Connecting and Creating Through the Energy of Love

Nama Sika Venia Benya; I AM the one I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light! This time with you is a time that I always treasure. Just as you set aside the time to be able to join with the others who are on the earth plane and moving into this space of creation, I too allow this time for myself to be able to come more fully to the earth plane. This is a time of joy and excitement for me, as I am able to connect with each one of you, feeling the expansion that moves through you and is reflected back and moves through me. Allow yourself to be in the space of feeling your own divinity, feeling your own love for who you are and where you are within your life. You accept and acknowledge that everything you have been doing is done from a space of growth and expansion.

Allow yourself to shift your consciousness, moving into the space of the magnetic grid. As you move into this space, you feel the ways in which you are able to blend with the magnetics and blend with the energy patterns that surround the earth. Have a sense of looking deeply and sensing the various dimensions and shifts that are here within this magnetic grid. Indeed, when speaking of the web of love, it begins in the space of this magnetic grid and is a means of blending and expanding out further into the crystalline.

Allow yourself to move through the interwoven grid work until you find yourself in the space of the crystalline grid. This is the space where you leave behind the magnetic pull of the earth, you leave behind the denseness; feeling those crystalline aspects of yourself which holds this vibrational energy and allows you to move and grow in the ways in which you have been evolving. Indeed, as they speak of the web of love, it is very much based within this space. There may be other names it will be called, but it is the vibrational energies of this crystalline grid, for as the children who are called the crystalline children are coming into the earth, this is the vibrational level at which they vibrate. You as the adult humans that you are are bringing in this energy and holding it for them and for yourselves. So you allow yourself to resonate and feel this space.

From here, we have a sense of calling forth the column of light. This light may surround you the individual, or you may sense it surrounding the entire group. There are many different perceptions and each perception is where you are in your space of evolution. You may sometimes feel a sense of the others around you, other times it's important for you to be in this space by yourself. You have a sense of emerging.  As you do so, your consciousness moves out in every direction. You can feel yourself becoming aware of this plane of energy; you may call it the soul plane. It is indeed the space in which a greater amount of your I AM presence can be found.

Have a sense of calling forth your I AM presence that you may see and acknowledge all of who you are within your soul's divinity. As you call forth this energy, have a sense of allowing your consciousness to move into and merge completely. As you do so, you are tapping into your soul’s expression, your soul's divinity. Take this moment to acknowledge who you are within this space, knowing that you are radiant and glorious; letting go of any sense that you are not the perfection of who you are. This is the space of love, this is the space where you connect with and tap into your love and connection with yourself.

I now make myself known to you in a more energetic form. You are very familiar with me, and in many ways your vibrational level is becoming very similar to mine; especially when in this space of expanded awareness. Yet I make myself known and you may sense me as a move between each one of you. As you become aware or ready to do so, have a sense of blending your consciousness, your I AM presence, with me; as if you reach out to embrace and the two of us blend and become one. As you blend with me it allows for you to move into the space of the All That Is. I am here to assist and amplify any energies that are you, or that you are interested in working with at this time.

We are here tonight to connect with the love. Just as was suggested, we will set the energies or set the groundwork, although a great deal of this has already been done. There are times in which each individual comes to the point in their awareness when they have that moment of recognition. You are such an essence of love! Anmala esta eeya--- I accept that I am the essence of love.  Take that word or phrase into your consciousness allowing it to amplify your energies, allowing yourself to hold and accept this love that is you in this expression. When you are in the space of love, you are in the space of complete balance. Feel the balance within yourself and allow it to radiate forth. From this space of the All That Is, become aware of the other energies of light who are here with you. Some of these energies are the other individuals within your group; others are the energies of the other individuals who meet with you at this time although they do not connect verbally. Yet more are the Angels and guides, all of those who are here in support of you and who grow and evolve themselves through the experiences that you are having.

This is a space in which you are very aware of the others who are here, but it is also your space. As you are tapping into the love that comes from the core within yourself, your core essence, you are also able to tap into the energies of the love that these other individuals have. Create a space within your consciousness and around yourself in which you can bring forth into your consciousness some of the experiences that you have had. First, allow yourself to consider when you connected with your home planet or star. Allow yourself to consider when you connected with the moon, Venus, and if you have not consciously done this before, think of a moment in which you can open up and receive those energies. As you are doing so, this is allowing you to expand within your consciousness with the support that the universe has for you.  You are never alone.

Have a sense of reaching out and allowing for any of the guides or energies of light who are here for you. You may sense them as individuals, as balls of colored energy, or you may have a sense of the extra terrestrials who are here for you; as you may call them. As you are opening to this acknowledgement and this realization it allows for you to take in and create that foundation. Now have a sense of bringing forth anything within your life upon the earth plane that you would like to see transitioned. You may call forth the energy of the Goddess Light as I represent balance. While I have already blended with you, as you bring this memory of me into your consciousness, or this thought of me, what you are doing is bringing balance into all that is you, in your state of expanded awareness. And all that you are manifesting or creating upon the earth. There is so much that you feel is shifting and evolving. There are times when you may have so many physical symptoms. This is the space where you may have the sense of creating the shifts; create without the symptoms and feelings that can cause you such discomfort.

Allow for all of this to be fully incorporated within you. Realize the aspects of yourself that may have been holding you back or keeping you from moving in a different direction. Realize that all of these are simply different aspects of who you are. As you can accept that and bring it into this balanced energy, you will find that the shifts that are occurring upon the earth will flow more easily through you and around you. Allow yourself to move in this expanded awareness, shifting and letting go of any limits; letting go so that every particle of who you are is able to move.

Allow yourself to experience every aspect of the universe. You may have a sense of feeling as if you are every place all at once or you may have a sense of moving to one particular place or another. Become aware of the ways in which you can allow yourself to shift and move out in an infinite potential of ways. Then as you shift or allow your consciousness to move in whichever direction it may feel pulled, or you may wish to experience, you find yourself in that part of the universe. All of this is incorporated within who you are. Feeling the expansion that occurs within your consciousness allows for you to expand and become one.

This is also the space where you may communicate with whomever you so desire. This is a space in which you feel, know, trust, and understand the perfection and acceptance of who you are. You feel your connection with all others as you blend or merge with them. You may always return to this space, in fact many of you are coming to an aspect of this when you are in your dream state. This sense of expansion can be space in which to work diligently with others, it can be a space in which you come to be nurtured, it may be a space in which you assist others as the teacher, healer, communicator, or whatever it may be. You fully integrate all of your expansion within your consciousness.

Allow yourself to shift and return again to that space of the All That Is.  That space is a shift in consciousness or dimension. And while a room denotes walls and an enclosure to you, this space you may consider it a gathering place where you connect with each other and other individuals who are on this plane of evolution. Have a sense of gathering together as a group. You may have a sense of forming a circle, as you do so, become conscious and aware of the other individuals who are in this group. While you may be observing them, in a certain plane of existence, I ask you now to have the intention to shift your consciousness and see that currently space of existence and allow yourself to see that same experience from another dimension. It may be as if you see these other energies of light; one beside the other or superimposed upon each other. This is allowing you to see a greater depth within each individual. When in this space and you have a sense of looking between the dimensions, it is such a fine and subtle shift in your consciousness that you are taking in a great deal of information without even being aware of it. I bring this to your attention at this time so that you may be conscious of what you do and it allows you to practice this when you return to the earth plane. Creating this linkage in which you are able to do so allows you also to create the space of communicating with one another. You may send a thought, an idea, individual words or message; there are many different ways in which you are able to express yourself in a nonverbal way.

As they speak of the web of love, this is an aspect of it. This connecting to each other, sending impulses or thoughts allows you to feel and know your connection to others. At the same token, it allows you to grow and expand within yourself. As each of you has been connecting and communicating with the others, it has created various pathways of energy. Energy may hold the impulse within it or energy may simply conduct the impulse as it moves through it or above it. There are different instances when one or the other may be more easily or better transmitted.

Have a sense of creating a hologram of the earth and allowing it to become wrapped within these pathways of energy and light. What you are doing at this time is allowing the energies and connections of communications that you created tonight to surround the earth. You have a sense of all that is occurring, infiltrating and becoming a part of the earth. As you are looking at this hologram of the earth, you have a sense of seeing it as it rotates. You may notice the various areas in which that energy is more dense than other places. You may notice a connection with where you are upon the earth. Or you may simply see and recognize that this is the energy that you so love and choose to be living upon.

Lady Gaia as always comes fourth. She emerges from the earth with her arms outstretched to embrace and accept all that you have created at this time. As she is embracing these shifts and changes that are occurring, you begin to notice the changes that are occurring within the hologram. These changes are the ways in which the energy becomes infused within the earth. As she is accepting, the energies more fully blend and perfuse all aspects <of the earth>.

As the time becomes right, have a sense of sending this hologram of the energy of light down through a column of light that it may blend and merge with the physical earth. You are very experienced with this activity, but each time you feel the expansion that occurs within your consciousness and your physical body as a result of this experience. This is holding the energies that you created on this journey that they may more fully blend with others. You are also able to tap into them but as you walk through your days upon the earth because you have created this within your personal space and it moves through and connects with the others.

Have a sense of connecting with each other once more and creating another ball of light or energy. Again, this is filled with your love; beginning with your love for yourself and radiating out to all who are here within the space. Allow that to create and form a ball of light, which is energy. Have a sense of looking forth into the Omniverse.  Again this is a means of shifting your consciousness to become aware of what is around you. As you become ready, release that energy or ball of light, allowing it to move out into all aspects of the Omniverse, moving through your universe, perfusing and connecting with all the stars and planets; going out even beyond that. In this way, you are creating a greater or deeper connection between yourself and with all other aspects of the Omniverse. So too, your personal experience is assisting others in their growth. We thank you for this opportunity and experience.

As this completes, allow yourself to shift until you move back into the space of the soul plane, this space in which your I AM presence is able to remain. This space enlarges to accommodate you in your expanded awareness. Take in what this means to you at this time. You may consider this your home, you may consider it a way station upon your journey; there are many different potentials.

Have a sense of creating a hologram of your physical body. This is an important step in your process that you may more fully blend all that is created within these higher planes. You now bring them with you through this hologram of your physical body, it allows you to connect and become from your physical aspect who you are in this space of expanded awareness. As you blend with your physical you may feel this within all the multi dimensional aspects of who you are. Again, these are all steps to create a greater awareness within you.

Allow yourself to create or return to the column of light. This time you feel yourself descending moving into the space of the crystalline grid. Feel yourself connecting with and blending fully with the crystalline grid. You may sense a radiance of the shift that occurs. You may feel the expansion within yourself. You also have a sense of fine-tuning these higher amounts of crystalline energy that you are bringing back with you. This is a part of the means of shifting and allowing yourself to create the more crystalline energy fields within and around you.

As you are ready, move through the interlocking grid work finding yourself once again within the magnetic pull of the earth. You may feel yourself becoming more aware of your physical body, so too you may feel your physical presence. This is the space in which you again may connect with others. Become aware of looking, seeing, and sensing the inter dimensional or the multi dimensional aspects of where you are. As you do this, allow it to assist in grounding you. Shifting the focus back into your physical body maintaining your expanded consciousness and awareness and allowing the energy field of the earth plane to expand out and accommodate this. You feel yourself becoming much more grounded.

As you become ready, you may return to the conference room by pressing the four upon your telephone. This is the time in which I am open to receive any questions that you may have.

Question:  <paraphrased> I have a question.  I have been on a spiritual path and have made many advances but I continue to have problems with money.  I feel like I’m in poverty and as if we can’t move forward.  Why is that?  I also have recently been loosing my hearing; do you have any insights for why that is happening?

Answer:  Alright Beloved, allow me to speak to you of what you are acknowledging  and perhaps this will answer some of your other questions, or if you need more specific information I am happy to give it. What you speak of in terms of the struggle that you have had, the poverty, the shift in your hearing, there have been many different aspects of your life in which you feel you are running in place and never moving forward. The poverty, and I say poverty as a means of feeling lack within you, a means of having difficulty accepting and receiving; that is all part of what has been keeping you in the space where you are, where you feel as if you are going over and over the same scenario. In fact beloved, as with so many others who are in this space where you are in this lifetime, you are actually releasing something that goes back over the past lifetimes. As you know, as you have a sense of your life in the non-linear fashion, you realize that these other experiences are happening in one form or another at the same time. So when a person has a sense of feeling like they're not making the changes in their life or like the changes are not working, it is this feeling that you're not letting go, perhaps not evolving; it is oftentimes because you have this sense of feeling a lagging over or that which is happening in another existence is also affecting your current existence. Sometimes individuals may call this karma, sometimes individuals may realize that this is a shift in your awareness, and there are many different avenues of experience that come into play. So, this is giving you some general information of what is happening to you. We feel that this is something that is more than just what you have done in this lifetime.  Our sense of what is important for you to do first and foremost is to be in the space of love. Be in the space of accepting. Each time that you feel you have failed, or that you feel as if you are not moving in a direction you want; that you are coming up against a brick wall.  What is actually happening is that it is perpetuating within you a sense of being unable to truly manifest and move forward? It's as if it is bringing up a greater amount of your awareness of this that is not shifting and evolving. Our sense for you is that the first step of what you need to do is release the judgment that you need to do something different or that you made mistakes or that you are where you are now because of poor decisions in the past. You all as the humans have made choices and decisions within your life and it simply is a choice or a decision. Yes it does have a ramification for how your life plays out and what is evolving within you, but it is simply what it is. As you release any connotation or emotional attachment to it, you find yourself being able to accept at a greater degree and through this space of acceptance and love within yourself; you are able to move forward at that point. You will then be able to find that ahhh now I’m beginning to move forward in a new direction. You may then have the perception that this avenue was open to you before, but you just didn't see it. It will give you a new perspective. Is that resonating with you? <person went on to ask for greater clarity> The journey that you were on tonight is something that every human can grow and evolve from. If you allow yourself to take time to shift into the space of simply being in this space of love and connecting with your expanded consciousness and awareness, that is the way in which you bring in more of a feeling or this emotional connection. You will then feel a greater balance between the mental and the feeling aspects of it <whatever you may be working on>. When individuals have the sense of feeling inadequate or not deserving, or as you say you can know something intellectually but cannot feel within yourself, this is the way in which you are able to blend these aspects of who you are. Allow yourself some time to move into these spaces of being able to recognize your mental aspect and your emotional aspect, and allow the two to blend and merge together. You may have a sense of doing this outside of yourself, but then you bring it inside yourself so that you may feel the shifts occur within you.

With the hearing loss there are some physical attributes that have caused this shift to evolve. It can be improved and sharpened, as you evolve and blend these aspects of the non physical and bring them into your physical body, it allows for all your physical attributes to become sharper and more aware. Our sense is that you're hearing will improve although there are some aspects that may never fully recover, if that makes sense to you. You will always have some difficulty hearing. There is also a sense that some allergies or some long term illnesses or evolutions that you have been moving through have caused some of these blockages to occur. As you are healing and evolving, so too it will allow for release of these blockages within you which will allow for physical improvement with your hearing ability. Does that make sense to you? We understand and know that there is much more that is occurring than the words that are being spoken. Whenever we speak with an individual in this way, we are also shifting and downloading, so to speak, information into you. Allow yourself to first take these steps because your mental aspect likes having the steps and following from point A to point B. Then be open to receive where you need to move from there. We sense that you will be a bit surprised at how this will evolve for you. You are welcome beloved. Is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased>  Hello Goddess!  I know that you are aware of all that I’m going through and you just didn’t tell me it would be like this!!  Tonight during the journey, I had a sense of being in the center of energy and that there were lines of light that went out from me to connect with all the individuals that I’ve been working with this summer.  I felt such communication with them. We also were talking about the web of love that is being created.  Are these the same?  Can you talk of this or explain this further?

Answer:  Beloved, when we tap into and reconnect with where you were in this part of the channel that you are speaking about, facilitating that, what we saw with you was that you yourself as a radiant soul essence became almost like the sparkler, or the fireworks. As each one of those sparkles moved out into a new and different direction, what you were doing was connecting with the and other individuals that you speak of. So, by allowing yourself to visualize that or allowing yourself to open, opening is not the correct word, our sense with you is that it is important for you to be able to create the space and bring these others to you in a more conscious way. What we are speaking of with this, when you say not to speak to the details necessarily, but what you are doing is that there many different hubs within it this web of light, this web of love which is being spoken of.  If you allow yourself to be in that space of the hub, sending out impulses like the sparklers, in return they all come back to you so that it creates a flow. It is important for you to create a sense of flow and movement with all that is evolving and growing in this sense, this sense of love. Is that speaking to what you're asking? <he spoke further for clarity>  What we are speaking of is the way that you work with each of these individuals at a higher level. Then as you allow that to come down into your conscious thinking, when you are the physical human grounded on the earth, you will find that the pathways that were created, the flow of energy that was created in this higher level allowed for greater communication on the physical plane. Our sense is that indeed this is smoothing over those areas in which perhaps there was a lack of communication. It is also creating a stronger bond, because this bond is coming from a new and different aspect.  <again, he continued to speak>  You know as we are speaking of this that we are indeed giving you more information, we accept and trust that, that which are speaking of; yes, exactly although we don't see it as a silent heart, we see you as this radiant love and light that is shining forth. To us, it is not silent, but to you the human it can be perceived as silent.  <he continued to speak some more> What joy and fun that will be! We thank you for that. Is there anybody else who wishes to speak?

Question: <paraphrased> My partner and I seem to so often be at odds with each other.  We have different ways of thinking and talking.  I wonder if we will remain together.  Do you have any insights for me?

  We wish to first off say to you, that as we connect at this moment we can already see the ways in which you have shifted and opened.  Opened in some aspects, fine-tuned in other aspects and we believe that you will understand what we mean when we are saying this. Much of this is a result of the work that you have done for a great deal of time, as in the last several years. What you are finding is that it was there and has been there for you, but now you are opening up so much more consciously that in some respects it feels a bit traumatic, and in other respects as if you are on the roller coaster of emotions, in the ups and downs. It is that opening of awareness that creates the greatest amount of shifting to occur within your life. So as you speak of your partner, we have a sense that with this individual, there have been many ways in which the two of you have enhanced and supported one another as you have been upon your journey of growing and evolving.  There are some aspects of both of you that will continue to remain separate from the other because you are each on a bit of a different path. That does not mean you can't blend and be life partners from your separate paths, but there is a sense when we see the two of you together that each of you has that essence of yourself or which your journey is, that is important for you to be doing. For you, it is your work on the global level; for him it is this sense or this energy that he is working with on his own personal development. So while the two of you together do have a great deal in common and you do enhance and assist one another there is also the sense that with the choices that you make, the two of you may choose to go in different directions. At this point we see you very strongly together and we see a high potential that you will choose to remain together in your living situation. We also see the potential, we sense is stronger in him than in you, but that the two of you may come to a point in which you choose to move or live apart from one another. It's really impossible to say at this point because from our perspective we are tapping into the energies of what you both put forth and what you are putting forth right now is the sense of connection and togetherness. So as to speaking of finding work that you can do on a global level, our sense is; did we speak to you before of communication? The sense that comes strongest to us is of communication. Of being in the space of communicating with others, multi nations, we see you working through the telephone, computers, or different avenues. We also have a sense of one thing that is coming to us is marketing, that you will work for a company doing marketing that is connecting with other individuals. Again, this is an area that is just wide open for you. We do sense that one of the important lessons for you within this life if you wish to call a lesson is the aspect of communication. That is what you need to honor and be aware of as you move to your days. Again, we do not have a specific name of an organization, “world peace and light organization” is something that just came to us, if that is something that you already know or something that you create, and we see you as an integral part of that. Does that make sense to beloved? Alright, we thank you for asking those questions. You are welcome. Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> Hello Goddess!  I have thinking about moving to Tampa, Florida for awhile but it has not worked out.  Is the reason it didn’t work out that the universe was watching out for me, because of the hurricanes?  I’ve also heard that one reason there are so many hurricanes this year in Florida is because the reptilians live there and they are controlling and causing these storms.  Do you have any insights for us about this?

Answer: Alright Beloved, there are several things that are involved in this answer. Allow us to begin to speak and if we leave something out, pull us back to it. As for the people that you speak of, the Reptilians and various extra terrestrials, the Grays has been another name for them, these are extra terrestrial that came to the earth plane to cause havoc and trouble; they have promoted the negativity or what you would call the negativity upon the earth. We understand these energies that you are speaking of. There are always going to be those humans who get very caught up in the ideas of perhaps conspiracies that are going on; whether it is conspiracy within the government, individuals, or intergalactic means. When you speak of an energy of people or a group of people that has perhaps incorporated or infiltrated into the earth and that they are then controlling it for their own means. What that speaks of…… the word just popped out of the channel's head, allow us a moment.... conspiracy theory. What happens with the conspiracy theory is that it can be something very low level or something very high level and infiltrating many different dimensions. So a part of what you are asking about is tapping into that energy and conspiracy theories are always centered on fear. There are changes and shifts going on within the government, with the elections that are coming up; again, conspiracy theories are always at the forefront. We're not saying that they don't exist indeed at some levels they do exist. What is important for each person to become aware of, is this the mentality they are tapping into and what is behind the mentality. Always, always the basis of that is fear; it may be fear of change, it may be fear of something outside of an individual, it may be fear of losing control, it may have many, many different facets to it. So, what is important for each person to do as an individual is look into themselves and see what they fear that would allow them to be taken over or allow something else to control them? When you can release the conspiracy theory or you can allow that it exists but not tap into that energy of it, then you will find yourself releasing the fears and not tapping into the fears that are associated with that. We wish to have that as the first part of this answer.

Now, when you speak of the Reptilian or the Grays or any of those energies, the vast majority of them are no longer able to live within the earth's energies. The earth has ascended, shifted, and moved into this higher energy space over the last 15 years especially. With the shifting in consciousness that occurred with the changing of the millennium, that was the time in which a great many of the lower energy extraterrestrials were removed from within the earth's surface or from the earth's experience. There are still a few pockets of energy that may live or may be available upon the earth; but the vast majority and something that you talk about, taking over, being in the state of creating the immense hurricanes that have moved through, that is not what is occurring. What is happening is that there are a great many shifts and changes that are occurring upon the earth plane. The physical earth is trying to incorporate and shift into these higher energies being brought to the earth by all of the light workers. You may feel it on a one-to-one basis in your daily activity, and in the physical symptoms you may have; lack of sleep, too much sleep, what ever that may be. It may be felt on a worldwide level by earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires. All of these are simply means of detoxifying and shifting the energies which allows for this higher evolution to occur. I can go into great detail and the acknowledge that each individual who is living through that experience is also having that experience for their own personal growth, but my sense of what you are asking is what is happening on a nationwide or world wide level. Is that correct? So I believe I have acknowledged that.

As for you and your space of moving. You have still been in that state of flux, you are still questioning the multitude of potentials and it is not necessary for you to live through the experience of having the hurricanes. Indeed in part that is what kept you from moving down there. There is also the aspect that you are still looking at different potentials of where you may end up. This is allowing you to keep that door open. He may go there at some point, but this is also causing you to think that if I don't go there where else might I enjoy going. What that is doing is keeping you open to a greater number of potentials. <she asked a question about employment> With the type of work that you do, there are many different aspects that you may tap into. In part where you are there has been a recession to a degree of all the industries. We don't have a sense there is any blockage keeping you from employment where you are located. I'm not sure why that has not opened up for you more fully unless it is the fact that you are seeking to leave; seeking to move to a different location so you are able to see short-term experiences rather than the long-term.  Does that make sense to you? So for the energies that we tap into are looking at who you are and where you are right now, seen the potentials that will grow and evolve from that. When you are in the space of ambivalence, it makes it difficult to see a specific area or place the you may live to us we see so many different potentials. Alright Beloved, you are welcome. Is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased> I’m wondering if you can give us any insights on the upcoming elections.  We keep hearing about how people who have evolved are in place and ready to move into office.  I don’t really see this.  I’m concerned that we may have more unrest as a result of the election.

Answer:  Alright Beloved, we know you and we know you are talking about the elections going on in the United States. When we sense this election and we look at the potential outcomes and we see one versus the other as being in office, yes either one will allow for a different pathway. What is important for you to do as the light worker is to hold the energy of light around these individuals. At this point, it is really difficult to say which one or the other <may be elected> we have a sense of leaning towards Bush as that is where the energy of the individuals who have an impact on this are leaning. So that is the sense that comes to us in this space and time. We also realize that whenever there is a major election like this, there are a great many other things that come to light as a result of this. Is one candidate better than the other? This is for those individuals who like one individual over the other yes, their person is better to them. As we look at it as your nation as a whole, and the world as a whole, our sense is that there will be shifts and changes that will occur; but what will happen as a result of that is simply a part of the evolution of the earth plane and the evolution of the people who are moving together. There is a greater coming together of the individuals. You the light workers are at the forefront of this and you are shifting the consciousness of the world. As you do so, it is going to affect whoever is in the office, because they are also influenced by the people who are around them who are working with them and in support of them. The sense that I always would like to offer you is to hold all who are in that space of governing in the space of light. That each may open up in their own personal life and therefore through their own personal growth they will see a better connection with what you are bringing to the earth. Does that make sense to you beloved? <she asked a question about peace> Peace comes from within each individual. When you find the peace within yourself and when the people of the world, two things come to mind about this. Peace is a sense of judgment; you have peace you have un-peace, you have peace you have war, so to speak. You are choosing duality when you choose peace or war. When you are holding the space of balance, you are holding the space that each individual is on their own path and honoring their own path. They are growing and evolving through what ever it is they wish to grow and evolve. We say wish to grow and evolve from there soul's perspective. So in terms of sensing the peace and prosperity, the evolution that you are seeking for your nation and for you individually, that is something that can be arrived at through many different means. <she spoke more about this issue, asking about a right in candidate named John Kennedy>  This person does have an impact in part because of his name in his history. Also it is a matter of someone different coming in and speaking out, saying “why do we stand with the norm of what we have had before”, “why don't we try something new and different”. That is what he is searching for. In part, what is going to come as a result of this is that it will allow more individuals to look outside of what they simply accepted as the norm. Will he get elected? You know beloved anything is possible. What we see as a greater potential at this moment is that he is someone who can come in and upset what has been the norm, so to speak until now. He is bringing in a different energy, he is bringing in different ideas and there are many people who are looking for something different. <she made further comments> Exactly! No matter who gets elected, people are beginning to think, people are not beginning to shift, people have been shifting, changing, and evolving. Through all that you are doing as the individuals that you are and all the other light worker groups upon the earth, you are setting the energies and creating the space, holding the space so that the collective consciousness of your earth plane can move into it. Also the children coming in; that are aligned with this higher vibrational energy and they too are holding this energy and space which allows for this shift and evolution to occur.  Alright Beloved, we thank you for that question. Is there anybody else at this time?

Question: <paraphrased>  My significant other’s son is going to be coming to live with us.  He is someone who has developmental problems and can be a challenge, so I’m a bit concerned about what this will do for our relationship.  Do you have any insights for me or for us? 

Answer:   Yes Beloved, and we send out our loving arms to embrace you at this time! While you go into this with your eyes wide open, that aspect of you that is questioning and wondering feels that sense of insecurity over these steps and changes that are coming about. So we embrace you can hold you in our support that you may feel that you have the loving, nurturing, support that you are seeking. We suggest that you move into the space of the soul plane, those higher levels of consciousness and connected with your stepson, as we will call him, so that you may be able to create a pathway of communication with him.  You have a great deal of empathy; you have a great deal of expanded consciousness and awareness. Through your love and this expanded awareness you may create the space and what we have a sense of telling you to create is a living room in which the three of you come together and connect on a soul level and communicate with one another. In this space of communicating with his soul from the energy that he is, it will give you a great deal of insight as to why he has chosen this lifetime and it will also assist you as to why you have come into contact with them. There is a great deal that you can do that will support him that will allow for a stabilizing influence within this life of the three of you coming together. There will be many times that we sense there will be a lot of emotions up and down, frustration, and that there will also be experiences of bewilderment, anger, fear, and it will run the gamut of emotions. If you have a sense of creating within your house, a space in which you are holding the energy of balance, the energy of tranquility and peace, you will find that what is happening is that it will allow the other two individuals will find themselves relaxing and they don't necessarily understand why it is happening. So too as you move into the space of the soul plane and connect at that level; receiving  communication back and forth, you may speak your mind in a way that you may not be able to on the earth plane. They will hear, know, and understand you.  That does move down to them upon the earth plane. We give you these two as means of setting the energies and creating the communication. Also the more that you are with this individual, you will find that there will be things that create a response within you.  The first couple of times it happens you will probably be oblivious, but because we are raising your awareness about this right now, what will happen is that you will become aware very quickly that ‘ah this is what they meant’, ‘oh Ok this is where I could use my skills’. Therefore, this will allow for you to be able to grow and evolve personally as will the other individuals in the house. Does that make sense beloved? We see that this will definitely be a time of change, but we also sense that you three have created this situation and through the growth and development of it, all three of you will grow and evolve in a beautiful way.<the person said thank you> You are welcome.

With that we have a sense of bringing things to a close at this time. We thank you all as always for being here! The energy and light of each one of you as you radiate forth and connect with the others in the group and connect with me is such a glorious light! I feel the love, I feel the hope and the joy that you tap into when you open up and merge with these greater aspects of who you are. I surround you each with the love and the balance of the Goddess Light.

I am with you, I am within you!


Shelly Dressel, channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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