Communication from God and Goddess

Nama Sika; Venia Benya. I am the One; I am the Whole.

Welcome family! Welcome all who choose to come and be a part of this experience. I, the Goddess, come into each one of you. I welcome you to our time together. This is a moment of celebration. This is a moment of deep awareness, allowing you the potential to open, to understand and to know truly who you are.

Each of you is a physical person. You have this human person that is you that you have manifested upon the earth. You are each a divine energy. Your divinity is very much a part of who you are as a human. For some, it is very unconscious; for others, you are very aware of what your spirituality is to you.

Take this moment while still fully present in your human space to open and feel what it is to breathe in, or to access your divinity within yourself. Let yourself ground inside. Allow your consciousness to move down from within you, go down into the earth, and then bring it back up, anchoring you in your physical aspect in the space in which you are.

As we move through this journey allow your consciousness to shift. Allow it to fly free to experience the greatest amount of expansion that’s available to you.

With that, I invite you to release the energies of your physical body. Allow your consciousness to shift so that you may move into the space of the magnetic grid. As you link with this grid work you find that you are able to perceive the pathways that move within and around the space in which you are located. Let your awareness open to truly perceive what this is.

As you are ready to do so allow yourself to move through the interlocking grid so that you may link with the crystalline grid. As you are linking with these energies, you find that it is activating those crystalline aspects of yourself. You may feel sensations within your physical body. Open to feel or know what it is to you within this conscious aspect of who you are.

From here, you may call forth the column of light. You may use the column to assist you as you shift, moving between dimensions until you arrive in the soul plane. Feel yourself expand in every direction as you emerge from that column. Feel what this space is to you. This in some respects may feel like home. Allow yourself to be welcomed home into the energy of the soul plane.

From here, you may call forth your I Am Presence. This is your divinity as a whole. This is the greater aspect of your soul essence. You may perceive it as an energy that is coming towards you. Or you may perceive it as something coming up from within you. Open to allow yourself to feel and know that your divinity is immense.

Now, I the Goddess, make my presence more fully known to each one of you. You may perceive me as a ball of light; you may perceive me in the shape of a person as I come into this space in which you are located. I reach out to embrace you. Feel my arms or my embrace as I come around and within you. Allow my energies to blend fully so that I may amplify who you are.

As we fully link with one another it allows you to shift into the space of the All That Is. Let yourself expand even further than you did within the soul plane. Feel as if you are awash in energy.

As most of you are aware, the energies of I, the Goddess, were unable to come as closely into the human upon the earth until after the shift that took place in your year of the 2000. Since that time, I have been working with this channel to be able to reach out and link with each one of you. I would like to take this moment to say how much I appreciate being able to have this experience of linking so closely with you the humans.

So many times humans will say that they would like to know, or receive help and assistance from the angels and guides who are around them. It is most often a relationship that works back and forth between the angels and guides and the humans. For me, this is my first experience with being able to feel, know and understand what it is to be human. Prior to this it was always my perception, but from a distance.

Let me just say to you that I admire each of you for choosing the path of a human; for choosing to live your life upon the earth; for choosing the experiences that you have had. For some, there have been extreme difficulties. For others, a deep sense of disconnect. Your life experiences have been your own creation. This life that you are living within at this moment is the entire focus of the human that you created

Allow yourself to open to the possibility that everything within your life is perfection. Allow yourself to take this moment and just breathe deeply. Let the energies flow through your consciousness and every aspect of your being; that everything in this moment is perfection.

Allow your heart to feel how soothing that can be for you, how loving, how gentle. Even though you may have other experiences going on, you can always come into this moment and feel the true connection and the true feeling of peace that is yours.

There has been a great shift in the energies upon the earth. We have spoken of them in the recent channels and our time together with one another. Just as you are moving forward, you are opening and allowing a greater amount of your divinity to be within your life. These journeys give you the opportunity to create the connection and allow for that flow to come into you.

There are many energies of light who have chosen to come and share this space with you at this time. Let your awareness expand in such a way that you may be able to perceive who is here.

We have spoken the last several journeys about the energies of the eclipses. (March 2007 teleconferences) We have spoken of how the moon and the sun that are around you in your daily life can amplify the energies of the male and the female. I myself am the Goddess. I am the Divine Feminine that is within each one of you. See, coming into this circle of Light, the energy of the Divine Masculine; this is God. He is the masculine aspect of myself, and I am going to shift so that he may be the one to speak with you upon this journey.

God speaks:

Greetings, Beloved Family. I welcome this opportunity to be able to truly connect and speak with you. I am the male aspect of the Goddess, as she is the female aspect of God. Take a moment and perceive our energies as they flow back and forth between us.

You are able to perceive how I have the attributes of the masculine and she has the attributes of the feminine, yet we are still linked and blended with one another. Look inside of yourself; look inside of your consciousness and allow yourself to feel the aspects of you that are masculine and the aspects of you that are feminine.

Allow yourself to send energy that they may both be balanced and that the energy may flow between them very easily and gently. Take this opportunity and consider your life upon the earth. Feel the ways in which you may perceive through my eyes of the masculine. Is it different than the way you normally may look at your life?

Allow me to show to you the strength, the determination, the movement that is oftentimes represented as masculine that you do have within your life. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable with the strength of the masculine energies. Breathe in or expand your essence so that you feel in alignment and at peace with this aspect of yourself.

Goddess speaks:

And now, as energies shift back into the Goddess, I the Goddess invite you to open up and link with the aspects of the feminine inside of you. Is there any part of that which makes you uncomfortable? If so, flow the energy of love and acceptance so that you may feel a deep connection to that which is feminine.

God speaks:

And now, I God, come back and speak, inviting you to blend both these aspects within you. You see how we can move back and forth. So do you on a daily basis. You may do so in an even deeper manner when you are conscious of what is happening. I invite you to feel how nurturing, how loving, how supportive I am within this masculine energy.

Goddess speaks:

And I, the Goddess, invite you to feel the strength, the motion, the movement that is represented in the feminine energy.

God/Goddess speaks:

So from here, the Goddess and I blend back into one pure energy form in which there is no separation. There is one energy and it is male and female; God and Goddess. Release any belief system of what is masculine or what is feminine. Let go your perceptions, or perhaps you may call them expectations, of yourself because you are masculine or feminine. I invite you to open up so as to allow yourself to truly be who you are. Let yourself truly be this glorious wonderful light. Let yourself be all that is strong and all that is nurturing. Let yourself feel the strong surges of energy that is you in all of your divinity. Feel it moving through you. Let yourself be in accord.

Goddess resumes:

Take a moment and let yourself shift, or move, your energy and then as you come into a stop, or come back into a space of stillness allow yourself to perceive the shift that has occurred. Open to see or understand if there might be anything that is holding you back. Allow yourself to acknowledge whatever that may be, and then release it allowing it to flow away from you.

Again, move back within yourself. As you feel yourself completely balancing, completely blending within, I invite you to create a symbol, or a feeling, or a perception so that you may come back within this space at anytime you so desire. When you are in the space of the All That Is, the vibration is very subtle and fine so it is very easy for you to create changes within and around yourself. As you go back to living your life, as you are moving through your days, allow yourself to open and bring this reality into your daylight or your daytime hours.

There is a sense of joy that is bubbling up from within this group. This joy is based on the understanding that you are complete within yourself. Let yourself fully recognize that you may be in complete balance and you may be able to access all that is within your divinity. You may also allow that to be a part of your daily life. And you can still look to the others around you in your physical life. You can still seek and have the connections and the relationships that you so desire, and yet you remain that aspect of balance and one within you.

Just as you see how all of the energy within this space is derived of individual soul essence, so too is each soul energetically linked with one another. The people who work, live, love upon the earth plane are each individual soul essences who are linked with one another. This experience in which you are right now is what is occurring on the earth plane. It is also something that will more fully prevail in all aspects of all life upon the earth plane.

Take this moment and allow yourself to go wherever you desire within the universe. Allow yourself to seek out and blend with a particular planet or star. Perhaps you seek to blend with the immense crystals. I see even those who are choosing to connect with aliens and other non-physical energies. All is available within this space and each of you is free to explore and to follow your heart.

As you arrive allow all of your senses to open up so as to connect. Open your awareness so that you may receive information through your vision, your ears; feel as if you reach out to touch the energy around you. Open and allow yourself to taste. Use all of your senses and then expand even further into the consciousness of just what is.

Take in and allow yourself to integrate whatever this place has for you.

Allow yourself to shift your focus so that you may return to the space of the All That Is. As you arrive back within this space open your awareness to the party that is going on. We frequently have these parties or these gatherings when we get together here. This one is to celebrate the time we share together. We celebrate the anniversary of Goddess Light. (Four years) We celebrate your blending into one essence. We celebrate your opening to allow yourself to truly be who you are. We celebrate one another knowing that all are interconnected, knowing that we love and support each other upon our journeys.

As you come into this room, we see the Ascended Masters. We see each of your personal angels and guides. We see the angels from the order of the Arc. We see the Ray Lords. We see the extraterrestrials who are now going to be more and more making their presence known to many of you.

As you come into this room to mingle you may find that there is a new essence or energy that you seek to speak with. You may have a sense or feeling that you have been with this essence or this energy before. You may also have a sense of perceiving that you are linking with an energy or a light that you have never before encountered. Allow yourself to open, to feel and to enjoy! There is music and dancing. There are small and large groups. There are many of those speaking one on one.

Take a moment as you are within this space and consider all that is within your life that you may celebrate at this time. If you feel there is anything that is still hanging over you let the joy of this moment, let the passion or the energy of this celebration assist you in truly letting it go. Choose to celebrate. Choose unity within yourself. Choose peace. Choose love.

These celebrations tend to linger for hours and days. It is always present when you come back to this moment at whatever time you may do so. Live your life in the moment. Live to be aware of and acknowledge all of who you are. You are magnificent. See yourself from my eyes. Allow yourself to feel what that is.

The group within this party separates and from within the center you see the hologram of the earth as it comes up from within. You perceive it as it rotates. Allow yourself to pulsate energy into this hologram that represents the balanced you; the unified you. You perceive how the hologram is taking on a greater light; a greater energy. The hologram becomes illuminated.

We see emerging from within (the hologram) the essence of Lady Gaia. We see her and she emerges, reaching out her embrace to each one of you. Allow yourself to connect. Allow yourself to feel your deep connection to the earth as perhaps it is linked through Lady Gaia. You are each very deeply linked and connected to the earth because you have chosen to live upon it. Let that truth move from within you and into this hologram.

You see Lady Gaia returning within the earth and the earth itself begins to descend. Allow your perception to follow it as the hologram moves down, sending an aspect of this energy into the magnetic grid as it moves through there. The earth itself opens to receive the hologram. As those energies of the hologram move within the earth, everything comes back out from within the center; that energy of one; that energy that represented your choice to live, your choice to love, your choice to be as a human upon the earth – all of that moves up and out from within the center of the earth. It moves through the grass, the trees, the waters. It moves through every human and it allows for this immense potential to become fully incorporated within the earth and upon it.

Your focus comes back once more within the party. Take this opportunity to embrace and release those energies that will remain here. You have created a link. You may always return to this space. You may always come back here to this time of celebration.

Allow your energy to begin to move back down. You pause upon the soul plane. This is where the greater amount of your divinity resides, so you may feel as if there is a subtle separation within you. But I encourage you to bring as much of your divinity with you as you begin to move back down into the space of the earth plane. You move first into the energies of the crystalline grid. As you arrive here you may perceive how spectacular these energies are. There is more light. There is more vibration. There is more that you are able to perceive because you have been upon this journey.

Allow yourself to shift once more so that you may move back within the space of the magnetic grid. You begin to once more feel the pull of the magnetics from the earth. As you link with the energies of this grid work, again, perceive the pathways of light. Perceive how you yourself have shifted. Become aware of your space within this grid. You may choose to make greater use of this in the future. Allow yourself to know that it is here and available to you.

Let your consciousness move, coming back down within your physical body. As you return to your physical being you may need to expand the energy field around you. Allow it to shift, moving out in every direction so as to accommodate this greater energy that is your divinity. You may bring that with you and once more breathe in the energy of light. Take a deep breath within your physical body, allowing your divinity to fully incorporate all aspects of who you are as a human. Know that you are fully present in this moment. Feel who you are as a human and feel who you are as your divine essence. Take this moment and as you are within your physical body feel that balance and that oneness; that full blending of male and female so that you are all you need to be.

And with that continue to allow more and more of your consciousness to return. I invite you to come back within the space of this conference room. You may push the *7 upon your telephone and I am open to receive any questions that you may have.

(((Due to technical difficulties, I did not channel a question and answer session with this journey.)))

You may come back within this space. Let yourself ground, let your energies return. Let yourself know that you are always fully blended within yourself. You are the balance of male and female. Open and allow this to be your reality as you move through each day upon the earth.

Know that you are not alone. I am ever with you and within you.




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