Connecting with Your Home Planet or Star

Nama Sika Venia Benya     I AM the one, I AM whole

I greet you my beloved family!  As always, this is such a time of great joy for me as I find myself visiting with you upon the earth plane in such a verbal manner. I am with you whenever you seek to reach out and connect with my energies. I am here for you and in support of you in whatever you may be experiencing upon the earth. This is your time of evolution. This is your time to truly find, connect with, and expand the divinity that is within you. Through your own expansion, it allows for a greater and greater amount of my energy to come into and become a part of the earth. This energy is the divine feminine, so too it is the divine masculine.

Have a sense of breathing gently and easily. Allow your consciousness to shift in such a way that you leave behind your physical and move into the space of the magnetic grid. This is the grid work that surrounds the earth plane. It is a means of allowing for you to send impulses and for you to receive greater and greater amounts of communication with the other individuals who are here upon the earth. You may have a sense of connecting with a greater amount of your divinity. This holds an expanded awareness for you, that you may discern the subtle shifts and changes that are occurring.

As you are ready, have a sense of moving through the interlocking grid work and find yourself in the crystalline grid. The crystalline energies are becoming greater and greater upon the earth. The crystalline grid is a means of holding that balance. It is a means of assisting you in holding your expanded awareness. You can feel the subtle shifts and energies as they flow throughout this grid.

Call forth the column of light. This column is a means of assisting you as you move through your shifts in consciousness. Have a sense of feeling either you as an individual or you as the group moving and shifting in consciousness as you are becoming a part of this column of light. As you emerge, you have a sense of expansion that immediately occurs within your consciousness.  This expansion allows for a greater and greater amount of your divinity to blend with you.

Call forth your I AM presence. This is your divinity; this is your soul essence. Allow yourself to become very aware of the ways in which you express yourself in this divinity. Be aware of the colors that you radiate. Perhaps there is a tone or vibration that is you within this space. As you are ready, blend and merge completely with this energy. As you do so, you are bringing into your awareness your soul's essence. You are becoming very aware of who you are. You may also have a sense of reaching out to connect with the others who are within this group energy. You know that you are not alone upon your journeys; even though each one of you is expanding and taking in exactly what it is you need to take in.

Have a sense now of shifting your awareness to become aware of my presence as I am moving in and amongst you. You may sense me as various colored lights or you may sense me as a tone or vibration. Each person perceives me in the way in which it will most enhance you. I feel the love that you share with me; I open and accept as I share my love for each one of you and the pathway that you are upon. As you are ready, have a sense of reaching out to embrace my energies. With the blending of our energies, you find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. If you so desire, you may have a sense of stepping through a doorway into the All That Is.

This is your place, where you can be you, in your purest essence! This is where you are completely blended with source essence and you are expanded. The energies of the moon still remain vibrant and a part of this group energy. As you moved into the interior of the moon, on our last experience, it created a portal through which each of you can return at any time. You have become aware of the ways in which energy and people are able to survive, prosper, and grow in many, many different situations. There are individuals who also live within the center of the earth, just as they live within the center of the moon, and within Venus, when you connected with Venus. Therefore, you can choose any planet that resonates with you and you will be able to blend with those energies.

We have a sense of opening up this space to be able to see and connect with some of the stars and planets that are within your universe. You have a sense of coming into contact with whichever one it is you so desire; be it Pleiades, Sirius, the stars of the Milky Way, as you so term it, Orion, Venus, and Arcturia. There are also the energies of what you would term the new earth. I have laid before you just a few of the potentials with which you may connect. Have a sense of seeing this star or planet manifest in front of you. If you wish to know, ask for the name. As this is manifesting and coming closer and closer to your energetic field, you may have a sense of feeling yourself expand.

Open energetically and create a connection with the star or planet which is in front of you. You will find that the more you open this communication, the more you will blend and become a part of that planet or star. What is your first impression? Feel yourself as you have a sense of moving perhaps into the interior, or perhaps you find yourself located upon the surface. You come into contact with an individual who has been waiting for you to come at this time. As you build the connection, you realize that an exchange of information is occurring. You are receiving information that will help you in your evolution; they are also receiving information from you about what you have been moving through as you live your life upon the earth. You realize that you are bringing to your consciousness memories of what you put forth to do within this lifetime, if the energy was right. There were so many potentials before you came to earth.

Now is the time for you to remember, what are these potentials? Is it still in your best interest to move in the direction that is being suggested to you? With the shifting that has occurred, how can these ideas be uplifted perhaps to a higher level or vibration? You begin to become aware that others have gathered together to be in this meeting with you. The word has gone out that you have arrived. These are friends, family in soul, and individuals who have been in support of you upon your journey. They have followed you in what you have been doing and wish for you to know of their love and support. Everything that a human does upon the earth is considered magnificent, especially as you are tapping into these higher vibrational energies.  For so very many years it was thought that people, as they went to earth, it was to a place of drudgery. They now realize that through all that you are doing, you are creating the space to be able to shift and allow for the incredible to potential to become a reality.

Be open to accept this acknowledgment of who you are. Be open to accept that you have the ability to communicate with so many individuals, especially those in the non physical form. As you are in this state of expansion, you feel comfortable. You have that sense of acceptance; you simply are who you are. I, from my perspective, am seeing so many different stars and planets beginning to have greater and greater amounts of light which is beginning to radiate. You as humans are beginning to realize the impact that you have here in the non physical, or the ultra physical; which is simply different than your experience on earth. Just as you are opening to accept that there is a working relationship between you.

Have a sense now, of shifting your consciousness away from any one individual. Shift your consciousness until you open up and blend, become one with this star or planet. As you do so, perhaps you have a sense of communicating telepathically, or moving so easily without the physical body. This is what I wish for you to begin to take back with you when you return to earth. The energies of telepathic communication and what you would call tele-transport; being able to shift your body from one location to another through your intention. As you have blended within your star or planet, look out and see what the rest of the universe looks like from this perspective. How does this location blend with the other stars within your galaxy? How does it connected with the moon, the earth, and the sun? From this perspective what information do you wish to bring back with you? Once you feel that you have all the information you are seeking, whether you are conscious of it or not, have a sense of saying goodbye and releasing the consciousness of this star or planet.

As you do so, you find yourself realizing that you are the entire universe. As your consciousness shifts amongst the universe you have a sense of movement or you may have a sense of being in that infinite stillness. Feel the joy and excitement that you experience. Accept the knowledge of who you are when you are in this space of expansion.

I ask for you to come together now, creating a circle allowing yourselves to acknowledge each other, see that each person had their own individual journey and experience; they are bringing back that part of this whole experience. As you have a sense of our group coming together you may see the various energies which are you who are consciously present and you are aware that they are even more; so too, there are even more energies of light who are here in support of you. Have a sense of creating a ball of energy in the center of this group; you have done this many, many times in the past. This time, be aware that what you are doing is creating a connection between that star or planet with which you blended; then eventually this connection will be brought into the earth. Each one of these connections will allow for a greater and greater amount of the energies of that planet or star to be able to perfuse the earth so that it can enhance all of those who are upon this journey. In particular, the energies that will assist in tele-transport, telepathy, and other means of expansion. See this ball of light as it becomes infused with all the various energies; it is filled with multiple colors. There is a depth or a texture to the ball of energy which is unique to this experience.

Have a sense of creating a hologram of the earth. You may see it as separate from this ball of energy. You may sense Lady Gaia as she comes forth, and you transfer that ball of energy to her. She opens her arms to embrace and take in these new vibrational energies. It becomes perfused throughout the hologram of the earth. There are some parts of the earth in which these energies are more fully present or inhabited; other parts of the earth where it may not be as needed.

What we allow to happen next is that Lady Gaia wishes to connect with each one of you individually. Have a sense of her as she emerges from this hologram. Feel her presence as she makes a connection with you. She moves around and through this group and without speaking the words, you hear, know, and feel what she is transmitting to you. You may feel her touch upon you. You may feel yourself becoming enhanced by her energies. She is creating a link that will assist you in this opening. Just as you went back to one of your source planets or stars and created the link in that space, you are now connecting it within the earth and Lady Gaia. She will be holding it for you so that when you are fully conscious and back upon the earth in your physical being, you will be able to call forth and connect with this telepathic communication. Be aware of the ways in which this is opening you up, for as your consciousness is opening, so too your physical is opening to receive the results of this. As she has finished connecting with everyone; this connection is something that is developed in this moment, but so too it is moving forward and backwards so that no matter when you reach out to connect with her from within this space, you are connecting with Lady Gaia. That radiant hologram of the earth has been holding the space for her. You have a sense that she moves back into the space and returns and blends more fully with the energies of the hologram.

There is a sense of creating a portal, a column of light, howsoever you may perceive it. This hologram begins to move through that space and you see the physical earth at the other end of this portal. As it moves down, it is as if it picks up speed. It moves through the crystalline and magnetic grid. As the hologram connects with the magnetic grid, it spreads out around the earth; but then that core essence continues until it permeates into the center of the physical earth. Your physical bodies may feel the shifts that occur as a result of this. Gaia has a sense of sending forth this energy from within the earth, sending it out through the flowers, the grass, the trees the water, the rocks, through all aspects of the earth.

Bring your consciousness back to the group of you who have remained within this space. Have a sense of almost looking down and becoming aware of your own shifting transformation. You may have a sense of playing with the others, looked across the group and send a thought or an idea; see that other individual as they connect with it.

You will find herself doing this more and more as you move through your days upon the earth. You may at first tap into the collective consciousness, but it will be these higher vibrational levels of the collective consciousness. The more that you practice with this, the more you will be able to connect one on one with other individuals.

Have a sense now of shifting back into the space of the soul plane.  This is a means of bringing you back, shifting you into the vibration where you are able to keep a vast majority of your divine essence. You realize that the more you expand and take within you through your own personal growth on these journeys, that you are actually living in higher and higher vibrations. This is true upon the earth, so too it is true of your soul essence. As you move into this space, you may feel a need to expand the consciousness of the space so that you will have a sense of being comfortable. It now happens automatically, but if not you may make the shift so that you feel comfortable. In this space, where you hold your I AM presence.  Have a sense of calling forth the hologram that represents your physical body as it is upon the earth. See your physical attributes, and accept who you are as you walk upon the earth. Reach out to embrace and become one blending a greater amount of your soul presence with in your physical body. You do this with the hologram of your body so that the hologram will then shift and become a part of your actual physical body. This assists you in being able to maintain higher vibrational energies as you walk through your days. You are creating the shifts; you are creating this new energy. Through this creation, you are living in the divine.

Begin to ground yourself.  Begin to have a sense of bringing yourself back into the physical. As always to have a sense of leaving the greater portion of your expanded consciousness, your divinity, your soul expression will remain here in this space for you. Bring all that you are capable of bringing with you and moving down through the column of light. Move through the shifts in consciousness or dimensions until you arrive in the energy of the crystalline grid. You recognize that most of the energies that you have been working with this evening have been a form of the crystalline energies. That is why this space of the crystalline grid is growing and expanding. Not only you within the group, but the other light workers and energy workers upon the earth who are consciously bringing in this vibrational level, are a part of creating this expansion within the crystalline.

Allow yourself to then move through that means of connection with the magnetic grid until you find yourself within the magnetic grid work. This is a space where you begin to feel the vibrational pull of the earth, the magnetics of the earth, the gravity. It may come to you as a sense of denseness; this is all a means of grounding you and bringing these energies of who you are back into the space of the earth plane. As you move through your days, and you are living each experience, you are living them through a greater and greater expansion in your consciousness. You are creating the support mechanisms for yourself. Allow yourself to tap into what you have created. If you find yourself feeling either worn out, distressed, or indecisive, allow yourself to tap into these energies that you may know the answers that you seek. I begin to feel you coming more fully back within this space.

As you begin to ground yourself and bring yourself back into the magnetic grid work or back within your physical body. You may also have a sense of coming back within the teleconferences and you may ask me questions if you so desire. Press the four upon your telephone that you may come fully back within the room. I welcome your questions.

Question:  <paraphrased> I have a question about the New Earth. I keep sensing that I am going there in my dream state and that I will be there in the future, living on the New Earth.  What would you say is my status in regards to the New Earth?

Answer: That is such a wonderful question, because the New Earth as you are very well aware, is close to coming to the space where it will be inhabited upon a more regular basis. There are those energies who are there at this time. They   are there in support of that environment; they are there in support of you here on the earth plane. Many of you, who are in this space, are in the process in your dream state, of going to the new earth and assisting in this transformation. You then come back and live your life upon the physical plane of the current earth. You are asking me if on your personal journey are you moving into the new earth; I imagine after this life experience, is that correct? <the person went on to explain further her question>.  What is happening here, and what people can do, is move into the energy of the new earth. You do so in your dream state already, but there are actually two different things that are occurring. When individuals move into the space of the new earth, or what is being called the New Earth, it is an energetic place of a higher vibration which gives people the same free will and the same experiences that you are having upon the earth. Those individuals who will live there and be there on a permanent basis will have the ability to be either physical or non physical while they are there. Therefore, those individuals will also have the ability to move back and forth between that space and the current earth. Now, in between what is the current earth and what is that experience <of the new earth> is a higher vibration of your Earth, but not necessarily the energetic experience of the new earth. It is something that is a higher vibration of your current earth, but not as evolved as the new earth.  There are still a lot of the individuals who are moving to experiences and not let go of many of the personality experiences such as; they might still get caught up in the trials and tribulations of the day. When an individual is able to be in the space of non judgment, so to speak, and be in the space of holding the love and the light without choosing one side or another; or without choosing a certain experience, those are the individuals who will be in the new earth. What you are sensing and where you are connecting with yourself when you go back and forth is this higher vibrational expression of your current earth which you are inhabiting.

Does that make sense to you? <The person went on to explain that it was her understanding she was going to the new earth that more and more people are just transitioning over to this space.> There are individuals, and there will be more and more of them, who will choose when you leave your current earth, you will leave behind the physical body that you inhabit. Some will choose to consciously leave their physical body; others will choose to move through the death experience in which they have a period of being unconscious for however long that may be. What we sense that you are asking about is will you consciously ascend and move into this new space, or will you move through the death experience is that correct? What we sense is that there is a great deal of experiences that you will be living through before you get to that point. We see a high potential and we know that the interest is most definitely there for you to have a conscious transition, as you leave behind your physical body in this lifetime. There is still a great deal of free will. There is still a great deal of growing and evolution that will take place between now and then. You may choose different potentials that will come to you as that time draws near. You will choose what ever it is that is in your soul's best interest. Through your growth and experiences you are creating a deeper connection to your soul essence so that you will know more fully what you desire. Alright Beloved? You are welcome.

<paraphrased> I know that my path involves working with children, assisting them to open up and accept who they are and what their gifts are.  I am also writing a book about this.  Can you give me any feedback about this and what’s happening?

:  Alright, there has been such a large shift in your consciousness over the past six months to a year. You have then moving forward in great leaps and bounds. You have had several different instances that come to mind for us at this moment, where you make a large shift forward in your consciousness and your expansion, you then have to wait for your personality to catch up to you so that you may more fully integrate this. You then again take a leap; you then have a waiting period as your personality is catching up to you. That is where you stand at this time. This summer you took another leap forward which allowed you to more deeply open up your Channeling abilities that you could more deeply connect with the guides who were working with you to bring forth the information for your book. Also, for you to be able to as you are speaking with your own children or other children you will be working with; this is opening up the pathways for you to have greater and greater amounts of this communication. When you look at your daily life and what you are doing, you had anticipated that you would have groups that would come together by this time.  You had anticipated that you would have groups that come together at this time, you had anticipated that you would have more of a business sense, that you would have a more of a place where people would come to seek you out, is that correct? That is what you had put forth to manifest by this time frame upon the earth. What has happened is that that is still what is in the process of being created, that is still the direction that you are moving, and you are bringing all of it together. It is simply that the energies that are around you have not shifted to be able to accommodate the energy that you have created. It is as if your soul consciousness has come in, expanded, and has created the space for this to occur. Now you are trying to bring about the physical attributes that will then support what you know to be your soul consciousness. If you will allow yourself to have a sense of releasing a specific guideline, have a sense of releasing that this is what you had wanted to have happen by this time. Simply allow yourself to be in the moment experiencing what you are experiencing more fully.  That will release the connotation of the expectation. When you have released a specific expectation, it allows you to actually be open to receive greater and greater amounts of input from the physical community around you. You know this to be true; it is a matter of letting go of the frustration. You have been networking and creating the space where you will begin to talk with other teachers and individuals at school. You will also begin; you have done so through your neighborhood and talking with other people, children and the parents of your children. This is also a means of creating a network. We have a sense that there will be another individual who will be with you to work on this and that the two of you together will be creating the space that allows for others to come to you. It is working, it is in progress. We ask you simply to allow the patience for this to evolve. The person said thank you. Alright Beloved you are welcome.

<paraphrased> I wonder if you can give me any assistance on the healing center I’m trying to open.  I have several projects and I’m wondering how they will come together.

Answer:    OK, allow us to connect with you. We have a sense of several different potentials that you may be speaking of. Is this a project in which there was art work and creating something through drawing? <person went on to explain further> Many of you, I am a little bit digressing here, but many of you as you walk upon the earth plane and you breathe in greater and greater amounts of your soul perspective, you are actually tapping into so many more potentials than what you are realizing. So, even though your main focus has been creating this center for holistic expansion, this center where people can come to be able to take classes from you and have energy healing as they move through their own personal process. This actually taps into another part of your expansion that is in a creative mode that can come through as you draw the pictures of seeing the people with you, it's as if what we sense that you have been creating in your space as if you are drawing a picture of that which you are seeking upon the earth plane. Our sense is that it is not in a place where it is coming to fruition at this time, but in the next one to two months as the time begins to get cold outside we have a sense of people beginning to look inside. When they want to come inside out of the cold, so too they will begin to look into themselves. You are creating the space for what you are seeking to teach. If you hold that energy and hold the expansion that allows for individuals to find you as they are going inside, we do see this as moving forward and that you will have students. It may be a little bit of a trickle at first, but what you will come to realize is that through a great deal of word-of-mouth for one thing, and advertising there are more and more individuals around you who are becoming aware that there is more available for their life. They are seeking to find out how to get into contact with that aspect of themselves, so they will begin to seek you out.  <the person said thank you> You are welcome.

  <paraphrased> I am a little confused about what is going on with me.  I feel such a connection to people and that this is an important part of my mission; meaning, I know I’m supposed to assist people in their evolution. What is your take on this?

Alright Beloved, this is exactly what this journey has been for you tonight. As you connected with your star, we had a sense of you creating pathways within yourself that allowed for this information to be brought more to the forefront within you. That is then going to be transferred down into the earth plane and into your regular life. One of the things that you may not have realized in the past, and you are only now becoming aware of, are the ways in which you influence people in your daily life; simply in having casual conversation. What is happening is that you are creating the space where you open up through your heart center as you are talking. You are doing this more than you realize. As you begin to shift your consciousness and allow yourself when in communication with people, to have a sense of seeing your heart as a flower, as a rose that is opening up into full bloom; feel the love that moves out from you. You may do this in your time of quiet, your time of meditation, and see it going out to your family and community. It can go even further if you so desire. What we see as a high potential for you is that you will begin to have the confidence within yourself which is what you have been seeking. When you feel that confidence and that love that is simply who you are, that will begin to radiate out to others who are around you. You will draw to you people who wish to simply be in your presence. We see you as having a love relationship that is something that is very enriching. You have been on a path of personal development and it has been necessary for you to step into the space where you are able to feel your own divinity and connect with the divinity in another individual, we see this happening in the next several months. It is mostly this acceptance of yourself that is then radiated out through a sense of love for your fellow man which will draw people to you. You will begin to have pathways that open up, there are multiple pathways that are showing up as potentials for you, and we do see you working with groups of people. It may be through teaching classes, doing energy work, healing; it may be that you take a few class which will assist you in opening up to other potentials. It is as if you have a clean slate right now and you are creating and writing upon this slate what ever it is you wish to develop. Does that make sense? <person acknowledged yes and said thank you> Alright Beloved, you are welcome. Is there anybody else?

<paraphrased> I feel very confused right now.  I sometimes think I will transition, then other times not and I get excited about life.  But mostly I just am so tired and tired of this existence. How much longer is this going to go on?  I really don’t want to continue to feel this way!

    I understand exactly what you are saying beloved and allow me to reach out and embrace you at this time. What you are speaking of is actually the way many, many other people are feeling. Those of you who were at the forefront of this movement of light workers knew that you were opening up and bringing in a newer energy, but you also had the belief that “Ok this is it, this is my last time on earth, I'll be glad to be a part of this movement but then I'm out of here”! That is actually a part of what you are tapping into; there was a sense again, as the other individual had the sense, that more would be happening by now.  When you came to the earth and incarnated you had a rough idea of how many years when I do this, how many years would  I do that, and when would be the right time for me to move into each new step along this path. Indeed, for you are at one of those places within your life time when you had put forth the option to transition if it was in your best interest. Now, what you have realized is that as you have brought forth so much of this energy and as you are shifting and changing, realizing how much of your divinity you are able to live with upon the earth plane, you are having the feeling of well, maybe this is not so bad and I would like to stay in this place of creation. This is new and different, and I would like to experience it. This is what has brought up the dichotomy within you. There is a part of you that realized that you were in the forefront of something that has been done before and you wanted to stay and experiences that. So too there is a part of you that is a little bit tired, there is an image of you tapping on the watch almost; remember, this was our agreement! What I would encourage you to do is have a sense of taking some time and going inside and embracing that aspect of you; if you wish to go inside and to have a sense of a conversation, so to speak. We do not sense that you are going to transition as a result of this, but allow that aspect of yourself to be brought up to par with the rest of who you are. What will happen then is that you will feel a greater peace and contentment within yourself. But you do need to acknowledge that there have been things which changed and shifted, so some aspects of you which were a part of the original plan are no longer going to be what you desire to do. Does that make sense beloved? You are welcome and be aware that there is a very strong and dynamic aspect of yourself that is in joining this place of creation upon the earth. That is what you are moving into and that is what you are creating for your life upon the earth. Alright Beloved we thank you for asking.

Question: <paraphrased> I find that I am often very tired.  I kept thinking that I would be using these energies or doing more with my life about this spirituality.  I sometimes just don’t know what’s going to happen or what I need to be doing.  Do you have any insights?

We have a sense that a part of what you have done and you are absolutely right beloved that you are one of the other and one of the individuals, just as the other individual who spoke. You did come in and you did have the agreements. The closer that we get, especially in the next one to two years, there are going to be a great many individuals who will be coming to the same space saying okay we brought it in, now what's going to happen? You are still setting the energies to bring the rest of the population into this space. What you can do for yourself, is begin to tap into these energies.  What we have a sense of as we open up to you is your telepathic and clairvoyant abilities. When you went back in and connected with your planet tonight, what you did was re-connect with those individuals, souls, guides, or however you wish to refer to them, so that they will then be able to come down into your consciousness during your waking hours; not only in your dream state but also during your waking hours. They will be assisting you in becoming more aware of what is around you and this will happen clairvoyantly, but also it will create in you a greater ability to expand and communicate with the non physical beings and that will give you a new direction for you to take.  So allow yourself to integrate to a degree, but also allow yourself to be open and aware that there are changes that are coming to you. <person was speaking more about this> Exactly!  It feels like a vacuum to you because you have been taking in and taking in, now it's going to be more a matter of a two way street, so to speak. When you come on these journeys with me and especially with the journey that you had this evening, where you can consciously create that connection with these non physical energies of support for you that is what then allows you to consciously bring it into your waking state upon the earth. Alright beloved! All of you are going to be realizing that there is a shift that took place tonight and you will see it and sense it. It will be a part of what assists you in your days and weeks to come. Is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased> I’m feeling so much of an influx of energy this summer.  There are times when I feel as if I’m on a roller coaster. The physical symptoms, weeping, all seems to worse not better.   Do you have any ideas for me?

   What I always stress is important when so many individuals feel the physical symptoms as a result of the work and experiences that you are having are to listen to your body and allow yourself to simply be weepy, or sleepy. Take an extra nap if you need to, allow yourself to the time to weep or cry whatever it is you need to do. In this way you are respecting and honoring that which is coming from within you. Now, if you begin to feel that it is bogging down and it is more than….. it's a fine line almost, because we wanted to acknowledge these feelings and experiences, but so too we want to be careful not to shift into the personality aspect. Do you know what we mean by these two differences beloved? As long as you are honoring and acknowledging these feelings within yourself, you can then through drinking water, purging, detoxifying yourself, that will allow you to release some of these physical symptoms that you are having. As you are bringing greater amounts of these energies, and as you are bringing in these crystalline energies as we spoke in the crystalline grid, what it does is create within your body the space which holds this expanded consciousness. There will always be times in which you are shifting and aches and pains quite often are a detoxifying of the physical body. You can assist this by drinking water, being out in the sun will assist you to detoxify, taking a nap; just listening to your body will assist you to release that. It usually is transitory, if you find that it is uncomfortable to you and goes on and on, then allow yourself to go into the space and ask for it to the eased. That you may feel he less of the physical symptoms so that it will be a smoother transition for you. You are welcome beloved.

<paraphrased> Hello Goddess, this is Frenshetta! I’m wondering if you can give me a report on what’s going on in my life?  If you can let me know if there’s something I should be doing differently?

Your progress report is an A+! As you humans like to have the numbers or letters! You are actually doing so beautifully, if you think back to where you were a year ago, then bring it forward to where you were six months ago, and then look into yourself where you are right now you have done such an immense transformation. You have released a great deal of density; you have released a great deal of the trauma of that held you tied to your physical family upon the earth plane. You have done a great deal of transformation of shift work. So when you consider all of that, being able to be a part of this journey and blend as deeply as you do, because believe me Beloved you are blending; that is taking the first steps towards bringing a greater amount into your consciousness. Now, we sense that with you, journaling, as it is called, would be a good way for you to begin to have a greater amount of this to come into your consciousness. You can journal by a means of allowing yourself to do the breath work as we do at the beginning of this journey, the have a sense of expanding your consciousness and as you move into this space of where you were tonight; you will probably not be there as fully as you were tonight, but you do not need to be because you have already created this connection. Put forth the intention to reconnect with those energies which you will then bring down and right into your journal. This will be able to give you a greater amount of the ideas and information that you are seeking to know for your journey. In that means, it is making it more on a conscious level for you. You will find that your dreams will be shifting, you will be remembering more of your dreams, there will also be experiences during your daytime where you will stop and pause for a moment, you will have that sense of “Oh, this is what it was”. <the person asked about the affirmations she’s been doing> The affirmations have been setting the ground work and are moving toward coming to fruition. But the affirmations are actually a little bit of a means of limiting you. Some of the affirmations that you are bringing in, you say them and speak them in an all encompassing way which is wonderful. Our sense as we connect with you and talk of the affirmations, is giving us a sense of a narrowing around you when you speak of them. So allow yourself to not have specific goals or affirmations, allow yourself to be in the space of expanded consciousness, in what ever that may bring. Alright Beloved.

Question:  <paraphrased> I’ve submitted some articles to be published and have not heard anything.  Is there anything you can tell me about that?  Is there anything I need to do?

Answer:   We're sensing as you speak of this that what you sent to the magazine was not seem, truly seen by the people at the magazine. We think that you have a great deal to say and you say it in such a way that people can connect with you and grow from what you say in your articles. We think that this is an important way for you to grow and expand and yes it is a means of bringing forth abundance. What the magazine or what you talk of in particular, if it’s the one that we are sensing with you, it's as if they have never received it. If it went across someone's desk it got overlooked. We have a sense that it would be good for you to pull your energies back from what you sent out, we energetic energize them, and feel a deeper connection. Then either make a phone call or resubmit to because these articles are important for you to submit. They will be picked up, so too we have a sense of you expanding to other magazines, we do see them as being published. As for the one that you submitted it did not come back to you because it did not get noticed. Does that make sense? <the person was asking if there was a block in the articles or herself> We don't sense that there is a block per se; we sense that your third eye is more open than your throat center. There is a great deal that you are taking in and knowing through your inner knowingness, we sense that is why your third eye is more open. While you can express yourself through the written word, as you express yourself through the verbal, which the throat is communication in all forms, our sense is that as you are beginning to express more verbally, so too it will affect you in your written expression. Does that make sense to you? We do not have a sense that there is anything in particular you need to do to open up or expand either one of these areas. You will find that the more that you accept within yourself; that state of beingness, that state of who you are.  Begin to speak out more, perhaps it is calling about these articles, but our sense is that your throat center will begin to open up more fully to match the other centers that you are speaking of.

Alright Beloved, with that we will need to call the evening to a close. I thank you all for coming together with me. I thank you for this sense of growth and expansion that is occurring within all of you. I know and trust that as each of you is evolving and moving into your new space of expansion, so too will the individuals who are around you on the earth. I thank you for being open to receive these energies and transmit them. You are each such love and joy.

I am with you, I am within you!


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation



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