Blending Male and Female to Create Balance

Nama Sika, Venia Benya              I AM the one,  I AM the whole

Greetings beloved family!  Greetings and welcome to this time together.  Welcome to this time of celebration as each of you are moving into yet another year upon the earth.  This time is always a time of contemplation.  It is a time of celebration.  It is a time when so many of you will perhaps make resolutions for changes that you would like to bring into this New Year.  There is always a shift that occurs around this time. 

This year that you are embarking upon, the year by your calendars known as 2006 is going to be a year of transformation.  It is going to be a year in which more and more of these energies that you have been working with will more and more fully into the earth plane.  As these energies are coming in, each of you will begin to truly manifest what you are seeking to have within your life.  You will find a greater ease in simply living your life.  You will find that manifestation will come to you in perhaps new and different ways than it has in the past.  Be open to receive. 

Allow your focus to shift.  Release your physical body, let your consciousness expand and through your intention, connect with the energies of the magnetic grid.  As you are connecting with the grid, you find yourself moving into that space which is yours within this energy field.  Allow yourself to align within this area and if you so desire, send forth impulses of light.  Send forth your intention perhaps to connect with other individuals.  Become aware of how you are a part of this integral make up. 

As you are ready to do so, release this space moving through the interlocking grid that you may arrive within the space of the crystalline grid.  You let go the density and the gravity of the earth plane.  As you shift into these crystalline energies, feel how your vibration is shifting.  Each of you are becoming more and more attuned to these subtle energies that are within this space.  You may perceive yourself as an impulse, as a light; you may perceive that there is one or more crystal that seems to vibrate in alignment with who you are.  As you pause within this space, you are opening your awareness and you are letting go any density that might hold you back as you move further along in this journey. 

Call forth a column of light.  Perceive this column as it sparkles and illuminates all that is around you.  As you blend with the column, you can find yourself shifting; shifting your awareness, shifting your consciousness.  Let it assist you in moving into the space of the soul plane. 

As you arrive within the soul plane, you feel as if you emerge from the column.  You feel as if your consciousness moves out in every direction. This place feels like home.  This energy gives you a boost.  Allow yourself to receive.  It may happen automatically, but if you need to, call forth your I AM presence.  This presence is your divinity.  This is who you are in all aspects of your soul. 

Take a moment, perhaps as you are blending with it or immediately before you blend with the essence and allow yourself to come to an understanding.  Become aware of how much of your soul has not even been made known to you in the past.  Allow your awareness to expand so that you may see other aspects of who you are, so that your divinity may take on even greater energy as a result of your focus upon it.  As you blend, feel how your consciousness expands further and further.  You as a human have limitations of exactly how much of your soul or divinity you are able to perceive.  Allow this veil, if you want to call it that, to be removed.  Allow yourself to truly know who you are. 

I the Goddess make myself known to you.  You may see or sense as I move into this room or into this group.  Allow my light to reflect back to you who you are.  As I reach out to embrace you, allow yourself to come fully into my presence.  Feel the shift that occurs as you blend with me.  As you do this, you may find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.  Within this space, let yourself float.  It may feel as if it’s the void.  Let yourself truly feel and acknowledge where you are. 

The year that you have just completed has been a year of immense transformation.  Around the world there were a number of immense changes to the actual earth itself; through the earth quakes, tsunami’s, the hurricane’s, and in some of the more remote areas, there were even volcanic eruptions.  The earth itself is preparing to shift into what is known as the fourth dimension.  The humans who are walking upon the earth are already living within the fourth and some of you even the fifth dimension.  Actually, there are some who live even higher than that even as you walk upon the earth.  It has always been so that each of you are multi dimensional.  Each of you has always been able to shift your consciousness; although you were perhaps unaware of what you were doing.

This next year the earth itself will continue to have more of these experiences that will assist it in releasing old energies that in turn will allow for a greater blending with the new energies.  What is essential for you the human to remember is to be in your space of peace.  Be in a space of acceptance.  And we know that that is much much harder to do when you are the one in the midst of whatever may be happening.  So everyone else around can then connect to any situation and create that focus for all who are immediately involved. 

Your breath is essential.  When you focus on how you breathe, you can release what no longer works for you.  You can breathe in peace.  While you may find yourself still within the space; perhaps of fear or discomfort, whatever it may be.  For that moment, when you consciously focus on your breathing you allowed yourself that moment of balance and that moment of peace. 

Each of you have spent this past year creating change within your life.  For some it has already manifested, for others it may be that you have done the preparation and now you are awaiting for how it will manifest.  Be open to a multitude of potentials.  Be aware that there are many many ways that you will manifest within your life.  Know and understand that you from your divine aspect of yourself is creating all that is happening.  Your divine aspect puts forth a multitude of potentials, and then your human aspect reacts to those potentials.  There are other individuals within your life who have an affect upon you. There are situations in your life that no matter where it has come from be aware that you are connected.  Be aware that every situation is about growth or evolution.  Beloved family that does not mean that every experience that you will have in the coming year will be about struggle.  It need not be so. 

What I wish for each of you to do at this time is to look inside of yourself.  You have done this a number of times within the last several journeys.  But take this moment and let us call forth the time when we were together for the first time in January of 2005.  See yourself as you were at that time.  Where did you live?  Who was with you?  Take a moment and call to your attention what you were seeking to change within your life.  What was ready to be let go?  Allow all of that to come back to you at this moment.  Allow your awareness to be within this space. 

As you consider this you may be surprised at some of the things that throughout the year suddenly you lost interest in.  Be aware of how things may have manifested in a different way than you had anticipated they would. Be aware of the ways in which you felt as if you were so pulled.  Take this moment to embrace that aspect of yourself and your experience in the past year.  Feel as if you are taking in a breath or flowing the energy that is all around you.  Embrace whatever the experience may have been or if it was a series of experiences; acknowledging that there was a reason why things happened.  You need not know all the details. 

As you are moving into this New Year upon the earth, let go that pain, sorrow, any suffering that you may still have around you.  Allow yourself to take in a breath of energy and release anything that has been holding you back.  Release it with love. Release it with a sense of caring for yourself.  Release it in whatever form is best for you. 

Now then see yourself as you are this first day of the New Year, this first day of 2006.  As you look at the year to come, allow yourself to bring to your attention or awareness what you may be seeking to manifest in the year to come. Acknowledge how much has shifted in the past year.  Feel the freedom within yourself as you have let go what was holding you back. 

As you look at the year to come, you may have something very specific you would like to manifest or transition.  You may be very generalized and open to accept whatever it is that may come your way.  Open and see the potentials.  Release a preconceived notion or a limited belief of how this is going to manifest for you.  As you release a specific agenda or a specific expectation you find that there are more potentials available to you.  You may call upon the angels or guides as you are moving through your days.  But indeed you are mostly calling upon your own self, your higher self, your soul essence.  You work with yourself first and foremost then all these angels and guides are there in support of you.

This year is going to be a year of greater blending upon the earth. There is going to be a greater blending of the energies that are being brought in and created by you the light workers.  There is going to be a greater blending within each one of you as you move into your own potentials. Throughout all that may be occurring within your life, open to self acceptance and self love.  Allow yourself to accept who you are.  I the Goddess see each and every one of you as the purest energy of love.  I feel such joy as I connect with you.

There is no judgment from anyone on this side of the veil.  Judgment is something a human devised.  There was a reason for it at the time it came in, but it no longer needs to be a part of your existence.  You as a human will need discernment as you move through your days, but the difference between discernment and judgment is that you may take in the energies of the situation, or when you meet an individual you may discern a feeling they create inside of you.  This may be a feeling that says keep them at a distance; it may be a feeling that says draw them in close.  It is not judgment to use discernment in your life. 

But when you are so hard on yourself, when you judge your actions, when you judge the choices you have made in your life, when you feel as if you have let yourself or others down; that harshness brings energetic tears to our eyes.  We on this side of the veil embrace you no matter what your choices have been.  We know that your soul is evolving.  We know that your soul is growing from whatever experience you have had in your life.  The judgment that you may hold is always reflected at yourself first and foremost, then at others.  Even though it may be or feel as if you are judging others and not yourself, be aware that underneath it all the judgment is against you first.

So beloved family, release the judgment.  Release any harsh thoughts or beliefs you have about yourself.  Open and feel your divinity.  Open and feel your love for yourself first and foremost. The more that you can discern and feel your own love, the more you can feel ours.  The more that you can feel the love of the people around you, the more that you can accept of yourself, the more that you can accept all the potentials that are there for you.  Breathe in love.  Feel what it is like in this moment.  Let this moment be a part of your daily life. 

We are going to shift gears slightly.  As a part of the blending that I perceive occurring upon the earth, I would like for you each to take this moment to go inside and ask yourself; “what aspect of me is in alignment with the divine feminine?”  Whether you are male or female, you have feminine aspects or attributes within yourself.  Allow yourself to become aware.  You may perceive this as softness, gentleness; you may perceive this as an aspect that is open, loving acceptance. 

Now shift your awareness and ask yourself which part of you is in alignment with the divine masculine.  I am going to shift and allow the divine masculine to speak with you at this time.  As I am the Goddess, this is God who is speaking to you are will be in a moment.

Divine Masculine, God speaks:

Greetings beloved family!  Feel my presence as I come amongst you.  There may be ways in which I feel very similar to the Goddess energy because I am fully blended with her.  It has been needed upon the earth a greater balance between the masculine and feminine energies.  That is why the focus has been over the last 10-15 years especially to bring in greater and greater amounts of the divine feminine.  You on earth are hearing more about Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene; you are hearing more about the Goddess.  Within all of these attributes or aspects of the divine feminine there are various perceptions or levels of awareness.  Each individual human connects with them at whatever point is best for them. 

Here am I, God essence; the divine masculine.  Look inside of yourself and as I speak with you, open to know what is in alignment with the masculine?  Feel within yourself who you are from your masculine perception.  As you look through out history, especially the most recent; perhaps 2,000-3,000 years in linear time, there has indeed been a greater and greater amount of the energy shifting into the masculine energies.  All has come full circle. 

There will always be individuals who align themselves with either the masculine or feminine.  But those of you who choose to be on this path that you are on, those of you who are choosing to ascend to a new level, you are the ones who are also choosing to integrate your own masculinity and femininity.   So that you smoothly move back and forth and you may consider yourself a fully balanced individual. 

Consider the spiritual leaders that they (humanity) have had.  The vast majority have been masculine; Muhammad, Abraham, Jesus, to name just a few, Buddha, Krishna; these energies are all coming around and gathering as I speak to you.  And so we see as if on the right, these aspects that are represented as the divine masculine, they hold and flow the energy of their masculinity as being human.  They hold and flow their energy of the spiritual. 

As if you are looking to your left, we observe the many aspects of the Divine Goddess.  Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene are the very prominent ones right now.  But there were many others that were also a part of this. 

So we see both the masculine and the feminine representation of spirituality.  As I open my awareness I feel my beloved aspect as Goddess standing beside me.  So family, each of you look inside of yourself and feel your male and female aspects.  Just as I am about to fully blend with the Goddess energies, so too these energies that have represented the masculine form of spirituality and the feminine form of spirituality move towards one another and each of them are blending the masculine and feminine. 

As they blend these energies they do so consciously and to give to you the humans the energetic space to assist you in blending all that is within you!  As they merge and blend with one another, I too merge and blend with the Goddess and I shift and allow her to continue……




The Goddess of Creation:

So feel it within you Beloveds, feel what it is to be fully blended within yourselves.  Just as so many of you for the New Year have the fireworks that are exploding, as all these sacred energies which are aspects of the masculine and feminine in their divinity; as they blend with one another it creates a fireworks on this part of the veil.  As I look beneath that energy, I see each of you as you blend fully within yourself your male and female energies; you too become a firework of yourself!!  You may expand.  You may flow.  Feel what this is to be fully connected. 

Allow yourself to open and receive these energies that are all around you.  Perhaps there is one of these aspects that you would like to speak with at this time?  Perhaps you would like to speak individually with me or with any of these angels and guides.  You always have the opportunity to do so.  While you are within this space, let your consciousness expand in such a way that you take this in and you know what it is.  Know that your questions can be answered in a download.  Know that your questions will be answered in your dreams.  Release resistance so that you will hear what you are seeking to hear. 

Allow yourselves to come back together as a group.  You are acclimating to this greater balance within you.  Allow yourself to come and connect with the others who are within your group.  As always there are way more individuals who are present here within this energetic space because those who will read this at a later date, those who choose to connect through intention, all are present in this moment because this moment is when YOU are connecting. 

Feel the air of celebration.  Let yourself connect with whomever you may seek to connect with.  Send the greetings around your group.  Now within this group we see the hologram of the earth as it comes up from within the center or into the center.  As the earth is coming into being, or this hologram of the earth, perceive as it rotates and shifts. 

As Lady Gaia comes forth from the earth, we see her as all of us have always known her to be.  And we see emerging a divine masculine aspect which is also a part of lady Gaia.  She shows this to each of you since this has been a part of the focus at this time.  There are many aspects of the earth and from within the earth that are in alignment with the masculine.  It is as if the two of them send forth their energy and their embrace.  Just as each of you have merged within yourselves, we have a sense of seeing how they too embrace one another.  Lady Gaia herself opens to embrace her masculine as it blends with her feminine.  She does this in response to what you are doing. 

As she moves back down within the hologram, the hologram itself begins to rotate.  Just as you are in your space of balance, send forth that energy of balance into this hologram of the earth.  It will resonate with Gaia and the balance that you see and hold for the earth will make itself known more and more in the days and years to come.  It will be awhile before the collective consciousness has completely shifted into a greater balance.  But there are more and more of you, the lightworkers, and the masters, you who walk upon the earth.  When you consciously balance yourself or flow the energy of balance it is having an impact!

See the hologram.  See what is happening with the energies of balance.  Let yourself feel this alignment to the earth. 

As the time is right, the earth itself begins to shift in such a way that it moves down.  Perhaps through that column of light or it creates its own column of light.  It moves into the crystalline grid, it then shifts into the magnetic grid, and an aspect of that balance blends and aligns with the magnetic grid.  Then the core essence of all that you were working with continues to move down, moving into the earth, blending with the earth.  As it blends those energies come back out through the water, the grass, through the oceans; into everything that is upon the earth. 

This will assist you in maintaining the balance that you created for yourself.  If you feel yourself shifting out of that space of balance, breathe in balance.  Breathe in acceptance of yourself.  Breathe in self love. 

Alright beloved family, shift your energies back into the space where you are within the All That Is.  This time shift your consciousness so that you may have a sense of looking at the Omniverse.  You may perceive the Omniverse as if you are standing on a precipice.  You may have a sense of seeing a multitude of different planets and stars.  Send forth the energies of balance that have been created this evening.  As each of you consciously sends out into the Omniverse, your own divine balance, so too everyone around is doing so as are all the angels, the guides, the other energies of light who also shifted their energies to be in balance and shift this energetic transformation.  All of that is flowing out into the Omniverse and there are those within the Omniverse who are open to receive. 

You have an affect upon yourself, upon the earth, upon the other planets within your galaxy and upon the other planets within the Omniverse.  It may feel as if you are one tiny spark in comparison to the rest, but each little spark is a part of the whole.  Each little spark is important to all.  YOU are important to yourself and to everyone else.  WE LOVE YOU!  We honor you.  We support you.  As you are in this moment and as you are in every moment. 

Alright, shift your awareness that you may return to the space of the soul plane.  Be in that space allowing it to expands so as to accommodate your energies.  As you become comfortable within this space, take a moment to create a hologram if you need to or simply link with your physical body, your human aspect, your ego or personality. Howsoever you wish to perceive it, link and create this flow of energy so that your human aspect is able to tap into this balance.  So that your human expression of your divinity will be in complete balance.  You may feel a shifting that occurs as this transpires.  This is going to move through all of your energy fields and into each cell within your physical body.  Allow yourself to be open to receive.  As you are ready to do so, reach out and embrace this hologram.  Reach out to embrace your human aspect. 

As you are ready to do so, shift your awareness so that you may once again merge with the crystalline grid.  You may perceive how there is an even greater flow of the crystalline energies through this crystalline grid.  You find that you are very aligned with these new energies because the new energies being brought into the earth are of the crystalline energies rather than the denseness of the magnetics.  The crystalline energies are more transparent.  They are more pliable.  They allow for a greater ease in shifting.  They allow for the changes that are coming to be; including telepathy, teletransport, manifestation in the instant, shifting between dimensions, allowing yourself to expand more easily. 

As you are ready, you move further blending with the magnetic grid.  You feel the gravitational pull, you feel the density.  All of this is a part of the earthly experience.  It is beautiful.  It has allowed for an infinite amount of soul growth; having the opportunity to be on the earth.  Continue to allow your consciousness to shift that it may return back into its physical body.  Allow your physical body to expand the energy fields around you.  Allow them to expand further as you bring more and more of your consciousness back with you. 

As you are doing this and becoming acclimated I invite you to return to the room of the teleconference by pressing 4 upon your telephone.  As you are coming back into the room, continue to let yourself ground and I am open to receive your questions.




Question: <paraphrased>  I am wondering if you can help with what is going on in my life.  It seems as if I keep trying to manifest but it’s just not happening.  My family is very difficult and make it really painful to live here. No matter how much I try to be in my space of balance or new energy, I keep getting pulled out.  I don’t know where I can go, what I can do, how I can manifest the money I need. 

Answer:  Alright beloved.  We are connecting with the situations that you speak of.  We are connecting with the flow energy around you.  We understand what you mean when you speak of feeling challenged or the negative energies that seem to pull you out of your space of balance.  With this journey tonight you have actually released from within you a sense of lack.  The financial prosperity that you are asking for, we see that is has been around you for a time but it’s almost as if the vibration of the money vs. the vibration of you have been at two different levels and therefore cannot merge with one another.  We therefore sense that you have been able to tap into aspects of it or portions of it but it has not been to the full capacity that you are seeking.  What we sense is happening as a result of bringing up this question and what you have been doing on this journey is that you have been letting go of these experiences that you have had in the last year.  You have been letting go of the feeling of lack or the questioning or the wondering.  We sense that the way you will manifest this is that it will come about in several ways.

We have always seen around you jobs that have to do with writing.  We have seen job potentials where you would actually go into an office and work, where it is something to do with writing or organization, or something along that line.  We know this is what you would like to do and it has not manifested.  So we are actually seeing that there are other potentials that may not be in the aspect of this than what you have been seeking in the past.  It may be that it is a stepping stone or take you in a new direction because we see you working with a group of people.  We have in the past seen you move to other locations, again these are all just potentials you put forth for yourself.  Now we see something to do with acting, something to do with movies, some sort of energy around that and reading.  Does that make any sense to you beloved?  <She commented further.> What we are seeing is that there is much you would like to do on your own.  That you will then submit and it’s is if you are working independently.  We also see you going in and working for somebody who is already established.  It won’t be your own script per se, but you will be working as an assistant to someone.  You will be reading the script and you will assist in modifying it, some sort of a way in which you are working for other people.  The situation or the establishment is already there and you are stepping into it.  This is one of the ways that it feels different this time from what you have said in the past.  We also have a sense that any job you seek to do is more a non traditional job.  You are very creative and it is important for you to be able to express your creativity.  If you have something that was very regimented it would be difficult for you to confine yourself in such a way. 

Now as for your living situation we see that you have been doing a great deal to diffuse these energies.  We see that it is a challenge sometimes for you to remain within your space, or remain within your divinity; that space of balance that again we were speaking of this evening.  We do see you moving in the next one to two months and it’s difficult to say if the job comes up and you move or if you move and the comes up.  It’s almost as if the two of them are interlinked.  There are potentials that are floating around you and when you find yourself…… we see you getting out and walking and that allows you to get out of the house and into another location.  We see that you are doing everything that you can and that for the most part you are in a space of being connected to your divinity.  It’s as if you energetically get knocked around.  That is when you can breathe in your balance.  Breathe in the love or the embrace or the support of all that is around you.  That will assist you in getting through the moment.  Trust that there is a great deal around you that are coming as potentials.  Trust that you do have the opportunity of making changes in your life, so if you release any specific expectation; we know that we are giving you ideas and that will create an expectation.  But be aware that these are only potentials and there are even more available to you, they just are not as prevalent at this time.  Open and allow for this to unfold in whatever way it may.  The reason it seems we are rambling right now is because you receiving a download as we speak to you that will assist you in greater prosperity in the year to come.  It will also assist you in opening to new potentials that will come to you in your dream state or as you are reading the paper or there will be ways in which you look at something and it will come to you; as if this is what you have been thinking.  Alright beloved?  <She continued to speak of more questions.>  

In part the negativity that you feel from them has been a mirror for yourself.  It is allowing you an outside view of something that is coming up within you that is waiting to be released or let go.  What you are going to find is that as you are shifting into a place of greater self acceptance or greater love of yourself.  As you feel the frustration with your family, you are also feeling the frustration within yourself and it creates inside of you a feeling of why am I here?  Why am I doing this?  You question and you doubt, you think harshly of some of the decisions you have made for yourself.  So what we want to encourage you to do is say “Ok, this is the family I have.  They are upon their journey, I am upon my journey and at this moment it is not blending well with one another”.  Using the discernment we spoke of earlier, it is not saying you love your family any less, it’s simply saying that this is situation that is not going to work for me, therefore I will find something else that will work for me.  We feel that a part of the reason you stay there is financial, but also there is a part of you that just keeps hanging on because of habit, it is the known.  And there is the fear of stepping into the unknown.  If I do move out, will there be enough of an income to provide me for what I need.  There is just this essence of fear that surrounds the whole situation.   If you can accept that you are who you are and they are who they are and if you can release that feeling or pull that you feel from them, perhaps feel more detached from them; then living where you are won’t affect you quite as much.  Also it will allow you a greater potential to move out.  You won’t leave them behind or cut them out of your life completely, but you are cutting out the energetic response that is within you.  <She made comments> you have been working with it, so simply be open to receive and open to love and acceptance from yourself.  As you accept yourself you will accept the other abundance and flow that is around you.  Thank you beloved.


Question: <paraphrased> This person spoke at length about the affect this journey has had upon her.  She made comments about how other people’s questions can assist her and she knows within herself the answer to her questions with more and more frequency.  She expressed appreciation in being able to participate in all of this.  She also recently received a star burst opal as a gift.  She asked to know the energies behind this stone?

Answer:  First of all, as for the words you spoke of as how the previous question was answered and came from within you; that it does indeed affect many other people who were either reading or listening to this.  That is indeed true because no one of you in your experiences are left alone in what you do.  It feels as if you are sometimes very alone because it is you having the experience.  But we re-iterate that you are not alone in the physical sense of the human nor are you alone from the support available from the angels and guides who are around you.  So the affirmation of that is very appreciated.  We thank you for bringing that up and stating it. 

As for the stone that you got, the Opal; well, with almost any of the precious stones there is an inner brilliance that is reflected in many different ways. So for the Opal that you speak of with the many different rays, each color has its own vibration and it’s alignment to that color.  So be aware that when you are wearing it, it is assisting you in aligning with whatever the colors are, it is assisting your energy field in being cleansed and we have a sense there is a great deal of energy and vibration within this Opal and it is going to create a sense of balance within you because as it reflects these various colors it’s as if those colors come into balance, so too you the individual and your life also comes into balance by having that stone around you.  Is that what you were sensing?  The alignment with the various colors?  <She spoke further> Exactly beloved and I say to you Rainbow Medicine Woman; affirming your beautiful and unique soul name that you have chosen.  Allow the rainbow within the stone to reflect the rainbow within you.


Question:  <paraphrased> Do you have anything that you can say to and about Indigo children?  I have been told I am one and I feel such pain.  Pain is always around me and in me, sometimes so excruciating.  I have found a group called Shaumbra and I talk with them quite a bit.  Sometimes it’s really helpful, other times I can feel all of their pain too.  Do you have anything you can say to me?

Answer:  The work that you are here to do on earth is first of all related to this suffering that you are speaking of.  So many people as they move along the ascension process [will have] many different and varied experiences in your life.  The ‘ascension process’ is a little bit of a catch phrase that is very popular with people on earth right now.  Basically what it means is that you are shifting your conscious awareness through the experiences and actions that you take, whatever it may be along that line.  For you, you have been having a great deal of suffering and it is as if you peeling off the onion; taking this layer, then this layer, then this layer.  Rather than feeling within yourself that you are getting to the center and it is all going away and releasing, it is almost as if it’s opening up and allowing more and more suffering to come through.  We wish to say to you that this is not necessary to be as harsh as it has been.  We know that where you are right now, this is not something that you can fully accept for yourself.  So what we are going to do is surround you with light.  Everyone who is here listening at this moment, everyone who will be reading this in the days to come; are all holding you through your acknowledgment that you are in this space of shifting and how painful it has been for you.  We hold you in the space that you will find this balance within yourself.  That you will let go of this unbearable suffering that you have had.  We see that it is something that goes very deeply within you and it is something that is a hold over from many different lifetimes.  You chose in this lifetime to be able to let it go once and for all so that it would no longer be a part of your soul essence.  That is what you are doing.  When you are in the midst of suffering sometimes what happens; like the gerbil that is going around and around and around, so too it’s as if you are in this space of suffering and it’s difficult to get out of that mode so you can move forward. 

So we hold you in the space and flow the energy around you that you can breathe in and take this moment to say “I release the suffering”.  Begin to do that throughout your day so that you will have longer and longer periods in which you are able to let go of this pain.  It is very real to you.  It is very much a part of who you are and what is happening but indeed some of it is also just the memory of past experience.  If you can let go of what is no longer fully present in your moment.  If you can trust and understand that what was in the past can no longer affect or hurt you. It cannot hurt you.  It can only be released and let go.  For what this experience is within your life, we see that you are on the point of truly letting it go.  You are on the point of being ready to move forward in your life.  As we spoke upon the journey about judgment of self and others, all of that is a part of what is holding the pain around you.  As you can let go of the judgment of yourself, as you can accept that these experiences happened and that there was a greater reason for it; you no longer need to be within that space.  You can now move forward and let it go behind you.  Those types of affirmations will assist you in getting beyond this. 

You have done so much work!  You don’t need to be in this pain.  You don’t need to be in the space where this has gone on and on and on.  So we flow with you the love and the light that you will feel that you are past it once and for all beloved.  Alright?  <So spoke some more this time asking about Shaumbra> many within this group are Shaumbra, including the channel herself.  Shaumbra are a very diverse group of people who are in alignment with these energies.  You are a very sensitive individual so as you have been releasing and working on what you are working on, it makes you even more sensitive to the energies.  Sometimes when you are with a group of people, when you can talk to them and there is the mutual support situation or there is a mutual acceptance can all be very helpful to you.  But when you are in a space of being so sensitive to energies and sometimes if someone else is also in a space of suffering you are taking on their suffering in addition to your own.  That is why it ends up as if you are feeling worse sometimes instead of feeling better.  What is important for you to do is recognize that it is not your suffering that you are tapping into sometimes.  It is just a level or energy that is radiated by all the people letting go of it or all the people who are in it for that moment of learning as they may need to.  So we support you in whatever you choose to find as a support mechanism in your life.  There are groups and people available to you.  Be aware that you can talk to individuals and express yourself.  But if you find that you are going over and over the same situation or talking with someone else who is just going over and over; neither one of you is moving anywhere, it is as if you are just jogging in place.  Allow yourself the sense of motion.  Allow yourself the sense of moving so that you may move beyond this which is what you are asking to do.  You can do it, you are doing it!  Use your breathing and visualization of being balance.  Let the balance move out from you to allow you to make the shift you are seeking.


Question:  <paraphrased> I’m wondering if you can give me any insights about how I will grow spiritually in the year to come and what animals will be my totems. 

Answer:  We will actually give this back to you.  What do you want this New Year to bring to you in your spiritual growth?  <she answered talking about wanting to expand in a way that would allow her to be more open.  She said she wanted a closer relationship with her guides where she can truly communicate and understand them.> So that is how you perceive your soul will grow, is that you should align with a higher level than where you are living.  This is indeed a way of expressing your divinity.  It is indeed a way of expanding spiritually.  But there are many other ways that you can expand your spirituality.  Sometimes our sense is that you are looking at something that is big and grandiose and there are many simple things that you are doing along the pathway that are actually assisting you in this growth.  It is assisting you in your spiritual expansion but because they are very subtle sometimes you may not be as aware of them.  For this coming year as you are expanding your spirituality and growth, be open to understand and acknowledge that no matter what you are doing each day, you are expanding and growing.  No matter what is occurring around you, be it in your community, your family; you can go inside of yourself, find your space of balance and from within the balance you express that out to all who are around you.  That is the space that will allow you to open to more and more of your divinity or expansion.  We were with you when you were speaking before the channel.  You are psychic. You do have the potential to see the angel and guides around you.  You do have the potential to do all that you are seeking to do.  We ask only that you release limitations.  That you release the belief “that some else can do it but I can’t”.   Indeed, you can.  Now all who are reading or listening may think we are speaking to this one individual, but we are speaking to all.  Everyone has this potential and everyone is moving in that direction in one form or another.  It is specialized by your journey.  But each of you is moving in that direction. 

As for the totems, we continue to see the fairies strengthening around you.  There has been a wolf in your totem and now we are seeing for some reason a polar bear or the bear energy.  We also see birds.  We are actually seeing that there is a great affinity for all animals.  We don’t see that there is only one animal around you but many and it will flow and shift depending on what is occurring within your life.  So if you seek to make a particular change or shift, you can always call on that totem to come and be with you, to assist you in that moment.  Does that make sense beloved?  She said and thank you.  You are welcome. 


Question:  <paraphrased> What can you tell me about this coming year and my expansion? 

Answer:   We hear what you are saying and understand that you as the human would like to know what these changes are that are coming into your life.  You as the human would like to have this greater understanding that you are seeking.  The one thing that we will say to you is that you are really shifting in such a way that you are opening up more and more.  As if the lotus flower that continues to open its petals layer upon layer upon layer.  You are doing this.  You are opening up in a very consistent basis.  For us to tell you anything very specific we sense would create a limitation for you.  So we don’t want to tell you any one thing.  We sense that you will then link onto whatever we say and keep you from being aware of the other potentials around you.  We will say that you are very linked to Yeshua; you are very linked to Mary.  These energies are with you and becoming stronger and stronger to assist in whatever you create for yourself.  You are creating your reality.  You are creating the changes and shifts.  As you are more and more accepting this in your life you will then perhaps be able to see it more clearly.  You will trust yourself more.  That is what we sense more so need to happen for you.  That you trust that you will know what is going on; that you trust that you will be aware and see these changes as they are occurring.  As you are trusting yourself, it is stemming from your self love and acceptance.  All of this is what allows you to move into this greater space of expansion that you are asking for.  Alright beloved?  She spoke more…… exactly!  That has been a big step for you and that was what much of last year was.  The space of deserving goes hand in hand with self acceptance does it not?  So we embrace and salute you for all that you have done.  We will be walking with you hand in hand as you are moving into this next year. 

Alright we do know that there are many others of you who would like to ask questions but we do need to draw this time to a close.  Be aware that I work with you whenever you call on me.  Be aware that there are many angels and guides who are also working with you.  Open to receive the understanding perhaps through your dream state, perhaps through the written word.  There are many many ways in which you can receive communication from us. 

As was stated in this journey I reaffirm that each of you is a beautiful and glorious light.  I reaffirm that each of you is exactly where you need to be at this moment in your life.  I hold the space and flow the energy that you can accept yourself, that you can accept all that has happened that brought you to this moment in time that you may accept all of who you are and where you are going.  You are the creators.  You are the manifesters.  You are the masters of all of this as you are walking upon the earth.

I thank you and I am always with you and within you!





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