Creating A Conscious Change

There are a lot of people who have been feeling frustrated with the slow changes in their lives. I keep hearing again and again of what they want, but don’t seem to have it coming in. So in this channel the Goddess addressed this and gave each us tips to use in how to create change. The main thing she said was ‘change does not come from where you are; it comes from your imagination or your creative part of your brain.’ Or something to that affect!

What she means by this is that when you are in a place in your life, it creates a vibration and there’s a sense of awareness. If you want something different for yourself, you have to move into a different vibration. There are many ways that this can happen, but the Goddess took us through a process of clearing, then making a conscious choice to shift. I could feel it happening to everyone participating and this includes those who will listen later.

There was a really deep clearing that took place that allowed people to let go of what they’ve been holding on to. This felt as if it has a number of different layers involved. From there, the Goddess spoke of the ways we can choose where our focus will be. She also encouraged everyone to start the day by breathing deeply and putting forth the intention of how they want their day to go. She also reminded us that if we end up different from that, that we can then have the intention to shift back. Many many times we are brought down or our energy lowered by what others are thinking or feeling, so this was very clear on how to keep it our own.

I hope your choices in how you create your life allow you to feel good and in the flow of joy~~


Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you wherever you may be as I flow my energy into and around you with the intention that you may experience not only me but your own self to a greater degree.

As you breathe gently and easily allow yourself to expand into a new place or perhaps a new perspective. You are each living your lives having whatever the experience may be and much of what you are seeking may feel as if it’s manifesting with ease or in some cases it still feels as if it’s at a distance.

Every person makes a choice every day as they are going through their lives. When you wake up in the morning does it feel as if you’re still half asleep, full of sludge maybe, it’s difficult to move. Or does it feel as if you wake up energized and full of opportunity and potential.

For those of you who are feeling as if you are weighted down, as if things are not happening, some of that could very well be due to the energies of transition that are taking place right now.

We will work with this more in the energies of the All That Is but I wish to bring it up now while everyone is still fully present together in this moment.

I invite you to consciously go within. Open to feel whatever alignment may be there with your everyday life, then as you take in a deep breath feel yourself as you link with whatever may be in and around you right now and breathe out letting it go.

Consciously let go any burdens that you may have, let go of any tension or stress. I can see in so many of you that it is as if you are coming out of a crowd or as if you are coming out of a fog and your features are more clear.

I invite you to take in one more breath as you breathe down inside of yourself and then as you breathe out and release it, let go any residual.

There we go, much less was released this second time, so you had already done a great deal of the work the first time.

So then here in this moment while you’re still fully grounded, clear out the energies around you by sending a beam of light as if it goes out in concentric circles from you moving outward in every direction to clear out the space in which you are located.

I invite you to have a sense of letting go your physical body as if you allow your consciousness to stream upward. Let go your physical and allow yourself to link with the energies of the magnetic grid.

As you arrive here within this space, feel, see, sense what it means to you. There may be impulses of light that move through. You can send out an intention and then be open to receive a response. The magnetic grid has been experiencing a deep transformation over these last 10 to 12 years and it is a direct reflection of you and what you are going through.

Have a sense of letting go the magnetic pull. Allow yourself to feel as if you are literally moving into the crystalline grid. As you arrive within the crystalline grid you can look around again.

This time it is without that specific pull or movement in a particular direction. Here within this space it is as if the energies move in every direction and with your thoughts, your intentions or your purpose you move with them.

You may have a sense of flowing. This is available to you in your everyday life as a means of assisting you to transition energy. It is blended within the space of your higher self so that you may easily move through to experience this space.

I invite you to once more allow your focus to shift into the energies of the soul plane.

As you arrive within the soul plane allow yourself to feel what this is. You may have a sense of your divinity, you may have a sense of a number of different energies within this space. You as your divinity merges with you and I invite you to open, accepting even more of your divinity as it comes within you.

I the Goddess move here within this space. As I do so I reach out to embrace each one of you. As my energies merge with you, allow yourself to expand into the All That Is. As each one of you arrives within the All That Is you find yourself in a space that feels very comfortable to you. It is the place where you always go as a means of creation. It’s a place that gives you a sense of comfort, or a sense of familiarity.

I am going to shift this up just a bit. As I do so I’m going to send through waves of awareness, waves of clearing out and just making a subtle adjustment around each one of you.

You may ask why I am doing this, it may bring up a sense of fear or uncertainty as if you wonder if there’s any place that you feel secure. And it’s not about security.

This is about shifting the energies around so that you may have the opportunity to experience everything that you’ve been creating but from a new perspective.

So feel yourself. Let yourself gently push out any boundaries that you may have around you. Allow yourself to feel even more deeply who you are in this moment. Take in a breath.

I am feeling a great deal of emotion moving through this space. Some of it may be your own, some of it may be other people’s and you’re tapping into it.

I first of all invite you to open up a door into your heart and as you open up this door allow it to release the pain that you have been holding onto. I can feel in so many of you a pain of separation, a pain that feels so emotional and encompasses many different reactions.

Let go of this pain as you allow this door to open. If you need to, gently reach inside of yourself and allow yourself to very gently and lovingly ease that pain out from you. And let it be released.

As this is taking place I can feel a number of you holding onto it with two hands. It may be that the pain is representing a physical experience you are going through rather than an emotional pain. For whatever the reason ask yourself ‘how is this benefiting me to hold onto this pain?’

I flow my energy through and around each one of you and I encourage you to just let it go, let it go, let it go.

For those that I had noticed holding onto the pain, it is as if you are now able to take a deeper breath. So breathe deeply, filling up your energies with strength, with love and with support.

As I’m looking at you I invite you to once more feel as if you are opening up the door to your heart and I see a number of different things come tumbling out from various people.

But another one that is one of the strongest is frustration. Frustration due to the lack of change. Frustration due to disappointment. Frustration of feeling as if you’re on that carousel that’s going around and around and around again.

Allow yourself to reach inside, pulling up and out anything at all, be it frustration, disappointment, whatever it may be that is coming up within you. Let that come up and then let it go.

Have you noticed how once you let go that first amount of energy everything else is released that much more easily. So one more time as if you are looking inside reach towards any residual be it mental, physical, emotional energies that have been stuck inside of you and then allow yourself to bring them up, letting them come up with in as if you are scraping the edges and letting it all come up within you, and once more let go.

As I look at each of you I can see how within this space of the All That Is you are clear, you are open, you are relaxed. If your perception is different from that then I invite you to take a moment and allow yourself to merge with the potential that you have truly released and cleared out your energy body.

As humans one of your strengths is your ability to think and reason, consider, plan, execute, the various ideas and potentials that you have in your life. And that which is one of your strongest gifts can also be the foundation for the greatest amount of resistance.

Ask yourself if the reason that things have not been working for you or the reason that you seem to remain in that same cycle that you feel is holding you back, is due to any thoughts or beliefs that you may have.

I invite you for just this moment to allow your energies of your mental body to relax and I’m sending an impulse through all of you that if only for a moment will create a transition in your thoughts so that you may have a little break of a relaxation.

What does that feel like to you? To let go the very strong thoughts, to let go that constant sense of thinking, worrying, considering, and everything else that goes along with your mental body. It almost feels alien does it not?

So let’s experience that again. I invite you to once more take this opportunity to be open and experience an infusion of light or energy that allows you to just let go of your thoughts. Let go beliefs, let go anything within your mental body. As if you are rebooting the computer of your mind.

And you have that time when it just shuts off and then as it comes up it’s fresh, it’s clear, it’s a new beginning. Every day when you wake up it’s a new beginning as if you have rebooted your energy. I invite you to ask yourself what would you like to put forth for that day.

There are very few people who put forth the intention to have a miserable day. It’s more so that that is what occurs sometime during the day. Therefore as you are setting up your day, as you wake up in the morning, I invite you to take two to three minutes, or 20 minutes or 30 minutes, and allow yourself to breathe deeply and gently in and out, that with every breath you take in you are breathing in your intention to be open, your intention to be in the flow of energy, that allows you to experience everything at its highest ability.

As you allow your focus to be on things that feel good, even if it’s breathing in the energy of feeling relaxed and comfortable. Breathing out tension, you breathe in the intention that your day will unfold in such a way that people get along, you are in the flow and everything unfolds with ease. And then you breathe out resistance, breathe out anything that is outside of that experience.

You may also choose to do this as you’re getting dressed, taking a shower, eating your breakfast, rather than allowing yourself to get caught up in everything that will happen, make a conscious decision to be in the space of what feels good. To allow yourself to experience the day in an alignment that supports you and energizes you.

Again you’re breathing in and out and you can feel how your energies are shifting as I speak of this for this moment. I do remind you to then take time to anchor your energy and ground so that as you are driving or walking or whatever it is that you may do you can be fully present in that moment.

So many of you are very sensitive to the energies around you. I can hear you telling me that you’ve done that before, you’ve put out that intention, you’ve had that awareness but then you still find yourself, mad, angry, frustrated or feeling bad.

It may be the other people’s energies that are around you. There may be a vibrational alignment within you that allows it to kind of hook into you. But there are times when whatever it is that’s bringing it down is completely somebody else’s or even the group consciousness of the world, perhaps something you’ve seen on the news.

If you find yourself feeling bad, feeling disconnected, feeling out of sorts, then take one or two breaths in which you breathe in your intention to re-link with what you felt as you were breathing when you woke up. When you do this on a consistent basis you will find that you can shift your energies with greater and greater ease.

You have been asking me how you can find a change in your life and how you can manifest what you seek to have. When you are seeking change it has to come from a different place from where you are because where you are is where you are and that will remain consistent.

Therefore deciding that you are going to make a change then allowing it to come within and around you is the way in which you can manifest change in your life. It comes through your imagination. It comes through the creative part within you.

There we go. It is as if I’m watching you and I see each of you opening up that door to your imagination. Allowing a greater alignment and flow so that that may come into your life and influence you with greater ease.

As you allow this to continue to integrate within you I invite you to have a sense of looking towards the energies of the Universe. I step towards this portal and I insist in opening the flow so that it may more fully allow those universal energies to come within and around you. On the flow of this energy you may see, sense or feel the crystalline energy.

As you breathe in and out gently and easily, be open to feel the flow as they move through you. I invite you to become aware of your lightbody energy. The lightbody and crystalline are very similar to one another. Many people will consider them the same; there are though some very subtle differences between the two.

Lightbody contains a transparency that is different than the crystalline energies. We’ve worked with the lightbody energies many times in the past so each of you have already created an alignment with your own lightbody energy. Allow that to become more activated within your consciousness.

And I invite you to be open to feel a much more intentional linking of these energies. As you consider your consciousness right now and you feel that flow or perhaps see or sense it as it comes in through that portal of light, ask yourself the question how is my lightbody energy affecting my mental body?

We spoke a little while ago of the need to create changes in your thoughts and your beliefs so as to accept or allow changes in your reality. This infusion of the lightbody energies is another way for that to take place. What about your emotions? You each cleared out so many of the emotions that had created a resistance for you so now what emotions would you like to see amplified?

Allow the infusion from your lightbody energies to amplify whatever that may be for you.

When you think of your physical reality is there anything in particular that comes to mind? Allow our lightbody energies to merge with whatever that may be. If it’s something seeking transition then feel those energies as they are released as they move out. If it’s something that feels really good to you within your physical body, allow the lightbody energies to enhance whatever that may be.

Your spiritual body is the representation of your divinity expressing in this lifetime. Is there any resistance within your spiritual body that is affecting the flow of your divinity? As you allow this to move through your thoughts, your emotions, your physical body, allow yourself to connect through greater acceptance of your spiritual energy or your divinity.

As the lightbody energy merges with this for many it may be as if you can feel a greater acceptance or allowing of the expression of your divinity. And then finally your lightbody energy body. Does this feel as if it’s already an integral part of you or does it feel like it’s something new?

I invite you to be open and accepting of your lightbody energy. This is your direct alignment with the crystalline energies. It’s your direct alignment with your transparent, light, brighter, finer vibrations or dimensions and as it more fully integrates within the other energy bodies you will feel the many changes within you.

You will be able to hold those thoughts and those beliefs that support you in a way that you feel good. Your emotions will more consistently stay in a balanced state. Your physical body will be strong and balanced. Your divinity will flow with greater ease throughout you and then your lightbody energy enhances everything.

I invite you to be open to all of this within your flow of consciousness right now.

As you are seeking change in your life, remember it comes from a different place than where you are. If you ask how do I get to that different place, where is that different place? Then allow yourself to come back into this moment feeling the balance of all these energies and recognizing that you are fully aligned with these new and different potentials.

You are the conscious creator of your life. You make choices millions of times as you move through your day, well for some hundreds or perhaps thousands of times. Consciously choose whatever feels good in that moment. Let go analyzing, let go pain, sorrow, sadness, suffering, open to accept the expansion and the balance that is you at any given time or you in this moment.

I invite everyone to come back together as a group. As you do so there is such a brilliance of light and energy. In some ways it’s difficult to discern one individual from another but you each have your own unique expression that is you. Feel what this may be for you.

As you come together in this flow have a sense of seeing a hologram of the Earth as it moves up. It comes up within the group.

As it comes to that space that is balanced between everybody, begin to infuse the energies of where you are in this moment; those energies of valance, energies with your lightbody, energies of what you are truly seeking to create. So too as we come up on the equinox, infuse the intention that that will be another way to anchor a balanced energy or a balanced state.

It all is infused within and around this hologram. As that takes place I invite you to then have a sense of letting go this hologram. It’s taken in all these energies that sparkles and it rotates in such a way that it moves down from where you are in the All That Is. As it merges with the crystalline grid there is an essence or an aspect of it that moves out toward Ariellis or the New Earth.

The remainder flows down within the crystalline grid creating an alignment or a balance in this part of your higher self and then it merges with the magnetic grid as it comes within the magnetic pole of the Earth there is already that sense or that tug to your consciousness.

The remainder of all that took place moves down into the center of the Earth. As it does so it anchors within and around those immense crystals and then it emanates out from there as if it’s actually clearing out the energies that are in the Earth. It’s creating that balance to this alignment inside the Earth and then it moves out coming up through the surface of the Earth.

Your particular energies come up within and around wherever you are. Your physical body reaches out to find this balance and alignment. As it does so these energies are coming up through the grass, the trees, the water, the flowers, it comes up through everything.

As it creates a more anchored and balanced state for you to step into in your everyday reality.

We shift back to the All That Is and I invite you to let go that conscious link. Allow your focus to once more be present within this space. As you do so allow yourself to feel who you are, what’s around you in this moment and then you can shift into the soul plane. You may find that you release part of your divinity as it stays here within this space.

You take with you as much as you are able to keep in a conscious awareness within and around you in your everyday life. Allow your consciousness to stream down. You move through the crystalline grid.

Then you find yourself once more within the magnetic grid. Feel these energies as you find yourself in the balance and the alignment with your higher self.

Again you shift once more this time allow your energies to come down within and around your physical body. As you can feel these energies anchoring back within you take a moment to consciously breathe. As I spoke of what you may do when you wake up and begin your day, here is an example.

You begin by breathing gently and easily allowing your focus to move through your with every breath that you take. As you breathe down you may feel it as it goes down through your lungs into your heart center. And as if you allow your conscious focus to merge with your bloodstream and begin to circulate through your body.

You breathe gently and easily allowing yourself to sit in the space of feeling this energy. You may then consciously reach towards your thoughts. Allow yourself to breathe in the intention that your thoughts and your beliefs and everything within your mental body supports you and creates a space of ease throughout your day.

And you let that go.

You allow another breath to be the focus of linking with your emotions. As you breathe into your emotions let yourself feel what this is right now. Let go any emotions that may be coming up through you that keep you from feeling good, happy, strong, and then instead create a change where you breath in emotions of excitement and delight and having this new day.

You breathe gently and easily allowing your focus to shift into your physical body. As you shift within your physical body, allow every muscle, every bone, every ligament, every organ to become infused with light and energy in such a way that it supports your thoughts, your emotions and everything else that’s happening in your day.

You breathe, connecting further with your divinity, making a conscious choice to allow more of your divinity to be a part of your everyday reality. Feel the unconditional love, the unconditional support as it flows through you. This expands to support you even more.

And as you link with your lightbody let that be the glue that holds it all together with this greater flow, this greater ease, and this greater awareness. You breathe gently and easily and as you consider the day ahead of you, you put forth the intention or the awareness that it is joyful, it is filled with light, you are aware of all our highest potentials and you accept that into your life.

You accept change, you allow it to strengthen you and then you let it go. This was of course with a little bit greater details, you may not always need to use all that detail. But it is a tool that you may use as a foundation and then make it your own.

And so as each of you are moving through your daily life I invite you to once more breathe in that conscious choice of how you are going to create your life.

Breathe in the conscious awareness of choosing what feels good to you, of choosing a balance within and around your divinity and allowing that and your lightbody to create a foundation for a life of opportunity, a life of potential, and a life that strengthens you every minute of your day.

Know that you have already created these alignments. Accept that into your reality.

I am ever with you and within you.




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