Creating From a Blank Canvas & Opening to Acceptance

Nama Sika; Venia Benya.  I am the One; I am the Whole.

I greet you, Beloved Family.  I welcome you to this time together.   I embrace each one of you as you choose to come into communication with one another.  This is your time that you are selecting to have for yourself.  It is a time of honoring yourself.  So let your energies flow.  Let yourself truly become one within.  Allow yourself to just let go of any energies that are hanging over you.

I ask you each at this moment to take a deep breath in, and as you do so feel the lightness within you.  As you are exhaling, let go any burdens that you may have, any pressure, or any density.  Allow this time to be for yourself.

This is a time of believing.  This is a time to honor who you are.  This is a time of creation for you.  Believe in what you create.

Allow yourselves to shift your awareness so that you may be within the space of the magnetic grid.  This grid can be arrived at through your intention.  As you move into this space you link very easily.  As you are linking, you find that there is a space within here which is like home to you.  It is a space aligned to your Higher Self. 

Take a moment to familiarize yourself because you will be working within this space more and more in the days to come.  Open and understand what is around you.  Take a moment to send forth an impulse of light.  As you are sending that impulse of light, observe how it moves through the interlocking pathways.  As each of you consciously sent forth that impulse, it was almost as if you could see how it illuminated various aspects of this space.  Those impulses reacted to one another and created a network. 

This is what you are doing each time that you consciously connect with the other individuals of light who are also upon the earth.  You create these networks of energy as a means of communication.  They can be a means of transporting your consciousness. They can be a means of tele-transporting individuals.  All is possible. 

Allow your consciousness to move through that interlocking grid.  Shift into the space of the crystalline gridwork.  As you do this, you leave behind the magnetic pull of the earth.  You leave behind the heavy density that goes along with being human.

Within the crystalline grid, there’s less of a personal identification space.  It is more of a collective consciousness.  Each of you is here.  Each of you is connected with one another.  It is a very subtle vibration.

The crystalline energies are the energies that you are bringing to earth.  They are a reflection of all of you.  They are a reflection of the potentials.  It is as if everything which is happening, or has a potential to happen, is created, or in part, is manifested within this space.  You create in many levels or dimensions.  This is but one of them.

Acknowledge your awareness.  From here, call forth your column of light.  Allow this column to assist you in shifting, so that you may shift your consciousness or your awareness into the space of the soul plane.

As you arrive here, it feels as if you can expand in every direction.  This is for many of you what you consider home.   This is where your soul essence or your divinity resides. 

Call forth your I Am Presence.  For many of you, it is here waiting for you.  But if not, call it to you, opening to become conscious of all aspects of your divinity.  Reach out to embrace, blending and merging your consciousness with your Divine essence.  As you do so, you may feel your consciousness expanding even further.  Allow yourself to really understand and connect with all aspects of who you are. 

As the time is right, I the Goddess make myself known to you.  I join you within this space.  I move amongst each one of you.  As I reach out to touch you, I can feel the way that we merge.  Open to accept my love.  Allow me to amplify or enhance your energies.  This in turn will shift you into the space of the All That Is.  As you arrive within this space, take a moment and just let yourself float.  Feel the Divine Bliss.  Feel the contentment.  Feel the loving support that is all around you. 

Allow this blending to move even deeper within you.  It has always been there.  It is always available to you.  But each time that you open and accept more potentials for yourself, you open to accept a greater understanding of who I am or perhaps who you are as reflected by me.

Be in this space that you created in your last journey with us; the space where you opened to believe in yourself.  You took that moment, that time, or that opportunity to believe in your greater potential.  A belief is something that is only yours.  There may be belief systems all around you that dictate or give you potentials or opportunities, but your beliefs are yours.  The choices you make in what you believe in are yours. 

You are each going to be expanding further and further within your belief in yourself.  As you are expanding your belief, the next step will be for you to accept; accept this new potential.  Accept what you are creating for yourself.   Accept within all aspects of your life what you seek to manifest.

The word that each of you can use to assist you in a very deep, shifting within yourself is ansa-eeya.  Each time that you are creating changes within your life, as you wish to incorporate it throughout all levels of your being, when you think, write, or speak the word ansa-eeya; you are opening up to a deeper acceptance within yourself. 

Within this space, you have a blank slate of your life.  This is your space of creation.  And if you choose to look behind you, it may for some feel as if it’s a battlefield.  It may feel as if it’s got miles and miles of a journey.  You have had many different, varied experiences that brought you to where you are today.  Some of those experiences still have a direct influence on your life.  Perhaps they are belief systems that have an influence upon you.

Each of you has the potential to create changes in your life.  No matter what has come behind you, no matter where you are right now, open up to a new creation.  So begin by seeing this blank canvas in front of you.  How would you like to paint your life at this time?  What is the essence behind what you are seeking to have in your life?  Perhaps your canvas will be filled with various colors.  Perhaps your canvas will be filled with images.  Release your analytical mind and let your soul paint on this canvas.  Let your divine self speak to you at this time.

Open to a greater flow from your divinity.  Consciously expand around you.  Release any limitations.  For some it may seem as if what is being drawn on your canvas is your heart’s desire.  It may be that what is your heart’s desire is what is in your best interest. 

For others, it may be that what is upon your canvas is completely different than what you ever anticipated.  Therefore, open to this new potential for yourself.  Still others, it may be subtle variations of what you have been conscious of in the past.  Of course, the potentials are infinite! 

When you feel that you have allowed your soul essence or your divinity to create on your canvas, take a step back or detach for a moment and open to look with new eyes.  Within this space, you may get a feeling that comes to you within your heart, and that is your message.  You may get clear and distinct images and that’s your message.  You may simply get one color or another.  That’s your message.   If you don’t understand what the message is, then ask yourself, what does this mean for me?

Now, our next step is to tap into belief once more.  Do you believe that this is possible for you?  For some, I hear the excited affirmation.  For others, I hear a skeptical, “perhaps”.  And still others, it’s as if I hear an emphatic “no”.  

Whatever is within you, ask yourself, what will it take to believe in this potential for you?  What is keeping you from being able to believe in yourself?  Is there an issue around worthiness?  Are you worthy to have within your life what you are seeking, or what your soul has created?  Do you believe that this is a potential for you?  If you are adamant that it is not, release it and begin again.

But if you can believe in this potential for yourself, if you can believe in what your soul, or your divinity, has created for you as a potential, the next step in manifesting is to then accept.  What I would like for each of you to do, as you accept this potential in your life, feel as if you are walking into, or moving into the canvas and making your consciousness fully blended with the canvas.  And as you do so, think within your consciousness, ansa-eeya.  Ansa-eeya.

You have accepted this potential within your life.  You accept that this will be your reality.  Allow it to create a symbol for you.  Something to represent this process, so that as you are seeking to manifest within your life, you need only bring to mind this symbol and you will know.  You will affirm your belief within yourself.  You will also accept within yourself. 

Take in greater details of this symbol.  Let it move into your consciousness.  Let it become fully embedded or incorporated within yourself.  Become aware of what it is to be in this new space.  Become aware of how you feel as you are shifting into this change.  Become aware of who you are. 

Look around you.  You may see the other energies of light that are here within this space doing the same things that you are doing.  You may take in the information that is available to you from perhaps the energies or guides, from perhaps the other individuals.  As you are looking around, you see that you are not alone.  There are angels, guides, some you might consider extraterrestrials, energies of light of all of the various vibrations; they are here.  They are here because you have invited them.  They are here because you enjoy playing and working with them. 

Sometimes it feels as if you are linking up with family members.  Sometimes it may feel as if you are linking with other aspects of yourself as they have lived in different realities.  All is possible.  This space can be very full.

So take this moment to look around you, to enjoy these energies, to feel the shifts in vibration. This is also an opportunity for you to feel as if you are stretching your consciousness even further.  Is there anywhere else within this dimension you would like to visit?  Would you perhaps like to seek another aspect of the universe?  Feel as if you are stretching.  This is your time to play.  It is your time to do all that is possible for you to do.  You can create and shift your beliefs; you can accept new realities for yourself.  Feel the joy around this.  Feel the love.  Feel how complete you are as you accept all potentials for yourself.  It does create a state of bliss.  It creates a space of contentment.  Allow it to simply be who you are.

Allow yourself to begin to come back from wherever it was you went to play.  Allow yourself to come together as a group.  This group is within the All That Is.  The group as you can tell becomes quite large at this point. 

Allow yourself to look around you.  See if you recognize anyone else who is here.  Beam forth the energy of love and connection to whomever you would like to send that to.  From within the center of this group, you begin to see the hologram that represents the earth.  It seems to rise up from within and as you are connecting with the hologram, transmit your symbol into the earth.  As so many people are transmitting their symbols, the hologram itself begins to take on a different light.  The hologram is incorporating these energies that you have chosen to put forth as a potential for yourself.  And as this hologram is absorbing all of this, we see Lady Gaia come forth.  And tonight, she wishes to speak with you, so I will take a moment to step aside.

Lady Gaia speaks:

Greetings, family.  I come forth at this time to greet each one of you.  I move to embrace each of you during our time of connection that we have right now.  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for these energies that you are constantly sending into the earth that allow for these potentials to be available.  But I also wanted to take a moment to show you the earth from within various dimensions.  So what I am doing is blending with each one of you so that I may give you a greater perception of my impressions of the earth. 

That hologram begins to take on a different depth and light.  I perceive a multitude of subtle variances.  There are energies of light that live within the earth itself.  Therefore there are dimensions within the earth.  There is the very solid aspect that you walk upon in your daily life, and this is the aspect where the collective consciousness is currently residing and it therefore has an immense impact. 

Taking a step from there, you see the subtler, finer vibrations that are also around the earth until you shift and perceive the magnetic grid.  Now, then, if you go into the very core of the earth you can perceive aspects of the earth that are magnetic.  It is in relation to the North and the South [poles], but also in relation to the East and the West.  It creates planes of existence.  And as you perceive the magnetic grid, you can see how sacred geometry creates a multitude of these various levels of energies. 

When a group of people, and as you are all well aware it’s more than just yourselves who are doing this; so when you consider the thousands, getting close to a million or more, who consciously bring in the crystalline energies and who see the perfection of where you are and where you are going, see how that shifts the geometry.  See how it creates a change in the vibration.  This is all that is available to you.  I see the perfection in this moment.  I see the perfection in all these potentials that you are each seeking to bring to the earth.  I see and accept that whatever is happening at any given moment is the perfection of that moment. 

So this is what I wanted to share that you are having an impact from within the earth, throughout the many layers, and into the magnetic grid.  It is also important for you to be in the space of acceptance for where it is at any given moment.  A space of acceptance allows for greater potentials.  That is what you asked for yourself, and that is what I embraced for you.  I celebrate the human.  I celebrate everything that is happening upon the earth because I can perceive and understand how beautiful each soul is.

I thank you for this opportunity.  I encourage you to connect with me anytime you feel so inclined.  I am always available to you.


And with that, we see my sister as she merges back within the hologram.  But each of you is linked to her.  Each of you is having an effect upon everything that is occurring.  I invite you to accept your new realities.   I invite you to believe in yourself.  We all believe in you from this side of the veil.  Lady Gaia believes in you.  So we hold the energy or the space, or we flow that potential all around you, so each of you upon your journey has the potential to accept as much or as little as you choose.

With that the hologram of the earth begins to spin.  It is filled with a vibrant light.  It’s as if it sends off sparkles of energy.  There are times when we enjoy the drams that you all like as humans.  But we see it as innumerable potentials available to each one of you.

As it moves down, again, there is an aspect that moves and blends throughout the magnetic grid, but the rest of that hologram goes into he core of the earth and that energy expands out until it perfuses all aspects of the earth itself, the rocks, the grass, the water, and all that come into contact with these energies are stepping into these potentials. 

Bring you attention, or your focus, once more back within this group.  Take this moment to orient yourself.  Be within this space of the All That Is.  Perhaps there is an energy or a light that you would like to assist you in the days and weeks to come.  While they are there in support of you, and they will do all they can from within their space, you are the one who is creating and manifesting within your life.  So accept their assistance in flowing these potentials to you.  Accept their loving support of you.

Allow yourself to shift back into the soul plane.  Allow yourself to be within this space where your divinity resides, expanding it to accommodate your greater consciousness of yourself.  See the hologram of who you are as the human upon the earth.  From within this hologram, you may see aspects that are ready to be released or transformed.  So embrace this energy that represents yourself, and as you do release and let go of what no longer works for you.  Embrace all of who you are. 

As you are ready, you may also choose to bring to your consciousness, or to your focus, and merge your symbol with the hologram that represents you the human upon earth.  This is another means of manifesting upon the earth plane. 

Allow yourself to shift your focus so that you may return to the crystalline grid.  As you are coming into this space of the crystalline, you will see that there is a great deal of energy that is vibrating within this space.  There is a flow of energy as a result of your journey this evening.  You can feel yourself within that flow.  You can feel how you are a part of it also. 

As you are ready to do so, move through the interlocking grid so that you may once again merge with the magnetic grid as it surrounds the earth.   Again, you find yourself within this space of your Higher Self, your higher consciousness.  See how it is shifting to accommodate the expanded you.  As you are ready, you may leave this area, allowing your consciousness to flow back within your physical body.  Allow it to return; moving through, perhaps moving in through the top of your head, the back of your head, your heart, but it flows all throughout your physical body.  You can expand the energy field around your physical body to accommodate this greater expansion in your consciousness.

Allow the energy to flow down within the earth, anchoring you back within the earth’s surface and then the energy comes back up and stays within you.  This allows your focus and your consciousness to come back within this space.

We will now shift this into the question and answer mode and you may press one upon your telephone to become a part of the queue. 

Question & Answer:

Question:  (paraphrased)  What did my soul give as a potential for me in tonight’s journey and is that related to the shifts I am attempting to make with my physical body?

Answer:  We are getting some perception of what your soul was giving to you tonight.  There are… it is not all being made clear to us at this time because our sense is that it will open up to you bit by bit over time.  But the sense that we are getting right now, is that you have been making greater changes within yourself about acceptance of some of the living conditions that you have had, about acceptance of some of the choices that you have made in your life.  You have made choices and decisions recently within the last couple of months or so that will take you in a new direction.  Our sense that this journey tonight was a more matter of confirming for you that these decisions that you’ve been making are will take you to a space of greater contentment within yourself.  Did that make sense to you?  (Yes.)  When you speak of making changes such as in your physical appearance with your hair, your body, with exercising etc., the sense is that you are now ready to have your outward appearance reflect the new way that you are feeling inside of yourself.  There are times when people make changes on their outside and then it becomes incorporated within.  So it can work in either manner. Indeed, you have been moving through a transition that has come to a head over the last several months and now is the time for you to accept it into your life to a greater degree and these physical changes you are making to your body will give you more energy, will help you feel better about yourself in your physical form and that in return will exude a greater confidence that will assist you in manifesting what you are seeking.  There is something that is still hanging onto you that you are not quite ready to let go of, but we are not concerned about it.  You are showing it to us for us to comment on it to you.  When Gaia spoke and I spoke earlier about accepting where you are and what has happened in your life that is what we sense is your most important message now.  So whatever this aspect is that is hanging on – it’s not clear what it is – it’s simply a means for you letting go of guilt or worthiness that has been holding you back.  It’s over, it’s done with so let it go.  Allow yourself to move forward from here and let the exercise, the change in hair, truly be the manifestation of what you have done over the last year and especially the last several months.  (Thank you.) 

Question:  (paraphrased):  I have been feeling a vibration that begins in my feet and moves up my body though not through to the top of my head.  Is this a matter of integration, or am I blocking energy flow?

Answer:  It is most of what you are saying.  The vibration of what you speak of and what you are feeling in your body is indeed your opening up.  You have asked for several months to have a more physical reaction to these energies.  You want to know when you are in expanded energies.  You want to know what that feels like and so it is giving you what you have been asking for.  Accept it and honor it and believe in yourself that you are bringing to you what you have been asking, because that is exactly what it is. 

When you say that you have not felt it go all the way to the top of your head, you are shifting your energies, you are releasing density, you are allowing for a greater amount of flow and there will come a time in you life when you will feel a pressure and almost a release, then you will actually feel a greater flow all the way up to the top of your head from your feet to your head and all of the ways around you.  This is what you are working toward; everything is moving along beautifully and we encourage you to always believe in yourself and to trust yourself because you do have the answers, just as you indicated in your question.  You did know what you were feeling so we confirm for you what you have been asking for us to confirm.  (Thank you.)  Go forward with confidence and the acceptance that you do know and you do understand what is going on within you.

Question: (paraphrased) I have never felt entirely present in my body, during my life.  I feel it is something to do with masculine energy, I recently have become angry and fearful towards masculine energy. I am wondering if you have any questions or comments about how I can heal this.   Are these related and how may I heal this?

Answer:  Allow us to connect with you more deeply.  Take a breath in and feel as if you are opening your heart.  Our sense is that there are several things that are being shown to us as the same time.  First of all when you spoke of never feeling as if you have been present in your body, part of the reason for this is that you have very few life experiences upon the earth.  You are of the higher vibrations.  You have lived most of your soul existences in what would be considered the extraterrestrial type realm or in part upon those places known as the “Mother Ship”.  We know that conjures up all sorts of images for people.  What it is for you, you have worked the majority of your time working as the advisor or healer or support of those people who have been human.  And while you have had other human lives, you have not had a great deal of them.  Therefore, when you are walking the earth as a human at this time, it gives you a feeling of disorientation and that sense of not understanding who you are and what you are doing upon the earth and knowing what is happening to you here.  There is an aspect of yourself where you absolutely asked to have this experience or you would not be here, but there has been so much of your soul experience which has been in that different realm than the physical on earth and that is often times is a very androgynous type of energy where male and female are blended as one.  So within yourself, you are used to having that feeling of being one energy, and not being in the space of duality that comes with being on the earth.  Does that make sense?  (What of the anger and fear towards men? It also feels as if a part of my soul is missing. There’s a part of me afraid to touch it, that it has hurt me in the past.)  What we would encourage you to do –we are getting different perceptions of what this may mean to you – our sense is that first step you need to take is to feel grounded within your body and to blend into a sense of oneness within you so that you can begin to identify with your masculine aspects and your feminine aspects.  One way you can do this is to do an exercise where you create an energy ball within your heart center and let it flow down from you into the earth and let it link to you in the soul plane.  Let the energies of the universe, in particular what you will be doing is connecting with your soul essence that does feel that combined energy and that feels whole and complete.  And by flowing that energy down into the beam of light that you have going through your physical body, it will bring you into the space of being in balance, of being in the space of being in one.  That will give you a sense of security.  When you are feeling more secure, more grounded within your physical body, at that point you can open up and ask why you are feeling this fear around men and why are you feeling this fear around what males have done to females.   Our sense is that there was something that occurred to you that is a part of what led to where you are today.  It is something that is ready to be healed and to be looked at.  But before you can do that with a sense of comfort and ease, we stress that it is very important for you to become more grounded in this physical body and that you become more balanced within yourself so that you can feel the security, so you know you are not alone, so you have that healing aspect within yourself with you when you are ready to open up this door.  It’s almost as if we sense something behind a door and when the time is right you will open that door.  Does that make sense? (Yes it does. I also feel a need for physical activity.)  Physical exercise is a wonderful way to ground the energies in your physical body, but it’s also about linking with your expanded consciousness and then doing the physical exercise so that you are consciously creating that grounded sense or that grounded feeling.  Just doing the physical exercise will help to a degree but what you are asking for is to have that conscious grounding.  (Thank you very much I really appreciate it!)  You are welcome and we thank you for that question.

Question (paraphrased):  I’ve been extremely tired.  I feel so heavy I can barely put one foot in front of the other and I am having difficulty breathing.  How can I help myself?

Answer:  We sense that your physical body is going through a transformation.  There is more to what is happening to you than what you see on the surface.  The physical symptoms you are having with the heaviness, the shortness of breath, the heaviness is due to where your physical body is at this time in your life.  You are creating the changes.  You are manifesting more and more of a light vibrational energy within your life, but your physical body is not physically incorporating that energy.  Just as with the previous individual when she spoke of the movement to ground the energy, it may be that movement doesn’t work for you, but have a sense of connecting with your soul essence and bringing down this higher vibrational energy. Let it move through you, all around you.  Send it down into the earth and then back up into you so that you are within this flow of light from within the universe and grounding the energies of Gaia.  That will shift the cellular structure of your physical body so that it will more easily accommodate this energy that you are bringing into you.  It’s as if you are bringing in, bringing in, bringing in this energy, but your physical body is saying ‘whoa’ we are not up to this plan and so you are experiencing these physical symptoms.  Your body is not adapting to what you are choosing to have around you energetically.  Does that make sense to you?  (It makes absolute sense.)  Create that greater sense of balance for yourself.  Ask what you need to be eating right now and listen to your body so that you will eat what will make you feel better.  When it comes to your breathing, practice really expanding your lungs.  It seems as if there might be some fluid around your lungs so practice really expanding the lungs to a greater capacity so that you don’t have that shortness of breath.  (Okay, thank you very much.) You are welcome 

Question:  (paraphrased) I feel very grounded in my body and to the earth.  But I don’t feel very connected to humans, as if my work is not necessarily connected to humans.   What is my purpose in being here?

Answer:  We see a lot of the energies of the whales and the dolphins around you.  We also see the vibration of the trees and the grass and the earth.  We see that you came, not only in this lifetime but in other lifetimes, as a star seed.  It’s almost as if you are an antenna for these various energies that are coming in from the universe and being brought into the earth and then you use them with Gaia and you are very connected to Lady Gaia.  Does this make sense to you?  (Yes.)  You have at times in your life kept yourself very separated from other people because you are so sensitive.  Being an antenna for these energies, you feel as if you are buffeted on all sides from these energies that are around you and that in turn can lead you into a sense of overload.  That is what created for you to have somewhat of a solitary life –we sense that there have been times in which you have been in and out of that space. 

When it comes to asking, what is your purpose here, what are you doing; it is multi-fold.  It is being the antenna for one thing, working with the whales and the dolphins.  We see these energies of these big animals, around you and many are linked to the planets in the universe, in particular the whales and dolphins are very connected to Sirius.  As you are bringing in these energies of the universe, then you are transmitting them into the earth and they are having an effect on the marine life.  It can be more or less of that howsoever you choose.  We see that you don’t live near the ocean, do you? (no), so for you to go down and work with the dolphins would be quite difficult!   But we sense that it’s important for you to look around you and see the ways you can have an effect on the people around you.  If you can be more aware of the times in which you are flowing this energy from Sirius or whatever the planet may be and bringing that in, that’s just something you do unconsciously.  So when you are working with other people, we sense that you will begin to vibrate in such a way that you will draw to you humans who are seeking to open up more and who will be asking questions about where are they from and what they are doing.  We sense you saying that you don’t know that answer for yourself, let alone to help someone else.  It is a matter of you simply talking about what you feel, talking about who you are as you have been discovering yourself, and allowing it to unfold as you speak about this with others.  Does that make sense to you?  (Yes.)  In addition, be aware that if you can bring to mind the motion of the whales and the dolphins as they move through the water, the fluidity of the water is a way of shifting emotions for you, so perhaps being in the bathtub, or a pond or a river or lake.  That is what we sense around you a great deal of the time. You go there in your sleep state and you can bring that to you in your conscious state.  It’s not anything that you need to go and study and learn to create something, it’s about you being who you are and honoring yourself and recognizing that those times when you need to be alone are just times when you need to be alone.  You honor yourself in that way. Alright beloved? (Thank you very much.  I do have a strong connection to the whales.)  You are welcome beloved.  We thank you for your question.  With all of the questions this evening there are many other people in the world who may have similar feelings of that of being disconnected, or being too connected in one way but not in another.  It’s all about the human process and we thank you for that.

Alright, with that, we will begin to bring this evening to a close.   We thank you each for being present with us upon this journey.  I thank you for having this opportunity to work directly with you one on one for those who asked the questions.  Be aware, if you did not speak a question this evening, that you did get a download of information into your energy field.  So open to become more aware of your dream state.  Open to become aware of the ways in which you will receive your answer in the days to come.

You are each so beloved to me!  You are each so radiant and bright!  Take the opportunity in the next days to come to truly accept your new potentials that you are seeking to have within your life.  Accept that it is possible for you. 

Ansa-eeya ~~  Accept.




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