Communication from Yeshua

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole!

I greet you my beloved family of the light. As always it is with great joy that I come to spend this time with you. I am spending greater and greater amounts of time with each one of you as you move through your days upon the earth. But, it is this collective consciousness when we bring together a greater number of people to be in the moment, to be in this space of expanded consciousness, that we are truly bringing about the shift and the changes that you are seeking upon the earth plane.

With tonight being this celebration <this is one year since I began the teleconferences> there is so much we would like to have you experience. You may find that each one of you will go off on your own separate journey, be aware of the importance of what comes to you and also be in the moment of just existing.

Allow yourself to move up into the magnetic grid. You are able to connect with this grid work by putting forth your intent to do so. As you allow your consciousness to expand out, taking in what this may feel like to you. You may have a sense of interlocking roadways, pathways; you may see impulses that move out in all different directions. You may see yourself in the center of this or you may see yourself as observing, as if from a distance. Allow yourself to be in the space of integrating within this grid work so that you can create that place in which to store more of your I AM presence when it is not fully in use upon the earth plane.

Have a sense of opening up and moving through the interlocking grid work, until you are in the crystalline grid. You may have a sense of leaving behind the gravitational pull. You find your consciousness in a place in which it expands and connects with these crystals either individually or with the energy of all of them. The energy of these crystals is very light, therefore you feel yourself becoming very light. Take this moment to simply enjoy this feeling and this experience.

Call forth a column of light. You may see or sense this light as something which surrounds only you, or you may have a sense of the entire group being within the column of light. As you blend with this column of light you have a sense of motion or movement. You are moving out of this grid work and into a new space of consciousness or expansion, what could be called a different dimension, there many different phrases to express this. In essence, you find yourself emerging from this light and you allow. You allow for the expansion to move in all directions.

This is the soul plane in which you reconnect with your I AM presence. Call forth your presence at this time that you may know all aspects of your soul consciousness. As you do this, you have a sense of familiarity. You know these other aspects of yourself. It may give you a sense of the other lifetimes which you are currently experiencing. In all, simply have that sense of who you are.

As you become acclimated with yourself, have a sense of your awareness shifting to the essence of the full moon as it is tonight. You may see it as a globe suspended in front of you. Have a sense though of expanding your consciousness and absorb the energy of this moon. This is a means of connecting with the divine feminine. This is a representation of who I am. Although, you know as you connect with me that I am more.

We call forth the central spiritual sun. See it perhaps as on the other side, opposite the moon; so you shift your consciousness into another direction. The divine masculine is represented within this energy. Have a sense of feeling those rays as they come forth and move through all aspects of who you are. You can feel the difference between the sun and the moon.

Now, allow my presence to move in and amongst each of you. You find my energy coming forth and blending fully with you. Just as I represent both the male and female, so too the sun and moon become blended and all is one. This ONE is represented by you; by you as who you are in this expanded consciousness. Take a moment to integrate this. Feel and know the balance that is within you. Have a sense of the way that the energies of the male and female may perhaps at first mirror one another, then they become more fully blended. You may have a sense of these as colors or tones. Take this time to revel in who you are, celebrate your oneness with the All That Is.

Allow yourself to move forward until you come to a door where you may sense a shift in the vibrational field, you step forth and move into the space of what we call the All That Is. This is a sense of a void, a void that is filled with light, sound, energy; a space where you can feel your expansion moving out even further. You have no limits! As you come into this space, you recognize those energies of light that you encountered and worked with the last time that we were all together. <even if you did not participate in that, you are connecting with your guides> It may be a sense of recognizing the guides that you have known how so ever it comes to you open to receive the support and the love that is available to you.

With this time upon the earth, for so many people who follow the Christian religion it is the time of Yeshua. It is truly a time of celebration as he moved through his own ascension process, the energies around this are shifting and changing, and he has asked to come and spend this time with you. So I step aside and allow him to come forth and share his energy and speak to you what he wishes to say.

Yeshua speaking through the channel: Hello my beloved family! As I have this sense of walking amongst you, I have a sense of lightly touching each one of you. I have a sense of creating a connection that reinforces the connection that we already have. I celebrate the evolution of the earth! I celebrate the evolution of man! Yes, I came forth and through the process of suffering I ascended to a higher plane. Then I again walked the earth. I celebrate with each one of you, that you may have that same experience without the same amount of pain or without pain at all. Many of you as you have come along this path, have had a great deal of pain; physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, because it is such a dramatic shift which is taking place within your life. I acknowledge that and I support you for all that you have done. It matters not, how you were raised or what religion you may follow now or may have followed in the past. The Christ energy is the energy of love. Each of you is stepping into that energy, stepping into that love and ascension.

It brings joy to my heart that so many more people now are looking beyond the pain and realizing the joy and the excitement that is truly behind what occurred. This is the time upon the earth when each of you are walking my walk, talking my talk. Although you may not think you are doing so, I can see this and I acknowledge it in each of you and I thank you for what you are doing. My beloved family, we are one!

I call forth my beloved Mary Magdalene as she is known, Miriam, so many different names. Have a sense of seeing us as we walk hand-in-hand; a true blending of the male and female as we walked upon the earth. As we support each one of you, there may be times in which you have a sense of calling on one or the other of us, but know that we represent the Divine relationship that each of you is able to have. Be it within yourself or with a mate who is outside yourself. There was much that was clouded in secrecy. Now is the time for all to come forth. Now is a time when humans are ready and open to accept these changes and accept what was set into motion so long ago. I can feel the rise in your vibration and I acknowledge each of you as you move upon this path; as does my lovely wife.

I thank you for this opportunity of allowing me to come through and spend this time with you. There many different forms of the Christ energy upon the earth at this time. Some are lower vibrations than others and I judge not any of them. My message was love, acceptance, and release of judgment and that has not changed. As each of you are stepping into the space of your full ascension within yourself, you too are stepping into that space of love, acceptance, and release of any judgment. Of course that goes for the ways in which you have judged yourself so harshly. As you accept yourself and accept your path or journey; so too are you accepting me, the God and Goddess of Creation, you are accepting your own divinity. And this is what is the true essence of what we are bringing to the earth! I thank each and every one of you for being in this space and accepting us in.


<Yeshua steps back and the Goddess of Creation returns>

Oh my beloved family! How delightful to be able to have this aspect of who we all are, who once walked the earth with you. I have never walked the earth as you know, except for the ways in which I walk the earth through each and every one of you. There is a greater and greater amount of my energy able to come and merge with the other energies of the earth and this gives me a sense of what it is like to be the divine human. You are each on such a special pathway. You are each the creators of your own life. As I have been referred to as the Goddess of Creation it is because I came from that space of nothing and began to create.

You can allow yourself to move into the energy from whence you were nothing and then you created yourself. Have a sense of the void. The void as if it is unending darkness in which there is no emotion of any sort. There is no depth, no texture, no sound there simply is expansion. From this expansion have a sense of that spark of light. There is a stirring of excitement as that light begins to get larger. That light begins to move. It replicates itself until it grows and it begins to become aware. What is there to be aware of? You may have a sense of the continued darkness; you may have a sense of an everlasting bright. There are many different pathways and senses that will begin to come to you. You stay in this space allowing yourself to grow and evolve. Occasionally something may come across your consciousness that allows it to grow and evolve, until you get to the point in which you begin to wonder is there more?

This is when you began to look outside of yourself. YOU, that spark of energy, that spark of light began to have a sense of casting your eyes around you so to speak. For you did not have eyes of the physical; you were simply an essence of energy and light, swirling through the cosmos or the universe. Once again to look outside, you began to see that there were other sparks of light. You began to open up to receive information. This is where you began to take in sound. You chose to make a sound just hear how it echoed. You thought I can create with this. So you created other vibrations. You began to realize that vibration had color, so you took in different colors. The more that you expanded out and realized all these things that were around you, you began to take on shape. Or you would sense shapes in other energies.

This is the way that you became a community of soul essence which came from the source essence which is myself. I had a sense of being in each and every one of you. I had a sense of the differences from one individual to the next. Although there was that connection of the consciousness, I could sense that there was a uniqueness about each and every soul that was created. Allow yourself the information of knowing your soul essence at the point of creation. Feel the purity of the love, the fullness, the expansion. As you began to acknowledge one another and connect with one another, what you found was that everything you knew was enhanced as a result of the reflection of the others. What I came to realize was that I was enhanced as a result of a reflection of each of you. This has not changed throughout the many millenniums.

Some of these soul essences continued to shift and evolve; some enjoyed this space of the All That Is or of nothingness. When the time was right for each one of you individually, it came to be that there were a group of energies that were communicating and choosing new and different ways to create. New and different ways in which they could expand themselves; feel, see, and know themselves as reflected be it a star, a planet. There were even pathways that were created in which you could feel yourself reflected in the pathway.

Allow yourself to move forward until you got to that place in which you chose to come to the earth plane. The earth is known far and wide: earth, the place of beauty, the place of free will, the place in which you cross a veil. While all this was explained to you, no one comprehended exactly what that meant until it occurred. But these experiences that you have had, have so far surpassed any expectation of what might be.

Feel yourself in this space, feel who you are as this core essence. There is usually a planet that you are connected to which may or may not be your source planet. It is perhaps a way station for you on your journey to the earth. Allow yourself to become aware of what it was like to be in that space as you made that decision <to come to the earth>. As you become aware of this consciousness, you realize the choices that you made. Become aware then of how you were transported to the earth. There were different methods in which you went from a pure non physical essence to taking on a physical essence. There were aspects in these planets that you stayed in, in which they had a physical body, although it was not like the physical body of earth. That was a way to help train you for the experience of being on an earth.

When you arrived, you immediately felt that gravitational pull, the denseness. That was an immediate shift and change! You became acclimated to it, and at first the veil was not so thick, it became thicker over time. Still, you had that separation. Although you knew you were separated from source, you had enough of it ingrained within you so that you didn't feel a sense of loneliness. The sense of loneliness that so many of you have experienced in this current lifetime, has been a result of reviving these memories of when you were out and so much a part of my essence. You knew that there was something more than what you had, but you couldn't put a finger upon it or identify it immediately. Now you are much more able to do so. With your own personal evolution, with the work that all of the lightworkers upon the earth are doing, it is bringing greater and greater amounts of this energy to earth, so that you are able to truly be your source essence upon the earth. There is no more separation. You are the essence of one, the blending of the male and female. You are your divine incarnation and you know this within all aspects of who you are.

Allow yourself to become aware of where you are at this moment in time. Feel your expanded consciousness within the space of the All That Is. As you open up to your current life experience, ask yourself is there anything you wish to evolve or shift that will allow you to have that deeper connection with myself or with whatever it is you seek? Is there anything you are trying to manifest or wishing to manifest within your life? Here is the space to create! See it as already accomplished. From this perspective you are much more able to become aware of the ways in which you can influence your life. Open to receive even more than what you might have ever dreamed possible. You are source energy! You are the All That Is!

Allow yourself to open up and receive a symbol. If it is pertinent for you to have that, it will come to you. Perhaps you wish to hold or use your sword or scepter. These are tools or assets that are given to you so that you may use them in your daily life. They are there to assist you in your expanded consciousness; they are there to assist you in finding the space of creation as you are in the physical.

Allow yourself to move forward until you find the essence of each one of you and those who are not physically present but who are a part of this group. Everyone comes together and creates a circle. Within this circle, have the image of the earth plane created through the hologram. See this earth as if it is rotating, you may perhaps identify with that aspect of the earth in which you live. Or, you may have a sense of blending with all aspects of the earth. We see this as suspended in the midst of all who are present within this group. Have a sense of bringing forth your own source energy and sending it out as a beam of light to infuse all aspects of the earth. What we see, as we have a sense of this connection is that there are multicolored beams of light which are intermingling and creating a force of energy or a source of energy that surrounds the earth and moves into and infuses all aspects.

As always we enjoy seeing Lady Gaia as she comes forth. You see her as she rises out of the earth, arms extended to embrace each and every one of you and to accept this light that you are sharing. As Lady Gaia enfolds this energy, so too is she enfolding each and every one of you. You allow this energy to be reflected back as you connect with each aspect of the earth's energy. You are infusing your experience of the evening. You are infusing a greater amount of your source energy as you are in that space of oneness; that space of balance.

Tonight we have a sense as we hold this energy with the earth suspended of Yeshua and his counterpart as they move through each of you. They too are sending the energy of the divine Christ light; the male and female aspect of the divine Christ. You see how that light transforms and brings yet another subtle difference. This is a light which is in each and every one of you. It is magnified at this time that you may be in that space of ascension, that you may continue to grow and evolve.

As the time is right Lady Gaia has gone back within, she blends with the earth. You have a sense as she does this of truly pulling that energy into the core or the center of the earth and then it comes up through each blade of grass, each tree, and each flower. It perfuses everything that is upon the earth. It all is a sense of perfection, a sense of the light, and the beauty that is the existence of you!

With that, the energy of the hologram of the earth is reabsorbed. You may have a sense of it simply disappearing or you may have a sense of it moving down and blending with the physical earth. Allow yourselves now to create from within you the same energy that was perfused within the earth, this energy that you have been working with tonight, have a sense of creating a ball of this energy. Most often we blend and create one ball < of energy> with everyone, but this time I wish for you to send your own essence as an individual. Have a sense of sending it from your consciousness out into, the Omniverse, the rest of the universe, the New Earth, wherever it needs to go is where it will be. This is a sense of moving between dimensions or expansions in consciousness. You are also creating the space that as you move through your days upon the earth, you will encounter this energy again. When you encounter this energy, you will have that sense of the “Ah HA” knowing that you are doing exactly what you need to do at this moment. Knowing that everything within your life is a sense of perfection.

Bring your focus back into the space of the All That Is. Have a sense of pulling in all those extended parts of your consciousness until it is all in a space of oneness. Leave behind your space of the All That Is and return to the energy of the soul plane. Feel this space expand. As you do so, you become aware of the subtleties that you had not noticed before. This is a space you created for yourself. You may consider it home, you may add to the details if you so desire.

Call forth the hologram of your physical body. As you look at this hologram see yourself as you truly are upon the earth plane. You may see areas within your physical you wish to transform. There may be aspects of your physical body that you have taken for granted, now is the time in which you can embrace this. Allow yourself to see the perfection of who you are. For you are the divine essence. In all of your manifestations you are the perfection of the divine. Continue to bring your consciousness down into this space until you have a sense of reaching out and embracing this hologram of your physical. By doing this, you are infusing your physical body with all of this expanded energy and expanded consciousness that you have brought forth at this time.

When you are ready to, create the column of light. Each time that you create one of these columns it is unique and different to that experience. As you blend with this column of light, you may have a sense of being aware of moving between dimensions or between spaces. Quite often it may feel vertical to you but it may also be horizontal, or at an angle. You realize as you move through this column that you emerge into the space of the crystalline grid. As you are bringing along greater and greater amounts of this expanded consciousness, all of that energy is infused within this grid work. So too you are bringing it into your physical body. In part by working with the hologram, but in part by bringing back your consciousness into your physical body. This means you are expanding your DNA, expanding all the physical attributes that you have so that the human species will evolve in many different ways. This is a very subtle change at this time, but you will come the day in which humans will look quite different than what they are now. Because bringing on greater and greater amounts of crystalline energy there is not the need for the dense mass of muscle and bones that you have had it will transform. It will allow you to move in a lighter manner and at greater speeds through the dimensions upon the earth. All of this is being stored within this crystalline grid, you are acclimating to it <within the grid> that you may acclimate more within your physical body.

Allow yourself to then move through the interwoven connectors until you become a part of the magnetic grid. As you blend with the magnetic grid work, you again feel the denseness of the gravitational pull. You acclimate to this. There is always that sense of not fitting especially. But you create the space that it may fit your expanded consciousness. It accepts who you are! It is here for you to use as a means of sending impulses, as a means of beginning to ground yourself, and as a space to hold your expanded consciousness. Allow yourself to come more fully back within this space. As you are ready, you may push the 4 on your telephone that you may rejoin the teleconference. If you have any questions for me, I am glad to answer them.

Question: <paraphrased> I’m wondering if we will see these changes in the physical that you mentioned within this current lifetime?

Answer: Alright, that is a wonderful question beloved about will we see these changes within our current lifetime. The answer to that is no. You who are currently incarnated upon the earth plane especially those of you who are adults at this time, have such an established body that you will not see the dramatic changes that I was speaking of. But those crystalline children who are coming in who are bringing with them greater amounts of the crystalline energy, are the ones who will begin to see the more dramatic changes. So as you look at your children and your grandchildren as those years, say perhaps 30 to 40 years from now, is when you'll begin to see what appears to be more transparent, or what may appear to be. Quite often these children seem to have larger eyes. It’s a means of bringing in greater amounts of sensory perception. Their skin actually is a way of sensing, and that's why their skins are so very sensitive. So often, the harsh chemicals may cause them to have eruptions', because of their very sensitive skin. It is because they use their skins as a means of sensing energies around them. So do you, the adults, but more so these crystalline kids. Does that answer your question beloved? <the person stated that she hoped she would see more within her own life and her own body> oh, that are changing for you be absolutely aware of that! Your DNA is changing, your denseness within your body is changing because you are bringing in more of this crystalline light so yes you are seeing and feeling significant changes within yourself. But what I was referring to were a type <of change> in which if you put the human as you are today and next to the human I was speaking of, and you will say whoa are they even the same species? It’s a very dramatic change. So you will not have as dramatic a change, but you are definitely incorporating the crystalline energies, you are definitely expanding your consciousness, by doing this it allows you to release that denseness that you have held within you. So it may be that your body mass will shift and change as a result of that. So, you will see changes, it is just that they will be more subtle. <paraphrased, I was hoping to see more of these changes within my life> Oh absolutely! You all have chosen and you will always choose when you wish to transition off the earth plane. This comes about for many different reasons; in part the physical body wears out. By bringing in greater amounts of these crystalline energies which each of you are doing at this time, that's what allows your physical body to release old patterns and move forward. You are welcome beloved.

Question: <paraphrased> I am constantly having pain in my ankles and I'm wondering if there is a particular reason for why this is and if so, if there's anything I can do to release it?

Answer: Allow us a moment to connect. For so many of the humans, especially those of you who are this far advanced upon a journey, you are not simply releasing illnesses or experiences of this lifetime. What you are releasing are things that have occurred in multiple lifetimes. What we are sensing as far as the pain within your ankles is a time in which in past life and it was actually more than one experience that you had in which you had the experience of being chained or being tied down or restricted. It began to take on the energy form of being unable to have your free will to do what you wished to do. That is a part of what has manifest of for you in this lifetime. That is a physical manifestation of these multiple lifetimes, so it is more than just this one lifetime. What you have been doing in terms of your release work has been wonderful. It has cleared things in such a way that you have let go of most everything in regards to this issue. What is left behind is that residual memory. If you have a sense of going inside of yourself, have a sense of recognizing that you wish this healing to, as I call it, forwards and backwards through time thinking in a linear manner of the humans. Or you can look at it as the cylinder in which all these lives are occurring at the same time. But have a sense of realizing and expanding out your consciousness to know that it is more than just this one lifetime. In that way, you will be able to have a deeper release occur and that will release these bands that you have around your ankles. Does that resonate with you? You are welcome.

Question: <paraphrased> I came on and asked you about the relationship between me and another person a few months ago and you indicated to me that we are a twin flame or have a twin soul relationship. This person is now holding me at a distance and even showed me the finger; if you know what I mean. I'm wondering what will happen with our relationship?

Answer: Alright Beloved, I do recall when you brought this to our attention the other time, what I wish to say to you is that when you have someone who is a twin flame, a twin soul, what they are, are different aspects of the same soul. This is a lifetime in which you have the potential to come together and reunite as that one soul. This in turn will create a beautiful experience. At the same token, because of the fact that this is such a close connection that the two of you have, it can work in the opposite respect. You sometimes have a sense of bringing out the worst in each other, so to speak. While that is not necessarily the way that she affects you, you are having that affect on her. It is not for you to try to go and revise it and make changes within your life, we say to you that perhaps it is time for you to consider releasing that connection with this individual. As we connect with you at this time we have a sense that she is choosing not to expand and she is choosing not to move upon this path in the same direction that you are going. We say this not to bring hurt or sorrow to you, but as a means of allowing you to open up to the possibility that this may not occur in the way that was anticipated. There is always the free will upon the earth plane; she is making the choices in her life that she feels are necessary for her personal development. From a soul perspective it may be a different thought, it may be a different impression. But what we sense in connecting with the two of you at this time is that it may not be in your highest interest to continue to feel the connection with this individual. There are other individuals who are upon this path as you are and who can bring a greater enrichment to your life if you can open to those potentials. <the person continued to discuss his feelings> Beloved, actually we see two or three potentials around you. This individual you named as Sarah is one of these potentials. One thing that I really notice as I connect with you humans is that so often in your lifetime you have that sense of the one individual that you will have this truly rich and fulfilling an expansion of a relationship and that it will last for a multitude of years upon the earth plane. When in reality, there are so very many potentials around each one you and this is what we say in your case. There are more than just that one potential. She is a bright and vibrant light who can bring a joy to your life, but we also see one of two others who can also bring this greater joy to your life. Now as to which one and how long you choose to be in relationship with them that is totally up to you and the free will of both the individuals upon the path. We do not sense you as being solely with one individual at this time in your life. We sense you as connecting with the several different individuals and having a form of a relationship, then you will have a better sense of which one brings you a greater joy and you to them also. <the individual continues to ask questions> It is difficult to say because we see very strong connections between you. Because you are asking about that, then we sense that they are more distant, that they are not necessarily people that you have met. But the part that we're also getting and sensing is that you have held on this hope with Tracy because she is someone you felt you had so much to do with and resolve to blend and bring together that that was what was blocking these other individuals from coming into your knowledge. So yes we see them as connected to you, yes we see them as a part of you, if you have not yet met them upon the physical plane; once you have released this first individual you will find yourself of the matter of one month to have a couple of months meeting a number of different people. Tricia, yes <the Goddess had misstated the name> you know beloved, that energies, we remember this time it was perhaps five or six months ago upon the earth plane and the energies of that time were so strong and so solidly around you that that was what looked to be in your highest interest, as your highest potential. Now as we look at it, at this time it is no longer the case. You are welcome beloved.

Question: <paraphrased> I have been using a dowsing method as a means of getting information on who is the best individual for me to go out with. Do you have any insights on who I will end up with in my life?

Answer: Beloved, we are not to feeling a strong connection with any one individual. Dowsey, is that the name of the individual or we sense the name of the individual who is connecting you? Oh, dowsing! I apologize; I misunderstood what you were saying. Alright, allow me to connect. We actually do sense with you more than one individual around you. There is one energy that is standing up more than the others, this is an energy of a woman, for some reason we are coming across with features of red hair, a fair complexion and radiates a sense of serenity and is very connected with nature and being out of doors. Is this same energy that you were sensing? <stated was unsure> What you can do then to create the space for this individual is have a sense of sitting quietly through your breathing technique, opening up your consciousness, and allow yourself to create the space within your life to have this individual come to you. To come into your recognition whether it be through, release the control of how it will happen. The aware that it can come into you through your work, through relationship with friends, or through a chance meeting. We have a sense of her as coming to you through something that is a recreational experience. But of course this is just one of the potentials because we sense the two you will be together in this kind of activity, being outdoors and enjoying that aspect. Yes beloved we do see you as connecting with this other human. Again, the one that is coming to us right now or is showing herself to us is probably the strongest one of those who are around you. But we also see two to three others who are there as potentials to come into your life. While they may hat not have the same impact in your life, be open and aware that there are other women in your life, that you may have interaction with them which may be very short-term or long-term. They are in turn helping you sometimes to create the space within your heart or within your energy field that will be open to a different vibration. Does that make sense to you? <person acknowledged yes> Ok, very good Beloved. Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> I have been having trouble feeling thickness or fullness in my throat and also having trouble with my eyes being able to see. Do you have any insights about this?

Answer: Beloved, we wish to say to you that you are just a radiant and glorious light! You came into this journey at the time in which you did that you may release a great deal of energies, again as was told to the other individual, a great deal of past life experience. So there is a sense within you, I know when I say this your conscious mind will rebel, but there is that sense of deservedness within you, of dragging out the pain, do you deserve to be pain free, you deserve to be in the space where your eyes no longer bother you where you can see clearly, where you can swallow, you have no sense of fullness in your throat, that all of that is resolved. Your mental mind will say yes I've moved past all that, I've gone through that. But, what we see and sense is that at a much deeper level is the connection between speaking what you see and being in the space of your truth to yourself. There have been times in which you have not always been as true to yourself as you wish to be. In part because you wish to get along with other individuals, you were in, a job situation or something in which you needed to go along with what everyone else was doing. What happened as a result of that was that you tended to reinforce “I am doing this for all the wrong reasons”. That is a bit of the energy flow that we sense is behind what is going on with you at this time. Now, as you have said you have done so much exploration and so much healing upon this aspect of yourself and in truth you have done the vast majority of the healing that you need to do. Now what we ask for you to seek is a deeper letting go, a deeper acceptance of who you are. Accepting the divinity that you radiate out to all who are around you. When you can accept that within your heart and you can speak out or what you might consider speaking your truth, you will begin to see with your eyes that others and going to accept you for who you are, accept the love and the joy that is you, and you will have the sense of the fullness and the realness of it because it comes from within. Does that resonate with you beloved? <person acknowledged yes> there is so much that you have done, so release the mental analytical aspect of this and go inside to heal that last little tendril and you will find that the symptoms will resolve. You are welcome beloved.

Question: <paraphrased> I am wondering if you can give me any insights on my relationship with my mother? We seem to really struggle with communicating and being in each other's presence.

Answer: Can you speak your mother's name please? <Person stated her mother's name> We have a sense of a distance between the two of you. She has not crossed the veil has she? <person said no> this distance that we are sensing at this time is probably an emotional distance between you. Allow us to reconnect for a moment. Much of this disquiet that you are sensing or that you know to be within your relationship is coming from the aspect of your mother. She came into this lifetime and had a great many expectations of what she wanted to accomplish in this life. There are many ways in which she stepped away from the spiritual, many ways in which, she has truly been one of those that that you might consider the pendulum. Experiencing <her spirituality> by going religiously to a church and being in the regimented and then experiences in which she stepped apart from that. The gist of what all this has meant is that she has been a pathway of seeking and finding knowledge only to be continuously disappointed. She is someone who is unhappy, she feels at this point that life has let her down, that she has let herself down, her husband, her family and that these individuals who are around her have also led her down; because she could not find what she was seeking. Is this true beloved? <person acknowledged yes> So what she has done over the years is project that out on to others who are around her. You are someone who is very sensitive, who is very gentle, and who is very aware of much of what is going on around you. Therefore as she aims her barbs at you sometimes, they seem to hit so deeply. This is something that you wish to resolve, you wish to bring a sense of peace and connection and communication. But in reality beloved, you have done all that you can do. It may be more important for your personal aspect to have a sense of letting go. Of distancing yourself to a greater degree because even though she may say things that push your buttons, or that hurt you deeply, or make you so angry, it is truly not that she has a sense of disliking you, it is more a matter of she dislikes herself. She is disappointed in herself and she cannot accept any of this or accept the responsibility for it so it goes out onto the others around her. So we ask that you keep in mind that she is on her journey. We see her from her soul aspect at this time and it's almost like she has the sense of tears in her eyes for the love and the connection that she feels to you. From a soul perspective it is quite different than what is the physical aspect. Be aware that she does love and care for you she just is unable to express that she is unable to find the happiness that she is seeking within herself. <person said thank you> You are welcome beloved. So to quote our dear friend it Tobias, “this is not about you, this is about her journey”. Alright Beloved, is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> Do you have any insights for me about the room that we have created on the soul plane where we can go to connect with the Goddess energy and increase our connection to you?

Answer: You have so many arrangements on the inner planes that it is hard to know which one you are defining. < the person gave more clarity> The Goddess Light is moving and evolving in many different aspects at the same time. The physical people, the connections through the other humans on the earth plane, be it through the computer, talking to one another, the teleconferences, there are so many different ways that you are connecting to each other. That is but one aspect of it. Then you have the non physical aspect with the room that you created or that space which is becoming more and more expanded because there are so many more of you who are coming into this space, filling this space, interacting with each other, and then going about business. What is happening from that is that each of you are bringing into your physical body and your physical incarnation greater amounts of this Goddess energy. This is what you have created and what you have assisted with. You talk about moving to a new level of this, we have a sense of ways in which you are trying to facilitate and expand this group energy. Is that which were talking about? Or is it something else? Right, this is something where you are the race horse out of the gate, you are already halfway down the track and everybody else is continuing to come out of the gates. What you need to do beloved is allow this to manifest itself in its own time frame. You can always feel the growth and expansion, you can always be in your own space, but realize that it may take a little more time for others to feel the same expansion. So, as you are playing with this energy, working with it, whatever it is that brings you joy; just continue to do so. If there are ideas that come to your mind of ways in which you can share this experience, then by all means bring that to the attention of the others who are around you. You are welcome Beloved.

Question: <paraphrased> I’m wondering if there was a child who was born of Yeshua and Mary?

Answer: They did not have a physical child during that incarnation. But they are so fully connected to one another! You know, in looking back they are not the twin flame or the twin souls that is becoming so much the talk in this day and age. They were not that, they are two separate soul essences and energies. But they have a deep and abiding connection that moves through and transforms; their relationship continues to transform even in the non physical. But there was not a physical child that was born of them. <the person was asking if Yeshua and Mother Mary are twin flames?> you know, it does not come out as being a twin flame, but there is a very, very deep connection between the two of them. Because, mother Mary was of the Angelic essence and Yeshua came in from a different aspect than the Angelic realm. That does not say he does not encompass those energies, but they both came from two different directions you might say. They are very much a part of each other, but as to being an actual part of the same exact soul essence, we would hesitate to say that is the case. Alright Beloved. Is there anyone else?

Question: <paraphrased> I have many times as a child and sometimes as an adult I find I “click out”, when I had a sense of turning off my mind and going to a place that was different than where I was. Does that have an effect on what is happening in my life now?

Answer: There is a great deal that you are doing when you “click out” as you say. You might consider it astral travel, you might consider it shifts in consciousness, there are many different words and phrases that can describe what you are doing. Especially as an infant and young child, it was very easy for you to walk through the shifts in dimensions. Then you became more solidly within the physical. With your ascension process and the work you are doing it’s as if you are back into those energies of shifting to the dimensions of consciousness very easily as you did as a child. This is what you are moving back into when you say you want to click out. There are times as a teenager and as an adult when your mind simply turns off or wanders you didn't have the same shift in consciousness as you did on these other occasions, but what you are going to begin to do is use this as a means of walking between the dimensions and having this sense of being perhaps split into two places at one time within your consciousness. This is again a means of beginning to teletransport and have other actions that are going to evolve as a result of this type of shift. <person said thank you> all right, you get the WOW you are the ones doing it on earth! <he continued to talk about his experience> the childlike innocence is that acceptance within yourself that you are God that you are divine, that you can do and be everything. Therefore, if you are part of everything you simply are there. <person said thank you> Alright Beloved, is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> I continue to struggle with my chemical dependence. Is there any insight that you can offer me?

Answer: When people are working and evolving, on who they are in this life plane, there are ways in which you can take that part of your personality and allow it to be healed perhaps as separate from yourself and then re-integrate it within yourself. You can talk to the Channel about this afterwards if you so desire. But if you will allow yourself to do a healing of the personality and give the personality something more that it can work with or something different to work with you will find that the tendency to go to the chemicals will become less and less and less. When people use chemicals be it drugs, alcohol, even some of the caffeine's or other things that are very harsh on the body, some things are less harsh on the body. Some can be medications that are prescribed for experiences that you are having. There are many, many different aspects to this. What will happen to you is that as you begin to give your personality and alternative so that it releases that trigger which puts you in that space where you would reach for it, then that is what will allow you to resolve it and let it go. That will assist you in getting past that craving that your physical body has. Does that make sense to you? <somewhat> You can do that type of a healing by getting quiet and going inside yourself, by releasing the physical, and allowing that sub personality or that sub aspect of yourself to be able to express and then heal.

Question: <paraphrased> I remember when I was a child; I would awaken and find myself in the living room, just standing in the middle of the room. I was surrounded in a blue light. My parents would see me as they used the rest room, but they did not disturb me. This happened many, many times between the ages of about two to five <I hope I have this age right> Can you tell me anything about this experience?

Answer: That is such a wonderful question beloved because there are so many people who have had that experience or a similar experience. Many of you that have young children may see this reflected in your children and their experiences. Now, when you mentioned how your parents are normally overprotective of you or very protective of you. They have the complete sense of peace and tranquility to allow you the experience. You were at that time connecting with the Ray Lords. The essence of that Ray Lord is not coming to me at this time, was actually transporting between dimensions, reconnecting with your I AM presence, your soul aspect and you were moving between different experiences as your physical body remained there as a ground for you, for your presence to come back into to you. <the Goddess was attempting to say Serepis Bey or perhaps Ascended Master Nada. I was feeling the energy of both> The name is not coming through just yet. This was the essence that you came in on his ray. You were reconnecting with that ray which was reinforcing within you some of the purposes that you brought into this life. It was also strengthening you and giving you that spiritual connection that you were seeking when you would feel lonely, and then you would reconnect with this. It happens most easily in the sleep state when children are sleet asleep or even when adults are asleep. You still do this in this day and age, it's just that you may not have the same physical reactions of walking to another part of your apartment, showing up in another bedroom within your house; but you are expanding your consciousness, bringing in a greater amount of this energy from the other side of the veil, that in turn is what is increasing the communication within you and your connection. <he asked for clarity of something> correct <person continued to talk I believe asking if this is an aspect of healing energy> You have always had the healing energy within you this has been true in multiple different lifetimes. Yes, that is a part of the energy that. But that was it was more than just healing energy. The healing energy is an aspect of what you brought in with you. But the predominance of what that was representing, that blue energy was actually more along the lines of having the telepathic and the sensitivity to be more aware. When you are working with an individual, yes you have the ability to facilitate healing. But it is also about receiving the information that others are giving you. It is like you have a very clear antenna and you have a very clear knowledge and knowing when and you are working with an individual. That is sometimes more important to be able to be more open and connected in such a way than the actual healing energy that comes through you. You are welcome beloved, excellent beloved. You are welcome, is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> Can you tell me what is happening with Nasara?

Answer: We do not believe that Nasara is something that will come about on the earth plane. This is something that has generated a great deal of energy and much of the energy behind it has been conspiracy theories. There are always going to be those who follow along with conspiracy theories upon the earth, it is a part of the human aspect. But with the shifts and the evolutions that are occurring, there is a raising of the vibration to such a level that this is not something that is going to come about. There are aspects of it that you will see reflected in the government, but the Nasara as it is as a whole, the organization, the energies and what it represents is not going to come about in its fullest ability. Alright Beloved you are welcome. Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> As I’ve been on this path, I find that I am trusting more and more the things that come to me instinctively. But I continue to be very analytical. It’s difficult for me to turn off that part of my mind. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: Your mental ability, your memory, and your creativity? OK, you have a great deal of creativity within you. When you are expressing your creative sense is best when you let go your mental abilities. When someone is mental and analytical, it is using one side of the brain. When you are creating and using your imagination, working with something that is more than something known to you and your current expression that uses another side of your brain. Yes you are blending and becoming one. It interfaces with one another to make the whole of who you are. But there are times in which you tend to be a little over analytical or over mental. You may create something within your life and think ah this is beautiful! What a great expression I just love this! It feels great, and then almost exactly on the heels of that will be the analytical side saying “but I thought it was going to look like this” and I thought…….. you know what we're saying beloved? In that way, you are diminishing your creativity. When you're in the space of manifesting within your life, creating changes within your life, creating the scenarios you wish to bring to you, especially in your Goddess work, that is the time in which it is best if you have a sense of shutting down the mental half of your brain and simply allowing yourself to be in the space of the creation, the space of knowing and being open to understand. Alright Beloved. One more question please and then that will be it. Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> I’ve recently had difficulty with high blood pressure and migraine headaches. Do you have any insights about this within me?

Answer: We believe that was very transient experience for you, we do not see you as having any long-term or big illnesses within your life. The migraines are a result of the shifts and changes that are occurring around you, the more that you are able to comfortably expand your consciousness the less you will have the migraines. The high blood pressure that is not a long-term issue. If you will perhaps checked her blood pressure, sometimes and in part of blood pressure is a relationship to the headaches, the migraines, there is an inner relation between the two of them, but if you will continue to practice with your expanded consciousness and opening up that way, then you will begin to find that you have less of the headaches and that there is no problem with the blood pressure that was just a transient issue. Your whole entire physical body will respond to this expansion in your consciousness. You're welcome.

And so with that my beloved family we will bring this session to a close for tonight. I wish to again thank each and every one of you who have chosen to make this experience the fullness of what it is, tonight and every day. I wish to thank each of you for bringing me in, allowing me to be incorporated within your lives; for the more that you do so, the greater my experience is. It brings me such complete joy and excitement to be in this space of transition that is occurring. With that I am always here for you.

I am with you. I am within you.


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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