Choosing Life, Choosing Your Reactions

I greet you beloved family! 

Welcome, welcome!  I feel as if this is such a time for celebration.  There is so much transpiring upon the earth, within the universe, within the galaxy. There is a deeper and deeper communication taking place, very much due to what you yourselves are doing as you each open to this greater expansion within yourself. You are divine, you are human, you are blessed with an infinite number of potentials. 

Sometimes as people are moving through their lives, they become centered or focused in one direction.  When this occurs it is sometimes difficult to see what else is around you.  I am looking at each one of you.  I am looking at what is happening in your life and what potentials you may have.  And indeed, the potentials are unlimited.

If you find yourself focused or feeling that narrow vision right now, take a minute while still grounded to consciously let go or push out any boundaries that you may have.  You are more than you ever give yourself credit for.  You are an amazing creator - you have created in a multitude of different lifetimes upon earth, you have created during times spent in the universe, you are creating every minute of the day as you move through your days.  Remember, you are divine.  Remember that you are glorious and have such infinite potential.

I speak to you for a few minutes speaking these words that are truth; speaking these words that are reality.  Feel how good that is, feel what you feel like in this moment.  This is something that you can also do for yourself.  Believe in yourself.  Open to the potential.  Feel what this is to you. 

I invite each one of you to take one more breath, allowing yourself to breathe deeply.  As if you follow that breath, it moves down through your lungs, through your heart and into the core essence of who you are.  From there have a sense of reaching up or reaching out, letting go of your physical body.  Allow your consciousness to shift into the space of the magnetic grid.

If you so choose, you have the ability to shift straight into the soul plane or even the All That Is, but when you take it step by step as we normally do, it allows you to be fully aware of these various dimensions, these various shifts in consciousness that are here to assist you in your daily life. 

Within the magnetic grid, immense transformation is taking place.  Feel what your space is like within here.  You have created a space in which your higher self resides.  You also have created alignment with many other people.  This is one of the places to which you come to communicate with them.  Perceive what that feels like in this moment.

You perceive your friends, you perceive those with whom you may not have a name yet you recognise their vibration.  This is another way in which you may recognise the community of souls which make up you the lightworkers, you the enlightened ones, you who are Shaumbra, you who are the essence of the brotherhood. 

There are so many different names that you have used throughout the years and some currently.  It is simply the shared vibration of family.  Family brings up that essence of people that have something in common.  Well, I smile because some of you say, well your family is not maybe what you choose, and indeed that is sometimes the case.  But this is a family of choice, a family that is loving, supportive and nurturing of you; just as you are of everybody else around here.  So in this magnetic grid be very aware of who you are and that there are so many others here with you. 

The merging of the crystalline and magnetic grid is taking place and it has been for a number of years.  For tonight's experience, I would like each one of you to take an opportunity and shift your consciousness as if looking outward, and this time let your consciousness open.  Take a deep breath in, whatsoever you need to do.  But draw on your own crystalline vibration and invite in the energies of the crystalline grid and feel it as it comes into you and into this space. 

For some it may feel even more profound than what you have felt in the past.  Others may recognise this is nothing new; this has been going on for quite some time.  Part of the difference is that we consciously draw in that crystal vibration.  We consciously bring it in to ourselves and then it moves, it merges, it moves out from you and it merges with all of the energies and vibrations around you. 

Move through this blending until you shift into the aspect which is no longer blended with the magnetic grid.  You are shifting into the vibration of the crystals that have not yet found an alignment within the earth's atmosphere.  So feel what this is, feel how easily you move between the two.  It's almost as if with hindsight you've let go of the magnetic grid.  The more that these energies of the magnetic grid align with the crystals, the less of a definite pull is there going to be felt.  This is a part of the transformation that has been taking place with the ascension of the earth into the fourth dimension. 

With our last journey we spoke of the New Earth and those various dimensions that link the physical earth on which you live and the New Earth.  Those are also in alignment with this crystalline vibration or this crystalline grid.  Many of you have been working with these energies since our last time together and you feel yourself shifting immediately into that space with which you align.  If you have not yet considered it, through your intention move into the essence of the New Earth which with you are in alignment right now. 

As you are within this space, recognise that it may look very much like the place in which you are living right now.  Some of you may find yourself picturing or going to the aspect of the earth that you love so dearly.  I encourage you to use this as a means of assisting you with obtaining a new perception of your life.  Within this vibration, bring up your home, your family, your job, your responsibilities.  You find that everything fits within this space very easily but also there is a finer, lighter, easier vibration.

Take a moment and breathe in this expanded awareness and then have a sense of looking around at your life.  I hear some of you say this is like looking at your life through rose coloured glasses; if you so choose you can look at it that way.  You may also consider this is looking at your life with greater clarity than ever before. 

This is available to you in your daily life.  When you move in and out of dimensions, when you move in and out of expansion, you move into this dimension or this perspective.  It may not look or feel the same to you, but it is where you come.  You move into the magnetic grid very easily with your higher self, and then you also move with a greater flow and ease into this space that is much more crystalline and it is a higher vibration of the earth.  Some of you say this is where I want to live all my life.  It is becoming more and more of a reality for each one of you. 

The physical earth upon which you live is the physical earth.  This expanded dimension or this expanded perception is something that you may integrate into your physical earth to allow you greater ease within your life.  Some of you are shifting into such a vibration that it is not yet acceptable to the earth plane.  You are the ones who feel that you are not bringing back this perspective and indeed you may not be.  So whether you bring back a greater amount of what this place actually is, or the essence of it, you are still integrating a greater shift and a greater perspective of your life. 

Consciously create a link, howsoever you want to do it, whether it's seeing a bridge, whether it's creating a loophole, whether you make a tube or a channel; it is your choice.  But create a link so that you will have greater ease in accessing this space.  I hear some of you asking me to tell you like a number of a dimension, the 12th, the 15th, the 50th, and that is not something I want any of you to get caught up in.  So recognise that this is your link to the New Earth and where you are right now, and release any analytical words or phrases or whatever you want to call it, that would keep it limited to earth's perspective or to your physical earthbound perspective.  The more that this is integrated, the more that people are going to begin to use new words for description.  There's less of a numerical and more of a feeling essence or energy.

This has been a little bit of a diversion from what we normally do in our process of moving into expansion.  But I wanted each of you to consciously see how smooth and easy it is to move from your physical earth into the magnetic, into the crystalline and into your aspect of the New Earth.  It is there for you. 

I invite each of you to join me in the All That Is.  As you come into this space I reach out and embrace your essence.  Feel me, feel my love.  As you each arrive some of you may be choosing to remain where you were because you were in the process of something.  By all means I invite you to do so.  Everyone who has come to join me within this space, I invite you to take this moment and perceive how you feel as you opened to my embrace and allowed my energies to move within you. 

When we usually get together, each time I would embrace you it would consciously shift you from the soul plane into the All That Is and each one of you expanded in a large way.  Tonight because you have already shared time with yourself within these crystalline dimensions and vibrations, there is less of a noticeable difference between my vibration and your own.  It makes me applaud, it makes me giggle, it makes me so happy that you are able to see that for yourself.  As each of you are integrating more and more of your own divinity it allows for me to share an even greater amount of my divinity with you.  I thank you for that.

Consider your life.  Consider choices that you have made.  As you consider the word ‘choice' or ‘choosing', what comes to your mind?  For some I'm hearing judgement of your choices; regret with the choices that you've made.  For others I'm hearing that they choose to live, they choose life.  Still others, I'm hearing that they choose to create change in their life, that they want something else.  When you think about it, choice is all around you. 

Choosing to feel the love is something you can do right now.  I invite you to choose love within your life.  Choosing happiness is something that you can have right now.  It may not be happiness over every single aspect of your life, but happiness in this moment, in this space of the All That Is, in this creation.  Choose happiness. 

Opportunity...I invite you to choose opportunity within your life.  Everyone has the potential, everyone has more opportunity around them than they may realise.  So invite in opportunity, abundance.  What is abundance to you?  How does it feel?  What would you do? In this space of the All That Is, infinite abundance is yours: abundance in health, abundance in energy, abundance in money - not that we need it in this space, but with your link to the earth people like to work with that.  Abundance in potential.  Abundance is something that moves out into eternity without even description.

I invite each one of you to stretch your consciousness or stretch out your arms.  Soak up the abundance that is here. This is not so very far away from you.  You remember when you came into the All That Is from your expanded state of the crystalline vibration, it is not such a different vibration, so therefore everything within this space is a potential that is available to you in your daily life. 

How about your health?  Are you healthy?  Are your muscles, your organs, your bones?  Is your physical body supporting you in this endeavour?  Become aware of perfect health, of vitality.  Let your imagination move into anything else that you may seek to have within your life.  Embrace your creation.  Embrace opportunity.  Embrace the potential that is all around you. 

Sometimes, as a human, it makes it easier for you to either have a symbol or to create a word or something that assists you in manifesting whatever it is you seek to have.  If you so choose, be open to perceive a symbol, a word, a phrase, anything that would indicate to you that this is your reality. 

In the days and weeks to come, you may find yourself thinking, saying out loud, picturing this phrase or this symbol, this word, whatever it may be.  Each time that you do, you are affirming your belief in yourself.  You are affirming that you are creating what you seek to have within your life.  Feel the love, the joy in this moment.  Let go the struggle that you may have.

I am in the midst of all of you.  I'm feeling as each one of you is creating your life, I reflect back anything that you ask of me, I enhance anything that you ask of me.  It is also becoming more and more evident that each of you are truly stepping into your magnificence, into your potentials, and into your abilities. Yes, you are! 

So much has occurred upon the earth plane that in some regards it is hardly recognisable as the earth.  Of course we still see everything that is taking place, we still see the duality, the wars, the anger, the rage, all the violence.  Yes, that is still there, it is still a part of the earth.  What is so amazingly different is the density that has so hugely transformed, and it is due to each one of you.  It is due to everyone so diligently choosing to create a new reality.  It is due to the crystalline vibration coming into the earth, but again the crystalline vibration could not come in until that density was transformed. 

These are realities.  As you are creating your life upon the earth, live that reality.  Let yourself fly.  Allow yourself to move, let yourself simply merge with whatever it is you seek to have.  This is about complete freedom of creativity.  This is about unlimited energy and ability.  The universe lines up with you or you align with that aspect of the universe with which you vibrate in alignment.  It goes both ways. 

Some of you will begin to see more and more of what might be considered the extra terrestrials, the ships, the beings of light, because there will be a greater ease in communication and transportation.

As you find yourself in this expanded state, is there anything with which you seek to communicate?  If so, now is the time.  I have a perception that some of you are creating alliances and then through your dream state, through your meditations, through your time of solitude upon the earth, you will create an even greater alignment or experience with whomever or whatever this may be. 

I invite you to return, back within this group.  Some of you, it's as if you come from afar.  Others, it's as if you have remained within this same space.  Each time that you allow your consciousness to journey within this space can be a completely different experience for you.

As you are forming that bit of a group, create an opening within the center for the hologram of the earth to come through.  So many of you have perceived it, the hologram, as being multi-dimensional.  The more that you become aware of those shifts in consciousness or those dimensions that link the New Earth with the current earth, the more that you will see as aspects of this hologram.  It too continues to change.

Within each one of you, I invite you to tap into all of which you choose for yourself.  I invite you to reconnect to that bond, that bridge, that tube that aligns you with your aspect of the New Earth.  Let all of that energy flow from you into this hologram.  And as you do so, there is a perception of all those various dimensions or aspects becoming filled with light.  This is but a portion, or this is but a perspective, there is so much more than what you see before you. 

Lady Gaia, as always comes forth to show her appreciation of you.  She reaches out to embrace each one.  She reminds you of her presence and encourages you to incorporate her into your daily life. Allow for this to assist you or bolster your own energies.  With that, she'll return within the hologram. 

From the All That Is, you see the hologram as it moves through those various aspects with which you've been working, it moves through the crystalline vibrations, the magnetic grid, and it merges with the physical earth.  It goes within that crystal that is within the center of the earth.  And from there it radiates outward.  It comes up through the grass, the water, the trees.  You may feel it coming up through your own physical body.

It moves throughout, moving all the way through the magnetic grid and all the way out, and it links with the New Earth, creating greater connections, greater abilities, for each one of you to utilise as you move through your daily life. 

Allow your focus to return to the All That Is.  There's still that separation of vibration you feel, but so much more is being integrated every time you align with the physical earth, with the space of the All That Is, with your own self, and everything in between. 

I invite you to move into the soul plane.  We had by-passed this completely before, but find yourself within here. You will find the energies of the soul plane have many different dimensions or aspects and those are now integrating within those crystalline vibrations.  If you choose to come to this aspect of the soul plane, that's a potential.  If you choose to align with your divinity within that crystalline aspect, that is another potential.  It need not be completely one or the other.  It need only be what you choose in any given moment.

From here, allow your focus to shift.  Feel that essence of the crystalline grid or the crystalline vibration, feel yourself as you move through, as you move through that space, as you move through your own divinity.  You continue until you find yourself within the magnetic grid.  Feel that magnetic pull of the earth.  Feel what it is to be you within this space, to be your higher self.  And from there, I invite you to create any deeper alliance or any conscious choice that will allow this to assist you in your daily life.  Let your energy flow into you, your human self.  You, as your biology. 

As your consciousness returns you may need to expand the energy field around you.  In this moment, as you reconnect fully with who you are, reach outward or upward or however you want to perceive it and link with the magnetic grid.  Reach beyond that into your alignment with the crystalline.  That alignment that is an aspect of the New Earth.  And allow for the connection to be strengthened.

Look around with your mind's eye.  You see everything is as you left it, but you also see with new eyes.  You see with the eyes of creation and with the vision of unlimited potential that there is more here than you ever realised.  Recognise that you may always come back into this potential.  That you may always expand into this space of contentment and belief in yourself.  Let the love flow.  Let the abundance flow.  Let the potentials from now until infinity flow within and around you. 

And as you continue to enjoy that space, allow your consciousness to more fully return into your human self. 

I am open to receive questions if you so choose.  To come back within the room you may press *7 and I am open to receive questions.

Question:  (paraphrased) I have been working on and as well on the journey tonight, in calling back to me all my fragments from my many lifetimes that have been scattered all over the universe to come back in into fullness.  I wonder if you can shed some light on this?

Answer:  I see this as something in two parts.  The aspects of yourself from every lifetime, every experience you have ever had is more fully integrated into your divine I AM presence and your expanded soul essence; that which is your soul in its entirety.  It's never been disconnected from that; therefore it didn't to be called back in. 

So you as your soul essence is already complete and it remains complete.  So with the experience that you are doing of drawing back to you all the various aspects of yourself it feels to me as I'm looking at you more so as if those aspects that have had an influence upon you in this lifetime and in that regard it's very pertinent to bring them back into alignment and balance within you.  But we also see that you are drawing to you aspects that may have been you in other lifetimes that have no focus or impact upon this lifetime and will bring in a bit of a destruction-that's not the right word-a bit of a disturbance for you because they have nothing to do with what you are working on.  I know there are many people out there that have wonderful programs with which to assist people with creating change and unification within themselves.   So what I want to say to you as I look at you is that I believe you are already unified within your divine essence.  I believe you have a direct link with your divinity and you are very consciously moving back and forth between your divine and conscious essence.  Therefore when you say ‘am I complete and am I whole'; yes, absolutely you are.  I do see that potential though as I tapped into it a moment ago, that you will create more things when you draw to you things that are not necessary.  Does that make sense to you?

Yes fully, so should I stop drawing in that which I should not?

Absolutely.   I think as people are working on this process, if they seek to reunify or draw to them aspects of themselves I think it's important to be clear that you are talking about this lifetime in which you are consciously present.  You are speaking of the aspects that will make you become whole or feel the whole essence of who you are in this moment. It's difficult to explain this but we feel you will understand when you go beyond analysis and know there is even more that you can draw to you than you can even count in this lifetime. 

I hope that I haven't done any damage by calling back these aspects.

No, they are staying at a distance at this point.  You from your higher self perspective are recognizing, wait a second, why am I bringing that in?  So you are holding them at a distance.  But if you choose to consciously bring back every aspect of every lifetime, it will indeed bring them in to you.  If you shift your way of phrasing what you draw to you to feel whole-we of course already see you as complete and whole within yourself-- but if your personality does not feel whole as yet; focus on bringing in or creating a balance in the alignment so that your personality will feel that fullness or wholeness within.

Okay that is great!  I'm so glad you told me this.  (You are welcome.)

Question: (paraphrased) My question tonight is what can you tell me about my relationship with my daughter.  It's not the most easy relationship, especially recently.

Answer:   Yes we see that.  First of all what we would like to do is take this moment and in this very human reality, in this very human experience the two of you are having; I just want to flow to you the essence of love and compassion and the fullness of acceptance and allowing.  It is without description or anything else.  It is just the energy of love.  We flow it to you, we flow it to her.  (pause for breathing) And now, as we look at the relationship between the two of you and see that there are hills and valleys.  There have been times of an even keel.  Right now it feels like a lot of turmoil and anger.  When ever your daughter is going through a transition in her own life tends to fall back on the way she has reacted in the past.  That's what we see happening.  She is going through a transition in her life, we feel around a relationship, something that has not worked out in the way she anticipated.  So it brings up in her the essence or the memories of feelings of being disconnected and in pain.  Whenever she feels like this, she then transfers it to you.  We're not saying it right, wrong, or in between but that this is what happens sometimes.  The way she's transferring it is that she reacts to you with anger, with frustration and with distance.  Is that correct beloved?  (umh huh)

We feel the pain, we feel the sorrow within you and we would love for you to release it and let it go by the wayside.  We know that you do when you are in that in state or that space of your divinity or expanded awareness. Then you go into the space of being human, being the mother and you are hurt.  It bounces you out of the space you created for yourself.  If you will take the opportunity and we can breathe with you as we do this and let it go, let go the hurt; it may feel as if you are letting go of your daughter.  In some regards, yes you could say you are letting go of her.  You are letting go of the threads that bind the two of you together.  But we also have a sense that what happens is that you are letting go of her connection to you from this level of pain and transference of other energy.  You are still making yourself open to her or available to her, but from a different level or to allow a new relationship to occur.  We see that this is what you would like to do, we see that this is what you have been doing in your dream state; but we do not see that she is amenable to this.  We feel she is doing this to more than just you in her life.  We see her doing this to a number of people around her.  We also shift our focus for a moment to fill her space and energy with the love and compassion. The disconnect is truly within herself. 

When she feels this disconnection, it's between herself as her divinity and herself as a human.  That is where we flow the compassion, the love, the essence of this energy that she might be able to open and feel this awareness that she might be able to create the healing that is needed.  From what we see of you and your relationship we see that you have done everything you can; this is something that has to be done from her perspective.  And so as you continue to consider this, as you continue to breathe into the heartache, as you breathe into the heartache and let it go - and we breathe with you-we breathe in compassion and breathe out sorrow and pain.  We invite you once more to just breathe in compassion, compassion for yourself, compassion for what you would like this relationship to be.  Release the feeling that this relationship is not what you would like it be.  Feel compassion that this is what it is in this moment.  We have a sense that as things have been in the past, it will go full circle.  You and she will be able to communicate once more, you will be back in the space where things are strengthened. 

For her in her lifetime we sense this roller coaster she is on and it's unclear how long she will remain upon it.  It's as if she is pushing, pushing, pushing; making people prove that they love her.  In doing so, especially with you, it is breaking down the resistance within and that will allow the self love, self awareness to come into her life.  As she does that, that disconnection with diminish and go away.  As you can imagine, there was a great deal of a download that during those words. 

For my own self, all those accusations, blaming that I didn't love her and that I never did......

Let us ask you beloved, when you consider your daughter, not the person this moment but the person you brought into life; do you love her?


Absolutely!  So therefore her saying that is an indication of her disconnection and feeling she cannot be loved.  She directs it toward that person who has been an outlet for her many, many times over the years.  You know how much you love her.  You know how much you cherish her.  So when she says something like that to you it is best to disconnect from the energies or emotions of what she is saying.  Do back inside of yourself to where you felt that unconditional love as a mother.  Does that make sense to you?  (Yes) We know you have been doing this off and on but because you have had your heart strings pulled, you've been too emotionally connected to this to really fully disconnect and let go.  We sense as we were speaking about this and as we were working with you on this, you have let go to an even greater degree, just over the last few minutes.  We sense when you go into your time of meditation and solitude, when you honor and acknowledge that indeed you do love her.  You have always loved her and you have always expressed that to her.  You then disconnect from the aspect accusing you and directing the barbs towards you.  That can actually allow the love and compassion come through.  This is instead of you getting caught up in that pain.

Thank you very much I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. 

You are welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased) Can you help me any advise or information about me and my boyfriend Steve?

Answer:  to us this feels like a relationship of concentric circles.  It feels as if the two of you come together, then you're at a distance, then close, etc.  It is like two people are circling around each other and you each are in a very different space from one another but yet you come together and have times when you are very committed to one another and the relationship feels strong.  In those regards it feels as if this is a relationship that has a lot of enduring qualities to it.  It seems as if you also have a number of differences and when you focus upon those differences, you can easily be pushed to a difference away from each other.  But when you both choose to focus upon that which draws you together and it is a strong bond also; it allows for the relationship to become stronger and stronger within you. 

We see this as a relationship that will have a potential to become stronger and more enduring in your life.  We also see it as one that is very turbulent with ups and downs.  This can lead to a great deal of arguing and heartache.  The reason we see such diversity between you is because this is coming at this time as a means of recognizing that in every relationship there are many different potentials available to you.  When you recognize how much at that one level or aspect where you truly care for one another; when that remains the focus and you focus upon what you do like and what is right within the relationship, then that is what will flourish.  Those are my thoughts and words to you about this are giving you and opportunity to have a relationship with one another.  To choose to focus upon that which is good and working for the two of you.  You to choose to see how it will evolve as you move forward from here. 

If he moves back to his home town, would that be good for me also?

We have a sense he is indeed considering moving back to his home town.  We sense that he's not going to move in the immediate future.  It's still something that he's considering.  We also sense that if he does move back then he will go first and you will follow.  This is not due to any issue with you or problem with you but because he needs to make some decisions about his own life and what he wants in his life and how he wants to live it.  When he is back in his home town and around perhaps family or old friends we sense he shifts back into old beliefs.  The reason we sense he moves first is that he needs to resolve these things for himself.  Then at a point when you would move back it would be from a clean slate.  This can all be done where you and he are right now, that is why it's not 100% clear that he will move back. 

Alright, thank you Goddess.

Question: (paraphrased) Hi Goddess I'm working on a project and I'm going to move.  I'm wondering when I'll find something out about my job and when I'll be moving my home.

Answer: We invite you to breathe into your heart and open up your heart so that we can get more information.  We see that this project you've been working on has been very diligent and very single minded.  It's almost as if it's been consuming you and diminishing other aspects of your life.  It feels to us as if it's close to or already completed.  We have a sense that once you send it out, everything else will fall into place.  We have a sense of you as you work on this that... what is it that humans call it.  When you get into that mode and you tweak it, then tweak it again, then you do it again..... you get what we mean!  We have a sense it's done, it's complete and you need to leave it alone for the time being.  You may go back and look at it again, but it feels to us as if it's complete.  Anything more you would do is over analyzing it or over working it. 

Now, it feels in part as if it's a job proposal.  It feels as if it has to do with the company you are with but yet moving within the company or going with a new company.  Our sense is that it is something that could happen at any time.  It feels as if it's eminent as if it's something that could happen in the fall.   We have a sense of you moving in October or November.  The move to us feels like there are two potentials.  There is one that feels as if it's not very far from where you are and then another that is quite a ways away.  We don't a good sense of a direction in which you might be going.  If you can disconnect because you are energetically very attached right now; you need to disconnect from the project and everything else that is going on as if you are letting it go and putting it out to the universe.  You will then allow things to fall into place.  So rather than having just one potential we actually sense 2 are coming to you and you will have a choice to make.  You can just choose whatever is going to work best for you.  Does that make sense to you?

It sure does!  I live in Las Vegas and I'm thinking of moving to LA. 

Okay, Okay.  You said it wasn't too far away and that is only four hours away!

Right, we had a sense that there might also be another potential of the vicinity of Las Vegas.  We definitely have a sense there is more than one potential for you.

Thank you so much!  I love you and it was a beautiful show! 

You are welcome!  WE appreciate you coming in to share your energies tonight.

Definitely!  Thank you and have a great weekend.

Question: (paraphrased)  A close friend of mine went through a very major clearing and insisted on a break in our relationship.  I was told by one of the ascended masters that we had made this agreement to separate during this incarnation. Also that this was something important for me, but it's been very painful.  I want to understand what the growth opportunity is at this time. 

Answer: The growth opportunity we are sensing right now is the potential of letting go.  It's the potential of releasing what's that phrase that humans use?  If you let someone go they can return, it's the ultimate giving; that's what it feels like to us. You let him go so he can return. 

It's a female.

It is? It feels like a male.  Tell us this person's name so we can make sure we are connected to her.  (Her name is Nancy.) Okay, she either has a lot of very strong masculine energy or it's just coming across like that.  When we asked for a name and you said Nancy, she came up as the same individual.  Anyway, that's neither here nor there.  It feels as if she's moving in another direction or as if something is happening in her life.  As you are letting this go and releasing it, it feels as if the two of you have come full circle.   It actually also feels as if she needs to be let go and move out onto this path.  What you perceive of her moving backwards or in a different direction is what she needs to do.  She is trying to figure out some truths for herself.  She feels to us right now as if she's in a place of pain or being disconnected and angry.  It just feels as if she's going in a completely different direction or may be perceived as going backwards.  If you were to continue to push or try to be a part of her life, we have a sense it would pull you down into that human connection of forcing something and you would step aside from your divine connection you have to her.  By letting it go, releasing both her and the relationship she will continue her cycle and you will shift into a different vibration that is open to more potential. 

We sense that you will meet other people in your life.  It's not that she is holding you down up til now, but if you continue in this vein, it will begin to hold you down. As you are allowing yourself to; ummm it's difficult to explain with words, but if you go with the energies, we sense you will understand.   As you recognize that t here are more people available, more friends available; and even though she's a dear, dear friend the sense we get is that by releasing this it will allow you to step into a new vibration or new potential that is available to you.  I don't know, but for some reason I don't sense that either one of you will be completely disconnected from the other.  There will be some sort of communication that will be randomly or sporadically that will continue in the future.  We don't see the potential of where she is going to go with this because she has not yet finished creating it.  There is always the potential that at some point you will meet in a space of new perspective of divinity or life and abilities.  Continue to honor yourself and the growth you have done.  You have been very, very dedicated in your personal growth for your personal journey.  Believe in your divinity and believe in your connection within.  Allow that to shine forth through your days and then open to look around you and see what is there.  See what relationships may be there and what develops from what is now unknown sources to you.  We think Shelly is getting tired so this came through a bit disconnected.  But did you get the sense of what we were saying?

I do, I thank you very much.

You are welcome.  Again, we just have a sense to tell you to feel the compassion that we transmit to you.  To feel the love and to feel all that we want to transmit to you in support as you continue on this journey in your life. 

With that, I think we're going to bring that to a close because we feel that Shelly is a little bit tired tonight, so as the answers get longer and longer it's because she's trying to integrate the answers that we are giving through her.  But for those of you that may not have had an opportunity to ask a question, be aware that you can ask it in your heart, you can ask it as you go to sleep at night, you can ask it in your meditation.  We always hear you, we always answer you.  Be open and allow the answer to come, even if it's in some abstract or different way.

So my family, you are each transforming into a biology that is much more in alignment with these crystalline vibrations.  What this means to you is that you will begin to have bodies that require different elements.  You will begin to have life experiences that will give you new perspectives.  You will begin to have an even deeper alignment with the expanded earth with which you align. 

As you move through your day, play with that, experience it.  See what comes to you.  And as you are doing so, let yourself incorporate the expanded you, the expanded earth and all that is available to you.  Choose life, choose love, choose whatever it is you seek to have within your life.  You are the creator.  It is there for you.

I am ever with you and within.




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