Clearing Frustration & New Beginnings

This channel has several levels within it. The Goddess begins with people taking stalk of what’s around them and what’s on their mind before we even shift into a higher consciousness. Then, once we arrived in the All That Is, she once more referred to what we were aware of.

She began to talk about the process of manifesting. She broke it down into three aspects. 1) You come up what you want to manifest. This is getting in touch with your heart’s desire and expressing what is. 2) Creating the space within your life or seeing your life as what it’s like when you have what you want. This also includes connecting with the ‘essence’ of what you want so as to be open to more ways in which it can come into your life. 3) Actually receiving it in your life. This is when it shows up and you now have it as a part of your life. The cycle is complete.

From this, the Goddess encouraged people to really look at their lives and see for themselves, what successes they have already accomplished. I think people have more successes than they give themselves credit for. So often when someone accomplishes something, they forget what it was like before; so they forget they actually manifested the change that brought them to where they are.

The Goddess then invited people to have a sense of the things that have not manifested in life; the things that create frustration. As people brought this up, she created a ball of white light that was the essence of God/Goddess/ Your divinity. This was an energy ball that you could place all your frustration and disappointment within. It created a HUGE shift for people as they placed their disappointments, frustrations, limitations, etc. all within this white ball of light. From there, as people once more created from a new beginning, all the energy around their creation had shifted. Therefore, they may still want what they wanted before, but the creation is all new with a new vibration, intention, energy and more.

I hope you enjoy this release the new creation of you, for you!


Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I flow my energy into and around everyone who is here. Not only those of you who are present at the time this channel takes place but everyone who may listen to it at any point in time.

And for those of you who are present this evening, each time you reconnect and listen to these words and feel this energy, you are feeling the embrace at whatever place you may be at that moment.

I invite you to take this moment and look around, as if you are taking in whatever is here and present in your physical location. Are there particular thoughts that some to mind? Are there things within your physical body that are very prevalent for you? Are there any emotions that are cropping up?

Use this as a moment to consciously let yourself breathe in or breathe down within yourself. Then as you breathe out, whew, let it go! Let go of anything that is weighing you down and consciously take with you anything of which you may have an intention to work with this evening.

There is a great deal of change that is taking place. The change comes in many different forms. There are changes in your physical reality, your mental, your emotional. There are changes in the vibration emanating from the earth. There are changes in the alignment of the earth to the universe.

Sometimes you in your everyday life may get caught between the mix of all of this and it causes you to feel unbalanced, out of sorts, perhaps depressed, perhaps anxious. You may have a physical reaction.

I invite you if you need to, to take this moment and make an intention that you breathe down, anchoring within your physical body, aligning yourself with the earth, then let all of that go as you allow your consciousness to shift with you.

As this shifts, you may feel your energy as you move into the space of the magnetic grid. Here within this space, allow yourself to open and feel your higher self. Allow yourself to become aware of the flow of energy as it moves through here.

This movement is the place where you come allowing your energy to transform whatever may be going on in your daily life.

Have a sense of letting go these energies of the magnetic grid and allow yourself to shift into the crystalline grid. As you are here within the crystalline energies, allow yourself to feel what it is to let go the magnetic pull of the earth. Feel your own energy as you immediately find that alignment within this space.

Here within the crystalline grid, allow yourself to be rejuvenated. Allow yourself to find the balance that helps to clear your energies so that you may be more fully focused here within this space.

From there, I invite you to have a sense of moving into the soul plane. As you feel yourself within the space of the soul plane, reach towards your I AM presence. As you reach out to your divinity, feel as if you are opening up your arms to embrace all of who you are!

As you allow your divinity to merge with you more fully, feel the expansion as this alignment merges with you. Here within your divinity, you can feel the energy not only of who you are in this is lifetime, but all the many lifetimes that have created your I AM presence.

I the Goddess move within this space. I reach out to each one of you and embrace you! As I enfold you within my arms, you may feel yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.

As you find yourself arriving within this space, feel as if you’re set free! Allow yourself to expand in every direction. As your energy streams in and around the All That Is, feel as if there is a joy or there is an energy of excitement that bubbles up within you.

There is soooo much happening right now in and around the world. The last couple of months have had a lot of very intense energy and during this month that is beginning today, there will actually be a time of balance or relaxation.

For some of you, you may feel this as a difference or as a change. It may not be as intense or because you are used to a particular intensity, it may cause you to feel off balance.

I therefore invite you to take a breath in with the intention of being aware of all the energies that are moving in and around you right now.

As you are creating change upon the earth, there are a number of steps that you move through. You first of all come up with the idea of what you would like to have. For many, it’s everything that you’ve always known it was, it doesn’t change, it remains consistent.

For others, you may have a sense of always feeling as if there’s something new that you want to do. I also sense there are those people who feel as if they cannot come up with any particular plan or any particular desire.

As you create something for yourself, to create the energy around it that is your intention for how you wish to manifest. So you take your idea, then the next step is what do you need to do, to manifest this.

The next step may also be ‘what are the energies that are represented by your desire’? ‘What is the essence you seek to have’?

At this point, the vast majority of you are feeling excited and looking forward to whatever it is you seek to manifest.

Many times the next step is the receiving of what you have just created. For some things they come to you almost immediately, for other things they come perhaps in a short period of time, but in a manner that you recognize is the fulfillment of your manifestation.

Each time that something like this happens, it reinforces once more the ease with which you can manifest in your life.

How often does it seem to work for you that you then say ‘well now that I have this, I really would like to go towards this’; and you perhaps move in a new direction or see what else it is that you may seek to have.

As I watch everybody within their human experience, (I notice) you are people of movement. You like change, you like new experiences and some of these may be very subtle, other aspects may be very big and dramatic.

There are times when there are people who enjoy the moment. They enjoy the experience of what they have or what they have created. They go with that, seeing wherever it is that it may take them; without any particular intention, simply being in the flow of the energy.

Consider in your life; perhaps the one thing, perhaps the many things that you put forth as an intention, you created the energy and then you received it. Sometimes it was a matter of opening up your senses and being able to feel more deeply than you had before.

Sometimes it was manifesting the parking space up close to the store. Sometimes it was manifesting the healthy body that would take you into the next five, ten, twenty years of your life.

I invite you to take this moment and acknowledge the things that have worked for you.

One of the things that I have noticed is that especially when people have moved through a transformation, they forget what it was like before they arrived. And therefore they forget ‘oh that’s right, I manifested this change, did I not?’

Take stock in this moment and remember your successes!

The next energy that I would like to look at are those things in your life, sometimes it’s one thing, sometimes it’s a dozen; but those things that seem to come around again and again and again giving you a sense of frustration that as yet they have not manifested.

Let’s begin with this process. You first consider what it is you would like to have. You then consider what your life would be as you experience whatever that would be. Now, the next energy is about being open to receive and some place between that space of having what you would like to have and being open to receive is where there seems to be a disconnect.

Perhaps it is something you have wanted within your life for a very long time; you therefore go through stages in which you are open to receive, feeling joy, excitement and anticipation. And then you may experience in the next moment, the lack thereof; feeling frustrated, irritable and depressed.

You may then follow this circle around. Go back to the beginning, go through these steps once more and this time you’ve added to the mix that sense or that feeling of ‘I’m not doing it right, I must be doing something wrong.’ This adds yet another layer that keeps you from receiving whatever it is you are seeking to have.

Which then leads to the frustration, which then lead to the disappointment and you can see where we’re going.

When you find yourself in a particular pattern that is no longer working for you and by that I mean you have not yet manifested what you seek to have, I invite you to let it go. As I say that to you, I see some of you holding on even tighter, because you really want it!

This is not about desire. It’s not about deserving. It’s not about anything in which you may judge yourself.

This is about a recognition that something you’ve wanted has not worked out, therefore you feel disappointment.

I am bringing within this space a huge ball of white light. This is the Goddess energy, the God energy if that is what you prefer. This ball of light is here to give you the opportunity to transform and let go each and every thing that you may have been carrying around with you in a state of frustration or disappointment.

I am willing to bet that in 100% of these instances you have shifted your energy into a much higher vibration than the energy in which you are seeking to manifest. Therefore it is not coming to you because of that misalignment.

So take whatever it is and some of you I see you truly love having a ceremony. So mix it with pictures, tokens, totems, crystals, herbs; whatever it is that you would like. Gather together anything at all that you may have associated with your disappointment or frustration and then walk over and send it into that ball of white light. ~~WHEW~~

Let go that burden! Let go of that disappointment.

As we return to that step in which you create what you would like to have, take a ball of that source energy, as if you reach out with your hand you hold it within the palms of your hands; this is pure source energy.

It is also you. It represents you in your life.

So whatever that was and you can go through a list if you have a long list of things that you would like to manifest. But start with one thing. And take whatever it is put it in that ball of light. You may put it there by using intention, words, thoughts, feelings; whatever it may be. This ball of white light that you hold within your hand is now merging completely with what you seek to manifest.

As you put that intention within that ball of light, it begins to grow, it begins to expand. As it does so, you begin to feel within your consciousness the shifting movement of having source energy work with your own alignment and working with what you seek to have within your life.

From the conception, then you shift over into the space of creation. If you have this within your life, I invite you each to consciously let go any other preconceived notion. Let go, forget, release why in the past you have wanted this within your life and instead look at it with new eyes.

Let source energy, let your divinity show you opportunities and potentials that would go along with this manifestation. Indeed, some or many of these coincide with what you desire already.

This time, by opening yourself to receive it from that higher, lighter vibration of source, you are shifting your own vibration allowing it to move up into that which is in alignment with what you truly seek to have from within your heart’s desire.

As you look around you here within this space, have a sense of stepping into the image of this ball of light. As you step within, look around at the stream of consciousness or the threads of energy that are moving through here.

You may see that one or several steps will take place before you’re in that final alignment of what you seek to manifest. You may sense that absolutely nothing needs to take place. Whatever it is, allow your consciousness to be open to the flow. Allow your consciousness to receive the information, letting it flow through you in the many different levels that create who you are.

As you look towards the next step, that which is of receiving in your physical reality, look at it from this perspective. What else is around you? Who are the people? Using all of your senses, is there something you can smell, taste, touch? As you look with your eyes and your inner eyes, be open to acknowledge it will happen.

As you can feel that certainty and that awareness within yourself, you then let go! Expanding outward, releasing this flow, allowing this to clear out and move in every direction.

Take a deep breath in, breathing in the awareness. And then as if you step out, moving out from that ball of white light, let yourself feel the energies back in the All That Is. As you look towards that ball of light that you were just in the midst of creating within, you may see multiple balls of light that represent multiple different things you may want to have.

You may also have a sense of much greater clarity taking place within you. Again release anything that feels like disappointment, frustration or anything at all that is outside of joy, happiness, perhaps anticipation.

Let us shift gears for just a moment. As you consider your life, think of all the many things that you have had throughout the years; perhaps things that have happened to you, perhaps the transformations that you have gone through in a spiritual manner.

As you think about where you were, we will just pick a number; five years ago. What was happening within your life? As you reach through that stream of consciousness or that stream of energy, looking at yourself I invite you to become aware of the many different changes that have taken place.

One of the most obvious is the change in vibration. You have shifted into a higher, lighter, finer vibration. There may be certain things that remain the same as what they did five years ago, but the balance of what is new and that which is the same has been created that allows you to straddle these different levels of awareness within and around you.

You as the human, have your personality, your ego, your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies. You have everything that creates you as your human experience. That is the part of you that does not like change. That is the part of you that cannot conceptualize what you may be seeking to bring within your lives.

Therefore as you are here in the All That Is and as you look over these last few years, allow yourself to consciously work with your ego, your personality, your human self-- those energy bodies; so that you may clear out and release ~~whew~~ that old form of resistance. It is that form that holds you back, that holds you in place from moving forward.

Look again at those balls of white light and those things that have been slower to manifest for you. As you now allow your consciousness and as you allow your personality to come into this space of all that you are creating, do so with the intention that your everyday reality is now in balance with all that you seek to have.

Sometimes as you go through a transformation within your life, you may find yourself on the far side of it saying ‘oh what happens next? I’ve reached this goal, what do I reach for next?’ Here’s where I invite you to take time to enjoy being in whatever space you are.

Of course if it’s a space that doesn’t feel good to you, then consciously work towards moving out it. Work towards what feels good. Then when you arrive in that place where you are manifesting what you would like to have, where you feel yourself coming together, things are falling into place, you have what you seek; embrace that in the moment. Experience it for what it is.

Be at peace with everything that you have manifested for yourself. As I speak those words, if there’s anything at all that causes you to feel resistance or frustration again, then send your energies back into that ball of white light. It is still here, it will be here permanently. You may use it once, or you may use it hundreds of times. It is completely up to you, it is yours anytime that you would like to create a transformation within your life.

Recognize that letting go of something that you may have wanted for a long time is actually a new beginning. Letting go of the stuck energy and the disappointment creates a new beginning.

I invite you to look once more at that white light where you have now created your new manifestation. And as you look within you may have a sense of greens, blues, orange, red; of a multitude of different colors that are now blending with that white light.

You are the creator!! You have the potential. I believe in you 100%!

I know that you are creating a transformation tonight that is going to move through you on every level. It’s going to assist in shifting into a direct balance of energy everything within and around you so that you may have what you are seeking. Be open to receive.

As you continue to look around the space of the All That Is; from this new space of balance and alignment, look back again at your successes. They’re still there, perhaps there are even more than what you noticed the first time around. Take another look. What have you created for yourself that you began with an intention; you worked perhaps through a process and then received what you wanted to have.

It’s a beautiful thing to see! I see everybody where they recognize or they have more things that they’ve manifested than they realized before. Be open. Accept. Believe in yourself.

As each one of you continues to look at this within the space here of the All That Is, allow yourself to embrace success. What does that feel like to you? Allow yourself to shift the flow of energy around your everyday life so that you become aware of the flow and the vibration of all that you seek to have.

As you do this, I invite you to have a sense of coming back together as a group. As you come back within this space, be aware of the many, many other who are here with you. Some of them are in your everyday life in support of you.

As you come together as a group, have a sense of that hologram of the earth coming up within this group. As it comes up within the group, there is a gentle easy spin that takes place. We have a sense of Lady Gaia coming forth.

She reaches out to each one of you and she is conveying that as you are living your lives upon the earth, let her actually be the one to help you in anchoring these energies. As she does so, she is not only in the space of raising her own vibration, but she can be the balance that holds that flow or that space for you.

Be aware of this energy, be aware of this flow.

Infuse within this hologram your new beginning. Infuse within this hologram, your success and your recognition of your success. Lady Gaia takes that with her, creating an adjustment so that it’s readily available to you in your everyday life. And then she returns within these holograms.

They in turn shift downward. They move through the column of light. You may have a sense as they flow through the crystalline grid, that hologram that represents the new earth moves out into that space creating that deeper alignment of the vibration of the new earth and physical earth upon which you live.

The remainder of the hologram moves down within and around your physical earth. Again, you have that sense of Lady Gaia as she embraces these energies as they anchor within that core center of the earth. Even more the crystalline energies are vibrating in balance.

And it moves out from there. It moves out through the many layers of the earth. It moves up on top of the earth; coming up within every one of you creating the space so that in your everyday life you can know your accomplishments and you can see, sense, feel, acknowledge those white balls of light of your new creations. And they disperse out creating the alignments that are helpful to you.

Your focus comes back once more within the All That Is. As it does so, have a sense of recognizing how you have shifted your focus and your vibration throughout this experience this evening. As you allow your consciousness to begin to stream backwards, it goes once more into the space of the soul plane.

As you leave the All That Is you glance back, you know that the white light of transformation is still there and it will always be there. As you move through the energies of your divinity, you allow yourself to once more find the alignment and balance. And then, you allow that consciousness to once more come with you. It flows through the crystalline grid. It moves through the magnetic grid moving down again within and around you in your physical reality.

As it does so, I invite you to consciously take a moment and expand the energy around you so that your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and lightbody energies all expand outward in your physical reality as you ground these energies back within you.

It streams down through you. It goes down into Lady Gaia and you can feel her connection and her alignment as she assists you in grounding your energies.

Again those balls of white light for your transformation of what you seek to manifest, may be here in and around you. ~~Whew~~ you align with them; you breathe them in and out allowing yourself to feel all that is here for you.

As you take a deep breath in, you continue to anchor yourself. And then the next thing you do, we do is invite you to come back within this space. As you return within this space I am open to receive any questions you may have.

Alright, and so with that we will bring this session to a close for tonight. I invite each one of you as you are moving through your days to remember that you are integrating your higher vibration.

You are integrating and bringing in the new potential and the new awareness of how you can live your life, create new beginnings and experience everything you seek to manifest.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.




Leigh42 16th July 2012 8:44 pm

"From this, the Goddess encouraged people to really look at their lives and see for themselves, what successes they have already accomplished. I think people have more successes than they give themselves credit for."

Absolutely! When I look back at the transformation of the last 7 plus years and even just last 6 months I am blown away... and yet with the pace of this transformative "nanosecond" we are in, it is hard to even grasp that--as the Light shows us the remaining dark spots that are to be transfomed.

Basking in the accomplishments, and having gratitude for them, will serve us well right now to nourish our vibrations toward higher freaquency.


Shelly Dressel 7th August 2012 1:18 pm

HI there!

That is exactly what the Goddess intended when she took everyone down that path. It's always easier to see/ sense/ know greater change when you are coming from a perspective by which to measure it.

Thanks for sharing! I appreciate it.

Much love,


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