little difficult.)

We understand and you are not alone. You are surrounded by the angels, Yeshua, Mother Mary, and they are there with you. You are not alone. If it is easier for you to call on them, then call on them. Know that it is all coming from within you and this is giving you the opportunity to stand within your divinity and stand within your space. We do have a sense the worst is over and that you are getting there.

(Thank you so much.)

You are very welcome.

(You don’t see anything for my financial abundance do you?)

You know, finance often times will have a ball of energy present. We don’t see that at the moment. Our sense that your focus and everyone’s focus has been on the LACK of finance; so perhaps that’s why we are sensing the lack of finance around you. We remind you whenever you find yourself focusing on the lack to release the lack and focus on the abundance. That will help you to change the energy.

Question: (paraphrased) I’m wondering if you see the energy of Merlin in me or the energy of abundance in me from the journey we had this evening.

Answer: Well, again beloved, let us ask you; do you sense the energies of Merlin and do you sense the energies of abundance or your manifestation within you?

(No I don’t.)

Then let yourself go inside, take some breathes, let your focus go inside of yourself and ask yourself the question of why you are not perceiving what you have created.

(You have told me in the past that my ego personality is standing in the way.)

And what is your belief?

(I’m sure it is. You have said to me to bring more and more of my divinity back into my earth bound person, which I do every day when I connect with my I AM presence. I attempt to do exactly that, but I still feel a strong ‘can’t’.)

So let yourself connect with your ego, let yourself connect with your personality. This journey tonight was very much about going inside yourself, connecting within yourself, and bringing together your divinity and your human self as we then integrated that back within your physical body. This was accomplished within you also. Again, only you can be the one to work with your ego aspect, or your personality aspect. Therefore as you do so, let yourself connect with it and love it. There is a resistance within you that thinks that the personality is bad or something working against you. As long as you have that feeling within you, it will do so. So let yourself connect with and understand that this is a part of who you are. You are human, you are spiritual. So let your human aspect understand that allowing this in or opening to this perception is expanding what the human individual is. Only you can do that for yourself.

(I understand and have talked in the past with my ego, so I do understand that. I try not to resist. But in any event, I will work again with my ego.)

That is the best way to work with this and constantly let go of the resistance. We see you as blended. We see that all that you seek to manifest in your life is there around you. So if it’s not manifesting for you at this time, just open to greater acceptance, open to greater perceptions. We hear in your mind going over and over. “I just don’t get it, I just don’t get it”.

(Now that is unconscious because I was not consciously thinking that.)

That is what is coming through. There is that part of you that just doesn’t get it. Let yourself blend with that or blend with the potential there is a resistance within you. Sometimes if you are not fully conscious of it, you create more resistance by going and digging and looking for it. If there is something you are seeking to manifest and it has not yet manifested, then there is on one level or another either a form of resistance or an aspect to manifestation for that to occur. So, no matter what it may be, let yourself open to the potential that there could be resistance or that not all aspects of the manifestation are ready to come into being. You therefore can open to see the flow of energy so that things will line up in the way that they need to. You may therefore release any unconscious resistance and again as you speak to your human aspect, just lovingly accept it and lovingly show it the expansion and all that is occurring within and around you. If you say, well I’ve been doing that for all this time and it’s not working, then again release that resistance. Continue to open.

(Thank you so much!)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess, I was wondering if I’m ever going to get my physical extreme makeover that I’ve wanted to have in this life time.

Answer: The essence that comes through to us is that the extreme makeover is something that is coming to us on many levels. You are working on the makeover within yourself; it needed to begin within yourself, so that you could accept the changes on the outside of you. The other sense coming to us is that there are ways in which it will happen piece by piece by piece. The way we see your energy right now, when you ask that question, we do not see it occurring. We do not see it around you at this time as something where you would go on a TV show and it would be accomplished in a week or a month, or six weeks. We do not see that happening to you at this time. We do see that you have been continuing to work within yourself, that you have been continuing to move to deeper levels of acceptance within yourself. Through that acceptance, you are actually creating a space of accepting the individual that you are. You did create this human that you are right now. So by accepting that this creation is you, accepting however you may look six months or a year down the road is also your creation. So we want you to again open to loving yourself. We want you to again open to loving yourself. We want you to open to the expanded awareness, intuition and belief in yourself. We want to give you this opportunity to let go if only for this moment this dislike you have of your appearance. You are a beautiful individual. You are a radiant individual. That is your physical exterior. There is an even greater amount of beauty and radiance that is within you.

So allow yourself to open to that potential that is there. Allow yourself to open to a degree of acceptance that is available to you right now. We see a complete acceptance, but we sense you are not in that space at this moment. Allow yourself to understand and accept that all of this is a potential for you. All of this is within you. You can open to accepting this deeper awareness that is within yourself. We invite you to continue to work with letting go of the dislike within yourself so that you may accept yourself, so that you may love yourself. (Goddess, right now I feel very much despair and even though I try to, I try to do what you say, I can’t understand this despair.) We feel your despair; we know it is there, we know that you find yourself moving into this space; sometimes on a regular basis, sometimes just occasionally. There is an aspect of you that needs to honor. This is the way I feel right now. But what we sense happens to you sometimes is that it goes deeper and deeper until it overwhelms you. You let it get bigger and bigger as if you are drowning within the despair. That is what we would like you to release right now. Let yourself release it, let yourself feel that all who are here and present are sending forth their love and their support of you. Let yourself feel the angels and guides who are around you loving and supporting you; let them in. Let your own self in because when you are in this space, (of despair) you hold off your divinity also. Let yourself feel the love. Let yourself crack open that shell of despair that you have around you. We wish we could snap our fingers and it would all be different. Believe me, if we could do that in a moment. Know that all who are here do love you. We see you; we see the beauty that is you. We see this glorious light that is you. We flow that energy around you and through you so that you may open and accept it when the time is right for you. We honor you the path that you are on. We would like it to be easier. But know that you are not alone. Alright beloved?

(Yes, thank you Goddess.)

Alright, we are ever present within you and around you.

Question: (paraphrased) Two different places have said that there is a big consciousness change, an earth change in December. If that should happen, where is it likely to happen?

Answer: The sense coming through right now is that there have been so many influxes of balanced energy; the journey tonight for one. Plus, as you can imagine, every time someone reads this, they too will be linking with that balanced energy. Not only this group, there have been many different groups that are seeking to have a graceful shift in energies so that at this point the sense coming to me is that there is not going to be a dramatic or severe change in the earth pattern such as earthquakes, volcano’s and things like that. There are changes in the earth pattern that is being measured in a physical manner there are changes in the earth patterns that are being made in a physical manner, but those changes are what are reflecting the shift being brought in by the consciousness changes. As was stated by Lady Gaia, there are always impulses of energy that are coming in, vortices of energy that are created, so this is happening and it is balancing. At this point we see that there have been potentials for different earthquakes and we even see a potential for an earthquake out if Asia. We sense that there is a greater amount of balanced energy that is being brought in. The balanced energy is what is creating a more graceful shift in the physical reality. When we did the balancing, I had a definite feeling that it really was changing.) It does have an impact more than you can know.

(Thank you)

You are welcome.

I thank each one of you for joining us upon this journey. I thank each one of you for opening to allow yourself to become balanced; to allow yourself to radiate the essence of balanced energy from your being. Let yourself truly connect within all levels and all aspects of who you are. Let yourself be open to your intuition. Let yourself truly be the magnificent human that you are. That magnificence is a reflection of your divinity

I am ever with you and within you~~~




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