Connection with the New Earth, Ariellis

Nama Sika, Venia Benya    I AM the one, I AM the Whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light!  As always, I thank you for this opportunity to come in and speak with you; to share these energies of love, to share in this opportunity to come forward and blend with those of you upon the earth and allow you to blend with those of us on this side of the veil.  We are coming closer and closer to the space where you will not be separated due to the veil.  You will be able to know who you are completely and fully in every aspect of your human incarnation.  You will know fully who you are from your own divinity.

There is a great deal of shifting and changing which is going on upon the earth at this time.  We have tapped into this many times in the past and we have talked about it.  There is a great deal of literature which is being written at this time.  Much of it is channeled information.  Much of it is intuitive insights that people are receiving.  I ask you to be aware of going inside each time that you hear something or read something written by other individuals upon the earth.  Because there is so much shifting and transitioning which is occurring, there is a great deal that individuals may have a tendency too go off on one tangent or tap into the fear of change.  Or you may tap into the potentials of what you would consider a catastrophe.  Allow yourself when this happens to you, to simply acknowledge this information in whatever way it is presented to you.  Then let yourself go inside, let your conscious self ask “is this something that resonates with me?  Do I need to worry about this?” What you will find is that the more that you are going inside and asking questions of yourself, the more that you realize that you are always in exactly the place that you need to be.  There are and always will be changes upon the earth, but they do not have to be cataclysmic.  There will be some changes that may cause great transitions, but these changes are all done with the permission of the people going through the experience.  So as always, tap into the energies of change and evolution from a place of love and acceptance. 

I wished to say that before we begin the journey while you are each so fully conscious upon the earth.  Now is the time for you to begin to fully release your physical body.  To let go of this containment of your spirit; let yourself expand and connect with the energies of the magnetic grid.  Whenever you arrive here you become fully conscious and aware of what this means to you.  It is changing; it is holding the energies of change.  Many of the shifts which occur upon the earth occur within this grid work first.  If you feel called to do so, when you pick up on or sense a change upon the earth, you may come into the grid work and open to realize that you can have an impact on what is occurring.  You need not always come to the grid, this is but another potential for you. 

Allow yourself to shift, letting yourself to move now into the crystalline grid.  The crystalline grid is the space in which you leave behind the density of the earth plane; you leave behind the density and magnetic pull of the human experience.  Allow yourself to be within this space.  Allow yourself to resonate and vibrate to the energies of these crystals.  You may see or sense actual individual crystals or it may simply be that you feel an energy flow. 

As you are ready to do so, call forth the column of light.  Through this column of light, you are able to shift, moving into the energies of the soul plane.  Perceive any messages or information that may be coming your way as a result of moving through this column of light.  You emerge from the end of the column into the space of the soul plane.  As you emerge, you also find yourself expanding, moving in every direction.  Feel these energies, feel the vibration of love.  Feel the vibration of joy. 

Call forth your I AM presence.  Perceive your soul essence.  Perceive who you are in your entirety.  Some of you as you are connecting with your I AM presence are able to perceive only a portion of who you are.  Others are able to perceive all of who is here.   Each individual as you move upon your journey and open up to greater expansion, realize that the more you know, the more you are.  The more you can sense or perceive, the greater you are.  Therefore, from my perception, you are each immense beings of light! You each vibrate, shine forth, and radiate a multitude of different energies. 

Shift your consciousness.  Shift your perception until you perceive who you are within.  Release the limitations of your current life and realize the depth which is you!  Now begin to look from the center of your presence, looking outward.  You see or sense your soul’s energy.  See how far you expand.  Open to recognize any colors which may represent who you are.  I wish for you to each know and understand who you are within this space.  Each time you open to perceive, you are actually opening to greater potentials for even more.

I know make my presence more fully known to you.  You’ve known that I was here!  Some of you have seen or felt me.  Become fully aware of my energy as I move amongst all of you, as I reach out to embrace each one of you.  As I embrace you, it assists your energy in expanding even further. 

Feel what it is like to shift into a higher plane of existence.  Allow me to assist you as you are moving and evolving.  As I blend with each of you, you automatically shift and move into the space of the All That Is.  We have spoken recently of each of you finding your unity within yourself; of each of you opening to accept more fully who you are.  In this journey tonight, I ask that you each create a space in which you feel yourself within the void.  Within this space, your consciousness is floating free.  In some respects it feels as if there isn’t any support or connection.  But in reality, you are always fully supported.  What emotions are you feeling within this space?  If it generates a sense of fear, embrace the fear.  If it generates a sense of caution, embrace the caution.  If it generates a sense of exhilaration, embrace the exhilaration!  Recognize that you may bring into this space anything which upon the earth plane you are working to resolve and move through. 

Allow yourself to take a moment and ask if there is anything on your mind at this time?  I smile as I energetically hear some of you taking out your lists!  But tap into the energy whether it is one item, zero items, or a book of items.  Recognize that everything which is moving you through your days, whether it’s your jobs that you do, your family life, your personal individual life; whether it’s your town, your country, the world; there is always a great deal that is coming in to influence you.  Within this space, let it all go.  You are pure energy!   You are pure love!  In this way, you are each learning to shift and bring this expansion back with you into your earth plane.  The message sometimes seems so simple to you, but in truth, there is only love; only acceptance, joy, and any combination of these. 

I have been listening to you and I am aware of where you would like to go.  So this journey will allow each of you to shift into the space which is considered the new earth; that you may experience it.  Some of you are very familiar; others of you may have a sense of becoming conscious for the first time.  There are actually many, many different aspects of what is considered the new earth.  There is a separate planet which has been created.  There are also aspects of linkages which link what you consider the new earth to your current earth.  Be aware that there are many individuals who when they expand their consciousness to link with what they consider the new earth, they are actually linking with these higher aspects of your current earth. 

When you are in the space of this new planet which has been created, there is a difference.  You may have a sense of seeing it moving towards you from across the sky.  You may simply find yourself standing upon it.  You may simply feel the energy of what this is.  While there are many, many common attributes, each one of you have your own personal perception.  I ask you first and foremost as you encounter this to be aware of the energy.  There is a sense of a gravitational pull, but it is nothing like what you have upon your current earth.  It seems as if the air is clearer, this is due to a higher vibration.  You may perceive trees, rocks, waterfalls, oceans.  You may perceive mountains, meadows, cities and expanses.  In terms of the landscape it is very, very similar to where you are right now because the people who created it are those who so dearly love the earth. 

You beloved family, as you finish this mission upon the earth of assisting it into the quantum leap or into this new space of existence.  Many of you will ready to leave behind that existence and move into this existence.  There are also many, many of you who will choose to again and again return to your current earth; each time becoming more and more in the space of a leadership position.  You are already the leaders!  Simply by your awareness of these energies and the shifts that are taking place, you are in the forefront of what is occurring. 

As you are connecting with the new earth, there are already many different names which are coming about.  It has not yet been decided.  The time will be right and all will know and come to a consensus on what the name will be.  I am going to call it  “Ariellis” for the time being.  The new name when it becomes official may be a part of this or something completely different.  It matters not, as long as my communication with you speaks of Ariellis; understand that I am speaking of this planet, this space of the new earth.  This highly evolved place of existence. 

Look around you.  How are people communicating?  How do people move from place to place?  You are very sensitive and aware looking and sensing with your inner eyes.  Notice that there are many, many individuals who choose not to have a physical form.  They choose to be in the space of pure energy and light.  There are such individuals around you on your current earth; the difference here is that everyone is able to perceive everyone else, unless they choose not to be perceived.  You may wonder what those various beings of light or colors are.  That is the way that some individuals illuminate themselves. 

You may see homes; the vegetation is even more lush.  All who reside within this space realize that they are here out of choice.  They are now ready to experience what it is like to have an existence which is based completely on love.  All who live here have moved through the experiences of bitterness, hate, fighting, and warfare. All who live here are choosing to have a very similar lifetime to their human incarnations, but now they grow and evolve through love, joy, excitement, and acceptance.  Yes indeed, during the time of Lemuria upon your earth, it was very similar to this energy.  But even this is much more evolved than what occurred upon Lemuria. 

Open yourself to become aware that there are places upon this earth where people are very connected with your current earth.  Sometimes it is as if these individuals are monitoring (those who live upon the current earth). Sometimes these energies are working with extraterrestrials who have not yet had an experience upon the earth. They come to this space to begin to realize what gravity feels like, to begin to realize what it will be like upon the earth.  This link will not be lost.  It will always be present for any who seek to connect or communicate with those upon the other earth.  Indeed, you can do this from any place within the universe.  You need only go within yourself as if you are opening up a door and you can create that link on an individual basis.  Any who live within this space may choose to come back to your earth, or go back to your earth for either periods of time or moments of time. 

Now beloveds, have a sense of looking outwards from this space.  You notice that the stars, the moon are different because you are in a different part of the galaxy.  We have set up the gravitational pull between the moon and the sun.  There are actually what some might consider, parallel moons which rotate around this planet.  There will be the dolphin and whales.  There will be the multitude of various animals.  Some may no longer exist, but many, many others will continue to exist.  A large difference is that there is an honoring and respecting of all the animals within this space.  Many choose not to eat meat, but there are some people who do.  Any animal which has been honored is going to be that much more nutritious and filling for each of you.  Again, this can be a part of your earth plane.  The meanings of the various animals as totems will be different because your experiences within this space are different. 

Those of you who are coming here are beginning to write the books of what it means.  There will be less books because anyone who comes to this space will spend the majority of their time finding the answers within themselves.  They need not look to a book unless they so choose.  You may go, feel, see, and experience anything you choose, here upon Ariellis.  What do you wish to bring back with you from this experience?  Open to know or feel what this is.   It may be very unconscious to you and then will rise to your awareness at a later date.  You may never know specifically, but trust that you are receiving whatever is in your best interest at this time. 

As you are ready, release your connection to Ariellis, allowing yourself to shift and return to the space of the All That Is.  In a moment, you are able to move from one space to another, leaving behind what is a physical planet.  You can move through these shifts in awareness or these dimensions with as much ease as you have done so at this time. 

Before we return to the space of your group, I wish for you to each find yourself shifting towards your earth.  You need not link or connect with it directly because I want you to each have a sense of observing it with a sense of detachment.  Expand your awareness even further.  As you are looking at the earth, perceive the energies that are within the earth.  Perceive the levels and shifts in dimensions that come out from the earth.  You may see what looks like the earth as you know it.  But within each shift in consciousness there are variations, there are various planes of existence.  All are walking and existing side by side.  Through your intention, ask to see, perceive, sense or feel what I spoke of before in terms of the higher graduation of the earth or that which is the link between your current earth and the new earth.  See the similarities.  Become aware of how you may be connecting with this level rather than going completely to the new existence.  These levels may be perceived as bands of light.  They may be perceived as bursts of energy that radiate sparkles of light. Or, you may simply sense a similar vibration to what was around Ariellis. 

Which this knowledge, I ask you to each come back within the space of the All That Is.  Create a circle, although indeed with the expanded consciousness of each of you it is more as if there is only one humongous blended light!  There is no separation in the center as if all has created a mist, or energy, or howsoever it can be perceived.    Open your awareness to perceive the hologram of the earth.  It moves up and emerges from within this energy.  The hologram is suspended in the middle of all of you.  It begins to rotate, spin, and evolve.  Consider your experience with Ariellis this evening.  Allow your perceptions to become infused within this hologram of the earth.  You are infusing the energy of love, balance, joy, and peacefulness; you are infusing howsoever you perceived the new earth.  That is what goes into and assists that space which you will consider the go between.  This raises and shifts the vibrations of all of the earth in its many dimensions and aspects; thereby allowing for all to be in alignment for greater ease and communication.  Observe how the earth takes on an even greater radiance as each of you are looking at it, you feel within yourself the gratitude that you are having an earth experience.  You feel or know within yourself that you are exactly where you want to be, where you choose to be. 

Lady Gaia comes forth sending her love and embrace to each of you, that each of you will know and feel this deep connection with the earth.  She expresses such gratitude that you are each willing to bring forth these energies.  As she is ready to do so, Gaia merges and blends once more with the earth, with this hologram of the earth.  You begin to see or sense that the hologram moves out from you, down towards the earth until it blends with and becomes one with the physical earth.  We sense or see that as this hologram goes within the earth, it expands until it fills every capacity within the earth.  Observe as that energy comes up and moves out through every aspect of the earth.  Some of you may feel it in your physical body.  This energy is now moving through every dimension, every awareness and every aspect of what is considered the earth. 

Allow yourself to release the earth.  Come back to your friends within this group.  You are family, you are friends; open your awareness to perceive your angels and guides who are here with you.  Open to become aware of the ways in which you are guides and angels to each other.  You are creating a mechanism upon the earth that you may support each other.  That you may connect with each other.  Just as you are doing right now, open your awareness, if you so desire; that you may know who these various energies of light are around you.  Some you may recognize, others you may simply know that feels like so and so.  The angels and guides have been with you throughout this journey.  They move between Ariellis, this space, the earth plane; they move wherever they need to be, shifting and evolving. 

Allow yourself to blend and become one energy.  You each remain your unique soul essence, yet you are an integral part of this group.  Feel as if you are shifting so that you may return to the space of the soul plane.  The soul plane is but a different shift in consciousness or awareness.  Therefore, allow yourself to perceive this space.  Perceive any colors, feelings, energies within here. For some it may feel as if you have to expand your soul plane even further to accommodate who you are. 

Allow yourself to create a hologram which represents who you are as you walk upon the earth.  See yourself from these eyes of love, these eyes of existence.  Recognize that you are so unique and special!  See the beauty, the health, the well being that is within you.  Let that begin at a cellular level and move out through your entire physical being, your mental, your emotional until your hologram blends and merges completely with who you are.  This is a means of blending your soul essence with your physical being; of blending your soul conscious with your ego aspect or your personality.  It is creating a greater alignment that you will find greater balance upon the earth.  This balance will then radiate to all aspects of your life.  Allow yourself to embrace, blend, and know who you are; that as you walk through your days you are you soul, you are your physical! There is no separation.

Shift your awareness that you may return to the energy of the crystalline grid.  Notice the ways in which the crystals are now vibrating.  They are much more vibrant as a result of the journey you have just been upon; all of these energies have an affect, some very subtle, others very dramatic. 

Shift even further, you may use the column of light until you find yourself within the magnetic grid.  You will begin to feel the magnetic pull of the earth, the density of the earth.  You may perceive that there are energies of a lower vibration than you and it makes you uncomfortable.  Send forth your energy as you are now.  Send it to perceive all aspects of who you are.  This will allow you remain in this space of expansion, it will allow you to feel more comfortable in your daily life.  It will assist those who are ready to shift and move into a higher space of expansion.  Then there will be others who are completely oblivious and unaware of what you send forth.   We accept and honor this as the many different paths that people choose upon the earth.

As you are coming back more fully into the room, allow yourself to press the four upon your telephone that will assist you in returning to the conference room.  I am open to accept questions. 

Question:  (paraphrased)  Hello Goddess!  Thank you for this journey, I so love being in your energy!!   This past week I had a private channel with Shelly.  Her group of energies gave me some exercises to do which would assist me in opening up.  I’ve been working with them each day and I really don’t feel as if I’m moving forward.  I don’t think I’m feeling or seeing anything.  Do you have any insights for me?

Answer:   Alright beloved, we thank you for this question because so many other people are in exactly the same place where you are.  On a journey such as this, you know that you are placing yourself in the space of expansion; you know that you are allowing your consciousness to shift and move.  Yet you feel as if you not perceiving the journey, as if you are not seeing things or even sometimes feeling things.  What I recommend to you, as we spoke the other day, the more that you practice blending the energies <the more sensitive you will become>.  In the journey as we were coming back tonight, you blended the energies upon the soul plane bringing more of your consciousness and blending it with your physical aspect.  With the hologram, you are bringing your physical aspects up into the soul plane which at this point can only be done through the use of the hologram.  That in turn brings the energies back more fully to the earth plane; so that the energies when you work in both places (the soul plane and the earth plane) can have a greater blend with each other.  As you continue to practice this, as you give yourself permission to open up, it will be we sense with you as if one day you wake up and say “oh my goodness! I was seeing that all along!”  Or, you will begin to say is that what you were talking about?  That’s old news!  In some respects, with what you expect to see, hear, and know; as if you are looking with your Technicolor or your digital color and seeing everything in exquisitely detailed information. Of course this is possible beloved and it will come!  You actually perceive a great deal more than what you are recognizing.  As you are opening up, as you are creating the space of acceptance, as you are allowing yourself to truly believe; there is that one part of you which is saying “maybe she can do it, but not me”.  As you nurture and love that aspect of yourself that is when you will be able to notice a great deal more around you.  You will see the Deva’s and Fairies in your yard. You will see and feel the energies.  (The person said thank you.)   Alright, you are loved and you are opening up.  You are creating this space that you are seeking.  It will come to you more and more fully as your days go by.  Thank you, we love you too!  Is there anybody else? 

Question:  (paraphrased) I wonder if you can give me an idea of what my soul purpose is in this life? 

Answer:  Allow us to connect more deeply to you.  We see your soul purpose upon the earth as being many tiered.  By that we mean that there are some steps that you are in the process of taking which will lead you to another potential, which leads to another, etc.  Our sense is that to tell you there is one soul purpose is not in your best interest.  You really have several different things that will come into play because they are inter-related to each other.  The first experience, or what we consider to be your soul purpose, that you have been working on and are working on, is this opening up that you have been experiencing.  There are times in which it feels as if you open up a great deal, you receive a lot of information; then other times as if you are sliding backwards, not able to perceive in the way that you did before.  This is about acceptance, about loving, about nurturing yourself in whatever you are experiencing in any day.  This is a little bit of the overview of what you are doing.  As you love, nurture and support yourself, it opens you up to a greater understanding from within.  It opens you up to know and see what the next tier of your purpose is upon the earth.  Our sense as we connect with you is a very warm and loving energy.  Someone who has a heart that goes out to other people, so you are there to teach, you are there to heal, you are there to create a bridge for many other people who will begin to open up and want to know where they are going.  The bridge will be through the spoken word, through books we see; we also have a sense of not necessarily the movies, but perhaps documentaries.  You are about communication.  You are about working with individuals on a one to one basis.  It’s about putting something out that is for a larger number of people.  You realize don’t you beloved just how far you have come within your spiritual awakening; this is a part of what has lead you.  You have followed your interests.  What gave you interest, you tried for awhile.  You found something new, followed that for awhile.  In some respects you have felt as if you came to a dead end.  You wondered why did I go there if it’s not in my soul interest?  The reason that you’ve had these experiences is that everything is a piece of the puzzle.  Each of these experiences have been essential to you because now you bring that all back together.  You will use it in your daily life.  You will use it in your communication with others.  Know that you will communicate with others in many different ways.  Know that you will provide the bridge that will be a space of healing for yourself and for others.  Does that make sense to you beloved?  (She responded)  It’s difficult for us to be more specific because as we see you, as we are connecting with this, we sense your hesitation.  We have tapped into many different potentials for you because your mind has been open to so many different potentials.  That is why this idea of the documentary we sense is something new; it is somewhat different than what you have had before.  We see you working as an assistant, but that is your admission into that type of work.  It has a potential to grow and expand.  If this is something that is not of interest to you, we also see you as communicating through the written word to groups of people and one on one to individuals.   Alright beloved, you are welcome.

Question:  (paraphrased)  Hello Goddess!  I don’t even know what question I want to ask.  I guess I’d like to know how I’m doing, if I’m moving in the direction that‘s best for me?  On the journey I was seeing more colors than I normally do, deep purples and blues.  Do you have anything you want to say to me?  

Answer:  Alright beloved.  We wish to tell you of our experience as you spoke of these many things.  As you said you didn’t have a particular question but that you would let your high self speak to us, we had a sense of a bit of a blockage, which was our initial reaction.  Then taking a step beyond that, as you can acknowledge your own expansion, your own love that you feel for all who are around you and yourself; it was as if your energy or essence exploded and moved in every different direction.  It was as if there was a fireworks of different colors with intense blues and purples because this is how you radiate to the world when you are in the space of love.  Then as you continue to talk, when you speak of finding what is of interest to you, what brings you joy, that was your acceptance of yourself.  This is what you have been opening for, what you have been seeking; that you can and will and DO accept yourself. 

Now we come back full circle to this aspect which was our initial perception and that there is still a subtle blockage we sense within you around your solar plexus.  We do not sense it in conjunction with your heart center, because your heart is wide open and bursting.  This is more an energy of trust, accepting your potentials, accepting who you are.  There’s also a feeling of I’m so new to all this, can this be real?  And yes, it is very definitely real! You are simply opening up to who you truly are.  Our sense is that that is what you have needed to hear tonight.  Everything that you have been doing has been right on track.  There is no judgment of a time frame.  No matter how long one aspect takes you versus another aspect that is fine.  That is simply what you needed at that moment in time.  So release any judgment about time and expansion.  Only accept yourself, that you are truly glorious and bright.  When you are in the space of your love; when you let those beautiful colors radiate forth because that beauty and color is who you are, that is when you are in your space of peace and contentment.  That is when you will know in any moment what to do.  Allow that to change, realize that ok, I’m doing this now and maybe the very next day you’ll wake up and wonder why did I ever want to do that?  I want to go in this direction.  What you are doing is providing yourself with potentials and opportunities.  Alright beloved?  (She was very excited and speaking in greater depth, saying she could see exactly what the Goddess was talking about as she was speaking.) Excellent!  You are very welcome beloved!  We are glad that we could link with you in such a way that you had the same perception that we did.  Indeed, you can ask your own self what these colors mean.  There are many books that have been written that say what each color vibrates at and what it means and much of that is excellent information; it’s a way for you to get started.  But be aware that you as a general individual, as a general person are vibrating differently than what the average person is.  Therefore what the books give as a resonance for purple may be different than what you perceive it as.  So we suggest that you continue to practice, to continue to go inside and say “Hmmm what does this mean to be so much blue in here today?” you will have your answer.  Whatever comes to you, and if you get that blank “I’m waiting, I’m waiting”, then just know that whatever you are feeling at that moment; whether it is warmth, coolness, sparks, or whatever it may be that you are feeling, let that be your answer.  You are welcome.  Is there anybody else?

Question:  (paraphrased)  Hello Goddess, It’s me again!  I come to you because once again I’m really feeling the need or the energy to go home.  You know I mean my true home, my celestial home.  What is going on with me?  What am I missing?

Answer:  Often times what is happening to you, as you just explained you are shifting and evolving every aspect of yourself.  You acknowledge, oh I’m feeling lonely, I want to go home.  You embrace that, you let it go, the feeling goes away.  So, the question I ask you because it keeps coming back to you again and again and again.  What are you resisting that’s on a bigger scale?  There is something that is waiting for you to open up and accept that is waiting for you to change in your daily life.  We have not sensed this in the past, it’s different.  What we sense is that there is something that is ready and waiting for you to do in your daily life.  It is pushing you outside of your comfort zone and you don’t really want to go there.  So, of course you have the free will NOT to go there.  But what your energy is doing is saying “I don’t want to deal with this, get me out of here”.  (He was agreeing that indeed that’s how he reacts).  Our sense is about you getting out.  We see you talking with people, we see you driving and going different places.  There is a great deal of your day that is spent in introspection, on going inside and being alone.  This is about getting out and being with other individuals.  This is about speaking (chuckling) earthling to earthling with other individuals.  That sometimes gives you a sense of “I don’t want to do that”!  I don’t want to go into that energy, but this is what we sense is your resistance.  This is what you need to look at and go inside to see if you can’t resolve.  If you truly, truly do not wish to go out and blend with other people, then come to a different agreement with your soul.  You soul is only doing what you told it do; which was encourage you to out and mingle with other people.   (The person was making a joke about his not leaving the house).  So take it a day at a time.  We’ve opened that door for you; you know exactly what we are speaking of, so now you have the choice….. well you always have a choice in your life. (He commented about going down to have a pint.) You would be surprised how many people would be interested in talking about things.   Almost all humans look at your news, look at the various study groups that people have.  Look at some of your movies.  Of course there’s always that fear that the current humans just have to get in there!  But even if you disregard the emotion around it there is greater and greater talk of spirituality.  So why not simply go to the pub as you say, have a pint then offering the alternative to the traditional.  Offering the abstract because sometimes when people have had a pint or two they are thinking abstract anyway!  What you are doing is placing the idea there for other people to then consider.  Many will not hear it, some will and that is what they need to have done.  (He spoke more)  Right, you can go inside of yourself and see if what we’re tapping into is what you needed to hear tonight.  Allow yourself to simply go inside and get these answers.  It may not be that specific of an answer, but it may be in alignment.  So let yourself, give yourself the answer.  Alright beloved, we love you and let your emergence come with peace and joy.  You are welcome.  We can take one more. 

Question:  (paraphrased)   I began talking with my ex boyfriend again and I’m wondering if I should go visit him.  Can you tell me if I go to see him?  Is it better to go now or later? 

Answer:  We are sensing a big change around this relationship with this individual.  He has been very much shut down we would say in the past.  He has not been open to  your spirituality, your growth, your expansion.  You have been on a pathway of opening, expanding, and curiosity to know things that are different; curiosity to know why certain things happen within your life.  That has led you into the path in which you are upon.  When the two of you were together before he was not open to this.  It created a barrier between the two of you and that is a part of the reason why you are not longer together.  Our sense is that he is changing, he is shifting and evolving.  When people are around each other, sometimes living together, sometimes being in relationship; one individual’s personal growth can have an influence on the others.  It opens that other person to potentials and this is what’s been happening with him.  He is seeking for answers.  He’s coming from a place of curiosity now although there is an underlying sense of fear of the unknown.  We sense that this is a relationship that will come back together for you; that the two of you will shift more into a friendship and less of a romantic.  Be aware that both of you have the potential to change.   The potential for a romantic relationship is there still of course, but what we are sensing or seeing at this time is that it’s more of a friendship and support as you are each growing in a new direction. (She asked a further question)  We see it as a very good idea for you.  There is a great deal of work that you are both doing energetically. If you do go and visit him, you will realize there has been a change, but it’s not enough.  There will be other things that will allow for you to put closure to this relationship.  It will also create a situation where it can go a step further to a deeper sense within you.  So whether the deeper sense is that you transcend the romantic relationship and create a deeper friendship.  We sense there are several different possibilities.  We do see that it’s a good idea to go either within this next month or during the summer time.  Sooner rather than later is what we are sensing for you.  There is still work that needs to be done, that needs to be set up so that when you meet each other, you will be in the space of openness.  Does that make sense?  Excuse me?  The way that you are creating a space for yourself, where you are acknowledging who you are, you’ve been opening to your divinity.  You’ve been opening a space of self love.   That is a part of your journey of opening up; to accept and acknowledge who you are, to honor who you are, and as you are doing that it gives you different perception of the other people who are around you during your life.  As you have set limits, as you have this more distance between this individual it created a space where you can then come to a better understanding of what the relationship is.  He is beginning to say maybe some of the stuff you talked about, he should think about too.  This is what we are talking about needs to evolve until you meet each other again.  It’s happening in your dream state.  It’s happening in your daily living. , You are living your life with more openness now; you are living with greater acceptance.  We are sensing that there are still ways in which you are strengthening this within you. You are not where you are going to end up.    You are still in the process of opening up to what you will eventually but. 

I thank you for this opportunity as always to share this time and energy with you!  It brings me such a sense of connection.  It brings me a sense of joy and love.  All of the changes which are occurring within each you is having a definite affect upon your planet and then upon how your planet interacts with the universe.  Understand that whether or not you are open and aware, you are still having an affect.  You are each growing, you are each evolving into a person who is basing their lives on love, you are releasing duality; so let yourself do it at whatever pace is comfortable for you. 

I thank you for this opportunity and I am always with you and within you!




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