Bringing in Love, Joy, and Contentment

Nama Sika; Venia Benya    I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light!  As always I thank you for this opportunity to spend this time with you.  Each time that we come together in this group energy; each time that we share and connect with one another; we are building and strengthening the bonds between the divine feminine, the divine masculine, and each of you as an individual.  So too this group energy is moving beyond the individual and into the group energy that it may infiltrate throughout the earth plane.  Indeed as each of you is moving, growing and expanding, there are many others who are doing this in their own personal way.  Yet, you are at the same level of vibration.  All of you are able to connect together in the higher planes.

This is time in which you are able to experience your personal expansion.  This is a time in which you are able to move into a new direction and bring that back with you if you so desire.

Begin by allowing yourself to release you consciousness and move upward.  Connect with the magnetic grid as you move upwards.  This is a space in which there is a greater part of your I AM presence is stored.  As you continue on these journeys, this I AM expression of yourself will be housed within your physical body.  For now, as your physical body is shifting and changing, it remains here in the magnetic and the crystalline grid work. So as you are connecting up with this, allow yourself to feel the fullness of knowing who you are in this space. Allow yourself to recognize the others who are upon this journey with you. Allow yourself to move down the pathways if you so desire. You can feel your consciousness as it shifts, moves, and flows throughout the various pathways.

From here we move into the crystalline grid. The two are interwoven with one another, as you leave behind the gravitational pull and move into that which is the energy of the crystals, you find yourself expanding out even further. You may associate with one particular crystal as you move to this energy, or you may find yourself connected with a blend of all the crystals. You allow for this expression of what the crystal means to you to more completely infuse throughout your body.

From here we call forth a column of light. This column of light allows for you to move on out into the higher dimensions. To move up into that space in which you are able to be without any sort of limitation. As you come out the end of this column of light you find yourself in a place of complete expansion. Here in this space, you are able to connect up with a complete aspect of your I AM presence. You take a moment to allow this to integrate throughout your consciousness. The more you come to this space, the more that you are integrating these energies within the space, you find it is easier to connect and no more fully who you are.

Ansaluia ishka eeya  I know and I accept who I AM. I express this as an move through my life. As you take in the energy of that phrase you feel a more complete blending with your soul consciousness.

As you allow your consciousness to shift and move you become aware of the energy of the moon. You may see this as the moon up in the sky, or you may see it as a swirl of energy that is infused with various colors and light. This is my essence. This is the energy of the Goddess of Creation. As you connect with this energy, you bring it within you and blend more fully. You allow for your consciousness to shift and expand even further as these two energies <yourself and the Goddess energy> blend together and become one.

We now allow our consciousness to shift and move so that we can take in the central spiritual sun. This is the soul of the sun that surrounds the earth plane. This is the God aspect, the divine masculine. You see and sense the subtle differences that are a part of this divine presence. Again, you blend with this more fully. You take all aspects of the divine masculine within you.

Take this moment, to take stock of what your I AM presence looks like, feels like, or how you sense it. You are in a space of complete balance. You are in a space of connecting with your complete soul essence. Become aware of how this vibrancy is reflected out of you. Looking inside, and become aware of just what this essence means to you.

You take this and you allow yourself to move towards what appears to be a doorway. This is a doorway which allows you to move into the Beyond. We call it the beyond, but it is simply a shift in the vibration or a shift in your consciousness that allows you to move into this space. As you become aware of the door, you are immediately moving through it. You find yourself in this space of even greater expansion.

As you enter this space feel the joy that bubbles up through you. As you think about joy consider the word Sima. Become aware of what happens to your consciousness as you take this in.

Allow yourself to move in another direction by thinking of the contentment. Anshta-eeya—contentment.  As you are in this place of contentment, you may take note of how it feels to you. Is there vibration to this?  A color, a feeling, an energy level? But you take in contentment.

Love….. love is a word that needs no other. There are words that can alter it for a certain situation or amplify it, but love is a word that has its own meaning. It is considered to be at the core of everything else.

If you allow love, contentment, joy to infuse you in a space of expansion, feel the rightness of it, the perfection of it. You allow for your consciousness to shift and move perhaps bring before you situations or experiences within your life upon the earth plane in which you wish to infuse them with these energies. You can bring this up by putting a picture to represent it <what you wish to transform> focusing on it energy, with the word of phrase or a person, however you so desire. We see the perfection of our lives from this aspect.

Through all this we are developing a greater understanding of your I AM presence. This is the presence that includes many different consciousness and life experiences that are going on at the same time. We bring them all together in this moment, we allow for these shifts and changes to occur in every one of those life experiences. For time is nonlinear. Time and expansion allows for the existence of everything simultaneously. Therefore, when you are on the earth plane and have been in this space in which you have in fused these energies into lives which may in a linear fashion have come before your life now, it's as if there's a chain reaction of events that shift and change and cause for new and different occurrences. By allowing what you would consider former lives to be able to become evolved you are raising the vibration of that experience just as your raising the vibration of your current experience.

You see and recognize all of this immense potential that is within you. You are enmeshed in the energy of creation at this moment time. You may see before your current life, a different one, or all of them together. Allow yourself to create anything you so desire. Allow your consciousness to open up into a new way that you may become aware of the energies of light that are with you in this space. These energies may be represented as teachers, guides, or they may be an aspect of yourself when you are in the non physical. Allow for this to become infused, into whatever it is that you are creating at this moment and time. It may give you a new perspective or something fuller that you can add.

As you infuse all of this within your I AM presence I ask you now to come together as one. I wish for you to see and experience the results of what your creation is. As we blend together and become one, as we combine these energies, you have a sense of a shifting or a subtle change that is occurring here. As you look as a group, you become aware of the shifts in the planet. You see the earth as it is moving into its new energy. You see the earth as it is taking on higher and higher amounts of this energy and light. You become aware of the ways in which you simply by being in this space and by being yourself as you move through your days on the earth, are blending and connecting with this light and energy. You may have a sense now of allowing yourself to expand. Have a sense of breathing in even greater amounts of light and energy and love. This can allow you to move into an even greater dimension, or it may allow you to take in even greater aspects of the current dimension. How so every you wish to do this, allow yourself the freedom of motion and expression. You begin to take this all in, in a way in which you can bring it back to the earth plane with you. It may be through your memory, it may be through a symbol that comes to you, how so ever you choose; you know that you have access to this fine light and this fine vibration that allows you the space of oneness and connection with all.

As you are looking around and bringing this all back in, beginning to pull back your consciousness, take the time to become aware of looking out towards the Omniverse.  of see in the way other galaxies and planets and experiences have a way of lining up to experience these energies that are created in this moment. The experiences of the humans on the earth plane have an impact throughout the Omniverse. You may have a sense of connecting with your home star or your home planet as you do this. You may recognize yourself as an individual star. You know that through these connections you have every connection to matter who you are within your core essence. There is no separation. All is possible for you to bring with you on to the earth plane. You begin to move in shift in such a way that these will be even more prevalent within you as you move to your daily life.

Allow yourself to have a sense of moving back towards that door. You may have a sense of not wishing to move back, but you know and trust that this is the way in which you are able to bring greater and greater amounts of this energy into the earth plane. As you look inward, make note of how you are able to shift and evolve their your experience tonight.

As you moving back through that door, have a sense of coming back into that space of the soul plane. Perhaps, there is more of your family of soul who are located here. Some may have joined you in the All That Is and others may have waited here for you. You have a sense of celebration as you come back into this space. There is a sense of connecting with all who are upon this path, and all who are moving through these energies of light.

Although he from a higher dimension you look towards the earth and you could see the shifts and changes that have been occurring upon the earth I still wish for you to infuse the energies that you worked with and created tonight to continue to infuse them down onto the earth plane. So you have a sense of gathering together as a group. Within the center of the group there is a hologram of the earth. Have a sense of connecting with that energy that you created with joy, love, contentment. Polenta that energy through you and send it out through your heart center, or the core of your I AM presence, and infuse the earth plane. You notice as the hologram is rotating there may be one part of the earth that is more so open to receive this energy and light. You need not choose exactly where this goes but trust that it goes into the places where it is needed and that every aspect of the earth is infused.

You now understand more fully the ways in which will be feeling more comfortable do to the greater and greater amounts of this energy which is infused into the earth plane and radiating out from the earth. You have a sense, of Gaia filling up with this energy, then it comes back out through the grass, the flowers, and the trees, coming up from within the earth and radiating out this light. When this is complete, the hologram will dissolve.

Have a sense of seeing before you your physical body as it is on the earth plane. So many of you have had the physical symptoms that go along with bringing in this energy and light. The more they to connect with your physical body from this space, the more and you will be able to ease the symptoms. As you look at yourself, is there anything that stands out to you? Have a sense of your I AM presence sending out a loved, a joy, and contentment, and energy of this essence to perfuse all aspects of your physical body. As you feel your physical body moving into this space, have a sense of reaching out and blending completely so that there is no separation between the physical and the soul. All is in the perfection of who you are!! Drink in these energies, feel the resonance, the energy the light, of what this feels like to you. You know and trust that in the days to come upon the earth plane, there will be an easing of any physical symptoms that you may have. You know and trust that you are in a space of joy, contentment, and love.

With that, as you are ready you notice the column of light or you may simply put forth the intent to blend with the crystalline grid and you are there. Howsoever you wish to accomplish this, you may do so. But to find, that as you are moving back to that column of light, that this time as you look out between the dimensions you may see some of those other life experiences that came to you tonight. You can see how the shifts and changes are occurring within them <the parallel lives>. It's almost as if you feel waves of energies going out from you and coming back as the shifts and changes are occurring. When you find yourself emerging into the crystalline grid you recognize how you are so much more fully of the crystalline vibration even so, the energy and the level at which you vibrate now, is causing for shifts and adjustments to occur within this grid work. These two places like the way station in allowing yourself the time to stop here, and perfuse this grid work with your energy and light allows for you to begin to take on more and more of the earth or more and more the energies of the earth. When you are ready you shift through into the magnetic grid. You again begin to feel that pull of the earth plane. There's a part of your consciousness that may wish to stay at the new dimensions were you have such freedom and expression and expansion. But you allow for all of your consciousness to come back with you for that is what will assist you if you move through your days upon the earth plane.

As you move again, more fully into the magnetic grid, begin to feel more and more the energy of the earth plane.  as you are ready, come back more fully within this energy.  You may press the 4 on your telephone to come back in to the conference and ask any questions you may have.  I am open to receive.

Question: <paraphrased> How can we assist with bringing in the energies of November 8th, the Harmonic Concordance?

Answer:  My beloved, Everything you have been doing since you did on these journeys of the last several months, have been assisting with the shift that will occur on November 8th. There is going to be, as you look at the earth plane tonight, you could see the difference in the radiance the difference in that sparkling energy of light, what you were seeing is the shift that is more fully going to occur and is in the process of occurring right now. November 8th is in essence the time in which this process is complete. This process is currently going on and it will be completed on November 8th. That is a time for celebration! It time for expressing the eighth excitement of being in the space of this energy more fully. You're bringing this energy more fully down into the earth plane. So, if you wish to do something to assist in this, all you need to do is bring more fully your consciousness into that space. You were talking of getting together prior to the channel and if you wish to do so, I am always here and available to do so. But simply be in the space of the energy of these journeys is all you need do. <Question:  is there one time or another that’s better?> there is no specific time. The channel will figure that out and she will notify everyone of what time it will be. <thank you> are welcome my beloved.   Are there any other questions?

As you come back more fully into the earth plane energies I ask you to acknowledge. You may push four on your telephone to speak, and bring your consciousness more fully back into this plane. I you choosing to remain in the higher elevations this evening? Or would you all like to just sit and continue to bask in these energies? You are incorporating more and more into your physical bodies. The physical body has been going through a very radical change. This is something that has never been done upon the earth plane, to be able to bring in the energies and in this amount of light into the physical body. It is allowing what has been so magnetic in the past and so filled with the energy of the magnet that help you on to the earth, it is no more into the crystalline, that which is light, that with it may be a sense of that which is let fragile but there is great strength within it. As the body becomes more crystalline and is filled with more light, you'll be able to have greater amounts of telepathic communication; you will be able to move through telekinesis and teletransport. Anything that you have wanted to do will come to you with greater ease.

It is time for you to return to the earth plane to reconnect and come back in. I'm still sensing that there are some who are at that who are at the much higher dimensions we want to just make sure that everyone is back to a degree that they are comfortable with where they are. It is fine if you continue to work with these energies and yes these energies to definitely have an impact upon the electronics on of the earth plane at this time. So too as It infuses the physical body and allows that to change, the electronics are actually moving into a space in which they can be transformed also.

Question:  <paraphrased> I’m finding that there’s a lot of changing that is going on within my family.  What can you tell me about the ways in which this healing and restoring?

Answer:      Alright beloved, that which you are talking about in terms of the healing and restoration has actually been a big step forward. This is becoming part of the last several months as you have reconnected with parts of your family that you have not been as closely connected to. There has always been of love there but it was the difference in belief system to the difference in the personality that had somewhat held the family apart. There have also been many other issues, but by bringing this up into the forefront and beginning to talk about it as a family unit, what you are doing is beginning the healing process. This will continue to grow and evolve and sometimes it takes that stepping forward outside of your comfort zone to be able to say I care and I am here for you. This allows for others to open and Express' also. So these relationships are growing and evolving just allow for more time for there to become a greater ease and float around you. At this time, there is still a bit of discomfort and your question is this even going to do any good, but yes in the beloved it is.  It is opening the doorway and the love and the expressions that you worked with tonight and what you created tonight is what will infuse the entire family and allow for any healing to occur.

Question:  <paraphrased> In the sky there is the formation of the star of David.  How is this affecting us?  In addition, I’ve heard this is the time of reunion for the family of David.

Answer:  The astrological signs or the changes that are occurring throughout the galaxy and the universe; some of them are very subtle and some are very dramatic and different. You'll be seeing and sensing changes that will come to light as being something new and different when it comes to the study of astrology. So with the Star of David this is, the family of David is one of the most ancient families. It has branched out into many tendrils, in fact, many, many, many of the humans have descended down through this branch of the human existence and experienced. So has been the star of David up in the universe as the earth plane is shifting and moving towards these new energies, it is all but a part of the Divine process. It is all about bringing greater expression of love for one another, the greater amounts of expression of contentment, to see the good within each other. This is a part of the shifting energies. It's a matter of seeing the perfection. Accepting that even if there is fighting and warfare and arguing  going on, this is a reaction to what is happening under need and those who are not ready to let go of that mind-set are continuing to fight against it. But underneath it all and permeating through it all is the essence of peace, contentment, and joy.

<The person asked about the family of David meeting on a specific day> There is that family and yes they are meeting that day, but this is not limited to just them. There have been so many families and interwoven generations and communities of people that are about blending everyone into one and release seemed the separation or segregation that keeps people from one another.

Question: <paraphrased> Would it be helpful to use crystals in our daily life? If so, do you recommend certain ones?

Answer:  As you are blending more fully with the crystalline grid, what is occurring is that the physical body is becoming more crystalline as you are aware from this journey and the others. As you are moving to your days, if there's a crystal that catches your eye and you wish to wear whether on a pendant or within your pocket, or perhaps have it placed beside your bed so the vibration will affect your sleep state.  By all means go right ahead and do this. It is not always necessary for you to do that. You may have a sense of connecting to these energies without having the fit the energy of the crystal beside you. But if this is a way to amplify <these energies> for you, and this is a way to bring a deeper connection then by all means, I encourage you to do so. As to which particular stone or another? To you need only go inside and you will know what Stone is right for you. Each person is on their individual pathway and there are an infinite number of people and stones that are available and what is right for that individual. You're going to be finding as a whole, that is more of this crystalline energy in fuses throughout the earth that there are more different and unusual crystals that will be coming up to the earth's surface. You are seen this in the form of the in Lemuria crystals, and they're also more that may or may not have a specific name, but if you're one of the individuals to come into contact with them, you will know by the energy and the shift and changes that occur and radiate out from the crystal. Does that answer your question beloved? < person responded yes> you are welcome my beloved.

With that we will bring this evening’s experience to a close. Trust and know that I am with you as you move through your days. When you are in your sleep state, you are doing more and more up within these higher realms and dimensions. Sometimes you are preparing these energies that you move into in a more conscious way during these journeys, but all of this is a part of expressing who you are. It is a part of bringing forth the divine feminine and the divine masculine within you and through you. As always, I feel such joy, and at peace as a blend with you through these experiences. I thank you for asking me in.

I am with you.

I am within you.


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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