Cellular Transformation & Alignment

Are you feeling the intense energies flowing around the earth? Are you feeling changes within and around you? Have you been seeking to find answers about what's going on in your physical body? Perhaps this channel will be able to assist with that! Within this channel, the Goddess assists us in creating changes within from a cellular level outward. We have brought in more and more of the higher, lighter vibrations and all of us are feeling it as our bodies seek alignment. If you so choose, open to allow for a shift to take place within your physical body from a cellular level outward, the transformation is immense! The Goddess then takes it all a step further and integrates with your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; yet again seeking balance.

While each of the channels this year can be taken on their own, they are also building one upon the other in different ways to assist you in creating and integrating balance within you, your life, the earth and the universe! All you need to focus upon is yourself; the effect is still felt through the earth and the universe.


Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

Greetings beloved family!! Welcome to our time together, welcome to this time of sharing. You choose to come and participate in this teleconference, or in reading the material, or in listening to the material at a later date; whether it's by yourself or in this group. But you come because you are seeking expansion or you are seeking to create a shift in your own life. Honor yourself for making this choice at this time.

Each one of you is on your own personal journey yet you are linked in an energetic manner with everyone else who is present. You are not alone in this life upon the earth. There are times you may feel isolated or separate but you are not alone. There are many, many others who are here with you and who support you as you support them. Simply choosing to be a part of this community and choosing to be within these energies you are linking through this means of support.

I invite each one of you to take one more deep breath. This time breathe in; allow that breathe to go through your lungs and let it circulate within your heart. Allow your heart center to expand. You may then allow the energy that's around your heart center to move through your physical body, you may use it as a means of grounding you.

This is a time for people to live their lives through their heart center. The more that you breathe energy and light into that space that is bigger than your physical heart, that fills up your chest; you are strengthening your own heart. You are strengthening that energy center within you, allowing it to expand. Allow that energy to next, stream downward so that you can allow your focus to be centered within.

From there, release your consciousness. You have just anchored within your body; you have expanded your heart center which will allow for a greater connection within your human self as you are upon this journey. As you are releasing your physical body, you move into the space of the magnetic grid. As you link within this space you automatically align with your higher self.

It is here, it feels comfortable to you. You may have a sense of it or it may just be that feeling of expansion. As you are within the grid work look around, send impulses; use this as a time to assist you in aligning with all that is here. Just as you were linking with the other energy workers or lightworkers; whatever you want to consider yourself-- Just as you did that in your human form, so too you can link in this form.

Send out an impulse of light, as if from your heart. See the sparkles and energy that are generated from each one of you. In addition, all the others who are upon the earth at this time and are open and aligned, respond to your impulse that you are sending out. This number continues to grow; each one of you continues to grow!

Shift your focus, release the magnetic grid itself and move through the interlocking grid so that you may blend with the crystalline grid. As you move into the space of the crystalline, you leave behind the magnetic pull of the earth. You feel the lighter finer more gentle vibration that is present within this space. Many of you will notice that it strikes a cord within you as if you are resonating with this vibration or this space.

From here call forth a column of light. You may shift your consciousness or energy moving through the column until you arrive in the energies of the soul plane. As you emerge from this column, it feels as if your consciousness expands in every direction. Feel what this space is to you. Let the joy flow through you. Let the sense of awareness or homecoming become even stronger within you. This is where you are able to link with your I AM presence.

Call it forth at this time. Many of you as you arrive within this space automatically link with your soul essence or your divinity. If you feel or sense or see your divine essence as an energy that is coming towards you, open up so that you may link with your divinity. Feel how you expand even further. This is who you are!

For many of you after the journey we had most recently you may be able to perceive a greater amount of who you are as your soul essence. You all did such a wonderful job of opening up to understand more fully who you are as a human and where you came from as a divine essence. (Referring to the Goddess teleconference of January 20, 2008 www.goddesslight.net) This is here right now. Let yourself feel it, let yourself see it.

I the Goddess move in so that I may blend with each one of you. I merge my energies with yours as if to embrace you. As we do so, feel yourself expanding even further. I amplify your energies. I reflect to you even more who you are! Allow yourself to soar into the All That Is.

There is an energy of excitement or anticipation that is running through this space at this time. Allow yourself to sense or feel what that is to you. There is so much which is happening upon the earth right now. There is so much happening out here in the universe. Some of this is a result of what is happening upon the earth. Sometimes shifts and changes in the alignment of the planets occur which then affect the earth. There is a flow of energy that moves back and forth.

At this time I invite you to consider your physical body. Many of you with the transitions taking place have found your physical body also going through transformation or transition. From a cellular structure moving outward throughout everything within you is shifting so as to be in alignment with the crystalline vibration.

If you consider a few years ago, well we could perhaps go back ten years; the earth itself felt heavier or denser. Let your consciousness move into that space so you can remember what it felt like. The dramatic changes that have taken place, most especially over the past seven to eight years are truly having an affect upon your physical body. It is as if you have shed layer upon layer upon layer of energy.

The majority of you have ascended to a higher vibration within your physical body. In some regards it may feel as if you started over from scratch and you are a whole new person living in this same physical body. I therefore invite each one of you from within this space of the All That Is to feel as if you are going deeper and deeper into your consciousness; which is taking you deeper and deeper into your divinity.

As long as you are human, there is a cord of light that binds your soul essence to you the human. From within this space of your divinity, consciously through that cord of light; link with your physical body. Draw that essence or the energy of your physical body as if they are coming up that cord and blending with you in the All That Is. This is one of the reasons why I had you expand your heart center so much before we began. This allows for a greater amount of your human self, your human essence to move up into the All That Is.

As if you are within your physical body, let your consciousness move into the cellular structure. Each cell within your body communicates with the other cells. The cells which are the basis of your muscles, your bones, your blood, your organs; they are unique to whatever they make up, yet there is a connection or inner communication that occurs. Therefore, link with the basic cellular structure of whatever part of your body you so choose.

Perhaps some of you have an illness. Perhaps some of you have chronic symptoms. Perhaps some of you simply notice that your body is changing and there's not any one specific aspect you choose to look at. As you move into the cellular structure, breathe in an illuminated light.

As you bring light into whatever this is, there may be something that comes to your attention. It may be that you simply link with an area and you don't know what area it is. Be aware that as you are linking and sending light to this cellular structure, this very basic structure; it begins to pulsate with an energy or a vibration as a result of this light.

I now invite you to infuse that light with love, with balance, with optimal functioning. What I mean by that is that from the very cellular structure within you, be it within a specific organ or through out your body; you are transmitting the energy you are transmitting the light of balance and flow.

You may find that there are a number of different cells and one will begin to communicate with the others. If you have something going on within your physical body, this is something that may take a concerted effort over and over again. Others of you may find that simply bringing to attention this cellular structure and illuminating it is all that you need to create a shift in your physical body.

Feel now as if you expand to a larger area within your body. Perhaps you find yourself aligning with a whole different cellular structure. You will see that once you have moved through this the first time, the other cells line up and begin to pulsate the energy of balance and vitality simply through allowing your focus to shift in that direction.

Each cell is communicating with the next one. Each organ is communicating with the organs around it. Your blood is circulating through your body. Everything is becoming illuminated. Everything is becoming more and more balanced within this light.

As if you are taking a step back from that minute structure, you now see the organs, you now see the circulation. Take one more step back, this time allow that light, that balance, the move throughout your physical body. I have a sense that already there are releases that are taking place within this space and within your physical body. Consciously breathe deeply and release excess energy or release anything which no longer is in alignment with who you are.

Once more, have that perception. You will see that you are even more illuminated with light than you were before. Each time that you are able to manifest this deeper shift within your physical body, the more you are able to manifest the light, the expanded consciousness and your divinity within your physical body. This is what I hear that you are seeking to do. This is a further, deeper integration of the energies that were brought through over the past several years.

Take this moment and communicate with your physical body. You may need to ask it: is there a particular food or type of food, or a regimen that your body is craving. Many of you have already noticed that your dietary habits are shifting. In all cases, the lighter the finer the vibration, the greater amount of water is needed within the physical body.

Ask your body if there is anything else it would like to do; be it a form of exercise, perhaps it's getting more rest, perhaps a massage. How can you nurture this physical body as it's moving through this transformation?

Feel compassion for yourself, feel love for yourself. Your body is here for you. It's what makes you human! It's what allows you this life that you are living. Feel the deep communication that is just intrinsic within you.

I am perceiving that many of you have been disconnected in some ways from your physical body and now as each one of you is bringing in this greater amount of light, there is such an amount of illumination. This is YOU!

Take this moment and consider your emotional body. Your emotions have always been a part of your human self which is non physical. There has always been an energy field in alignment with your emotions and you have worked with this many times as you have been upon this path. Once more, bring that spark of light; allow that energy from within you to illuminate your emotional body.

As it does so, open to perceive what is going on within you. Are there aspects of your emotions which have been out of balance? As you align with the perhaps one or a multitude of emotions, open to understand what t means. Is there a reason you are feeling these emotions? Is it something which is helping you? Is it something which is holding you back? If there are any emotions which have been holding you back, allow them to be illuminated by his light, allow them to be released.

Sometimes the emotions have may different layers. Bring in even more light if you need to do so. As if you are breathing in love, illumination, balance; let it pulsate through you and into your emotional body so that you become very aware of your emotions. Once more, release anything which is no longer working in your benefit.

Shift your consciousness so that you align with your mental body. This too is a part of your self as a human. It is a non-physical energy that is around and within you. Many of the thoughts that you have originate within your mental body, so too do your belief systems. Bring into this space that spark of light.

Allow balance to move through your mental body. Illuminate your belief systems. As this spark of light is moving through, become aware of thoughts that you may have about your physical body, about your life, about your health; about circumstances that you find yourself within.

Your thoughts can have a deep impact upon the vibration of your entire body. As you seek to manifests change, it may be the energy of your thoughts or the underlying thoughts which keep that manifestation from occurring. Is this is happening within your life? If so, take this moment and allow that illumination to show you any beliefs that you may have which are no longer working for you.

For some it may be somewhat of a random or generic energy and it's not one particular belief that is coming to you. Others of you may have a perception of a specific thought, idea, or belief which you know is holding you back; whether it is something of which you are conscious or unconscious. Link with it so as to acknowledge it and then release, letting it go.

Release any thoughts beliefs, ideas which are no longer working in your best interest. Again, let the energy flow through you, cleansing everything within your mental body. As it flows through you, you see, sense and feel how you expand even larger as you have opened up that space within your energy field.

There is your spiritual body. Especially at this moment in all of you it is magnificent, it is expanded and it is bright! Let yourself bask in the light. Let yourself bask in this joy, love and acceptance. This is you loving and accepting who you are as this human within your life. Allow that to be your reality.

Allow that compassion, that love, that trust to merge with your mental body, so that, any belief systems that you have, so that any thoughts that you have will be in alignment with that love and compassion.

As those two energy bodies align with each other, they shift into the emotional body. Your emotions align and feel the balance within your mental and spiritual body. That love, that acceptance, that caring; it flows throughout your emotions allowing them to calm, allowing them to illuminate; allowing all your emotions to be in alignment with your divinity.

This light continues moving into your physical body. All that is within your physical body, that illumination you have just spent time integrating within your physical body is wide open to accept this energy and this light as it blends with your physical body. It moves throughout moving down through your muscles, your organs, your bones, your ligaments; into the cellular structure and the energy bodies that are a part of the physical body. It begins to pulsate moving back and forth so that there is an alignment from the smallest cell within your physical body into every expanded particle of your spiritual body and everything in between. It pulsates in balance and in alignment.

You are integrating the crystalline vibration coming into the earth. You are integrating your divinity. You are vibrating at a higher level than you ever have before. Allow yourself to be comfortable with that, allow yourself to be open to accept that this is who you are. Feel the balance, feel the belief!

Allow for all of that to move down into each cell within you. Allow your consciousness to once more expand until you recognize you are in the space of the All That Is. Look at who you are! You are truly a glorious site to perceive.

As a group, I invite you to return once more so that we may transmit these energies into the earth. As you shift your focus and shift your consciousness, you may look around and see who else is within this space. You may recognize some people, you may not. But you see just how many there are here. All of you create subtle shifts so that each is vibrating in alignment with the others.

Feel that, breathe it in, open your senses. You may hear a tone, you may see colors, you may feel energies. You have through your own personal growth and then through linking with all these other humans, created a shift that will manifest upon the earth.

Allow within the center of this group for a hologram of the earth to come up within. As each one of you blends with this hologram, you will find that you are transmitting your energies. As your vibration is moving in, there is a perception of energies that are being released. Assist through sending love and balance in the release of those energies; they may flow away. They are energies which no longer need be a part of the earth's reality, so they are released.

There are still going to be those who vibrate at different levels of energy than you are, but there is a shift that takes place for all of you who are vibrating at this higher perception. The hologram is illuminated. The hologram is balanced.

Gaia emerges so that she may blend with each one of you. She embraces you. She aligns with you. She appreciates everything that you are doing in this transition. Her energies then re-blend with the hologram.

The hologram itself moves down, shifting. It moves through the magnetic grid. As it does so there is an aspect or there are a number of aspects that release and align within that grid. The majority of this hologram continues until it goes within the center of the earth linking with that immense crystal which makes up the heart of Gaia. That crystalline energy then vibrates and emanates moving outward. In alignment with that is the alignment and shift in vibration that each one of you have just experienced.

It moves out through the physical earth, coming up upon the surface through the grass, the trees, the flowers, the rocks, the water; through everything which is upon the earth. It moves through all the non-physical layers moving outward until it blends with the magnetic grid. That balance flows back and forth releasing energies and creating a greater balance for the shift which is taking place. That is complete.

Shift your focus once more that you may come back within yourself. Release the energies of the All That Is. As you do so, you merge once more with the soul plane. From within the soul plane, you may have a perception of how much you have expanded throughout this journey. Yes! That is you. You perceive more of who you are.

I invite you to shift, you may pause at the crystalline grid, but then you move through and you blend with the magnetic grid. Here you will notice a change has occurred. From creating the balance and alignment with that hologram, also including the change within your own self, perceive how the magnetic grid has expanded.

In time there will be a full integration between the magnetic and crystalline grids. You can see how that is happening more so as a result of this experience this evening. Allow your energies to shift once more so that you may come back within your physical body. As you are bringing your consciousness within your physical body, become aware of the changes that are taking place. It may feel exactly the same to you as when you began the journey. You may also sense the subtle shifts or the subtle changes where your focus may merge with one particular part of you or another.

Breathe into your heart and let the energy expand from your heart throughout your physical body, into your emotional body, your mental and your spiritual. Bring it here and center in your grounded human self. All the clearing that took place in the All That Is, is manifesting in your physical body, in your human reality.

You are human. You have chosen this life. You have created it. Enjoy all that is happening within and around you. Find the balance. Breathe into and release anything that may be holding you back. As you move through your days, listen to your body. If you find that you are constantly releasing and releasing, so be it. Allow that to be your reality.

You are manifesting this higher vibrational, physical person right now. You are integrating right now. I encourage you to do this in a gentle comfortable way. Breathe deeply. Shift your body to allow the energies to flow. Come back into your reality.

As you are coming back into this space, I am open to receive questions you may have. You may press *7 upon the phone if you wish to ask a question.

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess, thank you for this journey tonight! I would like to know if there is any assistance you can give me to help me let go of this habit that has kept me from the life I could have.

Answer: We see that this journey tonight has helped you a great deal. We also see that there is an aspect of this habit that you speak of that is linked with insecurity. Through the insecurity it is linked to---well, we are trying to think of a word that is not so dramatic, but perhaps we need to just say it. A denial of self love is how we'll say this. (Chuckles) You know what we mean from that. So, what we truly think you need to do in order to continue what you started to night and to move forward in this is to truly learn to love yourself and to accept yourself. You have been hard and somewhat judgmental due to some of the choices you have made in this life. Every choice that you have made has been a part of your journey. It's been whatever needed to be done at that point in your life. Some of this harshness and difficult time you have given yourself; it's time to let go. It worked for you at the time because it brought you into a space you needed to be. That is over and done with; it's time to release it and truly allow yourself to manifest your divinity. You have so much of that golden light within you, it just shimmers from you. It's there when you are at your natural place when you are not thinking about who you are or what's going on. It's only when you move into that space of judgment that you dim down and the other energies come up within you. You are healed. You are whole. You can release this. The more you quit trying to do so and allow yourself to be your divinity the easier you will find that to happen. Does that make sense to you?

(Thank you, yes it does. Thank you dear one.)

You have already done it beloved, remember that. Breathe in and affirm that is already complete....

(It is already complete.)

Question: (paraphrased) I have been self healing some chronic conditions I've had for years. I'm wondering if my cellular healing will accept and allow that I am healed and whole or will these symptoms continue on?

Answer: Beloved, you are one of the individuals that we spoke of earlier in the evening. You have done so much transforming within this lifetime. You have had so much transformation in a physical manner, an emotional manner. When you chose to come onto this spiritual journey and you began to open up and open up; it was as if this glorious light was there but there was that energy or aspect from where you began that has just been hanging on like a chain hanging on the back of you that you keep pulling along. This is something you have let go of, we don't see the chain there anymore, but energetically, it's as if there is a part of you that says "Oh no, it's there, we remember what it was like to be in that state. We remember what it was like when we weren't functioning to our full ability." That's how we see you right now; in part because you have come such a great distance. But it's also about your body more fully integrating all that is occurring. You are doing everything right. We sense there is something, perhaps with your bladder; it is going to continue to be a chronic problem. It's not clear to us as to why it is. We can see there are other aspects of you that have already been healed, that are functioning fine, but it's as if energetically it gets pulled back in to that old space. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes that is exactly what is happening, that's why it's been so discouraging to me. but I can't seem to get past that hurdle.)

What we would encourage you to do is when you find yourself feeling discouraged or you find yourself in a place of symptoms, begin to look at them as a gift to show you how far you have come because you have healed this. Just as with the other individual we see that there is this hologram or image of the completely healed or balanced you. It's hovering around you waiting to be integrated. It will be integrated more so and more so as you shift the vibration within you. When you find yourself going backwards or you perceive yourself as going backwards, as with the other individual this is about judgment. It's almost like you get back on that wheel and begin running and running and running without making any progress. Then you will have days you feel really good and everything is bright, so it's easier for you to affirm, yes I'm doing everything right. So what I'm sensing is needed for you is that as you are working with your mental body or you are working to balance within you; even when you feel your worst or the symptoms are the worst, it's a time for you to say "wow, this is just showing me I truly am well." That was how we came up with that statement a minute ago. In the journey tonight, you cleared everything out, you were in complete balance and there was an illuminated light that moved throughout you.

So always affirm now matter how you are feeling that you are healthy, you are well, your organs are functioning and that will allow the hologram or image you are manifesting to more fully integrate. It may be very subtle or very dramatic. I sense with you it will be very subtle. You will begin to realize ‘I'm not having the symptoms as much; then you will sense I'm not having them at all; then it may be I'm not having that, but I'm having this' all of which is alright. It will be bit, by bit, by bit. You truly brought into this a life a great deal to transition and that is what you have been doing. This is about honoring that you have transitioned so much and honoring that you are in the final phases of it and that is what you are moving through.

(That's wonderful. Thank you much for the words of encouragement.)

Question: (Paraphrased) When major shifts are happening, especially what we had this past week, there is such great despair, suffering, depression. In my mind I can say this is not all mine, how do I decipher what is mine, what is others, most of all once we say it's not ours, how do we release it, move through and not be dragged down by it.

Answer: This is a wonderful question and I do thank you for asking it, because as you said it is something that can help a lot of people. Indeed, there was a large influx of energy over the past week. Many people have felt the result or the residual of this. In essence it set up the energy for each of you to make these very dramatic shifts. What I recommend to you if you feel out of balance or falling into depression as you mentioned; take a moment to focus on your breathing. Breathing deeply and allowing it to move consciously through your lungs and into your heart center; then allow your heart center to expand with every breath that you take in. This is allowing your heart to open up more and more into a much greater expanded state. When you are linked with your heart center and it is open, indeed you are open and sometimes you might feel flooded. BUT you are also first and foremost opening up to that greater amount of your divinity allowing your divinity to come into you. When you are doing that, just as you have done on this journey, when you breathe in your divinity, when you breathe in that connection within yourself; then let it flow all the way up and down your physical body, then expand it through your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. What are doing with that is creating the balance within yourself. Granted we took quite awhile to do it tonight. If you are not used to doing this you may choose to take and practice it for five, ten, or thirty minutes; whatever you may need. You will get to the point where one or two breaths will take you to that space and you will be more centered, more deeply connected to your divinity and you will be able to release and shift more easily what is not yours. Then if you ask yourself ‘is this depression mine' you may or may not hear or sense anything but you can say ‘if it's not mine, let it go at this time'.

Another visual I've given people that seems to help is picture yourself as standing under and energetic waterfall or an energetic shower, some people enjoy the image of a breeze blowing past. It needs to something with movement to it. Something that has movement to it can be used to clean your energy field. Then if it's not yours or if it's yours but no longer in your best interest; it can be used to assist in releasing energies as it flows past you. Does that resonate with you?

(Yes it does, thank you. So what we were feeling had more to do with this particular group?)

Not this particular group per se, but all of the lightworkers on earth. Well all of the lightworkers tend to be affected by the energies in a similar time frame. Different channels and people who tap into these energies may interpret them in a different way. For me the Goddess, this is how I chose to use this to assist people in integrating within their human selves. Because this is what I se so many struggling with; the integration of the energies.

(Thank you)

You are welcome.

Question (paraphrased): Goddess, I'm wondering if you can help me information about a job I am moving into?

Answer: We see a shift taking place around you. We see you are making conscious shifts taking place in your lives, chuckle-life--to move in different directions. The reason it came out as two life times, is because we see a merging of two lifetimes as if you've gone from one person, into another. We know that sounds a little abstract, but maybe you know what this means. It's as if you have gone from one person to the next and they have merged; then you are going into this new job. It's as if this taking you into a new life or new experience. Does that make sense to you?

(Sounds great!)

Our perception of this is that you will be moving into an opportunity that will allow you to experience yourself in a new and different ways. Through that you will be opening to greater compassion, we see you opening to a greater sense of love and connection to people around you. I just love how everyone's question is inter-related to each others. This will be an experience for you to be centered within yourself and feel compassion, sharing and connection to other people without taking on their issues. This is much of what this situation is that you are stepping into. We also see this as something very intellectual and very stimulating to you; that is one the things you like about it. We also have a sense that you can sometimes get into your head too much so this is an opportunity for you to learn how to be stimulated without being pushed out of balance. Does that make sense?

(Yes, so is there anything I need to do before this interview?)

Everything feels on target to us; this is all about you being centered within yourself and we that just the energy, flow and light is within balance and in fact we thought that you already had the job.

(Awesome! Okay, thank you.)

Alright, now okay okay; perhaps it was your interjection but now we see other job opportunities cropping up. Have you had a number of different job opportunities?

(Not really.)

We did see other potentials around your and we also see that they job you are talking about is one which is most strongly aligned and the one we see you stepping into.

(Thank you)

You are welcome and congratulations on your manifesting!!

Question: (Paraphrased) I had a really strange experience the other day and I'm wondering if you could shed some light on it? I have been using the phrase quite a bit "I am manifesting divinity". You talked about people feeling like they are different in their own bodies. As I was driving down the street the other day I felt this really strong feeling of integration and I didn't know if I looked in the mirror if I would see a male or female; black, white or Asian; I had no reality on who this being was who was inside my body. I feel as if I have shifted something and don't know what's next. It feels to me as if I'm on the precipice of something but don't understand.

Answer: What you speak of is something that is very beautifully expressed the way that many people are already doing so, and more will be doing so; manifesting their divinity and balance within themselves. When you said you didn't know what race you were, what sex you were, where you were, who you were; all of that was linking in with the collective consciousness of divinity. This was from a very high vibrational level. It wasn't as if you linked with the collectivize consciousness of the earth; this was from the crystalline vibration. It was like you aligned with it, opened to receive, then you allowed the energies to flow through you. This truly expanded your consciousness. Now we do want to encourage you to always be very careful (chuckles) and now that you have had that experience, especially if you are driving or doing something that could become harmful to you or someone else; we always want you protected. In essence you were protected because of where you were but the other people around you were not aligned with that. This is the sense we are getting. That day and a couple days prior to it, we say you were breathing in more and more of the crystalline vibration; that light, high, finer vibration. Then because you were somewhat distracted due to driving, it occupied your mental body; it was as if allowed you the openness that it came into you. It created the alignment that pushed you into the space of expanded consciousness. Does that make sense to you?

That is basically what happened in that one experience. Now that it has happened the first time, chances are you will notice it quite so much the next time. BUT you are probably going to notice that everything around you is much more sensitive. You have wanted to raise your vibration. You have wanted to create this manifestation. As you move forward from here it's more so about living my life from this space. What is it to manifest work? What is it to manifest abundance? What is it to manifest anything that comes to mind? It is as if you have shifted everything within your life and now it's going to re-organize to come into alignment within this space. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes it does!)

Be open to enjoy it, be open to having the experience whenever it comes to you. We put for the intention as we are talking about this right now that you will always be in a safe place that it will always happen in a place you are full safe and fully surrounded.

Question: (Paraphrased) I've been experimenting with doing healing through humming or toning. What can you tell me that would help me and a number of us with what happens when we use humming or toning with healing?

Answer: As you know whenever you hum or tone you are emitting a vibration. Whenever you are working with an individual on healing there are many levels of vibration with which you are communicating. So the humming, the toning, is a way of transmitting energy and healing energy in a very unconscious form. That is one way in which it can be very effective was of working with an individual. When you are using it, you are transmitting much more than you even realize. It is also coming across to the individual in a very subtle way. There are times especially when using very deep tones and variation that they may feel a physical reaction to it. But toning is oftentimes working very much on the subtle aspects within an individual to allow for release and alignment. Because, just as each of your cells within your body lined up with the light and illumination you brought into yourself during the journey; so too does everything within the body line up with a particular tone or vibration that is emanated. Does that make sense to you?

(That makes perfect sense. What I've been experiencing with is going into the pain, connecting with the pain, not avoiding it but I work with through humming, adjusting pitch, and eventually the pain dissolves.)

Exactly! You have to work with the pitch because you find the vibration that aligns with the pain and then you shift the tone and shift the vibration. In order to allow for a release or transition is that you need to be in alignment with the pain so as to connect, and then shift out as a means of shifting the vibration of pain onto something that is not pain. That is why your different tones and vibration allows that to occur.

(Is there any thing else I should know or the public in general should know?)

Anytime someone is working with that as a form of healing or releasing the most important thing to trust is your intuition and your own sense of what tone, what pitch, and when to shift it. You are releasing your mental control and allowing your divine energies to come in and work through you. Releasing any mental analysis is the best thing someone can do. For you, the question you are asking me is ‘can I trust myself when I am doing this to use the right pitch and tone' and yes you may! Thank you!

Alright beloved friends and family. Once more take this one last opportunity and breathe deeply. Breathe into your lungs, into your heart, and breathe throughout your body. Expand through your emotional, you mental, and connect to your spiritual body. Feel that flow moving back and forth.

Allow yourself to be centered. Allow yourself to feel your divinity. Live your life with your divinity fully present within you!

You are each so radiant, you are each filled with love and light!

I am ever with you and within.




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