Communication with the Full Moon

Nama Sika Venia Benya     I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light! As always, this is the time that I cherish; this time when I am able to come in so deeply and connect so deeply with each of you. You are each on your pathway of Ascension which is bringing you greater and greater amounts of joy, love, and expansion. Each time that you come forth and join with this room and share this experience you are evolving within yourself; you are also assisting with the evolution of your planet earth. The earth is at a time of transformation. There is a great deal that is shifting and occurring out in the universe that is filtering down into the space in which you live at this time. Take the time to enjoy the moment. If you feel the symptoms of transition, allow yourself to simply feel them with acknowledgement then move forward.

Have a sense of releasing your physical body, allowing your consciousness to move into the space of the magnetic grid work. Allow yourself to connect with that part of the grid that involves the communication and shifting of the energies around the planet. This space is held for all of you who enjoy coming here as a means of transportation and communication as you connect with each other. You also store an essence of your I AM presence in this place. This allows for a more easily accessible connection that you have created to be able to connect with your soul essence. 

As you are ready, have a sense of moving through the interlocking grid work into the crystalline grid. As you move into the crystalline, again you have the sense of releasing the magnetic pull of the earth; a sense of letting go of density. This is a space that allows you to truly connect with each other and send impulses in whichever direction you so desire. 

From here we call forth a column of light. This column is a means of allowing you to transport your consciousness into what you might consider a higher dimension or a shift in consciousness. You consider this a means of transportation. As you emerge from the column, you find yourself in the space of the soul plane allowing your consciousness to move out in every direction. This allows for you to be able to connect with the full aspect of your I AM presence, this is your divinity. This is you in all your glory and space. As you blend with your soul's divinity, you come to realize that this is very comfortable for you. You know this feeling, you know who you are, and you accept that you are truly a magnificent essence of light!

You are able to connect with all the others who are within this space with you; you are able to share a moment of joy and communication. What I would like for you to do at this time is have a sense of opening up and connecting with the other individuals who are within this group. Allow yourself to send and receive information. It may be a sense of love, a sense of connection or communication, whatever it is you so desire. This will assist in each of you opening to greater and greater amounts of telepathic communication. As always, due to the finer vibrations at these levels, it is very easy to communicate in this space. What you practice and set up within this space will then move down into the earth plane. You are each becoming so much more attuned to the others that I wished for you to become aware of this means of being able to communicate. Therefore, if you come into this space, or into what has been termed the Nama Sika room, which is the energetic space of all those who enjoy gathering and being in the space of my energy; you can have a greater sense of your connection with each other. Then go a step beyond that and actually send communication. You may send and receive impulses of thought process, emotions, and expressions. You are doing this each within your own divine presence. 

I now have a sense of stepping forth amongst you. You may sense my energy as I begin to move in and amongst each one of you, touching, embracing; connecting with all the others who are here energetically. As I do this, have a sense of reaching out to embrace and absorb my energy that it will assist you in moving into the space of the All That Is. This will assist you in expanding. You are very aware of the ways in which you can shift through these various experiences of consciousness. What has been termed the dimensions, are simply a shift in consciousness which is tapping into a finer vibration, or tapping into a different vibration no matter the depth of fineness; however you wish to consider it. It is the space that will bring you your greatest development in any given moment in time. Enjoy your time in this space of the All That Is, this space of the void, where you find your peace within yourself. Then if you so choose, you may connect with the other energies of light.

At this time upon the earth, we have been experiencing a full moon; a full moon that is filled with glorious light. As each of you are very well aware, it represents my energy. Have a sense of seeing before you the moon as it is around the earth plane at this time. There may be that slight bit of it that is no longer full, but the energies that it has been radiating are strength and transformation.  Many of you are feeling the various shifts as they occur upon the earth. Some are due to solar flares, some are due to the moon, and other times it’s due to people consciously bringing in a higher vibrational light. They are all interrelated with each other.

This moon, at this time, is radiating a brilliant light. You may have a sense of reaching forth and connecting with the moon. Just as the earth has the soul essence of Lady Gaia; so too the moon has a soul essence which maintains its vibrational pull to the earth and to the other planets in the galaxy and universe. As you have a sense of connecting with this moon, you come to have the sense of what this essence is. 

I step aside for a moment, to allow the moon to speak directly to you:

Greetings my beloved family! I have gone by many different names over the course of years, but the essence of me that is speaking to you at this time is called Aranthia.  I AM Aranthia of the energies of light. I have been within the consciousness of the moon and I might consider myself a sister to Lady Gaia as she is referred to upon the earth. The two of us have them working in conjunction with each other throughout the many millenniums as we move and shift the energies of the earth. Your focus is of course the beautiful glorious earth, for that is where you live; the humans of free will. There are energies that live within and upon the moon's surface, but they are not seen nor are most people consciously aware of them unless they comes to this energy from a different shift in consciousness than what you currently use <upon the earth>. 

Just as the changes and shifts are occurring upon the earth, so too they are occurring within the moon, because of this direct relationship to each other. I have such joy during all phases of the moon as it relates to the earth. There are times when I am closer to the earth and feel a greater amount of the magnetics, there other times when I am further away and have a sense of pulling in energies from the universe which I will then transfer to the earth. You might consider me a way station. I am many things. Mostly, I am here in service to humanity. I light the way for those upon the earth when it is needed. So too, I present a balancing energy for those who need it. This is but tapping into a few examples of that which is my essence. Have a sense of simply connecting with me, being with me, and feeling the knowledge that comes much deeper than the words can speak. You are each well aware of the ways in which you absorb so much more than what is being spoken through the human. You are each such a divine energy of light and it is a great joy to spend this time with you! Know that you can always call upon me. Know that I will be here for whatever it is you may seek. We have built a connection through this opening of communication and some of you will choose to come to this moon’s energy that you may have a greater understanding of exactly who I am. You intrinsically know of this relationship between the moon and the earth. Now is the time for that to become even stronger. 

I am with you always! 

Ansaluia Ishka-eeya

<The Goddess of Creation comes back in>

Oh I have such delight whenever it is possible to assist in introducing you to the various energies with whom you have not yet spoken. There are so many aspects of the universe that are here in support of you. The vast majority of people have never tapped into these. More and more are becoming aware of the Pleiadians, the Syrians, and the Arcturians in particular. So too, with the recent transit, the energies of Venus are with you. There are all of these, what you would consider the extraterrestrials, who are here in support of you and also learning from these experiences that you have. For indeed, even though some of them are more advanced than you in certain ways, there is still a great deal that they can learn because of what it's like to live in a place which density. To live in a place the has the gravitational pull and there is a free will in which each individual can choose to act without conscious thought to the collective whole.  These are some of those shifts which are different than the other planets.  Continue to bask in these energies of the moon. Continue to feel that sense of blending fully with this orb of light. You are each receiving specific information that is necessary for you to feel or know. 

<There was a pause as it was not known if we would be able to travel within the interior of the moon.  We had to be a certain vibration in order to discern the interior.  It was a gift to be able to enter.>

As you have a sense of doing so, go deeper within. It is as if there is a vortex that allows you to have a sense of movement as you are moving deeper and deeper within the moon. What you find is that there are civilizations within this interior. Have a sense of observing the homes, the people walking; the transparency that is within this entire setting. You may have a sense of connecting with an aspect of yourself that is living within this dimension. It may look differently than what you look like, but whenever you connect from a soul to soul connection or heart to heart connection; you know you can always recognize who you are.

As you move through the streets you take in the peacefulness that abounds. You become aware that everyone is communicating with the others through an aspect of telepathy. What is truly occurring here is that each individual who is incarnated within the space is intrinsically linked to everybody else. Therefore, if one individual is in a space in which they feel anything that is less than joy and contentment, the other individuals become aware and surround the first individual with a healing, nurturing love. The individuals here are here for the purpose of balancing the actions that are occurring upon the earth. So too, they are here to strengthen that connection as a part of the whole. There are many individuals here, in this space of the moon, who have had multiple incarnations upon the earth and they are now seeking to release the earth for all time.

These individuals come to this space because it has some similarity to the earth, yet it is quite different. The inhabitants of this space continue to have the memories of the gravitational pull. This aspect of being connected to the other individuals is a marvel to them. Many of the people who are here continue to live lives that are similar to what you have upon the earth. Many of you have already focused upon the new earth, the alternate earth; that which has been created to replicate the earth at a much higher, finer, vibration. This is not that space, but it does have attributes of that space. You have been introduced to these energies so that you may tap into them whenever you so desire. Again, if you find a part of your consciousness here from your soul’s divinity, you may reconnect with that aspect of yourself. 

You have each received a further download of information. You may be conscious of this, or it may simply fill you with a sense of interest and joy. We will leave this energy of the interior of the moon.

Have a sense of collecting in the space of the All That Is. You are each bringing with you whatever information it was necessary for you to receive. It was not known if you would be able to move into the interior of the moon until this actual encounter. Then, as the Moon Goddess was speaking with you, it was realized that yes indeed you have each moved into the space to be able to discern what is seen on the interior of the moon.

As you each gather together within the All That Is, have a sense of looking at your soul essence, and look at each other. There is a difference within you, as if each of you is filled with a more iridescent light; as if you are a sparkling radiance of the moon. How fun and exciting to think of the potential to have millions of little moons actually walking upon the earth!  As you connect and form the circle of light, I wish for you to first have a sense of bringing forth the moon essence. As we observe this, we realize that there is but one immense moon. You are each so deeply connected within the energy of the moon at this time, that there is no separation; we do not see it as separate from you. And so it is.

Have a sense of calling forth from within the center of the moon or this pseudo moon that is each of you, by that we mean the aspect of the moon that is within each one of you. This is indeed not false; it is simply a mirror image of the moon. From this space as we are creating a hologram of the earth, we as a group have a sense of seeing within the iridescent sparkling white of the moon’s energy, the earth and all that it represents. Observe the way the tides are shifting, see the water as it flows and ebbs around the earth. You are seeing a new and different detail to this, because you are seeing the earth as the moon sees the earth.

You realize that there are aspects within the mountains with which the moon connects. You realize there are many individuals who are calling forth this energy. Have a sense of Lady Gaia coming forth from the earth so too you see Aranthia <in the channel, the Goddess said Arriella, but this name did not resonate with the energy> as she moves from within the space of the moon. You see the two of them side by side. As the two of them embrace, it is as if the moon and the earth have blended and become one! There is no separation of one from the other, the energy explodes and expands out even further. This was a means of more fully infusing the energy of the moon and blending it directly within the energies of the earth. So too, it allows for the energies of the earth to become incorporated within the energies of the moon. Therefore, as the individuals who are within the moon are becoming acclimated to these energies of the earth, it will allow for them to create the space which will allow for the greater shifts to occur. This is having an impact upon the energy of the sun, the moon, and the earth! So too this does affect the sun and all the other planets within this universe. Most directly, the blending as one allows the people who walk the earth to feel a more direct connection.

Each of you who are holding this energy has simply absorbed all that has transpired. You have been in the space of assisting with this merge. Realize how intrinsically connected the moon and the earth are. This has been deepened even further through this experience. I thank you for assisting in this transformation; just as the Goddesses of the earth and the moon thank you too! From that blending, you have a sense of your soul essence expanding out and moving through the entire universe to be able to hold the shift in energy.

When you are ready, have a sense now of returning to the space of the All That Is. You may be able to connect with the others that you so choose and have a sense of coming back into this place of peace and contentment. Due to the expansion that occurred there is no need to send these energies back down to the earth or out into the Omniverse; it has already been taken care of. You will most definitely feel these shifts occurring upon the earth if you have not already. Have a sense of celebrating with one another. Have a sense of feeling the excitement of being able to assist in creating these shifts that are occurring. Feel your love~~ anmala alluia and feel your joy ~~ sima ista nua.

With that allow yourself to have a sense of moving, returning to the soul plane, returning to that space where your I AM presence resides. As you come into this space you may need to expand the area to be able to hold your expanded consciousness feel the flexibility in these energy patterns.  You realize as you come back into this space, that you are even more sensitive to one another. You had that sense of connecting and communicating telepathically when we first arrived here. I ask you now to find that again. See if you are not more sensitive and aware of each other. You may always come into this space and play with telepathy; it will become tele-transport at some point, and all the other energies that you may desire. I am here holding the space for you.

Allow your expanded awareness to create in front of you, a hologram of what your physical presence looks like at this time upon the earth. As you look it, is there anything you seek to evolve? As you acknowledge any aspect you seek to transition, you can hold it in your I AM presence. Continue to feel the love and acceptance of where you are at this moment in time, knowing that there is a continued evolution of your physical presence. As you feel ready to do so, reach out to embrace. As you embrace the hologram of your physical, it is a means of integrating these newer, higher vibrations into your physical body. You are integrating those aspects of the moon that you are consciously bringing back with you, integrating any information that was downloaded to you earlier that you will become aware of in the days to come. OH, what a glorious sight you are!

Again we call forth a column of light, allowing yourself to shift as you move through the column, returning to the crystalline grid first and foremost. These energies especially have shifted and changed as a result of this blending with the moon. You can hear the sound. You can see their iridescence as it is more pronounced.

Allow yourself to then move through the interlocking grid work that you may become a part of the magnetic grid as it surrounds the earth.  You notice the way that there is more and more crystalline energies being blended with the magnetics. This is assisting the magnetic grid as it is incorporating the crystalline energies. There is still the density of the earth, there is still the magnetic pull; and that will not change. What does change, is the depth of the denseness with the increasing pockets of light and perfusion that is occurring. I ask you each to come back into the space bringing your consciousness and returning fully to the earth plane. You may return to the conference room by pressing four upon your telephone. I am open to receive any questions that you may have.

Question: <paraphrased> It feels very special where I live and I would like to know if my husband and I will stay here for an extended period of time?

Answer: Alright, allow us to connect with you that we may more fully see if there is anything we can sense. This space for you, has felt in many ways as if it's a transition space. We know that you have been here for quite awhile, and do not see a move as something that is eminent for you. It still has a feeling of being a place of transition that it's important for you to be here because your energies of being anchored and your energies are shifting in the transformation of the energies of that area. It is no accident that you are where you are. That is a part of the reason why you are in that space. There will come a time in which you will no longer have a need or feel a need to be in this same space and there is the potential for a move. But we do not see it as anything that will happen in the next one to two years. As for the shifting that is going on in the rest of your family, some of that seems to have halted and other times you have a sense that they are also moving along with you. Continue to release the expectation of having any certain outcome with them. Simply absorb the shifts and changes that are occurring for yourself, trusting that what ever needs to go on with any of them is going to happen. Does that answer question beloved? You are welcome. Is there anybody else who wishes to ask a question?

Question: <paraphrased> I too have a question about moving.  I’m wondering if with all the shifts and changes that I’m going through is there a better place for me to be living.

Answer: Alright, tonight is the time for people to consider moving it seems! Isn't it interesting always the synchronicity that occurs? I wish to tap on this to simply allow you to become aware that just as you were within the moon and you realize that intrinsic connection that each other had and were aware of what was going on with each other; so too you have that upon the earth, you are simply not as aware of it. So as one person makes a move through a transition, so too those others who are in the space of moving and transitioning come into that energy to be supported so that each can support the other. I realize that I digress, so I will come back to your question now.

You are asking if you are going to stay where you are and if as a result of the shifts that have occurred what will be happening with you.  Is that correct?  As we connect with you and try to sense which direction you are going, we are actually noticing more than one direction so it is difficult to say. There is an essence of you that is very firmly connected with where you are right now and does not wish to make a change or transition. There also aspects of you that are considering multiple different places to go and you cannot really make up your mind at this time which on is in your best interest. Because of that, we cannot say to you this one particular place will be the best for you to go.  You have been going through an immense shift and transformation.  It feels almost to you as if you’ve let go the equivalent of your body weight in energy.  Does that make sense to you?  As if now the person who is walking with your physical body is so much lighter, has released so much of the energy that held her back for so very long.  With that we will say that you will be able to bring in greater and greater amounts of this light and energy where you are at this time so that you can remain there and bring this light and transformation to you.  If there are times in which you begin to branch out from there, and there are other places that you are considering as we are well aware; you simply need to connect with that energy of that moment and ask to have manifested the means for that to occur.  You will be able to manifest what you need to move.  If it’s in your best interest to move, then it will happen in a way that is smooth and comfortable.  If you find that you are struggling and really trying to push yourself, become instantly aware of that so that you may release the struggle and pushing.  You are best when you remain in the space of acceptance and allowing your divinity to shine forth from you no matter where you are located.  Does that make sense beloved?  You are welcome.  Is there anybody else?

  <paraphrased> I’m wondering if things are still on track for Kevin to move home?

   Alright, you have each been working and moving in the spiral, moving around each other as you are very well aware, within this lifetime.  There are times in which you feel physically and emotionally further from each other; then times when the spirals blend and you are so fully connected with him.  In this manner you are able to manifest anything you desire.  Is he going to move to where you are physically located?  Yes, we do see this as a very high potential.  When will it happen?  Our sense on that is that it will not happen until next spring or summer; which is what you are already aware of.  So indeed, that will occur.  He will be able to have the job that he is seeking, but begin assist him in preparing to the knowledge that it will not be what he is thinking it will be at this time.  Through his involvement with you, he is beginning to step up and evolve into a new place.  As we see these two spirals that move and blend, then separate and blend, what is happening with him is that he is opening up to greater and greater amounts of his own divinity and spirituality.  As a result of that, when the time comes for him to move, he will not be seeking that which he currently has.  He will be seeking something where he can use his knowledge and information, but also he will be seeking something which will have more of a creative nature for him.  We don’t have anything more specific than that because he has not created it as yet.  We are simply tapping into this potential for him, to choose this time as a time of making a greater shift within his life.  Does that make sense beloved?  You are welcome.  Is there anybody else.

Question:  <paraphrased> I have done such a great deal of healing and evolving especially in regards to some family members.  I am wondering why I still have such anger and pain come up for me?  I feel as if I’ve healed the issue, yet I continue to get pulled in. 

Answer:  Beloved this is such a wonderful question for you to ask because indeed there are so many people who are here in same space where you are.  As each of you are moving through your personal journey upon the earth, it comes time when you release a great many things; be it anger, the anger you speak of, be it depression, be it resentment, judgment, whatever these emotions are that often times will make you feel stuck.  What is going on in your instance is that you have indeed been releasing a greater and greater amount of anger that you had stored in the past towards these individuals.  But they have not yet released their connection to you!  So what we ask you to do is go inside, go into that space of your expanded consciousness and bringing in your divinity, and ask that these other individuals release that connection that they have had with you.  It does not mean that they will no longer have any connection with you on the earth plane, simply that the interaction that was created through the anger that each of you held towards the other, can be transformed and released into something else.  If you wish to give it something else, then by all means, you may change it into a nurturing love that you may or may not currently feel for this individual.  What you can do on a more simple basis is acknowledge that you do have this connection, even if it feels as if it’s holding you back, for in some ways it is.  But acknowledge it, release it, let it go and ask that they let you go; in addition to you letting them go.  Does that make sense beloved?  <Person spoke more saying that she had not thought of asking them to release her!> What you will find is that when people are in that space of feeling as if, ‘well, how many times do I have to let this go?’  That is quite often the case.   So we thank you for bringing that up so that you and others will be able to evolve through that question.  You are welcome beloved!  Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> Hello Goddess of Creation! I love you! I have an opportunity to go to Wyoming for a gem and mineral show and I’m wondering if it’s a good idea for me to go? 

Answer:   Beloved, we wish to say to you first and foremost that as we connect with you at this moment, you have truly transformed over the last couple of weeks.  The essence of you that connected with us last time and the essence of you who is connecting with us this time has shown an evolution that is a greater amount of acceptance within yourself and of the love of yourself.  We salute for doing that!  We thank you for endeavoring to bring that within yourself.  Therefore, <the person stated that she felt much better.> excellent!  We are glad that you do.

Therefore, as the next step to that, we see this trip that you are talking about, this opportunity that you have, as being a wonderful step for you to be able to go forth and be able to meet some new individuals, to be in a change of scenery, it will allow you to open up to greater potentials within your life.  Nothing comes to you at the wrong time; it all comes at the time when you are ready to step forth and experience new things, new environments, whatever it may be.  You are welcome!  <The person was giggling> We always love your giggle!  <The person was saying thank you to Shelly for bringing through this energy, she was saying she just loved Shelly and she loved the Goddess Light> Thank you for saying that!  We love Shelly too and we appreciate her bringing through these energies and working with us.  We also thank you for acknowledging what she has done to bring us through or to bring me through.  We appreciate your words and your love and encouragement to her.  Thank you.  Is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased> I have been so busy lately!  I feel as if I can’t keep up with work, we’re trying to renovate our home and I can’t keep up with that, there’s just so much on my platter at this time.

Answer:  Alright beloved, what we would suggest for you <is to revisit the place of this journey>.  First of all, you’ve just spent this past journey as a time of nurturing yourself, a time of expanding and connecting, and being in the space needed to revitalize yourself.  If you will allow yourself to do that more often than just occasional, even if it’s only 5 minutes, you can breathe gently and deeply, reconnect deeply within yourself.  As you do that, begin to look at your days and the things that are going on around you.  You do have that feeling that there is so much and it’s overwhelming to you at this time.  But my sense is that the more that you are able to take even that five minutes to become centered within yourself, be in your expansion, bring forth your divinity; it will allow you to be able to how to speak on the earth plane, categorize or prioritize what needs to be done in your physical day so that you will be able to release some of these things that you have taken on upon yourself.  That is your human aspect that wants to do so much and that feels so overwhelmed by things.  Your immense soul essence is able to do everything without that feeling.  So it’s a time of being able to nurture your personality aspect, to support your personality and allow it to realize that everything will get done; perhaps not on the schedule you set for yourself.  But it will get done in the right and perfect time.   Does that make sense?  It will come to you with ease.  You will not have a problem with letting go of things. It will be very smooth and comfortable.   You are welcome beloved.  Is there anybody else?

Alright, I thank you each for coming forth and spending this time with me.  Be open and aware of the ways in which we blend and merge together as you move through your days.  This blending of the earth and moon that occurred at this time will have immense transformation upon the earth.  It may not be anything that you notice right off hand.  But what you will begin to find is that there will be a smoothness to the vibration.  There may be actually a shift in the tides that will be occurring.  You will find that the animals of the ocean, the dolphins and whales in particular, are going to be more sensitive and aware.  There will be an upswing or rising of their vibration that will allow them to feel more comfortable.  So too, this is a means of bring closer together the dolphin energies and human energies that they will blend and support each other more fully.

As always I am here with you.  I feel such great love for each of you!

I am with you, I am within you!


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation



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