Blue Moon Energies of Love

This channel was given to us 2 days after the Blue Moon in August. The energies were still very powerful and the Goddess drew from that energy to assist us in clearing, releasing and opening. During this meditation, once we arrived in the All That Is, she assisted us in opening to our perspective. We all have our life experiences and changes we want to bring in. Where we are, what’s happening around all contribute to what that perspective may be. Even in the All That Is, there is a certain amount of limitation. So The Goddess assisted in removing the veil and opening to even more.

From there, she then brought in the energies of the Blue Moon from August 31, 2012. This was a very powerful moon and energies. It is there to amplify what you seek to have or give you the boost of energy to create change. The Goddess also spoke of divine feminine energies. These were very strong and the as each of us energetically stood in front of the moon, the loving divine energies flowed through and around us. It was very powerful.

As each person opened to the divine feminine, you were opening to unconditional love and acceptance. This energy was so powerful!! As each person opened to the divine feminine, it moved through everyone at a slow, loving, pace. It also was a means of opening to self-love. Just saying that phrase caused many to move into resistance. The white light of divinity went through everyone with ease and created new alignments. In the end, everyone opened to the self-love.

We also had an opportunity to see how the moon was in alignment with the rest of the universe. In looking at this, I had a strong perception of the changes throughout the universe and earth have been amazing! This channel will take you to new levels of self awairness.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. As I reach out to each one of you I send forth my energy, my light, my awareness, and I thank you for taking the time to come and spend this evening with me.

If you are listening to this at a later date, no matter what the day or time, I am here, I embrace you and I welcome you to this time together.

You are moving into a new month upon your earth. This new month is bringing to completion the transition that was put into place with the summer solstice.

Another way of regarding that is that this month is going to take you through the halfway mark from solstice to solstice. Allow yourself to stretch out, to expand and to feel the energies that are here right now.

You upon the earth are still connected to the energies of the blue moon, the second moon of August. It is beginning to move past its peak, but it is still filled with a lot of energy and transformation.

So at this moment allow yourself to open up your arms as if you open up your heart center, you open up your arms and invite those energies of the moon to come in. Again even if you’re reading or listening to this and you are way far past the time of the actual blue moon, you can still tap into the energies from this moment of the recording.

Allow yourself to feel the energies of the moon as you are here, present, in your everyday reality.

From there I invite you to take a moment to breathe down, anchoring your consciousness once more, and allow yourself the opportunity to really feel the earth. Feel the energies of Gaia, feel the energies of grounding and let them flow up as if they come up within you from the earth itself.

From there allow your energies to then shift moving upward. You let go your physical body and allow yourself to link with the energies of the magnetic grid. Feel this place of your highest self. Feel this place associated with the earth plane and the magnetic pull of the Earth. Let all of that move through you.

As you take in this energy and this space, you may be aware of everybody else around you. You may be aware of your own expansive energies.

From here, we invite you to let go that magnetic pull of the earth and allow your focus and your consciousness to shift so that you may move allowing your energies to move into the crystalline grid.

As you find yourself within this space, you may feel that transition or that shift as it moves through. You find that the crystalline energy of the universe is here supporting you in a multitude of different ways.

Allow your focus to shift moving even further. As you do so, you may find yourself expanding into the energies of the soul plane. As you feel yourself moving within this space, you may have a sense of coming up within your I Am presence. You may feel as if you are walking towards an image or an essence.

Howsoever this perception comes to you allow yourself to open to the awareness of who you are.

As your divinity opens up to embrace the consciousness of you in this lifetime, you may find yourself in a place of unconditional love and acceptance. Allow that to flow through your consciousness so that it may expand even further; not only through your consciousness, but flowing down, in and around your physical reality.

As you become aware of this alignment within, shift your focus once more, that you may become aware of I the goddess as I move in and amongst all of you.

As I move through this space, I reach out to embrace each of you as your divinity and as the conscious individual that you are. As I embrace you, you may find yourself shifting so that you may move into the space of the All That Is.

I invite you to stretch out, so that you may feel this place, so that you may feel the energies of not only who you are in this lifetime, but this place of creation where you come on a continuous basis to create all of that is taking place within your life.

For so many of you the last 2 to 3 months in particular have been very challenging. For some, challenging in a way that it’s been difficult for years. For others, challenging in different ways, one right after the other; but in essence there has been a dramatic shift taking place throughout the summer.

Much of this is put forth as part of the culminating energies that will take place with the winter solstice and as the Mayan calendar moves into its next dimension there has been an alignment that has shifted as if outward from the core essence of your earth.

It’s been a part of this transformation with moving things into the fourth dimension. Not only for those of you who are focusing upon it but with the collective consciousness and this in turn has created that stair step effect allowing for even more dimensions and opportunities to become available.

Therefore, this transformation is affecting the universe, and as it affects the universe and the expansion of consciousness creates a movement so to speak, what happens is the universe itself is transforming so that it will provide for you all that is needed to support the earth.

This may come through as new planets being discovered. It may come through as the energies of the angels, the guides, the Ray Lords, as was mentioned last time, but not only that, the ET’s and even your own divinity is coming even more to the forefront with these transformations taking place.

Part of what’s created the challenge for you has been the fact that you as the human have been living your lives in the way that you always have. You’ve been bringing in new potentials, new opportunities and trying to find the alignment where everything is in balance and then on another level are all these higher, lighter, finer vibrations of the universe, in some cases dumping energies, but in other cases providing new support mechanisms that may be coming to you in ways that you never anticipated and therefore, you don’t see them for what they are; energies that are here in support of you.

As we are here in this space, for this moment, take it as an opportunity to allow your focus and your energy to move through. Look around you and experience all that is here.

Here in the All That Is, most have a sense of a space without form or definition. As each of you have worked upon, whatever it is, that is your process of creation, you create sometimes that big movie screen that you look at, you may have a sense of creating various sections or segments in which you work through a problem or an experience.

All of these things, in essence, may give you a sense of definition or perspective. Look around asking yourself the question, what do I see as I look through the All That Is?

Now, I invite you to consciously create a change in your perspective. Consciously release any limitation. You take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out as if through your conscious awareness, you send out an intention, be it a ball of energy or perspective, that allows you to release this energy, release limitation, release any old perspective.

As I’m looking around I am suddenly seeing burst of color that come into people’s awareness. I’m seeing greater depth and perceptions. I’m seeing an even wider expanse in which you can create.

What this is indicating to you is that even here in the All That Is, in a place that is immense and limitless, you can still try to create limitation. It may be an unconscious reaction, but even so, if there is anything at all that limits your perception, your consciousness, it keeps you from being as open to potentials and awareness as you may so choose.

As if we are opening up the doors or the windows or whatever perception you would like to have, have a sense of the universe opening up in front of you. You may see some of those star systems that you see from the earth.

Some of you have a sense of looking at that vast empty hole, so to speak, others may see particular planets. As you look at the universe ask yourself, is there anything in particular that’s coming to my awareness? We see those intergalactic ships as they move past. Some of you have called them.

The universe is vast, and it is but a step into a stone towards many others. The omniverse, as it is often times called, can take you to other forms of consciousness and awareness that you may have a greater ability to discern but may also just be a sense of perception.

Allow yourself to have a sense of the moon. It is as if it is moving; it is as if it’s getting bigger and bigger.

The reason I invite you to look at the moon is because of these energies of the blue moon. Now, some may have a perception that it’s the regular cycle of the moon and it may feel that same consistency to them.

As you take the cycles of the sun and the moon and fit them into your calendar, that you use upon the earth, it creates these things such as the blue moons. What it also does for you, is increase the amplitude of the energy.

I find myself smiling a bit because some of you even have a sense that the moon itself looks as if it’s tinted blue. Some of you have a sense of an even greater clarity.

As it continues to move it’s as if now the only thing you see in front of you is this immense moon.

Now, I the Goddess am oftentimes associated with the energies of the moon, the divine feminine.

For this moment, I invite each one of you to open up your hearts and receive the flow and the energy of this moon as it moves through you.

Ahn-shaka estalina amie ulana ahla ava -- I represent all that is feminine within you, as such, I invite you to be open to receive.

Receive the energies of the moon; receive the energies of the divine feminine.

As it moves within you, let it clear out anything at all that has been off kilter or has been bothering you.

As the divine feminine moves through you, open to even deeper self-love.

I invite you to accept that within your life.

Unshaka estaluea -- You are the purest essence of love.

As you allow that energy to flow through you I invite you to receive. I invite you to accept. I hear again and again, from people that feel either unworthy or feel as if they have had certain experiences within their life that keep them from truly accept the love unconditionally. This is your moment to let that go.

I see you. I love you.

As you stand here with the energies of the moon, the energies of the divine feminine bring up within yourself whatever it is that you would like to transition.

Okay, I had a sense of some of you pulling out a long scroll or list. It matters not to me if it’s one thing or a book. Reach inside of you, anything that you’re sick and tired of, anything that feels complete, over, done with, bring it all up within you now, -- whew – and send it into the immense moon that’s right there in front of you.

As the energies of release move through you, you can feel yourself becoming lighter. So once more allow that love to fill in everything or anything that was left behind.

As you feel these energies moving through you put forth your intention of what you would like to manifest.

Perhaps it’s something new and different; perhaps it’s the same things that you have always wanted.

If it is the same shake it up, transition it. Let go any old energies around it and bring it forth as if it’s something brand new.

As you receive the energy of this moon and that divine feminine love and awareness within you, let it work with you to assist in creating whatever it is that’s needed that will allow you to manifest the change within your life.

I just noticed a number of you with an anchor, holding you down or holding you back. This anchor feels as if it may have been something that you created for yourself because you needed to feel more grounded or you were concerned you might be disconnected from the people and events around you. Therefore, you created something that would anchor you to the earth.

There is a way of grounding that allows you to still have free movement and expression in your days. So if there is an anchor that is actually anchoring you down, holding you back, disconnect that anchor, let it go. –Whew—

As you move back into the earth in a few more minutes, you can ground your energies in a new manner that leaves you open to the flow.

Now, as you take stock of what it feels like to be you, what it feels like to be in your conscious place, there is a sense of the moon as if it’s receding, as if it’s moving away from where it was in that very prominent spot and as it moves away, you can see how it’s showing you the alignments that it has throughout the universe.

The moon is something that you can see, sense, feel most nights or even during the day. It gives you something as a focus. So if it helps you, utilize the energies of the moon by bringing up the moon energies within your thoughts and your awareness and use it as a means of cleansing your energies shifting anything and then amplifying your alignment with the universe.

There is so much that is happening, there is so much taking place.

Allow yourself to trust that you will know, whatever it is that you need to know, whatever energies will find you. Put forth the intention that you will see them as they arrive and you will be open to receive.

As you look around your space in the All That Is, consider for a moment the words that we spoke of love.

For many people it may be easier for you to love others, your children, your parents, your spouse, your friends, whomever it may be. When you consider self-love in many people it brings up a form of resistance. Now, you may consider that you’ve just spent x number of years moving into self-love, clearing out those old barriers.

But my perception is that just about everybody who walks upon the earth would benefit by opening to even more self-love.

As this flows within and around you, have a sense of it as a white light. You could consider this white light your divinity.

You may consider it the purest form of love, whatsoever works for you. You may see it as a reflection of the moon but this white light moves through you. As it does so, it’s filling you with warmth, it’s filling you with acceptance, it’s filling you with pure energy.

As that energy moves through, let go any old pain you may be carrying around, let go suffering, let go disappointment, let go frustration. Accept love, accept white light. Allow it to move through every bit of your consciousness and allow it to move through every aspect of who you are.

By being here in the All That Is it can move through your I Am presence and if there are aspects from other lifetimes that have an effect upon you, it clears it out. If there are aspects from experiences in this lifetime, it clears it out so that you may open to receive love.

As we have spoken of all of this and worked with these energies, look around the All That Is. You have more of a sense of the limitless expanse. You have open to even greater potentials within and around your consciousness.

As much as I would love to stay here in this space of expansion and awareness, I invite you to allow a part of you to gather back together as a group.

I am finding this time that there are many of you who are choosing to stay within your expanded state that is of course completely acceptable.

There are many angels and other support beings who are here and they if needed stand in this space that allows for the hologram of the earth to move up within a group.

As this hologram comes up within the group, have a sense of flowing that energy of the moon within the hologram.

Allow that energy to flow through with that unconditional love and acceptance. It moves through the hologram itself, creating greater balance and shifting that will allow for even more of what you wish to do in your life.

As this hologram becomes infused there is a sense of it shifting. It moves downward, it moves through all the layers until it aligns with the crystalline grid. As it does so, there is that energy that moves out to the new earth and then the rest that moves until it aligns with the magnetic grid. Within that space there is a portion of this energy that filters through creating an alignment and then the core essence of all that is within the hologram moves down within your physical earth.

As it does so, it anchors within the center of the earth and those immense crystals then become activated or it creates a vibrational alignment with everything that you’ve worked with out here in the All That Is and as that happens it creates a deeper balance and a deeper anchoring of these energies, which then come up through the many, many layers of your earth, through the many, many dimensions and comes up within your physical reality.

It fills in within your cellular structure, moving through all that is physical within you and moving through all the nonphysical energy bodies around you. It comes up through the grass, the water, the trees, the flowers it comes up through everything so that every single person upon the earth has the opportunity to expand into greater self-love, greater acceptance and awareness.

We put forth the intention that this happens with ease, that it is balanced and as people move through whatever it is that may be happening within their life that they may open to this experience.

Your focus then returns into the All That Is, and even though you wanted to stay in that expansion there is a part of you that was drawn back together, aback within this focus as we anchor those energies.

So allow your consciousness to come with you. You move into the space of the soul plane.

Take a moment and adjust your energies through that perception or that awareness within your I Am presence.

Allow that conscious focus that was amplified by the moon and that you feel as that white light of self-love. Allow all of that to come with you, let it stream down.

You move through the energies of the crystalline grid, and you feel yourself once more, encompassed by the magnetic pull of the earth as you come through the magnetic grid.

As you find yourself moving down within this space, let yourself anchor, let yourself feel whatever these energies may be for you.

There is a great deal that you opened up to throughout this journey this evening. As you continue to let these energies anchor around you, let yourself feel, who you are as this person that is open to greater self-love, to greater acceptance.

As you feel this energy moving through you have a sense of looking at your life with new eyes, with greater clarity, with greater awareness.

Accept unconditional love for yourself from your divinity. You need not explain, defend or analyze. Simply feel self-love and unconditional acceptance flow through you on every single level.

Breathe in gently and easily, and then breathe out. Take another breath in, breathing all the way down to every cell within you and then breathe out.

Alright, and so we will need to bring this evening to a close, we do thank everyone who was here and a part of this and we remind you always to be open to the flow of love, to be open to the flow of acceptance of who you are and what is happening within not only your life, but within your divinity.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.




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