Creating A Balanced Life

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A lot of the focus for the Goddess of Creation these days is to assist us in manifesting what we work on in our physical reality.  With that in mind, the Goddess spoke about how we look at our lives while we were still grounded, as we began the meditation. 

How do you perceive your life?  As a struggle, filled with anxiety, fear, pain, frustration or perhaps filled with light, joy, ease and abundance?  For most people it’s a mixture of different experiences.  We are the creator of our lives! I know  you’ve heard that before and it is true in several ways.  We create through our intention, through how we react to situation, through our emotions and our thoughts plus our conscious and unconscious minds.  So when people say ‘I would never create this for myself’ it’s important to realize that it’s more than what you see on the surface.

As the Goddess took us on this journey she spoke at length about the choices you make in your life.  She then created a really powerful alignment with your Lightbody energies as a means of assisting you in your life.  Through your lightbody you have the assistance of the universal light.  You have the assistance of your own divinity.   This is what empowers you from within.

The Goddess gave us 3 steps to assist in creating this change.  When we wake up in the morning:

1)   Consider what you would like to create for your day.  Where is your focus going to be?

2)   Open to feel the support, love, expansion of your divinity and feel it as enough.  I am in the flow of my divinity, my light, my energy and I AM enough in this moment.

3)   Have a sense of generosity.  When you feel generous towards yourself, you are empowering yourself.  When you feel generous to others, you empower yourself and them.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I welcome you to our time together, to our time of sharing the energy, sharing this time, sharing the energies of the universe; of making a conscious creation that will be of assistance to you in your life.

This is an amazing time to be upon the earth. As we are here within this now moment we are going to draw the energies of the full moon that we’ve just experienced or you upon the earth just experienced and then we are also going to join with the energies of the solstice that is coming up and this day stands not quite but almost in the balance of the two.

As you allow yourself to just feel the energy of the full moon. Have that sense as if it’s there, in front of you. And I wanted to do this while you were still here upon the earth with all of your consciousness.

Allow yourself to bathe in the energies. And then that moment of the solstice as if you took all that energy of the full moon with you as you move into the solstice, allow yourself to feel what that is.

We always move into the All That Is when we experience these journeys. The All That Is, is a place of creation, it’s a place of a high light vibration, it’s a place of potentials and opportunities. But here where you are right now is where you are living upon the earth.

So, welcome in the moon as an anchor for all those energies of the All That Is. Welcome in the solstice and all the other energies that are swirling in and around you at this time. There is so much that’s right here, right now, available for you.

Take in another deep breath allowing yourself to really anchor down within your physical body. As you do so, allow yourself to feel your physical reality and then let that energy stream upward as if it moves through you moving all the way up until it connects in the space with your higher self.

Because we move between your higher self in your everyday reality in such a consistent basis, can you feel that easy flow that is there and available for you?

Your higher self is a support for you in your everyday life. Your higher self is filled with energy, information and experiences. So, pull out any clutter, ~whew~ that it may work more fully for you.

Allow your energies to move even further. You stream your consciousness up into the space of the soul plane. As you move within and around the space of the soul plane have a sense of acknowledging your divinity. You as your soul essence, as your I AM Presence resides here within this space.

Reach out allowing yourself to embrace all of who you are as your divinity. Allow that flow of consciousness, that flow and awareness to just expand even further as you feel that energy of the merge between you, the consciousness of this lifetime, and all of who you are.

As you look around from within the eyes of your divinity, take a moment to look at your life; open to become aware if anything pertinent stands out for you and then you allow that perception to be with you within this space as I the Goddess move through merging with you.

We immediately shift into the All That Is as we experience that balance of energy.

Here within the All That Is you have an opportunity to experience potentials for how you live your life.

As you look around take a moment and ask; am I living my life through pain and suffering? Am I living my life through fear and guilt? Am I living my life through loneliness and exclusion? And as I said each of these things I could see many of you lining up saying, “That’s me” “That’s my life” “That’s what I’m having” “This is happening to me”.

Isn’t it interesting how as I am reading the energies of everyone present, which of course is always way more than those physically present because so many tap in and so many may connect with us later that all is revolving here within this space right now. And as I reach out to ask that question, and read peoples energies those were the primary responses that I received. I know that is not everybody.

Some other experiences, are you living your life from a place of abundance, perhaps a place of joy, excitement, anticipation of a new experience every day? Are you living your life from a place of peace and contentment? As with everybody is most likely a blend that you weave together where some days there may be pain and sorrow, frustration and anger; other days there may be peace and tranquility. Living the human experience is what is giving you the option to make choices within your life.

Sometimes you may ask yourself the question; is there truly a free will that is allowing me to create my life or is the vast majority preordained and I’m just bouncing along through my life?

There is no one simple answer to that question. Trying to live in this lifetime in which you are now physically present you put forth many different intentions. Perhaps the intention to live as a male or female, perhaps, to live with lots of people around you, perhaps to do big things in your life. Perhaps, to learn about connections to other people, perhaps to learn previous experiences that you had.

You therefore set a foundation for what life would be. You have your astrology, your numerology and many other things that come in as a support for you, sometimes to create greater understanding and sometimes with answers that you may be seeking.

All of this gives one the perception that it’s all ordained and no matter what I do, what‘s going to happen, is going to happen.

I would say to you that being the creator of your life is about empowering you through the choices that you make, the thoughts that you have, the experiences that you live, you have that framework available for you. You also have the ability to create change from that framework.

Since the year 2000 it is as if a check mark is placed upon everybody’s intention for their life. We’re laughing because we hear, “Well what about everyone born since 2000?”  What I mean by this is that at this point in time the vast majority of people participating in these meditations and journeys have had life experiences that have accumulated and have created the space in which they are now located.

You have the ability wipe that slate clean and move forward with new potentials and opportunities. It makes me smile, because as soon as I said that I heard some of you saying, “Well, you come try to make those changes. It’s a lot easier said than done”. That’s a belief and in fact it may be based in a truth for you.

You can create change within your life. Yes, you can, and it may be a change as if you’ve made a 180° turn. Sometimes it happens in the now moment, other times you take this step and then this one and then this one and then this one until you find yourself after a period of time saying, “Look where I am now”. Yes, it’s possible.

As you consider the universe as is in the information and the energy it supplies through your astrology and other tools, the universe is changing. Therefore that astrology can give you a solid foundation of what to seek but as you connect within the universe you may find yourself in different energies than have first been anticipated or experienced.

The crystalline energies and the light body energies have never been upon the earth as they are right now. So, as you consider your astrology or you consider the intention put forth for your life it’s never taking into consideration what it is to live in the lightbody or the crystalline energies. That is but one example of what that means.

As you consider your life, are you accepting responsibility is one word or are you taking back your power and acknowledging just how powerful you are as you are looking at your life and making choices?

This is what I like to see because I see people standing forth saying, “Yes, I’m taking back my power”.  “Yes I am living the life I choose to live”. “Yes, I am here in this now moment”.

Having the human experience is one of the most powerful experiences that you may have as a soul essence. So many of you have experienced lifetime upon lifetime upon lifetime upon lifetime upon the earth and even though there are times that you have a sense that all of those past life are about issues and problems it’s because sometimes that may be linked to a transformation you are moving through right now.

But I invite you to shift that around. Shift it so that you may begin to consider the many past lifetimes, if you call them that, or parallel lifetimes in which you were standing there in the space of the power of who you were and who you are in that lifetime. It goes both ways. ~Whew~ I could feel everyone shifting their energies as I spoke of that.

As you allow yourself to breathe in, breathing down deeply within yourself take an opportunity to make a choice that your life is going to be lived from a space of empowerment and that your empowerment is going to come not only from your divinity and here in the space of the All That Is where you are so completely filled with all of who you are; but you are also going to live your life from the many things around you in your everyday life that are there to be of assistance to you.

If you perception is that there are no things around you to be of assistance to you then clear it out ~whew~ again ~whew~ because there are things in everybody’s lifetime be they small or large that are there of assistance to you.

Invite your lightbody energies to flow within you. Here in the All That Is it’s like a playground. So as of you open up that alignment and invite that lightbody to come within and around you. Have a sense of it just a moment through an integrating all that is here for you.

For many people it is that sense of that light body energy coming in to you through the back of your head as far as your physical body goes, but while we are here in the pure consciousness of the All That Is it’s your opportunity to just let that light body energy merge completely with your consciousness, and as it does so you may feel subtle adjustments taking place. This is one of the tools that you may have within your lifetime to empower you on a continuous basis.

As you are experiencing the flow of the light body right now in this now moment, open up and ask to see your life from this perspective.

How are you living your life? Indeed, the perspective I’m hearing from people now is filled with light, empowered, joyfully, anticipating, excitement. I’m still hearing frustration, sorrow, pain, blocked. But what’s important to notice at this moment is that the strongest or the majority energies have shifted and it’s not just because several or a bunch of other people are now coming to the forefront, is that many of you in your own state of consciousness have shifted so that you may open up accepting, allowing, embracing all the empowerment that is here for you, as your light body energy.

As you live your life through the energy of your light body ask to know, is this balanced? How is this supporting me? What would I like to do?

Be open to experience whatever those changes may be for you.

While we are here within the All That Is, take an opportunity to look out at the universe. As you are looking out through the eyes of your consciousness or through the eyes of your lightbody, the lightbody is that crystalline energy of the universal light that is in complete alignment with you as your divinity and you in your lifetime.

So, let that be a conduit that assist you with looking at the universe with clear eyes or clear vision and just as it’s opening up through the energy coming in through the back of your head in your physical body, so too, it’s really opening up everyone’s 3rd eye so that you may see more clearly than ever before.

Let that integrate moving through your consciousness and down into your physical. Again, now take a moment and look out towards the universe. Yes, many, many of you are now able to see even more than when you first looked out towards the universe.

As we come into the space of the solstice, the energies out within the universe create the balance and effect that it will have upon the earth. Perhaps you wish to tap into this energy so that it may more fully support you. Perhaps you wish to ask or invite this energy to come in and be more prevalent within your life so as to support you.

Indeed, I’m hearing some of you would like to go and explore for a while. So as this window to the universe is open, allow your consciousness to stream. Let it follow through with your lightbody because that is your essence that is out within the universe. Follow it through to whatever it may have to offer you or wherever you may need to go or choose to go; perhaps your planet of origin, perhaps one of the ships, perhaps just that pure stream of consciousness.

As you allow yourself to stream within this space recognize that this is an opportunity for you to create an alignment. Perhaps you pause in something that’s empowering to you, open up and receive that there is a stream of consciousness now available to you then you may move on.

Allow the flow to move through you on a continuous basis.

I hear from so many of you, “this is what I want to live because I think and it happens, I desire and it manifest”, is that instant transformation that you are seeking to have in your everyday life. Find that alignment of whatever that means to you out within this space and then consciously let it flow back within you. It moves through your consciousness, the unconscious, and it flows down into your physical person.

The universe is balanced and everything is working in alignment with one another. Allow your focus to return within the All That Is and again you notice the balance. And there is a rhythm and a pattern that is associated with all that is here. Allow your focus and your consciousness to be within you and the space of where you are right now and there is a rhythm and a balance that represents who you are and where you are right now.

As you ask yourself the question, how are you creating within your life, there is a rhythm and a balance. As you allow yourself to be in the space of whatever that rhythm may be you begin to notice things happening. Sometimes it will be that an answer to a question comes to you in an unexpected way, sometimes it will be that a problem you have been seeking to solve for quite some time will suddenly unravel.

Understand that you have the ability to tap into immense power and potential within this space. Feel the flow, feel the energy, feel the awareness.

What would it be like if every day when you woke up you asked yourself the question, what will empower me in my day today?

 Perhaps the first thing that will go through your mind is, “I AM that I AM and it’s enough”.

With that phrase you’re saying, I AM my divinity as manifested in this physical form, in this life I’m living and I’m going to choose to accept that it’s enough. Because when you have that as your foundation you are believing in yourself, you are accepting yourself in this now moment. You are still free to make changes. You’re still free to do new and different things. You are still free to seek and have even more within your life, but seek from a place that feels rich, full and empowered.

Number two: As you’re waking up and how my going to live my life today or how I am going to create my life today? Create through joy, love, abundance, excitement, whatever it is that allows you to feel happy within your life. If it feels uncomfortable or awkward to you then breathe deeply allowing more of this crystalline energy and more of your divinity to flow within and around you so that it feels right… there we go; …and you shifted.

And then perhaps so many of you as you consider this you think ‘Ohh, I have this frustration, I have this, this, this, this and it’s just not working’. So infuse what is not working with the crystalline vibration and your lightbody vibration.    And then open, allowing it to transform ~~WHEW~~ I could feel you expanding as you opened to that potential.

The third idea or potential I would share with you as you are waking up and creating your day. ‘How can I be generous with myself and generous with others around me’?  When you are generous with yourself, you receive love, you receive the abundance, you receive and see and open to more within your life.

When you are generous with others, it’s not that you necessarily have to give away or pay for or anything like that. It’s that you have generous thoughts about other people’s accomplishments; or generous thoughts of compassion for those who can use compassion. 

The more that you are warm, loving and generous within yourself, the more you have to share with the world and the more that the world has to benefit.  We send that through. 

I invite you to consider these three steps or a variation of these steps to be the beginning of every day when you wake up.  I feel tonight as if there is so much more that I would love to talk about and share and do, but I feel that there is more and more and more that is going to be integrating within you in the next days, weeks months.

You have made a choice in this now moment.  Be open to receive. You are choosing to be an empowered individual living upon the earth, creating your life, embracing even more of who you are.

As you come together, I invite you to return as a group and open to perceive the hologram of the earth.  As this hologram comes up within you, you may have a sense of movement or the dimensions. But I invite each one of you to infuse into it your lightbody energy so that you have that as a link.

I also invite you to infuse the energies of empowerment within each one, within each individual who lives upon the earth. I also invite you to infuse the energy of compassion and generosity that it may flow throughout the entire hologram.   

You can see it sparkling, shifting, filling with light and filling with energy.  Here is the first image of you and just showing you how empowered you are! Look at what you’ve done!

You release the hologram. You have a sense of it as it flows down. As it moves throughout the crystalline grid, you see how the crystalline grid is way more integrated within the earth than it has ever before been.  It merges moving in every direction through the crystalline grid and it goes down into the core energies of the earth, linking within the center of the earth, within the crystals of the earth and expanding outward.

As it expands outward, it moves through every dimension, every vibration and every level of consciousness infusing empowerment within every person upon the earth; infusing generosity, love and compassion within every individual upon the earth. We send that through ~~whew~~ clearing out everything else that may be released.   

Allow yourself to focus within you as those energies come up through your alignment with the earth.   Let it move through every cell within your body.  Let it clear out the mental, emotional, spiritual and lightbody energies so that you in this space NOW are complete and whole within yourself.

Allow that to flow through.  And then you shift your focus once more coming back to the All That Is. I love this time because so many of you are just eager to get back, eager to return to your physical reality so that you can enjoy and embrace these energies as your own.  Feel it, allow it to move through you and allow yourself to experience that. 

As your consciousness shifts, you move back into the space of the soul plane. You have a much greater perception of your own divinity as you look at it within this moment.

Have a sense of flowing back through your higher self. Then let those energies stream back down within you in your physical reality. For some it’s as if you release some of that high, light vibration. It’s not going far, it’s not going away, it simply shifts into that space of consciousness that is a like vibration. 

Then you as you are grounding back within your physical reality, I invite you to let all of that you just aligned with; all of that balance, all of those choices, all of the empowerment.  Let it flow back into your physical body and it merges with everything you just brought up from within the earth. Allow it anchor within you and allow it to expand into a balanced energy.

Alright beloved family, so as you are moving through your days upon the earth, remember to embrace the choices that you make for yourself. Remember to invite balance and alignment to be first and foremost that which is you in your physical reality.

Recognize that you have that lightbody energy anchoring there within you and it’s flowing through opening up your third eye. It’s shifting and creating new visions, new potentials and new opportunities that you may now become aware of.

As you continue to live upon the earth, feel the empowerment that is yours.  Allow that to flow out to everyone and everything around you.

Beloved family I am always within you and within you~~




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