Deeper Integration of the Crystalline Energies

Ansaluia My Friends in Soul!!

How are you doing during this transition into the 4th dimension? I hope all is going well for you!

Yes! It's happening right now as we speak. I'm hearing from many people and I too am experiencing many shifts in energy. This channel will assist you in grounding the energies as they become more and more prevalent upon the earth. Each of you already have the crystalline energies within you; they most likely are growing and expanding. All the energies that have been part of the universe now need to become integrated in all humans. It happens one by one; group by group; until all are in alignment. During this journey the Goddess has you align and link with your physical body several times, it all assists in grounding and integrating the shift.

What is crystalline energy? It is LOVE. How is it manifested? Through the heart, through love, compassion, and peace. How will this be accomplished? Though each one of us loving, accepting, nurturing, and allowing ourselves to be all that we can be.



Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

Greetings beloved family! Feel my energies as I come to share this space with you. Take a moment and let yourself focus on your own breathing. Breathe deeply into your heart center. Let yourself breathe love, light, energy; allowing it to move through your lungs and into your heart.

Take this moment as the breath is circulating around your heart center to really feel your heart center expand. Allow yourself to open and feel this space. As you do so, allow yourself to feel the expansion and the alignment within your body (filled) with the crystalline energies.

Take a moment and think about or focus upon the crystalline vibration. As you do so, allow yourself to breathe in an alignment or an understanding or a connection within your physical body, with the crystalline vibration. You may feel yourself tingling. You may feel as if your energy field expands. You may feel it within your heart center or one of your other chakra centers, it is completely individualized.

Take this the moment and let that crystalline vibration run up and down, through your physical body. Take this moment and let yourself truly feel who you are as a human and where you are right in this moment. I know we don't usually do this at the very beginning, but I wanted each one of you to have an opportunity to recognize how much your physical body is changing. I wanted you to realize how many energies are present around you.

You also may feel how much more strongly my own presence is within this space. All of this is due to the quantum shift which is peaking at this time. It is a transformation that was put into play many years ago, but it is coming full circle within the next few months. You were able to link with those energies as the earth was expanding one month ago in your linear time frame. (Referring to July 2007.) Everything you do builds upon that.

So from this space, take a moment to feel and love who you are. Take a moment to feel and know what a glorious energy you are.

I invite you to expand your consciousness in such a way that you let go of your physical body. As you do so, allow yourself to move into the space of the magnetic grid. This grid is in the process of shifting just as each one of you are doing so, just as the earth is doing so. Take a moment to allow yourself to link with the energies of your higher self. As you are linking, you find yourself expanding in such a way that you have a greater understanding of who you are in this human life in which you are living at the moment. As you acknowledge this expansion of yourself, open to understand. Allow yourself to feel what this is to be within this space.

As you look out, there are still pathways of light. That aspect of the magnetic grid has not changed. Take a moment and look from your expanded consciousness so that you may understand the finer vibration that is also a part of this space. Allow yourself to look around, allow yourself to be very familiar.

It is a very subtle shift to move through the interlocking grid so that you may link with the crystalline grid. As you move into the crystalline vibration, you find yourself releasing the magnetic pull of the earth. The crystalline is a grid somewhat similar to the magnetic grid in that it is a space, or an energy, or a vibration that filters or transmits. While in the crystalline grid, you do not see or sense the same pathways, but you may see or sense specific crystals. All of this has truly expanded as a result of the shift taking place.

From here I invite you to shift into the space of the soul plane. You may call forth a column of light if you so desire and move through the column.

As you are linking within the soul plane, you find yourself in a space of expansion, in a vibration that feels in complete alignment with who you are. The greater amount of your divinity resides within this space. Allow yourself to align with your I AM presence. You may feel it emerge from within you, you may feel as if you are linking with an energy that is outside of yourself and yet you merge with it. Allow yourself to fully link, to fully connect with who you are.

I the Goddess make my presence known as I come into this space. I reach out to embrace each one of you. As I do so, you may find yourself shifting or expanding into a space of the All That Is. Or it may be a dimension or space that you have created for yourself. Open to perceive what is around you at this time.

As the earth is moving through this transformation, many of you find yourself also in the midst of a transformation. It may feel as if chaos is all around you. It may feel as if things that are normally easy to accomplish become more challenging. You may also have periods of time when you have greater ease than there ever was before. Be aware that a great deal of this turmoil or this confusion is being generated by the general population you may call them; those individuals who are not aware of all that is going on. With this final movement during this experience of shifting into the fourth dimension; this is the time when those who are unconscious or less aware are beginning to feel the changes and shifting in the vibration. It causes a rebound affect or it causes a ripple of energy that is felt by everyone.

Those of you who have been at the forefront of all of this have much of this, already at some point in the past few months. Many of you are also very sensitive to energies. Take this moment and ask yourself; have you been feeling the affect of all this because of what you are going through or because of the collective consciousness? I perceive that the majority of you were able to recognize it was due to the collective consciousness.

Therefore, let yourself take a moment and detach from the energies of the collective consciousness so that you will no longer be feeling those fluctuations in energy. I have a sense as each of you release that link; of waves on the ocean that suddenly calm into a tranquil surface. Let yourself take a moment to acknowledge this. Let yourself take a moment and feel as if you are bathing in calm, tranquil waters.

Allow yourself to open. Feel the energies of love, of support from all who are present within this space. Allow yourself to take this moment and open up every aspect of who you are so that you may let the love come in; so that you may feel unconditional acceptance. So that you may know if only for this moment love, peacefulness, calm and anything else that you may be seeking to have within your life. How exquisite it is! You are allowing yourself to be within this space. You are allowing the energies of love and support to swirl all around you and within you.

From here the potentials around you are closer than they have ever been. Take this moment to let an aspect of your energy align or link with your physical body in which you opened to before we even began this journey. This is to give you an example or to show you the potential of how much more closely aligned you are when you vibrate from within or align with these crystalline energies.

Allow yourself to shift into a space of creation. What does your space of creation look like to you? Do you create with images, with thoughts, with sound? Take a moment to feel as if you are moving around in a complete circle and just look at what is around you within this space of creation. This is to give you an opportunity to perceive what is already here, what you have already set the foundation for.

As you are looking at what you are in the midst of, do you choose to consciously change what you see? Perhaps you want to add something else. Perhaps you no longer seek to have something and you release it. Perhaps you see something with which you have been working, but you no longer feel an alignment for it the way in which is at this moment. This is your space. Open to perceive any of these things without limitation of any sort. Allow yourself to become even more aware. Perceive what this is.

From within the center of your consciousness allow yourself to focus upon the crystalline vibration within you. You may envision a crystal, you may fee it as love, you may perceive sparkles of light; there are a multitude of different ways in which to sense or know your own crystalline vibration. As you become linked with this perception, feel as if you go inside and let it expand. As if in concentric circles, perhaps in alignment with the beat of your heart or perhaps as spheres of light all around your body or your consciousness. Allow yourself to expand. As you do so, remember you are within your space of creation. Allow your expanded crystalline energy to link with all that you are creating for yourself.

Perceive if there are changes that come about as a result of this alignment or energizing from within you. Take a moment and allow yourself to bring something which you are manifesting as if it is coming up and sitting or resting right in front of you. Let yourself play with this crystalline energy so that you may see how fluid change will occur. Ask how your manifestation would look if you enhanced it with energy 100%. Now ask to look if it came to you in separate parts instead of as a whole. Now ask that these energies shift and show you the alignment which will allow for the easiest manifestation of what you seek to have. This is to allow you to perceive how fluid this energy can be.

Send an energy of light to link more fully with your human self and invite all aspects of your human self to be in alignment with what you seek to manifest. Allow your physical, mental, and emotional aspects of who you are to align and vibrate in such a way that you manifest upon the earth with ease. You may feel a shift taking place with your physical body or your human self. Take a moment and send any and all of what you may be manifesting within your life so that it links and aligns with your human self.

Release your own personal room or place of creation. Allow yourself to look outward now so that you may perceive the energies of the All That Is. Allow yourself to link with an alignment with the universe. Some of the chaos that you feel upon the earth can also be felt out within this space. Let yourself emanate from within that feeling of love, that feeling of calm, that feeling of being nurtured. It moves throughout the universe. It aligns with all that is here. There is a sense of calming that takes place.

Each one of you may consider yourself one single person or one small essence. But you may have more of an impact than you ever realized. Then as you send forth an intention with all the others who are present, it has an amazing affect within the universe, upon the earth, and even within your own self. Look around; perceive the crystalline energies as it moves through the universe; moving through stars, through planets, linking all and creating a different alignment.

I invite you to come back together as a group. Allow your focus or your attention to reconnect with the others who are present upon this journey. The number here is way more than those present upon the phone call. Perhaps you recognize some of these other individuals, perhaps not.

Allow yourself to see moving up within the center of this group the energies that make up the hologram of the earth. This hologram is changing. It is as if it is less solid than what you used to perceive. You may see the various vibrations as they emanate from within. Allow yourself to link with the hologram and transmit the essence of who you are into this hologram of the earth. As you do so, it is another way to transmit your creations into the hologram. As you do so, also transmit the love, the calm, the peacefulness that you were feeling as you arrived in the space of the All That Is. It is as if the earth itself is taking on a greater vitality. It is as if the energy emanating from it is becoming stronger and stronger. Perceive how much easier this energy flows even within the hologram. This is all available to you whether you are on the earth or within this space.

Gaia always comes forth reaching out to embrace each one of you. Allow your consciousness to embrace her, linking with her energies. Feel this more grounding aspect of love, acceptance, allowing. Know what this is to you.

The hologram itself shifts so that it moves back within the energies of the earth plane. There is much less distinction between the universe and the earth. There is a greater flow, there is a greater alignment. Allow yourself to perceive how this hologram moves within the physical earth itself. It anchors within the core essence and then expands. It comes out through the grass; it comes out throughout all the surfaces of the earth. Perceive your own alignment with all of this. Perceive how you allow and accept these energies into your human self.

Allow your focus to release that connection so that you may return more fully into this space of the All That Is. Once again I invite you to take a moment and notice the shifting in your own energies through linking with the earth in the way you just did. You may feel yourself as more expanded. You may feel yourself as more grounded. You may feel the shifting in your alignment that takes place.

I invite you to once more take a moment and float upon the love. I send out from me complete love and acceptance. It is this close to you at all times. Let yourself feel nurtured. Let yourself feel supported.

Alright, I invite you to shift your consciousness once more. Allow yourself to move back into the space of the soul plane. This area aligns with where you are right now. Feel what this space is. You may find you leave the greater amount of your divinity within this space, but your expanded consciousness continues to move back. It merges momentarily with the crystalline grid. See it all around you. Feel the energies as they transmit.

Move through the interlocking grid, once more aligning with the magnetic grid. Feel the magnetic pull of the earth, yet be open and aware of how it is changing. Be aware of how you may still feel so strongly the crystalline energies. Be aware of how your own higher self within this space has shifted into a finer, lighter vibration.

From here allow yourself to once more link, blending with your physical body. As you do so, allow yourself to breathe in once more the crystalline vibration. Allow yourself to breathe in your creations. Align with all you seek to have in your life; yet remain open to all potentials which are around you.

With every breath that you are taking, breathe in the crystalline essence. As you consciously expand, align your physical body with your mental. Align with your emotional and with your spiritual so that all aspects of whom you are as a human are in alignment and they vibrate with this essence or this energy of the crystalline. Feel it as love, feel the love within and around your human self. Feel yourself supported, nurtured. Allow yourself to feel the calm. With all that is happening to others around you or perhaps to yourself, you may always come back into this space. It is here, it is in your physical reality upon the earth.

With that release the energies of this journey. Allow yourself to ground within your physical body. Breathe deeply bringing your consciousness back within this aspect that makes up you the human. As you are doing this, I invite you to come back within the room. You may press *7 upon your phone to come back within the room and I am open you receive questions that you may have.

Questions: (paraphrased) I'm wondering if you can look at me and let me know what you see around me.

Answers: I see a rose that is beginning to bloom. I see an individual that is filled with light that is filled with energy; but this somewhat surrounds and does not necessarily go through to the core essence. What this is giving me the perception of is that there is so much potential within you and around you that you as the person that you are is this glorious individual. But, either you do not allow yourself to be all that you could possibly be or there is something that keeps you holding back. I have a sense of something; have you been sick recently? Or is this something more long term? It's difficult to discern, but almost as if there is some sort of a physical illness or ailment that is keeping you from being all that you could possibly be. I also have a sense that that is resolving and that this is now about you stepping in and accepting yourself, accepting your potentials and allowing yourself to truly be this magnificent individual that we perceive you to be. It is as if your human self is taking that step forward and beginning to really link with or connect to so as to allow yourself to understand who you are in your divine essence. Does that all make sense to you?


So know that there is a vitality around you. Know that as we look at this rose and see it beginning as a bud and opening to full bloom, that you are in that process. You are shifting, the energies are moving around you and my sense is that whatever this is that you have been in or you are releasing is coming to closure so that you may more fully embrace this new aspect of yourself.

Question: (paraphrased) I am wondering if you can help me with insights about what's been going on with one of my relatives I saw this person that I've not seen for a long time and since then it feels like he's been a drain on me. It also seems like recently he has been seeking me for advice and I don't know what to do with that.

Answer: As we are linking with you and listening to you, we were having a little bit of a hard time hearing you, but we sense that you are more sensitive to energies. You were speaking of having a treatment of some sort from someone and from that it felt very jarring. That's the energy we are picking up on and we believe that is what you are also saying.

(It's a relative.)

Oh, a relative, okay. Let me shift energies and see if I can get a different perception. Let me just say that the initial perception when we were tapping into you without fully hearing the words was a sense that some of these energies you are tapping into are the energies of the collective consciousness being in turmoil. We have a sense around you of feeling frazzled or waves of vibration or energy that are uncomfortable to you. Then when you speak of having this experience and speaking of this individual that you can recognize where it was coming from; it shifts the energies a little bit. It shifts the perception a bit where we can see how that person did have this affect on you. When you mentioned feeling a hook within you; we don't have a perception of that. We believe have worked on that in the past with you and we believe you had released a hook. Do you think there is another one? Because at this point we don't a have a perception of a hook in you.

(I have done a lot of conscious work on myself and if there was a hook, I sense it was there unintentionally, that he didn't deliberately place it there.)

We were just feeling a lot of this confusion because we did not sense a hook in you. First of all, the clearing work you did yourself was effective. We do not see that distinct hook in you are that link that was there in the past. When we look at you and see the energies within and around you we see more that centeredness within yourself and more of your own energies vibrating, pulsating and expanding. Now how to react with this individual as you go forward from here: we sense that hesitation, we sense his energies that are so not in alignment with you. We want to say to you that you need not do anything with which you are not comfortable. The overriding energies of this is that you are not comfortable communicating with him, even if he is a family member, even if he is someone who is reaching out to you and a part of you feels that if they are reaching out, let me do what I can to help. That is fine if that is what you truly want to do. The sense we get with this individual is that he is trying to work through control and manipulation.

Due to your sensitivity, generosity, and giving from within your heart, it is something they are reaching out to link onto. So, if you don't feel comfortable communicating with them, then by all means don't do so. The sense we get is that anything you do; we would recommend you do it (working energetically) then releasing completely anything that you do. For example, if you send an email, then release the email so that you are not sending anything that could link back to you. When you consider writing emails to various people or if you are in conversation with various people, there is an aspect of your energy that flows back and forth between you and that other individual. It is like a signature goes with your email. With this individual, we have a sense that that could be very draining to you. If you do choose to communicate with him, then have a sense of cutting loose from any email you send so that you are not attached to it. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes it does.)

we also have a sense that this individual is somewhat representing the shift in consciousness. There are many many people who are feeling strange energies or strangeness that is coming about in different aspects of their life. They don't know what it means so they react to what they are most comfortable with. That is the sense we get from this individual; that he is reacting. There is a part of that genuinely thinks ‘oh, maybe there's something that will help me get better'. But the over-riding feeling is that the two of you are completely different energies and could be very draining on you. From that perspective, we tell you that if you are not comfortable with writing, then back off. We want you to always believe in yourself and we want you to always trust your own instincts. If you feel that your energy gets drained in one way or another, and then release it, let it go. Does that make sense to you?

(perfect sense!)

you are welcome beloved.

(No one was asking a question, so the Goddess decided to give a message to everyone.)

I will take this moment as I'm picking up on the energies. Even though people do not ask questions, I still sense energies. I know that a number of people are feeling the changes taking place. They are feeling unusual irritation perhaps. They are feeling frustration in ways that they don't normally feel. Sometimes people are even feeling anger come out. All of these are emotions that you they do not traditionally go through their days with. So be aware that this is such a profound shift taking place upon the earth that these are emotions and energies that need to come up and be released by the collective consciousness so that more and more of the consciousness or the collective consciousness will be able to align with the aspects of love. Be able to align with this crystalline vibration. Be very conscious within yourself that if you feel you are on the roller coaster. If you are feeling these emotions ask yourself as you did when you were in the space of the All That Is: Is this me or is this the collective consciousness. Beginning in July and going through probably December or January there is such a dramatic shift taking place on the earth that many people are going to be feeling it in many different ways. You as the sensitive ones are going to pick up on it. Now there will be a great many that will float above it all and not pick up at all. If this you, then bravo, it is thrilling for you! There are also I'm sensing a greater number picking up on these things and thinking it's something within themselves that needs to be released when in truth it is not them at all, it's the collective consciousness.

Question: (paraphrased) I am one of those sensitive ones feeling everything! I have come to realize that underneath when my emotions get extreme I get sad and depressed. Underneath that what I am feeling is anger and I'm wondering if there is a way to get to that deeper anger and be able to release it.

Answer: We do sense what you are talking about and in your case we have sense there is anger within you that is trying to be released. That this energy of the collective consciousness is actually accentuating your own energies; which in turn is making it so noticeable for you, or feels like such a challenge. So, the sense of what we are getting is that you have actually worked with this a great deal in the past. It is one of those things in your life that is like the onion; you take off layer upon layer upon layer. Let yourself be aware that all the work you have been doing about this and upon yourself has been extremely effective.

There is a great deal that you have let go of. What is coming up within you now is from a different perspective or aspect. As your vibration is shifting into the higher vibration it brings you back around to this from a different angle or perspective. So with bringing in the crystalline vibration and allowing the fluidity of the energy to move through your body, let yourself take a moment as we did at the beginning of this journey. Breathe inside of yourself, breathe into your heart and let yourself expand. Call forth within you with the intention to link with the crystalline energies that are inside of yourself. If you do that, we have a sense that you will feel different aspects. As we say this to you, we have this sense of different sparkles coming out in different parts of your body.

From within this crystalline energy or aligning with it, invite it to flow up and down through your body. As it does so, let it surround that anger that has been within you. Let it move through and align the anger with this crystalline vibration so that you may more easily let it go. You may focus upon your breathing; breathing into the anger and releasing it that way. You may also use these crystalline energies to assist in releasing. It is also about forgiving yourself. If you can allow yourself to recognize that you have been human and some of the choices you made were simply part of being human. We sense you have been hard on yourself, so open up and allow yourself to accept forgiveness. Allow yourself to accept love. Let the crystals within you assist in letting go of this anger at a deeper level than you have done so in the past. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes, thank you very much.)

You are welcome. The depression that you feel also comes from that being hard on yourself and we get a sense of unrealistic expectations. So let yourself be human, let yourself be loved, let yourself be accepted by yourself; by your divine essence because of course your divinity already loves and accepts you; but let your human self accept you also.

Question: (paraphrased) This past week my computer hard drive crashed and I had to get a new computer. At the same time, I had a sense that I was going through same kind of a process internally. What can you confirm about that?

Answer: I confirm for you that indeed it seemed like internally you were collapsing. We see what was going on with you and it was like the computer was an outside manifestation of what was going on in your inside. We know that we can say this to you and you understand exactly where we are coming from. There is an aspect of you that really enjoys the dramatic as a way of affirming for yourself ‘YES this really coming home and making a point.' Sometimes when things are very subtle you may think that is not real; because it was so subtle it really doesn't make that much difference. There are times in your life when you really want that big dramatic show so that there is no escaping it. This is what your past week has been.

Does that resonate with you? Do you understand what we mean by that?

(Chuckling, he said yes!)

You are by no means the only one who is like this! So many humans are like this, with the human trait of saying ‘is it real or is it not?' There's no escaping it, it was real. With what was going on inside of you last week, it was almost as if it's been a culmination of many things. Each time as we look at you, talk with you, align with you; we feel this fresh energy or this fresh person emerging! Each time we see that you are more aligned within yourself. We have this perception of ‘wow, you've really stepped forward! You are in a place of perfection, alignment and balance.' Then you have a week like last week which makes you think you are starting all over again, but in truth you are taking another step up and another step up and another step up. In all of these places, you find these plateau's of perfection, with complete balance within you. Then it gives you the foundation or the security to say ‘okay lets take it another step' which is what you did last week.

So what I'm trying to say with all of this is that everything you've been doing and every time you feel you have completed whatever you needed to do; yes you have completed what you needed to do. Then it's that choosing to move into a different direction, a higher place. While some people may stay in that space for several weeks or months, it's as if you are staying there for hours or days!

Does that make sense to you? That's why if you go back and look at these channels you may say ‘but wait a second, she told me I was here the last time!' Because, we do see you as really being in a space of amazing change but at the same token, amazing acceptance and allowing within yourself.

As these crystalline energies are getting more and more prevalent upon the earth; well if you don't mind me using you as an example, this is an example of how fluid the energy can be and how fluid the changes within a person can be. How it does not need to be months and weeks as it used to be to transition energy. It can change this rapidly. It is because of allowing the crystalline vibration to release the duality which was within the old energy around you. This new vibration of the crystals allows for shifting and changing. We know with you it may not have felt like ease and grace, but truly on the whole there were many aspects of this that moved more easily than they may have a year or two years in the past. Alright, was there anything else you needed?

(I don't think so. Thank you very much.)

You are welcome. Be aware that from this point on, we truly sense that the deeper you go within self love and acceptance, the more balanced you are. We see you as not quite fully into that space, but almost completely into that space of balance and self acceptance once more. So, allow yourself to vibrate within your crystal. Allow yourself to emanate this self acceptance and self awareness so that you may truly feel whatever it is in any given moment. You may feel that throughout your day.

I thank you for all of these questions and I thank you for the opportunity to be able to link with each one of you.

I always say to you first and foremost; allow yourself to BE love; allow yourself ACCEPT love; and allow yourself to ALLOW love to be within you and around you as you are moving through your days. From the space of love, everything else flows with greater ease.

You are each beautiful and glorious energies of light. You are each filled with a multitude of different colors and essence. Let this be your reality. Let yourself be in the flow of the shift that is taking place. You are each magnificent and bright!

I am with you and within.




Mariù 30th August 2007 11:57 am
Thank you again Shelly! Felt good to read it today with these intense energies around. Love, Mariù


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