Creating Balance & Tapping into the Energies of the Eclipse

Nama Sika, Venia Benya.   I am the One, I am the Whole.


I greet you Beloved Family.  I welcome you to this time of community, this time of coming together as a whole.  Each one of you is unique and glorious individuals.  Each one of you brings to this group energy that light, that illumination, that energy that is purely your own.  Whether you are a part of this group at this moment as I am speaking, or whether you connect with it later on as you go back and revisit with the journey again, or perhaps for the first time, you are [reading this] after the fact.  All are a part of the group in this moment because that is the moment in which you are connecting.  I welcome you.  I enjoy this opportunity to be able to connect and blend my energies with each of yours.

The time of change is upon the earth.  This change is manifested in many different ways.  Some of you feel it in your physical bodies.  Some of you see it in your communities.  Some of you see it in what is happening around the world.  Change is ever present.  And now there is change that is filled with illumination; it’s filled with light, love and the expression of joy. 

Allow your consciousness to shift in such a way that you release your physical body.  Allow your conscious energy to connect with the magnetic grid.  As you connect with the gridwork, you find yourself linking with the interwoven pathways.  You find yourself linking with the aspect of your energy which lives in this space.

Allow yourself to connect.  As you are doing so, you may feel as if your energy becomes invigorated.  That is due to connecting with the other energies; connecting with another aspect of your higher self and allowing all of this to enhance who you are.

Move through the interlocking grid that you may shift your awareness into the crystalline grid.  This space is different.  You have let go of the density of the earth plane.  You allow yourself to vibrate at the energy of the crystals.  Take a moment to make note of what this energy is like to you because you are incorporating more and more of this [energy] within your daily life. 

As each of you has moved along your journey, your intention has been to shift your vibration to allow it to rise.  As you are doing this you are actually becoming more crystalline.  There is a greater clarity to that; a lightness. Therefore, when you are connecting with this crystalline grid, allow yourself to fully connect.   

If you choose to do so, you may call forth a column of light.  You may move through the column, or simply shift your consciousness.  If you move through this column of light, you feel it as if it is all around you.  As you merge your energy with this column, you begin to find yourself shifting and moving.  You are moving through various dimensions or shifts in consciousness. There may be aspects of your soul energy within those various planes.  You may therefore receive impressions of these other lifetimes. 

You find yourself emerging from this column.  As you do so, your consciousness feels as if it expands and moves in every direction.  As your consciousness is shifting, you become aware that you are in what is known as the soul plane.  For many of you, this is the feeling of coming home. 

Allow yourself to blend with your I AM presence.  It may be there automatically for you as you arrive or you may need to call it that you may become more fully aware of what this is.  Your I AM presence is your divinity.  It is your soul essence in its greater entirety. 

As the energies are shifting upon the earth and as you are moving along your pathway, it is allowing for you to bring more and more of your divinity from within this space down into your daily life upon the earth.  But this is a link that you utilize often.  All of you come to this space in meditation, in your dream state, in communication with soul.  So, this is a sense of home.  

Allow yourself to truly know and receive the information that is here for you. 

I, the Goddess, come forth and make myself known to you.  Open and perceive my energy as I begin to move amongst all of you.  There is an aspect of me that is within each of you, just as I carry an aspect of each of you within me.  We link with one another through this connection.

Open to blend completely with my energies.  You may feel as if I reach out to embrace and as we embrace with one another, it shifts you into the space of the All That Is.  As you arrive within this space or within this dimension, howsoever you perceive it, you find yourself expanding even father than how you did within the soul plane.

Look around you and perceive who is here.  Are you within the void and you feel yourself completely suspended?  Are you perhaps within a group of people, or energies, and all are working together in support of one another?  There are a multitude of potentials.  As you link or connect with the energies within this space, this can also be known as the plane of creation, or a dimension of creation. 

I wish to speak to you about creation at this time because creation is what you do at any given moment as you move through your daily lives. 

We have had journeys where we go back and follow some of the life experiences that you have had upon the earth.  Those were creations that you developed from a soul perspective so that your soul could grow through the experience.   Everything that is occurring in your life is occurring for the same reason.

When you seek to create change within your life, this is where it begins.  You create within this realm, within this space of pure energy.  You then seek to align and accept your creation into your daily life.  There are times when it manifests immediately; there are other times when it seems as if it does not manifest in any way, shape or form.  But in truth, from your soul’s energy, all is evolving exactly as it needs to in that moment.

We are going to take this opportunity to connect with the energies of the moon.  This moon that you have upon the earth is full at this time.  Many of you are already drawn to following the phases of the moon. 

The energies that are put forth at this time are about balance; finding balance within your life.  You as humans have so much that you are doing at this time.  So take a moment to see an area before you.  You may visualize it as a screen.  You may see it as a mist.  You are all so very creative.  Come up with what makes it fun for you. 

As you are looking, call forth your life as it is at this time.  See or get a sense of what your life is like.  See it played out in front of you.  You may get pictures and images like a movie.  You may only have a sense, or a knowing; an understanding.

Be aware that what is important for you to perceive is what will come to your attention at this time.  As you look at your life and you see your responsibilities, as you see what you are seeking to manifest or change, create at this time an image or get a sense for how you can have a life that is filled with balance.  You consider the job that you have.  You consider your family.  There is your spiritual work.  There is the time for you to have within yourself.  You may have connections with the community that take up a good bit of your time.

Take a moment to allow all the ways in which you may be pulled, or the ways in which you spend your days, to come to your full knowledge.  And as you look at this, does it give you a sense of balance?  Is there more time spent in one area versus another?  It may be that as you put in your time at a job, you are required to be there a certain number of hours.  So proportionately, that may take a larger chunk [of your time].  Even though you may be physically there, on an energetic basis you can shift the balance so that you can become more energized while you are in your job, be it during a five minute break or as you are driving to or from [work].

Bring up your family life and observe how that has an impact upon yourself; and then your personal time.  Now then, as we see that everything can be in balance to one another, you may perceive that there is a flow of energy that shifts so that there is a greater balance. 

You have been observing this as if it was you looking outside of yourself.  Allow your consciousness to now move into and blend with what you have created.  As your consciousness is blending feel the way the energy shifts. 

Now have a sense of looking at your life from within.   Look at what it’s like to be in your workplace looking out.  Flow the energy to this situation so that you feel a greater ease when you are there. 

See yourself within your family, or perhaps with groups or friends.  But see yourself as you are interacting with other people and perceive the flow of energy from within.  Is there anyone who is a drain upon you?  Is there anyone who triggers a response of a strong emotion – perhaps anger, rage?  From within this space allow yourself to flow the energy that will diffuse those emotions. 

Begin to feel a flow of energy that moves from you into every other individual.  You can affect your perception.  You can make a choice within this space of how you would like to transmit energy to this individual or group.  From within, all that you are doing within your daily life add to it any changes that you are seeking to manifest so that it moves from what you are currently doing in your daily life into what would be your ideal daily life.

Now, energize this by transmitting the energies of love, joy, compassion; whatsoever comes to your mind.  Open and receive so that you may transmit to your entire life whatever you feel you would like to do at this time. 

Now then, we are going to use the moon and the eclipse as a means of enhancing these energies for you.  You have created within this space the life that you are seeking to have.  It is filled with balance.  It is filled with the emotions and the energies that you are seeking to have around you in your daily life. 

Have a sense of creating a beam of light, or energy that connects you from this space with your physical person on the earth plane.  In this way, you are transmitting directly into who you are within your physical life.  Through intention you can easily create this link. 

As those energies come down and around, they will move through the person on the earth plane and let it move out so that it encompasses the people you come into contact with, perhaps the place where you work, your city, your state; howsoever far you would like for this to go it can go. 

You are placing the vibrational pattern of your creation into your physical reality.  Open to receive.  Accept whatever form this will come to you. 

Allow your focus to return to this higher plane.  Perceive the earth and have a sense of the full moon.  Feel as if you are either creating a direct alignment between the full moon, the earth and yourself, as if you are stepping directly into that path.  Or for some, you may feel as if the energy becomes enhanced by creating a triangle.  Allow the energy to flow around the triangle.

Tap into these energies of the full moon.  Feel the energies of the earth.  You are directly linked with both of them. 

The time is coming when there will be a solar eclipse.  So bring in the energy of the sun and allow that to move into its place of alignment; that will electrify the energies.  As you allow that energy to move through you, you are shifting your vibration.  You are allowing these very physical aspects around the earth to enhance your life upon the earth. 

As you stand within this space being energized, bring your creation to mind.  Focus on allowing.  Trust that it will manifest in a form that will allow for your soul’s growth.   Some of you may ask for it to manifest with ease.  Some of you may ask for your soul growth to be accomplished with ease; with joy. 

You are putting forth that intention and it is being enhanced by the sun, the moon, the earth.  All are in support of you in this physical environment.   And as the sun continues to shift and move, you find yourself detaching from these energies. 

Shift back into that space of the All That Is.  Take a moment to understand what has happened to you or to your energy field.  You are each asking for and seeking to have changes within your life. 

Open to feel a greater comfort.  Open to receive.  Let your consciousness fly free.  Let yourself expand.  Feel as if you are soaring.  Feel as if you are connecting with other aspects of yourself.

Is there another individual, perhaps, that you would like to speak with at this time?  You may now connect.  All of these are potentials.    Allow; simply allow. 

Some of you have been seeking to create a deeper relationship with your energies, or guides.  This is an opportunity to connect with them.  Perhaps you have questions about your daily life; or perhaps you have questions about the direction of your soul growth.  You may put forth these questions and the answer is there for you to receive. 

Come back together as a group.  Some of you have been soaring and exploring the very outer reaches of the universe.   Allow yourself to be drawn back within this group.   See the group as you each link with one another. 

Open first to perceive the balance within you and then look around and see the balance within the group.  There is a difference in the vibration.  As you breathe in balance within yourself, it will radiate out in the place where you live. 

The balance that each one you creates – even if it’s only for that moment in time – will link with that balance that is created from the group and it will constantly expand.  The more that this type of balance is brought into the earth; the more that it will allow for each individual to shift, or perhaps to find that balance within themselves. 

Some are standing within the balance and are unable to perceive it.  Open to perceive. There is a swirl or a motion to this energy of the group. 

From within, this hologram of the earth comes up.  It comes from within the center of this group.  It allows each of you to connect.  It allows you to be able to perceive the world as a whole, and as the world is blending with these energies of balance, it will create a shift in the dynamics of the earth. 

There has been a great deal of physical change on the earth over the past one to two years.  That is in part what releases these energies of change. 

Gaia emerges.  As always she comes forth to embrace each one of you reconnecting in such a way that you, as you walk upon the earth, will always be able to link with her.  There is a radiance to her.  She appreciates all that you have been doing to assist in these changes that are taking place.  Trust that it is having an impact.   Trust that there will be greater balance.

It is important for each of you to feel the link with Gaia, or the earth, so that you may be grounded upon the earth.   She may therefore give you a tone, a symbol, or an image.  Receive this gift from her so that when you find yourself working with these higher vibrational energies, you can link those energies with the earth and you can assist yourself in remaining grounded.

With that, she moves back within the hologram.  The hologram itself begins to move.  It moves through those dimensions in consciousness.   As it connects with the magnetic grid, it pauses for a moment and sends out an aspect of the energy to surround the earth.  But the majority of this moves through the magnetic grid and the hologram that encompasses the energies of balance, the energies that are invigorated by the eclipse, all of that merges into the earth.

As it blends into the core of the earth, it comes back out and comes up through every rock, every stream, every tree, and every flower.  There is a very subtle shift to the vibration. 

Allow yourself to now shift your focus back to within this group.  You may take a moment to socialize with your friends.  You do this automatically.  Some of you, when you are upon the earth, feel as if you are alone and isolated.  Let this moment stay with you so that you know you are never alone.  You may always contact these other individuals.  You may always reach out to link with the aspects of yourself, your guides, whomever you desire to meet or encounter.  [She is speaking of doing so energetically, but you may also communicate through the message board, websites, etc.]

As you are ready to do so, return to the space of the soul plane.  Allow this space to shift or adjust as it accommodates your expansion.  You may choose to create a hologram that represents your physical person.  But in truth, you already created a link and that energy bond is still present.  Allow yourself to consciously blend once more with your physical being.  Be open to receive. 

Allow your consciousness to release whatever it may to release, or allow as much as you may possibly bring with you to return; perhaps moving through that column of light.  Allow yourself to blend with the crystalline energies.  You find as you are within this space, that there is a very soft, gentle vibration that surrounds you.  You may connect with this at any time.

Shift as you move through he interlocking grid so that you may once more return and blend fully with the magnetic grid.  As you blend with this, you feel the pull of the earth.  You feel the pull of the magnetics. 

Allow yourself to return to your physical body where you fully incorporate your human expression of yourself.  Bring with you as much of your divinity, and allow it to blend and align so that you can feel excited about who you are.  Again, perceive the balance. 

What you create energetically will filter down and become your physical reality.  There may be subtle changes, but open to accept the essence of this.

As you are ready to do so, allow yourself to become fully grounded; to return to this conference.  You may come back within the conference room by pressing the four on your telephone, and I am open to receive any questions that you may have.

Question (paraphrased):  I have been reading about “First Contact”, which some sources say will occur soon.  I would like to be an integral part of that experience.  Is that possible for me and how would it appear?

Answer:  We are wondering what you mean by “first contact”?  (Referring to our Galactic Brethren from other planets).  They have already been present.  When someone is speaking of a first contact, they are speaking either of a new level of connection and communication.  But the intergalactic brethren have been communicating with the earth from the time that there have been humans upon it, so that is not anything new.  What is new and different is that more and more people upon the earth will be able to understand and perceive this connection.  Different people will choose ways to express or bring up some of these changes that are coming about.  There are what you would call the intergalactic brotherhood, or you would call ET’s, that can take on human form and walk on your streets at this time and they have been for the last several years. They can come and they can visit you within your house as you are meditating, or doing yoga, or working in your garden.  So these interactions have been going on for a very long time and are becoming more of what people are conscious of over the last ten to fifteen years or so.  When people speak of a change occurring in this way, it simply means that a greater number of people will be able to become consciously aware of it.  Absolutely, beloved, you have the potential to be consciously aware of it.  You have placed restrictions upon yourself and a belief system upon yourself, but you are working very diligently to release.  So continue to accept and trust that you are in alignment, you have sought the balance within yourself on this journey and so allow yourself to continue to release these restrictions that you have had and you will be able to perceive more fully in the future.  (Thank you, Goddess)  You are welcome.

Question (paraphrased):  I would like to follow up with a similar question.  Recently, in meditation, I was visited by a large ET with emerald eyes and a small mouth.  Can you give me further information – perhaps name and origin – of this particular ET?

Answer:  We understand what you are asking about.  As you speak of this, we have a sense of connecting with that ET.  They have come and made themselves known to us at this time.  We are asking them for a name and there is not one that easily translates into English.  Allow us to continue to communicate with this individual and perhaps something will come before the end of this answer.

Now then, as for your perceptions, you have been linking with this energy in particular.  It is actually… It’s difficult to explain ET’s to people that they can understand in a human form.  For the vast majority, when you link with an ET you are actually linking with a higher aspect of your own soul’s divinity, and this is the case with you.   But in addition to that, ET’s also tend to tap into what you might consider a collective consciousness or a collective energy so that when you are linking with this individual, you are also linking with the energies of this planet, or this intergalactic.   It is an androgynous, but she is showing us something of a feminine energy.  Did you perceive it as androgynous or feminine?  (Androgynous with a feminine aspect)  Exactly, she is showing us that the features were androgynous, but the energy you felt was the feminine.  That is to give you a comfort zone.  Because you are female in this lifetime, it was a link that would make it more comfortable for you.  That is why I am referring to her as ‘she’, even though you understand in reality that it is androgynous.  She has been working with you for probably several years and you were unaware of this.  You would go in your dream state to one of the shifts as they are called and you have been working with her.  And now is the time with the shifting of the energies that she is able to manifest more and more onto the earth plane reality.  She is working with you on expanding you perceptions of reality.  She is working with you on creating changes in your life.  She is here about healing, but it’s not only healing.  It’s more so working in people’s thought process; how you choose to think about something; how does one choose to live their lives, how does one make choices and when you make those choices, accepting in that moment and releasing judgment.  This is the energy that we sense around her at this time.  Does that resonate with you?  (Yes.)  Yes, we confirm that she is real.  She is an aspect of you, but she is also an aspect of this ship.  It’s more so if you wish to choose a planetary system, Sirius is the one that she is indicating to us, but she is detached from Sirius.  It’s as if you would … she is showing us a “connect the dots” where you go to Sirius and then you go out from there even farther.  It’s more of an obscure planet if you want to call it that.   But in reality, your only connection to them is through all of the individuals who are on this ship.  It could be considered a mother ship, but it’s not the one that most people think of.  It is simply a ship that is being utilized at this time to assist a lot of people on earth in being able to come to connect with aspects of their higher self and being able to shift thinking in technology upon the earth.  That is what they are here for and they are beginning to make themselves known to people. 

(Person speaks talking about the group of guides she’s been working with.)  It is something different than what you were working with these other individuals.  We have a sense that you are still connected with them and that is not going to go away completely.   It’s more that she’s coming in at this time to enhance things for you and she may or may not be with you permanently.  That’s your choice.  She’s definitely here for the time being and she’s definitely going to be assisting in this change that is coming through.  She’s telling us that – it’s making Shelly laugh and Shelly’s always communicating with me, especially as we do these question and answers – she (the ET) is saying “call me Annabelle”, “no call me Suzie”, “call me Peggy”, so in essence what she’s saying by that is the name doesn’t matter.  Whatever will come to you that makes it easier.  She is laughing.  She is an essence that is fun and she can perceive all of this in a lighthearted and easy way, rather than becoming overly serious and putting heavy energy on it.  (Thank you.)  You are welcome.

Question (paraphrased):  What is my next step to manifesting my Extreme Makeover on the physical plane?

Answer:  Alright.  As always, when you come to me and you ask about this, we are seeing that you are actually making changes in your life. You are making changes within yourself and that is the first step to what you will manifest on the physical plane.  This is the question that so very many people have when they create their reality up on their plane of creation, and then what is physically manifesting is either completely different, or it is nonexistent; it brings up that sense of frustration.

In looking at you, and in looking at what you have been moving through in the last four to six months, there have been times in which you have felt a great deal of frustration and discomfort and that is what you are in the process of beginning to release and let go of.  We hold you in the space of love, we hold you in the space of light so that you can begin to open and accept who you are from within and that is what will allow for changes to occur on the outside.  Now, when it comes to – we understand what you speak of as the Extreme Makeover being the face, the body, the surgery, the whole thing that they speak of – and we have seen that that is a potential for you.  But now what we are seeing for you in this moment is more that what is important for you to do is to continue this path of your inner connectedness because you have really rounded a corner.  You have really moved into a space of greater acceptance of yourself. While it may not feel that way in your human aspect, from within your divinity and as we are looking at you now, we are seeing that there is more of an openness within you.  And this is what we embrace; this is what we support.  Of course, it is entirely possible that something will come about that you can have these physical changes upon the earth, but we also sense that in the last two to three months, there has been a shift that is almost as if it’s one step away from being on the physical plane to creating it inside of you.  And so, we have more of a sense of distance from seeing that happen in the physical plane, but what we want to embrace and encourage you to continue to do is to open up inside of yourself because when you get through this process and you are more fully accepting of yourself for one thing it may be that you realize you don’t need to have it.  Or for another thing, the way that that outcome would manifest would be different from what it would manifest a month ago, or where you are now.  So, you are opening yourself up to higher potentials.  You are opening yourself up to a higher acceptance within yourself and our sense is that is what is most important for you at this time. 

(Do I need to have my Extreme Makeover before I meet my soul mate?)  We sense that you are drawing to you not one but several different men or male energies that are coming to you so that you and they can co-create relationships that will assist you in exploring different potentials.  So you are setting that up where you are right now.  The only thing that needs to occur is openness.  And you are opening up and that is why you are drawing them to you now.  You don’t need to change how you look, you don’t need to change anything in essence other than accept who you are and accept where you are right now in life.  That is what becomes the magnet and draws these men to you.  (Thank you, Goddess)  You are welcome.   You are beautiful and radiant.

Question (paraphrased):  I had a very funny experience of seeing a squirrel in my yard chattering and chattering away.  I was wondering if it was giving me a message and what the message was.

Answer:  We are tapping into this experience with you and what it brings up within us is a sense of joy and almost like that giggle like you’re outdoors, you’re enjoying the outdoors, you’re watching the squirrel as it’s chattering away. It definitely caught your attention and we can see how it did.  The message that we are getting from this squirrel is that it was so busy – it’s creating a nest, it’s building a nest, it’s getting ready for winter and it was busy, busy, busy.  At the same time, it was chattering away and the energy that we feel from it is about joy, is about playfulness, is about finding excitement in anything that is happening in your life.  Our sense is that is the message to you: no matter how busy you are and no matter what is happening to you, open up to receive the joy, open up to find the excitement in whatever is happening.  (Thank you.)  You are welcome.

Question (paraphrased):  Recently, I released a tremendous business related frustration.  That same day I received a wonderful new business opportunity to design for a large corporation.  Another opportunity developed from that to begin a second business with another partner.  What is the outlook for these two businesses for me?

Answer:  Oh, Beloved, we feel such a sense of congratulations for you because we know how very long this has been coming for you.  It’s almost like now that you’ve gotten to the end of this road; you can understand how that sense of releasing was not that you gave up your dream.  It’s that you released that tenacious energy that was holding it locked down and that’s what opened it up for these potentials to arrive.  We know this is a message that many other people need to hear.  It’s something that people can hear, but not fully understand.  It’s something that every human – please excuse us for pontificating for a minute – needs to find within themselves.  It’s the releasing of anxiety.  It’s the releasing of that stress or that tension or the worry.  That is what opens you then to the new potentials to come to you.

Now, Beloved, directly about these two endeavors:  there is a radiant light around you.  We sense that both of them are very strong.  Both of them will progress very smoothly.  The first one that you mentioned is almost like solid gold is the word coming to us.  We see a lot of golden energy around it.  So that’s almost over and done with.  That’s a given.  The new project that you are opening up to, we still see different potentials around it as to the direction it may go.  We sense you working with perhaps one or several other people with that and depending on how many people you bring in depends on which direction it goes.  Does that make sense to you?  (Yes.)  Okay.  We still see a lot of change around that, but we see that it is something that is stimulating to you.  We see that there is a lot of bright light and vibrancy around it.  Our sense is that it will grow, it will evolve, and you will continue to work with it.  Of course, through free will you may choose at any time to make changes.  The first one is definitely one hundred percent.  This other one is still in the place of being created so let yourself flow with that creation process and see what happens.  (Person speaks)  We understand that, but by letting it go public you are actually going to be showing your creations with a much higher volume of people and rather than holding onto them… the image that comes to mind is the miser that holds onto his money.  It’s the energy of that.  That is a part of what held you down.   But as you have opened up and as you have allowed it to occur, it’s going to bring in a much greater income for you and then your name will actually be known on a much broader basis that what it would have been before.  So we congratulate you on this.  You have done a beautiful job of manifesting and then allowing it to occur in this form that is different than what you originally anticipated, but yet it’s going to give you even more.  (Thank you.)  Congratulations, Beloved.

Alright, we will begin to bring this evening to a close then.  There are so many energies that are flowing right now.  There is a great deal that is being downloaded and transmitted into each one of you.  We know that there are others who have questions and they are receiving their answers in their own way.

We do send a message of love to all.  We send a message of connection and balance.  You are each so radiant and bright.  Allow yourself to truly shine in whatever form brings you joy and happiness.

I am always with you and within you.





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