Creating with Love, Joy, from a Space Balance

Nama Sika, Venia Benya    I AM the one;  I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light. We are a family that is filled with individuals who are walking the earth plane. All of you who have come together within this room, all the individuals who are not consciously present but are energetically present with us. This family is growing all the time. There are new people becoming aware of the different shifts in energies that are happening around them and they are seeking ways in which they can expand and grow through their own personal journey. We are holding the space that allows for these individuals to find any of you within this group. We are holding the space for each of you to grow and expand upon your personal journey; allowing you to move in whichever direction brings you joy, excitement, and a greater amount of balance within your life.

Have a sense of releasing your consciousness. Allow your consciousness to move up into what is known as the magnetic grid. This is the energetic grid work as it surrounds the earth plane. It holds the energy, the impulses, a greater amount of each of your I AM presence; so that when you connect in this space you are accessing greater and greater amounts of communication, of energy, and a means of shifting your own energy. Become acclimated to this space that you will know where you come when you wish to communicate with someone on a more energetic level.

Have a sense of moving through the interlocking grid work that you may arrive in the crystalline grid. As you move into the crystalline, you find that you have left behind the energies of the earth, the energies of the gravitational pull. You find yourself in the crystalline energies which vibrate in a different manner. This allows your consciousness to shift and blend fully within this space. You may have a sense of again becoming aware of pathways, or you may have a sense of connecting and attuning to one particular crystal and what that crystal has to offer you.

We call forth a column of light. This light is created as a means of communication and movement between the dimensions. It has also been known as a portal, there are many different words and phrases that can represent the same thing. Allow this column of light to surround either you as the individual or the group as whole. As you become aware of it, you immediately have a sense of movement. This movement is shifting you within levels of consciousness. It is shifting you into a space in which there is a higher, finer vibration.

As you emerge from this column of light, have a sense of your consciousness expanding in every direction. This expansion allows you to have a sense of feeling who you are when you release the physical confines. Call forth your I AM presence. You may do this by putting forth the intention of blending fully with your divine essence; of connecting and becoming all of whom you are within this space. You realize that through your journeys, you have been bringing greater and greater amounts of this energy back with you to the earth plane. Therefore, as you move through your days upon the earth, you are moving through your days from the perspective of soul. At this time, there is still a greater amount of your I AM presence that is here rather than with you upon the earth. So, become fully acclimated with who you are! Have a sense of becoming aware of the other individuals who are around you.

You may put forth the intention of meeting in the Nama Sika room if you so desire. This is an energetic space in which you are able to connect with the other individuals who are in the same vibrational field that you are. It is also the intention for those of you who wish to connect, grow, and expand through this Goddess energy. Become aware of my presence. You may sense me as I take on the shape of an individual with flowing gowns, or you may sense me as simply a Being of Light; a ball of energy filled with light, filled with colors, I manifest in whatever form you are seeking. I have a sense of moving amongst each and every one of you. As I do so, I reach out to embrace and I blend my consciousness completely with each of you. As you open to receive my energy, you feel yourself expanding even further. Feel me as I am; the divine feminine in complete balance with the divine masculine. I am source energy! Just as you are the glorious representation of source energy. You are the balance of male and female, dark and light, and all the infinite variances of sound and color.

As you open to become aware of this more fully, allow yourself to move into the space of the All That Is. This is a means of shifting into the space of an even higher or finer vibration. You may sense the All That Is as a void or you may sense it as a space in which you float free; and there is nothing else around you. If you so choose, you may also sense the All That Is as a place in which to encounter the many Beings of light who have come to be here in support of you at this time. They are here to assist you upon your journey; they are here to grow as they observe your growth. From within this space, have a sense of looking at your life. You are in the space of creation! You may create the perfect life for you!

Sima ista nua       I AM the essence of joy!

Anmala alluia      I AM the essence of love!

Allow those phrases to move through your energetic field. You feel the finer shifts within your vibration as you accept that you are joy; that you are love. Within this space of creation, as you are that essence, feel it become a part of every aspect of your I AM presence.

As you feel that perfusion is complete, allow yourselves to become aware of how it is affecting the many lifetimes that you have had. You have the ability to create shifts in the now moment that will affect what you consider in a linear aspect to be the past and the future. All is existing in this moment in time! You may see it as if you are looking at layers, dimension upon dimension. You may see it as if moving in a spiral. You may see it in a linear fashion, if that makes more sense to you. You know from within this space that accepting the love and the joy within yourself is creating the shifts that allow these other existences to be able to move forward in whatever is that existence’s best interest.

Have a sense of reaching out even further, allowing yourself to become aware of who you are when you move back into the space of source. As you connect with that infinite cell from which you first emerged, you may feel as if you are within my womb.  I take in each and every one of you; I nurture and support you upon your path. Allow yourself the freedom to return to this space, knowing that you are complete, you are whole, and that you are in balance. You need nothing! You may tap into this cell, this individual cell which was the creation of you, this glorious soul which you are. See yourself multiply and emerge.

Realize that when each person or each individual soul first was created, they went into the space of the void. They remained in that space for whatever period of time was needed for them. For indeed from this perspective, there is no time, they simply existed in that space of being. As the time came right for each of you, you became aware of tones.  You realized that if you turned, moved, or shifted your consciousness in a certain way, that you were able to tap into a different tone, and that each tone had its own vibration. You created what you would consider an orchestra within yourself. As you created from the various tones, you were filled with joy. Sima ista nua.

You began to realize over time, that certain tones created a corresponding color. Each color began to reflect off the other, each color was enhanced by the tone that it was associated with. You now had a soul that was filled with a multitude of different colors. These colors came in different tones, some bright, some dark, some were subtle shades of each other, and each tone was magnified or amplified by the tones that you created from that orchestra within yourself. You knew and accepted, because this was you! This was love. Anmala alluia.

You realize that the expression of love as the soul that you are is reflected through the beauty of sound, color, and your senses are expanded out even further. After a time, you realized that the more you expanded the more that you played the music of your orchestra and shone forth the colors of your essence; that you began to draw to you others that were filled with this same essence of love and joy. You became aware that you were not alone. You became aware that there were greater and greater aspects to the universe and all was a reflection of each other. Each individual soul was a reflection of me and each of you reflected each other. Although you maintained your individuality, that which made you the soul essence that you are.

Over time, the essence of souls multiplied again and again and again. Now there are many souls that have been around for an infinite period of time and there are new souls that are created. Most will remain in this space of love and joy which also radiates out a peace and acceptance until they evolve to the space of becoming curious. That is what allows them to begin to look outside instead of inside. You realize from within this space, that no matter what is happening in any of your life experiences; you are still this soul essence that is filled with sound, with light, with textures, and it can grow and grow in whatever form you so desire.  Allow yourself to play!  Feel whatever it is that you wish to play with. You may create within your life, you may practice tones, shifting colors, blending colors; the choice is yours.

Allow yourself to begin to have sense of shifting back down into the space of the All That Is.  This means that you are bringing your consciousness and that which you created from within yourself back into the space of the void, the space of the All That Is. No matter how you perceived it the first time, this time as you allow your consciousness to shift and return, you realize the there are many, many energies of light. There is always a sense of excitement and joy, a sense of celebration. As each one of you moves into this room or space, as each one of you becomes aware of the energies around you, you will do so connecting with those energies which are most important for you to connect with at this time. It may be an angel, one of your guides, or it may be one of the liaisons' for the other planets or the omniverse.

You have a sense as you become aware of these energies that there is a communication that exists between you. You may sense this communication as a beam of light or you may sense the way in which you look at an individual and know what their intention is. Just as you can express yourself through your own intention, they wish to know what is it like to have the sense of going back to your cellular creation and then bringing your perception into who you are at this time. They reflect back to you and remind you, if it's needed, of how glorious you are! You shine forth the complete balance of all aspects of your experiences and your life.  You become very acclimated to this energy space.

I ask now to have a sense of creating a circle. This circle is filled with light and colors. You may have a sense of these other energies that are here in support of you moving out in ever widening circles behind you. You come to realize that rather than seeing or sensing individual rows of people, you are actually seeing an ever widening beam of light that creates a circle. Have a sense of sending into the center of this the love and the joy that you connected with from within your core essence.

Have a sense of sending into the center of this circle, all that you are creating upon the earth. When you are manifesting upon the earth, you create in this space first, then allow your energetic field around you on the earth plane to open up and accept. As everyone is sending forth this energy of love and joy, this energy of balance; it creates a hologram of the earth. The hologram is created through your intention. You have a sense seeing it perhaps as it rotates upon its axis. You see your beloved earth and know that you are there by choice. You know that you are there for the express purpose of being able to walk as a human with your divinity. This hologram begins to become illuminated. You have a sense of different aspects of the earth which do not have the same balance that you yourselves are feeling. Infuse into the earth this balanced energy that you are creating. Have a sense of seeing the different colored lights as they glow from within the center of the hologram of the earth. It is as if you are watching a light’s show that you created from within your cellular essence. But now the earth as a whole is also moving through that cellular change; or we shall say, that cellular reconnection.

We call forth Lady Gaia, that each of you may have a sense of connecting with this essence of the soul of the earth. We have a sense of her rising from within this hologram and she is able to reach out and embrace all who are here in this space. She is filled with a peace and contentment for the way that the earth is at this time. She understands and is in harmony with the ascension that the earth is moving through. Therefore, she is open to receive and anchor these energies of balance, these energies of love and joy. You feel her connection to you. You know that you have a deep love; that you support the earth in all that is happening. You create the balance that others upon the earth will also feel and know this balance.

We have a sense of her blending back within the hologram. As she does this, there is a column of light that moves around this hologram of the earth and is connected with the physical earth plane. Have a sense of sending this hologram down into the physical earth. It moves through the crystalline and magnetic grids and as it connects with the magnetic grid, you have a sense of the hologram spreading out and moving through the magnetics that surrounds the earth. In this way, it is creating balance within the magnetic grid work. The energy continues down until it perfuses into the center of the earth plane and becomes anchored within the center. From there, we have a sense of Lady Gaia sending it forth so that from within the earth and moving out through every living being there is the sense of joy, of love, and balance. For each of you who are manifesting something specific within your life, that too has been created and anchored within the earth at this time. You will find that experiences will simply open up for you, that information will come to you, and all will evolve with ease.

Shift your consciousness now, that you may bring it back within this group energy that you have been working with this evening. We now have a sense of shifting the focus into the Omniverse. Those energies of light who were the representation of the other planets, galaxies, universes'; you have a sense of them standing, so to speak, in preparation for receiving all that you sent into the earth. This allows the other aspects of the Omniverse to also work with these energies. Each will work with the energy in the form that is best for them. So, have a sense of shifting your consciousness and sending out all that you created this evening. Those Beings of light or runners as you may think of them, blend with this energy and become a part of what is being beamed out into that space <of the omniverse>. This beam of light continues until all that is necessary has been delivered. Feel the peace within yourself. Feel the complete love and acceptance of who you are.

Allow yourself to shift, moving again back into the space of the soul plane. This is the space which acts as the go-between. This is a place of existence, again, where you maintain a greater amount of your I AM presence. As you encounter this shift in consciousness, you may feel as if you are squeezing into something too small; expand the energy that you may feel comfortable. This plane will expand to accommodate you in whatever way is needed.

As you become acclimated, have a sense of calling forth the hologram of your physical body. This is where you work on a one-to-one basis of blending your soul essence with your physical. Use the hologram to represent your physical existence. Have a sense of shining forth all of who you are into this physical representation. In doing so, you have a sense of filling your physical body with the higher vibrational energies, and these are held and maintained through the shifting of your DNA; through the infusing of the crystalline energies into your physical body. You may feel these shifts in your physical body, but we put forth the intention that it is a smooth transition. As you are ready, reach out to embrace this hologram of your physical body. As you do so, you are blending your physical and spiritual completely. You may feel your physical body shifting to accommodate this greater amount of energy.

As you feel ready, call forth the column of light. You may have a sense that it has been beside you, waiting for you, or you may create a new one. This time, as you are moving down through the column, you have a greater sense of perceiving the various aspects of the column of light. These aspects are the different incarnations that you are living at this time. You move through into the crystalline grid. Observe the shifts and changes that have occurred within this grid work. There is a higher finer pitched to the vibration. There is a greater dynamic to the flow of energy. You feel very comfortable when you are in this space.

As you are ready, move through the interlocking grid work until you are again back into the magnetic grid. As you move back into this space, you have a sense of your physical body once again reconnecting with your expanded consciousness. You feel the pull of the magnetics. You feel yourself becoming grounded once more. You are coming back into the earth plane that you may experience upon the earth what you experienced at this higher level. So bring all of your consciousness back into this space. Be in the place of anchoring a greater and greater amount of your I AM presence within this magnetic grid for that will allow you to have greater access to it within your daily life.

As you are grounding yourself, begin to come back into the conference room. Have a sense of bringing your consciousness fully back within the physical group present, and you may press the four upon your telephone which allows you access back into this room. I am open to receive questions if you so desire.

Question:  <paraphrased> This was just such an excellent, excellent channel! I am so excited by the power of music and sound as a tool for shifting our frequencies. Could you please grant me some guidance on how I can deepen my understanding of this and how I can share these tools with others?

Answer: Alright Beloved, that is such a wondrous question to have after the journey we have just experienced! You are going to find that there are more and more bits of information that are coming forth for all to understand. If you have a sense for yourself, of going back into that space of creation and tuning into those essence which most resonate with you, that allows you to be able to recognize what is your core sound, what is your soul sound, or your personal sound. As you are doing this, what you will begin to realize is that you have the ability to create the space which allows others to also move through a journey similar to what was given to you tonight so that each of them can find their own sound, or their own essence. In doing this, what you will begin to find is that it will be an experience of each individual beginning to come into their own space of accepting who they are and finding the balance within themselves. Does that make sense to you? <the person acknowledged yes> It is also going to expand into different ways than what you are perceiving at this time. You will begin by working one-on-one or in small groups of people. Are you working with children currently? Because we do see you working with children. <she said no> Well we do see that this is perhaps the way in which it will expand because these children are already attuned to their own sound, their own vibrational mode. What you will find is that they can assist you in finding new ways to express this. You may find that they are the children of friends, or you may find that as you begin to talk to individuals about the way in which you resonate with music through creating your own tones and harmony, they will say "Oh, you know I find that my daughter is doing that too!" Particularly those in the five to ten year-old time frame. Allow this to unfolding you will realize that you will be creating through the tones that you create from within your body meaning your own voice, but also through the tones of other music that you may create with instruments. Does that resonate with you? <she affirmed yes it did> Alright Beloved, we thank you for asking about that. Is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased> Alright beloved Pauli.  I've been going through a period for the last seven to ten days where meditation and all the higher energies which I feel was a means of integration. I'm wondering what do I have planned for the next several weeks in terms of this expanding and in terms of the situation which already happened.

Answer: Alright Beloved, we thank you for asking about that and we knew you were going to ask about that as you are so sensitive to the multi facets of who you are. You have been working a great deal more with other individuals in assisting them with opening up through the attunement process that you are offering to individuals. Through the attunement of others, it anchors and creates more within yourself the shifting in consciousness that they are receiving. As you know from this experience tonight, you see how very interrelated you all are. Therefore, with every person that you touch and assist with opening up and expanding, so to that energy comes back into you and assists you in opening and expanding even further. This is an explanation of the past seven to ten days that you were speaking of. As we look at the next six to eight weeks or even further on with you there is a continuing of this expansion. We said to you before that you will be looking between the dimensions just as all of you are. What this is allowing for you is to integrate all those finer, subtler, levels of consciousness or shifts in consciousness; so that as you move through your days, you are constantly blending back and forth. You may not realize what you're doing; you may simply have a shift or a different awareness as you perceive your life. Does that make sense to you beloved?

<He spoke further for clarity about how sometimes he’s so connected through his senses and other times through his physical.  In addition, he asked about some of the different information being brought through by various channels at this time.> Absolutely! Well, our sense is that it is a combination of the two. Your perceptual shifts cannot change without your physical shifts. They are interacting with one another; they are connected to one another. So, there may be times in which it is as if your perception is expanded out, to fill your township; and then there may be other times in which your physical body feels as if it shifting between the dimensions in a physical manner from one moment to the next. So, they are interrelated to one another. There are times when you may feel one more so than the other. This shift that you spoke of before the channel, this shift that is being talked about by other channels and energies of light that walk upon the earth are simply tapping into some of the many vortices of light and energy that is being brought to the earth at this time. You all created one of these vortices of light tonight. You are focusing on bringing balance into the earth. Light, dark; soft, hard; male, female; that which has been in duality in the past, is coming into a blending within the whole. That is who you are as you walk upon the earth. Therefore, as these various individuals tap into these different pockets of light or create the space to allow these pockets of light to come in, it is simply tapping into a different perception of the same thing. Each individual is upon their own journey and therefore there will be subtle differences and focuses depending on who is bringing to the energy.

<The participant continued to ask the direction of the Goddess Light energy, asked if we were moving to a higher level also.> You may notice that each time that we have a journey, there is always a subtle shift in the energy. If I wish to analyze the, going back in particular to the first six months of these Teleconferences that was very much a setting of the energies. In November, with the Concordance, that was a large step forward. Then each month since, you have been creating greater and greater amounts. Therefore, I would say in particular since the Harmonic Concordance there have been increasing amounts of depth and light that is being brought forth. Now, light is what I speak of it as the balance and acceptance with in yourself.  <He said thank you and that he could go on and on> Alright Beloved, of course and we can go on with you all night quite often! <the Goddess is chuckling> Alright, is there anybody else?

Question:    <paraphrased> I’m wondering what brought me here today? It's an interesting coincidence that I just found this channel this afternoon through another web site and I was drawn to this Channeler; then found there was a teleconference tonight and now here I am.

Answer:  Alright Beloved, we smile as we hear you say the word coincidence, for there is no coincidence. All is evolving for you. You have been on a path of steadily growing, expanding, and emerging; feeling as if you are beginning to walk outside of who you were in the past. You are opening up and bringing in greater and greater amounts of the ideal for who you are. I represent the energies of balance. There have been aspects of yourself that if you wish to consider the pendulum, through your personal growth you have gone very much to one side and then very much to the other side as you go deeply into whatever it is you choose to experience. Now is the time for you to blend all of those experiences into who you are so that you may now walk forth as a balanced individual. You have had the balance within you; it is a matter of creating the perception and connecting the perception to all aspects of who you are. Does that make sense beloved? <she asked a question for greater clarity> Our sense when we connect with you, and when you say I choose peace, is that what you are choosing is to not be an argument or turmoil; or not be in the ups and downs of the trauma and drama that so many individuals get caught up in. So peace to you is the space of contentment, a space of tranquility; so our sense of what is a balanced individual verses what you are seeking as peace, is that yes they are interrelated to one another. In reality, when you are in a fuller state of balance within yourself, you are going to find more than just peace. You are also going to find joy, excitement, contentment, and other emotions that will bring you to a greater space within yourself. As for the way that you found this through another website, yes indeed all the individuals who work in this manner are interrelated. They all support each other and this is a part of a means for creating the networks upon the earth plane, so that each individual is able to find there joy. All of the individual energies of light upon the earth who are walking this path of ascension are already interrelated to one another whether they realize it or not. Those who have stepped forth to be the leaders and bring forth these energies, in whatever form they do, are tapping into this energy in whatever extent resonates with them and this is why you will find individuals talking about this person or that person; they get this from one and that from another and none of this is said with any judgment of the individual. It is simply giving you, the human, the smorgasbord to choose from that which resonates within you. Do not be surprised if one time it is one individual another time a different individual. This is the reason why there is so much for each you to choose from. You all will be in the space of creating circles around yourself filled with individuals if you choose to do so. <talking about creating groups that will get together periodically, either in a home or someplace else> You do not have to do so, but if this is what you feel called upon you may find yourself also in the space of facilitating others as they move into this path. Alright Beloved, is there anybody else?

<paraphrased> I still find myself feeling so lost.  I just absolutely love the space and the energy when I’m on these journeys.  How can I find that within my life?  What do I need to do?  Should I call Shelly for a channel?

Answer:   Alright Beloved, we are sensing a number of different experiences that you are speaking of at this time. In particular, you are having a lot of physical discomfort within your body. So too, much of this is reflected by the emotional roller coaster that you have been on over the last number of years. Although, with the transition of your mother it was a release in a great many ways, there is still a residual of that that you are releasing and integrating; creating this new individual of who you are. As for your spiritual process, that has always moved forward at such a steady and glorious light. This is where you feel your most comfortable. This is where you know who you are and feel the rightness of your Goddess energy and your Goddess evolution. Allow yourself to feel the balance of these other aspects of who you are with your spiritual aspects. You can recreate the space you were in tonight and allow yourself to integrate these various aspects on your own. If you wish to work with the Channeler as a facilitator, by all means that is another way of doing this. You have already been working on this in your process of letting go. There aspects of yourself which we ask you to forgive, there aspects of yourself we ask you to simply accept that that was the experience you had at that time. As you move into more of a space of acceptance within yourself, you will find a balance and the peace and the love that you are seeking. Does that make sense to you beloved? <she asked for greater clarity> I can facilitate that through creating a space such as you were in tonight.  I can facilitate that by you calling my presence in if you so desire and I will hold the energy for you; but you are the divine human who then needs to take it from there. You have that joy within you. You are simply not allowing yourself to express it. You begin to feel heavy and burdened; you begin to feel as if you have a great weight upon you when you move into a space of joy. So it is a matter of releasing the burdens that you perceive. Only you can make those choices within your life. They feel so heavy to you right now, but you'll begin to realize as you release them that they are not as heavy as you perceive. I am here to support you, love you, and give you all that I can; but this journey is yours as you walk upon the earth.  Alright Beloved, is there anybody else?

   <paraphrased> I have been on this path for awhile and can feel a great deal of shifting that is going on within me. I transmit to my husband and others who are around me and I'm wondering if it's having any effect on them or is it only having an effect on me?

Alright Beloved, yes you are very well aware of the shifts and changes that you have been going through. Indeed, your vibrational level is rising. You are feeling this in your sensitivity to noise that is around you, you are feeling this in the different ways that your physical body is releasing toxicity, you are feeling this in the interests that call to you as you are upon your search; whether it be through reading channels, reading books, or simply opening to listen to music. You are feeling the connection to the birds outside your house; you are feeling your connection to that which is physically present around you and that is what is assisting you in shifting your own vibration. Therefore if you are shifting and it is being supported by your physical environment, so too the other individuals who live in that environment are also being affected by this shift. They are feeling this shift due to the energy support you call forth, they are feeling this shift that you work with; you do choose to work with them consciously, but quite often at night you are working with these individuals around you. Your husband in particular, is not quite ready to open up to the divinity that you are. He is opening up to and accepting that there is something that is not the same as what it was. Continue to have patience with him; continue to hold the space of love and balance within your life and within your home life. That will allow for these changes to occur. Alright Beloved? You are welcome. <an attendee stated that was 25 minutes> Alright, thank you, we will be glad to take another question.  Is there anybody else who wishes to speak?

Question:  <Paraphrased> I'm wondering if you can give me any more concrete information about how to work with music and sound?

Answer: Alright Beloved, we sense within you that you also have a connection to nature, to being out, sitting in the grass next to a stream, or perhaps beneath a tree. If you are in this space where you are feeling very connected to what is around you, we see that the energy is strengthened.  We also see you in your home in your sacred space where you've created the energy that allows you to expand and be in a space where you feel comfortable and nurtured. So no matter where it is that you pick and choose, go to this space and have a sense of breathing and anchoring yourself. Breathing in the energy, breathing in the light which expands your consciousness so that you are able to be fully present wherever it is you are. Then, at that point have a sense of asking what is the tone that resonates with me? As soon as you ask that, have a sense of putting forth that tone, whether it is making a tone, speaking a phrase, or what ever it is. The next step that we suggest from that is to say that if you want to bring a greater depth to the tone how would it change? You may find the tone deepening, going higher, but to call forth the tone that is your soul essence and begins to move in greater depth from that on either one side or the other <meaning higher or lower pitches>. This is the way that you create it within yourself. You will find that over time you are actually creating a melody. You may find that once you have created this space and put forth the intention to bring this energy of sound within yourself, you may find that the words that you speak will begin to take on the flow. You may find that you are humming or singing words and phrases as you are driving your car; and it will grow and evolve from there. We also would recommend that you use chimes, be it a wind chime or a xylophone type of time that you may connect with the tone or the pitch. This will clear the energy of the room which then allows you to connect more easily.<the individual said thank you!> You are welcome beloved.

Alright, with that we will begin to bring this evening to a close. I thank each and every one of you as always for being here in this space. I thank you for being the ones who are willing to bring forth this light within yourself and then anchor it within the earth. I thank you for being the angels of light that you are. With each one of you, I am always present and I am always available to you.

I am with you,

I am within you!



Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation



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