Changing the Patterns of Your Life

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How many times do you try to create a change in your life when you find yourself doing the same old thing?  How many times are you asking for something to happen again and again; but it never does?  Everything about us, everything around us is based on patterns of energy.  Some of these patterns create a strong, solid foundation that keeps us in the place of what we’re seeking to do or who we are. Other times, these patterns become what is holding us back from receiving.

In everything that we do, we send out an energy or vibration about whatever that may be.  Our thoughts, emotions, physical body, intentions are some of the creators of the patterns in our life.  Each time we add to that energy it may allow the pattern to become even stronger or change it. There are times when these patterns become so strong and embedded within us that it’s very challenging to create changes that may need to be made.

How many times have you heard that what you’re seeking is right there around you; but nothing’s happening?  This is one of the reasons.  Your thoughts, patterns, experiences all line up with what is NOT working in your life; therefore the pattern of alignment is not open to be able to receive. This is the huge importance of letting go.  You are not always saying you’re letting go of a person, place or thing; but you ARE letting go of the pattern of disappointment and what wasn’t working for you.

When you infuse these situations with your crystalline, Lightbody energies it creates an amazing awareness.  From within here, you can open up to new potentials, clear out the old and create the long lasting changes that you are seeking.


Nama sika; Venia benya, Nama sika; Venia benya

I greet you beloved family.  I welcome you to this time together. I always feel such joy.  I know I begin every channel saying the same thing, but I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be able to connect with humanity in such a way.  To be able to speak to you, feel your energies, allow my energies to merge with you and to simply be in that flow of energy as it moves from I the Goddess into you, into the energies of the earth, into the energies of the universe. 

It’s as if there is a woven pattern of light that is created. 

You as the individual that you are have your physical reality.  You have those energy bodies around you, your mental, emotional, spiritual light bodies and then your light bodies.  You have all of your divinity that is available to you.  There is all the energy of the collective consciousness of the earth and then of course the energies of the universe. 

No one person is completely alone.  There may be times in which you feel you are alone, you may feel isolated from those around you; but you always have that beam of light that connects you to your divinity.  You always have that alignment to I the Goddess, the God energies to the Angelic realm.  You are always a part of the collective consciousness of the earth. 

So that being said allow yourself to understand that you are never alone.  Let yourself feel the flow of all these energies within and around you.  Allow that to support you.  Allow that to assist you as you make decisions moving throughout your day. 

As you feel your energies becoming centered and focused within take a moment and just look around you, look and see where you are in this now moment.  So that you may also send your energies down into the earth, feeling yourself ground within the earth.  Feeling yourself expand as if you have the roots of the trees going in every direction, but they are energies of you, you yourself in this now lifetime. 

It shifts allowing you to feel the earth’s energies and let that come back up within you anchoring within you.  As you let go of your physical body allow your consciousness stream up as if it moves up from the top of your head and immediately expands outward so that you may align with your higher self. 

As you pause for a moment taking in these energies look around and persevere what you higher self looks like to you.  If it’s cluttered ~~whew~~ clear it out.  If there are things that you are working on right now here within this space let yourself reconnect with whatever that may be, and I can feel you expanding as you align with whatever that may be. 

Allow yourself to shift even further as if you reach out; reaching out towards the soul plane; reaching out with the intention of linking to your I AM presence.  As you align within the soul plane and as you are looking at your divinity have a sense of consciously opening up so that you have a bigger perspective of who you are. 

You know that I have said before that you are more than you think you are.  Look around because as you take in your divinity.  As you allow yourself to really see what this is open to feel the flow.  Open to understand all of what is here for you. 

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you.  As I do so I merge my energies with you I embrace all of who you are and as I do so everything shifts in to the “All That Is”.  Here within the All That Is I invite you to take a moment and as you look around let yourself see, sense, feel all that is here.  If it is just a sense of consciousness, if it is just a sense of being let whatever your perception be what it is.  There is no right or wrong where you are within this space. 

This is an opportunity that I invite each one of you to take this moment and consider the pattern of your life.  We have done this before, but I wish to speak of it again now because so much is changing upon the earth.  The past several weeks in particular have had huge influxes of energy into and around you in your everyday life.  As a result of that energy you may be feeling somewhat off kilter.  You may be feeling that you are stepping up into something new that is available to you.  But irregardless of what the past may has been I invite you in this now moment to open up your perception and have the conscious intention of being available to step up into new potentials. 

When the earth was created the core of the earth had immense crystals within it.  There were also volcanos many of which came to the surface.  There were also pockets of energy that created the magnetic pull of the earth.  Of course this magnitude it was not like they were small little pockets they were immense.  It also created an environment that was filled with water, trees, grasses, meadows, plants, wildlife.  This planet is very, very lush in its energy.

As you were out here within the “All That Is” within the universe considering do I want to go and have some experiences upon that planet.  What drew most people was the lush beautiful, beautiful environment.  Other planets within your galaxy are more harsh.  There are others that are garden like like yours, but there are others that are very stark, mostly gaseous, mostly rock formations. 

Therefore in every single human desiring to have time upon the earth a part of that foundation is the desire to experience living in such a beautiful environment. 

From within the earth pulsating outwards it is as if it goes out in conceptive circles from the center of the earth are waves and vibrations of energy.  This varies from the heaviest, darkest, intensity to that which is the purest lightest highest form of vibration available upon the earth. 

A pattern was created.  Let me back track.  These vibrations that emanate from within the center of the earth create patterns of energy and light that each of you as a human find yourself aligning to.  We have spoken before about the grid work of the earth.  This is in part this grid work.  We have also spoken about the crystalline grid work of the universe that is out here in the All That Is. 

As you in this place where you are right now you are integrating the crystalline vibration and you are integrating that earth vibration and you’re physical reality falls some place in the midst of it all.  I therefore invite you to consider the pattern of light or the pattern of energy that you emanate.  Connect within yourself breathing deeply into your heart center once more and allowing your consciousness within this space of the All That Is to expand even further.  So that as you look, either with your inner eyes or with your outer eyes, ask to know what pattern of energy are you emanating at this time. 

Indeed I notice that many of you are able to perceive that you have multiple patterns of energy that all work to create layer upon layer, upon layer of what you are.  You are not just one or another.  You are a blend of everything. 

So consider the pattern that is most predominant as you are looking at your life.  People may perceive these patterns in many different ways.  It may be like a woven plaid.  It may be various tones.  It may be colors that blend with one another.  It may be that you see actions that take place in your life that may have created a pattern with you. 

As you consider that pattern which is most predominant at this time what comes to you in this now moment.  Yes that is correct.  So as you take in this pattern you may ask yourself is this something that is supporting me at this time in my life?  The response I heard from people is that yes aspects of it do, aspects of it don’t and isn’t that exactly what we have been tapping into throughout this journey; some of it is beneficial some of it a little less so.

Just allow that information to be in the back of your mind for a moment and then as if we wash through ask to know what is perhaps the next most prominent pattern in your life.  Indeed, can you see that the two support one another or does it seem as if they fight against one another, or perhaps where there should be a rhythm and a balance there is a separation. 

Again you just let that go and now consider something that is a recurring experience within your life that you would like to let go.  As you think about it ask to see how it affects the patterns of your life.  Is it something that you have already picked up on or is this something completely separate? 

As you are considering this pattern and as you considering the effect it has had upon your life ask yourself where is the source for this pattern of light or this pattern of experience.  For many of you it may not even be in the lifetime in which you are living.  Allow yourself to flow into the space or the energy of whatever that source may be.  Let yourself merge within take in a deep breath ~whew~ and let it go. 

Come back into this moment again and I invite you once more ask to see the most predominant patterns in your life.  For some you may already see that there is a difference in the vibration or a difference in the pattern of energy.  Ask to see any other patterns that may influence whatever this is that is coming up to you right now.

All of this is what you work with every single day of your life.  When you wake up in the morning your energy, the way you feel, sets your intention for what may take place during the day.  As you are moving through your day there may be things that will trigger a response.  There may be certain things that give you an opportunity to clear out or release the energies. 

Recognize that any time you come here in this space of the All That Is where everything is laid out for you from a very high light vibration it is giving you the opportunity to have a greater clarity about you about your life about all that is taking place. 

Now I wanted you to experience the perception of patterns, the perceptions of your life, using the energies with which you live your everyday life.  Of course you are here within the All That IS that does create a greater light overview, but now this time I invite you to have a sense of shifting your focus and your awareness into the universal light that is here and invite that which is your lightbody energy to begin to come within you; to circulate within and around your energy bodies. 

Now many of you may have already been doing this, but if not, or even if you have been, consciously open up that door to the crystalline light and those crystalline energies so that you may tap into the lighter, easier, gentler vibrations that are now infusing more and more energy into the earth place. 

We will begin by first of all asking to see the patterns of your lightbody energy as it is just in this now moment as you look at it within and around you.  As you open to this crystalline light, this crystalline energy allow yourself to really feel the energy as it moves completely through your consciousness; in some ways illuminating all that is there in other ways creating another perception that you may open up to. 

This is the energy that you been working with as you create greater and greater transformation within your life.  Once you begin consciously living in the 5th dimension the crystalline energies will be way more readily available to you.  Sometimes you might consciously using  it sometimes you might tap into it and then let it go, but for the past year to eighteen months most everybody has that vibrational energy moving through everything within them. 

Take a breath in allowing that energy to completely energize you, allow it to give you perhaps a new perception and that being the case, and once more tap in to the most predominant patterns of energy that is within your life right now.  For many of you it is as if you can no longer see anything but that crystalline light. 

So too it may be that you are finding yourself recognizing how for so long you went hit a wall, tried to go over it, tried to go back, turned around, went back to the wall, tried to go over it, went in the other direction but that kept cycling again and again and again.  As you infuse the crystalline light and energy into that situation whatever it might be, ~whew~.  Let it clear out the way that you were looking at the situation.  ~whew~ let it go.

If it is something that you have been seeking to manifest and it hasn’t happened, you are stuck in a rut, you are stuck in a pattern that is no longer serving you and you have the ability with this crystalline light, this crystalline energy to right this moment infuse this energy let it move through.  Let it fill in the spaces. 

Then you may have the same objective, but ask your question in a new way.  No longer let it be how can I get, perhaps or, I want such in such within my life.  You still want to get something, you still want to manifest something, but perhaps once you’ve have cleared the old pattern out if you consider how will my life be enhanced by having such in such within it, be it relationships, money, work, whatever. 

As you begin to consider how your life will be enhanced allow that crystalline energy to weave into that moment.  As you do so be open to understand if there is a new and better way for you to go about manifesting what you seek to have.  This is a pattern that shifts, it adjusts, it moves into something that is something that is filled with light that is filled with energy.  Let that be what enhances you in this now moment. 

If there is something that you have wanted for a long time that has not yet manifested, specifically align with the disappointment or frustration that may be associated with that so that you could actually scrap out that energy, scrap out that frustration and as you let it go, ~whew~, clear it out, ~whew~.  

Sometimes as you are releasing energies as you are moving in forward and manifesting something new it is essential to be open to a new way of doing it.  You may be totally unconscious of what that is to you.  You may know exactly what that is. 

As you experience this energy as you experience this light know that the foundation of everything that you are doing within your life is coming from you as your divinity, you in alignment with this crystalline vibration and as it moves through you allow it to work for you. 

It makes me smile as I observe the way that humanity is at times.  What I saw taking place right now was a number of you opening up, accepting that crystalline light.  I saw you energy bodies literally expanding and new potentials coming your way and then you went back right back into that mental space, went right back into those old patterns that you have just released.  So the question is, are you conscious of that or unconscious. 

As you breathe down into your energy, into your light, feel what that is for you at any given moment and then allow those energies to truly create a new beginning for you.  For some it may be as if you create a new beginning in every aspect of your life.  For others it may be subtle tweaking, subtle changes minute shifts that are taking place.  It need not be a lot.  It need only be that which allows you to feel good in your life.  It need only be a vibration or an energy that allows you to have all the joy, excitement, abundance, the complete unconditional love experienced in your life. 

This is how you create changes here in the All That Is and you reprogram your energy bodies so with the infusion of your crystalline energy you allow it to go first out through your physical body and your physical DNA in your body continues to shift.  It becomes flexible.  There are certain energies in your body that may have been very rigid.  So work with whatever those energies are so that they may open up and release. 

As that moves through you take a moment and allow yourself to clear out your emotional body.  There are patterns of energy anchored within your emotions, so clear it all out, and infuse the pattern of energy into that space that is associated with your crystalline light energy, your thoughts, your beliefs, as if you are infusing that light all the way up through your mental body.  Let it weave its way through creating changes, clearing out the energy, so that you can open.  So that you can create new belief systems that support you in looking at your life from a place that is filled in richness and abundance in all that you do so that your thoughts will allow you to accept all that you are creating. 

How many times have you created various changes in your life but your thoughts would not allow for those changes to take place.  This is your now moment.  Breathe  deeply within yourself breathe deeply allowing every energy body that moves through your consciousness to be open and in alignment with that foundation of the crystalline energies and your light body energies. Through this illumination it’s limitless the changes that you can create. 

Let’s take a moment and look at your DNA as if you see those spiral strands as they move off.  They create their own patterns.  There is that that looks like the ladder, but then there are much nonphysical, multi-dimensional energy that move in amongst that some parallel lines and some that move in different directions.  So perhaps the pattern that is no longer serving you is stuck within your DNA.  Through your DNA you are aligning with what you call your past like experiences. 

It may be something within your family of origin; it may be within your race.  There is some much that is entrained within the DNA.  So as you pause in the moment and your end that ball of light through the crystalline energies and down through the pattern of the DNA it illuminates things that are speckled throughout.  Let it clear, let it clear.  You need not revisit and relive everything again and again you need only to be open to receive. ~whew~. 

It is as if every single one of you now I can feel you shifting into something that allows you to feel better.  When you feel bad in life you are stuck in a pattern that is now longer serving you.  When you feel physical pain in in your life you are stuck in a pattern that is no longer serving you.  Some of these patterns may have a lesson, perhaps.  Some of it may just be it is that it is. 

So ask to know in a way that moves through every thought, emotion, every aspect of you, ask to know whatever the lesson may be, whatever you need to know and then clear it out ~whew~. 

For so many of you it’s as if you have had pattern after pattern of lifetime that lifetime is a struggle.  Life is hard.  Life is painful.  These are very broad patterns.  Let’s just clear it out for all of humanity. ~whew~ We send that out on wave upon wave upon wave throughout the entire collective consciousness.  You can feel the shift and adjustment that takes place. 

Does this mean that every person upon the earth will live without pain and suffering and sorrow?  No, because those patterns become very much a part of an individual’s makeup and for some it takes that very conscious decision that every day when you wake up and saying I am choosing a new pattern about my thoughts and beliefs for today and then, I am laughing because some say 5 minutes later others say hours later, but at various times during the day you may need to go back within yourself and say I am choosing a new pattern for how I am living my life. 

Yes it may sound simple and it is, but it can also be very complex, but I invite you to keep it simple.  Allow your focus to always remain to be on that that supports you and makes you feel good.  Allow yourself to experience life how so ever you may do so.

I invite you to come back together as a group.  There are so many people here within this space within this time.  Many of you are living here upon this earth, but there are a great many from the universal energy and light that have come together in working with these energies.  So become aware that this is a give and take in the flow from the universe to the earth, to humanity, to nonphysical beings, everything is in alignment and there is a flow of motion that moves through all that is here. 

Coming up within the group you see the hologram of the earth, which is in of itself are patterns of energy and light.  You need not be concerned with the specifics of this, but the transformation that just took place throughout all humanity created subtle shifts within the hologram and we infuse all of your intention within that now.  We the Angels the beings of light infuse the intention for the transformation of that energy as it moves into the hologram so the patterns adjust.

As you are ready to do so you let go of that hologram.  It is as if it flows down.  It flows through the crystalline grid.  It moves through the magnetic grid of your earth and again adjusting the patterns of energy and light as it goes.  Moving all the way down into the core center of your earth and it merges with all with in the center shifting so that the energy comes back out. 

It comes out expanding going through every dimension.  It comes out moving up through the earth itself and as it comes up it moves up through the grass, the water and the trees.  It comes right up within you the physical being that you are.  Absorb the change.  Allow yourself to adjust how so ever you may need to.  Completely embrace a new beginning. As all the various vibrations that emanates from the earth, again there is that immense diversity and indeed all of that is still available and that clarity of clearing out old energy of old patterns continues to the transformations that are taking place. 

Allow your consciousness to return to the All That Is and as you look around take stock of all that has transformed for you during this time. Completely clear out your thoughts, your emotions, your physical energy, energy bodies clearing out everything so that the foundation becomes the light bodies’ crystalline energies and that adjust everything else in its pathway.  You feel yourself shifting within that space you may merge moving to the soul plan.

Your I AM presence is your divinity. It is the summation of the many, many lifetimes out in the universe upon the earth in various dimensions in various states of consciousness.  So by creating that conscious change in the patterns of you energy that wave of the transformation moves through your I AM presence.  There is so much fluid energy and that is why these changes in energy can be so very effective for you. 

Allow your consciousness to continue to return it may come down moving through the space of your higher self.  Use this as an opportunity to create the foundations of the patterns that you would like to be predominant within your higher self so that this will be the pattern of energy and light that will be predominant with you in your lifetime.  Again there is no one, you are not limited to one, two or even three you have many different patterns of light so let them weave together in support of you. 

Allow your consciousness to stream down once more coming back within your physical reality.  As it does so you may have that sense of that energy moving all the way down within you linking down with the energies of the earth and then coming back up within you and your physical person.

As you are grounding back within your physical reality ask to see the pattern of life or energy. Ask to illuminate that which is most strongly or most predominately going to assist you in your everyday life. 

Ask to know what thoughts can be supportive of you.  Open and invite the energies of your emotions that support you to flow within and around.  Accept that this is your new reality. Accept that you can have what you seek to have.  Accept that your life may show you what you seek to have and it may look different or come to you in a different manner.  Be open to receive for how so ever that may be. 

There we go I can feel each one of you accepting these subtle changes in your energy and your vibration as you continue to allow this to work with you. 

I may speak of the changes taking place and you may hear it from me and the many other people that speak of the changes, but until it is a reality for you it may seem as if it is not a reality.  Now is the moment to open up and draw to you the vibration and the energies that fully support you in every single way ~whew~.

All right  beloved family as we take these last few moments together for this journey I invite you to be open to embrace you yourself as you are in this lifetime.  You are who you are and you are where you are in this lifetime. 

So accept being where you are in this moment and then everything you do as you move forward that goes in every various direction that you choose.  You are connected to limitless source energy and that is the foundation for change.  You have very consciously aligned with the crystalline energy and that is also supporting you in your everyday life. 

Be open to receive.  Know that you are never alone.  Know that I love you dearly.

I am ever with you and within you.




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