Becoming Your Divinity

Happy Anniversary!!!  Tonight was the celebration of 10 years that the Goddess of Creation and I have been offering these teleconferences.  Indeed, there is a time of celebration towards the end of when we’re in the All That Is.

The Goddess spoke at length about why she chose to come into the earth plane and work with us.  It’s about love and empowerment.  She said that her message is to help every person open to the realization that there is only love. It’s the foundation for everything else that happens in life.  The was such a deep, deep sense of unconditional love from her to all of us that I became very emotional. 

As we were in the All That Is, the Goddess invited us to first have a sense of what makes us human; our personality or ego self.  It was as if we could see as separate entities, our physical, mental, emotional and earthbound spiritual as she called it. Through this discernment, we were able to clear out anything that was blocked or getting in the way.  

I then had a sense on the opposite side of all the aspects of our divinity that were working with us or part of us during this lifetime.  As people cleared things out, there were surges of energy from the divine space into what was the human.  It didn’t matter what it was, it still cleared with ease. 

From there, I saw a weaving of the energies.  Throughout this weaving there was such unconditional love and acceptance!! People’s heart centers were wide open and accepting this energy.

After this, she opened up the energy to a celebration! There were many energies there; angels, masters, teachers, ET’s and aspects of ourselves that were living in other existences.  This was a beautiful opportunity for people to receive the acknowledgement of who they are, from the eyes of divinity.  It was also an opportunity to dance, sing, leap, laugh or whatever else they felt like doing.

The energy of this is beautiful!  It just creates an amazing sense of self love & acceptance.   


Nama Sika Venia Benya  I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family!  As I reach out to each one of you I invite you to come within, to come and share this time with us. This is a time of alignment, this is a time of awareness and it is your opportunity to really get to know who you are.

I am here as a foundation, as a reflector of the energies, as an amplifier to assist in creating whatever is needed so that you may have the experience that you will have this evening.

I welcome everyone to our 10th anniversary of these teleconferences! I the Goddess have been working with Shelly for approx. thirteen years now. So we spent time together creating an alignment that in turn has evolved into this time of communication, this time of awareness that is shared; not only between Shelly and I but with people all around the world and also with people and energies out in the Universe.

There is a much easier flow and awareness that is moving though the Universe, the Omniverse, your Galaxy and then also the earth upon which you live. When we first began to have these gatherings there were perhaps three, maybe four people that would join in. If people wanted to listen again it was a special event making a recording. We’re laughing because it used to be on cassette tapes prior to all the ease with which your digital has done for your community.

From the very beginning my choice in coming into this individual and into all of you has been about opening to love. The channel herself is very emotional at the moment - so give as a second to ground.

Love is the foundation for everything. And self-love is the expression of what that is. Everything that you do within your life is about finding that expression of who you are, finding that expression of how you want to embody love.

If you take the next step out from love it’s becoming empowered. When you know who you are and when you know that you have unconditional love as the foundation for everything that you do, you are unstoppable!

The empowerment that comes from that is what has created worlds, it has created universes. And it can create everything that you seek to have within your life. You’ve done so. Opening to the flow, allowing the love, allowing the alignment that comes with that to be the expression that you not only show to yourself but to the world creates amazing changes.

It is that acceptance of who you are, it is acceptance and allowing of what you seek to have into your life is actually what brings it to reality. It is each one of you honoring yourself by accepting that you are as expanded as you think you are. And probably even a little more so. That’s empowerment.

When this empowerment and alignment is coming from within you as your Divinity, you as your God Self everything falls into place. If you seek to have empowerment by setting up experiences or things outside of you as a means of defining you; you’re stepping further and further away from your Self.

This is that which only you can know for yourself, which only you can bring in and then accept. Feel the flow of love, feel the flow of awareness as we speak of this right NOW.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Beloved family, I invite you to join with me as you expand into the energies of your Higher Self. Have a sense of letting go the consciousness within your physical reality. You absolutely have to keep it anchored and have to keep that portion of it there.

But as you allow yourself to expand you let go feeling the energies of your Higher Self and allowing yourself to find that alignment with your Divinity and with you as the person, you as the human you are right now.

As you feel this space as you look around you, many many of you are very familiar with this and it’s already set up so that you know who you are, you know who is here with you. You may have your angels or guides. You may have places in which you come when you seek to feel that expansion of Divinity.

From there take in another deep breath and allow yourself to expand even further. As you do so you let your consciousness stream into the space of the Soul plane. As you arrive within the Soul plane look around. As you look around within this space you may see, sense, feel the energies of your Divinity.

As you come into awareness with what this is for you, reach out and embrace; reach out an allow yourself to merge fully with your divine essence. As you feel this alignment allow yourself to know that you are more than the individual living the life that you lead. Know that you had a multitude of experiences. Allow, allow, allow for all of that to unfold within and around you.

When I spoke of the empowerment that you are seeking to have within your physical reality THIS is your Source essence, THIS is you. Some of you have a sense of what it is, some may see, some may not have any perception of what this is at all.

No matter what you perceive in this moment allow your focus or allow your consciousness to expand as if you push out any boundaries and then feel the warmth, the love, the awareness of all that is here for you.

And we can feel that wash go through each one of you. I can feel that love and that awareness for who you are. You may have heard the phrase - I believe I have even said it - you are more than you think you are. This is that reality. This is that experience for you.

Now I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you. As I do so, I reach out and embrace each one of you. As I align with your energies as we merge with one another, allow yourself to shift into the space of the All That Is. And as you come into this space look around, open, see, sense, feel all of what these energies are for you.

We have spoken at the beginning about the time that we have been coming together as a group creating this experience that everybody has. I invite you to take a moment and consider where you were 10 years ago as we began these journeys.

I see many of you recognizing that you were here with us at that time. I see others of you were here energetically and then not consciously. And then I see many of you were at completely different places in your life where this was not a focus.

Take a minute and open to the perception of what the All That Is was – hmm that’s not the way to say that. The All That Is has always been immense, it’s been very expansive, it’s filled with many different dimensions. At the time in which we first began working within this space, the vibration with which people aligned were more so in a different, less expansive dimension than where you are right now. It is because of all the work that you have done that you are where you are right now.

But it is also because of the shift of the earth into the fourth dimension and the transition of the universe itself coming in closer and the alignment flowing more easily between them that there is so much more available here in the All That Is.

So, look around, enjoy, play, dance - that’s a great idea, we should have a celebration and we will.

As we look back over the years I have a sense of all of you looking at a flow, it looks like a timeline because that’s what you are used to upon the earth. There were many times in which we worked with symbols. As I said that, I could see many of you instantly popping into the symbol or whatever it was that you had created for yourself. Perhaps now forgotten but it comes up in this moment.

We worked many times with waves of energy, we merged with the moon itself, we merged with the central spiritual sun, we merged with the new earth while it was still so separate from the earth of which it’s now so much more blended. We could go on and on over the many, many things that have occurred.

If ever it feels like things are standing still and as if you’re stuck in a moment take an opportunity and look back, look back and you will see that so much has happened, so much more is taking place than you may recognize on a day to day basis.

The energies are changing. The crystalline vibration, in fact the lightbody energies - that’s been what, perhaps four years, three years maybe even less, time is not important to me. But the lightbody energies were unable to be accessed or anchored within your reality until just a more recent time frame.

And yet NOW, as you look around you and as you consider your vibration and as you consider everything you do in your life, the light body energy is that pure beautiful essence at its lightest, finest in your everyday reality. It is in fact your light body energy that allows you to be able to bring so much of your divinity into and around your daily life.

You create here within this space and then you stream that energy down into your everyday reality. Sometimes it may be that you stand there in the flow of all that’s taking place and you just reach out and what you seek is there with you.

There may be other times in which you have that sense of standing in a place that feels empty to you. There is a part of you that knows, I asked for it, so it’s here but where is it?

You may have a sense that you are in the flow and that the energy is there and moving around you but as you reach out, as you reach out to embrace what you seek to have it’s as if it’s not there.

Sometimes what is taking place is about the very subtle nuances that have an effect upon your life. You are asking, you are inviting it in, it is there. But how much is your mental body or your ego or your personality restricting this information? How much is your everyday experience indicating to you that it’s not there? How much do you find in your daily life that you are aware of everything that is not there? That you are aware of the lack, that you are aware of a sense of missing something or missing out on something.

It may be that it is your ego or your personality that’s probably very strong, that’s been very determined, that’s been very much a part of what has kept you the strong individual that you are but it’s also kept you in a space of perhaps narrowness or a space perhaps of limitation because it’s kept you in what it feels comfortable doing or being.

Take a breath in and look around you, look around at all the beauty that is here, look around at all the energy that is coming to share this space with you in this moment. This is about YOU experiencing you.

I’m drawing on the energies of everybody around considering different ways in which we can work with what I would like to describe.

Each one of you have aspects that make up you as the person you are in this lifetime. You also have aspects of your I AM Presence; you are one aspect as the individual in your current lifetime; you are also living in other lifetimes right now.

As the vibrations continue to shift into that light fine energy of the crystalline and the lightbody there is going to be a greater ease in movement. Sometimes between the aspects of yourself that may be living in other existences, but even more so in those aspects of you right now in your current lifetime.

That’s what I would like you to have a sense of gathering around you as if there is a half circle or a group, howsoever you wish to imagine or work with it.

I invite you to have a sense of that part of you that represents your personality in this lifetime. It could be that part of you that is full of joy, that part of you that is very analytical or if you feel a sense of wanting to separate that, whatever works for you.

Your personality is the blend of what makes you human. Therefore as we are beginning this perception consider perhaps your physical body is a part of this, your mental body, your emotional body, that aspect of your spiritual that is earthbound. As you invite your ego or your personality to have a sense of separating let’s take a look of what this is.

You as your physical body there may be something that comes to you specifically right now or maybe it’s that your physical body is, oh, it’s just a body. Your mental body-that’s your thoughts, your beliefs. For so many this their part of the ego or personality that keeps them in a space that knows or understands.

So when there is that sense of being held back or that sense of staying within your comfort zone, much of that is coming from your mental body. Your emotions, your emotions give you the indication of what is happening within your life: happy, sad, depressed, ok, ecstatic. Your emotions have an immensely wide range of opportunity within it.

Allow yourself to recognize, as you see these three energies as if separated one from the other, recognize, is it more separation perhaps that keeps them from flowing and working together? Is there one or several things that stand out?

If there’s anything at all that comes to your awareness at this time, WHEW, let an energy or breathe of awareness flow through creating shifts and changes and letting go. You need not analyze it. It is something that has worked for us in the past but you need not do that.

You can shift your focus now to the other side and this time as you look right here you may have a sense of places from within your Divinity that are very much working with you in this lifetime.

It may be you yourself, right here, you may see a part of you that comes from other lifetimes that’s affecting this lifetime. You may see your light body energy. You may see the angels and the guides that work with you from within this space. And of course as soon as I say that there’s like ok, here is some of the angels and guides that are more earth bound. This is why it is limitless the ways in which you can look at this and open to discernment.

What I would like for you to understand from this exercise is to have a sense of how segmented the energies of your earthbound reality can be and yet look at the flow of energy that moves through your I AM Presence or your Divinity.

When you have that sense of pain in your body it’s an indicator that there is something stuck. Do you always need to know what it is that is stuck, no. The pain is an indicator that you have an opportunity to open up your heart center to accept the flow and the love of your Divinity within you.

Therefore, as I speak of this, you can already see the flow from that side where all of your divine energies were just immediately moving through because as a conscious thought goes through that there is pain in the physical body, immediately your Divinity is there with compassion, with love, with acceptance giving you the opportunity to transition that pain that was noticed by you.

Sometimes your thoughts create pain. Sometimes your thoughts create beliefs that lead to feelings of being stifled or feelings of un-acceptance or just something that is holding you back. Again, it creates a sense of discomfort, it creates a sense of lack, it creates a sense of awareness that you are not feeling good and immediately that flow moves through there.

Allowing your Divinity to once again just immediately create a sense of balance or create a sense of acceptance - and that flow moves with ease.

Your emotions are more fluid than your thoughts. But your emotions can also keep you held back. If you have a sense of being victimized: ‘other people have what they want but I don’t’; ‘I’m not able to get ahead in life because others won’t give me the chance’; ‘I’ve done everything I could, it’s the world that’s coming down on me’.

This or some tone of this is what is most often the foundation of your emotional body that keeps you in that sense of lack. It also is a distance away from self-love and acceptance.

What are the emotions? Depression. When people have depression within their lives they are focused upon the lack. It can sometimes be as if it is a physical heavy discomfort. It’s very narrow and it is disconnected from acceptance or self love.

Emotions such as criticism. When you are critical of other people you are first on foremost critical of yourself. Is this a part of your reality? ‘They’re not good enough’. ‘Yes, I want someone in my life that has similar beliefs, that is open and warm and loving but I don’t like that they do xyz’. Now, sometimes that might be something superficial and you are actually focusing upon the lack instead of upon the many things that are in common with you.

I ask you being very honest and open with yourself right now in this moment. What is your first response to things as they come up for you? Is it the lack, the frustration, or is it joy and abundance? And I hear many, many of you acknowledging the joy and abundance, which is fantastic!

I also hear the in-between where people say joy and abundance but yet they feel lack. And they say they are in abundance because they don’t want to focus upon the lack.

What happens is that if you are seeking to create a change for yourself but yet it’s something that is too far apart from where you are right this moment, then it doesn’t feel real to you. Therefore you are empowering the lack instead of the abundance.

So again, I still see everyone with divinity on one side, physical or earth-bound on the other side. Any time that you can see, sense, feel, hear this discernment of perception allow that warmth, that love, that flow of your divinity as it comes in and blend with you each and every time.

Here, in the All That Is I invite you to weave together the energies, your physical with your divinity and they merge together. Your mental and your Divinity and it adds to that. Your emotional and your Divinity and it comes together and then your earth bound Divinity and your I AM Presence and it comes together. Phew.

In every case 100 % of the time your Divinity loves and accepts you for who you are. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, it doesn’t matter you think you have done, or not done. Whenever you reach out to your Divinity and you allow that to flow within you, you create that alignment for yourself and you are once more opening up to feel the flow of the unconditional love and acceptance for who you are.

And when you consider the things that are happening in your life then allow that to be in the flow and allow that to create emotion so that you know, you know that you are in alignment with your Divinity and therefore as you are seeking what you want to have in your life. The ways in which it is coming to you will be made clear.

If you feel as if you are standing in that river of flow and awareness and not seeing anything or perceiving anything around you, open up and accept the flow of your Divinity, take a deep breath in, shift the energies around you as if to sometimes create a whirlwind. And then look again, or listen again, or become aware of what’s there for you.

As we consider that deeper and deeper integration that you’ve just moved through I invite you to consider - whether it’s on a daily basis - an hour by hour, a minute by minute -- that if need be you make that conscious blending of your Divinity and your thoughts, of your Divinity and your emotions, of your Divinity and your physical body; whatever it is that comes up for you.

Make it your conscious intention to be in that flow of awareness; allowing that to unfold for you so that you may see what is here right now. What is around you, right now. And when you are considering what opportunities you may have for yourself look with these inner eyes.

And with that it is as if we open up and we invite you to come in to this celebration that is here. This is a celebration of coming together as a community. This is a celebration of you for your evolution in life. This is a celebration of the opportunities that are here for you right now and that are unfolding on a continuous basis.

As we look around there is light, there is music, there are many many energies that are here that are coming within this space. As you move into this awareness, I invite you to come in with the intention of having a party, of having a celebration recognizing that there are angels, teachers, guides, there are all of you, your friends; there are so many energies that are here.

And any time that it is a place of celebration it is automatically a place of light, love, flow of energy. So look around! I see some of you are actually already moving out into the Universe. Some of you are saying, ‘well, let’s see where we can go with this’. Some of you might perhaps enjoy going back to their home star. Some of you may like to go back into that space of your Divinity and meet those other energies or aspects of yourself.

Whatever you would like to do, this is your space to do it. Celebrate with dance, celebrate with music; celebrate with whatever it is that you would like to have.

It’s so funny to see some of these experiences that people are having, it’s almost like those noise makers and blowers that you use on New Year’s Eve. We see some of the angels playing around with that, too, or simulating something like that.

We see that as people are coming together at this time of joy that there are many of these angels that are seeking you out individually to share with you how much you have done in your lifetime. For some it may be your whole entire life, for some it’s the last six months, for some the last year, whatever.

But you may see for yourself, or feel, sense or hear that they acknowledge the work that you have done. And they are also showing you from their eyes just exactly what they see what you have done.

Sometimes as a human people forget the big picture or they miss the big picture or they take for granted the many things or many steps they have walked upon. Now is the time to acknowledge this. Take it into your heart, take it into your consciousness.

In addition to that we have a sense of other people that have been working on creations, something that you are seeking to develop in your physical reality. You’re working out the details up here, inventions, that’s the word we were looking for.

There is going to be a lot that will change in the next five, to ten, to fifty years. The ways in which you work with energies is the biggest change that’s taking place. So some of you over here are talking perhaps to the ETs, perhaps to the angels, perhaps to other people of ways in which you will be working with the crystalline energy and utilizing it in your daily life.

Some of you know that you just want to be at peace, you just want to feel full and satisfied. You don’t know what your mission is, you don’t know what your intention is other than something, you just want something.

So look around here, during this time of celebration, during this time in which there is so much energy in one space there is someone waiting for you that would love to talk with you. There is someone seeking you out to share an idea with you. Be open to the flow. Be open to experience whatever this may be.

Everyone has a perception of what they want to do and of what that will look in their life.  This perception is maybe something that nudged you along and pushed you along again and again but maybe it’s time to let that go. Maybe it’s time to see, sense, feel a new direction. It’s you, it’s up to you.

Here within the All That Is you have first and foremost your complete blending and alignment with yourself. You also have the ability to create potentials and opportunities of what you would like to have in your daily life. You also have the potential to meet people that may help you with ideas and answers. There may be relationships that you will manifest upon the earth that have a foundation or a reconnection here, limitless. It is limitless.

So, be open. Feel the flow; let yourself experience this to the fullest, no matter what that may be.

As each one of you is enjoying yourself within this space recognize that you may come back at any time as often as you would like. It will always be here for you. Each time that you return you may have a little bit of a different perception and that’s because you’re in a different space that moment. So, accept whatever that is and understand that it is just giving you more and more and more.

As a group you have a sense of opening up to the hologram of the earth as it is comes up within you. As this hologram moves into place there is even more energy that emanates from it. It is already in alignment with the crystalline energies of the many many dimensions upon the earth.

And as you infuse within this hologram you infuse that blending of yourself; that full integration of your Divinity into all aspects of who you are, you infuse that into the hologram and the hologram itself begins to take on these electrical, colorful impulses and the energy just fills it up.

You then have a sense of letting it go. It moves down and it moves through the crystalline grid so that the energies move out throughout the various aspects or dimensions of the earth into the new earth and into the core of your physical earth. It aligns with the crystals and then flows out from there coming up through the earth, coming up through the grass, the trees, the water, the animals, coming up within you wherever you may be. And I invite you to be open and feel that flow of energy as it moves within you. WHEW

Take in a deep breath and allow yourself to adjust to those energies and then as that continues to take place you allow your focus to come back once more within the All That Is and as you are here within this space, I see many of you immediately going back into the celebration.

But I invite you to allow the majority of your consciousness to now come back within you. You have a sense of moving back through the Soul plane. And as you are there within the Soul plane from this greater blending with your consciousness in your physical reality you may sense more of your Divinity.

And then you allow your consciousness to stream back. As you get into the space where your Higher Self resides you recognize that this is where much of your Divinity may stay that’s available to you.

And then you stream back within you as much as you can tolerate. It’s as if it comes down through your head center, it moves through all your energy bodies within you and you send it down into the earth so that you may ground these energies within the earth.

And as you do so have that sense of starting up above your physical head or your physical body and consciously merge or blend together your Divinity and your mental body, your Divinity and your emotional body, your Divinity and your physical body and you send it all the way down into every cell within you. Feel your heart center as it opens even more. Feel every cell within your body vibrate as a resonance with your Divinity.

You are love. You are the expression of your I AM Presence. You are divine and everything is here for you right now.

I invite you to allow that to move more and more fully within you. I invite you to open up accepting that love and that awareness within you.

Alright, so we bring our evening to a close I want to just share one last time how much I appreciate all of you; all of you who have been with us for years and years, all of you who have been with us for just this moment on.

No matter what it is, you are a community of humans that are coming together with an intention of getting to know one another, working with these energies, be within this space.

So be open to the recognition that you are not alone, that there are more and more of you manifesting together upon the earth.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.



kaykay 23rd April 2013 4:17 am

Thank you Shelley and The Goddess of Creation!!!

Every time I read your messages from the Goddess of Creation, I can feel her presence....there's so much love and warmed coming from her! Words can't even describe this out pour of love! :angel:

Shelly Dressel 1st May 2013 3:39 pm

You're welcome! You're making me smile as I feel your response~~


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