Balancing Your Life

Change is always happening within and around you.  The question is; is this change pushing you out of balance or creating something you’re seeking? The Goddess begins while we’re still grounded talking about things we have wanted to manifest that as yet have done so.  When this happens, there is resistance that’s built up through any of your energy bodies; physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  Many times this may be unconscious, but it still has a profound affect. 

While in the All That Is the Goddess took us through each of the energy bodies.  We could see them first of all as our perception is of each one.  The Goddess started with the physical energy body and really looked it, really linked with it.  There were certain things that jumped out as I perceived people’s body.  Then once the Goddess opened to the God / Goddess perspective, it shifted the physical body.  It was literally clearing and healing the energy at that time. 

From there we looked at the emotional body, the mental, the spiritual and the lightbody.  Each one was unique unto itself, each one cleared at a really deep level.  I could feel how the energy of the lightbody really moved through once the rest was balanced.

When you clear your energy fields in the manner, it automatically balanced your energy.  So too, it creates a greater balance within your life.  So where does balance in your life come from; balancing the energy bodies that make up who you are. It strengthens your alignment within and its manifest in your life.

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out with the intention that everyone who is here, be in this physical moment or later time that everyone who connects within this energy is here in this now moment.

I appreciate you taking this opportunity to come and share this time. There is a great deal taking place upon your earth, which again seems to be what I say each time. But as I mentioned a while ago with the Equinox that just took place in March and the Solstice coming up in June, this quadrant of the year is filled with very dramatic changes taking place upon the earth.

There is an integration of a much higher lighter vibration taking place and within this integration each one of you have an opportunity to create changes within yourself and within your life from a cellular level outward. You may ask ‘what am I integrating’; in essence the light body energy or in essence the crystalline energy or in essence the universal light. Many people will speak of those three words or names as interchangeable. I myself am comfortable with any of the three.

The intention of what’s going on right now upon your earth is to create that deeper alignment that moves within the earth itself and it is aligned with the universe. By having this deeper alignment it will allow for people to experience not only the higher dimensions, but also the greater potential in how you may live your life.

I know that many of you feel as if you are stuck in a rot wondering, “When is this going to be done? When may I move on? When will I finally have those things that I have been seeking for so very long?” I will say to you, let everything go that you’ve been seeking. Not to say, don’t want what you want because that is completely fine; that is one of the purposes of living.  But when you seek to manifest something and it does not manifest in a timely period of time then you begin to create resistance around it; resistance from disappointment, resistance from frustration, resistance from a feeling of been unable to manifest what you seek to have. So, let it all go, right here, right now. ~ Whew ~

I invite you to take a moment to really breathe within yourself. As you breathe in feel as if that breath of light or that breath of energy is moving through you; moving all the way through your body, send it all the way down into the earth.

As you feel yourself connecting with the earth let that anchor you and support you completely and then your energy comes back up within you and send it out through the top of your head.

There is a beam of light; there is a cord of energy that is linking within you the human directly into you as your I AM Presence.

As you follow that cord of light you may find yourself immediately moving into the space of your higher self. Take a moment and let your consciousness or your awareness expand in such a way that you can see your life from that bigger perspective or you can see some of the opportunities that may be around you at this time.

If your higher self is cluttered with some of those things that you were seeking to manifest, that as yet have not appeared, then clear that out too. ~ Whew ~ Look around again at the space of your higher self, allowing yourself to realize all the opportunity that is here for you.

As you are ready to do so, continue to follow that stream of light or that stream of consciousness allowing it to shift until you merge fully with your I AM Presence. As you move within that space, you may have a sense of immense white light. You might have a sense of a figure. You may feel who you are not only in this lifetime but in all the other lifetimes that you may have; some of which you are conscious, some unconscious.

I the Goddess walk in amongst all who are here. I reach out and embrace you as your divinity, you as your consciousness in this lifetime.

As our energies merge, allow yourself to shift into the space of the All That Is.

Look around. You may still have within this space energies from the celebration of the Wesak. You may have other experiences that you’ve been working within this space to create. Allow your energies to move in whatever direction is most beneficial.

The All That Is has a multitude of dimensions and spaces of consciousness. If people are caught up in perhaps violence, negativity, fear, I am speaking of fear as their predominant force; they are in a part of the All That Is that vibrates at that level.

If people are in a place of pure bliss, unconditional love, complete acceptance of themselves and others they vibrate at a place in the All That Is that is in alignment with that.

The majority of you are here in this place where we are now, where you have many thoughts that create joy for you but perhaps hang on or hanging over energies or vibrations that no longer support you.

As you look around the All That Is, I invite you to take this moment and just consider your love. I meant to say “your life” but “your love” came out and that means I could look at this in two different directions. But I would first like for you to do is to consider your life as it is in this now moment.

What is the predominant physical reality that you have? Is your physical body supporting you? Do you have aches and pains? Perhaps a disease process is moving through you right now. Perhaps you have excess weight or not enough. Consider your physical body as it is in this now moment, then allow yourself to just bring up whatever that perception is and let it sit beside you.

Now let’s go back into your physical body once more and this time let’s look at your physical body from the perspective of God. God, Goddess, your divinity, your I AM presence, whatsoever your perception is; allow yourself to shift your focus and your consciousness so that you are looking at yourself or some people may feel it from within, but consider your physical body from your God perspective.

It’s there a difference? Is there information from this perspective? Is there a way to look at your body from unconditional love, support, acceptance, awareness, whatever the perspective is that you will have?

Your physical body is a teacher for you in this lifetime. Some people experience it through struggle, others this aspect of teaching not so much. But you have a physical reality that supports all the rest of you. See it for what it is in this now moment.

Open to feel the unconditional love, the unconditional support from your divinity or from God and as if it is washing over you right now let that unconditional love and support flow through every part of your physical body.

For some, I see you standing underneath an energy waterfall and it’s just going over you. But this waterfall moves through your bloodstream, your joints, your muscles, your organs, so that everything within your physical body is being cleansed and balanced in this now moment.

Look back to that perspective that you had of your physical body when we first linked with it. Is it possible that you can let that go and you may now integrate a new reality?

Feel how unconditional love strengthens from the cellular level throughout all of you. It can manifest in glorious ways.

Take a moment to consider your emotional body. As if you allow your physical to shift to the side you have a new screen or a new perspective. As you think about your emotional body, what are the first three emotions that come up for you?

Are these emotions supportive of you or are they holding you back?

In this space of the All That Is you can do anything that you would like. So let’s take all of your emotions, the happiness, the joy, the love, the excitement as well as the frustration, the fear, the sorrow. No matter what the emotion let’s just pull it out from you, wherever it may be and let shift over to the side.

Allow yourself to come back into that moment, as if you were just born in this now moment and you are beginning completely from new. As if you were that glorious innocent baby that is just being born with complete and utter expectations of the world. Allow yourself to come into that space if only for this moment feeling that sense of having just then the part of your I AM Presence, having just been communicating with your Angels. Allow for your emotions to just be in that pure bliss.

As you live your life you have experiences. Those experiences create impacts or imprints upon you, sometimes they trigger a reaction into other energy bodies, but in this now moment as you open up feeling the strength and a completely balanced emotional body, now what are the three emotions that first come into your awareness? Are they the same?

This is an opportunity for you to acknowledge that you may choose whatever emotions you would like to be your predominant emotions. You may not always stay in that space. There may be times you get bumps from side to side as you are living your life.

But here in this emotional energy body when you are directly in alignment with God source energy, allow it to clear out any emotions that no longer work for you and have that conscious intention that the more predominant emotions in your forefront are those that support you.

Feel how all that energy moves through you strengthening and creating change for you.

Take a moment to once more shift your focus. This time as you align with your mental body, bring that into this now moment.

This makes me smile, because it’s like some of you are dragging it in as if it’s got an anchor attached to it and you just have to drag it in, it is that heavy and that solid.

So your thoughts and your beliefs create a huge part of how you respond in any given moment.

What is the strongest belief that you have?

Ok, I realize from you that we can’t just limit it to one, so instead, what is the overriding energy of your thoughts during the day and your beliefs?

Your reality is represented by the experiences that you are having in life. Your reality is affected by many different sources. Your emotions have an effect, the people around you can affect you, going into work and the job or stress that you may have can affect you. These are but a few.

You create beliefs depending upon what your life experience has been. There are many times when you create a belief for something that you would like to move into. For example, “I believe there is great abundance upon the earth and it is open to everybody; one only needs to receive”. This is a universal truth.

The question is, when I speak that, does it resonate within you and you find your ions and your energies lining up to say, “I’m here, I’m ready” or when I say that, is there a part of you that is saying, “I wish that were true. That may work for them but not for me?” So in other words, you are discordant from that universal truth. Your life experiences have created a different belief. Take this moment and as if we wash through your entire mental body let’s just clear it out ~ whew ~   

Allow that God source energy; allow God, you, your divinity, Goddess, allow all of us to just flow through your mental body, clearing it out, releasing any old stuck energy, until you now look at it or you can feel more of a flexibility or more movement, within your thoughts and beliefs.

We shift that off to the side. Your spiritual body traditionally has been that alignment to source. It’s your alignment to your I AM Presence, it’s your alignment to God/Goddess; it’s your alignment to the universal light. It can get muddy because of the overlay perhaps of beliefs about religion. Perhaps your own belief about whether or not there’s more to you than just this life.

So as you are looking at your spiritual body is it big, wide-open and expanded or is it small, narrow and constricted?

If there is any form of constriction then consciously infuse that energy. Push it out, expand it, allow it to become even greater. Whew! There you go.

These are the energy bodies that humanity has been conscious of and focusing upon throughout their life or throughout your life. Indeed the light body energy, the crystalline energy, the universal light is different than the spiritual body that is associated with your earthly self. This is your association with all that is in this high light vibration. So as if you were looking from within, reach out and find your own light body energy. Chances are it’s right there around you. Be open.

Receive the alignment and as you align with your crystalline energy, this light body energy, feel it as it just washes through your consciousness. This vibration will adjust everything else within you. It automatically causes everything to line up into a space of greater balance and vibration.

As you look at your light body energy, what is your perception? For some of you, you may see that the light body energy is an aspect of you living out in the universe. Others may perceive the light body energy as just that alignment with the All That Is.

Be open to receive, be open to feel all that is here. Allow that crystalline vibration to create a new perspective for you, the more that each one of you integrates your light body energy, the more that is available for everybody else upon the earth. It’s there, it’s present, it’s already working to create a new balance. The difference is when you consciously link into that and consciously bring it into your reality it can change on many, many different levels.

So, now in this space in the All That Is come back into that centered alignment with your physical reality. And then as if you are bringing it through to you, allow that evolved clear energy of your emotional body to come as if it’s another layer and let yourself breathe through, aligning with that layer of both up, down, in, out in every different direction.

Then bring in your mental body of your beliefs and as they create a difference in the vibration then that too moves through you up, down, in, out in every different direction.

Your spiritual body is as if it comes around you like a cocoon and then that comes into you and then it goes out. There is a flow and a movement and it is as if this energy body is weaving together your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Feel yourself in the balance of all that you know and then let that light body energy just wash over you. Feel the particles of energy as they trickle through all of who you are.

This is you! This is you in this life experience. You can be cleared out and balanced like this every single time you wake up in the morning. If you need to do it again and again throughout the day you may do so. Have that intention that you consciously breathe down your divinity letting it move through everything within you. As it comes down, it goes out and then it comes back in and that flow clears out and re-balances all of who you are.

Allow your physical body to move in a direction that it feels better. Allow your emotions to be balanced, your thoughts, your beliefs and then all of that universal light and energy, let it just support you in every way.

Now consider your life. What do you seek to manifest? If it’s the same as what you wanted before, I invite you to take a moment to shake it off, maybe look at it from a new perspective and then be open to receive whatever that may be. Open to opportunities and potentials that you may not have even considered.

Here in the All That Is everything is possible.

Take a moment to just enjoy being where you are right now experiencing this reality almost as if you are waking up and you’re just stretching every part of who you are. Let this flow through your consciousness let it move through your unconsciousness so that it will illuminate everything in support of you.

I invite you to come back together as a group. It’s quite expanded right now! Have a sense now of the hologram of the earth coming up within this group, coming up within all of you.

As this hologram is circling within everybody present send in the light and energy of you as that balanced individual. Send in the intentions of what you seek in your life. Send in an openness to receive all that is within and around you.

As everybody is sending it into the hologram you release it you may perceive it as it moves down. It’s clearing out the different levels of dimensions and consciousness. There is an energy that moves out specifically aligning within the crystalline grid and then that hologram goes into the center of the earth. It merges with Gaia. It merges with the crystals, with the gases, with that magnetic energy finding that balance, that intrinsic balance of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and light body.

All of that swirls through and then it comes up through the earth. And as it’s coming up I invite each one of you to be open to receive your own integration. It is also coming up through the grass, the water, the trees, the animals, so that there is a clearing and a physical support that is not only within you but is all around you.

Let yourself feel what this is like. If you need to clear out the space around you, clear out your home, clear out your relationships, your job, whatever it may be so that you as that balanced and expanded individual can be at the forefront.

Allow your focus to shift once more into the All That Is and as we do this we consciously begin to bring your focus and bring your consciousness back within. You may move first and foremost into your I AM Presence.

As you link with your divinity let yourself feel how you now have the ability to perceive even more. Know how much is here in support of you no matter what is happening in your life! So be open to integrate, be open to receive.

It continues to move through you. Let that stream of consciousness come down within you the human. From the space of your higher self there is a deeper alignment to your divinity and even more of that divinity comes down into you the human. As you are bringing your consciousness back within your physical body, have that sense of sending it down into the earth and link with that energy that you infused into the earth through the hologram.

You let that come up within you anchoring here within you so that that alignment to your divinity is wide open; your alignment to the earth is wide open and feel how everything moves through you cleansing, clearing and balancing.

Take in a deep breath and breathe out. Allow yourself to integrate from your physical cellular structure all the way out to the most light, transparent part of who you are from your consciousness, into your unconsciousness. Be open to receive this integration.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

As we bring this session to a close we invite you to take this opportunity, no matter what is happening within your life to really clear out from the space of the All That Is into the space of your physical reality; clear out your physical, your emotional, your mental, your spiritual and your light body energies.

Allow each energy body to be very clear and balanced. Allow each one of them to flow within each other. Allow yourself to recognize that your whole perspective will change. The opportunities around you will change and that you do have this chance in this now moment to create a new beginning, whatever that may be.

Beloved know that you are never alone, and I am always with you and within you.


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