Deeper Alignment within Your I AM Presence & a Message from Lady Gaia

Where do I even begin this time??  The energies flowing in and around the earth are very, very intense.  This journey is filled with many levels of perception within the crystalline grid, your I AM presence and then finding the balance within Gaia.  

There are new alignments within the universe manifesting at this time. This is having an affect upon you in more ways than you may be aware.  You as your divinity have such diverse history.  You have lived so many lives in different perspectives or dimensions.  In this channel you stand in your I AM presence and consciously link with these memories, with this history.  As you stand in the flow your memories are illuminated.   You can use these energies as a way of assisting you to a deeper connection with your divinity.  When in that space; you are immune to anything that would push you off balance. 

Lady Gaia came forth and spoke at length about those energies upon the earth that are feminine.  In turn she tapped into the energies of the masculine.   Everyone is able to align with first the energies of the feminine, then the masculine.  She assists everyone in with blending the masculine and feminine energies within then.  This will assist you in demonstrating even greater perception.  While blending with Gaia you will feel the complete balance of feminine and masculine energies within you.  This is amplified by the Spring Equinox. 

Nama Sika, Venia Benya                 I AM the one, I AM the whole 

I greet you my beloved family.  I feel so much of the essence of each one of you who come to join with us upon these journeys.  There are of course all of you who are here upon the call, but even more than that, all of those who read or listen to this at a later date.  I feel you; I know you.  You are not alone.  

The times of transition upon the earth continue to move with great intensity.  There have been several surges of energy coming into the earth; in addition the latest full moon and coming up very shortly, the Spring Equinox.

  We knew this year was going to be one that was particularly intense; and you are feeling that.  The world itself is moving through transition on so many different levels; from the governments, to the communities, to each individual person.  Many are feeling as if they are pulled in directions that they don't particularly choose to move.  Others feel as if they are bumped around as every new change comes forth upon the earth. 

You need not be so affected by all these energies.  The more that you create a strong link within yourself, drawing upon the energies of your divinity and allowing that divinity to flow through you on a daily basis, the more that you will be able to stand and let yourself flow in the energies without feeling as if you are being bombarded.  

As you read the many different publications, you read about surges of energy coming up from the earth, coming in from the universe, coming from extraterrestrials.  You will even read about the effect that's being placed upon everybody as more and more people are beginning to hear and realize what these energies mean.  Or not even necessarily what the energies mean, just that change is happening. 

Feel yourself in the place where you are right now.  Breathe in your expansion and know that this is who you are; that you are filled with strength and energy and let anything else beyond that simply flow past you without having an effect.  I can now feel how so many more of you are able to come into focus or truly feel your own self.  

Sometimes you get caught up without even realizing that's what's happening to you.  Other times you simply feel as if you awaken or come to a moment and you don't really know how you got there.  This is how you re-focus and you re-align within yourself.  Once more, breathe deeply. Breathe all the way down within you, breathe so that your focus moves on every level, all the way down into your cellular level.  

Then as you are ready to do so, let go these energies.  Let go your consciousness so that you may move into the energies of the magnetic grid.  As you arrive within this space, you may have a sense of excitement or a sense of awareness.  Look around you; feel what it is, know what it is.  It is you.  It is your energy; you are so much more conscious of your higher self and of your own vibration that as you step into this space or as you merge with it fully, you can feel it energizing you.  

Send forth an impulse, perhaps a thought, a feeling, an intention; then feel it as it comes back to you.  There have been such profound transitions taking place within the magnetic grid.  The earth is about to move through another transition and this is where everyone is preparing for this transition to take place.  By knowing what this feels like for you, by feeling your own energies, you will strengthen this area and you can consciously infuse it with balance and awareness.  

I invite you to let go this space; allow yourself to move.  You find that there is a transition through the interlocking grid.  And feel what it is to merge with the crystalline grid.   As you are moving through these energies look as if with your inner eyes or feel with your inner senses all vibration that is moving through here.  

There are many subtle nuances so you may find yourself as if straddling several different levels of awareness.  Simply feel what this is for you and allow those energies to flow through and around you.  We speak often about the crystalline energies that are moving into the earth and we speak of new energy.  As you allow your consciousness to be here within the crystalline grid, consciously look around.  Ask yourself, what within you aligns with these vibrations?  Everyone finds that there's an aspect of your heart center that is in complete alignment with these crystalline energies.  

So too there may be aspects of your consciousness that have to do with your thoughts, with your beliefs.  If you remember when we were within the magnetic grid you sent out an impulse and it went mostly in a direction and then you felt it come back to you, perhaps from the opposite direction.  As you are opening up and asking these questions about what is crystalline within you, you find that the energies seem to bend and shift, perhaps swirl or move in a spiral. 

This is but an aspect of the new energy upon the earth.  Therefore as you are moving through your day, as you seek to manifest within your life, consider it as it is in this vibration.  Consider your intention or your consciousness as if it's flexible; as if it bends and moves and swirls. 

As each one of you is doing that right now, I can see that more and more of you become aware of the greater perceptions that are available to you.  It's not that you are seeing more than what you saw a moment ago, it is simply that you are allowing yourself to become conscious in such a way that you can understand what perhaps a moment ago was an unconscious thought.  

This is one of the ways that you become more aware of how to work with your potential and simply what is your potential.  I invite you to shift your focus so that you may more fully move into the soul plane.  As you do so, feel how you expand so that you more fully align with this space.  Within the soul plane you find yourself seeking to blend with your I AM presence. 

You may feel it as if it comes up from within or you may have a sense of reaching out, touching or aligning with all that is you in your divinity.  Let yourself become flooded with the emotions of joy, of excitement.  Let your sense of awareness expand further and further so that you may more fully explore your own divinity.  

I the Goddess come into this space in which you are.  I reach out to embrace each one of you.  As I do so the merging of our energies to assist you in moving into the space of the All That Is.  You can feel yourself expanding yet again; you feel your own sense of self as you come into this space.  There are many angels, teachers and guides who are present at this time.  

Especially in the next several weeks upon the earth, there will be several more surges or influxes of energy.  We are going to work with those energies so as to assist in balancing them as they transition into the earth.  I first of all invite you to consider your own self and what you have felt over the last several days, perhaps a week or so.  Most of you have been aware of these energies as they've begun to come more and more fully into the earth.  Some may have recognized in their dream state what was going on, others may have felt it during the day time.  I have a sense that many of you have had periods of feeling disoriented, as if not fully present in your body. 

So I would like you to take this moment or this opportunity and ground within yourself.  You may think that is an odd thing to do while in the All That Is, but as you are grounding within your expanded consciousness of the All That Is, you are also grounding an aspect of yourself within your physical body.  Just as I spoke at the beginning, the more that you can feel who you are as your own divine essence, the less you will be affected by these energies. 

Feel the flow.  I invite you to learn or understand more about who you are within your divinity.  Look within yourself and then consciously ask to know some of the experiences that you have had.  As I see each one of you, you are a burst of brilliant light.  This light is filled with color, there are textures, there are patterns of energy.  Therefore as you are aligning within yourself, open to understand the ways in which you perceive who you are. 

I invite you to create a space in which you are moving through your divinity, moving through your I Am presence, and as you are doing so be open to receive any messages that may be here for you.  The message may come in the form of an image, in the form of an idea.  You may find yourself tapping into what you would consider past life experiences.  In reality, as you allow your consciousness to move through your I Am presence, you are able to draw from the multitude of previous experiences that you may have had. 

You have lived many lives upon the earth, many lives in the universe.  And there are varying degrees of perception available to you right now.  Whatever you feel drawn to understand, allow your consciousness to merge with that. What I see happening with a great many of you is that those experiences that you have had while out in the universe are coming forth to align with you and support you as your energy is expanding in the way in which it is. 

You need not know exactly the circumstances, you need only feel and know the essence of an experience.  Let that flow into you at this time.  As you continue to expand, feel how you are incorporating more and more diverse energies.  These energies continue to assist you in creating a greater, more stable foundation for where you are within your life.  And now that I feel that each of you have aligned with what you need, have a sense of looking as if through a window at the universe.  You may see the earth, you may see the other planets, you may see the stars.  

The universe is filled with so much energy.  Allow yourself to perhaps be drawn into or align with something in particular if you feel so inclined.   As you continue to look out at the universe, I invite you to look with your inner knowing so that in particular you may sense the energies that are becoming stronger and stronger as they move towards the earth. 

You may have a sense of a pathway that moves from the new earth, through all the levels or dimensions of the crystalline grid and into the earth.  You may have a sense of a whole new level of angels, guides and teachers who are making themselves available to those upon the earth who seek to expand in a new way.  

You may find yourself or an aspect of yourself as you see that you are the teacher to many others who come in their dreams and their meditations seeking to learn.  How true this is in your daily life; there are times you are the student, there are times you are the teacher.  Allow this to move deeper and deeper through you and through your consciousness. 

The window that you were looking through seems to dissolve so that you may actually move forth and mingle with these energies.  For some I see you blending more deeply with the consciousness; for others I see you standing in the pathway of the energies that are flowing towards the earth. 

I invite you to allow yourself to open up as if you throw wide the doors and allow these energies to just move through you with gentleness, with ease.  And as these energies are moving through you, let them cleanse everything that you are ready to release.  Let go the struggle, let go that life has been so hard, let go the lack, perhaps of abundance, of relationships, of work, of family.  Let go resistance.  Simply feel what it is to be fully connected and to have what you seek to have. 

As you consider the spring equinox, feel yourself balanced.  Balancing the energies of old that have been upon the earth for so very long with the new energies that are filled with this cosmic light and awareness.  I invite you as you feel this flow continue to move through you, to let it fill you up in every way.  Have a sense of drawing yourself back together because each of you are so very expanded this time.  

Allow your consciousness to come back in such a way that you are able to recognize these new energies that you've been working with but also the balance of the old energies that have been yours upon the earth.  

As you come back into the All That Is, know that in the days and weeks to come you will recognize some of these energies as they come forth and manifest on the earth. Know that as you recognize them, you have already created a space to allow them into your reality.  Feel that reality.  Feel every bit of this and let yourself manifest it in the form of balance...there we go.  

I invite you to come back as a part of a group.  As you do so you find yourself creating a space in which the hologram of the earth is able to come up and blend or make a space for itself within the center of all of you.  You are all so very aligned with the earth that you do feel as if you reach out and blend with the essence almost automatically.  Allow it to remain as if a focus in the center of this group, and let your essence flow into and fill it up.  

As you are looking at this hologram, as the energies continue to flow into it, we see Gaia as she comes forth.  She looks at each one of you and she is choosing to speak with you for a moment.


Lady Gaia Speaks: 

I greet you beloved friends, beloved co-workers, beloved family.  I draw out of this hologram the many different essence of the divine feminine that have been a part of the earth for so very long.  As you look at me and as you look at the essence of all this femininity, you will see your own self as reflected within one or more of these beings. 

This is about balance.  This is about inviting in a greater amount of feminine energies at this time.  It matters not whether you're male or female; it's about everyone allowing the divine feminine energies.  

I, Gaia, represent the soul essence of the earth.  I have been assisting each one of you with integrating all these various energies as you have moved along your path.  I too have been transitioning and some forms you did not even perceive me as being a part of this anymore and that is because I am so very integrated within all of you. 

But coming back to all of this divine essence that is present; let it flow into you.  Feel your own divine feminine essence within you.  Let it come up, feel the strength of this within and know that this is the way in which you align as you are moving through your days. 

I now invite from a very earthly level those essence that represent divine masculine.  They step forth from this hologram and they come to align within you and assist you in strengthening or balancing.  Feel your essence of masculine energy; again, whether you are male or female.  Allow your masculine energies to come forth and be in balance.  These beings of light who are here with you right now, while they may represent the masculine or the feminine, they are a true balance of all energies.  

I invite you to go within yourself and feel the balance within you.  Some may feel a surge or an increase of the feminine, others the masculine, within them.  Let yourself feel a lessening if there is an over abundance of one of those energies.  So that as I'm looking around at all of you, I see all of you standing there with balanced energies flowing in and around you.  

The earth is moving through such a deep transition that it is affecting all of its people, the waterways, the mountains, the climates.  These times that allow me to link with you, especially at this time of the spring equinox, allows for there to be a greater balance and it's as if there is a calming that takes place upon the earth.  I hope that each one of you will feel that calming sense of energy within you. 

I hope you will remember this moment and feel the balanced energy as you move through your days.  The essence of the Goddess of course moves through me, just as she moves through all of you.  But I wanted to be the one to speak of this in this manner because it allows our relationship to become strengthened.  I appreciate all that each one of you is doing.  I am here to assist you in any way that I can.  Know that all of you are so beloved to me and I invite you to always reach out whenever you so choose.  

Now I stand as if with my arms outstretched whereas before the divine feminine were on one side, the masculine on the other.  Those energies swirl around me and all become balanced without a separation of masculine and feminine.  And I Gaia transmit this balanced energy to each one of you and I receive it as you transmit back to me. 

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to speak with you.  I am always available. 


The Goddess of Creation Speaks: 

And I the Goddess as I come back and begin to speak once more with you, invite you to perceive as Gaia moves back within the hologram.  Look at how the hologram has transitioned; there is a greater balance that emanates from this hologram.  There is a greater balance and a greater calm within each one of you.  So once more as if you breathe it deeply within you; breathe in the calm, breathe in the balance. 

And we release the hologram; it moves away from this circle.  As it does so it moves down through those crystalline energies.  There is an aspect that moves out towards the New Earth but the majority of the hologram continues down, aligning for a moment with the magnetic grid and then moving beyond that, moving down into the earth itself.  

It moves into the center of the earth and those immense crystals create an alignment with all that you are transmitting into the earth and that in turn radiates outward coming out from the earth, coming up through the shell around the earth into each one of you and up into the collective consciousness of the earth itself. 

Come back; allow your consciousness to come back for a moment as you release that perception of the earth.  And I invite you to take a moment and just feel your energies.  Feel that sense of peace and contentment, feel that sense of balance.  I remind you that in the days and weeks to come, as you feel the influx of energies coming into the earth, you will already be in alignment and balance.

Remind yourself of that in case you forget.  We release the energies of the All That Is, you find yourself moving back through the soul plane, you release those aspects of your I Am presence that remain within that space and your consciousness continues downward.  You move through the crystalline grid, you come back within the magnetic grid feeling the magnetic pull of the earth.  As you do this you pause for a moment and you're able to perceive how there is an even greater amount that is in this space with your higher self. 

Feel that flow and know that this is where you are keeping some of those energies that you came into contact with tonight.  Allow your consciousness to continue to move downward, feel it as it comes down, feel it as your consciousness moves back fully within your physical body.  Let these energies flow down within you.  It flows through your head center, through your heart center; let it flow down within your abdomen.  Let it move into the earth.  You again link with Gaia, grounding these energies within the earth and then as they come back up within you, feel these energies as they once more come up and settle within you and your physical state. 

Feel the balance and consider whatever might be going on in your life.  Send forth the energies of balance into all aspects of your life.  Through balance you find yourself feeling the joy and excitement that it is to be within your life.  Through balance you feel the surges of energies coming in and around you and you flow and move, blending with those energies.  Through this balance you find yourself in the perfect place to manifest whatever it is you seek to have in your life.  Feel the balance.  Release what has not yet occurred; focus only upon what you seek to have. 

You are in the flow and you are fully balanced.  And with that I invite you to come back within this room.  You may find that you can press the *7 upon your telephone and I am able to receive any questions that you may have.  But in the days to come I invite you to always remember that you are in balance. 

Question: (paraphrased) I'd like to find out what it is I'm not aware of that is preventing me from exercising. 

Answer:  Okay as I'm looking at you now and I'm looking at your energy bodies I see resistance that comes about in a couple of different ways.  The lack of exercise or the feeling of not wanting to exercise is but a part of something bigger.  The bigger energies that I'm picking up on within you is an old belief or an old expectation of yourself that if you fully step into everything of which you are then your body will be in perfect health, you will have all these things you have been seeking to manifest, you'll have greater abundance; it's as if you have a list of things that looks like a scroll.  There is a part of you that says if I have all of that then I'll have a greater responsibility and I can't handle any more responsibility than what I already have.  Now we know this is kind of an abstract way that this is kind of an abstract way to know you are not exercising for that reason, but we feel the greater sense we would like to help you transition, is that sense of resistance that comes from a feeling that is you truly step into all you can be from a physical level, to a spiritual level, to a personality level; it doesn't mean you have more responsibility, it means you have more connection within yourself.  Does that make sense to you? 


What we'd like you to do first is invite you to take a moment and close your eyes and take a breath into your heart center.  Then let yourself just reach out for that resistance within you; the resistance to exercise, the resistance that feels you can't take on anything else in your life, the resistance that says if I am all that I can be then ....  we are also hearing, then I will loose some of my friends, I will loose some of these loved ones around me so I need to stay in the space of the in-between.  There is even more than what we are tapping into, these are just aspects that we are tapping into. So let yourself connect with any thing or any form of resistance.  Then as you let your breath move through your body and you align with this resistance - consciously take another breath in -- as you link with it, feel as if you are scooping it up out of you on all these various levels and parts of you; your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical - then let it just flow away.  Breathe out, there you go, letting it flow away from you.  So that when you come back within your center, this time I invite you to breathe in your balance that you had during your journey tonight.  Breathe in that balances of knowing that you can BE all the you want to be and you DO all that you want to do.   As you breathe that within yourself, let it move down within you.  As you now consider exercising, it now becomes something that feels good!  It makes you feel invigorated.  You find the time to do it and you allow yourself to follow through whenever it comes to your awareness.  

Alright beloved, we invite you to come back into this moment.  We ask you if you can feel how these energies shifted for you during those moments. 

Ummm, I would say no I don't particularly feel anything right now, but hopefully I will feel it in my day to day.  

Well, you know that's okay that you didn't feel it right in this moment.  What we saw happening within was resistance coming from many different aspects within you.  We felt like it came up and you consciously let it go or released it.  So if this was just on an energetic level and not something you can perceive tonight, then it go and don't focus upon it too much.   But if you find yourself in resistance when it comes to exercise or doing anything you would like to do; then remember to breathe in the balance of the energies of this journey tonight.  Also breathe in the energies of what I just worked with shifting within you so that that was more so at the forefront.  In doing that, you will find that you will have more energy to exercise.  The last thing I will say is that if you find yourself not exercising or back in the same space that you have been in, then just be loving, gentle and nurturing to yourself rather than giving yourself a hard time because you are still not out there exercising or doing what you think you should be doing.  

Question: (paraphrased) I wanted to ask about manifesting a house for me. I wonder if you have any advice for me.  I do have one in mind.  

Answer: We're picking up on this one home in particular around you. We see the energies around you.  We have a sense of you standing across the street looking at it as if there is something that could be a street or something that stands between you and fully manifesting this house.  It feels like there are other things that have to do with the house.  It feels as if there are other people or situations that need to let go of the house before it can become yours and it feels as if that is in the process of happening.  So if you will give it a little more time, it feels as if you are going to get this house and we have a sense of you moving into it.  The other thing you can do that will help move this process along... okay as soon as we were going to say this, we had a feeling you were already doing it!  We see you in your meditation and in your time of prayer and alignment bringing this up within you and creating an alignment, creating a flow of energy that moves back and forth between you and the house.  We have the sense of a family around you and we would encourage you to really see all of the family; it feels as if there are more people involved in this rather than just you.  See everyone involved in manifesting this house without a sense of resistance but with a sense of ease and a sense of flow.  We sense this will help you bring it into fruition more quickly.  Does that make sense to you?

Yes it does, it's great!  Do you feel like it is a good match for me? That house? 

It does, it feels like it is a very good match.  It feels like there is someone already living there or as if there is something that needs to let go or move out or happen before things can come to fruition.  So if the house is already empty and you are looking at it, then we would recommend that you work the energies of it so that if it's a previous owner or someone holding on to it, work with those energies to clean them out, let them go and you can more fully step into it.  It feels like it's something that is going to happen.    

Okay, thank you very much.  

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess, I've been living here in the place where I am for about 5 years now.  I've done a lot of work pulling back many aspects, reconnecting with the roots I needed to reconnect with here.  I'm kind of wondering if I'm done.  Am I done living here or is it time for me to move on?  Is there anything I need to accomplish while I'm still here? I also think I should add that there is news about the tribe where I live and I probably shouldn't say much more than that; but there may not be a tribe left in 2 years.  

Answer:  we see a lot of transition taking place where you are.  We sense that your work is complete.  We sense it actually was complete about 6 or 8 months ago but you just enjoy living there, building your business.  That is what your focus has been, but we sense that you could move at any time.  Therefore if you still feel as if you are not finished and there are still things you choose to do, then you are bringing to closure the things that were completed on a different level about 6 to 9 months ago.  Does that make sense to you?  


You know how you always complete things on one level then it flows down onto the human level.  So we have a sense you will be there another year or so as you so choose.  We sense this tribe is under transition and the dire straits as you speak of, it feels like that is a representation of what is going on in many other cultures, not only where you live.   It's all somewhat a part of what is coming to awareness for people on many different levels.  On the whole, while there is a great deal of trauma, drama and anxiety around all this it somewhat is representing the anxiety that so many people are feeling right now; those that are as yet unconscious or have come to full consciousness.  With the energies we worked with in this journey tonight, the energies in the process of coming to the earth, there is an even greater amount that is going to open the door or infuse the average person who has not yet opened up their consciousness.  That is what will push things along and bring it to a head; not only in your community, but in many other communities.  People will look at this with negativity as they so often do, but each of you and everyone who is reading this will take the opportunity to know that you have already linked with these energies, you have linked with the balance, as you breathe forth balance and put forth the intention for balance to move through yourself and your community it will help to ease some of the experiences that people are going to have.  Does that make sense to you?

It makes perfect sense.  

The last thing we also hear you saying is where will I be going if I' m not here?  (chuckles) we see you moving in three different potentials; Montana, Colorado and New Mexico.  These are all various potentials for you.  It's more so about where are my friends, what would really be fun to live in, what's a beautiful part of the country that I just want to enjoy.  That is how you will choose where next you want to go.  We see those three, but it's as if you could choose anywhere that draws your attention and that would be fine.  Something came to me as I was saying all that.  As for this community in which you live, it feels like people disperse and go in different directions but that feels temporary that people will then come back together after 3-4 years down the road.  It feels like a mingling of communities is representing the mingling of people world wide and the mingling of energies.  So it feels as if it's something that is having a profound affect and it's going to be very, very distinctive but it all part of a circle and has not come full circle as yet.  

That's wonderful.  Is there anything I could be doing to facilitate the change here or is just my being here..... 

Your sense of balance, your sense of awareness, your sense calm, your sense of joy, your sense of community and the way in which you speak with people is having a bigger impact than what you realize.  You are gathering around you a force of people or a group of people and moving out from all of you is that sense of balance that we spoke of in the journey tonight.  So you are already doing a great deal as are the people around you. 

Alright, thank you very much. 

You are welcome.  

Question: (paraphrased) I wanted to know what you were feeling might be my next step in life or path that I might go down.  I'm not quite sure what I'm asking; I just need clarity and a focus.  

Answer:  As we are looking at you, we your energies as if they are scattered in every direction.  What we would recommend you do first and foremost is bring your energies back in and ground them within you.  We also have a sense of you being very ungrounded.  We see there are a lot of very high vibrational energies that you work with and that you bring into your energy field and bring into your daily life.  So it's as if you bring in these energies and rather than ground them within your physical body, you expand and go up to their space.  Well, because you love it and it feels good!  That is where everyone is telling me they want to be.  But you are choosing to be upon the earth so it's more important for you to bring the energies from the higher vibration and allow them to align and incorporate within you in your physical reality.  When you do that and practice it, you will find that it will be more clear to you what direction you wish to go.  It's hard for us to give you specific reading because you are so scattered at this time.  Does that make sense to you?

Yes, how do I ground? 

Okay, we invite you to close your eyes for a moment.  Just as we spoke of for the other individual, have a sense of taking a breath in, as if you are following that breath, you breathe deeply into yourself.  You follow the breath as you breathe deeply and it moves into your lungs, it moves through your heart center, and you have a sense of breathing into your solar plexus.  As you bring it down and hold it within that core essence of you, then have a sense as if you are reaching out towards your divinity.  All these thoughts and potentials that are scattered so wide from you; it's as if you are gathering them all together and you breathe those potentials down into you.  You breathe everything within you all the way through you and you can send it down into the earth, but then bring it back up and it anchors within your abdomen.  As you are doing this, you find yourself becoming more focused.  It's as if you wake up, as if you've been walking around in a daze for a long time and now you are waking up and becoming more aware.  Can you feel the difference as we speak of this? 


Okay, good.  So if it is something that you are not used to working with as yet, we would recommend that you just practice it.  Take the time once or twice a day, if ever it comes to your awareness.  Just work with these energies, bringing them in and grounding them within you.  Now as we've seen you do this as we've spoken with you, what we would say that are coming to us as potentials is we have a sense of it moving.  We just sense moving with several different potentials.  One is into a city somewhat close to where you are but another is a little further away as if to another state.  In addition to that we have a sense of you finding a different type of work or job.  We see you will continue to work with people.  You are very good at working with people but you are so sensitive that there are times when you get overwhelmed by other people's energies sometimes.  But we do have a sense that you actually quite enjoy working with people and you are quite good at that.  What we would say is that if you focus on this centering and then begin to look around at the type of work that makes you happy or makes you come away from it feeling enriched.  That is the direction that you need to go.  Does all that make sense to you?

Yes, yes it does. 

Okay, so we just feel that you've been working very diligently to bring in more and more of your divinity.   Now the next step is about integrating it into your human self and into your daily life.  You can also work with bringing that divinity all the way down into your cellular structure as I spoke of at the beginning. That is another way to more fully integrate it within you.  Alright beloved, we just have such a sense of anticipation and have a sense that once you get beyond this place of being uneasy that you will find yourself quite joyful and on a path that feels good to you. 

Alright, thank you so much. 

You are welcome beloved.  

Question: (paraphrased)  I'm feeling pretty much what I hear other people describe, kind of stuck, no clear direction, working in a position where I find no satisfaction and in fact, it concerns me to be there. 

Answer:  As I'm looking at you and what's happening within your life, we have a sense there is a great deal happening at your work and there are a lot of changes around you.  One of those areas is work and that is why you feel uncomfortable about what is going on there.  We sense that the other thing you are tapping into with this anxiety is the general consciousness of the earth where people's jobs are changing, finances are changing.  Some of what you are feeling is not even your own energy; part of it is, but part of it is not.  It's like whatever is your energy becomes magnified by the collective consciousness because it's as if you are wide open and that allows these energies to flow in and amplify these concerns and anxiety that you have. We actually see you changing jobs.  It feels like it's still in an office that is similar to what you are doing now, but it feels like a different location that is somewhat smaller in terms of the scale.  It feels like there is a greater cohesiveness within the office.  So the flow or the agreement or the way that people work with on another creates a better place for you to work; you like it much better.  As to where are you going to find this or where should you look for it; we have a sense if you network with people - it is probably posted somewhere, but we hear you finding out about it through speaking with people and talking either through groups of people or the internet.  Some how some way, we feel as if it comes to you from networking with people.   Does that make sense to you?  

Do you feel it in the area that I am in now or am I moving?  

Lets see, at this point it feels more so as if it's in the area where you live.  But as we look out say six to nine months or perhaps a year we do have a sense of you moving.  We are a little bit questioning about whether you get the job and then through the job you move or if something comes up through the networking and you will move, but it just isn't happening eminently, it's as far as nine months to a year in the future.   

Thank you very much. 

You are welcome.  So be at peace about this.  Remember to ground within yourself.  We could feel your stuck energy so we remind you to always be in the flow of creating flow and motion moving through your energies.  That's what will help you to come to the awareness of where you can look for answers and where you can look for this new job.  

Thank you very much. 

Question (paraphrased): Hello Goddess is there something more I should be doing with the magnets and crystals?  

Answer:  It feels to us as if it's stalled out at the moment.  It feels as if there is nothing else you need to do.  It's almost as if the energies that are coming to the earth that you tapped into tonight during this journey are a part of the next step along the pathway of working with the crystals and magnets.  So what we say to you is take a bit of a break.  We think you might have already been doing that but giving yourself a hard time about it.  We say take a bit of a break.  Give yourself some distance.  Let it go for the time being.  Let yourself really ‘feel' yourself.  There is more of your divinity that has been hovering around you and it's as if you are not quite aware that it is there.  As we said with the other individuals, you work with grounding more of your divinity within you.  As you work with becoming more fully grounded within yourself so that as you let your consciousness expands, you can tap into these energies that are coming into the earth.  We have a sense that this new influx of energy that has to do with the spring equinox or this new universal energies coming in are a part of the next key or the next factor that is going to take place with what you are doing.  So we say for right now, take a little bit of a break and work on having fun and finding a place for fun in your life.  Then when you come back to this you will feel refreshed and the energies will be there for you to tap into more easily.  Does that make sense to you?

Well yes it does.  I've been feeling about moving energies in other creative ways, possibly writing.  I've had more of a draw towards that. 

So enjoy it!  We're also seeing you get out.  You've been in doors a good bit lately so get out and enjoy the weather when it's nice.  So allow yourself to just be out doors with friends or family allowing yourself to really be in the flow and feeling energies of spring and where you live. 

Alright, thank you. 

You are not giving it up completely.  You are simply allowing the energies to flow.  And you are allowing things to settle.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a little bit of a break.  

Right.  I'm still doing things in the field. I won't be as focused upon it but I can prepare for the next influx of energy about that project.  

Exactly, exactly.  We sense that you are going to meet someone that is also working on the project.  It feels as if it's someone you will meet through the internet and that the two of you will brainstorm and that's the part where this will all come together. 

Thank you. 

You're welcome! 

And with that I will bring this evening to a close.  I thank you each and all for choosing to come and share this time with me.  I send forth to all of you a little tap on your head as we spoke of at the very beginning that you will remember this journey.  

And as you are moving through your days, as you live your life, be fully aware of manifesting balance within your life because balance is like opening a door or opening your eyes in a new direction.  Allow yourself to feel the balance of masculine and feminine.  Feel it fully blended with in you as you move forward throughout your life.

I am ever with you and within. 




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