Blending with the Elementals and Mystical Creatures

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light! As always I thank for this opportunity to bring me into your space, and into your physical body, into every aspect of your being, as we get together and join at these times in which you bring me into the earth plane.  I am with you more often than you realize during the time in between these channels. You will become more, and more aware of the ways in which I am around you in the days and weeks to come. Indeed, as we're moving forward, allow yourself to become aware of everything that is around you. Allow yourself to look between the dimensions and feel and sense, the changes that are occurring all around you. This will become easier and easier, the more that your inner eye has opened up and the more that you become acclimated to this higher level of vibration. As has been spoken of in the time before the channel, there are still shifts and adjustments that will occur both in the physical body, and the emotional body. <This was in reference to the time since the Harmonic Concordance.> Trust and understand that everything is leading to yet another plateau or
another level of growth and development. Allow yourself in part to mourn what you are letting go of and leaving behind, but so too allow yourself to express an interest in whatever comes your way, then let it go as you move into a new and different space.

With that, allow yourself to move up into the magnetic grid. As you connect with this grid work you are instantly aware of the many pathways that move out from where you find yourself upon the grid. You may have a sense of impulses that are moving along. You may see bolts of light so to speak as if they are a lightning bolt moving in one or more directions. All of this indicates an impulse that moves along and is conducted from one person to the next.

Move beyond this grid work and into the crystalline grid. As you do so, you leave behind the magnetics, or that part which holds you onto the earth plane. Within the crystalline grid, you have oftentimes had a sense of crystals sometimes in groups and clusters, sometimes large crystals seeming to be suspended in air. Allow yourself to expand your mind to take in that indeed even within the crystalline grid there are pathways. As you move through this path, allow your consciousness to take in and shift and evolve. Spend a moment here coming to a better understanding of what this means.

As you are ready, you call forth a column of light. You feel this light as it comes down and surrounds you. As you blend with the energy of this light, you find yourself ascending or moving through into a new and different dimension. As you emerge, you have a sense of the complete expansion that is you in this space of the soul plane!

You call forth your I AM presence. You blend completely with this aspect of yourself. As you are doing so, it allows you to become aware of the different energies of light that are around you in this space. Take a moment to connect with the other friends and family members that are with you upon this journey. Each person is on their own individual journey, but so too are you a part of the whole. You can feel the difference in this energy field with the shifting that occurred with the harmonic concordance. It raised the level of the soul plane to yet a higher finer dimension. So too, it raises the vibration upon the earth plane. During the journey tonight we will experience this and come to an even greater understanding of what you went through and experience last week. <During the journey of the Harmonic Concordance.> As you are taking in the subtle differences of this space around you, allow yourself to know and feel the translucent colors that are here. There is perhaps a sound that is associated with this vibration, or a sound that is associated with this space.

We call forth the energy of myself, the Goddess of Creation, the divine feminine. Howsoever you wish to identify with me. I move amongst you and between you so that each of you may feel throughout your entire I AM presence of the energy that is invoked by myself. Allow yourself to expand out even further as you blend and merge with this aspect of the divine feminine.

We call forth the energy of God. You feel the boldness and the strength that moves through and amongst you as this energy of the divine masculine is moving through. You may first become aware of this energy, and then you open and allow an even further blending so that you may feel an even greater
expansion within you. Allow everything to blend and swirl together and become one within your consciousness.

Allowing this blending of both the divine feminine and divine masculine within you assists you into a space of balance. You have the nurturing, supporting aspect that has typically been the feminine as it is infused with the strength and the assertion that has typically been the masculine aspect. It allows for a gentleness to infuse your assertive or movement forward behavior.  So too, it brings a greater strength and peace to the receptivity of the feminine aspect. You know intrinsically that all of this has occurred, but as you take a moment to come to the realization you are able to honor the ways in which you yourself have evolved into this space.

Allow yourself to move towards that door that leads into the Beyond; that door or the portal if you wish to consider it that that allows you to shift and move into yet a higher dimension, into a space in which you are the All That Is. You need not seek anything more. As you step through this door, feel yourself move out and expand. You take on particles of light. As each of these particles become infused within your consciousness, you are incorporating a higher, finer, energy form that will allow you to move
through your days with ease.

Take this moment to move into what might be considered the void. Move into a space in which you simply exist. You allow your consciousness to be in a space of suspension. You need not seek, think, or worry about a thing. All you are doing is existing in this space. You feel the supporting energy that is all around you. You know that you are not alone. You know and understand that you are in a space of oneness. Infuse every aspect of your consciousness with the solid knowledge and the confirmation that you are everything that you desire.  You are complete and whole as the person that you are and as the consciousness that you are. The more that you can take this within your consciousness and be in a space of infusing this energy throughout every aspect of your being, the more that you are able to trust
and understand it <the energy> from a personality level as you return to the earth plane. You will always have the memory of this space, and you can call it forth in the days to come. You will always know and understand that you are perfection. You are a balance of the All That Is.

We call forth now, your angels, guides, or perhaps an energy of light that you would like to work with. If there is something that you are manifesting upon the earth plane, create it in this space. For this is the space of creation, this space in which everything originates. You are able to do everything completely on your own, within your own consciousness, but you need not do so. There are many, many resources that are available to you. Some of you are directly connected with the energy sources or the entities
that inhabit some of the other planets or stars out in the universe.

These energies of light will take the opportunity now to come in and join with you. So too, upon the earth plane, you are finding greater and greater amounts of the elementals that are coming back to you, but they are coming back to you in a different form than what they were before. These elementals come to you in the shape of fairies, gnomes, elves, and they are there with an express purpose of assisting you in whatever it is that you are working with or moving through upon the earth. You may call forth their energy and light at this time. There are also the mystical creatures Pegasus, dragons, those that were half human half animal. There are many more that have been lost from consciousness, but they were all there and had a specific purpose when upon the earth plane. Many these entities <the elementals> were seeded with your home star energies, so that as you were upon the earth plane they
were there as a reminder of who you were so that you were never left alone.

You may find that your space is becoming very crowded with all the different potentials that are here to be with your and assist you in this space. Have a sense of connecting with whatever comes to mind for you or with that which you seek to communicate or connect with.  Your sense of homecoming and welcoming expands out to encompass a larger area. You are reminded of your sense of joy and excitement because you have your journey upon the earth.  Ask to know the ways in which they are there to assist you.

Allow your excitement to bubble up inside! Allow every aspect of your consciousness to reflect the joy, the excitement, the anticipation of all that is to occur in the days and weeks to come. For some, you may have a sense of a greater purpose. This purpose may come to you in a way in which it brings a sense of seriousness or a sense of depth that is new and different to you. Know and understand that everything you do as you move through your days is exactly what you need at that moment. You are always supported, and it is never more than what you can do with joy.

We are going to have a sense of creating a portal or an opening through which you can move more easily. We are going to be working more consistently with the shape of the diamond. This is just one of the ways in which you are able to create pathways between yourself and others, or pathways between
yourself and the higher dimensions. See yourself as standing at one point, or your consciousness as swirling around one point.  Allow for three other energies to create the remainder of the diamond shape.

Begin by allowing for an exchange of energy. Allow your energy to flow through your consciousness and to the one beside you which in turn will continue to send the energy around the shape of the diamond. You may then have a sense of these energies crossing directly across the shape of the diamond. You feel a building of these energies as this is occurring. When you are ready, allow for all four points to come together and meet in the center. As all four points blend together an opening is created. You may or may not be conscious of stepping through that opening, but it happens automatically. The first sense may be a sense of expansion. You become aware of the fact that there are even more energies of light at this finer, more subtle level of reality or level of consciousness. Simply exist~~~~ Take in the energies of this space. You need not analyze, know, or understand any of it. Simply take in the energies and feel the greater expansion that occurs within you.

There is an aspect of yourself that prefers to stay out in this space of expansion, in this finite energy. In part, you are creating a new depth or texture within the dimension. This in turn, creates a shift that allows for even greater dimensions or shifts in consciousness to occur. Have a sense of bringing back together your expanded consciousness from within this space. You realize how much you became a part of the energies that were the other parts of your diamond just as those energies became a part of you. All blended to become one.

Again, we're in this space in which we encounter those other energies of light; the space of All That Is. From this space as you look down, have a sense of looking through the dimensions into the area in which your earth plane exists. You may see it and also all the other stars and planets that are around it <earth>. We see it for what it is in this moment in time. Now we call forth and see the same image as it existed prior to the concordance. Have a sense of seeing the two <images of earth> as if side-by-side. Can you see the subtle differences that have occurred? In particular as you take note of the earth itself, there is a greater amount of iridescence that shines forth from the earth. It is as if there is a thinning of the density that surrounded the earth. We allow to dissolve that which the longer exists. What we have is what we see, sense, and feel in this moment in time. As we have the earth as if at the center of our embrace, as we see the ways in which the stars and the other planets have all intermingled to affect all that occurs upon the earth. You may wish to take a moment and see just
exactly where or how your home star or planet is connected with the earth and how it influences the earth. You marvel at the changes and shifts that have occurred. You can accept that you were an integral part of what brought this creation about. Without the thousands of people, the human Angels who work as the light workers bringing the light and bearing the light for the earth, this could not have occurred. All the energies of light on this side of the veil are grateful for what you have done. They are interested in and supporting you in the shifts and changes that are occurring.

Call forth within your consciousness those three energies that you blended with and took within yourself during your journey tonight. Have a sense of beaming down towards the earth and the essence of this energy. You can see all the various beams of light as they perfuse the earth. There are always
many, many more upon this journey than are consciously present with you. So you see multitude of light as it moves from this space of the All That Is and infuses the earth plane. If you wish, you may have a sense of creating a portal for yourself that you may easily move between this space and the earth plane. By creating it <the portal> with the energies that you use, these energies that are of the very highest vibration, it is automatically insulated and strengthened. Only those energies of a similar vibration will be able to move through this portal.

Take note of the ways in which the elementals, the animals, the mystical creatures that have been a part of the earth at one time or another have all come forth at this time to receive the energy that you are sending. This allows for the evolvement of all who are upon the earth plane. The earth plane exists in many different shifts and time, all at the same moment. When all is complete, you have that sense of Gaia as she rises out of the earth and extends her arms towards you and bows her head to say thank you. She is very appreciative of this evolution that is coming to the earth plane because it allows her to free more and more of her soul essence to evolve into a higher level also. As this is completed, your sense that the earth, the stars, and the planet dissolves.

We wish for you to now take a moment to shift your consciousness towards the Omniverse as you look out beyond. You are coming to realize that more and more as you are shifting into the higher dimensions, you are actually moving through the Omniverse. So rather than this seeming to be something that is new and different to you it is now all becoming a part of the whole. So too we beam these energies and light out throughout the Omniverse. You notice the way many different entities and Angels and energies raise up and take note. They have been waiting for this and they appreciate your evolution just as you can appreciate your own evolution.

As the time is right, you feel a lessening of this beam of energy. You bring yourself more fully back into the space of the All That Is. Take this moment to bring together all that you did during this journey. The energy and light that you worked with and is so much a part of you now; you hold it for the moment in the forefront of your consciousness. You have a sense of either stepping back to that door or simply allowing the shift to occur that takes you into the space of the soul plane again. This is allowing for your
consciousness to shift and adjust as you begin to bring it more fully back towards the earth plane.

So too, the consciousness of the soul plane is the space in which you can work more directly with your physical body. So you bring up <the essence of> your physical body that you might see and connect with it in it's entirety at this time. Again you scan to take note of whether or not there is any density or perhaps you might see it or sense it as a lack of flow and energy in one area or another. Howsoever this comes across to you, you simply allow yourself to send the love and the connection. You begin by seeing your soul essence or your consciousness as beaming light into your physical. As you are ready, have a sense of embracing your physical that you may blend completely all of your soul consciousness into the cellular structure and every aspect of your physical being.

As you move through your days if you experience times upon the earth plane in which you have a sense of purging, or a sense of feeling an imbalance in your physical body, allowing yourself to come into this space and infusing every aspect of the hologram of your physical body or every aspect of your physical body within this space. These energies allow you to be able to transmute or move forward through whatever it is that you are feeling within your physical body. You breathe in this expansion.

As you feel the completion of this blending, again you find the column of light. As you step into it, you are very aware of moving between these various dimensions as it allows you to move back into the space and energy of the crystalline grid. You are finding that the crystals are shifting and absorbing more and more of this energy. So too, this crystalline energy is incorporating more and more aspects of your physical body. You have a sense of moving through the blending of the two grids that you may now be within the magnetic grid work as it surrounds the earth. You immediately have a sense of the magnetic pull, that gravitational pull that holds you upon the earth. While at first it may give you a sense of discomfort, as if you are squeezing your expansion into something smaller, simply allow even this
space to expand out further and further. In this way, you may have a sense of leaving a portion of your I AM presence. Then as you come back further and further within your physical body, you bring as much of this as is comfortable. You know how directly related you are and what easy access you have to this space. As you are moving back into this energy and again becoming more acclimated, I ask if there any specific questions for me at this time. You may press four upon your phone to bring you back into the
conference room.

Question:   <paraphrased> What can you tell me about my new granddaughter that is due to be born around the fifth of December?

Answer:  Allow me a moment to connect.  This is this is a daughter who is a daughter of the light. She is a child who is coming forth into a family in which she is going to be bringing a great amount of light or energy which is going to be a catalyst for change. There will be some in the physical aspects there may be a little bit or a sense of a challenge with her in part because she is coming into this space in a wide open frame of mind. By that, as you look into her eyes even in the hours and months after she is born,
you will see the knowledge that is within her. She is coming into this as a very old soul in many respects, but she is a part of this new wave of children that are bringing forth and not separating as fully as have the other humans upon the earth. Therefore you will see her and her parents will see her looking and talking and being aware of the many the different energies of light that are surrounding her at all times. This will pose a form of frustration sometimes, but so too it will bring in an energy of
change and evolvement for all who are in the family. Is this the sense that you get when you connect with her also? <the person indicated, yes it was and thanked the Goddess> You are welcome. With this family in particular, this is all kind of new and different to them. There may be a time in which they consider her actions and activities to be abnormal or something that is not a part of the norm. Indeed it is not a part of the norm as you have known to exist in the past. She is a part of the new wave. As much as you can gently begin to broach that to them<the parents> and gently be there as a resource for your granddaughter and for the rest of the family, this will allow for a greater ease within her coming to life in this plane. She is very excited about being here. She is looking forward to this time and all that is coming upon the earth plane.  Alright Beloved you are very welcome. Does any one else have a question for me?

Question:  <paraphrased> I was in a car accident recently and I'm wondering why this occurred to me. And I'm also wondering why I'm feeling so different in my physical body.

Answer:  There are many different things that are at play here. The energies are affecting you in many different ways. As you are well aware you have been going through a lot of transitions over the last six months in particular. With the shifting of the energies that are occurring, it is allowing you to begin to open up in ways that you have not understood in the past. So there is a part of you that is still questioning and wondering what is this? What does this mean to me? How am I going to use this? So we ask you to begin to rely more fully on your intuition.  When you close your eyes and take in that breath and ask your question, you will know the answer most often to your own question. In the past you have not trusted this so we ask you to take the time over the next weeks and months to begin to trust yourself and begin to more fully rely upon this inner knowledge because you do have it within you and it is more accessible to you. Now as for what occurred on the earth plane with the accident in the car I know this may sound kind of strange or different to you, but in part it was due to the fact that you shifting between dimensions. You have not become used to these new energies and changes and you had a sense of, almost a sense of being in one space when in reality you were in another space. If that is where your consciousness is, then the other cars that are around you at the same time may not see or notice that you are there. I don't know if this is explaining it correctly to you. Do you understand what I'm saying? Indeed, what I wish to express to all of you in these days and weeks to come, is that especially when you are within your cars are something in which you are moving between and accessing other people it's especially important to center yourself and be very aware of what is the now reality. Because you will be finding that you shift and blend between dimensions more easily and that one dimension may have a road with cars in front of you, whereas another dimension will have an empty street. This is something that you are most likely not completely conscious of it is at an unconscious level. You will begin to see it at more and more and more of a conscious level. So this was almost like
an opening up too. It was not about learning any great lesson, or releasing, or anything along that. We apologize for all the inconvenience and stuff that comes along with it, because we sense your frustration level. So too it was your choice of an experience to have that was a very clear way of the direction in which you are moving. So simply allow everything that comes as a result of that to evolve in the way in which it is most smooth for you.

Question: <paraphrased> Can we receive an attunement of these energies that we've been working with?

Answer:  Every time that you come upon this journey it could be considered an attunement process. These journeys are all about working with these newer energies, these higher vibrations, the fineness, and you are fine-tuning your consciousness and bringing forth greater and greater amounts of your of
energy into your consciousness. Which in turn brings it down into the physical body. So if it makes sense to you to think of it as an attunement process. Then by all means you may do so. Each person may experience it in a different way but that is indeed a part of the purpose of moving through these experiences together. <The person thanked the Goddess> You are welcome my beloved. Is there anyone else?

Question:  <paraphrased> I feel as if I am moving through a physical birthing process as I am creating and moving into this part of my life.  Do you have anything that you can add to that?

Answer:  All right beloved how beautiful you put that!  You're asking for assistance in birthing your creations. For indeed, when you create especially when you create at the level and which were working tonight, it is as if you are bringing into yourself and nurturing for that period of time in which a true baby is within you and then it goes through the birthing process and becomes a reality. So too, you create on the higher planes and make known to yourself and everything that you wish to have a around you on the physical plane. In certain aspects, it needs to go through a part of the settling in to allow <your creation> to expand into your energy field. When you are on the earth plane you have your physical body, your mental, emotional, your spiritual body and everything comes out from there. So sometimes, although you are mentally and emotionally ready for certain things, your physical aspect is not ready it. In other respects you physically may be ready for change but these other aspects are not in harmony. Does this make sense to beloved? So what we are encouraging you to do is to acknowledge and understand how everything you have been doing has been a part of that nurturing and creating the expansion in and around yourself. Now you are truly at the doorway, so to speak, you are truly in this space in which you can sit back and take a breath. You will find that if you try to force and move things around a long at a faster pace that it almost has the opposite affect of bringing things to a halt. When you find yourself becoming anxious or becoming fearful of not having what is needed to allow you to move through your day, take in a breath of light, connect with this upper or higher dimension that you have worked with, and allow for that soothing energy to come through and it will transmute any fears or
anxieties. This is a part of what will help you to move more smoothly into all that you have created. We see you in this space of glorious light we see the abundance all around you and we see you in a place in which you move through your days with joy and acceptance. This is what you have created. This is what is there and although it may not be there one hundred percent on the physical plane it is a matter of allowing all these energy fields within and around you to come into the same space at the same time. Does that make more sense now? You are welcome beloved.

For all of you it is just a great joy for me to share this experience. I wish to say that at the times in which you have a sense of frustration or you feel a lack of movement, so to speak that you allow yourself to acknowledge the moment and let it go. For indeed there is more and more that
is coming your way every day and truly when we look at you and your lifetime upon the earth plane the struggle is behind you. Even though you may not see that 100 percent within your life you will find that indeed it has already started for you and that the ease and the quickness in which to manifest will be there and it is there for you.  And so with that I will withdraw from this evening. It has been is always a
great joy and privileged to share this time with you. I am so excited of all the changes that are occurring upon the earth plane and within each one of you. As you bring these greater amounts of energies down into the earth plane, you are bringing greater amounts of me down into the earth which allows me to experience it in a different way.   Was there something you wished to say?  <Someone acknowledged and thanked the channel for bringing through the Goddess.>

Know that I am with you!  I am within you!



Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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